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Celebrating the Past 1922 - 2012 Envisioning the Future

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Annual Report 2012


THE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING OF ST. MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Sunday, January 27, 2013 10:00 am Leatherbury Hall I.

Open with Guided Meditation and remarks

The Rev. Jonathan B. Coffey, Jr.

II. Strategic Plan (pg. 8-9) Robin Shelly, Co-Chair Michael Magevney, Co-Chair III. Capital Campaign (pg. 23) George Egan, Co-Chair IV. Recognize the Rotating Vestry (pg. 22) The Rev. Jonathan B. Coffey, Jr. Ed Doherty Hank Haynes Bunny Manning Julie Pope Holly Upchurch Hank Wilson V. Select New Vestry and Convention Delegates Hank Wilson VI.

Convention Report

Mark Hutto - Delegate


St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School (pg. 24 - 29)

Cathy Hardage, Head of School

VIII. Overview of 2012 and 2013 Budgets (pg. 20 -21)

Mark Fackler, Treasurer


Rector’s Service Award

The Rev. Jonathan B. Coffey, Jr.


Kanuga Drawing

Anne Davenport



The Rev. Jonathan B. Coffey, Jr.


Hank Wilson


‡ Senior warden’s report ‡

It has been my pleasure to serve as Senior Warden to the Rector for 2012. This is my third term

as Senior Warden having served previously under Barnum McCarty in 1988-89 and last year under Jon Coffey. The Senior Warden is the Rector’s Warden and as such is second in the chain of command as it relates to the temporal aspects of the life of the parish. The Senior Warden is also the advisor and confidant of the Rector. Regular Activities: As Senior Warden, I attended all meetings of the Executive Committee (Rector, Senior and Junior Wardens, Parish Administrator, Head of School, Chair of Foundation, Chair of SMEDS and Parish Treasurer), Finance Committee and Vestry (chairing the June and December meetings). I attended the Vestry retreat at Marywood and conducted the orientation session for the new Vestry class of 2015 and attended the initial work shop for the Strategic Plan led by consultant Christina Drouin. I acted as a vestry greeter at the 5:30 p.m. and 8:45 a.m. services, consulted with the Rector on a myriad of matters including budgeting issues, staffing, Diocesan pledge, additional clergy, and vestry leaders for 2013. I participated in all meetings of the Nominating Committee to nominate the candidates for selection of the Vestry class of 2016 and delegates to Diocesan Convention and attended Strategic Plan Visioning Conference in October and Initiatives Day in November. With the Chair of the Foundation, I made a presentation to the SMEDS Board on the purposes and governance of the Vestry and the Boards of the Foundation and SMEDS. Budget: At the end of the 2012 stewardship campaign, the Finance Committee determined that income was insufficient to submit a balanced budget to the Vestry for 2012. The Finance Committee reviewed several options to put a 2012 balanced budget in place. After consideration of these options, we elected to make a special appeal to the Parish for additional income which was successful. Stewardship: I met several times with the Rector and the Chairs of the 2013 Stewardship Campaign (Julie Pope and John Burrows) and determined to utilize small meetings in homes of parishioners for “Coffees with Coffey.” Mary Jane and I and several of the parishioners hosted these Coffees with Coffey at their homes in September and October for program information and fellowship. With the Vestry, I worked in follow-ups with parishioners to obtain 2013 pledges and sent out follow-up letters and e-mails in December to those parishioners who had not then sent in their pledges. Thanks to Julie and John and their team for their hard work and drive in leading a successful campaign. 90th Anniversary: As Senior Warden, it was a pleasure to attend several of the festivities held for the 90th anniversary of St. Marks, including the oyster roast held in February on the Baker Green, the dedication of the Schiavone Commons, the McRae - Winston Chapel, the beautiful Festival Eucharist Service on April 22, and the great All Saints Requiem performed in November by the St. Mark’s choir and composed by James Holyer. Thanks to Hickory Fant and his team for planning and overseeing this great celebration. St. Mark’s is a parish of dedicated clergy and staff, gifted, generous and talented parishioners and volunteers, teachers and spiritual counselors, serving and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our neighborhoods, Jacksonville, the Diocese of Florida, the national church and internationally in the 91st year of its founding. It has been an honor and privilege to serve as Senior Warden for the parish for the last two years.


‡ State of the Parish Address ‡ The Reverend Jonathan B. Coffey, Jr.

The work of St. Mark’s over the past year

has focused on remembering and envisioning. We spent the year of 2012 remembering the many acts of kindness, vision, compassion and courage that have characterized our 90 years as a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Florida. All of this culminated in the wonderful 90th Anniversary video made by Bill Schmidt which is now available through the Bookstore for individual ownership. I want to particularly thank Hickory Fant and his mighty band of workers who oversaw the 90th and thus have helped us prepare for our Centennial which will be celebrated in 2022. Remembering the past is very important, because we cannot seek a vision for the future without knowing where we have been. So, all year long, we spent considerable time and energy charting our course for the next ten years by engaging in a long and rigorous strategic planning process. I am grateful to the Bent family and their Trust Fund that made this possible, and to Robin Shelly and Michael Magevney who co-chaired this epic effort. The fruit of our labor, the Strategic Plan for 2012 -2022, will be unveiled at the Annual Parish Meeting of 2013 on Sunday, January 27. Remembering and envisioning are essential to the life and health of any organization or organism. It is also important from time to time that each and every organization engage in a significant capital improvements project and we spent 2012 completing the “We Are One” Capital Campaign. As I write, we have met our goal of $5 million and the final work of parking and signage has been

completed. The only unfinished business is the important work of recognition through plaques and other public gratitude. I will always thank God for the privilege of serving with Jan Harbeson, George Egan, Dade Nigro, Cobb Harbeson, Will Ketchum, Jane Arnold and all the others who led this effort. To God be the glory! The “Coffees with Coffey” in the fall were very helpful in giving me a snapshot of the congregation at this point in time and sensitizing me to the many concerns that are carried by our people. I thank God for Julie Pope who coordinated these events, and for her and John Burrows who co-chaired our annual fund effort in the fall. 2012 saw the sad departure of our beloved Associate Rector Donavan Cain, and his family. We miss them, even as we wish them the very best. I give thanks for the Rev. Deborah Jackson and her husband Jim, who have graced us with their presence as the Interim Associate. Our search for a new Associate Rector for Youth and Young Adults is underway, on course and on time. We hope to have a new Associate Rector in our midst by late Spring. Thank you for your love, support and generosity which animates our pilgrimage, giving “…seed for sowing, and bread for eating….” (Isaiah 55:10) to all of God’s People! The Rev. Jonathan B. Coffey, Jr. Rector


