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OXYGEN the essence of life at St Mary ’s

2018 - 2019

OXYGEN the essence of life at St Mary ’s

Oxygen captures the energy and ethos of St Mary’s Calne and is inspired by scientist Joseph Priestley, who discovered oxygen in Calne in 1774.

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Cover photo: LIV trip to Bude.

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From the Headmistress It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the 2019 edition of Oxygen, and to give you a taste of the activities and achievements of the girls over the past year. Particularly memorable for me was the Inspire! Concert, showcasing St Mary’s ensembles alongside comedian and pianist Alistair McGowan, West End stars, Charlie Page and Clare Halse, opera singer Hilary Summers and BBC Radio 3’s Petroc Trelawny. Not only was it a great night but it also raised almost £15,000 for the Armed Forces Fund, supporting the families of those killed or injured in military action. Back at school, I was impressed by a visually daring, rather unorthodox and beautifully acted version of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Our now regular Art exhibition, with the theme this year of A Sense of Place, took place at the Mall Galleries in London. It was a great showcase for Art in the St Mary’s community and we were all bowled over by the girls’ creativity and originality, and the quality and diversity of the pieces on display. On the sports field, I was delighted that our invincible U12 lacrosse squad were unbeaten through the season and the 1st VII qualified for the South West Regional Finals for the first time.

One example that particularly struck me this year is how, only a few years after debating was introduced, our senior team made it to the last 12 (of 280) in the ESU Mace finals, in a competition including Dulwich College, St Paul’s Girls, Eton and many more and we were the only girls’ school shortlisted in Tatler’s Public School of the Year Award along with Canford, St Paul’s Boys, Harrow and Brighton College. So, to my mind, there are two themes running through Oxygen 2019. First, the level of participation across the school in the huge range of opportunities on offer. We have been particularly keen for girls to keep up their interest in sport, regardless of whether they are top-class athletes. The new Simon Knight Sports Hall continues to help with this, and the same encouragement to get involved and give things a try applies across all the other activities on offer. The second theme is excellence. Everyone rightly expects us to offer the highest quality. Academic results must always underpin this, and I was delighted with the success at both A Level and GCSE last summer – you can read about this on page 101. But what the magazine also shows is that excellence is being achieved across a whole range of areas, with the girls now competing and holding their own against the leading schools in the country.

The new library, opening next summer – so much more than a traditional library – will help us to continue to excel in this way. But success of this kind only happens through the skill and hard work of our dedicated staff and the unstinting support of the entire school community – my thanks go to you all. St Mary’s has never been in better shape, so please do enjoy this edition of Oxygen. Dr Felicia Kirk BA (University of Maryland), MA (Brown University), PhD (Brown University)


Trips & Expeditions


Sightseeing in DC - White House, Lincoln Memorial and Refl ecting Pool, Washington Monument. Checked into The Georgetown Inn, Ge orgetown, DC DAY 2 - 7th JULY Morning on the Mall - Cap itol Hill, Air and Space Museum, Holocaust Museum. Afternoon - Chaos LC v Chrome LC Men’s Premier League Lac rosse Match, Team Supper at Il Canale, Georgetown.

DAY 3 - 8th JULY Morning shopping in Ge orgetown, Lunch at Fresh Market. MATCH v MADLAX B Team - Lost - 4-9 MVD - Elizabeth Roughto n MVA - Olivia Darling A Team - Won - 16-1 MVD - Ella Malik MVA - Hebe Edgar Travelled to Baltimore and checked into hotel on Baltimore Harbour.

htseeing, shopping, Living the American dream, sig ur se playing the alltravelling with friends, and of co ; what more could a important competitive lacrosse ol trip?! In shor t, the teenage gir l want from a scho success. USA Lacrosse tour was a huge

‘The standard of play was so amazing, it was really inspiring to see how talented they all were.’ Annabel Fenton, LVI


Our squad combined international lacrosse playing experience with young, nervous, budding talent and every player stepped up and raised their game. The level of competition was near to perfect and although we would have liked to win more than our two games from 12, progress was impressive and we had to learn quickly to compete with the athleticism, attitude, discipline and skill of our opponents.

us feel at home! Fortunately, all the logistics ran smoothly and to plan, helped enormously by Alex, our reliable and caring bus driver, who looked after us and drove us wherever we needed to go and was never without a smile for the whole nine days. The touring squad was, without exception, positive, responsible, engaged and hugely willing; a real credit to their families and the school.

We were blessed with very favourable playing conditions, given the time of year, even enjoying some rain to make

Mrs Heidi Marvin Director of Sport

‘I thought it was so cool being ab le to do the two thin gs I love at once - trav elling and playing lacrosse.’ Oscara Dowli

ng, UV


‘My favourite memory from the trip was visiting New York because it was just how I imagined it, with all the huge screens on the street and the busy-ness; it was so exhilarating.’


Rosie Graham-Campbell, LV

B TEAM v T3 OCEA N Lost - 3-13 MVD - Matilda Knight MVM - Saskia Darling MVA - Hannah Gibson A TEAM v FUSION Won - 12-7

DAY 4 - 9th JULY se Walk around Baltimore Harbour. Visited US Lacros rsity Unive n Towso at Clinic Museum and Hall of Fame. lphia. Philade to ed Travell ica. LaMon Sonia and Mike with High School. Met hosts from STEPS Lacrosse Club at Radnor

an ‘Staying with my Americ host family was the best as part by far; I felt like I w in an American movie! We met up with another rls host family with Calne gi and had a really nice BBQ together.’

A TEAM v WESTCHE STER ELITE Lost - 5-15 A TEAM v RIDE Lost - 9-11

‘My favourite fixture wa s the ‘Best of the Beach’ tournament as we got to play loads of matches in one da y, as well as finishing the da y off with a swim in the sea!’ Annabel Fenton, LVI

Annabel Fenton, LVI

DAY 5 - 10th JULY store Met at Radnor, visited Longstreth Lacrosse retail mall. ing shopp e massiv a Mall, a followed by King of Prussi EVENING MATCH v STEPS B Team - Lost - 7-10 MVD - Ellie Bourne MVA - Amy Bolton A Team - Lost - 7-12 MVD - Elizabeth Rutherford MVA - Fenella Challinor Home with hosts. DAY 6 - 11th JULY town Met at Radnor High School and travelled to Down Hall. ndence Indepe Bell Liberty Steps, Rocky lphia; Philade Falls. Tinton Checked into Double Tree EVENING MATCH v T3 B Team - Lost - 3-12 MVD - Rosie Craven MVA - Rose Strutt A Team - Lost - 7-9 MVD - Annabel Fenton MVA - Polly Mallinson Pizza Party at Manhasset Creek Park.



MVD - Josephine Newco mbe MVM - Belinda Harris on MVA - Susannah Hirst DAY 8 - 13th JULY Travelled to New Yor k City.Yankees Stadiu m for New York Yankees v Toronto Blu e Jays. Checked into Hotel on 34th Street, Madison Square Garden. Supper just off Times Square. DAY 9 - 14th JULY Statue of Liberty Exp ress Cruise. 9/11 Me morial. Picnic in Central Par k. Transfer to JFK Air port. DAY 10 - 15th JULY Arrive London Heath row.

my how quickly d e is p r u s s a ‘I w ying and, after pla d e v o r p im e s lacros we were es together, h tc a m y n a so m am.’ better as a te h c u m o s g in work V sher, U

Clemency Fi

B TEAM ght ........ ........ ........ ...... Matilda Kni Most improved defender........ ........ ling Dar ia Sask .... ........ ........ ........ ........ Most improved midfielder........ ell ....... Rosie Graham-Campb Most improved attacker......... ........ wling ........ ........ ........ .... Oscara Do Most valuable defender......... ........ ene Gre ra Lau ....... ........ ........ ........ ........ Most valuable midfielder......... ling Dar ia Oliv .... ........ ........ ........ ........ Most valuable attacker......... ........ A TEAM n ........ ........ ........ .. Lizzie Roughto Most improved defender........ ........ st Hir ah ann Sus .. ........ ........ ........ ........ Most improved midfielder........ e Strutt ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ...... Ros ......... r cke atta ed rov imp Most ton ........ ........ ........ ..... Annabel Fen Most valuable defender......... ........ ik Mal Ella . ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ Most valuable midfielder......... ar Edg e Heb . ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ Most valuable attacker......... ........



‘It was su ch a mem orable experienc e; I loved the opportun ity to wor k with such talen ted people .’ Nell Boobb ye r, UV (Puck


tre was transformed into ea Th s rn Bu ey lsc De e th r, ckwater In the last week of Octobe lic; this was a grubby ba yl id lly ta to t no h ug ho h that an English woodland, alt nestled in the undergrowt ls ee wh e bik d an s se es tr lon. with abandoned mat set - a giant electrical py e th of e ec pi re nt ce e th festooned

This was the backdrop for our retelling of the magical events of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, an early 1960s take on his most famous comedy, with electrical fairies, charged and glitching, emerging from the pylon under the watchful eye of a fragile, luminous Lucy Fitzwilliam-Lay as Titania in her celebrated tussle with Oberon, powerfully played by Isabella Iversen, and aided by his pork-pie hatted minion, Puck, wonderfully portrayed by Nell Boobbyer as a haphazard cockney-styled sixties spirit.

‘I played the role of Puck as a cheeky, cockney-accented assistant to Oberon. Perfecting my cockney accent, with a sixties flavour, was a challenge!’ Nell Boobbyer, UV (Puck) Other standout performances included the four bewitched lovers: Polly Mallinson (Hermia), Amalie Macnaughtan (Helena), Rose Morley (Demetrius) and Kristina Wolf (a beatnik Lysander). Their climactic bewitched struggle was a comic epic, as was the Mechanicals uproarious final play within the play, Pyramus and Thisbe, wonderfully ‘directed’ by Isla Campbell as a fastidious Quince and ‘starring’ Bottom, played by Fenella Challinor in a brilliant, show-stealing turn.

‘I had a lot of fun turning into a donkey! I had to make occasional “ee-aw” sounds while speaking with a West Country accent - which I had never tried before!’

All cast members coped admirably with the challenges of the dialogue and the audience on all three nights showed their appreciation with much laughter and, on the final night, a standing ovation. The fairy sequences, beautifully directed by Miss Dickinson, left the audience dazzled and disturbed, and were a testament to how incredibly hard the entire cast worked together, with admirable support from Miss Hughes’ superb crew and our terrific technical team. The shows were a pleasure to direct and I’m incredibly proud of what we achieved together in under seven weeks of rehearsal. I am confident we did justice to this most famous of plays. Mr Duncan Ellis Acting Director of Drama

Fenella Challinor, UV (Bottom)





Home A Showcase of Dance

This year’s dance showcase, Home, celebrated everything that Planet Earth has to offer, from contemporary dance trends from around the globe to tribal dances, the Earth’s habitats and its elements. The show

comprised choreography by Miss Dickinson, Miss Hughes, the girls themselves and Zoe Humphries from Swindon Dance (a real treat for our UIV girls). We wanted to showcase that dance is for everybody and we were very pleased to have the majority of our Fourth Form taking part, as well as some of our Senior girls. The girls were given different choreographic tasks

to create movement, which were then collected and compiled by Miss Dickinson or Miss Hughes to create dance sequences. All of the girls' dances looked professional and slick; their hard work truly paid off. This year’s dance showcase saw the debut performance from our new Dance Company, which includes girls from the MIV to UVI Forms. The Company has been created to provide a high standard of training in dance

Arabella Fane, UVI Form

Standout performances came from a quartet that embodied Lightening in a K-Pop commercial style routine and a stunning pointe trio piece Water, created by Elisabeth Herratt (Dance Company Captain), Oscara Dowling and Katie Li, it was a gorgeous inclusion to an already incredibly varied showcase. The Company then finished the show with a celebration of dance in an energetic jazz style. The show received outstanding feedback. It was particularly pleasing to hear the audience commenting on the girls’ team spirit and enthusiasm for dance. We are really proud of all of the dancers and, already, are looking forward to seeing next year’s show!

for eager students who show promise and for highly skilled dancers wanting to develop their talent. The Dance Company’s performances were a real highlight. Some of the girls performed dances which they had choreographed and rehearsed by themselves.

Miss Bethany Dickinson Teacher of Drama and Dance Miss Bethany Hughes Drama and Dance Graduate Assistant

Nancy Rasch, UV Form 8

Celia Ellis, Deputy Head of Art, UVI Form 9

Charlotte Slater, UV Form


There is so much to celebrate this year in Art as we continue to be impressed by the artistic talent of our girls. This year has certainly been a dynamic one; our artists have engaged their creativity to explore themes within botany, metaphysics, chemistry, ecology, sociology, ethics, politics and digital technology with original works being created at all levels.

Ivy Au-Yeung, UVI Form

The major highlight of the year was our A Sense of Place exhibition in London (see page 12). We are so grateful for the involvement and support of the CGA, alumnae, school community and the team behind our stunning venue, Mall Galleries, for contributing to such a successful celebration of the Art of St Mary’s. At school, we now have more girls than ever attaining full marks in the components of their respective courses. Our GCSE cohort achieved 94% 8-9 and 88% A*/A at A Level 10

for review by the RBA but, of course, Art London Panel for a National education is so much Exhibition later this year. more than just the In addition, Jane Wu (LVI Art examination successes. Scholar), Alice Wade and Students have also Clara Wade (2018 Leavers) gained local and have been selected for the national exposure by very first Young Artists’ contributing outstanding Summer Show (YASS) at the works to well-known Royal Academy of Arts. The art competitions, such artworks Self Portrait (Jane), as Poppy Read’s (LVI) Mother Bird (Alice), and Alien entry to the SpokE (Clara) were three of only film-based competition; 139 artworks chosen out the London Atelier of over 6,200 pieces. Mya of Representational Jane Wu, Art Scholar, LVI Form Penny’s (LVI) piece, Home, Art (LARA) Easter was also selected for the Scholarship programme online exhibition. Congratulations to all by Cali Stott (LVI); the Royal Academy's on these fantastic achievements. Young Artists' Summer Exhibition; the Cardiff School of Art and Design’s Ceramic Eliza Glover and Celia Ellis, as Head and Excellence Award with Lucy Fitzwilliam-Lay’s Deputy Head of Art, worked hard to develop (UVI) work selected, in addition to the Royal the school’s Art Council, carrying out their Academy's Young Arts in support of Cancer Research UK with work by Alice Gates (UIV), roles beautifully and leading the Art Council to establish new links with St Margaret’s Prep Adrianna Wade (LV) and Annabel Fox (LV) School and local primary schools. Our group each having pieces selected for display at of Art Scholars also contributed stunning the Royal College of Art. Annabel Fox won pieces to the Music Scholars’ Concert the GCSE drawing category, receiving her and we celebrated our artistically talented prize from Eileen Cooper RA. A significant students at the Golden Lily Awards. accolade indeed, considering the work was selected from over 7,600 entries. I hope that you will take time to enjoy our annual art exhibition, which opened on We are very proud to have two 2019 Founders’ Day and will be in place all year, with Alumnae Artists, Lucy Fitzwilliam-Lay and works across 2D, 3D and 4D media. It is an Ivy Au-Yeung whose work has been selected outstanding body of work that is a testament by The Arts Society to join the long list to to our students’ artistic bravery and enquiry. become Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) Scholars. Their work will be submitted

Lucy Fitzwilliam-Lay, Art Scholar, UVI Form

Our UV and LVI Artists were delighted to engage with a graffiti workshop and sample the creative delights of Barcelona in the Spring Term, whilst the LVI attended The

Cali Stott, LVI Form

Art Society’s ‘Golden Lecture’ on Fine Art Photography. The Senior girls have benefited from trips to LARA and the Royal Academy of Arts to see the RA Summer Exhibition and Phyllida Barlow’s Cul De Sac installation. We thank our 2018/19 Artist in Residence, Miss Naomi Litvack, for her significant contribution to the Art School this year. While at St Mary’s, Miss Litvak held a solo exhibition in Wolfson College, Oxford, lectured at the Slade School of Fine Art and inspired girls across the school with her exquisite oil painted landscapes. We now welcome our 2019/20 Artist in Residence, Ms Alyson Minkley, who specialises in community art and sculpture, and we look forward to her contribution to our community.

Eliane Willmott, UV Form

We welcome Rosie Bromiley and Jane Wu as new Sixth Form Scholars and as new Student Head and Deputy Head of Art. This is in addition to our new Student Head of Photography, Selena Corsellis, who will be taking GCSE Photography during her Sixth Form years as part of the supra-curriculum. It is fantastic to support and see new technologies and academic developments that facilitate students’ interest developing in the wider community. I am confident that they will enjoy great success in these roles.

Celia Ellis, Deputy Head of Art, UVI Form

pulse of innovation, delivering a transdisciplinary course combining art, entrepreneurship, business and engineering, it is an inspirational signpost of things to come on the global field of education. Mrs Kimberley Appleyard Pallot Director of Art

We wish our 2019 Art Leavers a wonderfully creative future, and are delighted to see them accepted into centres of excellence, particularly Leeds Foundation, art schools in France and, impressively, Eliza Glover has secured a place at the University of Southern California’s Iovine Young BA Course. As a groundbreaking initiative on the international scene for higher education, this course is a

Nina Waterlow, Art Scholar, UV Form


A SENSE OF PLACE Tuesday 6th to Saturday 10th November, Mall Galleries, London It is always a delight to see so many happy faces at a single event, and this was certainly the case at the St Mary’s Calne third triennial London Art Exhibition. A Sense of Place included more than 100 pieces of art by current pupils, alumnae, parents and staff and showed a breath-taking level of skill, creativity and flair across 2D, 3D and 4D works.

Digital Art Prize and Royal Academy Online Exhibitor, and Gourd by Clemency Fisher, winner of the Royal Academy ‘Young Art’ GCSE Painting Prize. Other notable pieces included work by Phoebe Dickinson, Lucy Kent, Arabella Dorman and Trudy Montgomery. Our Guest Speaker, Mr Gregory Rubenstein, the Senior Director and Head of Old Master and Early British Drawings at Sotheby’s, was suitably impressed by the ‘St Mary’s standard’. Mr Rubenstein awarded prizes to Isabella Depla, Zara Verschoyle, Millie Knight and Rosie Bromiley, with the Calne Girls’ Association Prize going to Clara Wade and the Fitzwilliam-Lay Prize to Lucy Fitzwilliam-Lay.

The involvement of our girls, past and present, in a professional gallery setting is of great importance to us; it was a truly memorable experience made possible by the amazing talent of Calne girls. Mall Galleries, a prestigious venue with a significant reputation for traditional quality, remarked that the standard was ‘exceptional’ and enjoyed the opportunity to invite younger audiences into their space. The Private View was attended by nearly 200 parents, girls and friends who all thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of the pieces exhibited, including The Pits by Alice Wade, winner of Saatchi’s national LOVE ART Competition’s


Our Headmistress, Dr Kirk, commented, ‘The theme of the exhibition, A Sense of Place was well chosen. St Mary’s Calne is fortunate to be situated in a landscape which is world-famous and yet remains enigmatic in so many ways. Visitors to our part of Wiltshire cannot avoid reflecting on what it must have been like for our predecessors, so many centuries ago, to live in the same place. It might not be on the scale of a stone circle, but I am delighted with the range of responses to our exhibition, both the physical and metaphysical aspects of our ‘place’.’

Alongside the exhibition, St Margaret’s Prep and a number of London-based Prep School students were invited to take part in workshops led by the St Mary’s Art Department. This included a collaborative artwork, which had student fingerprints representing St Mary's girls taking GCSE or A Level in Art in 2019.

significant amount of time, energy, logistics and planning on so many fronts! I certainly appreciate everybody’s contribution to the event and will look forward to seeing you all in London in 2021. Mrs Kimberley Appleyard Pallot Director of Art

It gives me great pleasure to start planning the next London exhibition, having worked with such an excellent team behind the scenes. As you can imagine, it takes a



Lucy Fitzwilliam-Lay, Art Scholar, UVI Form

Elsa Parker, Art Scholar, UV Form

Lily Ergatoudis, UV Form

Lara Smyth-Osbourne, UV Form 14

Clemency Fisher, Art Scholar, UV Form

Eliza Glover, Head of Art, UVI Form

Rosie Lewis, Art Scholar, UV Form 15

p m a c d n a k l wa

Trips & Expeditions

This year’s Walk and Camp started out on a very grey day, with groups getting dropped off at Aldbourne Church, Liddington Road Crossing, North Farm Lane and various places north of Aldbourne. The groups walked to Sugar Hill, Shipley Bottom, Upper Upham, Roundhill Down, Oak Stagger and some places not marked on their route! Most of the teams, however, managed to stay on course and to time, dodging the rain clouds for the best part of the day. A small number found out their jackets were waterproof, while others discovered that theirs were not! This was a good lesson to learn before they start their DofE Awards in the UIV! All the groups, but one, arrived at the camp before the rain and put up their tents very

On Friday 26th April, the LIV and MIV girls enjoyed the first week of their annual Summer Term sports trips to the Cotswold Water Park, as part of their Challenge and Adventure (CAA) programme. The girls had the choice of Head for Heights, raft building, canoeing, kayaking, sailing and wind surfing. The weather was not ideal for these activities, as it was cold and quite windy, so the sailors and wind surfers spent quite a lot of time in the water or at the other


side of the lake. Even so, a fantastic day was had by all, with lots of laughter. The girls mastered many new skills and are eagerly awaiting their next trip. For the second CAA session, the weather improved to a balmy 15°C, which was far more enjoyable for everyone. The girls had all chosen a new activity to try, so they were all learning a new skill. The day was quite windy, however, so the sailors and wind surfers struggled a little bit, but still spent a lot of time on the water.

efficiently and readied themselves for the night’s camp. Some girls took pity on the team that had not arrived and pitched their tents for them, displaying great team work. They then all unpacked into their tents, having found their bags which had been transported out to the campsite for them.

A big thank you to all the staff who walked and helped on the campsite and to Mr and Mrs Spicer for the use of their field. Mrs Elizabeth Thompson PE Teacher

The BBQ was in full swing when the heavy rain started, with Mr and Mrs Paddock out in the rain cooking the food, being supported by the other staff in the dry marquee!! All the girls squeezed into the other marquee to eat the supper of soup, hot dogs and beef burgers. Mrs Baldwin and Miss Turley then organised the ‘Doughnut Disco’ in the marquee.

Friday 17th May was the final CAA session and while the weather was not great, the water temperature was a warm 18.6°C. The girls were on their final activity choice and were all in very high spirits out on the lake; there was lots of singing and giggling in amongst several capsizes and girls jumping in! It was a fantastic finish to a thoroughly enjoyable three weeks of learning new skills and drills. Mrs Natalie Baldwin Head of Extra-Curricular Activities


‘What an evening! It was a joy to share the stage with such youthful talent.’

‘An absolute pleasure to be there. Gorgeous!’ Charlie Page

Hilary Summers

In late January, St Mary’s girls had an amazing experience performing at our muchanticipated evening concert, Inspire!, alongside celebrity artists: Clare Halse, Alistair McGowan, Charlie Page and Hilary Summers. The host of this evening, the BBC Radio 3’s Petroc Trelawny, presented the music programme was his customary stylish tone and panache.

‘Bravo for organising such a spectacular evening - I was thrilled you asked me to be part of it.’ Petroc Trelawny


‘I really enjoyed being part of the concert and was quite blown away by the talent of the professionals and students alike.’ Clare Halse

The celebrity artists joined our musicians in enjoying the stunning acoustic and beauty of the Duke’s Hall. The concert included a new initiative, a bespoke chamber orchestra, which set the scene with a stirring rendition of Pirates of the Caribbean. Hilary Summers’ Music for a While by Purcell and Charlie Page’s intoxicating Losing My Mind by Sondheim, and Clare Halse’s You Are My Lucky Star from Singin’ in the Rain, were magnificently delivered and received. Two award-winning pupils also enjoyed the opportunity to perform at the concert: Elan Fryar, as winner of the Sir Bryn Terfel Song Prize, sang Eric Coates’ I Heard You Singing with subtlety and beauty, while Head Girl Hannah Barber, winner of the Cecilia James Cup, energised a drum kit with great gusto!

Alistair McGowan wowed the audience with his razor-sharp impressions and sensitive piano solos, creating the stillness of Satie’s introspective piano pieces beautifully. To close the evening, Clare Halse returned to the stage and, with her St Mary’s backing singers, combined forces with the massed choir and chamber orchestra for a fabulous toe-tapping Our Time from Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along. Everyone agreed it had been a magical and memorable evening in the school’s Cantabile Concert Series, raising an impressive £14,500 for the Armed Forces Fund. Mrs Bethan Dudley Fryar Director of Vocal Studies

‘I enjoyed myself so very much. A nd what talented school children! There’s hope!’ Al istair McGowan 19



ADA.ADA.ADA Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician and writer who lived and worked in first half of the 19th century. She worked with Charles Babbage on his Analytical Engine, the first calculator, and published the first algorithm intended to be carried out by a machine. Essentially, she was one of the first computer programmers and, yet, few people know of her groundbreaking work. During British Science Week, ‘Ada’ came to St Mary’s via Ada.Ada.Ada, an interactive theatre show that revolves around the life and legacy of Ada Lovelace and hopes to inspire girls to take part in STEM subjects. Before the performance, LIV students were involved in a really exciting workshop which combined STEM with textiles; creating their own wearable technology with fabric components, LED lighting weaved through felt and attached to battery packs through conductive thread. The session was a precursor to the main event that night, where the girls would see a full-scale version of their creations; a dress which contained 44,000 LEDs all working together to make a fantastic visual display in the Ada.Ada.Ada performance. The show kicked off with an impressive demonstration of the technology used in Ada’s LED dress. The actor playing Ada explained all of the components, from the conductive fabric in her glove to the Wi-Fi hotspot in her bustle, in a visually compelling way. The one-woman-show began with Ada’s

childhood, highlighting her unique imagination, her mathematical talents and her mother’s oppressive nature. The LEDs on Ada’s dress would light up in different colours and patterns to reflect the events in her life, for example, when Ada’s mother burnt her personal letters, the dress’s hem appeared to catch on fire. At her death, Ada pressed her forefinger to her thumb to snuff out the 44,000 LEDs in a dramatic finish.   There was excellent audience participation and at one point we had to demonstrate how the analytical engine would work by using string to link members of the audience together to make a variety of computations.    Currently, only 9% of the tech sector is made up of women, a number Ada stressed should change. Ada Lovelace remains, to this day, a symbol of empowerment for women in technology. 

