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St Mary & All Saints Newsletter

February 2014

Parents’ Evening

Parents’ Evenings were held this week, Tuesday 11 February (3.30pm – 6.30pm) and Wednesday 12 February (5pm – 8pm). If you were unable to attend please could you arrange a suitable time to meet with your child’s class teacher. The Book Fair will continue until Friday 14 February.

Swimming – Year 4 & Year 5 Swimming sessions for Year 4 and 5 began on Friday 18 January with the final swimming session before halfterm taking place on Friday 15 February. After half-term Years 4 and 5 will continue their swimming sessions each Friday at Davenies until Friday 21 March, which will be the last swimming session for this term.

Chinese New Year Assembly The children celebrated the Chinese New Year, the year of the horse, in a special Assembly on Friday 31 January. They were treated to a Chinese Dragon dance performed by Mr Yam who was assisted by his two sons. The dragon paraded around the school hall to Chinese music entertaining the whole school. At the end of the parade the dragon devoured the oranges and cabbage and spread ‘good luck and prosperity’ to the school. All the children received a gift from Mr Yam. We would like to thank Mr Yam for giving up his time to speak about the Chinese New Year and for performing to the children. As an additional treat, some of our Reception children performed their own very special ‘Dragon Dance’. They too, paraded around the hall with their homemade dragon, assistants and Chinese music to the whole school’s delight.!

Parent Pay!

Young Voices Our school choir took part in the Young Voices Concert on Friday 31 January at the O2 Arena in London. Over 7,700 children took part in the concert which is organised by Young Voices. The choir was joined by Stacey Solomon, Keith Semple and Wayne Ellington, as solo artists. It was an exciting and exceptional experience for the children and the parents who attended the concert in the evening. A big thank you to Miss Olive and Miss Lucy for teaching the children the songs and to the children who worked so hard to learn them. Thank you also to staff and parents who volunteered to accompany the children to the O2 Arena for the day and evening performance.

School Travel Plan – Spring 2014 T h e S c h o o l Tr a v e l P l a n Wo r k i n g G r o u p h a v e created a termly Newsletter regarding any issues linked to t h e t h e m e o f t r a v e l . Contributions are from our JRSO Team and our STP Governors. The newsletter will be emailed out to all parents. ! We are currently recruiting Footsteps Tutors for our Year Two children. This involves parent volunteers taking the children off-site (along Maxwell Road and the surrounding area) twice a term to teach them about road safety. This is a vital skill that our young children require and without parent volunteers we are unable to provide this valuable service. Each session lasts approximately one hour, so plea se consider giving some of your time for this invaluable training. It’s simple to qualify. If you are i n te r e s te d , p l e a s e c o n t a c t t h e S c h o o l O f f i c e , o r alternatively speak to our current Footsteps Coordinators, Nicky Wood and Sara Littlewood.

We would like to thank all the parents who have now logged into and set up their parent pay account. The school introduced Parent Pay in October 2013, to provide parents with an effective and efficient means to pay for school lunches, music lessons and educational trips online. Feedback from parents has been positive and the system has proved to be convenient and easy to use. We ask that all parents now use the online system for making payments. If you require any help or support either visit the site or speak to Mrs Massie in the office.

Library Helpers Request In anticipation of the installation of our new Library after half-term, we would like to ask for parent volunteers who would be interested in helping us to set up the new library and to be trained as parent helpers. Our new library will consist not only of the new physical environment, but a new online service that will enable children to access the library from home or in the classroom. The online service will allow children and parents to browse and reserve new books, read reviews and keep up to date with any new books added to the library. We will also be trialling ‘Overdrive’ an online e-book service that will offer 1500 books for children to read online or on a mobile device. We are therefore asking for parent volunteers to be trained in our new electronic system as well as our new library. Please fill in and return the reply slip at end of the newsletter if you would be interested in becoming a parent volunteer for the library.

! !