The Reverend Sandra K. Moyle

January 6 (The Feast of the Epiphany) marked my 10th year of ministry as Associate Rector at St. Mark’s. I thank God for calling me to this holy place and for every minute of ministry with and among you. There is no place I would rather be.

This year has seen a renewed sense of commitment and accomplishment at St. Mark’s and I am particularly grateful that I could be part of the capital improvements projects and the strategic planning process. The completion and dedication of the McRae-Winston chapel with its stunning interior was particularly fulfilling. Only the patina of time and prayers can improve it as a sacred space. As a member of the Strategic Planning Committee I watched God at work among us creating a vision and plan for what St. Mark’s can become in the next decade. The visioning and initiatives days brought us into important conversations about the Church. I look forward to helping implment the Strategic Plan in 2013 and living into God’s vision for us. My passion in ministry is helping the church fulfill the biblical commandment to love mercy, do justice and walk humbly with our Lord. In working with the Mission and Service Commission, Chair Judy Lanier and ministry liaisons, I help give you opportunities to participate in mercy ministries that feed the hungry, house the homeless, help the young, provide services for the marginalized, and offer hope to the poor. We also do justice by supporting and participating in organizations that find faithful solutions for community problems of domestic violence, education, crime, jobs, homelessness and the environment. In 2013 I anticipate expanding opportunities for service outside the walls of the church. I am honored to work with Pastoral Care Coordinator Elizabeth Crosby, Commission Chair Mary Jane


‡ Associate Rector’s Report ‡

Wilson and Parish Nurse Linda Tyre to provide loving care, prayer, health and wellness education and pastoral support for members of our congregation. Especially important this year was the development of a new Healing Ministry affiliated with the Order of St. Luke. In 2013 we will fulfill the requirements for full membership in OSL and plan how to strengthen, deepen and expand our healing prayer ministry. I gratefully embrace the daily role of providing pastoral care, conversation and guidance, spiritual and liturgical consolation and of being part of the rhythm of life in the midst of a congregation.

Nothing we do is more important than worshipping our Lord. So it is with joy that I participated in the planning and execution of regular worship for the faithful and the seeker to join together in wonder, love and praise of God. I also eagerly anticipate helping implement the new worship opportunities outlined in the implementation plan for 2013. Christian Formation is key to my call to ministry. I lead a weekly Bible Study, Feasting on the Word, which studies the upcoming Sunday lessons. I share in teaching Sunday Adult Forums, Confirmation classes and love being the Chaplain for the annual Women’s Retreat. In 2013 I hope to help implement plans for spiritual enrichment courses and small group studies. Together we are stepping into an exciting future and there is no place I would rather be in 2013 than right here laboring in the vineyard of the Lord, side by side with you. May God richly bless each one of you, this day and always. The Rev. Sandra K. Moyle


‡ Associate Rector’s Report ‡ The Reverend Deborah M. Jackson

From the very beginning of my time

with you that started on October 1st, my ministry as Interim Associate Rector has been deeply fulfilling. Everything from the warm welcome I received, to the joyful experience of worshipping and serving with you, has been spiritually uplifting and nourishing. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the company of our parish family and special friends at various times of fellowship. I am so grateful to be among you! The focus of my ministry has been Christian Formation, and Youth and Young Families, both areas about which I am passionate. Supporting and overseeing the activities of these two vibrant areas of ministry at St. Mark’s has been delightful. It has been a blessing to see the little ones in church, and to attend and participate in activities of the youth. There have been several Baptisms and a recent large Confirmation class, telling me that this is a healthy and growing place. It has been a pleasure to participate in all aspects of these events. I am encouraged and confident that the future of this church is strong and hopeful, based on the participation and guidance of a dedicated host of parents and adult leaders, and an amazing group of children and young people. I have also had a couple of opportunities to work with the Day School, and that too has been rewarding and fun. Clearly the students are being nurtured in mind, body and soul.

Among my many passions is Pastoral Care. I have visited and prayed with members who have been hospitalized or in a nursing home, or who are recuperating in rehab facilities. My ministry here began just as the parish was refining its Visioning Day process. Immediately, I found the energy and desires of so many parishioners to be engaged in the mission of the church to be exciting, and I look forward to sharing in the unfolding of the plans that have been made. It has indeed been my privilege to be a partner in ministry with the staff and members of St. Mark’s.

The Rev. Deborah M. Jackson


Todd Ogletree

It is hard to believe that 2012 is now

in the past when it feels like just yesterday we were setting our goals for the year. The year was definitely a time of transformation between the Church and the Day School as we all became “one campus” with no actual separation. Although we were all challenged from time to time with our surroundings, the outcome is greater than any of us probably imagined. The We Are One construction took our campus below the ground level and back up again leaving in its path a beautiful new chapel, a wonderful Green to admire and celebrate much needed new parking and new landscaping. Several times throughout the year, I’m sure our nerves were tested by pallets stacked high or orange tape blocking the walkway, but the end result is something we can really be proud to have. Plans were being made to build an ark as we began the summer and rains came. I believe the staff had a running bet on whose office would be leaking or completely flooded each day when they arrived to work. All you could do was laugh some days when we had 6 inches of rain in 24 hours with certain drains around the campus either plugged or not working properly. But we survived and planned for future weather. Then we allowed Sergej to take a much deserved vacation which brought about its own set of “opportunities.” Once again, we learn it takes a village to make the church function and we


‡ Junior warden’s report ‡

succeeded in his absence. (We were very happy to see him pull in the parking lot when he returned.)