WESTFIELD CAR At St Mary’s we have a long standing partnership with Springfields, a specialist school on Curzon Street for students with additional learning needs. Our latest collaboration is very different! Together, we are building a car! The Westfield special edition, in a beautiful blue, is being assembled by a team of students from both schools. Our LVI Physicists are being taught the mechanics by Mr Smith alongside the Springfields Year 10 boys. It really is wonderful to see the teams working together on such an ambitious project. It is starting to look more car-like, but there is a long way to go. The aim is to finish building the car by next spring, before safety checks take place to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy. After that, it’s the open road….!

GREEN DAY The school’s student-led Green Team, supported by Mrs Haydon and Miss Wright, have been behind a significant gear shift in the school community’s efforts to reduce its global footprint. In June, we held our first Green Day. The day started with students analysing rubbish from a sample of our non-recycling bins and worked to find recycling solutions so that we can reduce the percentage of the school’s waste that is going to landfill. This was followed by a delicious vegan lunch. Later in the day, students were given a box of food and asked to produce a meal with the contents, which included a range of vegetables and insects! Mrs Thomas, our Head of Catering, and Matt Driver, School Chef, were on hand to judge their efforts. Tasting everything from strawberry and mealworm milkshake to noodle surprise, the judges were pleasantly surprised by the flavour sensations they were experiencing. The event was great fun but also highlighted to all the possibilities of different sources of protein in the future. Mrs Alexandra Haydon Head of Science



… I T I F F A R G D N A … O S S A C I P … I D U GA

Trips & Expeditions

Early morning on Friday 25th January, 14 very sleepy girls made our way to school reception, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the coach to take us to Barcelona. The two-hour flight from Luton to Barcelona was just enough time to catch up with some sleep and prepare ourselves for the busy weekend ahead. On arrival in Barcelona, we quickly hopped on a bus to the hotel before making our way to the beautiful Casa Batlló for an augmented reality tour. Using a screen and headset we were toured around the house by Gaudi himself, allowing us the opportunity to consider the house as a home, as it was intended, and understand its design. After Casa Batlló, we headed back to the hotel for some rest, allowing us an opportunity to explore the rooftop pool and admire the view over Barcelona. In the evening, we went to a traditional tapas restaurant and ordered lots of different Spanish dishes to share. The food was delicious!

Saturday started bright and early with a fabulous buffet breakfast in the hotel. There were Spanish pastries, fresh bread with ham and cheese and endless amounts of fresh fruit. After well and truly filling ourselves, we enjoyed a brisk walk to the Contemporary Art Gallery Exhibitions (CAGE). Here we met our guides for the morning and set off to explore Barcelona’s street art scene. It wasn’t long until we could recognise some of the artist’s styles and started to identify their work as we walked. Imagine our excitement when our tour concluded at a small gallery and we were welcomed in by one of the most famous street artists in Barcelona! 22

We had lunch in his studio and had the opportunity to speak to the artists who shared his studio. After lunch, we made our way to a park and were shown different street art techniques before creating our own murals on a wall.

‘For me, the highlight of the trip was the street art workshop and creating our own ‘tag’ – it’s much harder than you think!’ Anna Mallinckrodt, LV After our workshop, we headed to La Sagrada Familia. The incomplete cathedral was as breathtaking as we had imagined; the light and coloured glass cast beautiful shapes on the walls. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and explained how Gaudi was influenced by nature and pointed out where this was reflected in the design. Sunday arrived all too quickly, so we got up early to make the most of the day. Our first stop was the Picasso Museum, which houses a huge collection of work from every stage of Picasso's career. We were surprised to see that his earliest works, painted when he was as young as 14, were in a realistic style, which vastly differed to his more well-known cubist work. We then made our way the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA). This gallery was full of weird and wonderful pieces of contemporary art, ranging from digital images and videos to peculiar sculptures made out of recycled materials.

After a short lunch stop, we hopped on the open top tour bus and made our way to Park Güell, taking in the sights on the way. The park was bustling as it was a very hot day and the views, looking over Barcelona and towards the sea, were incredible. Miss Litvack, our Artist in Residence, led a watercolour workshop and we had the opportunity to sit creating work ‘en plein air’. Afterwards, we jumped on the tour bus and headed back to the hotel to collect our luggage and made our way to the airport for our flight home. It was an amazing trip and we thoroughly enjoyed the many beautiful sights of Barcelona. Selena Corsellis LVI Form



in ’Be Our Guest’ lery cut of ces pie n ode wo ge lar h wit ng rki wo ky tric ‘It was quite lkner, Beast. Fau n we Elo !’ m the h wit one any hit to not er ord we had to practise a lot in

The imaginative, and versatile, set worked a treat! The central supersized storybook had characters emerging, wearing their self-designed screen printed costumes, as excerpts from the book and its pages were turned as the show moved from one story to the next.

‘The set design was absolutely amazing! It was such a creative idea and looked beautiful - I loved it,’ Hannah. ‘Until I started working with it, I didn’t realise how many purposes the set could be used for. One piece could be a jail and, the next, it was a flying carpet,’ Elowen

‘It surprised me how hard it was to do costume changes with so little time! Fitting my mic was surprisingly difficult and took a lot longer than I thought it would,’ Hannah

Our Fourth Form girls brought the dramatic year at St Mary’s to a terrific end, with their full-strength, high energy productions of the junior musical versions of Aladdin (LIV) and Beauty and the Beast (MIV). Lasting just over an hour each, the scripts cut much of the dialogue from the ‘official’ versions, but still retained most of the narrative and all of the well-loved characters, so provided a real challenge that all the actors passed with flying colours - and carpets! Each play was divided into two with a different cast for each half, with the cast changeover cleverly taking place during a central full-cast song and dance set-piece 24

(‘Friend Like Me’ in Aladdin and ‘Be Our Guest’ for Beauty and the Beast), with Miss Dickinson and Mr Ellis each handling half of the direction duties for each musical, and Miss Hughes creating some spellbinding choreography throughout.

‘The most challenging aspects were working as a group to put all the scenes together, and learning the choreography for the main dances. It took a lot of rehearsals to put everything in order, however, it all paid off in the end!’ Hannah Clargo, Madame de la Grande Bouche The music was superbly led by Mrs Dudley Fryar, Director of Vocal Studies, who impressively conducted both the girls’ singing on stage and the live five-piece band simultaneously with great vigour.

‘I absolutely loved doing the musical, it was so much fun and everything was fantastic - from the costumes and set to the singing and dancing. I will definitely miss rehearsing it!’ Izzy Albery, Mrs Potts.

Both nights attracted a packed house, despite the sweltering temperatures, and the audience emerged afterwards full of praise for the performance.

‘I will remember the great feeling of finishing the last song and hearing the applause we received. That’s always my favourite part of performing,’ Izzy

It would be unfair to single any performers out as everybody, from genie to market seller, from Beast to tavern customer, performed their roles with conviction and confidence, and took us, indeed, to a ‘whole new world’... Mr Duncan Ellis Acting Director of Drama 25

News - Company News

Everyone is a part of a Company named after a Bishop with an association to the Diocese of Salisbury. Company activities help the girls to mix across year groups and they raise money for charity.

The pressure was on this year after a fabulous performance throughout last year, which led us to be proud winners of the Company Cup. This year began in earnest with the Company Shout and the girls put their hearts and souls into both the individual performances and the Shout, ably led by Zara Collier Baggs and Emily Smyth-Osbourne.

'WIN THE CUP!' We had an excellent start by winning the Company Shout with our rendition of ABBA’s Does Your Mother Know?, ably led by our Company Heads, Millie Knight and Arabella Fane. Charlie Hubber excelled in the Fourth Form Company Music Competition, with her performance gaining lots of points for Osmund, which we appreciated! Both Belinda Harrison and Tessa Harrison were outstanding in the Company University Challenge and Virginia Albesa and Charlie Hubber put in a good

‘Rogues and Villains’ was this year’s theme for the Company Supper. Costumes did not disappoint and fun was had by all at the supper and the disco that followed.

performance in the Company British Science Week ‘Bake Off’. One major triumph for Osmund this year was our performance in the Literalily creative writing competition with Michaela Mason being named the overall winner and many other members of Osmund submitting high quality entries. On Sports Day, we had many girls on the podium, including Chloe Wright-Haynie, Helena Stahl and Grace Oge Evans, to name but a few. I was also pleased to note that this year we scored a lot better with our Company Credits. We also really enjoyed our Company Supper where we asked everyone to dress up as their ‘dream jobs’.

Thanks to all the Ed Rich girls for their commitment to Ed Rich and to all the company representatives, especially to our retiring Head and Deputy Head of Company, Zara and Emily. Ms Faye Lovell Head of Ed Rich Company

Two of our enthusiastic LIV girls, Alice du Roy de Blicquy and Dora West, entered the British Science Week ‘Bake Off’ and were awarded 1st prize for the taste of their biscuit creation. There was a wide range of ideas from surgeons to racing drivers! After a lovely meal, we went to Top Hall for a silent disco and great fun was had by all! We now welcome Kristen Higgins and Ella Fenton as the incoming Heads of Osmund and we are delighted that Georgia Brooks, from Osmund, has been elected as Head Girl. I look forward to more successes for Osmund next year. Mrs Elizabeth Rothwell Head of Osmund Company

STUDENT HEAD OF COMPANY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MILLIE KNIGHT DEPUTY HEAD OF COMPANY.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ARABELLA FANE SENIOR GAMES CAPTAINS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AMELIA HATLAPA AND VICTORIA OGE EVANS HEADS OF FIFTHS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MATILDA KNIGHT AND BELINDA HARRISON FIFTHS GAMES CAPTAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CHLOE WRIGHT-HAYNIE HEAD OF FOURTHS.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CHARLIE HUBBER FOURTHS GAMES CAPTAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TESSA HARRISON CHARITY REPS. . . . . . OSCARA DOWLING, LAUREN DUNNE, GEORGIA GOODWIN AND KATIE HUBBER 26

artwork which was shown at the A Sense of Place exhibition in London.

On the sports field, there have been some notable successes. The Juniors have excelled in all aspects with particularly outstanding performances in the cross country and swimming.  The Juniors continued their domination of Company sport competitions by taking 1st place in the Company Netball Competition and were narrowly beaten into 2nd place in lacrosse.  The Seniors also had a fantastic victory in their Company Tennis Tournament. Ed Rich again held a very successful Family Tennis Tournament.  The final was keenly fought between two Ed Rich girls and their partners, with Grace Law and her brother narrowly beating Lara SmythOsbourne and her father.  We were able to raise a fantastic £1020 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Kristina Wolf was highly commended in the songwriting competition and Daniella Okunbor took the runner-up prize in the Fourth Form for her piece in the Literalily creative writing competition. Other Ed Rich contributions to the Literalily came from Izzy Albery, Sarah Pedgley and Emily SmythOsbourne.  Gigi Lane again thrilled us with her

STUDENT HEAD OF COMPANY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ZARA COLLIER BAGGS DEPUTY HEAD OF COMPANY.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . EMILY SMYTH-OSBOURNE SENIOR SPORTS CAPTAIN.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BELLA SEYMOUR DEPUTY SENIOR SPORTS CAPTAIN.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MOMO ADEBAYO MUSIC REPS.. . . . . . . . . NATASHA ASHBRIDGE AND EMILY SMYTH-OSBOURNE HEAD OF FIFTHS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ABIGAIL RALPH FIFTH FORM SPORTS CAPTAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . POLLY MALLINSON DEPUTY FIFTH FORM SPORTS CAPTAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DAISY JAMES HEAD OF FOURTHS.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DANIELLA OKUNBOR FOURTH FORM SPORTS CAPTAIN.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LUCY CRONE MIV/LIV SPORTS REP. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HARRIET HILLMAN 27

A new academic year started and there was lots to look forward to for the blue population. First up was the Company Cross Country where we saw the Moberly MIVs coming 2nd and the LIVs coming 4th. In Senior lacrosse we managed to finish 2nd. At the end of term Chapel it was announced that we were in joint 1st position with Osmund! Go Moberly!

We were soon into the Company Shout rehearsals. We had a cracking song for this year’s ABBA theme - Mamma Mia! The UVI had choreographed some fantastic moves and on the night we were marvellous, loud and totally in sync. The Cecilia James Music Festival was held on the same day and Moberly did extremely well with Hannah Gibson winning in the vocal section and our instrumental ensemble of Ila Shetty, Shubha Shetty, Lauren Wiltshire, Sienna Wong and Iona Stanwell came 1st with a fabulous rendition of All I Want by Kodaline, superbly arranged by Ila. We all had a fabulous time and finished in 2nd place.

Moving into the Spring Term, we had the UIV Company Netball Competition, where we finished in 3rd position, and the tough Fourth Form Company Lacrosse Tournament, where we also finished in a very reputable 3rd position. It was then quiz time for the

This year, our Company Supper theme was ‘Top of The Pops’ which had the girls dressing as stars from any decade of music. The winners were Talitha Powell and Rosie Strutt as Wham!, Sandy Du as David Bowie and Imogen Cooper, Skye MacInnes and Nell Boobbyer as Kiss. Once we had finished our lovely meal, we moved upstairs for our silent disco. This was brilliant fun and there were lots of impressive moves and grooves seen on the dance floor! Red, blue and green headphones glowed in the darkness as we all listened to different music; Mrs B’s 80’s playlist was, obviously, the best!! The Company Hockey Tournament was very exciting. The LIV and MIV came 1st, UIV were 4th, Fifth Form finished 2nd and Sixth Form came in at 3rd place.


Moving on to the most anticipated Company event - the Senior Netball Competition! With such a talented group of girls, we knew this would be super competitive.

A special mention to Ruby Guy who came 3rd overall in an excellent LIV race. The UIV had a larger number of girls racing and it was awesome to see our own Lara Marsh win! Well done Lara! Once all the points were tallied, we were delighted to see Moberly finishing in 2nd place.

Moberly struggled in the first game against Poore but soon we clicked as a team and then we were flying! We came 2nd overall! Our MIV and LIV Netball Teams were also on fire, playing some extremely good netball and finishing in 2nd position. At the end of the Spring Term, Moberly were sat in 1st position. Sports Day came with rain, but we carried on and we managed to finish in 4th place, but we had some outstanding individual results. We had 1st placings in the following: Tallulah MacKenzie Smith - Inter High Jump; Shubha Shetty - Senior 800m; Davina Gray - Senior Long Jump; Lara Marsh - Inter 1500m; Farley Pfitzner - Inter Discus; Rose Strutt - Javelin; the Inters Canon Relay and Junior 4 x 100m Relay.

Company Head and Deputy, so Ila and Isabella were released into the firing line. They took on the challenge and came joint 1st with Poore. Well done girls! The British Science Week ‘Bake Off’ theme of ‘Journey’ inspired Hannah Gibson and Isabella Walker to bake a biscuit showing how the world had changed over time, detailing the split of Pangea into different continents. Mr Rose, a very creative baker, designed a cake in the shape of the world with the core made of chocolate fondant! Amazing stuff!

On Founders’ Day, we waited to hear the final results of the Company competition. We came 2nd. Well done to all of the ‘blue people’, you were amazing!! Mrs Natalie Baldwin Head of Moberly Company

STUDENT HEAD OF COMPANY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ILA SHETTY DEPUTY HEAD OF COMPANY.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ISABELLA IVERSEN SENIOR GAMES CAPTAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FLORA GUY HEAD OF FIFTHS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . REBECCA MUTCH FIFTHS GAMES CAPTAINS. . . . . . IMOGEN COOPER AND SUSANNAH HIRST HEAD OF FOURTHS.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IONA STANWELL FOURTHS GAMES CAPTAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PHOEBE MATTEN

The Grosstête girls have excelled again this year on the track, in the field, as part of musical ensembles and quiz teams, in their creative costume making and academic endeavours. The ‘Glorious Greens’ have been relentless in their efforts and have had some richly deserved successes. The Autumn Term got off to a promising start with a rousing rendition of the ABBA classic Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! for the Company Shout, which closed the annual Cecilia James Music Festival. This was expertly choreographed by the UVI and progressed from shambolic shuffling in September to a slick, polished performance in October. Memorable musical offerings were performed by many including the final Company Shout performance of our Grosstête Head Girl, Hannah Barber, on the drums. Grosstête were lucky enough to secure 1st place on the night despite stiff competition.

Pandora Briselden and Nimi Majekodunmi decided to challenge the rest of the company to dress as ‘popular internet memes’; some weird and wonderful outfits were duly donned. Afterwards, a silent disco saw the girls bust some moves and throw some surprising shapes in Top Hall. By the end of the evening, most were a little concerned about the UVI’s taste in music! Finally, the Summer Term hailed the cloud, rain and annual Sports Day. The girls admirably rose to the challenge of a soggy afternoon packed with athletic endeavour and fuelled by Mrs Thomas’ cupcakes. It was great to see so many of the girls push themselves to compete and strive to give their best physical performance, regardless of the outcome and weather conditions. Having been chased hard by Ed Rich, we were just able to triumph and take the overall cup!

The Spring Term brought the Company Supper and the prospect of fancy dress.

A magnificently consistent effort from the Grosstête girls, once again, throughout this academic year. Go Grosstête! Ms Sophie Dunkin Head of Grosstête Company

STUDENT HEAD OF COMPANY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PANDORA BRISELDEN DEPUTY HEAD OF COMPANY.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NIMI MAJEKODUNMI SENIOR GAMES CAPTAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ANNABEL GOURIET DEPUTY GAMES CAPTAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LUCY FITZPATRICK HEAD OF FIFTHS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ZARA PRICE HEAD OF FOURTHS.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . OLIVIA PURVES FIFTHS GAMES CAPTAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ELIZABETH RUTHERFORD FIFTHS GAMES DEPUTY CAPTAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ELLIE BOURNE FOURTHS GAMES CAPTAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CLEMMIE HARGREAVES FOURTHS GAMES DEPUTY CAPTAIN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . EVIE MEDCALF 29

Sports Reports

SPORTS DAY It has been a cracking first year for me as the Head of Company of Poore! We’ve had a wide range of fun and competitive activities for the girls to get stuck into and I’ve been very proud of their efforts. The year kicked off in a traditional way with the ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition, where the girls competed in small teams across all of Fourth and Fifth Form to gain as many points as possible. Poore were victorious in their first event of the Autumn Term, finishing in 1st place. Well done girls! Spirits remained high as everyone began to rehearse for the Company Shout, with this year’s theme being songs by ABBA. Successfully led by Caroline Brenchley and Mimi Habib, all Poore members got stuck into learning their lines and choreography for Lay All Your Love on Me, showcasing some fabulous dance moves and singing voices in the process. Caroline also organised an entertaining vocal ensemble singing Take Me Home, Country Roads. Poore were not as successful in their final results, but everyone had a fantastic time. Many thanks to Caroline and Mimi for their enthusiasm, creativity and leadership.

Poore have done well in a range of Company sporting competitions held throughout the year. Highlights included winning the UIV Company Netball, Junior Company Lacrosse, Senior Company Hockey competitions as well as showing excellent sportsmanship in all of the sporting events. Thank you to Georgina McLintock, Maggie Rundell and Lily Mallinson for leading and organising the teams, you did an awesome job!

The standard of performances has been improving year by year as a result of the excellent athletics programme at St Mary’s.

Girls ran, jumped and threw throughout the afternoon, supporting their Companies in working towards winning the Junior, Inter and Senior points competition.

was my last at St Mary’s – even the rain could not dampen our spirits! Well done to everyone who took part and thank you for the great team effort from all the staff and Sports Leaders.’


Mrs Caroline Heathorn PE Teacher

PE Teacher and organiser, Mrs Caroline Heathorn said, ‘Sports Day is always a great event and my favourite day of the year. This year’s event was particularly memorable as it

Finally, we say goodbye and a huge thank you to our fantastic Head of Company and Deputy, Caroline and Mimi, who have worked hard and been committed to organising lots of fun activities and supported the rest of Poore throughout the year. They pass the baton on to Thea Hine and Emily Lavelle who will lead Poore next year. Miss Clare Bloomer Head of Poore Company

The next event on the Poore calendar was the Company Supper, which had the theme of ‘favourite movie characters’. There were some smashing costumes on show, with highlights being Joey from Warhorse, Shrek and Fiona, Dorothy and Toto, the cast of Wild Child and Mulan. After a fantastic meal, we were entertained by a bandeoke band, which gave the girls a great opportunity to sing with a live backing band, which was great fun!

STUDENT HEAD OF COMPANY. . . . . CAROLINE BRENCHLEY DEPUTY HEAD OF COMPANY.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MIMI HABIB SENIOR GAMES CAPTAIN. . . . . . . . . . . GEORGINA MCLINTOCK HEAD OF FIFTHS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ISLA CAMPBELL FIFTHS GAMES CAPTAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MAGGIE RUNDELL HEAD OF FOURTHS.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SADIE ENTHOVEN FOURTHS GAMES CAPTAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LILY MALLINSON 30

We were delighted to welcome the Calne Town Mayor, Cllr Robert Merrick, to our annual Sports Day which took place on Tuesday 18th June at Beversbrook Sports Ground in Calne. The Mayor presented the individual winners’ medals and enjoyed afternoon tea with the parents and staff. The event had a great atmosphere, despite the persistent rain, and saw an increased spectator attendance to previous years.

COMPANY RESULTS - OVERALL 1st Grosstête 367pts 2nd Ed Rich 363pts 3rd Poore 356pts 4th Moberly 334pts 5th Osmund 318pts JUNIOR COMPETITION (LIV & MIV) 1st Ed Rich 169pts 2nd Poore 156pts 3rd Grosstête 145pts 4th Osmund 130pts 5th Moberly 119pts INTER COMPETITION (UIV & LV) 1st Grosstête 164pts 2nd Poore 157pts 3rd Moberly 148pts 4th Osmund 132pts 5th Ed Rich 122pts

SENIOR COMPETITION (LVI) 1st Ed Rich 72pts 2nd Moberly 67pts 3rd Grosstête 58pts 4th Osmund 56pts 5th Poore 43pts JUNIOR INDIVIDUAL TROPHY VICTRIX LUDORUM Harriet Hillman INTER INDIVIDUAL TROPHY VICTRIX LUDORUM Lily Mallinson


Trips & Expeditions

We were particularly captivated by the Botticelli room which emphasised why these works, ignored until the 19th century, became celebrated icons, setting standards of beauty as impossible now as they were


FLORENCE The timing of the History of Art trip was perfect; the end of Spring Term, just as we were about to start our revision for our summer exams! On Thursday 28th March, after an early start, we arrived in Florence in time for lunch. The hotel was perfectly located in the centre of the city, just one street away from the Duomo, which was, arguably, the hub of the city. After checking into our hotel, we immediately set out to tour the city and absorb the culture - which involved tasting an array of gelato! We then headed for dinner via the guild’s church of Orsanmichele, the Piazza della Signoria and the Loggia dei Lanzi – a showcase of sculptural excellence in Mannerist and Renaissance styles. Crossing the Ponte Vecchio, we observed the Vasari Corridor which enabled the Medici to cross the medieval bridge without having to mingle with the ordinary citizens of Florence. After one of many pizzas that we devoured during our stay, we returned to our hotel via the districts that were once dominated by Botticelli and the Tornabuoni family.


The importance of visiting Florence cannot be expressed strongly enough, as it really did strengthen our knowledge of the historical city and its art. On Friday morning, we visited the Medici Palace, which we had previously studied in class as a case study. After a short briefing to remind us of the context of the building, we set off to explore the palace. It was amazing to see first-hand the immense luxury and wealth of the Medicis; the elaborate sculpture and the level of luxury increased as we explored our way around the many rooms. The personal experience of visiting the different Renaissance buildings improved our awareness of the visual culture of Florence. The first-hand viewing of sights like Santa Maria Novella and the Brancacci Chapel was very useful in refreshing our memory of our class studies. The afternoon was spent at the Uffizi Gallery which has made excellent use of its re-hang and modernisation to enable its magnificent collection to be viewed with fresh eyes. We first looked at the paintings as a group and then we were given time to interpret and study the painting ourselves, and finally coming back together to discuss details and analysis.

in the Renaissance. Although there was a bit of a queue, we all agreed afterwards it was worth the wait as our tour of these rooms included of The Birth of Venus and Primavera. We then had lots of fun recreating well-known poses from pieces of art and exploring the huge gift shop. The food throughout the trip was amazing! In the evenings, Dr Wickson took us to traditional restaurants via the walkways next to the Arno, where we enjoyed Italian delicacies, such as pizza Napoli and spaghetti carbonara. During the day, we were given free time to explore the shops and buy our lunch, giving us plenty of time to experience the culture as well as history. The weather was perfect and it was lovely to shop in the sunshine while choosing trinkets and Murano glass jewellery.

It was a great contrast to the Renaissance and it was fascinating to look at different mediums of art, such as film and clothing. Sunday morning allowed for one last visit and we finished our trip with several hours in the impressive Museo dell’opera del Duomo. Overall, the Florence History of Art trip was a perfect culmination of our studies of the Italian Renaissance, as well as a lot of fun! Laura Greene and Janie Winter History of Art Prefects LVI Form

One of our highlights of the non-academic part of the trip was visiting the Museo Gucci to see an exhibition that explored Gucci’s inspiration from nature.


e g a t S e r t CenA year in drama Scholars’ play This year, instead of the Company Drama Competition, Drama Scholars and Ambassadors were asked to create their own piece of immersive theatre, using ideas from a wonderful workshop from Kilter Theatre, to create a site specific play in a weekend! Saturday was the start of planning and character building. The girls chose their spaces and created the play’s plot, which was centred around a scientific formula used to keep the girls highachieving academically, but was about to reveal alarming side effects!

The girls worked quickly and efficiently; by Sunday afternoon, all the dramatic scenes were created through some very impressive improvisation, the costumes were sourced and the girls were ready to go. The final piece was eerie and intriguing, with moments of light humour. It was wonderful to see how girls from different year groups worked together and communicated so effectively to create a piece of theatre in such a short period of time. The weekend was a real triumph and gave a real insight into the dramatic talent that we have here at St Mary’s.

A Level / GCSE performances This year, our girls have maintained the high standard of previous years for their curricular examination performances. Our UV GCSE group took on six different extracts from Richard Bean’s One Man, Two Guvnors, a modern farce set in the 1960s featuring everyman Francis Henshall and his attempts to work for two bosses without each of them finding out. The girls handled the timing, ridiculous situations and heightened performances with such aplomb that it left the audience in stitches.



Our A Level group performed a short extract from the dystopian modern classic The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh. A dark piece, the audience were on the edge of their seats and were enthralled by the plot, set and superb performances.

