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St. Mark United Methodist Church Director of Children and Youth Ministries Job Requirements The Director of Children and Youth Ministries is primarily responsible for enabling the church lay and professional staff) to coordinate and plan projects necessary to the development of its total ministry with children and youth. This position reposrt directly to the Pastor and is responsible to the Staff Parisch Relations Committee. Required Abilities 1. Relate well and effectively communicate with children, youth, parents and the church (people person) 2. Generate and implement innovative and creative ideas 3. Develop short and long range plans and supervise their execution 4. Oranize the efforts of others and accomplish tasks on schedule 5. Be technoligically savvy 6. Ability to lead children and youth with the assistance from the Music Director would be beneficial 7. Submit to a background check 8. Attend Safe Sanctuary and Darkness to Light training 9. Be physically able to full fill required duties Duties and Responsibilities – Include but not limited to... 1. Prepare, coordinate, set goals and carry out the educational ministry for and with children and youth. Ministry includes Children's Church, Sunday School, MYF, VBS and Seasonal programming. 2. Develop special programs for children such as retreats, fun nights, recreation activities, organize educational trips, seminars, camps, District meetings, etc. 3. Work with the Education Committee, Youth Council and teachers, attending meetings and sharing ideas, plannning programs, selecting and developing materials and recruiting and training teachers and volunteers. 4. Execute administrative duties including working within a budget, drating and sending various correspondence, contacting children and parents, ordering materials and supplies and various other week-to-week administrative duties 5. Represent the children and youth by making reports to various groups in the church 6. Assist in corrdinating children and youth ministries to the total ministry of the church 7. Become familiar with and help implement the Safe Sanctuary Policy Work Schedule 1. Present a strong and visible presence at church – at least two Sundays per month, being visible at both services (before, during or after) 2. This part time position cannot be defined in terms of a fixed schedule. Hours will vary as activities dicate. It is expected that a total of 15 hours will be spent in direct church/youth activities. A schedule should be set and reviewed each month with the Pastor so that office hours can be established.

3. Attend regular staff meetings and provide a written report Evaluations Evaluations will be performed every 6 months, initially and annually thereafter Building and keys 1. The Director of Children and Youth Ministries is responsible for securing the building when he/she is the last to leave the building. This includes: a) Turning off lights, ac/heat b) Setting the alarm c) Locking all doors 2. The Director of Children and Youth Ministries will receive and be responsible for an alarm code and keys for the sanctuary and the education building.

Director of children and youth ministries job requirements  
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