It got a little colder in the church as the summer came to an end. Some people claim it became too cold. Our year - long air conditioning project came to an end as the weather got cooler. Go figure. With this project behind us, we will be able to sit in a much more enjoyable and efficient climate year round while making a difference in our energy costs. Thank you all for enduring some very uncomfortable services as we got this issue corrected. Currently it doesn’t seem like there is a whole lot to do and then we realized it’s time to tackle all those things we put off while all the other projects were being done. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as the Junior Warden this year and I hope the progress we have made is recognized and continued for many years to come.


‡ Charting Our Course to 2022 ‡

Michael Magevney & Robin Shelly, Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chairs While we celebrated the Church’s 90 This strategic planning process year history, we also took time to ensure we would be a thriving parish when we celebrate our 100th birthday. By embarking on a strategic plan in 2012, we engaged the entire church community in helping us “Chart Our Course.”

was an amazing experience and we are excited to see the Implementation Team turn these great initiatives into reality so we will be a thriving church in 2022. Goal 1: Vibrant Faith and Spirituality

It started in the early spring by pulling together an amazing Strategic Planning Committee:

St. Mark’s offers dynamic, meaningful worship and spiritually-enriching faith formation.

Robin Shelly, Michael Magevney, Jane Arnold, Alison Witkovitch, Drew Haramis, Caroline Nichols, Sandy Moyle, Jon Coffey, Alison Sheridan, Juan Iznaga, T.R. Hainline, Margaret Cavin, Nancy Burrows and Michael Quatrone.

1. Develop worship opportunities that teach, nurture, uplift, and inspire seekers of a contemporary and traditional Episcopalian experiences. a. Explore the best approach for adding a contemporary worship service that would include an Anglican liturgy. b. Host classes, including an “Instructed Eucharist” class, to deepen members’ under standing of our spiritual traditions.

In May, St. Mark’s sent out surveys to all members as well as interviewed non-parish members to get feedback on what worked well and what needed improvement at St. Mark’s. By analyzing the data of over 200 survey results and tying this information with additional market research, the Research Committee pulled together an amazing Backgrounder around the survey results to set the stage for our visioning day.

In September, the Vestry and Strategic Planning Committee worked extremely hard to craft the Vision and Mission of St. Mark’s.

In October, we had over 100 participants in our Visioning Day in the Lori Shiavone Commons facilitated by the Strategic Planning Day Committee and our consultant, Christina Drouin. Out of this day came our top 3 strategic goals.

In November, we generated almost 100 initiatives which were narrowed down by the Strategic Planning Committee to the top initiatives that would have the greatest impact.

2. Excel in providing vibrant preaching and Spirit-filled worship that instructs, inspires, and invigorates. a. Convene a group to identify and fund a pro - gram of continuing education around preaching for clergy. b. Explore options for a regular guest preacher rotation. 3. Strengthen faith and meet the intellectual and spiritual needs of multiple generations through fellowship, support programs, and small-group activities. a. Offer spiritual enrichment courses such as Alpha, Alpha Marriage, Discovery, DOCC, and similar programs. b. Inspire parishioners to participate in and to lead our programs. c. Explore options for educational programs and Bible study in small groups, potentially in members’ homes, with or without supper. d. Develop engaging spiritual growth programs starting with a youth curriculum.

9 Goal 3: Inspired Giving and Stewardship

St. Mark’s is an energized, welcoming congregation that has experienced significant growth in membership and in participation.

St. Mark’s community gives abundantly, practicing wise stewardship and sharing its resources with others.

1. Embody Christ’s loving spirit in a culture of hospitality that nurtures all seekers. a. Evaluate greeting programs and develop innovative strategies for welcoming and sup- porting parishioners, visitors, and newcomers. b. Develop engaging in-reach programs to support parishioners and seekers.

1. Build a culture of joyful giving and actively engage all members in learning about and practicing Biblical stewardship. a. Develop a formal youth stewardship program that spans from Godly Play through high school. b. Explore and offer adult financial education program that teaches Biblical stewardship. c. Create a 10-year stewardship plan lead by chairpersons for small gifts, medium gifts, and large gifts.

2. Market St. Mark’s effectively throughout the larger community. a. Convene a marketing committee focused on educating the community about why they should attend St. Mark’s church. b. Identify a means of connecting with members of the community beyond St. Mark’s current demographics. 3. Identify and develop volunteers to support the Church community. a. Develop effective strategies for communicat- ing involvement opportunities, starting with a program for youth and young adults. b. Explore leadership seminars to inspire and support involvement for those who have not previously held this type of role. c. Specifically identify and develop volunteers to implement Charting Our Course strategic initiatives.


Goal 2: Thriving Membership

2. Engage membership in authentic mission outreach, responding to the needs of the broader community. a. Convene a committee to review effectiveness of current programs, and prioritize resources so that St. Mark’s giving and service will have maximum impact. b. Explore the feasibility of expanding existing ministries that have strong leadership and volunteer support, including, but not limited to: i. Blood drive ii. Episcopal Relief and Development c. Identify and develop leadership for new and existing outreach ministries. d. Develop effective strategies to communicate mission opportunities and inspire member participation. 3. Build existing and add new revenue sources. a. Explore and develop monthly, volunteer- driven, fund-raisers for rotating ministries. b. Increase endowment assets that can provide financial support for programs from earnings. c. Explore feasibility of attending national fund raising conferences. d. Explore creative means to use St. Mark’s church and school to generate revenue.