Footsteps Tutors Required Stop! Look! Listen! Think! Find a safe place to cross!
 This year the children in Year 2 have been learning about road safety and learning how to avoid dangerous roadside situations. The children will complete three stages of the Footsteps training programme over the year and all children will receive a certificate and badge to mark their achievement. The s e s s i o n s a re t a u g h t b y t r a i n e d Footsteps Tutors, who are parent volunteers from our school. This has been a very successful venture where the children have enjoyed learning about road safety and they have become more road aware. The school w o u l d l i ke t o t h a n k t h e p a re n t volunteers and Mrs Wood our Footsteps Co-ordinator, for organising and teaching the children in Year 2. In preparation for further training, we would like to recruit additional Footsteps Tutors. If you would be interested in becoming a Footsteps Tutor and can give 1 hour of your time each half-term to come into school, please read the Footsteps Letter attached and return the tear-off sheet at the bottom and return it to the school office.

Attendance / Leave of Absence The school is required by the DfES to send in t e r m l y attendance figures. The attendance figure for Autumn Term 2013 for the school is 97.42%. National attendance for this age range is 95%. If your child is absent from school we require a written letter on their return to confirm their absence, even if you have notified us by telephone. May I also remind parents that with the new legislation schools are no longer able to authorise ‘Holidays’ during term time. Schools can only authorise a ‘Leave of Absence’ in exceptional circumstances, which does not include holidays.

Clubs Clubs for KS2 run from Monday 20 January 2014 until Friday 7 February (no clubs during the week of Parents Evening) and will start immediately after half-term 24 February until 28 March. All clubs run from 3.30-4.30pm. The clubs are run on a voluntary basis by our staff and we would like to remind you to collect your child promptly at 4.30pm.! Monday





Dance Y3/4/5/6 (Miss Lucy)

Origami Y3
 (Miss Byrne)

Yoga Y3
 (Miss Gibbon)

Choir Y3/4/5/6 (Miss Olive)

Energize Music (Mrs Miller)

Homework Y3/4/5 ( Mrs Sperring)

Book Club Y3/4 (Miss Parkin)

Finger Knitting Y3 (Miss Lock)

Football Y4/5/6 Mrs Streete/Mr Cooke

Netball Y4/5/6 (Mrs Haynes)

Puzzle Club Y4 (Mrs Vigneron)

Apps Club Y4 (Mrs Graham)

Media Y6
 (Mrs Graham)

Media Y5
 (Mrs Graham)

Board Games Y5/6 (Mrs Ivey)

Code Club Y6 Jenny Day Musical Theatre Y5/6
 (Miss Deung)

National Assessments – Optional SATs dates The end of Key Stage 1 SATs (Yr. 2) will take place throughout May. The Year 6 SATs will take place during the week commencing 12 – 16 May 2014. The Year 1 Phonics test will take place the week commencing 16- 20 June 2014. Please ensure that you avoid absences during school time, particularly during May and the weeks leading up to these important assessments.! Optional SATs and Teacher Assessments for the rest of the school (Years 1,3,4,5) will be given in the last two weeks of May 2013.
 Please note Governors do not authorise absences during the testing period nor the weeks leading up to this time.!

Emergency Procedures / School Closure In case of an emergency in which the school has to be closed at any time (due to severe weather etc), there is a set of procedures that is laid down by the County for schools to follow. Once a decision is reached to close the school:! ! 1. ! County website -The Headteacher will contact the County about details of the school closure. The information about school closure will then be placed on the County’s website, The local Radio stations will also broadcast the closures. To access the School closure page, you can visit this website and from the homepage click on ‘Education’ (located on left-hand side) - Schools – Closures. Alternatively, you can access the webpage directly at:! Parents are advised NOT to ring the local radio station but to stay tuned in for further details and/or to visit the County website. You may wish to make this a ‘Favourite’ for easy access should the need arise.! ! 2.! Mobile Phone Texting Service – the school has the facility to text parents on their mobile phones to notify them of school closure or other urgent messages at short notice. The system automatically uses the mobile phone number listed as ‘Priority 1’ on the data collection sheet to send text communications. For this to work efficiently, it is essential that the phone number we have registered is accurate. All parents were asked to check these details earlier this term, please remember to notify the office in writing of any changes. Please ensure it is a Mobile Phone Number as the service is unable to leave voice messages on landlines. ! ! 3.! School Website - We will also update our school website to provide any additional information It will also be used to provide the children with school work if the school is closed for several days. This proved to be an efficient way to provide work and to communicate last year. ! We will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible of any school closure. This is of course difficult on the first day of closure due to snow, however should the school have to remain closed for more than one day we will normally advise parents by 5pm. This will allow parents sufficient time to make arrangements for the following day.! We would ask parents to avoid phoning the school during extreme weather but to rely on the websites. During closures we have always managed to maintain a skeleton staff, but the few staff who do arrive at school are usually fully occupied manning the telephones and clearing paths.! As an additional backup, should any one of the systems above fail (as was the case with the County website, on the first day of snow in previous years), it is advised to check all websites (School and County), mobile phones for text messages or listen to your local radio for information.! While we will endeavour to keep the school open, I believe it is prudent to be well prepared. I hope the above measures are not needed this year and in the event that they are, I hope the arrangements we have put into place prove to be reliable and efficient. As ever, we have learned from previous experiences and continue to refine our systems based on the feedback we receive from parents, staff and children.