In February, the 15 girls who had completed this year’s RADA Advanced Communications course went to London to the RADA Studios to present their final speeches. Aided by Mrs Chater and Mrs Cochran-Patrick, the girls prepared talks on topics that covered a wide range of topics including the use and importance of learning languages, the voting habits among Generation Z, the dangers of online gambling and animal cruelty. We were joined by RADA’s esteemed panel of experts who gave excellent feedback to the girls and commented on their high standard of presentation. We are happy to say that all the girls successfully completed the course and were presented with their certificates in Chapel.

We say goodbye to Miss Bethany Dickinson, who has made herself indispensable to the Department in a variety of roles, first as Graduate Assistant and then as Teacher of Drama and Dance. It’s also farewell to Miss Bethany Hughes who also excelled in her Graduate Assistant role, and choreographed the UIV and Junior Plays. We wish them both very well.

Both year groups had a wonderfully supportive audience, who were incredibly impressed by the talent on display. Well done to all of the girls for such standout performances. At the start of May, LVI and LV presented their devised pieces, based on stimuli – film extracts, photos, music and poems – provided by the Department. Group 1 presented Splash the Cash, a piece about four schoolgirls who win the lottery, Group 2 used influences such as Inside No. 9 for Four Walls, a disturbing, experimental piece where the theme of capital punishment was explored. Group 3 presented The Envoy and used photos as inspiration for the tale of an angel sent to Earth to spread goodness, but soon finds out that her ideals are corrupted.

We say hello to our newly appointed Drama Scholars, Izzy Albery, who has received the 13+ award, and also Flossie Watts, who has received the 11+ award.

We also take the opportunity welcome back Miss Holly Darling to the Department following her maternity leave.

Looking forward We say a huge thank you and goodbye to our outgoing Drama Scholars, Lucy FitzwilliamLay and Isabella Iversen. Both girls have made a massive contribution to the Drama Department in recent years.

It’s been a wonderful year, filled with the energy, enthusiasm and creativity of the girls. I would very much like to thank them for all their support and their commitment to the Drama cause in my first year here. Mr Duncan Ellis Acting Director of Drama

The LVI followed this with their brilliant, Katie Mitchell-inspired A Changeling’s Guide to Survival, which was set in a women’s refuge in Sweden. The three girls weaved a terrific story of an on-the-run street kid who slowly poisons the relationships between the residents of the refuge. Using ‘live feed’ film, synchronised movement and incredibly detailed use of space, the piece led to a very powerful climax.




This year, instead of ‘Four on Tour’, the UIV took part in the National Theatre’s ‘Connections’ Festival.

and I will ible experience ed cr in an as w 'Flesh am Bully, ayed the Red Te pl I it. et rg fo r neve e had to part to play as w rd ha a as w ch whi ming in The ckstory. Perfor ba n ow r ou up make e felt like a great feeling; w a as w e tr ea Th e!' Egg in a real theatr professional cast Phoebe Matten,


'The style of the play was so uniq ue - I had never taken part in a play remotely lik e it before! Ther was no narratio e n or character de scriptions, just to build upon.  A lines t first, I found it quite daunting, I thoroughly en but joyed being part of this amazing pl and it has defin ay itely made me a better actor.' Beauella Purcell



Every year, the NT commissions ten new plays for young people to perform, bringing together some of the country’s most exciting writers, poets, comedians and theatre makers. Over 5,000 young people from schools and youth theatre groups across the country participate each year, performing one of ten new plays at their own venue and in a local professional venue. Our play was Rob Drummond’s Flesh, a dystopic piece that had strong echoes of Lord of the Flies, which told the story of a group of teenagers who are washed up on a remote Scottish island with no memory as to how they got there. With no set characters, a script that utilised naturalism,

direct address and many opportunities for highly stylised moments of physicalisation and ensemble work, this was a powerful piece that demanded a massive effort from the auditioned cast and crew. The cast rehearsed in the New Year and these intense sessions proved to bear fruit when watched by professional director, Mr Ed Stamboulian, as part of the NT’s selection process. He praised the ‘bold, stark, provocative staging’ that was ‘really exciting’ and allowed the cast to show their ‘infinite energy, passion and commitment’. He was impressed by the creation of individual, definable characters and offered valuable ideas for sharpening the piece up for the climax – the performance at the Egg Theatre, in Bath’s Theatre Royal.

The final performance was to a packed house of supportive and very impressed parents, staff and fellow students. Although the school did not go forward to the final at the National Theatre itself, the experience was

overwhelmingly positive. The cast relished the mature subject matter of the project, the creative challenge and the professional level end product. Mr Duncan Ellis Acting Director of Drama






For the first time ever, St Mary’s went through to the Nationals of the English Speaking Union Mace Debating Competition.



Tessa Harrison

Musical Theatre Solo Grade 3


Candy Liu

Speaking Verse and Prose Grade 3


Elowen Faulkner

Musical Theatre Solo Grade 4


Izzy Albery

Acting Solo Grade 5


Fenella Challinor

Acting Solo Grade 6 - Bronze Medal


Megan Harley-Martin

Acting Solo Grade 6 - Bronze Medal Distinction


Lucy Jefford

Musical Theatre Solo Grade 6 - Bronze Medal


Josephine Newcombe

Acting Solo Grade 6 - Bronze Medal


They were one of 12 teams who were all regional champions in their own right from across England, whittled down from over 230 teams who started off in the first round!





Honor Bell

Acting Solo Grade 3


Penny Burgon

Acting Solo Grade 3


Maria Cobos Queixalos Reading for Performance Grade 3


Claire Dodd

Acting Solo Grade 3


Evie Medcalf

Acting Duologue Grade 3


Emily Scrimgeour

Acting Solo Grade 3


Zina Stevens

Acting Duologue Grade 3


Leah Hosten-Silva

Acting Solo Grade 4


Iris Nicholson

Acting Solo Grade 4


Beauella Purcell

Acting Solo Grade 4


Marguerite Pickford

Acting Solo Grade 4


Amy Sneller

Acting Solo Grade 4


Sasha Hale

Acting Solo Grade 5


Clemmie Hargreaves

Acting Solo Grade 5


Khalilah Katagum

Acting Solo Grade 5


Grace Law

Acting Solo Grade 5


Talitha Powell

Acting Solo Grade 5


Rosie Roche

Acting Solo Grade 5


Oliviya Serdyuk

Acting Solo Grade 5


Kunmi Adesola

Acting Duologue Grade 6 - Bronze Medal Distinction


Yimika Adesola

Acting Duologue Grade 6 - Bronze Medal


Ore Bamisile

Acting Solo Grade 6 - Bronze Medal


Eleanor Barr

Acting Solo Grade 6 - Bronze Medal


Anna Dodd

Acting Solo Grade 6 - Bronze Medal


Rosie Graham-Campbell Acting Solo Grade 6 - Bronze Medal


Emma Okunbur

Acting Solo Grade 6 - Bronze Medal


Eliane Willmott

Acting Solo Grade 6 - Bronze Medal


Isla Campbell

Acting Solo Grade 7 - Silver Medal


Abbie Cowley

Acting Solo Grade 7 - Silver Medal


Skye MacInnes

Acting Solo Grade 7 - Silver Medal


Cindy Xu

Speaking Verse and Prose Grade 7 - Silver Medal


Isabel Baker

Acting Solo Grade 8 - Gold Medal


Lucy Fitzpatrick

Acting Solo Grade 8 - Gold Medal


Kirsten Higgins

Acting Solo Grade 8 - Gold Medal


Isabella Iversen

Acting Solo Grade 8 - Gold Medal


Rose Morley

Acting Solo Grade 8 - Gold Medal


Emily Sandbach

Acting Solo Grade 8 - Gold Medal


The debates covered a variety of topics, from banning meat to imposing Western labour norms onto multinational companies, and each time St Mary’s Debating Society rose to the challenge!



Lettie Fenton

Acting Solo Grade 2


Elea Aylwin

Acting Solo Grade 3


Nina Li

Acting Solo Grade 3


Lily Shen

Acting Solo Grade 3


Bea Temmink

Acting Solo Grade 3


Rachael Unachukwu

Acting Solo Grade 3


Alexandra Waterlow

Acting Solo Grade 3


Izzy Albery

Musical Theatre Grade 4


Sarah Cheng

Acting Solo Grade 4


Elowen Faulkner

Acting Solo Grade 4


Tessa Harrison

Acting Solo Grade 4


Phoebe Matten

Acting Solo Grade 4


Lucy Crone

Acting Solo Grade 5


Honor Fisher

Acting Solo Grade 5


Kyra Ke

Acting Solo Grade 5


Adrianna Reyes

Acting Solo Grade 5


Martha Rowell

Acting Solo Grade 5


Sophie Crompton

Acting Solo Grade 6 - Bronze Medal


Imogen Blair

Acting Solo Grade 7 - Silver Medal


Casilda Motte

Acting Solo Grade 7 - Silver Medal


Amalie Macnaughtan

Acting Solo Grade 8 - Gold Medal


Our team of Georgia Brooks and Rose Morley (both LVI) are to be commended for the dedication that they have shown in preparing for the four rounds of debating, as well as how well they have developed their skills as debaters. It has been an excellent opportunity for them, as well as the whole Debating Society, to see some first class analysis and evaluation in action and they have learnt a lot from the experience. We are looking forward to more competitions with the ESU in the future. Mrs Samantha Handy Head of History and Politics

Debating this year has been a totally unexpected rollercoaster! Nobody in St Mary’s history has ever reached the Regional Finals before, so for us to win and earn our way into the Nationals has been a huge achievement. We are both so proud of the progress that we made! For our very first debate, we completely over-prepared! We expected that our competition would be a lot stiffer and were a bit miffed that we couldn’t use some of our amazing rebuttals! By our final debate, we were able to create our arguments a lot more easily and, as we went on, we actually prepared less for each debate, relying more on ‘in the moment’ thoughts. We put a lot of work into each of our debates, so it was very rewarding to keep winning and going further and further, though each time it came as a bit of a shock. We are so grateful for all the help that our Debating Team and Mrs Handy have given us and for putting up with our repeated rehearsals in our Debating Society sessions!

Getting to the National Finals felt surreal and it was so nice that the whole Debating Society came to London to support us. We were so nervous, but once we got there, we focussed and just tried to do our best. Overall, this has been a massive learning experience, our debating and critical thinking skills have developed a huge amount and we had the opportunity to debate with some of the top teams in the country. Debating is such a useful skill in life; to construct a really well developed argument is an incredibly useful tool that is going to help to help us academically and in everyday life. If anyone is thinking about trying debating, please join us on Wednesdays in History Two from 5.30pm to 6.15pm - we promise we won’t go too hard on you! Rose Morley LVI Form

Jolie Ryan-Dawes Acting Solo Grade 8 - Gold Medal Distinction


o t p i r T V I L

e d Bu

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVOURITE ACTIVITY? for ‘The high ropes will be something that I never will forget pizza copic micros the of as long as I live! Standing on top box and completing the 10ft high obstacle course made this activity my favourite.’ Emily ‘Bodyboarding! When you were gliding with a wave, it felt like you were flying. It was so much fun!!’ Bene ‘I loved surfing because it was new to me and the instructors were very helpful with getting you to stand up.’ Libby at ‘Body boarding - because you didn’t need any skill to be good even didn’t you on s wetsuit it! The sea was really cold, but with to notice. When a huge wave came it would be a big challenge Penny too!’ it on be to wanted get on the wave as everyone else

The LIV girls had a wonderful week at Adventure International in Bude with Mrs Thompson, Miss Turley, Miss Galdes and Mrs Muir. Torrential rain occasionally added an extra dimension to the challenges, but Bude’s micro-climate was on our side and the weather was often better than expected; we even had some spells of sunshine. Adventure International has its own high ropes, climbing wall, abseiling and caving tunnels; the beach and estuary are close by for surfing, body boarding and kayaking, and local fields are set up for mountain boarding and mountain biking. Evening activities included beach games, crabbing, karaoke, a talent show and disco. We were extremely pleased to be named the week’s ‘Super Team’, with Molly crowned as ‘Superstar’, Sol winning the ‘Joker’ prize and Bea winning the ‘Bottle’ award for bravery. Mrs Thompson was also made an honorary ‘Superstar’ in recognition of it being her 30th year with a St Mary’s group in Bude. Everyone returned to school feeling very proud of all they had achieved and with memories to last a lifetime. Mrs Fiona Muir School House Housemistress

‘Bouldering was so much fun! We played a game called ‘The Floor is Lava’ where you had to find a spot on the climbing wall before the floor ‘turned to lava’. Abseiling was also lots of fun; you had to walk backwards down the wall!’ Mia ‘Caving was my favourite activity at Bude; it was so much fun exploring the different tunnels with my friends. We played ‘Fox and Hounds’, there were so many places you could hide, so it was quite a shock if you got caught!’ Izzy


‘We worked so well as a team! Everyone was willing to dive right into any challenge that wa s given to them, have a go, and try the ir best. The instructors were great, the y supported us through all the activities and always had a fun game to play. My time in Bude went so fast, but I know that we all had lots of fun, tried many new things and came back with memorie s that we will remember forever.’ Dora ‘I would never even have dreamed that underneath the building there would be metres of tunnels twistin g under our dorms! Caving was one of my favourite activities, even though I stil l have some plum colour bumps and bruises from crawling onto tiny ledges and wriggling through even smaller gap s!’ Nixie ‘On our first day, we did caving. At the beginning, I thought I wo uld never be able to fit through the tunnels but I still wanted to give it a try.

That day, I overcame my fear of small spaces! I loved how we all worked together and if anyone got scared there was always someon e to help. We also got to play som e fun games in the tunnels, which wa s my favourite part!’ Alex ‘I was most surprised tha t I swam in the sea pool because it was so cold and I thought my fingers would freeze (which they didn’t) and I still did it.’ Alice

WHAT WILL YOU REMEMBER THE MOST? ‘The fun evenings spent with my friends, dressing up and the numerous card games we played at every chance there was. I now feel closer to people I didn’t know so well and now we feel like a big family.’ Alice ‘Swimming in the sea pool in the morning, especially when it was raining!’ Alex ‘Throughout my whole life I have been scared of anything that could pose a risk. To me, the word ‘brave’ used to mean ‘stupid’! I was surprised that at Bude I wasn’t given an option to sit out, instead people were firm and encouraging; I had to confront my fears and this realisation was huge. When I was done, however, I felt so strong! By at the end of the week, I was awarded the ‘Bottle’ medal and shirt for my bravery!’ Bea ‘Thursday evening was the most exciting, as the Super Team was announced - it was a very exciting experience! Everyone received a certificate for participating in all the activities and our team won Super Team! We all got a medal and we all left the marquee with huge smiles and a happy feeling!’ Mia Co-written by the LIV



s i r a P

Trips & Expeditions

In January, the UVI French students set off to Paris for a long weekend. After settling in to the Generator Hostel in the 11th arrondissement, we were all ready for the busy days ahead of us. In the morning, we walked along the Canal Saint-Martin to the Gare d’Austerlitz, an

important location in both of our A Level texts. For many of us, the lunch at the Ciel de Paris in the Tour Montparnasse, the tallest building in Paris, was a highlight. We were treated to a delicious threecourse meal with a breathtaking view of the city. Not long after we descended the 60 floors, we were rising up the Eiffel Tower! As we were leaving, the


Eiffel Tower lights were turned on, which was a wonderful way to end our sightseeing for the day. The next day, we took the Metro to Montmartre, a beautiful area of Paris that is home to the Sacre Coeur. With the sun shining brightly, we climbed the steps up to the beautiful basilica; this was definitely my favourite moment of the trip. After admiring the view - and enjoying a round of crêpes! - we headed to the Gallerie Lafayette, a shopping complex worth entering just for viewing its intricate ceiling. Around this area were a number of gilets jaunes (‘yellow vest’) protesters and a few of us were eager to join in! After dinner at an authentic crêperie, we finished the day with a lovely evening stroll around Paris, which included seeing the Arc de Triomph – and standing underneath it!

On our final morning, we took the Metro to the Museum of Immigration at the Palais de la Porte Dorée. This was a wonderful chance to understand the key role that immigration has played in French culture. The museum explored the art, music and lives of immigrants and their invaluable contribution to France. Then, it was onto the Notre Dame, which we briefly visited en route to the Deportation Memorial on the Île de la Cité. Both the memorial garden and the Shoah Museum were very

Overall, it was a fantastic trip which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We are very grateful to Madame Ross and Madame NorthcoteGreen for making it such a lovely weekend and providing us with the opportunity to experience Parisian culture. moving and allowed us to understand the gravity of the events which we have been studying. It was a very poignant way to end the trip.

Isabel Baker UVI Form


Reviews String Sinfonia playing selections from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake; String Quartet playing a Mozart string quartet; Percussion Ensemble playing Fireflies in the dark with light-up drum-sticks; Strictly Strings playing

On Friday 5th October, the annual Cecilia James Company Music Festival took place, adjudicated by Jo May. The Instrumental Ensemble Cup was won by Moberly, led by Ila Shetty playing her own arrangement of All I Want by Kodaline. The very worthy winner of the solo prize was Head Girl Hannah Barber, exciting the audience with her utter mastery of the drum kit.  The Vocal Ensembles proved entertaining, with their mix of vocal skill, choreography and comedy.  Grosstête took this category with a mash-up of Stand by Me, Beautiful Girls and Just the Way You Are. For the first time ever, staff got in on the act with Miss Sîan Evans leading the teachers in the song Money, Money, Money.  This year, the theme for the Shout was ABBA.  Osmund


pipped the other companies at the post for the ‘Shout’ and the overall Music Festival winner was Grosstête.   On Saturday 17th November, the Chamber Choir performed David Bednall’s Requiem in the Chapel of Merton College, Oxford, alongside 50 of its alumnae (2008-2017 Leavers). The occasion marked the 10th anniversary of the first performance of the piece (on 14th November 2008) and was a testament to the affection shared by all the girls for this music and for their time in the Chamber Choir.

The composer himself conducted the music, whilst the viola solos were played by Mr Philip Dukes and the organ played by our own Mr Chris Totney. The concert was attended by over 200 parents, siblings and supporters, and received tremendously positive feedback.  Solos were performed by UVI Choral Scholar Emily Sandbach (Pie Jesu) and Celia Ellis (Hostias et preces tibi Domine).  Mr Bednall commented: ‘what a wonderful night it was…the girls really did fantastically well’, while Mr Dukes remarked that ‘the choir sounded superb’.  The event raised £2,500 for the Music Bursary Fund, which supports musical girls in the school who are in need of financial support to continue and enhance their studies.  

Aside from the music, one of the other highlights of the day was the chance for girls to have supper in the Dining Hall at Merton, alongside some of its current students, giving them a (quite literal!) taste of university life. The event has made memories to cherish: one recent Leaver wrote afterwards to say, ‘I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed singing with the choir again, especially that wonderful piece of music and in such a beautiful setting’, which sums up the evening perfectly.   After some 30 years of service to the Nesbitt Room, our ageing grand piano, which had been in situ ever since the Music Department was built in the late 1980s, was replaced with a brand new Yamaha C5X model during last year’s summer holiday.  On Monday 14th January, we were joined by the Berkshire musician, Mrs Pamela Chilvers, for a dedication concert.  After hearing the girls perform, Mrs Chilvers then gave a presentation about her musical life and experiences and played a selection of favourite pieces including Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, along with some of her own compositions.  At the conclusion of the event, there was a surprise in store for the girls as she presented them with signed copies of a book containing some of her pieces. The evening was a great success and it was marvellous to mark the arrival of an instrument which will serve the department on an almost daily basis – who knows, perhaps even for another 30 years or more!

On the weekend of 9th March, 14 girls participated in a Piano Festival at Pangbourne College, providing them with a wonderful opportunity to play on a Steinway Model D grand piano.

Each pupil performed a solo piece before being given a short coaching session by the adjudicators, Mrs Pamela Chilvers and Mr Luis Parés. The experience of a public performance in a workshop-style setting did the girls the world of good ahead of their Music exams.  Congratulations to all the girls on their excellent efforts, particularly to Yu Ying (LVI) who won a runner-up prize for her excellent extract from Children’s Corner by Debussy.   This year’s Spring Concert was held on Friday 22nd March at the Wiltshire Music Centre in Bradford on Avon, in the splendid, sold-out 300-seat concert hall.  The concert featured all the major music ensembles playing animal-inspired music, including: Symphony Orchestra, playing Peter and the Wolf, which was narrated by Keith Abrams;

Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins; Big Band playing El Gato Gordo and Wind Band with Crocodile Rock. Choral performances included Chamber Choir with Sheep May Safely Graze, Junior Consort with The Trout and The Silver Swan, LIV Choir with Three Songs of Creation by Richard Rodney Bennett, and Opera Ensemble’s Papageno Papagena, culminating in a grand finale led by our UVI Music Scholars, who had specially crafted an arrangement of The Eye of the Tiger, The Circle of Life, and Katy Perry’s Roar!  The girls did a magnificent job, and nearly £1,200 was raised towards the school’s Performing Arts Centre. We look forward to our next major external event on Thursday 28th November 2019: Fauré’s Requiem, sung by St Mary’s singers, and the tenors and basses of Eton College, at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, in aid of the military bursaries provided by the Calne Foundation Trust.  Mrs Rebecca Cavill Director of Music



MUSIC EXAMINATIONS Autumn Results 2018

Spring Results 2019



Name Exam Grade Mark Result Amy Black Popular Music Vocals 7 91 Distinction Emily Sandbach Music Theatre 8 85 Distinction

TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON Name Exam Grade Mark Result Tessa Harrison Double Bass 3 84 Merit Maddie Gladston Saxophone 4 69 Pass Georgia Goodwin Singing 5 79 Merit Isabella Bleaken Piano 6 75 Merit Flora Wilson Singing 7 88 Distinction Caroline Brenchley Singing 8 76 Merit Tatiana Parr Singing 8 73 Pass Holly Stephens Violin 8 89 Distinction

Name Jane Wu Polly Mallinson Isabel Baker

Exam Bassoon Singing Singing

Grade Mark 6 77 7 94 8 75

Result Merit Distinction Merit

ABRSM MUSIC THEORY Candidate Charlotte Nicholson Iris Nicholson Holly Stephens

Subject Theory Theory Theory

Grade Mark 5 69 5 88 5 84

Result Pass Merit Merit

Grade Mark 1 112 2 133 2 130 2 117 3 117 3 122 3 104 3 114 3 118 4 122 4 122 4 110 4 133 4 120 4 127 5 122 5 133 5 124 5 120 5 130 5 132 5 130 5 134 5 134 5 127 6 130 6 112 6 135 6 140 6 118 6 116 6 123 6 104 6 117 7 122 7 117 7 132 8 130 8 100 8 106

Result Pass Distinction Distinction Pass Pass Merit Pass Pass Pass Merit Merit Pass Distinction Merit Merit Merit Distinction Merit Merit Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Merit Distinction Pass Distinction Distinction Pass Pass Merit Pass Pass Merit Pass Distinction Distinction Pass Pass



Name Exam Grade Mark Result Lettie Fenton Music Theatre 2 85 Distinction Claire Dodd Music Theatre 3 89 Distinction Angharad Davies Music Theatre 4 85 Distinction Elowen Faulkner Music Theatre 4 97 Distinction Leah Hosten-Silva Popular Music Vocals Recital 4 96 Distinction Izzy Albery Music Theatre 5 95 Distinction Adrianna Reyes Music Theatre 5 88 Distinction Octavia Sanger Music Theatre 5 87 Distinction Felicity Cotton Music Theatre 7 93 Distinction Amalie Macnaughtan Music Theatre 7 77 Merit Kristina Wolf Popular Music Vocals 7 80 Merit Charlie Balfour Music Theatre 8 77 Merit Amy Black Popular Music Vocals Recital 8 91 Distinction

Name Exam Grade Mark Result Mia Waller Drum Kit 5 78 Merit



ABRSM MUSIC THEORY Candidate Subject Candy Liu Theory

Grade Mark Cat 5 85 Merit


ABRSM MUSIC THEORY Candidate Beatrix Arnold Alice Hay Catriona Hay Vivian Liu Lydia Metaxa Iona Aylwin Amy Bolton Amena Boyd Laura Edwards Elan Fryar Rosie Graham-Campbell Tessa Harrison Kirsten Higgins

Subject Theory Theory Theory Theory Theory Theory Theory Theory Theory Theory Theory Theory Theory

Grade Mark 3 97 3 84 3 73 3 85 3 90 5 86 5 72 5 86 5 90 5 93 5 80 5 86 5 74

Result Distinction Merit Pass Merit Distinction Merit Pass Merit Distinction Distinction Merit Merit Pass

Grade Mark 2 121 3 134 3 122 3 108 4 112 4 112 5 133 5 117 5 130 6 138 6 124 7 115 7 124 8 117 8 120

Result Merit Distinction Merit Pass Pass Pass Distinction Pass Distinction Distinction Merit Pass Merit Pass Merit

ABRSM PRACTICAL MUSIC Name Sophie Gao Beatrix Arnold Faith Beya Iris Nicholson Alice Hay Catriona Hay Isabella Bleaken Candy Liu Charlotte Nicholson Izzy Albery Daisy Gough Jenna Dickin Megan Harley-Martin Jane Wu Joanna Kim


Instrument Flute Viola Violin Violin Piano Piano Singing Flute Singing Singing Violin Piano Singing Piano Singing

Name Elyse Leung Isla Campbell Grace Dowdeswell Nina Li Beatrix Arnold India Campbell Eloise Franks Clemmie Hargreaves Emily Wright Sadie Enthoven Maddie Gladston Olivia Purves Hannah Thorneloe Sophie Thorneloe Sienna Wong Izzy Albery Rose Byng Laura Edwards Elan Fryar Sophie Kitson Elyse Leung Evie Medcalf Lydia Metaxa Iris Nicholson Coco Yu Iona Aylwin Laura Edwards Elan Fryar Daisy Gough Rosie Graham-Campbell Hum Hunt-Davis Florence Knight Dora Qiu Iona Stanwell Jamie Chen Clemency Fisher Lauren Wiltshire Frances Arnold Vicky Shi Yu Ying Sy

Instrument Piano Harp Singing Piano Clarinet Singing Piano Flute Piano Singing Singing Singing Singing Singing Piano Piano Singing Singing Piano Singing Singing Singing Piano Singing Piano Singing Piano Singing Singing Singing Clarinet Cornet Violin Singing Singing Flute Singing Singing Piano Piano

Name Exam Grade Mark Result Imogen Blair Double Bass 2 78 Merit Nina Li Violin 3 73 Pass Rosie Craven Flute 5 75 Merit Eleanor Barr Singing 6 84 Merit Aoife Reid Singing 6 76 Merit Emily Wright Singing 6 82 Merit Hannah Gibson Singing 7 87 Distinction Ella Malik Singing 7 87 Distinction Abigail Ralph Singing 7 83 Merit Jolie Ryan-Dawes Singing 7 87 Distinction Adrianna Wade Singing 7 75 Merit Natasha Ashbridge Singing 8 89 Distinction Kirsten Higgins Singing 8 81 Merit Kirsten Higgins Trumpet 8 71 Pass Millie Knight Cello 8 83 Merit Vivian Liu Flute 8 75 Merit

Name Faye Fowler Coco Yu Sandy Du Florence Knight Demilade Ajibola Queency Wu Ellie Donald Amy Bolton Amy Bolton Tessa Harrison Amena Boyd Iona Stanwell Shubha Shetty

Instrument Grade Piano 1 Oboe 2 Piano 3 Piano 3 Violin 4 Violin 4 Oboe 5 Flute 6 Singing 6 Clarinet 6 Piano 7 Oboe 7 Violin 8

Mark 117 116 104 124 120 112 108 114 123 117 113 123 133

Result Pass Pass Pass Merit Merit Pass Pass Pass Merit Pass Pass Merit Distinction




THE CALNE FOUNDATION TRUST The CFT has enjoyed another excellent year supporting St Mary's and St Margaret's. Thanks to the many generous donations of the schools' supporters, funds have been raised for both capital projects and bursaries. This year we have felt the benefit of having the Simon Knight Sports Hall being fully operational. It has been wonderful to witness what a huge difference it has made to both our schools and to members of the local community. We have also sought to increase the availability of opportunities for talented children to join St Mary’s. We believe passionately that access to the school should not be restricted to just those families who can afford it, and our collective aim is to be able to welcome talented girls from all walks of life. This requires a dedicated approach to fundraising for bursaries, and we have seen a number of

special events and donations contribute to these funds. We are extremely grateful to all who have supported our fundraising initiatives and special events over the past year, and I hope


this brief update will give you a taste of what we have achieved. The next Shaping the Future projects that are under way are the new library and the Lime Kiln Garden, and we look forward to keeping you up-to-date with these exciting projects as they progress. Mrs Cari Depla Director of Development

THE LIME KILN GARDEN As part of the Shaping the Future programme, we are creating a new garden at the heart of the school campus. Designed and project-managed by parent and Garden Designer, Sally Harley-Martin, this garden will transform our environment, creating social spaces and quiet places, places to play or learn and places to just be, some in sunshine, some in shade. It will also be a garden for entertaining, whether parents, guests or staff. With more than 20 new trees, and enclosed with Yew hedging, the garden is divided into two distinct areas: the Green to the West, and the Hive to the East. The Green The first garden is the most traditional in style and structure. The Green is a multifunctional space, like a village green for the school. It is suitable for entertaining, presentations or just

enjoying a moment in the sun. One can imagine an award ceremony here, or evening drinks, but also girls and staff sitting after lunch enjoying the sun. Walking East through two gaps in an espalier wall of Pear trees we reach The Hive. The Hive The Hive is a large community space divided into individual places for socialising, for lessons or just for a quiet moment. At the heart of this area will be an oak framed outdoor classroom – ideal for shade and shelter all year round. The first phase of the garden construction commenced in July 2019, with the finished

Spaces to Connect and Learn Studies u ndertake n by Natural E ngland sh ow the li enhancin feg benefits of being nature: in in creasing attention capacity, creativity, and our ability to connect with oth people a er s well as improvin educatio g nal outco mes.

garden set to be officially opened in September 2020. We are extremely grateful to all who have contributed to this amazing project, and look forward to sharing the garden with everyone.