‡ 90th Anniversary Report ‡

Hickory Fant, 90th Anniversary Committee Chair


he 90th Anniversary Committee desired to balance this St. Mark's milestone without stepping on the toes of the 100th Anniversary just 10 years away. The highlights of the year-long celebration included three main events:

• On February 7th we initiated the just completed Baker Green with its first ever party...and in

fine style. A Bar-B-Q and Oyster Roast complete with beer on tap and outstanding music from J.B. Scott's Swinging All Stars band were featured in the midst of perfect winter weather.

• On April 22 we celebrated St. Mark's becoming a duly organized parish with a special

Anniversary Service presided over by Bishop Howard. Following the Bishop's dedication of the Lori Schiavone Commons, the Baker Green, and the McRae - Winston Chapel, Bishop Howard presided over a special service with Rector Emeritus Barnum McCarty giving the sermon connecting the past with the present as only he could do. The St. Mark's Ringers held forth along with guest instrumentalists accompanying the choir. Special recognition was given to parishioners born 1922 and earlier. A reception followed in Leatherbury Hall.

• The All Saints Sunday Service with a special Requiem Mass composed by our Director

of Music, James Holyer, was celebrated on November 4th accompanied by the bell ringers and special string instruments. Parishioners then "followed the Cross" to the Lori Schiavone Commons for a reception and 90th Anniversary video presentation by Bill Schmidt tracing our parish's history from its earliest days as a mission in 1914 to the present. Bill's video was proclaimed as extraordinary by all and will certainly be a treasure in the coming years for newcomer orientations, confirmation classes, etc.

• Leesie Snell organized and arranged the publication of our 90th Anniversary Cookbook in memory of Marilu Dempsey, our beloved Parish Administrator of 32 years who lost her battle with cancer in 2006. More than 75 parishioners contributed recipes to this very special memorial and, as of January 1st, 2013, 356 cookbooks had been sold. 90th Anniversary Committee Members: Hickory Fant, Chair Sister Avent Vicky Commander Hazel Donahoo Dink Foerster Martha Hallowes Hank Haynes

Ann Hicks Ann Jeter Dottie King Carol Lewis Diane Ludwig Pat Pattillo Marian Poitevent

John Ropp Louise Ropp Bill Schmidt Leesie Snell Sally Surface The Rev. Jon Coffey Jane Arnold



Keith Daw, Commission Head Susan Morgan, Staff Liaison

he mission of the Worship Commission is to serve the laity and clergy of our Parish by enriching the worship experience to the glory of God.

The Worship Commission continues its tradition of leadership and service, with nearly 300 volunteers doing double duty and putting in thousands of hours in their ongoing effort to make our 370 worship services per year the beautiful, inspiring, and spiritual feasts that they always are. Approximate Number of Volunteers by Group: • Altar guild 66 • Chapel guild 19 • Acolytes 102 • Chalice bearers 44 • Greeters 16 • Lectors 59 • Oblationers 74 • Ushers 85 • Vergers 10 (Number represents 492 people doing multiple jobs) We have added new members to all of the individual ministries within the Worship Commission. This year we graduated 11 senior acolytes in May, trained and added 21 new acolytes (17 of them 6th graders). In October, St. Mark’s was represented at the first Diocesan-wide Acolyte Festival by 2 Priests, 4 Adult leaders and 10 Acolytes.


‡ Worship Commission Report ‡

The music at St. Mark’s continued to improve throughout 2012. The consistency of the choirs was the key, due to the hard working participants, both paid and volunteer: • 21 Adult Choir members • 22 Choristers • 14 Contemporary Music Team members • 8 St. Mark’s Ringers • Total of 65 hard working members of the music program (plus a heavenly host of little Cherub Choir members) Dr. Mary Monroe, Assistant Director of Music continues to be a huge asset to the program, and we are so grateful to those who have helped our fundraising efforts in support of our paid choir and contemporary music team singers. Our average Sunday attendance is 335 for 53 Sunday services. Printings in 2012: • 30,000 bulletins • 13,000 Parish News • 7,100 Song Sheets for our 2 Contemporary services held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays each month & the three 5th Sundays per year.


‡ Christian Formation Report ‡ Kelly Anderson, Commission Head Laura Magevney, Staff Liaison


he Christian Formation Commission encourages the formation and renewal of God’s people through Christian education. Our Vision: We believe that we are called to seek and know God more fully as we mature in our spiritual growth. We believe that Christian Formation is the practice of life long spiritual learning, that engages us in the search to discover God’s presence in our lives.

This has been another year of blessings for Christian Formation at St. Mark’s. The highlights of 2012 include:

• Thirty nine confirmations • Men from St. Mark’s sought spiritual

retreat at Camp Weed with good conversation, terrific music and the St. Mark’s Church Memorial Clay Pigeon Thrower

• On-line daily Lenten Devotionals • A fun Wednesday in Lent series, Sing to

the Lord a New Song : A Two-part Study of Sacred Music featured James Holyer and Dr. Mary Monroe who provided a music program for adults and children as well

• Our Women’s Retreat brought us the Reverend Becca Stevens, author, Episcopal priest and founder of Magdalene

• A successful Nets for Life fundraising

effort by the children in our Godly Play classes raised $550 for Episcopal Relief and Developement

• We were very excited to re-establish VBS with Operation Overboard in the Lori Schiavone Commons Building. In the afternoon our 5th and 6th graders volunteered with various non-profits through our LiveWire program

• A dedicated team of volunteers took parts of VBS and youth confirmation class on the road to our sister parish of St. Mary’s in Itabo, Cuba

• Our fall weekday Bible studies and classes

kicked off with a bang. After the departure of Father Donavan we featured a series of “guest theologians” for our popular Theology on Tap

• On Wednesday nights we had an

energetic confirmation class of 22 youth and 5 adults and our amazing table leaders were Ayana Grady, Drew Haramis, and Mark Hutto

We could not do all we do without the countless volunteers who teach classes, coordinate events and help the Holy Spirit burn bright. I would like to share a special thank you to Godly Play coordinator Margaret Cavin, who continues to inspire with her commitment to fostering the spiritual growth of our young children.



