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FRACTION - the formal breaking of the bread within the Eucharistic liturgy. Liturgists have names for every act in worship. Usually, the words are in Latin, and seem removed from our lives. But FRACTION is good old standard English, and it makes perfect sense. When the clergy person, acting as priest, grasps the one loaf and breaks it apart, we are reminded of the breaking of Christ, how he was fraction-ed for our sakes. It a powerful moment of visual metaphor that nails and forgives in one tear.

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I came across this term while attending “Worship as Pastoral Care,” a Conference workshop designed to remind clergy that while we have 3 distinct roles: priest, pastor and preacher, it is possible and a good idea to bring all of these to worship. Rev. Roger Dowdy led us to explore worship in terms of scripture and music and liturgy and how these might express communion between people and God. We did spend some time in our hymnal and in The Faith We Sing looking at various “care” hymns. #262 Heal Me Hands of Jesus was new to me. The words are beautiful, and the music is quite sing-able. Rev. Dowdy pointed out that the d flat pours a dark note over the hymn while the more lilting f flat imparts hope. I was fascinated that the very notes conveyed emotion. Finally, in conversation with other clergy, I did pick up an idea: Valentine Caroling. It seems that may of our nursing homes and assisted living facilities get a lot of visitors at Christmas, but then everyone goes home. The idea was that children return to these facilities to sing songs of Jesus’ love and take valentines. Anyone want to claim this idea for next year?

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Ms. Michele Russell music director

Mr. Dale Wilson

Director of Children and Youth


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