ENRICHMENT SCHOLARSHIPS Each year the CFT awards Enrichment Scholarships, up to the value of £1,500, to girls in the Sixth Form for academic or Gap Year purposes.

Over the summer, we were very pleased to see the groundwork for the new library build commence. It has been an incredibly exciting time! Located by the much-loved school orchard, the new library will be a lively academic hub; a place which will instil a love of reading, research and learning, as well as collaboration and the sharing of ideas. Thank you to those who have helped with the funding of this fantastic new library. 48

This year, 10 girls were awarded Enrichment Scholarships for projects which include an anthropological expedition of North Korea; a film documentary course; a wildlife project in Bolivia; penguin conservation in South Africa and participation in the U19 Lacrosse World Championship in Canada. Congratulations to all. For more information on CFT Enrichment Scholarships, and the girls’ reports on their experiences, please visit

Our Funds Building will progress throughout the year, with completion due in June 2020 and the grand opening planned for September 2020.

We have a number of different funds within The Calne Foundation Trust which gives our supporters the opportunity to donate to the cause closest to their heart. To find out more about our funds, please visit

TEACHING IN MALAWI We were delighted to welcome back 2018 Leaver, Serena Sawyer, who gave a talk in Chapel about her experiences as a volunteer teacher in Malawi, South East Africa. With the generous help of the CFT, my friend Daisy and I completed a six week volunteer project teaching children in Malawi, South East Africa. We were immediately welcomed as part of the Nkope Village family. Our weekly routine consisted of three mornings at Nakundu Primary School followed by Thursdays and Fridays at Nkope Forest Pre-School. Daisy and I taught in classrooms of 80+ children, often with no desks, chairs or even a pen.

I taught English, Maths and PE, and Daisy taught Music. Afternoons involved us reading stories to the village children and then playing rounders, cricket and ‘sharkie sharkie’. The kids had never played rounders so it was probably one of the most rewarding things about the trip: seeing them improve every day, boys of 14 bowling to little girls of three with everyone and anyone joining in. We’d brought our knowledge acquired

from an undoubtedly privileged education and shared it with them in the form of lessons, sports, art and stories; but they also taught us to realise how truly lucky we both are. We acquired life skills that one cannot learn until one is out of one's comfort zone. The children taught us to appreciate everything, to smile at the little things and to live life to the full. Thank you CFT - the magical memories of my experiences will stay with me forever. 49

Trips & Expeditions


S D L E I F E L T T BA ll never forget. I am ‘This trip was an experience I wi p meant a lot to me and from a military family so this tri joyable.’ everyone found it moving and en Phoebe Matten, UIV

Over the next two days, we visited a number of memorials in France around Arras; here we focused on the final push of 1918.

In October, during Donaldson Week, the UIV visited the Battlefields of World War One in Northern France and Belgium. Over the course of three days, they went to a number of different, important cemeteries and memorials to gain a better understanding of the events and impact of this monumental war. After an early start on the Monday, we spent the day in Belgium. There, we started off at Hyde Park Corner Cemetery, discussing the causes of the Great War, the youth of some of the soldiers and looked at men who had achieved the Victoria Cross.

We also touched upon military discipline in the Great War, the role of Courts Martial, as well as punishment and executions. Following this, we visited Spanbroekmolen Crater, which gave the girls an opportunity to see the impact of mining warfare. After a brief stop for chocolate shopping, we visited the largest British and Commonwealth War Grave in the world, Tyne Cot. The girls then had a chance to see the polar opposite to the white headstones of Tyne Cot when we visited the German war cemetery of Langemarck.

‘Going to all of these cemeteries and memorials really impacted us and drove home the fact that millions of people died. It was astounding how many names did not have a body and how many bodies did not have a name.’ Phoebe

The girls got to see the French cemetery of Notre Dame de Lorette, as well as walk around some preserved French trenches. After visiting the poignant memorial to the Canadian dead at Vimy Ridge, the girls were then able to go down into Wellington Quarry under Arras, which was used in mining warfare. The tour continued with a visit to the VillersBretonneux Australian National Memorial:

‘Here we placed a wreath and had a minute of silence. We then laid an individual cross on a grave of our choosing, I chose the grave of an unidentified soldier. It was interesting to see that the memorial was covered in small holes. These holes were caused by guns in WW2 as the Germans marched through France.’ Phoebe

We did have the opportunity for some lighter moments on what is quite a sombre trip - in addition to the chocolate shopping, the girls also enjoyed bowling on the second day of the trip. It was a very busy three days for the girls, to round off their History studies of World War One. Mrs Samantha Handy Head of History and Politics The final stop of the tour was Le Hamel, where the tide of the war began to turn against Germany and the girls learnt more about the end of the war.

We visited the cemetery of Vis-en-Artois, where I told the students about one of my relatives who is remembered on the wall there, having died one month before the end of World War One.

‘The small German cemetery was particularly moving; it was very sad and dark, all the trees were oak, the national tree of Germany.’ Phoebe




THE DONALDSON PROGRAMME All students in LIV to UV take part in, and contribute to, the Donaldson Programme. Named after Rachael Donaldson, an inspirational St Mary’s Headmistress during the Second World War, the programme encourages personal development along six strands Scholarship, Wellbeing, Character, Cultural Awareness, Global Citizenship and Community, and Futures. The Donaldson Programme permeates all facets of school life and is a unique experience for every girl. It is delivered through our clubs and societies, volunteering, careers programme, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, speaker programme, debate days, trips and for the Fourth Form, our termly Donaldson Weeks.


The week started with an intriguing workshop, which linked our RS studies with Art. We were asked to bring in a special treasured item, such as a necklace, a teddy, photos or other item we loved, which would then be the inspiration for our clothing designs. The first stage was drawing and writing about our special items. We then made beautiful family crests and finished by incorporating all designs into one trendy, fashionable piece!

The session taught us to be wildly creative and also gave us an eye-opener to the mix of art and fashion in the fashion industry. Our musical abilities were enhanced on Wednesday at a songwriting workshop. This was exciting as we worked together to create a song. We worked in groups and used our instruments to collaborate and produce a melody with lyrics. Soon, we had generated a song about diversity, using parts from each group’s work, called All for One. On Thursday, we took an educational trip to the Aerospace Museum in Bristol. We made a model airplane, and then viewed the museum’s collection, which included the Concorde.

On Tuesday, we had a special guest artist from America who came in to help us to make our very own, uniquely styled, paper skirts! This was very exciting as not many of us had ever designed anything before.


On Friday, we assembled in Chapel to meet Tamara Macfarlane, author of the Uncracked Code. This was exciting as we had special insight into the book

The LIV girls received a very warm welcome at the Sikh Shri Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Swindon, to learn about Sikhism, the fifth largest world religion. Our girls were taught very effectively by our host, the Guru Granth Sahib, who took them through the main beliefs and teachings of this fascinating faith, particularly the equality between the genders and their enormous respect shown towards their holy scriptures. We enjoyed their kind hospitality in the communal kitchen, the langar, before we left for Royal Wootton Bassett.

Our first Donaldson Week for the year was an enjoyable week focussed on diversity.

from the author herself. Tamara gave an excellent talk and gave each of us a signed copy of her book! Faith Beya MIV Form

‘I was particularly excited, because I had read a couple of Tamara’s books and I loved them!’ Tilly Vernon, MIV


The UIV girls spent their time in Art concentrating on Life Drawing. Led by our Artist in Residence, Miss Litvack, the girls practised drawing portraits from life.

Spring Donaldson Week kicked off with an introduction to fencing for the MIV girls. We were lucky enough to have Tim Miles, U20 GB Coach, return to St Mary’s to deliver the session. The girls enjoyed learning the basics from footwork, lunges and parrying with a foil. They then proceeded to have small bouts with opposition to fine tune what they had learnt in a competitive setting. Their energy and enthusiasm was infectious and we look forward to the girls developing this further in their sport. Mrs Heidi Marvin Director of Sport

Positioned opposite a partner, they made some quick five-minute sketches, practising placing the facial features correctly and applying the rules of proportions to the face. The focus in the session was on using the drawing materials to build up tone, texture and volume, rather than looking only at outlines, to create three-dimensional drawings. We experimented with pencil, conté crayon and charcoal to test the different qualities of the materials. The girls learnt a lot, particularly to be patient when building up their drawings to achieve a realistic, multi-tonal effect, and the results were fantastic! Mrs Kimberley Appleyard Pallott Director of Art

On arrival, the girls had lunch in the café run by St Bartholemew and All Saints Church, before entering and exploring this ancient Anglican Church, led ably by its vicar, Jane. The girls asked many questions, showing that they were as keen to learn about our national religion as well as Eastern Faiths. The girls were led from the font to the stained glass windows, to the lectern, pulpit and altar in the nave before being led through the choir stalls to the reredos above the high altar and the Lady’s Chapel. One girl commented on the way home that her brain was exploding from receiving so much information! This wasn’t quite the expected effect, but shows how informative the day had been! Mr Marc Thomas Head of Religious Studies & Critical Thinking 53




In the Summer Term, Donaldson Week is all about exploring and getting out of your comfort zone!

This year, the girls ventured off to Bude’s Outdoor Activity Centre (LIV), the Isle of Wight (MIV), France (UIV French students, the Mendip Activity Centre for a Leadership Workshop and Paulton’s Park (rest of UIV). Mr Dan Curran Donaldson Week Co-ordinator

Young Enterprise

Help the world breathe a little bit better with every pot Sustainability was the main focus of Bella Gaia, our Young Enterprise company, both for our product and in the way we ran our company.

In our very first meeting, we held a vote as our method to allocate roles and responsibilities, based on a short speech given by each person. We used this a decision-making technique often, particularly when deciding on our product and company name. After much discussion and market research, we decided to create a range of sustainable gift sets including ‘healthy herbs and surprise succulents’. All three variations of our product centred on the same basic concept of a plant (herb or succulent) in a box, packed with a spray bottle and an information booklet. Due to the large size of our team, it was difficult to ensure that everyone had a voice, so we used an online company management platform called Trello in order to keep our ideas organised. At first, making decisions with such a large group of people was one of the biggest challenges we faced, however, we have now all mastered the art of compromise. 54

We set to work sourcing our materials, avoiding the use of singleuse plastics and trying to source locally (a big thanks to Whitehall Garden Centre!). We ensured that our boxes, seed envelopes and soil bags were all completely biodegradable, meaning over 90% of our product was recyclable. Next, we set up our social media pages, a website and began preparing our product for the PGSM Christmas Fair. The fair was very successful and we sold most of our stock – which was a huge confidence boost! We would like to thank parents, girls and the community for being so supportive of our business in its early stages.

The revenue from the Christmas Fair was used to reinvest into more stock and to update our packaging into a more cylindrical design, which opened up the possibility of being able to mail our products. The term flew by and, before we knew it, it was competition time! On Thursday 2nd May, six members of our Bella Gaia team represented the school at the Wiltshire County Final, held at the Wiltshire Hotel in Royal Wootton Bassett. We set up an attractive trade stand, answered questions from a wide range of judges and gave an engaging presentation telling the story of our company.

The judges were impressed by our enthusiasm, passion and professionalism. We also received lots of positive feedback about the quality of our marketing and the strength of the Bella Gaia brand. We were so excited to win the award for Best Finances and the overall trophy for the Best Company in Wiltshire! Praise must also go to Rose Hastie who won an Outstanding Individual Contribution award as Managing Director of the team. Next, it was the County Final at Kings Weston House, near Bristol, for another round of presentations, questions from judges and meeting students from other schools. The judges were full of praise for our efforts, saying that we had performed to an exceptional standard and awarded us the Best Customer Service in the South West award. Overall,Young Enterprise has been an extremely valuable experience and unlike anything else I’ve ever done before. Running a company with my friends, aged just 17, has certainly been both a challenge and a pleasure! We have all learnt and strengthened so many skills, such as teamwork, communication and public speaking. If you are considering taking part, I would definitely suggest that you take the plunge! Amena Boyd Company Director


Trips & Expeditions

On Monday 10th June, the MIV left Calne to go to the Isle of Wight. The bus journey was filled with chatting, the eating of food and lots of singing - much to the teachers’ delight! Once we arrived at the port, we boarded the boat – a Red Funnel – and explored, ate and bought souvenirs. The view was lovely, but the weather, unfortunately, was not! We finally reached our destination and disembarked all feeling very excited about the week ahead. By Izzy THE DONKEY SANCTUARY We arrived at the donkey sanctuary and were split into four groups before working our way around the four activity stations: donkey grooming, Shetland pony obstacle course, feeding the donkeys and caring for the donkeys. At the donkey grooming station we met two beautiful donkeys, Belle and Blossom. We were taught about the different brushes used to groom horses and donkeys. Belle and Blossom soon looked extremely clean and had very shiny coats. Next, we learnt all about caring for donkeys. The staff teaching us were extremely friendly and ready to answer all our questions. Afterwards, we went onwards to the Shetland pony obstacle course. We were greeted by two adorable Shetland ponies, Wispa and Angus, and we were shown how to lead them around an obstacle course. We were then split into two groups for our final session. One group fed and stroked the donkeys, while the other group filled out a quiz sheet. 56

Oliver showed us a dinosaur footprint - it was amazing to see a footprint that was left almost 70 million years ago! It was an experience I will never forget. By Tilly Both were fun and, soon enough, the quiz winner was announced and was presented with a cute toy donkey. By Grace TENPIN BOWLING On our first night, we went bowling! We were sorted into groups and then we played our first game. Laura won and I came a close second; I even got my first strike! In our second game, competition was tough; Laura came first again, Amy second and I came third. After a really fun night, we were all very excited to go back to the hotel on a double-decker bus! By Hebe 11th June 2019 FOSSILS WITH OLIVER We arrived at Dinosaur Farm and were met by Oliver who took us into a barn filled with fossils, models and displays about dinosaurs. We split into two groups and half of us went to dig up dinosaur teeth in little trays, while the other half went to learn more about dinosaur teeth. Afterwards, we went to the beach where, after learning what to look for, we went searching for dinosaur bones, fossilised wood, sponges and dinosaur poo!

MRS PILKINGTON & OSBORNE HOUSE We arrived at Osborne House and were met by Mrs Pilkington. At first, we were all shocked at how strict she was with us, until we realised that this was how the servants were treated in the Victorian times. We found all the activities very eye-opening because all the duties took more time than they would today. We also learnt about the wages of the servants and it was astounding to hear how little they earned. Once we had finished our unforgettable experience with Mrs Pilkington, we walked around Osborne House. Whilst walking through the house, we learnt about the meaning of each room and how they were used. Each room was very extravagant and you could clearly see how much time and effort had been taken to decorate them. By Thea

SURFING SCHOOL We arrived at the Surf School and were slightly worried how we were going to surf on waves that were only about 5cm tall. After changing into (thankfully) dry wetsuits, the very kind instructors listened to our concerns about surfing on such tiny waves, so suggested that we used two large inflatable surf boards instead. We were put into two groups (Pirates and Sharks) and all hopped on our boards. We then paddled out and around an instructor but, as Mrs Baldwin was here, it had to be a race! The Pirates won because of their perfectly synchronised paddling. Next, we joined the two boards together and made an awesome slide. Then came the relay race, so the boards were split and the Pirates and the Sharks battled it out; the Pirates won again! By Iris 12th June 2019 BRADING ROMAN VILLA Our second day started at Brading Roman Villa. We were split into two groups; one started with making mosaic coasters while the other group had a guided tour, and then we swapped around. I made a mosaic coaster first. We used different coloured tiles to create a pattern for a coaster. It was really fun and I was pleased with my finished coaster. We then started our tour; the guide was amazing! We saw lots of mosaics and listened to the stories behind them.

At lunch, we sat outside on picnic tables, enjoyed the sunshine while eating and, afterwards, we had a look in the gift shop. Finally, we did an activity on artefacts, matching descriptive cards to the correct artefact. After all that, it was time to go. The experience was very interesting and we all learnt a lot. By Laura TAPNELL FARM Tapnell Farm uses renewable energy, such as solar panels and a ‘biogas digester’, a system that uses mulch digested by a special kind of bacteria to produce methane gas! We started off with a talk from the leaders who explained Tapnell Farm’s history of dairy farming and how it has evolved to become a sustainable tourist attraction. We were then given free time to explore and meet the wallabies, alpacas, sheep, meerkats, goats and much more! There was a special barn for smaller animals, including bunnies that were less than six weeks old, which were my personal favourite. Next, we tried go-karting and the amazing zip wire! By Annabelle JR ZONE On Wednesday evening we all went to JR Zone for a fun night of laser tag and a disco. At the end we all had a group dance to the songs Macarena and Gangnam Style. We would love to do this again! By Elea

13th June 2019 ROBIN HILL We arrived at Robin Hill Country Park filled with excitement and adrenaline. The first ride we went on was the Pirate Ship. We spent over an hour on this ride; it was so addictive! We then explored the rest of Robin Hill, such as the Maze, the Squirrel Tower and trampoline nets. We also had a fun experience at the falconry show and were facinated by all the birds. It was then back to the Pirate Ship before we stopped for lunch! By Ines BEACH FUN After our fun at Robin Hill, we went back to the hotel. We packed our things and went to the arcade, beach and shop with Mrs Baldwin, Mrs Hardy and Father J. The arcade was so much fun and the ‘2p machine’ caused a lot of excitement! After the arcade, we went to a souvenir shop that sold 50p rock in loads of different flavours. I chose sherbet lemon and Isle of Wight fruit. We then walked to the beach where we had some fun splashing and paddling in the water. By Tilly ISLE JUMP On our last evening, we went to Isle Jump, a giant trampoline park, for a brilliant night of jumping and games. Isle Jump was split into three sections: the mini trampolines, the air bag and the dodgeball. Each area was so much fun! It was an amazing night and I wish I could do it all again. By Hannah Co-written by the MIV




This year’s Charity Week, led by the LVI Charity Week team, was a brilliant success! Over £3,000 was raised for Justice and Care, a global partnership of charities that help to rescue victims of slavery and human trafficking.

From bake sales and smoothie sales, to our live band evening, there was an activity for everyone!

INSPIRING WOMEN ‘The conference did exactly what it said it would - inspire!’ Mya Penny

On Friday, the UV girls provided us with an amazing homemade smoothie stall, under the excellent supervision of Isla Campbell. This proved very popular with both girls and staff. On Friday night, the girls’ many talents were on show in our Evening of Talent. Acts ranged from a stunning ballet routine and spectacular singing soloists and a trio, to Chamber Orchestra’s Pirates of the Caribbean and a trio of actresses performing an excerpt from One Man,Two Guvnors. At the end of the evening, after the sensational reprise of Opera Ensemble’s rendition of Sing (Gary Barlow), we drew the long-awaited Raffle, with winners being delighted to receive their prizes, that included a case of wine, a home-baked cake, locally-produced beverages and many more items, which had been generously donated by members of the school community.

In February, we were delighted to welcome seven highly successful women to our annual LVI Form Careers Conference, Inspiring Women. After an insightful welcome from Dr Kirk, reflecting on the important landmarks of women in work, proceedings were handed over to Chairwoman, Lynne Copp, the Managing Director of The Worklife Company.

Charity Week concluded with the LV’s Rockin’ Diner in Florence Dyas House - a complete triumph! With traditional American diner dishes such as waffles, pancakes and milkshakes, the girls not only utilised their cooking skills, but also learnt how to work effectively in a well-managed team, ensuring quick service to eagerly-


fantastic range of auction lots, and we are very appreciative of the huge effort that has been made by everyone to support us in our target of raising £3,100 to fund the rescue of a trafficked woman or child.

CALNE GIRLS TALKS We were delighted to welcome back 1987 Leavers, Clare Ward and Rachel Drummond-Hay, to speak to the Sixth Form on Tuesday 18th September. They both enjoyed their tour of the school,

Throughout the week, we held our Silent Auction on the online platform Jumblebee, with a huge range of wonderful lots, including a four-night stay in Barcelona! We are so grateful for the immense generosity of parents and the local community for our

To start the fun, on Thursday 28th February the school community came together to participate in a 12-hour Sponsored Relay Run between 9am-9pm. The relay highlighted the school’s super team spirit and willingness to come together as a community to raise awareness for such a deserving cause. In the evening, the Live Music Night had a local band, The Jacks, playing in the theatre. The girls had a great time singing and dancing to a wide-range of pop and rock songs.

During a panel discussion, our guest speakers spoke frankly about their workplace experiences and the challenges they had encountered along the way. Breakout sessions were then hosted by Anushka Chaudhry (Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon), Lisa Mann (Fashion), Catherine Mealing-Jones (UK Space Agency), Lucinda Orr (Law),

Sarah Pinch (Communications) and Sarah Soar (Finance). The girls took full advantage of these smaller sessions, learning more about each career field and asking plenty of questions along the way. Throughout the day, several themes emerged. The first was the need to identify what you love doing and to go after it with everything that you have got.

‘The speakers inspired us to follow our passions, be true to ourselves and develop a strong sense of emotional intelligence.’ Iona Aylwin There was also lots of discussion about how to advance your career, reflecting on the need to

On Tuesday 5th February, Robin Heber-Percy joined us to chat about her fascinating life’s work. Robin, also a 1987 Leaver, read Zoology at Edinburgh and began her career as a research assistant in Namibia before spending eight years in Uganda studying the behaviour of Chimpanzees and Gorillas.  She is now involved with development projects relating to international eye health using mobile phone technology.  

be kind and open-minded, being prepared to take risks and to ‘push the door’. Asking for help was something that all of our guests advised and they talked about mentors, friends and advocates, both in the workplace and beyond, who had shaped their career paths.

‘I had a wonderful time, all the speakers were so kind and encouraging.’ Rose Morley It was evident that girls, as they look ahead to life after Sixth Form, were indeed inspired by our guests and learnt the value of being ‘authentically you’. Mrs Kate Mastin-Lee Sixth Form Lectures and Futures Co-ordinator

the contenders to a rousing applause. Headmistress, Dr Kirk, then spoke of the crucial importance of having female role models in our lives, before announcing the winner, Sarah Byatt.  Sarah, a 1980 Leaver who has battled MS for over 20 years, was nominated by four Calne girls, for the incredible impact she makes on the lives of everyone who knows her and for her massive commitment to ACE Africa as an Ambassador and tireless fundraiser. 


waiting customers. Under the outstanding supervision of Grace Law, Head of Joyce Walters House, the afternoon was a wonderful way to end the week, not least due to the brilliant array of 50s diner-style props and decorations used to embellish the Florence Dyas Common Room. Yu Ying Sy and Iona Aylwin LVI Form

marvelling over the many changes that had taken place since they had left, followed by a very animated supper with some of the girls. Then, in Chapel, Clare spoke about her life after Calne and explained how she found her dream job as a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist.  Rachel then spoke about her company, Drummer TV, which produces fascinating TV programmes and documentaries and, in both cases, the audience were absolutely captivated by their career journeys.