Youth Missions Ayana Grady, Director of Youth

• St. Mark’s EYC continued its dedication to service in 2012, participating in monthly service projects including Angels for Allison and World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine

• 30 St. Mark’s Youth participated in our

two summer mission trips to Toronto and New Orleans, the most overall participants that we have ever had

• St. Mark’s EYC hosted its 4th Annual

Sr. High Youth mission trip to Toronto

St. Mark’s Follies, which was a great success—earning over $3,700 for Youth Missions

• St. Mark’s was very active in Diocesan

events in 2012, attending: - the Ski Trip in January - Hunger Games Night in February - the Youth Bonfire in November - and several Youth attended Camp Weed over the summer Vacation Bible School 2012

Jr. High youth mission trip to New Orleans

Godly Play children raised $550 for Nets for Life


‡ Mission and Service Report ‡


Judy Hall Lanier, Commission Head Melissa Gerard, Staff Liaison

he goal of the St. Mark’s Mission and Service Commission is to use our resources rightly in the service of others and to the glory of God. In 2012 we gave $28,120 to non-profit ministry organizations and offered many people hands-on service opportunities. The opportunities for service were as follows: The Hungry, the Homeless, the Needy • I.M Sulzbacher: Yearly donation of $3,320 funds 12 dinners a year which St. Mark’s volunteers prepare and serve to about 500 hungry people. We also host birthday parties for the children in the shelter, hold a toiletries drive and sell fundraising cards and mugs. Liaison: Brooks Moore

• St. Mary’s Episcopal Mission-Springfield:

Yearly donation of $10,000 supports this mission and its lay vicar. We hold clothing drives and a fall “Biggest Food Drive EVER” to stock the food pantry’s empty shelves. Liaisons: Marchie Surface & Mary Lew Esdale

• Westside Christian Outreach: Yearly

donation of $3,500 supports the food pantry and resource counseling agency and a Thanksgiving canned ham drive helps feed the poor. Liaison: Margo Bliss

• Giving Tree: No budgeted donation but

yearly the the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) organize the Christmas Giving Tree and its angel gift requests and deliver the gifts to Prisoners of Christ, Sulzbacher Center, St. Mary’s Mission and Westside Christian Outreach. Liaison: Karen Culler

• Meals on Wheels: No annual donation in 2012. St. Mark’s 19 member volunteers

deliver to 6-13 clients a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks each year. Liaison: Bill Hallowes

• Habijax: Yearly donation of $4,000

supports this housing ministry. As part of the Episcopal Church coalition we rehab homes for a low income person or family. Liaison: Fred Irving Jr.

Foreign and Domestic Missions • Cuba Mission: Yearly donation of $4000 supports our sister parish, St. Mary’s, in Itabo, Cuba. Missioners pay their own way to Cuba each year to hold Vacation Bible School for the children of Itabo and help with construction or farming projects. Liaisons: Cheryl Hardin and Jerry Potts

• Episcopal Relief and Development: No

budgeted donations but parishioners donate to ER-D at times of national/ international disasters. We are part of the Diocesan ER-D annual Summit at Camp Weed and conducted a Nets for Life Campaign. Liaison: Michael Magevney

Education • Crossroads at Ortega Elementary School : No annual donation but volunteers serve as mentors and reading coaches for children identified by teachers as needing extra attention. Liaison: Julie Pope


• Riverkeepers: Yearly donation of $500

dollars supports the work of the St. John’s River watchdog group. Parishioners participate in the annual river cleanup. Liaison: Edward Cole

• Community Involvement • Angels for Allison: No yearly donation but many individuals, church groups and the staff volunteer to paint the angels which are sold to help families who cannot afford a proper funeral for a child who has died. Last year 25 Northeast Florida families were given assistance. Liaison: Mary Lee Willetts

• Boy Scouts: Yearly donation of $250

supports Troop 26 which has been a St. Mark’s ministry for 20+ years. The scouts meet at St. Mark’s and their annual Luminaria sales set a new record this year of $3,000. Liaison: Barbara Stevenson/ Jerry Potts

• Hubbard House: No yearly donation but

parishioners participate in the annual Domestic Abuse Awareness breakfast and in the annual 5K fundraising walk and serve on the Board of Directors. Liaison: The Rev. Sandy Moyle

Kanuga • Holiday Cabin Drawings: No yearly donation but a drawing is held for free use of a St. Mark’s supported cabin at the Kanuga Episcopal Conference Center in Hendersonville, NC. Liaison: Anne Davenport


Advocacy • ICARE: Yearly donation of $1,500 supports the interfaith coalition and its work of finding just solutions to problems in Jacksonville. Volunteers participate in issue research and organize people to attend the annual Nehemiah Rally. Liaison: The Rev. Sandy Moyle

• Blood Donation Drives: No yearly

donation but last year three donation drives were held on Good Friday, Rally Day and Advent Alternative Giving Fair. A total of 40 pints collected during 2012 was a 22% increase over 2011. Liaison: Childress Lee

St. Mark’s Bookstore 2012 Report Leslie Fraleigh, Bookstore Manager

The store continues to prosper in a down economy. We were able to pay my salary and have enough to buy new product for the store. Weekly, a Bible Study meets upstairs on Wednesday as well as a Sunday School class. We are blessed to be able to support the following missions: • McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation - over $20,000 given through sale of Liv N Grace Bracelets • Allison Brundick Haramis Foundation - Over $10,000 was given through sale of Angels for Allison merchandise in the store • The Cuba Mission - funds raised through black bean soup and plate sales New landscaping was completed in December through generous donations of many people. A new awning and new chairs for the front lawn are expected early 2013.