Forthcoming Events ! Book Fair – Monday 10 February – Friday 14 February

2014 The school will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair during the week beginning Monday 11 February. The book fair will be opened each day after school from 3.30 pm until 4pm as well as during the two Parents’ Evening (12 and 13 February). The school does receive a commission on the total number of books sold and last year the school received over £560 in books.


PTA Sponsored Read – Sat 15 February – Sunday 2 March 2014 The PTA have organised a Sponsored Read from 15 February until 2 March following last year’s very successful outcome. The PTA will launch the Sponsored Read during Assembly on Friday 14 February and details of this fund raiser will be sent home at the end of the day. The PTA has worked in conjunction with the local Beaconsfield Library to promote and encourage children to take part in the Sponsored Read.


World Book Day - Thursday 6 March 2014 The school will be participating in World Book Day on Thursday 6 March 2014. As part of our celebrations the children may come to school dressed as a book character for our special Assembly on Thursday 6 March. The children will bring home a £1 book voucher on that day that can be used in part payment towards a book in most book shops.


National Science & Engineering Week – 14 - 21 March 2014 The children will be taking part in National Science and Engineering Week (14 March – 21 March). National Science and Engineering Week aims to celebrate science and its importance to our everyday lives and to inspire the next generation of future scientist and engineers. During the week each class will take part in science and engineering activities. Their class work and homework will be part of these investigations. Image Theatre Visit 27 March 2014, The Jungle Book A theatre troupe will be performing The Jungle Book to the whole school on Thursday, 27 March. It will be a live performance by Image Theatre and is an adaptation of the story for primary school children.


Energize! – Dance Club/Ukulele Musicians to perform at the Swan Theatre: 27 & 29 March 2014 We are delighted that the Dance Club and the Friday ukulele club will be participating in Energize! at the Wycombe Swan. Miss Lucy and Mrs Miller have been busy preparing the children for this event which is on Thursday 27 March at 7.00pm and Saturday 29 March at 7.00pm. Children participating in the evening must be at the Wycombe Swan by 6.00 pm on both evenings. If you would like to attend the performance tickets are being sold via the Wycombe Swan Box Office (Tickets 01494 512000). Tickets are priced at £12.00 for concessions and £14.00 for all other tickets plus £1.50 booking charge. If your child is participating in the evening and you wish them to see the second half of the performance you will need to purchase a ticket a ticket for them. It is important to book now to avoid disappointment.



DATES FOR YOUR DIARY - SPRING 2014 February Friday 7

Clubs end


Monday 10

Book Fair (11 – 14 February)

Monday 14 – Friday Science Week 21

3.30pm daily

Tuesday 18

Davenies Football Festival

Parents Evening

Wednesday 20

Y2 LD Footsteps Training


Friday 21

Star Lab visit to school (Rec & Yr 1)

Thursday 27

Image Theatre to visit the school to perform The Jungle Book Energize at the Wycombe Swan (evening)

Friday 28

Clubs end Cake Sales: YR AL on KS1 Playground / Y5 GS on KS2 Playground Energize at the Wycombe Swan 6.00pm

Tuesday 11

Wednesday 12

Parents Evening (5-8pm)

Friday 14

PTA Sponsored Read H a l f Te r m b r e a k s t a r t s (3.30pm)

Monday 24

School re-opens at 8.55am Y5 & Y6 Trip to Affinity Water Clubs re-start

Wednesday 26

WASPS After School Club begins (KS2)

Thursday 27

Y2 SS Footsteps Training

Saturday 29

Friday 28

Cake Sales: YR LH on KS1 Playground / Y4 LD on KS2 Playground

April Thursday 3

Y5 & Y6 Flight Workshop (in school)