On Wednesday 8th May, the CGA celebrated the 2019 Alumna of the Year Award at the Sloane Club in London. Launched in 2018 by Dr Kirk, the award recognises and honours the achievements and triumphs of a welldeserving CGA member.  Candidates are selected by fellow alumnae and, this year, a total of 12 Calne Girls were put forward.  CGA Chairman, Cate Bell, welcomed everyone and introduced

She was thrilled to receive the award. It was a truly inspirational and deeply humbling evening with a fabulous atmosphere.   Lady Arabella Unwin Alumnae Relations Manager


Trips & Expeditions


ITINERARY FRIDAY 15TH FEBRUARY Depart Heathrow for Berlin Check-in at hotel Dinner at traditional German restaurant SATURDAY 16TH FEBRUARY Walking tour of Berlin, including: Reichstag Building Brandenburg Gate Topography of Terror Museum Berlin Wall Checkpoint Charlie SUNDAY 17TH FEBRUARY Grunewald Bahnhof Stasi Prison Travel to Krakow Check in at hotel MONDAY 18TH FEBRUARY Guided tour of Auschwitz I Guided tour of Auschwitz II Birkenau Dinner and entertainment in old Jewish Quarter TUESDAY 19TH FEBRUARY Wieliczka Salt Mines Old Synagogue Remah Synagogue Podgorze Plaszow Krakow Cloth Hall Depart Krakow to London Stansted

On Friday 15th February, 22 LV-UVI girls and three members of staff departed from school for Berlin. On arrival in Berlin Tegel Airport, we took a transfer coach to our hotel, followed by dinner in a local German restaurant. We spent our first full day on a tour of Berlin, led by our guide, Roger. By walking, train and tram, we visited many historically significant sites, including the Reichstag Building, the Brandenburg Gate, the Topography of Terror Museum, parts of the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie, as well as many thought-provoking memorials. We were provided with much information at each site, generic and individual, and were given opportunities to ask questions, which helped to give us a detailed insight into the events of Weimar, Nazi Germany and the Cold War. On Sunday morning, having packed and checked out of our accommodation, we headed by coach to Grunewald Bahnhof station, which is a memorial to the 60

deportation of Berlin’s Jewish Community. On each side of the railway track there were metal grates that were engraved with the numbers of Jewish people deported to various ghettos and camps. Jumping forward to the Cold War, we then headed off to the main Stasi Prison, the prison of the secret police of East Germany. Here we learnt about the Stasi purpose and methods of interrogation. We were also told accounts from individuals, which clearly emphasised the contrast between the falsehoods told, and believed, and truth and reality during the Cold War. At around midday, we headed back onto the coach to leave Berlin, and started the eight-hour journey to Krakow.

We had an early start on Monday morning for the coach journey to Auschwitz I. There, we met our guide for Auschwitz and Birkenau who, throughout the day, provided us with insightful and comprehensive information, as well as affecting accounts of individuals and survivors. We spent the most part of the morning in Auschwitz I and the afternoon in Auschwitz-Birkenau where, through various exhibitions and places, we learnt much about the camps, including: the camp history, living conditions, punishments and executions, resistance and escapes, individuals’ accounts and the evidence of the atrocities committed and the perpetrators who committed them. At the English memorial, situated next to those of many other countries, we were given time for reflection as a candle was lit and laid down. Later that evening, we returned to Krakow’s city centre and had dinner in a Jewish restaurant in the old Jewish Quarter. The food was spectacular and we greatly enjoyed the live music of a group of three musicians.

On our final day of the trip, we checked out of our hotel and headed for the Wieliczka Salt Mines, one of the oldest salt mines in the world; it certainly lived up to its reputation and was an extraordinarily impressive and stunning site. After the mines, we went back to Krakow’s Jewish Quarter, where we visited a synagogue and cemetery. We then walked to the ghetto of Podgorze and travelled to the former camp of Plaszow, despite it having been obliterated by the Nazis. On this journey, we became aware of the appalling

conditions in the ghettos and heard stories of the people who helped many Jews escape imprisonment in the ghettos and camps. These ranged from lesser-known individuals, such as Irena Sendlerowa, a social worker who saved 2,500 Jewish babies and children from the Nazi death camps by secretly taking them out of Warsaw Ghetto, to well-known people like Oskar Schindler, who is credited with saving the lives of 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust by employing them in his enamelware and ammunitions factories.

In the evening, we spent some free time in the astonishingly beautiful Krakow centre, before having to head back on the coach to go to Krakow Airport and say goodbye to Poland. We arrived back at school having enjoyed a truly outstanding trip and, in addition to the perfect weather, it was definitely an extremely diverse, engaging and unforgettable experience. Annabel Pedgley UV Form


LECTURE SERIES Tuesday 9th October PROFESSOR LUCINDA BILLINGHAM Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences, University of Birmingham. ‘Changing Cancer Outcomes with Trials’ Professor Billingham spoke about her involvement in cancer trials and the various phases that each one entails. The ways in which cancer develops in a patient was clearly explained and it was fascinating to learn about the timescale of cancer detection; from the first cancer cell being produced in the body, it can be 10 years before the cells are detectable. She outlined the two most crucial developments needed in cancer treatment: better detection methods and more effective treatments. Professor Billingham finished her lecture by talking about her career pathway and delighted many teachers by saying that she uses her maths skills from school every single day!

The St Mary's Lecture Series in the Autumn and Spring Terms give our students an early taste of university life. Our inspiring guest speakers are invited into school to present on a broad range of interesting topics which aim to broaden the girls’ outlook beyond the curriculum. The lectures are open to students, staff and the local Calne community, creating an inclusive all-ages audience, similar to the university experience.

Tuesday 2nd October RORY BREMNER WITH DR KARIN VON HIPPEL We were pleased to welcome renowned political satirist and impressionist, Rory Bremner, and Dr Karin von Hippel, Director-General of The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). Mr Bremner took on a serious role for the evening’s event, interviewing Dr von Hippel about

her experience of working inside political institutions and think tanks. The RUSI is the world’s oldest defence and security think tank and she is the first woman and non-British national to lead RUSI in its nearly 200 year history, and only the second civilian to do so. It was a fantastic evening which covered a huge variety of political concepts and events.

Sophie Mallinson UVI Form

Mrs Samantha Handy Head of History and Politics

Tuesday 16th October JASON LEWIS Author,explorer and environmentalist. ‘Lessons in Sustainability: An Explorer’s Tale’

Tuesday 13th November DAVID DAWSON AND TONY HACK Wiltshire Museum and Wiltshire Archaeology Field Group. ‘The Calne Fates’

Jason Lewis, the first man to circumnavigate the world relying solely on human power, gave a fascinating talk about his 13-year trip, which included obstacles such as saltwater crocodiles attempting to eat his canoe in Australia and life-threatening storms across the Atlantic Ocean. Jason is also a sustainability campaigner, so during the supper beforehand, the girls had a chance to discuss changes being made at school, including the phasing out of single-use plastics. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening and felt inspired to make a difference around school and at home. Bella Seymour UVI Form



Background artwork by Ivy Au-Yeung, UVI Form

The ‘Calne Fates’ was formerly just a block of stone found within the grounds of St Mary’s by our Estate Bursar, but detecting it could be of historical significance, he enlisted the help of the Wiltshire Museum, who identified it as possibly coming from an important Roman funerary monument. It turned out that the find was particularly significant as it is the only example of its kind discovered within England and one of only five throughout the Roman Empire. It was wonderful to hear such passionate speakers discuss this significant object found within our own school grounds and the lecture was enjoyed by both the girls and many of Calne’s residents. Miss Louise Cavanagh Classics Teacher

Tuesday 15th January JUSTIN WATERIDGE Steppes Travel. ‘The Art of Travel’

Tuesday 27th November SOPHIE ELWES Team GB Athlete and aspiring Winter Paralympian. ‘Reigniting a Passion for Sport’ Following an enjoyably chatty supper with Sophie Elwes, which was attended by a number of our A Level PE students and Sixth Form sports teams, we gathered in Chapel for Sophie’s talk. Hanging on her every word, we were absolutely enthralled by her remarkable story. At 22, having just graduated from university, Sophie’s life was altered drastically when she sustained a spinal cord injury after a fall, leaving her paralysed from the chest down. Her life took a new direction when, during her recovery, the charity, Back Up, suggested a Sit Ski course in America.

Justin Wateridge, who grew up in Zambia, has visited over 80 countries in the world and used his cumulated knowledge to speak to us about his experiences and some of his favourite moments in travel, which included hunting with eagles near the Kazakh boarder in Mongolia and experiencing the Gerewol Festival in Niger. He also spoke about the Mana Pools in Zimbabwe, Kodiak Island off the Alaskan coast and his time in Pakistan. I know that after the lecture I, along with many others, were motivated to go and explore opportunities to travel!

‘It was such an inspiring talk and really amazing to hear about such a different side of sport,’ Amelia Hatlapa, UVI Form.

Tuesday 22nd January ANGELA FINDLAY Artist, Lecturer and Writer. ‘Art Behind Bars’

Tuesday 4th December DR JAMES RYAN Russian Historian, Cardiff University. ‘Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution’

Artist, Angela Findlay, gave a fascinating insight into the positive role the Arts can play in the rehabilitation of prisoners. After taking an early interest in the benefits of Art Therapy, Angela worked with inmates in Australia and Germany, before taking on the role of Arts Coordinator at the internationally recognised Koestler Trust in London. Angela

Dr Ryan’s published work focuses mainly on the area of political violence and the intellectual history of Russia, looking at why the USSR proved to be the most violent and destructive state system in modern European history during peacetime. The lecture showcased Dr Ryan’s amazing, indepth knowledge of Lenin as well as the period of the Russian Revolution. Despite the complexity of the topic, James was able to break down and explain the different aspects of his lecture so they were understandable. At the same time, the content and delivery of his work was illuminating for even those whose expertise is in Russian History - including me! Mrs Samantha Handy Head of History and Politics

Rose Morley LVI Form

Tuesday 5th February DR SUSANNAH CORNWALL Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter. ‘What is Queer Theology’

Tuesday 5th March ANNE SEBBA Author, Presenter and Lecturer. ‘Les Parisiennes’

Dr Cornwall’s lecture gave us an insight into issues facing the LGBTQ+ Christian community, and the ways that people have sought to overcome such issues. The question of how one can be a Christian and Queer is more frequently asked then I previously would have imagined. In the lecture we discussed the different meanings of the word ‘Queer’ and how this has changed over time. This was an engaging and thought provoking lecture, and we are enormously grateful to Dr Cornwall for sharing her expertise with us. It has led to many interesting discussions, both in and out of the classroom, and was a memorable and enriching evening for all.

As part of their French A Level, the girls have to study the theme of ‘L’Occupation, La Résistance et le régime de Vichy’ so it was both fascinating and useful to hear Anne’s stories about women, and what happened to them during the Occupation of France in 1940-1944. ‘As an A Level French student, this lecture was hugely engaging. We learn about France during the Second World War and particularly the French Occupation, however, unfortunately we are unable to go into huge detail (as there are so many topics to cover!) but Les Parisiennes helps to give a more intimate insight into individuals’ lives, specifically women.’ Maya Wilson UVI Form

Mr Andrew Colquhoun Religious Studies Teacher

spoke about her work and it was inspiring to hear the positive effect Art lessons have had on prisoners in terms of self-confidence and as a springboard to other educational programmes. Some have even gone on to be artists in their own right. Angela has contributed to Government initiatives on prison reform and, once she has finished writing her first book, will return to this challenge. We wish her well! Mrs Kate Mastin-Lee Sixth Form Lectures & Futures Coordinator

Tuesday 26th February ISOBEL MUIR Assistant to the Surveyor of The Queen’s Pictures. ‘The Royal Collection’ The Royal Collection Trust, which is a charitable organisation, looks after one of the largest and most important art collections in the world and manages the public opening of the official residences of Her Majesty The Queen. Isobel gave a whistle-stop tour of the history of the collection, including its early beginnings in the 17th century, when King Charles I accumulated a hugely impressive collection of artwork, including paintings from some of the greatest early Renaissance masters, Dürer, Titian and Holbein. The collection now comprises more than a million works of art, including: paintings, sculptures, silver, porcelain, furnishings, books, clothing and even the carriages housed at the Royal Mews. This was a fascinating insight into the world of art collection management. Mrs Kate Mastin-Lee Sixth Form Lectures & Futures Coordinator

Tuesday 12th March LIBBY JACKSON Human Spaceflight Expert. ‘Destination Flight’ We were delighted to welcome Libby Jackson as our keynote speaker for British Science Week 2019. Libby came to our attention during the lead-up to Tim Peake’s trip to the International Space Station - she was in charge of the education programme for his flight, but it was not until I picked up a copy of her book A Galaxy of Her Own did I realise the extraordinary career that she has had. After a degree in Physics and a Masters in Space Engineering, she worked her way up, often as the only female, to working in Mission Control for the European Space Agency in Munich. She was an instructor, a flight controller and finally a Columbus flight director on missions to the International Space Station. Now the programme manager for Human Space Flight and Microgravity for the UK Space Agency, she had a wealth of experience to share with the girls and delivered a very positive message about trying your hardest and giving things a go. Mrs Alexandra Haydon Head of Science and Senior Teacher


r o o m t r a D


Trips & Expeditions



The LV Geographers left school on Monday 10th June bound for Exeter. Here, they completed the human fieldwork element of the GCSE course. They worked in five groups to survey how environmental quality decreased with distance from the redeveloped centre of the city. This allowed them to get to grips with sampling techniques and the use of Survey 1,2,3 a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) app.

MY AMERICAN EXCHANGE As soon as an American exchange was mentioned, I immediately knew that I wanted to apply. I have extended family in the US and, although I have only visited Washington once before, the thought of attending an American school and immersing myself in American culture felt both incredibly exciting and also, if I’m completely honest, slightly intimidating. Fortunately, I already knew my exchange student, Amy Kight, as she had come over to the UK first. We immediately ‘clicked’ and I loved showing her around London and the Cotswolds, and introducing her to my friends The tallest building, the Bank of America Plaza, dominates the skyline; however, it also feels very green. Amy’s mother, Lora, told me later that Atlanta is known as ‘the city in the forest’, which makes complete sense. from home and at school. She was also able to join me on the Geography field trip, which was a great bonding experience. So, when it came to my turn, I was excited to see her again and also keen to meet all the friends she had told me so much about. After an eight-hour flight, I landed in Atlanta at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and was met by the Kight family. What struck me initially, apart from the humidity, was the sheer scale of the place.


School started on the 14th August, and as I arrived on the 11th, we had a couple of days to take in the world famous Atlanta Aquarium and hit Walmart. As completely expected, my accent was a huge hit, but it wasn’t long before I was using the word ‘y’all’ in most conversations! The Lovett School is located in North Atlanta and is a mixed independent school for just over 1,500 students. Their academic year starts in August and I was entering the 11th grade, also known as the sophomore year.

They are fairly relaxed on uniform, probably due to the heat; I spent most of my time in a grey skirt, white shirt and, much to my delight, ‘sneakers’.

We then continued onto Dartmoor with a stop at Haytor to discuss and observe the granite formation before arriving at our accommodation to settle in.

Apart from a different slant on lessons, American history was both illuminating and frightening (I was singled out for crimes previously committed by the British Empire!) and there was also a huge emphasis on all things ‘tech’.

‘We spent four nights in a lodge at Bovey Castle in Dartmoor. It was a lovely location with an amazing view of the Dartmoor hills. We loved the hotel, especially the swimming pool and sauna! While we were there, we were responsible for cooking our own dinners, which were mostly very yummy!’’ Rosie GrahamCampbell

Sport was a big change too; American football and basketball dominate in the Autumn Term and I was fortunate enough to be asked to referee a football game in my second week! So, in summary - did I love it? Yes, absolutely! The exchange experience taught me independence and confidence in my own abilities, such as travelling alone and fitting in with a new family. It also gave me a different perspective on school life and American culture. I am very grateful for this opportunity and plan to revisit my new friends in Atlanta next summer. Daisy Gough LV Form

The next day, we visited Boscastle which is the location of one of the GCSE case studies. It was great for the girls to see this small former fishing village first hand. Survey 1,2,3 allowed them to locate the flood defences established since the devastating flood and assess how these have improved the area's chances of escaping such a disaster again. This was followed by a walk at Lydford Gorge, an example

of a distinctive landscape and a formation that they must be able to explain.

Wednesday was our river survey day, which formed the basis of the girls’ physical fieldwork. We were lucky enough to locate the source of our chosen river, The Lemon, which was, on this day, below Haytor. We surveyed three sites before returning to collate the results and discuss our findings. ‘I found the geography work was really interesting and one of my favourite days was noting down the results from different courses of the river. I found this particularly interesting as

we were able to see how the shape and speed of the river changed as you advance downstream from the source.’ Rosie We had been very fortunate to escape the heavy rain during our week, until Thursday! We set off for Dawlish Warren clad in our waterproofs and wellingtons to survey the coastal defences, view the geology of Langstone Rock and witness the impact of

longshore drift. The girls were excellent throughout the week and worked incredibly hard to ensure they had accurate results. The follow up work we will now complete will involve presenting and analysing the data collected before answering exam-style questions in preparation for the exams next summer. ‘We are all very grateful to all the teachers who were able to make this trip possible and made this school trip one of the best which we have ever been on. A special shout out to Miss Aherne who was the best lodge teacher especially when we almost poisoned her with our revolting tofu!’ Rosie Miss Sarah Wright Geography Teacher


Sports Reports

Sports Reports

SHARING THE LOVE OF SPORT Whilst we have enjoyed our own sport this year, we can be equally proud that we have given generously of our time, resources, energy and position of privilege to allow others to enjoy and grow through sport. In October, we hosted the girls from the OSCAR Foundation Football team from India on their #kicklikeagirl UK Tour. The USA Lacrosse Tour team sponsored a Kenyan player to get to the U19 World Cup while, closer to home, our LV Sports Leaders organised an Athletics Festival for local primary schools and, throughout the year, girls have assisted with PE lessons and team practice at St Margaret’s.

(both LVI) also travelled out to Canada to play for England B in a Festival Tournament alongside the main World Cup competition. With several younger players on the National and Regional Pathway, I have no doubt that this strong and growing tradition of international representation will continue to flourish. In Cross Country, three girls - Lucy Fitzpatrick (LVI) Susannah Hirst and Lara Smyth-Osbourne (both UV) - represented Wiltshire at the National Cross Country Championships in Leeds, while Dora West (LIV) showed her potential when she won the Minors Area and County Cross Country Championships.

Sharing a love of sport and the generous giving of time and energy has been of growing importance to many of the girls; clearly influenced by the hugely enthusiastic and committed outgoing UVI. Throughout their time at St Mary’s, this year group has been a real source of talent and force for good across all the sports. Under the passionate leadership of Amelia Hatlapa (Head of Sport), 21 UVI have continued to represent the school in their final year. With a wonderful sense of camaraderie, they have supported, inspired and encouraged each other, and I thank them for their enormous and generous contribution. Across the school, we have also enjoyed another year of varied and high-level individual sporting achievement. It was exciting to have our first U19 World Cup Lacrosse player in Caroline Brenchley (UVI), co-vice captain for Wales. Three other England players - Amelia Hatlapa (UVI), Annabel Fenton and Ella Malik


Our Equestrian Team had a very impressive year with 11 Team and Individual qualifications to the National Schools NSEA championships in Addington last October. Lila Bremner (UV) and Lappi continuing to prove themselves at the highest level, representing GB in the Nations Cup and winning Gold in Belgium, and Lily Ryder (UV) was selected for the U18 South West winning BE Eventing Team. As teams, St Mary’s continue to be more than competitive. Our 1st Netball VII has arguably never been as strong; qualifying for the South West Regional Finals in January for the first time in memory. The U15 Track and Field Team qualified for regional finals, finishing as runners-up (ahead of Downe House and Canford).

Our U12 Lacrosse Team won the South West Schools Lacrosse Tournament, for the third time in five years, while our U14 Hockey Team enjoyed qualifying for the West Finals for the second year running, beating Dauntsey’s in the finals of the County Tournament. Our U13 4 x 25m Medley Relay Team won Gold at the Independent Schools Swimming Relays competition and swimming records tumbled at Millfield, in the ESSA Relays, and our strong team spirit shone through. On the tennis court, team selection becomes harder than ever, enjoying considerable depth of talent. At full strength, we can compete with the very best of school teams. Our Cricket programme developed further and we played our first ever home badminton match in the Simon Knight Sports Hall - and won, of course! At our Sports Presentation Dinner in April, we welcomed Sarah Bern, England Rugby’s promising young prop forward to present the awards. After an inspiring talk about her personal challenges and journey to the Six Nations, we recognised our own Individual Players of the Year and Most Improved in each age group in every sport.

EQUESTRIAN There are 45 girls from across the school who are members of the St Mary’s Equestrian Club. In recent years, riding at St Mary’s has gone from strength to strength and it is open to anyone, no matter what level they are. The emphasis is on the girls enjoying their experiences with horses and ponies alongside developing their riding potential, whether it be through riding lessons or competition. Throughout the school year, St Mary’s is represented at the majority of the NSEA (National Schools Equestrian Games) and SEG (Schools Equestrian Games) competitions that are held in our area in Show Jumping, Eventing and Dressage. NSEA CHAMPIONSHIPS, OCTOBER The NSEA championships took place at Keysoe Equestrian Centre in Bedfordshire. The qualifying places for the Championships are always are hotly contested so it is an achievement in itself to be awarded with the chance to compete.

Our team of Alice Gates, Lily Ergatoudis, Millie Wakeham and Tilly Moore represented St Mary’s in the 90/95cm JwS class. It was a tough technical track that was really going

to test both horse and rider. It was a fantastic day with the girls producing fabulous rounds, but with the odd pole down we were out of the top placings.

Lila Bremner had qualified for the 1.10 individual championship on both of her ponies, Lady and Lappi. Lila’s young pony Lappi produced a fantastic round to finish in 2nd place just 0.2 seconds behind the winner. Lila went on to win the hotly contested 1.20 Elite class on Lady with Lappi also finishing in 3rd place. Alice Gates also rode fantastically well and won the 90/95cm Hickstead Arena Eventing Qualifier at West Wilts in January, Alice then went on to compete at the Championships at Hickstead in the May Half Term to finish 4th in a very competitive Championship Class. WINDSOR SHOW JUMPING, MAY Just before Christmas, Emily Lavelle, Tilly Moore, Bea Peeters and Lily Ergatoudis competed at West Wilts for a chance to compete at Windsor. There were only two team spaces on offer to compete at the prestigious Windsor International Horse Show and the girls successfully secured one of the golden tickets.

Windsor Horse Show is set with the backdrop of Windsor Castle, so it would be easy to get distracted from the competition. The girls, however, were true professionals, especially as they were drawn the third team to jump from over 30 teams. Every team member jumped a foot perfect clear round and we held the lead for over three hours with just the final three teams pushing us to 4th place. It was a fantastic result and a true highlight of the school year. HICKSTEAD NSEA SHOW JUMPING, JUNE Over the summer holidays, Hickstead runs a school jumping competition which gives the girls the opportunity to jump in the famous International Arena at the All England Jumping Ground. It’s a long drive to Hickstead but well worth it when you get there as it is one of the most beautiful competition venues in the country. Lots of teams take part and only the top ten teams go through to jump in the International Arena to compete for the title. The team of Alice Gates, Emily Lavelle, Lottie Royle and Pippa Royle narrowly missed out on a top ten finish after a nail-biting jump off round. Miss Kerry Emms Equestrian Co-ordinator

Mrs Heidi Marvin Director of Sport




















Lila Bremner was part of the GB European Pony Show Jumping Team that won a Silver medal this summer at the Pony European Championships that took place in Strzegom, Poland. Lila has competed very successfully for the St Mary’s Equestrian Teams, winning several national school titles before earning her place on the British Pony Team.  Congratulations Lila! 67

Sports Reports

Victory and tr iumph, agony and desp air along with a huge am ount of progress, com mitment and, above all, enjoyment; the 2018-2019 lacrosse season had it al l! and the LEH goal keeper cleared the ball and LEH ended up scoring to advance to the semi-finals. This was not what the team deserved after such a promising day of play and, indeed, season.

From the start of the season, it was clear how much talent and potential the 1st XII possessed; regularly playing fluent, skillful and outstanding lacrosse, which was a joy to watch. Results were impressive, however, the two major tournaments left us feeling like we had fallen short. Runners-up at the South West Schools Lacrosse Tournament, having beaten the winners in the opening match, and losing our last 16 knockout match on the second day at National Schools Lacrosse Championships, 0-1, to Benenden, who we had beaten convincingly earlier in the season, was not the game plan.

(LEH) and Berkhamsted, but just missed out on a quarter-final place on goal average, with Millie Wakeham kindly stepping in, and up, to play in goal.

They relished a match against the 1st XII in training, which grew their determination to succeed and ability to excel when under pressure.

The 2nd XII enjoyed a wealth of UVI experience and camaraderie within the team. County Champions, Runners-up in the South West and one of the top eight schools in the quarter-finals at the National Schools Lacrosse Championship, the 2nd XII should feel very proud of their achievements this season.


The strength and depth of the UVI this year resulted in a very decent 3rd XII, full of rising U15A Team players. With Olivia Ekins and Celia Ellis (UVI) leading the way, we lost to only two 3rd Teams all year, with the majority of fixtures against 2nd and even 1st Teams from other schools. Excitingly, this season saw the first official National Schools for 3rd Teams and, with only the top lacrosse schools represented, it was going to be tough. On the day, we turned around our earlier defeat to Wycombe Abbey, beat Lady Eleanor Hollis

It is increasingly hard to find sufficient matches for our very competitive 4th Team, but the squad enjoyed six fixtures, culminating in a fantastic performance to beat Downe House, 9-2, to finish the season. At a time where most schools start specialising in one sport, our teams always have to step up a level when they reach U15. Blessed with a huge amount of speed in the midfield and growing in individual and collective confidence, the U15A Team started and ended the season in fine style; winners of the County Tournament in September and bringing home the trophy from the Marlborough Invitational in March. In between, there was a lot of determination and effort and, although results and performances varied, skills and understanding have clearly developed.

The U15Bs were a sizeable team of committed and loyal players. Enjoyment and support for each other was clear and, under the positive influence of captain Lydia Metaxa, they had a tough season in terms of results, but these were offset by consistent effort and huge progress. Downe House has been the U14A’s nemesis for the last three years. So after our two 9-10 defeats this season, a last 16 knockout match against Downe House at National Schools could not have been more inevitable and nail-biting, but made all the more potent when we won 2-1! The players then had a tough lesson in the quarter-final against LEH. After a 3-3 draw, and with extra time, the match went to golden goal. Captain, Lily Mallinson, shot and a few players saw the ball go over the line; however, it was missed by the umpires

The U14Bs gelled well from the outset, combining raw, athletic talent with some steady, level-headed lacrosse experience, earning some very commendable results. It took three weeks of defeats, as the majority of the team were new to lacrosse, before they quickly picked up the basic skills and started to take advantage of natural speed and agility, beating Wycombe Abbey, Downe House and St Helen and St Katharine, amongst others. Next season’s U15 Team selection will be very competitive. With a few new additions to the U13s, it took a while to settle and work out our best line-up. A clear abundance of speed, athleticism and versatility, demonstrated real potential. Huge progress was made in terms of individual skill, whether a goal keeper, defender or attacker. We now have to work better as a team so the girls can make the most of each other’s strengths.