‡ Pastoral Care Report ‡


Mary Jane Wilson, Commission Head Elizabeth Crosby, Staff Liaison

he Pastoral Care Commission seeks to be present to our parish family in times of illness, death, isolation, divorce, addiction and other life experiences of acute need. It also fulfills a desire in many of us to serve God through our ministry to our neighbors. This year, there were well over 150 volunteers serving our church and church friends in a variety of different ministries: • Baptism Banners were hand sewn and • Intercessory Prayer Group members painted for each child who was baptized prayed alone daily and together weekly, at St. Mark’s. for immediate needs,concerns and specific requests from parishioners. • Cooks on Call, our “Angels of Cuisine”, prepared and delivered meals • Healing Prayer Ministry which to St. Mark’s parishioners dealing with offers prayers for healing in the chapel various challenges: parishioners during Holy Communion was reopened convalescing from an illness, families in October at both the 8:45 and 11:00 AM celebrating the birth of a child or to services on Sundays. elderly home bound friends in need of a meal. • Lay Eucharistic Visitors took the consecrated elements from the altar on • Cremation Linens were hand-sewn Sundays to those who are unable to and embroidered for each person who attend church. was interred in our Memorial Garden. • Noonday Chapel Prayer Group • Extended Intercessory Group prayed every day in the church or members prayed in their homes daily for chapel, for the specific needs of those in those in need outside our parish family. our parish.

• Grace House (our Hospitality and

Resource Center for Pastoral Care) continued to serve nutritious lunches at noon on Wednesdays in Leatherbury Hall to approximately 30 parishioners and friends weekly.

• Hospital Visitors (trained lay persons) made short visits to parishioners in hospitals, nursing homes or homes.

• Prayer Shawl Ministry knitted prayer shawls for those in need.

• Samaritans were on call to assist home bound or ill parishioners with transportation needs in the area.

• Special Friends Luncheons were held

in May and again in October for members and friends of St. Mark’s who may be home bound or living in assisted living


• Walking the Mourners’ Path

(a Christ-centered bereavement and grief support program) was offered this fall.

• The weekend of September 21-23 St.

Mark’s hosted “A Healing Mission” with the Rev. John Rice. As the regional Warden of the Order of St. Luke the Physician, John received St. Mark’s as a member parish in OSL and also inducted a number of our parishioners as individual associates of the Order.This new team of people is called to participate in this healing ministry through grief support, wellness maintenance, education and healing prayer.

In 2013, we are working towards

going from associate chapter to full chapter status in OSL, expanding healing ministry, reconstituting the Health and Wellness Advisory Committee and providing more volunteer opportunities through pastoral care training and programs If you would like more information on becoming involved in any of these ministries, please contact Elizabeth Crosby at 388-2681 ext. 224

Special Friends Luncheons

• Health and Wellness Team, composed of active and retired health-care professionals, supplied information and consultation on health-related concerns of parishioners. The approach was two-prong: preventative and treatment. Members of the team set up a booth at The Ortega River Run to supply water (with “living water” Bible verses attached) and healthy snacks. Exercise programs were offered and various walking groups were formed.There were also presentations on health issues at Grace House lunches and Sunday Adult Forums.

Health and Wellness Booth at Rally Day


facilities. Long time friends who don’t get to see each other very often came together for fellowship and a wonderful meal. Seasonal flowers were delivered throughout the year.


‡ Parish Fellowship Report ‡ Jordan and Courtland Eyrick, Commission Heads Jane Arnold, Staff Liaison


he Parish Fellowship Commission organizes all events that foster fellowship at the church.

• Parish Retreat – Susan and Rick Brodeur chaired the Parish Retreat at Camp Weed. Over 75 parishioners attended with The Rev. Neely Towe as the speaker. It was a great weekend for all ages with activities for everyone to include a scavenger hunt, yoga, swimming and a cook out. Thank you to Susan and Rick for being such great Camp Directors.

• Rally Day – Our traditional kick off to the beginning of the school year and the

Blessing of the Backpacks, Rally Day, chaired by Jordan and Courtland, was a huge success with over 325 people attending. It was another year with extraordinary barbecue prepared by the dynamic team of the Storm family-Kathy, DeWitt and Witt, Jeff Bryan and Todd Ogletree. The youth group provided a variety of games for the children. New this year and a huge hit to all, was a special train that provided rides for families throughout the campus.

• 90th Anniversary – Hickory Fant and the 90th anniversary committee completed an incredible and fun year in celebration of St. Mark’s 90 years.

• Newcomers – Chair, Christine Burkett, welcomed over 29 Newcomers to St. Mark’s.

Two Newcomer socials were held on the covered walkway to welcome and orient potential new members. Christine has done an excellent job in revamping the Necomer program to include volunteer Shepherds who help welcome our newcomers to St. Mark’s.

• ECW (Episcopal Church Women) - Chaired by Karen Culler, who attends ECW

annual meetings and coordinates their service project, The Sharing Tree, which provides Christmas gifts for families at WSCO, Prisoners of Christ and St. Mary’s Mission.

• Summer Sunday Breakfasts – Chairs, Anna and William Michal did an outstanding job recruiting over 10 teams to cook breakfasts – a wonderful opportunity for fun and fellowship.

19 invaluable help at funerals and other special events throughout the year. St. Mark’s couldn’t run as efficiently without their hard work.

• Christmas Dinner – Jerry and Sharon Leynes organized a tremendous banquet of food


• The Reception Guild, chaired by Karen Culler, provides caring hospitality and

including smoked, barbecued and baked turkeys, hams and all the trimmings and multiple desserts. A perfect example of fellowship, they gathered a huge number of parishioners to help and volunteer so that it could be free for everyone to enjoy. Leatherbury Hall was in full array with Christmas decorations and a tree for the children to decorate. It was the fastest and best event ever planned and with no committee meetings. Thank you, Jerry and Sharon, and all who contributed and volunteered to make it such a glorious and festive holiday event.