Tuesday 4

Choir to entertain Over 65 Club at the Curzon Centre (within school time)

Friday 4

Wednesday 5

Y2 Trip to the National Gallery

Thursday 6

World Book Day

Thursday 13

Y2 KO Footsteps Training

KS1 Easter Service at St Michael’s & All Angels Church 9.30am KS2 Easter Service at St Michael’s & All Angles Church 11am Term finishes at 2pm

Friday 14

Science Week :Star Lab to visit the school (Yr2 & Yr3)


Summer Term Tuesday 22

School opens at 8.55am

School Term and Holiday Term





Open on

Close at end of

morning of

afternoon of

Tuesday 7 January

Friday 14 February



Monday 24 February 2014 Tuesday 22 April 2014 Monday 2 June 2014

Friday 4 April 2014 Thursday 22 May 2014 Tuesday 22 July 2014

Bucks County Term Dates website:

Parent Helpers for the School Library Dear Parent helpers,


!We would like to ask for parent volunteers who would be interested in joining a working party to help us

reinstate the library. We are looking for parents who may be able to help occasionally or on a regular weekly basis. We will provide extra training to parents who wish to help on a weekly basis to run our new electronic library system. If you feel you may be able to help either occasionally or on a regular basis please fill in and return the reply slip below.

!If you have any questions, please feel free to ring the office and speak to Mrs Massie. ! Parent Library Helpers

! Name _________________________ !

Parent of _______________________ Year___

Email address__________________________________ I have a DBS clearance for St Mary’s (CRB)

! I am able to help in the school library in the following ways: ! ! Occasionally to log books or stack shelves Weekly, to help run the library ! ! ! !

I would be happy to be trained in the new electronic system. (weekly volunteers) All volunteers working on a weekly basis will require a DBS check.


NEW DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service, previously known as CRB checks) Please return this form to the school Secretary or your child’s Class teacher(if you already have a CRB form). The school is committed to the Safeguarding of children and will require a DBS check. The new DBS checking system is now online. Please could parents visit the DBS website (https:// ) to see the documents required to verify your ID. Please bring these original documents to the office with the Parent Helper form (with your name and email address filled in). The school will initiate the online registration process, using the name and email address provided. Parents will receive an email from the DBS with sign in details and a password and asked to complete the online form. When you have completed the online form and submitted it, your ID will be verified and the DBS checks will take place. You will receive a DBS form within a short period of time.


Parent Helper forms can be printed and returned to school or a printed version can be collected

St Mary and All Saints Church of England Primary School Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 1RG Telephone: (01494) 673762 FAX: (01494) 674757 Email: Website: Headteacher Mrs E Kilner BA(Ed)

An Oxford Diocesan School

Dear Parents Many of you will be aware of Footsteps, but I suspect that just as many will not so please read on! Footsteps is a pedestrian skills programme for Year 2 children, run at  St  Mary’s  by  parent  volunteers   for a number of years. It is a three stage programme, each stage building on the last. Volunteering is simple (read on), personally rewarding (the children absolutely love going on the training), and is so important for the safety of our children. We particularly encourage parents/carers with children in KS1 to be involved with Footsteps. FAQs How often is it? There are 12 sessions a year, four per term taking up approximately an hour of your time. What day is it? This can vary every year, or even termly so please become trained even if you cannot commit to being there for every session. Why  can’t  someone  else  do  it? We have parents of Year 5 and 6 children STILL training the Year 2s! The school has become larger and we  need  more  people  to  volunteer  to  keep  these  fantastic  initiatives  going.  The  saying  ‘One  good   turn  deserves  another’  comes  to  mind  as  if  you  help  people  train  their  children  it  is  highly  likely  they   will help train yours: the majority of trainers really enjoy it so do  not  just  train  their  children’s  year   group. Why not ask a couple of friends to join in so you can do the training together? How do I volunteer? Please see Nicky Scott in the office to register your interest and when we are advised of the next training sessions with Bucks County Council, you will be asked to pick the most suitable session for you. Generally the courses run for two hours between 10am-12pm. It is helpful if you have a CRB check so when you register with Nicky Scott please ask her to begin the CRB process. If you have any further questions please contact Nicky Wood, . Thank you!

Nl feb2014  

Newsletter 2014

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