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MSc Information Systems Engineering (90 ECTS) - MQF 7

The MQF Level 7 MSc in Information Systems Engineering is aimed for individuals who are moving up the corporate ladder into middle and senior management positions, and who wish to gain knowledge on how modern organisations may take advantage of leading edge information systems technology applied to improve the work place, even to achieve a meaningful work-life balance for organisational members. The students will come from any type of organisation including service oriented organisations, such as financial institutions, hospitals, schools and colleges, the civil service and Government agencies and authorities, as well as manufacturing firms of all sizes and types. This degree is designed to be neutral regarding organisational size thus providing every possibility for an entrepreneur managing a micro organisation at start-up stage taking benefit of the knowledge to structure a lean organisation from its very inception as well as a graduate climbing the corporate ladder in a large organisation such as a major bank or large manufacturing firm. Graduates will be exposed to the latest technological tools (both hardware and software) available to the information systems engineer, be enabled to understand technological trends and fathom the sociotechnical effects, as well as be exposed to industry standard business process analysis methodologies to produce cost effective solutions for organisations to incorporate in their business strategies. As a graduate of the postgraduate degree at level 7, students will be able to: • demonstrate practical skills in applying information systems to improve business and administrative processes; • understand how information technology is able to improve business and administrative processes of all types of organisations; • comprehend how human beings interact with technology and understand how technology may be developed to tap into the interactivity potential of humans and computer based systems; • demonstrate practical skills in developing systems which are deemed to be leading edge systems.

Saint Martin's Institute Postgraduate Prospectus for Computing  

Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education is a licensed (196) tertiary education institution conferring Malta Qualification Council (MQF)...

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