Newcomer Social

Parish Christmas Dinner

Parish Retreat at Camp Weed


St. Mark’s Episcopal Church 2011 & 2012 STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES PRELIMINARY 2013 BUDGET 2011 Actuals

2012 Actuals

Preliminary 2013 Budget

$ 1,289,964 66,204 -

$ 1,231,539 108,301 -

$ 1,215,073 82,500 108,585




Total Non-pledge & Newcomer Offerings




Total Open Offerings




Total Other & Interest Income




REVENUE Pledges Parish Only & Prior Year Pledges 2012 Pledges Not Yet Renewed Total Pledge Income

Total Collection Allowance TOTAL REVENUE Personnel

(82,854) $ 1,513,119

$ 1,525,253

$ 1,490,431

$ 1,076,561

$ 1,054,982

$ 1,080,333











$ 1,550,860

$ 1,498,672

$ 1,517,848






Admin/Building/Grounds/Capital Total Commissions Total Diocesan Pledge








2011 Actuals $

Investments Receivables & Other Assets Future Campaign Master site Plan Costs Pledges Current Year Prepaids and Other Total Receivables TOTAL ASSETS Payables






46,912 81,753 81,202 23,708 233,575

46,912 81,753 99,961 64,594 293,220









Reserves Prepaid Pledges Capital Improvements Designated Accounts Uncollected Pledges Total Reserves Foundation Line of Credit Fund Balances TOTAL LIABILITIES


2012 Actuals


112,496 124,342 74,081 81,202 392,120

108,292 106,547 94,353 98,461 407,652









St. Mark’s Episcopal Church


‥ Vestry ‥ 2012 Members John Burrows Hank Haynes Amy Morales Keith Daw Frances Hutto Caroline Nichols Peter Dearing Jerry Leynes Julie Pope Ed Doherty Bunny Manning Robin Shelly Courtland Eyrick Ted Miller Holly Upchurch Hank Wilson, Senior Warden The Rev. Jonathan B. Coffey, Jr. Todd Ogletree, Junior Warden The Rev. Sandra K. Moyle Mark Fackler, Treasurer The Rev. Deborah M. Jackson T. R. Hainline, Foundation Chair Nicole Bryan, School Board of Trustees Gene Nichols, Chancellor Jane Arnold, Parish Administrator Vestry Nominations (Six vestry members will be selected from the following to serve a three-year term.) Bill Adams Lisa Grubba Anne Beard Lee Haramis Janie Boyd Fred Irving Chris Commander Paula Phelan Tommy Davis Tom Slater George Egan Marchie Surface Nominations for Delegates to the 2014 Convention (Two delegates and two alternates will be selected from the following.) Mike Davenport Hank Haynes

Gene Nichols Hank Wilson

We gratefully acknowledge all parishioners listed above who have offered themselves to the service of the Church.


‡ We Are One Capital Campaign ‡ George Egan and Jan Harbeson, Co-Chairs

In the late fall of 2010, after careful planning and prayer, the Vestry and the Boards

Projects Baker Green Completed McRae - Winston Chapel Completed Lori Schiavone Commons Completed Parking - Phases I and II Completed Deferred Maintenance - Church HVAC (Almost) Completed Gift and Financial Summary (12/31/12) Total number of donors 334 Total Pledge Dollars $5,307,000 Pledges Paid to Date & Other Income $4,197,000 Costs Incurred to Date $5,003,000 Net Debt $805,000 Remaining Reserves/Expenses to be Paid $304,000 Ultimately, and at the heart of all of these projects, is the vision and daily aspiration to embrace and enhance the mission of Christ at our Church and Day School. On behalf of the entire We Are One Campaign Committee, we are grateful for your support.

We Are One

of the Church Foundation and the Day School approved moving forward with an ambitious $5 million capital campaign designed to transform our campus. The ability to turn our vision into a reality was conditioned on the financial commitment of the St. Mark’s community. Gratefully, this community responded with extraordinary generosity to the mission and vision of these projects, allowing us to complete all of the project goals originally set out for the campaign. Provided below is a summary of the campaign to date:


St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School Cathy Hardage, Head of School


t. Mark’s Episcopal Day School is a vibrant ministry of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. The school and church work very closely together to achieve a “unified campus for Christian growth.” The Rector sits on the Board of Trustees for the school. The Board of Trustees Chair sits on the Church Vestry. The Head of School attends all church staff meetings and the executive church meeting every month. Thirty one percent of school families are St. Mark’s Episcopal Church parishioners, and 37% of school families are Episcopalians. We have enjoyed another very successful year at St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School. The “We are One” Capital Campaign is complete, and we are enjoying the most beautiful elementary school campus in north Florida, complete with an incredible facility, the Lori Schiavone Commons! Of particular note, is the fact that St. Mark’s was voted the BEST preschool and BEST elementary school in Jacksonville in the Jax4Kids Best of Survey for the third year in a row. The church can indeed be proud of the day school it began in 1970! The Board of Trustees, chaired by Nicole Bryan, works hard to maintain and plan for the future of St. Mark’s. One of our current Board members, Hayes Basford, served on the Board of Trustees in the early days of St. Mark’s history and is able to contribute a great deal to our current Board. St. Mark’s is committed to being a leader in curriculum and a 21st century educational institution. As an Episcopal school, St. Mark’s is committed to Christian formation and involvement of the students in service work. As a school, we mourned the loss of an Episcopal Head of School, Dale Regan, in

March of this year. St. Mark’s also went through its five year reaccreditation review with the Florida Council of Independent Schools and the Florida Kindergarten Council in March 2012. St. Mark’s was reaccredited with flying colors and received many meaningful commendations in areas ranging from finances and curriculum to the facility and high morale. The Lori Schiavone Commons was dedicated in April 2012 and is being used daily for physical education, after school sports, preparation of healthy lunches, chapel, and musical programs. In addition, Berg Field has been renovated with the Durkee Track and the Patty Gordon Basketball Court. A new Director of Development, Brad Jessen, was hired in the spring of 2012, and he began his work at St. Mark’s in July 2012. St. Mark’s continues to fulfill its mission of instilling Christian values, building a strong academic foundation, encouraging personal achievement, stimulating creative expression, and fostering a heart of giving in a nurturing environment in children age one through grade six.