It was not long before we recognised the promising strength and depth of sporting talent within the U12s, coupled with a decent amount of tenacity and grit. In their opening fixture, the Joker Draw Tournament, we beat St Paul’s, 4-3, in the semi-final before overcoming a physical and skilful Claremont team, 3-2, in the final to win the trophy. Unbeaten in school matches, our hopes were building for the South West Schools Lacrosse Tournament at the end of the season. After a nervous start, we enjoyed an unbeaten day, narrowly beating Downe House, 1-0, in the semi-final and Queen Anne’s, 3-2, after extra time and on golden goal. Excitingly, they showed that they have the nerve and determination to perform when it matters and fully deserved being South West Champions. With the strength of our lacrosse looking good across all age groups, we continue to build our momentum and compete with the very best. This certainly would not have been possible without the support and experience of the coaches, enthusiasm of the captains, determination of all the players and, of course, the loyalty of our parents. We are sincerely thankful for our impressive parental support; from fixture commitment, transport to camps, Regional and National Academy training in the holidays, to fantastic food supplies and support at matches and tournaments. Mrs Heidi Marvin Director of Sport


Sports Reports

Sports Reports





Caroline Brenchley

Annabel Fenton Amelia Hatlapa Belinda Harrison Ella Malik

Fenella Challinor Susannah Hirst Elizabeth Rutherford

Amy Bolton Rosie Craven Eva-Rose Ferguson Eloise Franks Tessa Harrison Harriet Hillman Lily Mallinson Rose Strutt




FULL Caroline Brenchley Hebe Edgar Bella Fane Annabel Fenton Annabel Gouriet Flora Guy Amelia Hatlapa Harriet Jackson Camilla Lewin Ella Malik Georgina McLintock Tatiana Parr Sylvia Rutherford Emily Smyth-Osbourne Charka Stout

Amy Bolton Rosie Craven Saskia Darling Sandy Du Josephine Newcombe Daisy James Rose Strutt

Lucy Crone Sadie Enthoven Alice Gates Tessa Harrison Leah Hosten-Silva Lily Mallinson Phoebe Matten Daniella Okunbor Amalie Olsoff Celeste Olsoff Farley Pfitzner Martha Rowell Jemima Rundell

HALF Hannah Barber Effie Dollar Olivia Ekins Celia Ellis Sophie Mallinson Bella Seymour Bella Sharp

G N I M M I W S FOR SHIELDS! It’s been a very successful year for St Mary’s swimmers, finishing with our best-ever results at the Independent Boarding Schools Swimming Relays! The Junior Squad has been incredibly strong with a large selection of keen and talented pupils from both LIV and MIV. All these girls are capable of competing in any event, which has added great depth to the team and has allowed St Mary’s to swim three competitive teams against other schools in home galas.

The Intermediate Squad also had an excellent year, perhaps not in the number of swimmers, but certainly in talent. The Senior Squad have worked hard to keep improving, staying dedicated to training even with their ever increasing study commitments. They have set an excellent example to the younger swimmers. There have been numerous achievements in 2018/19, both individually and as a team. The girls will have to continue training hard to improve on this year’s successes and, hopefully, the winning streak will continue into next year.


and Georgina Bartlett – Freestyle, finished in a tight 4th place which, considering their young years in this competitive age group, was excellent. The next races were the Freestyle Relays. The U13s fought hard but were pipped at the finish by Wycombe Abbey.  The U15s gave a strong performance and finished in 3rd place, just behind Wycombe Abbey and Cheltenham LC.  It was another agonisingly close 4th place finish for the Seniors team, this time with Fenella Challinor swimming in place of Jenna. All the schools enjoyed wins throughout the event and nobody knew what the final outcome was going to be – the points had to be counted twice just to make sure! We were delighted when the final announcement was made; St Mary’s were named as winners in both age groups! INDEPENDENT BOARDING SCHOOLS SWIMMING RELAYS Our success continued at the Independent Boarding Schools Swimming Relays Competition, held at Downe House School in May, where we achieved our best-ever results. With 15 schools competing, we knew it would be a tough competition.  The overall result would be decided by the age groups collated points, and our girls did not disappoint! The U13 team were first up in the 4 x 25m Medley Relay with the team of Harriet Hillman - Backstroke, Eva-Rose Ferguson - Breaststroke, Brianna Tang - Butterfly and Belle Chang – Freestyle, who won by two seconds!

There were some truly outstanding swims throughout the event, with the girls posting some very fast times. After a nailbiting wait, the results were announced.  We are now the proud recipients of the Winners Shield!  Since 2000, the shield has only been won by Downe House, Wycombe Abbey and Cheltenham LC so, understandably, we are very proud of the girls.  Happy girls, ecstatic coaches! COLOURS Juniors Mimi Bracegirdle, Belle Chang, Eva-Rose Ferguson, Harriet Hillman, Ashley Lam, Brianna Tang. Intermediate Georgina Bartlett, Lily Bryant, India Boyd, Fenella Challinor, Jenna Dickin, Isabella Fielden-Page, Gwen Fournier, Daisy James, Susannah Hirst, Lizzie Roughton and Lara Smyth-Osbourne. Individual Summer Term Trophies The Riley Cup for the most improved swimmer: Bea Fox

WINTER SWIM MEET In January, the U12 and U14 Swim Teams were invited to Downe House for a Winter Swim Meet, competing against Downe House, St Swithun’s and Queen Anne’s.

Continuing the winning streak were the U15s 4 x 50m Medley Relay swimmers, Sophie Kitson - Backstroke, India Boyd Breaststroke, Ashley Lam - Butterfly and Dawn Chang, who stood in last minute and had a super swim in the Freestyle.

The Jane Barlee Cup for commitment to and excellence in swimming throughout the year: Ashley Lam

Both our teams gave their all in their individual and relay races, with some exceptionally close finishes.

The Senior Medley Team of Isabella Fielden-Page - Backstroke, Jenna Dickin Breaststroke, Lizzie Roughton - Butterfly

Ms Nicola Harris Swimming Coach

Congratulations to all girls that are a part of St Mary’s swimming!


Sports Reports

y e k Hoc

gth to strength this year, en str m fro go to ed inu nt co s Hockey ha the school in over g tin en es pr re d an t ou ing pp with 15 teams ste ing at regional level in the rm rfo pe s am te o tw d an s, re 100 fixtu competition. England Hockey National Cup The U13s worked hard from A-C Team, competing against a wide range of schools. All teams had strong fixtures against Bruton School for Girls and U13 A and Bs produced strong results against Warminster.

For the first time, we have also been able to introduce indoor hockey to the PE programme, thanks to the new Simon Knight Sports Hall. Indoor hockey has provided girls with the opportunity to develop their skills in a fast-paced, all-weather environment, which has helped their skills to flourish.

ENGLAND HOCKEY NATIONAL CUP The U14s took the county qualifiers by storm, with a fastpaced games against Dauntsey’s and Marlborough College, and winning against Dauntsey’s to qualify for the next stage, which was an impressive feat for a team that had never played together before. They went through to the regionals where they faced fierce competition and, although they didn’t make it through to the area competition, it was a fantastic learning experience for the team. The U16s took part in the new style cup competition. Entering into a Tier 2 competition, which provided the opportunity to play schools outside of our normal fixture 72

The U14s took the jump up to 11 aside, after the A Team stepped up to regional performance, and saw many girls picking up a hockey stick for the first time. Focused and determined to learn new skills, the U14s were able to push themselves and their hockey to the next level; tactical awareness, aerial skills and short corner routines developed by students, took precedent over traditional styles of play.

programme, they played close games against Sherborne and Bryanston, which went into extra time and, impressively, they did not give up until the final whistle. JUNIORS Our Juniors competed in full force this year, with every single student in LIV representing the school and over 25 students representing the MIV. Right from the start, the U12s worked hard to develop their skill set. A strong year group, the U12As won all their fixtures, with impressive wins against Pinewood and Warminster, and a 2nd placing in the U13B Team Farleigh Tournament, only just losing in a close game against Farleigh.

INTERS The U15s and U16s trained as one group this year, creating a competitive atmosphere which pushed all students to the top of their game. The U16s provided entertaining fixtures, although a tough season for the girls on results alone. The standard of play and the creativity shown was second to none, with dangerous attacks putting the opposition under pressure at all times. The U15s have continued to develop their style of play as a team, with defence improving their communication and support of attacking drives. Midfield and attack have shone when trying to create goal scoring opportunities with many being executed.

MT13 The U15 and U16 squad had a brilliant training session with Matt Taylor from the hockey company MT13. Matt boasts a brilliant set of credentials, most notably 19 caps at international level for Great Britain. Matt spent the afternoon developing the girls ‘first touch’, an essential skill, as well as creating game-like scenarios for the girls to solve.

Hockey is moving away from traditional coaching styles and the girls’ response to the new modern approach was spectacular to see, with every girl visibly improving within the session. Miss Sorcha Brivio-Stone Teacher of PE

Seniors have c o to inspire andntin ued be ddrriv ivin ingg ffoorrccee ffoorr tthae hhoocckkeeyy pprrooggrraamm he mmee,. SENIORS Seniors have continued to inspire and be a driving force for the hockey programme, with all girls working hard both in the sports hall and on the astro. Having the indoor sports hall has provided a brilliant training space for the girls, benefiting both technique and pace, resulting in a noticeable change in the Seniors’ style of play. A fast-paced attacking team, the 1st Team created brilliant opportunities for themselves, noticeably a 3-3 draw against Downe House and a 4-0 win over Sheldon.


Sports Reports

“Some sessions are stars and some sessions are stones, but in the end they are all rocks and we build upon them.”

Inter Company Cross Country LIV - 1st - Dora West, 2nd - Amira Ivankova, 3rd - Ruby Guy MIV - 1st - Eva-Rose Ferguson, 2nd - Helena Stahl, 3rd - Alanah Keane UIV - 1st - Lara Marsh, 2nd - Lily Mallinson, 3rd - Jemima Rundell Winning Company – Grosstête

ESAA Cross Country Schools Cup 2018 Round 1, Laverstock Campus

Cross Country continues to be one of our most successful sports, with a large number of girls representing the School, Area and County. The 2018/19 season saw significant success for both our teams and individuals. The year commenced in September with the Inter Company competition where the Junior Girls put in some very impressive performances. At the popular Leweston Girls Cross Country Relay meet, we are now considered serious opposition. Amongst a very large field of schools from around the South West, our continued success was exciting, with the Inter Girls Team finishing 2nd and the Junior Girls Team coming in at 4th – which were fantastic results. 18 girls competed at the Area Trials with 13 of these qualifying to compete at the WSAA

County Championships in January. In addition, the Inter Girls and Junior Girls Teams both achieved 1st placings and the Minor Girls Team finished 2nd out of eight schools. At the County Championships, we had some significant success, with one Area Champion, two runners-up and three additional podium finishes with six girls gaining selection to compete for Wiltshire. Unfortunately, the South West Championships, which was to be held at Bath Racecourse, were cancelled due to significant snowfall. The highlight of the season was the ESAA National Cross Country Finals in Leeds. This testing course attracted a large field

of runners and saw our athletes competing against the best in England; their resulting performances were commendable in, what were, very challenging conditions. It is a real pleasure to see so many St Mary’s runners training hard, enjoying their sport and competing in a broad range of events across the season. The training sessions have been led by a highly experienced coaching team and a number of girls are now following personalised programmes which will allow them to build on their individual successes. We look forward to continuing to grow and develop our programme and talent over the coming years.

Junior Girls 6th - Eva-Rose Ferguson, 10th - Dora West, 27th - Helena Stahl, 29th - Lucy de Rin, 35th - Ruby Guy, 39th - Amira Ivankova Team Result: 4th/6 Schools

four-time Ironman World Cham


Leweston Relays Junior Girls Runner 1: Eva-Rose Ferguson 10.28.0 - 25th overall Runner 2: Helena Stahl 10.47.6 - 34th overall Runner 3: Dora West 10.00.1 - 10th overall Runner 4: Harriet Hillman 10.03.6 - 13th overall Team Result: 4th

Inter Girls 5th - Lara Marsh, 14th - Lily Mallinson, 16th - Jemima Rundell, 20th - India Boyd, 27th - Olivia Clark, 32nd - Rosie Craven. Team Result: 3rd/6 Schools

WSAA County Cross Country Championships, Sheldon School

WSAA North Wiltshire Area Cross Country Championships, Grittleton House

Minor Girls 1st - Dora West Junior Girls 12th - Lily Mallinson, 13th - Harriet Hillman Inter Girls 3rd - Susannah Hirst, 6th - Lara Smyth-Osbourne, 9th - Fenella Challinor

ESAA Cross Country Schools Cup 2018 Minor Girls 1st - Dora West, 7th - Honor Bell, 15th - Alice du Roy de Blicquy, 20th - Amira Ivankova, 25th - Ruby Guy, 31st - Claire Dodd, 32nd - Isabel Reis Junior Girls 2nd - Lily Mallinson, 4th - Lara Marsh, 5th - Harriet Hillman, 11th - Eva-Rose Ferguson, 14th - Helena Stahl, 15th - Olivia Clark, 23rd - Amy Sneller, 45th - India Campbell Inter Girls 2nd - Susannah Hirst, 3rd - Lara Smyth-Osbourne, 5th - Fenella Challinor, 7th- Indie Boyd, 9th - Rose Strutt, 21st - Rosie Craven 74

Chrissie Wellington, OBE and

Inter Girls Runner 1: Fenella Challinor 9.44.38 - 10th overall Runner 2: Lara Smyth-Osbourne 9.34.85 - 8th overall Runner 3: Lara Marsh 10.22.44 - 26th overall Runner 4: Susannah Hirst 9.20.14 - 5th overall Team Result: 2nd

Senior Girls 2nd - Caroline Brenchley, 3rd - Lucy Fitzpatrick To represent Wiltshire at the South West Schools and English Schools Cross Country Caroline Brenchley, Fenella Challinor, Lucy Fitzpatrick, Susannah Hirst and Lara Smyth-Osbourne. ESAA National Cross Country Finals, Leeds Inter Girls 152nd - Lara Smyth-Osbourne, 192nd - Susannah Hirst Senior Girls 184th - Lucy Fitzpatrick Congratulations to all those who have trained and competed this season. Mrs Caroline Heathorn PE Teacher


s i n n e T

Sports Reports

f o k e e W p A To

During the first week of the Easter Holidays, 16 girls travelled to Palma to start pre-season tennis training at Vilas Tennis Academy. We stayed in a different hotel this year and the facilities were amazing! We had the choice of enjoying the beautiful infinity pool, awesome jacuzzi or sauna and steam rooms after a hot afternoon session of tennis training on the clay courts. What a perfect way to relax! The girls were split into groups of four and had one coach between them. Once the girls had got used to playing on clay, they were on fire! The day was split into morning and afternoon sessions, with each session focusing on different aspects of the game. For the last hour of each day, the girls


competed for the infamous Milka Cup, which has now become a serious tradition of the trip. The winners this year were Rose Strutt and Talitha Powell, Miss Setterington and Josh B, Rosie Graham-Campbell and Chloe Wright-Haynie and finally, Lily Mallinson and Farley Fitzner. There was a lot of chocolate to be eaten! We also had a mass game of 'Around the World' and the overall champion was Isabella Donaldon; she managed to hold her nerve and hit the winning shot.

At night time, the girls played cricket on the beach and one night we watched a Flamenco dancing display at the hotel, which was both fascinating and hypnotising.

for lunch and had the chance to see the U14 European Cup Competition that was being hosted by Vilas. There were some amazing players from all over Europe and they were an inspiration to watch. It was a fabulous week of non-stop tennis and it was exciting to see how much the girls improved over the intensive week of training.

On the final day, we ventured into Palma on the local bus and had a cultural and shopping experience. We returned to the tennis centre

Mrs Natalie Baldwin Head of Extra-Curricular Activities and PE Teacher

After every session we walked past the ice cream parlour and the biggest decision of the day would be what flavour to choose!


L L A B NET FEVER! After England won a tightly fought Gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, it was fitting that Liverpool was to host the Netball World Cup. Netball fever took over the city; the match atmosphere and the netball played was truly outstanding and the camaraderie was magic!

full-size court in the worst of weather has ensured continuity of training. In addition, 1st Team matches can be played indoors, enabling a faster, more skilled game that is less influenced by the elements. SENIOR NETBALL – ELITE The new season began with 35 Sixth Form girls attending Senior netball trials. We were delighted to see so many talented and enthusiastic girls keen to play, but it undoubtedly presented us with some extremely difficult decisions in the initial selection process. We ran three Senior squads, who across the season played 39 matches and scored a total of 808 goals. This was, undeniably, an able

Netball is fast becoming one of the nation’s most popular sports with more than 1.4 million women and girls taking to the court each season. Media coverage undoubtedly assists the growth of any sport, and now that Sky and the BBC broadcast the game, netball can be viewed in homes across the country. Of course, at St Mary’s we are doing our part to encourage participation with the hope that the skills developed, and the fun and enjoyment derived, will promote participation long into the future. More girls than ever are playing in teams, with more than 185 girls involved in matches this year. The new Sports Hall has been an incredibly valuable asset. We may be a hardy bunch, but the ability to train inside on a


group, prepared to work hard at their netball and the teams had some early success before Christmas. The 1st Team beat Downe House in a close first match and followed that with wins against South Wilts Grammar School for Girls (SWGS), Dauntsey’s and Cheltenham Ladies College (CLC). In addition, they lost by just two goals to a

strong Marlborough College team in an exciting, tight, fast paced game. Not to be outdone, the 2nd VII won five of their eight matches with some particularly strong defence play. The 3rd VII, with so many new combinations, took a little longer to settle and develop that cohesive team play, but they worked to develop their skills and game play which, ultimately, gave them the edge in two of their first five matches. The second half of the season was always going to be more demanding, but the standard and quality of the netball that the teams were now playing had certainly risen, revealing the progress players had made in developing their individual skills alongside their tactical and team play. Games were extremely fast plus physically and mentally demanding. It was undoubtedly frustrating if a game was lost, but whether a loss or a win, it was a pleasure to see the level of netball being played by all three teams, which at times was outstanding. Undoubtedly the icing on the cake this season was the success of the 1st VII at the County Tournament where they finished 2nd. For the first time, St Mary’s qualified for the South West Regional Tournament in the U19 age group. It was a baptism of fire when we played in Bournemouth but more importantly it revealed how close we now are in our ability to match some of the best school and college teams in the region.

Sports Reports at the top of their prep schools. All four teams worked to improve their skills and match play and their progress was evident. There were some notable successes,

U16 & U15 NETBALL – PERFORMANCE The U16 Teams had a disrupted season of netball with a number of matches cancelled, which was very frustrating. They are an able group of players and the loss of fixtures did have an impact. They had some very pleasing wins but also some disappointing losses in matches where they knew they should have come out on top.


A lack of match practice meant they were not being able to fully develop the necessary strategies essential in a competitive situation. Their enthusiasm for the game, however, was undaunted and the U16A and U16B Teams each went on to win four of their six games. The U16A also competed in the County Tournament where they finished 5th/8 teams. It was a particularly busy season for the four U15 Netball Teams. They played 29 matches in total and teams competed in both the Area and County Tournaments. There was a high level of netball played and some pleasing results, particularly for the U15A Team who won six and drew one of their 10 matches, and the U15B Team who won six of their nine matches. In addition, the U15B Team finished 1st in their Area Tournament with the U15C Team finishing 3rd. The U15A Team had a significantly disruptive lead into their Area Tournament with injuries galore. This meant positional and player changes, including the call up of two players from the U14 Team. Despite the changes, the team played extremely well to finish 2nd, qualifying for the School Games. Here they met some strong competition from around the County but played some excellent netball to make it through to the semi-finals and eventually finished 4th.

The U14, U13 & U12 Teams have worked determinedly this season to develop their skills and enhance their match play. With 13 teams playing across three age groups, it was wonderful to see so many girls involved. It was particularly pleasing to see girls who have never played netball enhance their skills, ultimately matching and, in some cases, challenging those more experienced players. The U14 age group had tremendous depth of talent throughout the year. The five teams played 32 matches and won 22 of them. Of note was the success against Sherborne where we won four matches and drew. During a busy season, the U14B

particularly for the U13B Team who won six of their eight matches, including games against Farleigh, Pinewood, Prior Park and Dauntsey’s. The U12 Teams made a very pleasing start this season. They are a keen and competitive year group with a real desire to learn and develop their skills, which is excellent. All four teams made significant progress with only the U12A Team losing one match. Mrs Sally Hornby Head of Netball

and U14C Teams only lost one match and the U14A Team won the North Wiltshire Area Tournament, qualifying for the County Tournament where they finished 4th. There were mixed fortunes for the U13 squads with some tough matches against teams





1st VII

Arabella Fane

Arabella Fane Caroline Brenchley

Maisie Medcalf

2nd VII

Amelia Jardine-Paterson

Momo Adebayo

Flora Guy

3rd VII

Hannah Barber

Georgina Auvray

Grace Oge-Evans


Flo de Selliers de Moranville

Nell Boobbyer

Flo de Selliers de Moranville


Rose Strutt

India Boyd

Rose Strutt


Amelia Hicks

Rose Byng

Lily Mallinson


Laura Edwards

Brianna Tang

Laura Edwards


Dora West

Claire Dodd

Dora West


Sports Reports

S C I T E L H AT FRIENDLY MEETS Event 1 - Marlborough 10 Schools Meet: Senior Girls - 4th, Inter Girls - 3rd, Junior Girls - 1st Event 2 - Dauntsey’s 6 Schools May Meet: U14 Team - 1st, U13 Team - 3rd, U12 Team - 3rd Event 3 - Sheldon: U14/U13 Team - 2nd Event 4 - Dauntsey’s 6 Schools Meet: Inter Girls - 4th Event 5 - Kingswood: U13/U12 Team - 2nd Event 6 - Dauntsey’s June Jamboree 5 Schools Meet: Junior Girls - 2nd, Minor Girls - 2nd ESAA COMBINED EVENT CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019 WSAA County Pentathlon & Quadrathlon Year 7 Results Team - A Team - 1st, B Team - 7th Individual Quadrathlon Results: Dora West - 1st, Claire Dodd - 4th, Ruby Guy - 9th, Isabel Reis - 12th, Emily Scrimgeour - 17th, Libby Graham-Campbell - 20th Year 8 Results Team - A Team - 1st, B Team - 2nd

The word athletics derives from the Ancient Greek ἀθλητής (athlētēs, ‘combatant in public games’) To some, it would appear that Athletics is an easy and natural activity that requires you to simply run, jump and throw; skills which are in essence a part of life from our earliest years. The reality, however, is it requires far more than these simple skills to become a good athlete. High performing athletes require physical strength, power, endurance, speed, coordination, agility and great mental


strength, so, this year, our athletes focussed on developing these essential abilities. In training, whether it be in a timetabled lesson or team practice, our athletes have been working hard to raise their level of fitness, develop their event specific technique and ultimately improve performance in competition. There have been inevitable ups and downs but, with an increasing number of girls training, our individual and team success at high level competitions continues to improve. Notable achievements included the Inter Girls 2nd place at the Regional Round of the ESAA Track and Field Cup, the Junior Team win at the early Marlborough College Meet

and excellent individual performances at the County Championships. The talent of our Senior Girls means we now have some significant role models for younger athletes who have been able to witness some stand out performances. It has been extremely pleasing to see the positive progress and witness each individual’s capacity to grow and develop as an athlete. To all our athletes - congratulations on an excellent season! Mrs Sally Hornby Head of Athletics

Individual Pentathlon Results: Harriet Hillman - 2nd, Hebe Hine - 4th, Helena Stahl - 7th, Eva-Rose Ferguson - 8th, Faith Beya - 10th, Alanah Keane - 16th. Year 9 Results Team - 1st Individual Pentathlon Results: Lily Mallinson - 2nd, Lara Marsh - 7th, Jemima Rundell - 8th SW REGIONAL COMBINED EVENT CHAMPIONSHIPS Lily Mallinson was selected to represent Wiltshire in the Pentathlon at the South West Combined Event in Exeter where she finished 17th overall with a score of 2222 pts. The Wiltshire Junior Girls Team finished 2nd from five Counties.

ESAA TRACK AND FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019 North Wiltshire Area Trials 31 St Mary’s athletes competed at the North Wiltshire Area Athletics Trials with 20 girls successfully securing a place to represent North Wiltshire at the WSAA County Championships. WSAA County Championships With 20 athletes competing at the County Championships, St Mary’s was well represented across both Track and Field events. There were some excellent individual performances and many PB’s on the day. Most notable performances included: Senior Girls Hum Hunt-Davis - 400m - 2nd Inter Girls India Boyd - 200m - 3rd, Long Jump - 4th Rosie Craven - 300m - 3rd Saskia Darling - High Jump - 2nd Daisy James - Triple Jump - 1st Grace Oge-Evans - Shot - 3rd Rose Strutt - Javelin - 4th Junior Girls Marybi Ashu - Discus - 3rd Harriet Hillman - 800m - 4th Lily Mallinson - 75m Hurdles - 3rd Tallulah Mackenzie Smith - High Jump - 3rd Farley Pfitzner - Discus - 2nd Jemima Rundell - Javelin - 3rd Minor Girls Claire Dodd - 70m Hurdles - 2nd Abi Fletcher - Shot - 2nd Dora West - Long Jump - 1st ESAA 2019 TRACK & FIELD CUP Round 1: Wiltshire County Athletics Track Swindon Inter Girls Team finished 2nd with 313pts Junior Girls Team finished 2nd with 251pts

SW Regional B Final The Inter Girls Team qualified to compete at the Regional B Final held at Down Grange Athletics Track Basingstoke. They finished 2nd with 329pts, just behind St Bartholomew’s School who won with 336pts. A very pleasing result and our highest in this competition. Individual athletes scoring 20 or more points included India Boyd (24pts, 200m), Jemima Rundell (20pts, Shot) and Rose Strutt (27 points, Javelin). COLOURS Junior Rose Byng Eva-Rose Ferguson Harriet Hillman Leah Hosten-Silva Tallulah Mackenzie Smith Lily Mallinson Lara Marsh Farley Pfitzner Jemima Rundell Inters India Boyd Fenella Challinor Rosie Craven Saskia Darling Susannah Hirst Daisy James Emma Okunbor Rose Strutt Seniors Caroline Brenchley Lucy Fitzpatrick Hum Hunt-Davis Scott Athletics Trophy for outstanding athletics achievement India Boyd


Sports Reports

The UIV quickly demonstrated their emerging strength and depth. The overt passion and determination to win in lessons and team practice meant that competition for team selection was high. Lucy Crone and Annabel Brown consistently justified top pairing, with Rebecca Nicholson and Anna Wateridge, Sadie Enthoven and Ashley Lam completing the regular team. Lily Mallinson and Farley Pfitzner also slotted in effortlessly, when not competing in Athletics. With very little splitting the whole squad, rankings and teams regularly changed from week to week, producing excellent results, but it was Sofia Dangalade, Willow Fane, Sylvie Keswick, Sophie Kitson, Pollyanna Paterson who held their places in the B Team by the end of the season. Interest and enthusiasm amongst the girls for tennis is at an all-time high! Private winter tennis coaching is proving very popular (our biggest cohort yet!) and, after another successful pre-season week in Palma, we hit the ground running with 11 of our 13 teams beating Cheltenham Ladies College on the first Saturday of term. This was followed by our annual Downe House tennis fixture; the matches were close, competitive and exciting. The following weekend, our top pairings were entered into the ISTGL Tournament at Bradfield College and this proved a very worthwhile experience, with St Mary’s finishing 4th out of the eight schools. The rest of the teams took on Marlborough College where we took most games to deuce, but failed to win the crucial points. We regained our fixture with Prior Park College and most teams experienced some tough matches. Our final Saturday match of the Summer Term was an inaugural fixture against Bradfield College. With their impressive all year-round facilities and indoor tennis centre, we knew it would be a tough set of matches, particularly as many of our Senior players were away on trips. The girls competed very well, with our teams winning three of the eight matches.


The U13As made significant improvement playing some really good competitive tennis in matches. Eloise Franks and Hebe Hine were a consistent and tenacious top pair. Pushed hard by Lucy de Rin and Eva-Rose Ferguson, with Laura Edwards and Harriet Hillman completing the team. The U13Bs won four of their six matches, led by the reliable pairing of Ellie Donald and Theadora Jackson. The U12s showed promising potential and growing prowess in Sport into the Summer Term, fielding three very decent tennis teams and winning 11 of their 15 matches as a year group. The A Team showed particular strength and depth, with an ongoing healthy fight for selection and subsequent ranking. Honor Bell and Libby Graham-Campbell claimed top spot, not dropping a set all term in school matches. They were pushed hard by Captain, Bene Tigerschiöld, and Sol Jimenez-Ugarte Ripoll, Isabel Reis and

Dora West completed the team, with a plethora of players eager to jump in their shoes. Claire Dodd and Emily Scrimgeour made great progress throughout the term, often grabbing the chance to play up. The reliable partnership of Carlota Solans Montesinos and Iona Parker produced consistent and commendable results for the B Team, which was completed with Ruby Guy and Skye Turner. Playing for the U12C VI can often be a steep learning curve as it usually means the girls haven’t played matches before and several girls rose to the challenge. Captained by Arabella Titley, they improved week on week and can be proud of their progress, especially the performances from Evie Medcalf and Alexandra Waterlow. Mrs Heidi Marvin Director of Sport

COMPANY TENNIS Playing Dauntsey’s rarely disappoints and, being located relatively close by, we took advantage of playing mid-week. We usually do very well winning against the younger teams and although we won the U12As, the U13As lost, 4-5. We will need to work harder to close the gap with their top Senior and U15 Teams. (The U14s matches were abandoned after playing for 30 minutes in torrential rain, despite our girls being keen to play on!). The majority of our players (and parents) acknowledge the benefit of time spent playing sport, giving a healthy break away from revision. We produced four decent Senior Teams and it was our UVI who initially earned the top honours: Hannah Barber, Olivia Ekins, Amelia Hatlapa, Sophie Mallinson, Georgina McLintock and Emily Smyth-Osbourne representing the 1st VI for the first half of term.

The standard of play in the Company Tennis Tournaments this year was impressive and all the more exciting with many matches going down to the wire. The LVI, however, were snapping at their heels and seamlessly stepped into their shoes when exams took over. The U15s had a tough season in terms of mere statistics, and although the season culminated with the U15As and Cs narrowly defeated 4-5 by Bradfield, they played some of their best tennis, with the U15Bs taking an 8-1 win. Our top pairing was usually Talitha Powell and Rose Strutt, but they were consistently challenged by Rosie GrahamCampbell and Daisy James, with third pairing status achieved by Grace Law and Octavia Sanger. Isabella Donald and Chloe WrightHaynie showed their strength as the B Team top pairing, with Alice and Catriona Hay or Charlotte Nicholson and Sarah Pedgley often stepping up confidently when needed. As a year group, the girls showed great consistency and stamina, with all teams battling hard and winning 75% of fixtures.





Ed Rich



Ed Rich






Ed Rich





Hannah Barber Georgia Brooks Hebe Edgar Olivia Ekins Davina Gray Laura Greene Amelia Hatlapa Ella Malik Sophie Mallinson Georgina McLintock Emily Smyth-Osbourne

Isabella Donald Rosie Graham-Campbell Daisy James Grace Law Talitha Powell Octavia Sanger Rose Strutt  Chloe Wright-Haynie 

Annabel Brown Lucy Crone Sadie Enthoven Ashley Lam Lily Mallinson Rebecca Nicholson Farley Pfitzner Anna Wateridge 


The Norman Tennis Trophy was awarded to Lucy Crone for excellence in her standard of play and positive attitude.


ould be ‘My top DofE tip w se lugging PACK LIGHT becau over 12kgs around a bag that is hausting!’ for four days gets ex

Duke ofgh r u b n i d E


Erica Tuma, LVI Fo

had remembered sunscreen and had enough water. Scraping the ice off the outside of the tents in the morning, however, was a bit of a shock! As ever, there were a few groups who viewed their route card merely as a suggestion and ended up in some interesting locations and approached checkpoints from unplanned directions!

At St Mary’s all three levels of DofE – Gold, Silver and Bronze – are offered, with each consisting of four sections of activity:Volunteering, Physical, Skill and Expedition. To make it through to the Gold Award takes perseverance and commitment, but the invitation to mix with the Royal Family at the presentation ceremony makes it all worthwhile!

We Did It!

It was a wonderfully sunny day as Camilla Lewin, Sophie Mallinson and I queued to enter the stunning grounds of Buckingham Palace for our Gold DofE Award Presentation Ceremony. As everyone arrived, we had the opportunity to enjoy the live music, take a few photos and stroll around the beautiful palace gardens, managing to discover the hidden tennis court! We found our group for the day and were treated to a lively introduction by a DofE

representative, who reminded us of the value of our accomplishment and everything we had learnt through completing our award. We then stood in wait of the appearance of the Royals on the steps of the palace, while the national anthem played. We had the honour of meeting Princess Beatrice as she walked through the different groups, congratulating us on our achievement. She asked us what we had done for the various sections of our Gold Award, and

Trips & Expeditions

was particularly interested in Sophie’s experience volunteering for Kenya Lacrosse. Each group was also allocated a celebrity and we were lucky enough to get the chance to meet Natalie Dormer, whom many recognised from her roles in Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games. After sharing a few words of wisdom with us and answering questions from the group, she presented us each with our Gold DofE Award certificates – we had done it! Hannah Barber UVI Form

PRACTICE EXPEDITION At the start of the Easter break, four groups of students set off on their Silver DofE Practice Expedition. Enjoying the local delights of the Kennet and Avon Canal, Avebury, West Woods, Alton Barnes and Knap Hill, the girls walked and camped for three days carrying all their equipment, food and drink. Luckily, the weather was kind to them during the day; they even needed to make sure that they

Mr Rose enjoyed a short run out to rescue a group heading towards a dead end between two rivers, though they thought he was an angry farmer running towards them! All groups performed well and retained a sense of humour and a good team spirit throughout the trip.

FINAL EXPEDITION On 21st June, 22 UV Form girls came back to school after their GCSEs to complete their Silver DofE Final Expedition.

They girls left from Uphill near Weston-SuperMare, in glorious sunshine, to walk up Bleadon Hill to the Netherdale Campsite (a sevenhour trek via Crooks Peak). On reaching the campsite, the girls were very efficient in pitching their tents and were soon ready to cook supper. The assessor was duly impressed. All of the girls rose early the next morning to successfully complete the second day of hiking and camping at Fern Hill Farm. The girls’ navigation throughout the three days was spot on and all the girls achieved their Silver Award. The majority of the group are now looking to continue to Gold level! The girls were a pleasure to camp with and the Netherdale Campsite owner commented that they are always very pleased to have our groups, as the girls are so polite and considerate to others.

‘Experiencing DofE together and overcoming all the challenges brings you closer in a way that you weren’t before,’ Three teams set off to the Yorkshire Dales at the end of the Summer Term to complete their Gold DofE Final Expedition. It was another very hot year, with the girls having to carry extra water and getting refills a number of times throughout the day.

Erica Tuma, LVI Fo


The assessor was very complimentary about their team work and how well they looked after each other, also about their knowledge and competence on the hillside, adding, ‘I would not expect anything less from St Mary’s girls’. The teams always had a cheerful and positive attitude throughout, completing their four-day expedition on a high at Settle railway station. They were a pleasure to be with and look after.



Trips & Expeditions

PRACTICE EXPEDITION On the morning of Sunday 24th March, in glorious weather, the LV set off in teams for their Bronze DofE Practice Expedition. The day started at school with full kit checks and backpacks being weighed to ensure the teams were ready for the long walk to the campsite. Each team was accompanied all day by an instructor to teach them how to map read and walk safely in the countryside. Once teams arrived at the campsite they were taught how to put up tents and cook safely on trangia stoves. After a cold and noisy night, courtesy of the one of the campsite goats, girls woke to a sunny day, which made ideal conditions for cooking breakfast and re-packing backpacks. After checking their maps, teams set off unaccompanied to walk to Avebury to meet the coach taking them back to school. Instructors met them at checkpoints along the way and most teams arrived in Avebury on time.

FINAL EXPEDITION On Monday 10th June, the LV girls set off in the wild and wet weather, knowing that solid rain was forecast for the entire time of their Bronze DofE Final Expedition. It is a testament to the girls that they managed to remain cheerful despite being wet and cold


by the time they got to the campsite. Tents were set up in the driving rain and the girls quickly cooked their evening meals, aware that even heavier rain and wind was forecast. Everyone was wet and cold, so they scrambled into tents and sleeping bags to warm up and shelter from the weather.

The girls were delighted to be back at school where House Staff plied them with hot chocolate as they dried out. The girls did amazingly well in the conditions and they can all be proud of surviving the weather and cheerfully completing their Bronze DofE Expedition section.

The girls did very well to survive the cold, stormy and windy night, although no-one slept very well. Daybreak brought lighter rain and the girls gratefully packed up, cooked breakfast and started the six-hour walk to the finish.

Mrs Eloise MacLean DofE Coordinator

It has been another rich and varied year with Chapel being at the heart of our community.

Mrs Elizabeth Thompson Outdoor Activities Coordinator

Daily Chapel has continued to be a central feature of school life. An interesting development this year has been the Donaldson Chapels – a themed series that has happened most Tuesday mornings and has involved a wide range of staff. In the Autumn Term we looked at the 1920s, in the Spring Term our attention turned to The Renaissance and in Summer we enjoyed learning about Japan. Chapel on Sunday evenings provides a great opportunity for everyone to come back together after a busy weekend; to pause, reflect and centre ourselves on God. In March, it was lovely to welcome The Reverend Jenny Totney as a guest preacher. Every year there are a number of big occasions in the life of Chapel. The first to happen is the Remembrance Service. This always falls to the UVI to organise and this year Camilla Lewin did a superb job in leading her fellow students. With 2018 marking the 100 year anniversary of the end of the First World War this provided the central focus for our remembering. A few weeks later, we enjoyed a lovely Carol Service, filling the Parish Church with music and candlelight. Confirmation this year involved a lively group of 28 girls. Week by week, throughout the Autumn Term, we met in St Prisca’s common room to watch the Youth Alpha


videos and to talk about the Christian Faith, our conversations fuelled by Mrs Paddock’s baking. Prior to confirmation, we had a great weekend at Lee Abbey in North Devon, enjoying the stunning scenery, engaging in some really fun activities and taking the chance to think, pray and worship. As the post of Bishop of Ramsbury was gapped at the time, we were very fortunate that The Right Reverend Richard Atkinson OBE, the Bishop of Bedford, was able to come to take the Confirmation Service. Bishop Richard is Mrs Rothwell’s brother and so already had a connection to the school. He conducted a warm and inclusive service and spoke with great clarity.

mark the end of the year. This fell on the hottest day of the year so we were glad of the coolness of St Mary’s Church. The Reverend Peter Giles was our preacher and spoke very powerfully about the continuing value and significance of the school’s Christian heritage. Peter was my predecessor and this year’s Leavers were the last year group who knew him as their Chaplain (when they were in LIV), so it was lovely for him to be able to celebrate with them.

The final big occasion of the year was the Founders’ Day Commemoration Service, which saw a record number of parents joining the girls to

Many people support the school through their prayers. For the last few years a group of parents have been meeting once a term to pray for the school. I am very grateful for this and if there are any current parents who would like to be part of this group then please get in touch with me. Father Jonathan Beach School Chaplain


News News

Sports Reports

On Friday 31st May, Halle, my Australian exchange student, arrived at Heathrow Airport. After less than 24 hours from landing, we thought a trip to Bath, being a unique English city with a rich history and heritage, would be the perfect start to her stay in England. During the day, we looked around Bath, introduced her to Costa and Boots (explaining that it wasn’t a shoe shop!) and finished with a play at the beautiful Bath Theatre Royal. Two weeks later, it was the long weekend everyone was looking forward to - exeat. This time, we decided to visit London by train. As we got off at Paddington Station, photos were taken, pasties were bought and Google maps was opened. The first destination was Madame Tussauds, followed by a wander down Oxford Street and we finished our day on the London Eye.

the most was that all their sport training sessions were done in the morning before the school day began! I also got to experience their Sports Day, which was similar to ours as they also had the system of companies/houses, and joined in with one of the relays. As I was boarding at St Hilda’s, I shared a dorm with other exchange students; one girl from New York and another from Somerset. This was great as we were able share our exchange experience together.

On Saturday 6th July, I set foot in Australia, where a more popular activity is to go to the beach! The Mudimu family, however, made sure that I had visited the main aspects of the Gold Coast before heading off to St Hilda’s, the Australian school I would be joining. We visited the tourist destination of Surfer’s Paradise and the humongous shopping mall, Pacific Fair. We also went canoeing on a lake near their house, which was great fun, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

On Friday 25th January, our Ski Race Team of seven girls flew out to Flaine, France, to take part in the 2019 British Schoolgirls’ Races. It was the 60th anniversary of the races, so it was quite a special occasion.

The only thing I do regret was not being able to see a koala or kangaroo, however, most importantly, I loved every second of this adventure. Gwen Fournier LV Form

The whole exchange programme was amazing! I’ve always been interested in different cultures and have been curious to ask ‘why?’ and ‘what?’ people do differently in different places.


Ski Races

The exchange allowed me to answer these questions and ask more! I also gained selfconfidence, as I travelled alone from one airport to the next, and I met many new people who were all so kind and welcoming.

It was then time for school! St Hilda’s is a girls’ boarding school and what is taught in the classroom is very similar to St Mary’s; however, outside the classroom many aspects were different. The thing that shocked me

' s l r i g l o o h c S h s i 2019 Brit

This year will be remembered for how cold it was and the amount of snowfall! It was a constant -10°C and that wasn’t even including the wind chill factor at the top of the piste. The girls trained on Saturday and Sunday with our wonderful ski coach,Vincent Channel, though training finished early on Sunday due to the weather. We had an early start on Monday morning, with our Captain, Ella Fenton (LVI), collecting the race bibs, ready for the Giant Slalom. There were 153 girls racing in four age group categories: U14, U16, U18 and U21. We had girls in the U16 and U18 categories, as our UIV are classed as U16. There were some amazing ski racers taking part and it was fabulous to see future Olympians come down the course. The Grand Slalom course was quite tricky and unfortunately Ella’s bindings released, causing her to crash. Celeste Olsoff, Amelie Olsoff (A Team), Amber Preston, Lily Ergatoudis and Pollyanna Paterson (B Team) managed to get down and have a second run.

With everyone in good spirits after a fun Day One, we hit the crêperie and ate to our heart's content. Day Two brought the Slalom

Race, which is a much more technical race than the Grand Slalom. It was a very cold day and the course was busy with banana gates and verticales. The last gate was a verticale with a stray red pole which caused much confusion and some disqualifications. We managed to get five out of six skiers down to have a second run. The most eagerly awaited part of the competition - the dual

parallel races were unfortunately cancelled due to dangerous skiing conditions. This year’s team was a very young and race-naive team, but they held strong and tried their hardest. Celeste and Amelie had never raced before; however, Celeste managed to gain 9th out of 28 racers in the U16 category. It was a truly fantastic week of training and racing, and the girls were a pleasure to be with. Mrs Natalie Baldwin Head of Extra-Curricular Activities and PE Teacher


Trips & Expeditions

The reconstructed frescos at Knossos

In March, students from the LV, UV and LVI and four staff members set out to visit Crete on a Classics trip to see the Minoan palaces and towns of 2000 BC. After a night flight and a connection in Athens, we arrived in Heraklion and checked into the Olympic Hotel in the town centre. After a quick rest, we gathered at a local café for a traditional breakfast that filled us up for the busy day ahead. First on our agenda was the Heraklion Archaeological Museum where we saw some of the amazing treasures found in the villas that we would soon visit. From beehive pendants to double-headed axes and snake goddesses, we saw many incredible artefacts. We also saw frescos showing bull leaping and hunting, giving us a clear idea of what the Minoans got up to in their free time! This fired up our excitement to see the ancient palaces in

real life. Of course, this historical visit had to be followed by an ice cream in a café, which was very much appreciated! After a break, we went to the Church of Bishop Titus, whose skull is supposed to be buried there. We explored more of Heraklion and returned to the hotel for dinner and an early night, looking forward to our second day.

LV in the ancient town of Gournia

Day Three consisted of a trip to the east of Crete, where we saw two more palaces, in Malia and Zakros, as well as the industrial town of Gournia, where we all enjoyed seeing the idyllic sea view behind the old town remains. We had a lovely lunch in Zakros, where we also had a chance to paddle in the sea. Our last stop of the day was at the Dorian settlement of Itanos. We saw the remains of a Byzantine temple and houses, and then climbed to the top of a small mountain to see the full view of the settlement. From there, we went to the Toplou Monastery and visited the small chapel, which was a very special moment. We then embarked on our long journey back to Heraklion and admired the beautiful sunset as we approached the town.

Day Two was a busy day that started with our tour guide showing us around Phaistos, the second largest palace in Crete, and Gortys, a Roman town. We also visited the summer villa of the king at Agia Triada where we enjoyed an outstanding panoramic view of the surrounding areas. In the evening, we were taught Greek and Cretian dances by a professional, ending with a group dance that involved a lot of spinning and spiralling!! It was a great way to relax after a very full day.

have started. We also visited the store rooms of the palace where some beautiful pots (taller than us!) were kept. Of course, this visit was followed by some souvenir shopping in a local market. We then went to another museum in Heraklion as a final instalment of history before we drove to the airport and caught our flight back to Calne. The trip was inspiring and informative, as well as an enjoyable and fun experience for all of us. It gave us a deeper understanding of Cretian history and put our learning into perspective; we look forward to even more Classics trips to come!

In the mini amphitheatre at the Ancient Palace of Knossos 90

Our final day could not have been better, with blue skies and 25ºC weather for our much anticipated visit to capital of Minoan Crete, Knossos. We enjoyed seeing the recreated frescos in situ, as we had seen the originals in the museum on our first day, and saw where the mythological labyrinth was speculated to

Thank you to all of the staff who made this wonderful trip happen – it was a truly memorable adventure!! Elan Fryar, Emily Wright and Daisy Gough LV Form


Sports Reports

Trips & Expeditions

EQUESTRIANS SHINE AT ST MARY’S CALNE HORSE SHOW On Tuesday 18th June, the LVI Geographers went to Tenerife to conduct the fieldwork for our individual Non-Examined Assessment (modern day coursework). Each person has a different NEA title and investigation, so the island was a perfect place to do our fieldwork, as it boasts a large variety of geographical features and areas, such as volcanoes, beaches and dunes, and coastal resorts. As the island is also made from volcanic material, we could also touch upon topics covered next year, such as tectonic activity.

After a 4am start, we landed at the South Airport and went straight into doing some fieldwork investigations. Ignacio, our guide, met us at the airport and took us directly to an area for some fieldwork on cliff morphology and dryland vegetation succession. We then headed to El Medano Beach to carry out more fieldwork, this time focusing on beach morphology and sand dune succession. Other girls were able to take part in a private tour with a banana plantation owner, to investigate the interrelationships between industry and the physical environment. We then travelled 92

to Puerto de la Cruz on the north side of the island where our hotel was located. After dinner, many of us went into town to conduct our human activity investigations.

of Tenerife. We watched an informative video that explained how the tunnels were formed and the different types of lava we were going to come across in the tunnels.

These projects varied from assessments of the success of local redevelopment strategies, to the environmental quality in tourist honeypot areas. When all of this was done, we were able to settle into our hotel, which had a rooftop pool and terrace that overlooked the town; it was a beautiful view that we enjoyed until it was time for bed.

All of us then kitted up with helmets and hair nets and drove to the skylight (caved in tunnel roof) which was half-way up the mountain.

The next day, we set off to Mount Teide, which is the main volcanic complex on the island. We stopped on the way to get some fresh sandwiches for lunch, and practise our Spanish in a local store. We met Alexis Calves, a volcano expert from the Tenerife Volcanic Observatory, who took us on a guided tour around Mount Teide and showed us the main geological features and explained how they were formed. This allowed us to see first-hand the different types of lava flows and other geological structures, such as dykes and sills. The trip to Mount Teide also allowed for more of us to undertake fieldwork. Some girls then went off to a local Canary Island pine forest to investigate the relationship between the carbon and water cycles in this rare ecosystem. On the way back to the hotel we stopped in La Orotava, a traditional market town, where we asked members of the public to fill in a survey about how they perceived an area of the town for another investigation. We then headed back to the hotel for supper and into Puerto de la Cruz to play and swim at the beach, which was great fun! On Thursday, we drove in the coach to the Cueva Del Viento lava tunnels, which run underneath the north coastal region

We all entered the tunnel and made our way down, identifying both aa and pahoehoe lava, and observed the route the lava flows had taken. We could also see evidence of ropey lava flows and we discussed with the tour guide how it got there, which was very interesting to discover. In the afternoon we had a relaxing time at Lago de Martinez, a beautiful salt water lagoon, where we swam with the sun beaming down on us. We could also see the view out to sea from the lagoon as well as the lagoon being very enjoyable to swim in. After a very tiring day we then drove back to the hotel and explored the town nearby treating ourselves to some ice cream which was very yummy! On our last day we went to the Los Gigantes basalt cliffs on a catamaran, whilst watching pilot whales and dolphins! This was definitely our favourite day! On the boat ride we also looked out at Los Gigantes, while Mr Curran gave us an interesting geology lesson on how the 650m high cliffs on this coastline were formed. The boat then stopped near a lovely beach that was a safe area for open sea swimming. We could jump in from the boat, which was incredible, though the sea was quite chilly, so we definitely didn’t want to stay in there too long! We then got out of the water and used the remainder of the boat trip to dry off and continued to spot dolphins and whales. Although we did a lot of work on the trip, it was fun, interesting and enjoyable - which was probably assisted by the constant nice weather! Ella Malik and Alexandra Thomson-Glover LVI Form

A beautiful, sunny day set the scene for a great day of NSEA jumping. With lots of entries, we ran a full day of Jumping with Style qualifiers. We were very lucky to welcome Matt Ryan, a triple Olympic Gold medallist in Eventing, as our guest judge for the day. It was an honour to have such a knowledgeable rider to offer his help and experience for the day.

St Mary’s were well represented in the 90/95cm class, just missing out on some top qualifying places, but jumped some fantastic rounds with Lara finishing in 12th and Lottie Royle in 13th.

The 70/75cm class got underway and St Mary’s had some great results with Clemmie Hargreaves on Deo finishing in 2nd and Iris Nicholson on Foxy finishing in 3rd, both qualifying for the National School Championships. Amelia Hicks, on Markway Silver Moon, finished in 5th place, qualifying for the NSEA Plate. Iris went on to take the top spot in the 80cm class with her pony, Foxy. Iris rode a beautiful round and was rewarded with a fantastic style mark from the style judge. Annabel Brown on her pony, Queenie, finished in 3rd. Annabel and Iris both booked their places at the NSEA Championships in this big class. Iris and Annabel were also part of a team with Lara Marsh and Nancy Harper - the team finished in 2nd place, which ensured a team qualification for the Championship.

finished in 2nd, securing their place at the Championships.

In class 4, after a long day of helping, Alice Gates and her pony, Star Twelve, took 1st place in a competitive 1m/1.05m class, booking their place at the NSEA Championships. Lottie also finished in 8th and 9th, Flo de Selliers in 12th and Emily Lavelle in 20th. The St Mary’s team of Alice, Emily and Lottie also

In the final class of the day, the 1.10, Lottie Royle shone and finished in 3rd, picking up her ticket for the Championships and Emily Lavelle finished in 7th, qualifying for the NSEA Plate. I would like to thank all of the parents who gave up their time over the weekend, without their help it would not have been possible to run the day. Thank you also to the girls who helped with putting up poles and keeping

West Wilts Equestrian Centre tidy. The event was truly fantastic, with some very impressive jumps seen throughout the day. I’m very proud of the effort and professionalism shown by all our competing riders. Congratulations to all. Miss Kerry Emms Equestrian Coordinator


Trips & Expeditions

The group of 24 was hosted in a beautiful converted farmhouse, La Vieille Ferme, in the style of a large ski chalet. The stunning setting of Samoëns, an hour’s drive from Geneva, provided a wonderful backdrop to the trip and the girls appreciated the homemade food, the culture and the warm welcome of the local people. On the last day, the clouds finally lifted and the girls were able to appreciate the stunning mountain views.

‘I was amazed by the fact that, within the Alpine Botanic Garden in Samoëns, there are at least 5000 types of mountain flower, originating from all five continents!’ It was a delight to see just how enthusiastic they were throughout the trip and, dare I say it, how much French they may even have learnt! Mrs Northcote-Green, French Teacher Alice Gates, UIV Form

In June, the UIV girls enjoyed an exciting, though rain drenched, French language trip to the Alps. In small groups, they fully embraced their daily language challenges, led by local French assistants. ‘The trip to Samoëns greatly improved my French speaking skills. Each day, we would have conversation lessons with a local French assistant, to discuss a variety of subjects in French, such as our favourite sports.’ Alice Gates The girls battled the elements as they enjoyed high ropes and rafting and even swam in an icy mountain lake. For some students, these activities were well out of their comfort zone, so their teachers were very impressed.


‘Part way through our white water rafting session, we had to climb out of the rafts to walk around a gorge. Then, once on the other side, we individually jumped into the river off a ledge before swimming across the current to clamber back into our raft. It was an exciting experience and we all had a lot of fun!’ The girls treated us to theatrical performances of Cendrillon (Cinderella) and managed to negotiate the shops, tourist

attractions and the local weekly market during their treasure hunts. ‘During our trips to town, I would speak to the residents and ask them for directions or simply for information. This is something which I hadn’t previously had the opportunity, or confidence, to do!’


Founders’ Day 2019

Founders' Day

has ‘seen them grow up’. She praised their perseverance and achievements throughout their school career, which have been impressive, including, very importantly, the school’s best-ever set of GCSE results! A special vote of thanks was given to the Prefect Team under the outstanding leadership of Hannah Barber, and ably supported by Sylvia Rutherford and Charka Stout as Deputy Head Girls; their leadership has been greatly valued.

On a glorious summer day, Saturday 29th June, the warmest of the year so far, the whole school gathered to celebrate Founders’ Day. to the stage with the rest of the String Quartet for a performance of one of Mozart’s chamber masterpieces, and a Blues Quartet comprised of Kirsten Higgins, Hannah Barber, Sienna Wong and Mr Chris Totney took to the stage for the second performance of Kirsten’s highly-accomplished A-Level composition. String Sinfonia concluded the set with a performance of the ever-popular Montagues and Capulets from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet.

The proceedings of the day started with the traditional Commemoration Service at the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin in Calne. Given the hot weather, it was good to be in the coolness of St Mary’s Church for the service. We were accompanied by Mr Chris Totney, on the piano, and we enjoyed enthusiastic singing from the congregation throughout the ceremony. The Reverend Peter Giles, who was previously Chaplain at the school until 2013, spoke eloquently

all it was a very special service and a wonderful way to commence the day. The day was filled with music, art and celebration. In school, visitors viewed the Founders’ Day Art Exhibition, a celebration of the artistic talent and creativity of the girls, with more than 100 pieces featured and every year group represented. Parents were encouraged to take time to explore the exhibition and admire the range of artistic expression delivered by the school’s emerging artists.

on the subject of vocation, reminding the Leavers of the rich Christian heritage of which they were part and of how they could continue to live out their faith in the years to come. The Chamber Choir sang two anthems, including a very poignant version of Amazing Grace. We were also privileged to enjoy the premiere performance, by the Junior Consort, of a new work by Mr Totney, based on words by Walter de la Mere. It was a lovely composition and very fitting for the occasion. As ever, the final hymn provoked some tears amongst the Leavers, but all in


Music in the Marquee was underway before lunch with performances by our UVI Leavers: Amy Black and Michaela Mason commenced the proceedings with The Rainbow Connection and Amy went on to a very moving performance of her Coldplay solo, Yellow. Music Scholars, Natasha Ashbridge and Millie Knight, entertained the crowd with a beautiful ‘cello duet’, and fellow string-player Michaela gave a heartfelt rendition of Kodaly’s Adagio. Ila Shetty and Hannah Barber, both Music Scholars, each performed solo works; Ila gave a skillful piano performance of When I Look at You, and Hannah reprised her scintillating showcase piece, Brazilian Overture. Natasha returned

While families enjoyed picnics in the sunshine, or in the much-sought-after shaded areas, the UVI Leavers and their parents, along with VIPs and Guests, also enjoyed a special champagne reception.

It was soon time for everyone to make their way to the Main Marquee for the Prizegiving Ceremony. Chair of Governors, Mr Svante Adde, opened the proceedings by acknowledging the Governors, thanking Dr Kirk and her staff for their hard work and commitment and saying a fond farewell to those Governors who were moving on, thanking them for their generous contributions, before handing on to Headmistress, Dr Felicia Kirk. Dr Kirk opened by thanking all those involved with the Commemoration Service, particularly The Reverend Peter Giles for his inspirational address which perfectly captured the values and spirit of the school’s Founders. She then welcomed our Guest Speaker, Professor Heather McGregor CBE, the Executive Dean of the Edinburgh Business School and author of two wise, funny and clever books – Mrs Moneypenny’s Financial Advice for Independent Women and Careers Advices for Ambitious Women. Dr Kirk went on to explain that it has been a year of huge progress and achievement by all the girls and she was enormously proud of everyone. She thanked the teaching staff for their outstanding dedication and the efforts of the equally hardworking non-teaching staff, alongside the PGSM, for their ongoing support and all the families, friends and supporters who make the school the thriving place it is today. A special thanks was given to Svante Adde for his support during his first year as Chair of Governors, noting that the time he dedicates to the role, as well as the skills he brings, are much appreciated. Dr Kirk then went on to praise the UVI Leavers who have ‘worked hard, sometimes also played hard, and – individually and collectively – they are jolly good company!’ She commented that they will always be a special group to her, as they are the first cohort she has seen through their seven years at Calne and she

to deliver a very original and creative account of the secrets to her success, focusing on three things she wished she knew as a young woman. Firstly, the ‘value of a good hand bag’ and accessorising her bag with a copy of the Financial Times, in order to be taken seriously. Her point being, that it takes just 13 milliseconds for a person’s brain to process an image, and first impressions count. Secondly, to ‘never, ever give up on your dream’, and, finally, there is no such sentence as ‘I can’t do it’, the reality is that you can’t do it… alone. Everything that you personally achieve in life is with the help and support of others and you, in turn, can help and support others to fulfil their dreams. She finished with a flying analogy (she became a pilot aged 47): ‘You can never have too much fuel, height or runway’ and as Calne Girls, the 2019 Leavers are well poised to go flying.

She also paid tribute to leaving staff and thanked them for their enormous contribution to the school and to the lives of many, many girls over the years.

The Prizegiving then followed and Dr Kirk praised the girls, before introducing Head Girl, Hannah Barber.

Dr Kirk then commenced a thought-provoking and optimistic address focused on ‘megatrends’, that exist on a global level, but ultimately affect every one of us; the threats to our environment, the impact of a growing aging population and globalisation. Each of these challenges also brings opportunities for change and to move society forward. She hoped that the girls would find it a motivating and exciting prospect to build on their unique talents and on everything learnt at Calne, to help the world tackle the issues that face us all. Dr Kirk added that by providing an inspiring, forwardthinking and relevant education, St Mary’s had equipped them well to do just that.

Hannah delivered a heartfelt speech filled with funny, sweet and insightful anecdotes relating to the UVI Leavers time at Calne, before concluding with words of wisdom from Winnie the Pooh, ‘How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard’.

Her address concluded with some rousing words for the Leavers, from a speech made by the famous suffragist, Millicent Fawcett, in 1899, ‘You must not labour simply for yourselves, simply to be rich or prosperous – but … do something in your day and generation that should make the community in which you live better, purer and nobler for your work’. Though these words may have been spoken long ago, they still resonate and are just as relevant for our times.

Tea-time performances in the Music Marquee followed from many of the school’s major ensembles: Big Band, Wind Ensemble, Strictly Strings all appeared, plus a lovely vocal duet, piano solo and duet piano performances.

Dr Kirk then closed the proceedings by wishing the Leavers well and reminding them that they will always be a member of this community and always a ‘Calne Girl’. She then invited them to take to the podium one final time for their Leavers’ parting gifts from the school, before they exited the marquee to the music of The Great Escape!

In all, it was a sincere, warm-hearted send off to our 2019 Leavers, who will be remembered as an energetic, socially conscious and generous year group.

Our Guest Speaker, Professor Heather McGregor CBE, then took to the podium


Founders’ Day 2019

Founders’ Day Prizes

These prizes are awarded on the basis of performance during the academic year as a whole and are not tied to the results in the internal exams.

JUNIOR LIV – UIV Art (including Junior Art Cup) Elyse Leung Drama Leah Hosten-Silva Music Tessa Harrison Sport Lily Mallinson SENIOR LV - LVI Art Zara Verschoyle Drama Amalie Macnaughtan Music Shubha Shetty Sport Ella Malik



OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTOR PRIZES These are nominated by Houses for a girl in their year group

LATIN LIV Claire Dodd MIV Hannah Clargo UIV Tessa Harrison LV Lydia Metaxa UV Susannah Hirst LVI Georgina Auvray Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Hannah Barber, Effie Dollar, Arabella Fane,

HOUSE AWARD Nominated by Houses for a girl in their year group who has given ‘Above and Beyond the Call of Duty’ Ruby Guy Amy Sneller Anna Wateridge Fenella Challinor Grace Law Momo Adebayo

Lucy Fitzpatrick, Amelia Hatlapa, Rosie Horwood, Amelia Jardine Paterson, Camilla Lewin, Sophie Mallinson, Emily Sandbach The Service Award is a special award presented to a member of staff with 30 years’ service to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Mrs Liz Thompson Katherine Benthall Senior Art Cup - Celia Ellis Biology Prize - Sophie Mallinson and Natasha Ashbridge

OVERALL ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT PRIZES These are based on examination performance in summer examinations

Classical Civilisation Prize - TT Ward Thomas


for Exemplary Contribution to Music - Hannah Barber

Honor Bell Laura Edwards Beatrix Arnold Catriona Hay Megan Harley-Martin Georgina Auvray

Alexandra Waterlow Brianna Tang Sarah Cheng Gigi Lane Nina Waterlow Selena Corsellis

CLASSICS The Margaret Beater Classics Cup Beatrix Arnold

Dora West Elyse Leung Phoebe Matten Josephine Newcombe Isla Campbell Amena Boyd

School House St Prisca’s House St Cecilia’s House Gibbins House Joyce Walters House Florence Dyas House

Subject Prizes

Chemistry Prize - Millie Knight Penrose Foss Classics Cup and the Susannah Hunt Music Prize Drama and Theatre Studies Prize - Lucy Fitzwilliam-Lay The Leadbetter Prize for Outstanding Performance - Isabella Iversen Economics Prize and Politics Prize - Michaela Mason The Mayhew A Level English Cup - Isabel Baker and Isabella Iversen French Cup and the Spanish Prize - Georgina McLintock Geography Prize and Outstanding Achievement in Sports Prize - Caroline Brenchley German Prize - Camilla Lewin History of Art Prize - Joanna Kim The Mavis Hunter A Level History Prize - Zara Collier Baggs and Charka Stout Latin Prize - Bella Seymour Greek Prize - Frances Arnold Sue Lawton Prize for Mathematics - Sylvia Rutherford Further Mathematics Prize - Zara Collier Baggs Mayhew Prize for Music for All-Round Contribution - Ila Shetty The Finlandia Cup (voted for by members of the Chamber Choir) - Emily Smyth-Osbourne Religion, Philosophy and Ethics Prize - Isabel Baker Physics Prize - Vicky Shi Charles Crawford Sixth Form Science Prize - Charka Stout Psychology Prize - Grace Clarke Services to Sport Cup - Amelia Hatlapa

GREEK UIV Anna Wateridge LV Alice Hay UV Nancy Xie LVI Georgina Auvray CLASSICAL CIVILISATION MIV Candy Liu UIV Celeste Olsoff LV Saskia Darling UV Sabrina Kwok LVI Vanessa Wong COMPUTER SCIENCE LV Kimberley Hudson UV Belinda Harrison LVI Elisabeth Herratt COMPUTING LIV Honor Bell MIV Grace Dowdeswell UIV Lottie Royle

Senior Winner Michaela Mason GEOGRAPHY LIV Honor Bell MIV Amy Sneller UIV Demilade Ajibola LV Jemima Keveth UV Lily Ryder LVI Rose Hastie HISTORY LIV Emily Scrimgeour MIV Amy Sneller UIV Martha Rowell LV Isabella Donald UV Annabel Pedgley LVI Jolie Ryan-Dawes HISTORY OF ART LVI Hannah Gibson MATHEMATICS LIV Coco Yu MIV Faith Beya UIV Mafalda Merladet Moreno LV Vivian Liu UV Annie Jiang LVI Lucy Jefford FURTHER MATHEMATICS LVI Georgina Auvray MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES Chinese LIV Abi Fletcher MIV Harriet Hillman UIV Beauella Purcell LV Elan Fryar UV Zara Warbanoff LVI Clara Duncan

CRITICAL & CREATIVE THINKING LIV Libby Graham-Campbell MIV Tilly Haslam UIV Sadie Enthoven LVI Oonah Illingworth

French LIV Zina Stevens MIV Laura Edwards UIV Beatrix Arnold LV Catriona Hay UV Agnes Arnold LVI Poppy Read

DRAMA LIV Evie Medcalf MIV Eléa Aylwin UIV Phoebe Matten LV Khalilah Katagum UV Fenella Challinor LVI Kirsten Higgins

German MIV Belle Chang UIV Tessa Harrison LV Marguerite Pickford UV Isabella Fielden-Page LVI Mya Penny

ECONOMICS LVI Rose Hastie ENGLISH LIV Bea Fox MIV Izzy Albery UIV Alice Gates (includes the Junior English Cup) LV Sarah Pedgley UV Megan Harley-Martin ENGLISH LITERATURE LV Isabella Donald UV Charlotte Slater LVI Jolie Ryan-Dawes



Spanish LIV Alice du Roy de Blicquy MIV Faith Beya UIV Anna Wateridge LV Gwen Fournier UV Charlotte Slater LVI Amena Boyd MUSIC LIV Evie Medcalf MIV Laura Edwards UIV Iona Stanwell LV Elan Fryar UV Megan Harley-Martin LVI Holly Stephens

The Barnett Prize for Music in the UIV Form Sienna Wong The Heather Manners Award for Progress for an outstanding first year of tuition on a new instrument MIV Belle Chang Fourth Form Music Competition Winner Sienna Wong POLITICS LVI Adebola Abudu PSYCHOLOGY LVI Erica Tuma RELIGIOUS STUDIES LIV Ruby Guy MIV Izzy Albery UIV Jemima Back RELIGION, PHILOSOPHY & ETHICS LV Stephanie Tsang UV Emma Okunbor LVI Rosie Bromiley SCIENCE General Science Prize LIV Zina Stevens MIV Grace Dowdeswell The Woodruff Science Prize for most improved in the LIV Form Molly Cawley Junior Science Cup Mafalda Merladet Moreno Biology UIV Alice Gates LV Catriona Hay UV Sabrina Kwok LVI Erica Tuma Chemistry UIV Hannah Thorneloe LV Kimberley Hudson UV Ellie Bourne LVI Yu Ying Sy Physics UIV Olivia Clark LV Alice Hay UV Zara Langley LVI Lucy Jefford SPORT LIV Dora West MIV Eva-Rose Ferguson UIV Farley Pfitzner and Jemima Rundell LV Daisy James UV Elizabeth Rutherford LVI Hebe Edgar A LEVEL PE LVI Annabel Fenton

COMPANY PRIZES For showing outstanding commitment and contribution to Company activities ED RICH Fourth Form Harriet Hillman Fifth Form Abigail Ralph GROSSTÊTE Fourth Form Theadora Jackson Fifth Form Elizabeth Rutherford MOBERLY Fourth Form Phoebe Matten Fifth Form Sandy Du OSMUND Fourth Form Charlie Hubber Fifth Form Belinda Harrison POORE Fourth Form Hebe Hine Fifth Form Amelia Ball YOUNG ENTERPRISE Momo Adebayo Charlie Balfour Loelia Baylis Amena Boyd Rosie Bromiley Selena Corsellis Clara Duncan Ella Fenton Hannah Gibson Eliza Graham-Campbell Davina Gray Laura Greene Rose Hastie Elisabeth Herratt Thea Hine Oonah Illingworth Lucy Jefford Amalie Macnaughtan Ella Malik Maisie Medcalf Rose Morley Grace Oge-Evans Poppy Read Mimi Robson Poppy Thistlethwaite Erica Tuma Isabella Walker Alice Wingfield Digby Cindy Xu Zoe Zhuang


Founders’ Day 2019

Examination Results

Public Examination Results 2019 It’s been an impressive year for the girls at A Level, with 64% of the entries graded A*-A, a remarkable 23% graded A* and 45% of the girls being awarded all A*/As. In addition, all of the girls who held Oxbridge offers secured their places and 90% gained their first choice of university. There were strong performances across all subjects, particularly Further Maths (100% A*), Art (86% A*), Politics (57% A*), Latin (50% A*), History (29% A*) and Physics (25% A*).

Major Awards The Cecilia James Prize Company Music Festival – solo performance winner.

Hannah Barber

Eliza Glover

The Debs Price Award for Drama is awarded to a girl in any year group whose contribution to the work of the Drama Department has been outstanding.

The Joll Endeavour Prize is awarded to a girl who has achieved a high standard in her work through effort and perseverance.

Lucy Fitzwilliam-Lay

Arabella Fane

The Martha Cole Cup for Personal Courage is awarded to a girl in any year group who has shown courage and endeavour beyond the norm.

The Lacey Trophy is awarded to a girl who, in the Sixth Form, has been determined and who has persevered with work, Sport and Music to achieve a high standard in all three aspects of life.

Joanna Kim The Katie Plunkett Memorial Prize is awarded to a girl in the LVI Form whose academic work demonstrates a keen and enquiring mind and who has also contributed a great deal to the school in at least one other area such as music, drama or sport.

Rose Morley


The Brunel Prize for Creative Thinking is awarded to a girl who is skilled at problemsolving generating ideas and showing imagination.

Emily Smyth-Osbourne Joyce Walters Prize for Scholarship is awarded to the most outstanding all-round scholar in the UVI Form.

Charka Stout

The Dereham Charities Cup is awarded for hard work and self-motivated contribution to charity.

The ‘Good Egg Award’ (in memory of Elinor Green) is awarded to an ‘unsung heroine’ who has demonstrated this quality throughout her time in school.

Harriet Jackson

Lucy Fitzpatrick

The Southwell Cup for Critical Thinking is given by former Chair of Governors and current Patron, Richard Southwell QC.

The Fenton Cup is awarded to a girl who as shown genuine compassion and sustained support of others.

Frances Arnold

Camilla Lewin

The Leavers’ Cup was donated by the 1990 Leavers for the UVI Form to award to one of their number who they feel has been outstanding during the UVI year.

Harriet Jackson The Delscey Burns Cup is awarded to an UVI pupil(s) who most embodies the spirit of the school.

Sylvia Rutherford and Sophie Mallinson The Steward Cup is a prize awarded to a member(s) of the leaving UVI Form whose general all-round attitude reflects the ethos of the school.

Caroline Brenchley and Georgina McLintock The Helen Wright Prize for Leadership is awarded to a girl who has demonstrated leadership through her strong integrity and values in her time at school.

Special mention must go to Vicky Shi who achieved 5 A*s and will be reading Physics and Philosophy at St Edmund Hall, Oxford and to 11+ Foundation Scholar, Zara Collier Baggs, who was awarded 4 A*s and will be reading History and Economics at Worcester College, Oxford. Congratulations also to Georgina McLintock and Charmaine Li, who were both awarded 3 A*s. Head Girl, Hannah Barber and her Deputies, Charka Stout and Sylvia Rutherford (pictured with Headmistress Dr Kirk) achieved all A*/ As, impressive results that secured Hannah's place to read Classics at Worcester College Oxford and Charka's place to read History at Lady Margaret Hall Oxford, while Sylvia will be making a Post Qualification Application to Oxbridge whilst on her gap year. Many congratulations also to Oxbridge applicants, Frances Arnold, who will be reading History and Modern Languages at Trinity College, Cambridge, and 2018 Leaver Anna Hastie, who will be studying Classics at Oxford. At GCSE/IGCSE Level, the results were outstanding, with a remarkable 40% of the results graded 9, 64% 9-8 and 82% 9-7 (equivalent to A*-A).

Hannah Barber Company Cup Points are awarded through the three terms for academic achievements, sporting and musical competitions and various other events. The Cup is awarded to the Company which totals the highest number of points across all these categories.


Special mention goes to Foundation Award Scholar, Agnes Arnold (pictured) and Charlotte Slater, who both achieved a clean

sweep of 11 grade 9s. In 2018, an article in Research Matters (a Cambridge Assessment publication) predicted that, of pupils taking ten GCSEs, only between 100-600 candidates in the UK would achieve straight 9s. In the same article it also stated that ‘one thing is clear: achieving grade 9 in any GCSE subject is hard’ so Agnes and Charlotte should feel very proud of this fantastic achievement.

The excellent results across all the subjects sets up the girls perfectly for both their A Level studies, university and beyond.

Among the other outstanding results, a further six girls: Clemency Fisher, Megan Harley-Martin, Susannah Hirst, Matilda Knight, Sabrina Kwok and Annabel Pedgley, were awarded ten 9s and one 8. Meanwhile, twin sisters, Kunmi and Yimika Adesola, also celebrated gaining 14 grade 9s, five grade 8s and two grade 7s between them.

In GCSE, to see so many girls achieving the top grade of 9, which is extremely hard to achieve, is truly remarkable. In addition to these outstanding academic results, the girls are well-rounded and enjoy a very busy school life pursuing many extra-curricular activities, whether that be in Sport, Music, Art, Drama or participating in one of the many clubs and societies at St Mary’s. I wish the girls continued success as they move into the Sixth Form.

There were excellent results in many subjects, including 100% 9-7s (A*-A equivalent) in Art, Music, German and Greek, 95% in Latin and Biology, 93% in History, 94% in Religious Studies, 82% in Physics and 79% in both Mathematics and Chemistry.

In response to the girls’ exam success, Headmistress, Dr Felicia Kirk, said, 'I’d like to congratulate all the girls on these superb results, which are testament to both their hard work and the support and dedication of their teachers.

To our Leavers, I am delighted for all of the girls on their wonderful set of A Level results and fantastic university destinations; the girls worked extremely hard and thoroughly deserve these impressive outcomes. My thanks also go to their dedicated teachers and pastoral staff who supported the girls on their journey through the school. I wish our 2019 Leavers the very best as they move on to the next exciting stage of their education and lives.'


Hannah Barber Head Girl

The Head Girl's Team


Leavers’ Destinations


Cambridge History and Modern Languages Oxford Classics

Oxford Oxford

History and Economics Physics and Philosophy


We are incredibly proud of our 2019 Leavers. Their hard work and determination saw them achieve some fantastic A Level results and this, in turn, meant that they were able to secure their places at university.



They will be studying a wide range of different courses, from Architecture to Geology and from PPE to Zoology and whilst most will continue their studies in the UK, some are also headed to Hong Kong and the USA, each of them following their own unique path.

We know that, at the start of their journey beyond school, St Mary’s girls leave our school having been equipped with the necessary skills for future success and we have no doubt that they will go on to make their mark on the world.

change and a genuine love of learning; something which we hope will be lifelong.

As is a Calne tradition, some girls are taking a Gap Year and, again, these plans are just as diverse.

When we think of what characterised this special year group, we think about their diversity, determination to create positive

Miss Lianne Aherne Director of Sixth Form, Higher Education and Professional Guidance

We wish them every success and look forward to hearing of their adventures and endeavours.



Aston Birmingham Medicine Bath Spa Creative Writing Birmingham Geology Birmingham Medicine Bristol Biomedical Sciences Bristol Zoology Cambridge History and Modern Languages Cardiff Physiotherapy Durham Archaeology of the Historic World Durham Science Durham Theology and Religion Edinburgh Biomedical Sciences Edinburgh Classics Edinburgh History of Art Edinburgh Philosophy Exeter Archaeology Exeter English and Modern Languages Exeter Modern Languages Exeter Modern Languages and Arabic Exeter PPE Exeter Philosophy and Sociology Exeter Psychology Exeter Sociology and Criminology King’s College Biomedical Science Lancaster Geography Leeds French

Leeds Politics Leeds Art Art Foundation LSE International Relations and History Manchester Adult Nursing Manchester Film Studies and History of Art Manchester Sociology and Criminology Newcastle Ancient History and Archaeology Newcastle Biomedical Sciences Nottingham Architecture Nottingham Finance, Accounting and Management Nottingham Product Design and Manufacture Oxford Classics Oxford History Oxford History and Economics Oxford Physics and Philosophy Oxford Brookes Business & Marketing Management Southampton Medicine St Andrews English UAL Animation UCL Economics UCL History of Art

Correct at time of printing.

INTERNATIONAL (USC) University of Southern California Florence Design Academy

Business, Technology and Art/Design Interior Design


use Ho ht rig W len He to d ne ur ret e w y, Da ' rs de un Fo After a busy Lily Ball. ed at ip tic an huc m e th r fo dy rea t ge to e tim al for the fin Outfits had been picked out months in advance and, as our dates began to arrive, everyone emerged looking the most glamorous we’d looked all year! From our usual trackies and slides to impressive heels and gorgeous silk dresses; no one would have believed we were the same girls! The excitement was palpable as we went over to the Chapel for the Leavers’ Service, our last formal event of the day. Everyone then headed up to the Main Marquee for canapés and pre-dinner drinks. We certainly made the most of ‘golden hour’, with many photos taken in the lovely afternoon sunshine. We were all in high spirits as we busily chatted to our parents, guests and teachers, before being called into the marquee for supper.

We all enjoyed a delicious meal and the marquee looked amazing! The room glimmered with fairy lights and candles, and we couldn’t wait to have fun in the photo booth! After a delicious meal, full of fresh garden herb flavours, the band started up with a classic Beyoncé song and everyone piled onto the dance floor and boogied the night away! It was great fun dancing with parents and teachers all together, school was truly ‘out’ as we saw teachers let their hair down on the dance floor and, of course, there were a couple of mandatory photo booth visits and maybe a couple of selfies…

Our last night at St Mary’s may have ended, but celebrations were far from over as we all travelled in style (in an iconic Chandlers Bus) to an incredible after-party (with tacos!!), hosted by the Moore family. It was a very special evening for us all and a great way to end our time at St Mary’s. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the night to make it such a success. Georgina McLintock Co-Head of Alumnae UVI Form

‘Reach’ by S Club 7 ended the Lily Ball 2019, an anthem of our years at Calne. Then, after a couple of tears and some mixed emotions, we said goodbyes to our lovely school.

Photos by Scaramanga Photography


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