Academic: • Singapore Math was fully implemented through the fourth grade. Professional development for faculty continued, including institute work during the summer of 2012 and onsite training by our consultant during the fall. Additionally, a number of parent nights have been revisited to assist parents as they work with their children. Standardized tests in mathematics show continued increase in scores. We attribute this to the superior curricular content, annual professional training of our teachers, and gender classes at the upper levels. • As we enter the second year with Shurley English/Writing program, we note the level of engagement and accountability has ramped up in this area. The school hosted a second multi-school training to further the confidence as we introduce these strategies. Third through sixth grades use the program.

• Physical Education is already utilizing the new Berg Field, complete with track and basketball capabilities. The Commons also provides space making all days in Florida P.E. friendly. In keeping with this, the music program is enjoying the full use of the Commons in its theatrical/musical programming. • The relationships established through our Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in October and November 2011 have grown into global collaborations and exemplify 21st century learning skills. Our collaborations, known as the “Water Project,” are learning opportunities that weave through the science, computer, and service learning curriculum. In fifth grade, our students are collaborating with the

• The World Language Program continues to be developed with instruction in Spanish for all levels, Early Learning Program through sixth grades. Mandarin Chinese studies are offered in twelve week blocks to fourth through sixth grades as auxiliary language exposure. The language teachers attended a national conference for teachers of foreign languages this fall. • Sixth graders have dedicated time in their schedule to devote to STEM studies (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). An example of the topics covered is understanding binary code and its use in computer programming. Once a rotation, they also work together in a Project Based Learning Lab. Using projects initiated in service learning and other areas, the students learn collaboration skills to plan and execute long term projects. • Also new this year, is the expansion of the social studies curriculum to include Mexico and Haiti studies in first grade.


• A science teacher has been added to enhance the third grade science program. Science teachers are part of the spiral from kindergarten through sixth grades.

25 Amrim School in Binyahminah, and in sixth grade with the Arab Evangelical Episcopal School in Ramallah.

Service Work: • Our Service Learning Program is reflective of 21st century learning skills. At each grade level, kindergarten through sixth grades, our children are having active hands on learning that is supported by and enhances curriculum. Our program is focused on learning about the places, people, and challenges of those we serve. In fifth and sixth grades, our students establish year long relationships with those we serve; kindergarteners at Ortega Elementary School, and the students at the North Florida School for Special Education. Professional Development: • Faculty and administrators were asked to serve on re-accreditation teams for schools in

26 various parts of the state this year. The Head of School served as chair of two teams and is currently serving on the Board of FCIS. • All faculty participated in the self-study process in preparation for the FCIS reaccreditation team’s arrival in spring of this year. In doing so, examination of where we are, the direction we need to go in, and proposals of how this can be accomplished is key to the writing of this document. • The Early Learning Program faculty continues to receive training to keep its status as a premium early learning education facility. National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and Florida Kindergarten Council (FKC) conventions were among the offerings that benefitted this group during the year. • The Collaborative method of school management is in full swing with meaningful conversations being stimulated by the Head of School and administrators, as feedback from all is disseminated from faculty and staff in regular meetings. Faculty is showing significant signs of total commitment to excellence in education in creative lessons and a futuristic approach to methodology. Technology: • Use of iPads in centers is increasing as Anne Brignet goes into the classrooms to integrate these into the curriculum. • During the summer of 2012, St. Mark’s added an enterprise level wireless network covering the upper level classrooms and common areas of the campus. This new “business grade” wireless network allows teachers and students to have consistent and reliable intranet and Internet access, while the administration software allows for centralized, web-based management.

• This fall, we have deployed a 1-to-1 laptop program with our sixth grade students. This pilot program will allow students to be engaged in 21st century learning, as they move throughout their day and around campus with Apple MacBook laptops. Marketing: • Marketing is continuing to follow the plan from the Cherry & Company marketing plan by focusing on Internal, External, Online, and Church marketing. - A Realtor Open House was attended by 35 Agents from around Jacksonville. - Online Search Engine Optimization and Search Advertising is increasing our rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. - The website is being updated with videos and frequent news stories. - Professional campus photography was taken to highlight the recent improvements. - A direct mail of the Lion’s Tale was sent to families with children in surrounding zip codes. Admissions: • St. Mark’s has welcomed 55 new families, accounting for 94 new students for the 20122013 school year. • The total number of students enrolled as of January 3, 2013, is 415 in the one year old program through sixth grade. Development: • Amount raised for current operations during 2011-12 Fiscal Year – $234,000 o Annual Giving Campaign – Chairs – Claudia and Bill Adams – $132,000 o Daily’s Ortega River Run (February 2012) – Chairs – Cathy McQuade, Tiffany Frautschi, and Amy Barrow – $63,000 o Christmas in Costa Rica Dinner and

27 Auction – Chair – Holland Gibbs – $39,000 • Amount raised for current operations during current 2012-2013 Fiscal Year (as of December 31, 2012) o Annual Giving Campaign – Chairs – Allison and Brian Sheridan – $101,000 o Daily’s Ortega River Run – Chairs – Cathy McQuade, Amy Barrow, and Stephanie Kohla – $65,000 to date in corporate sponsorship commitments o Dinner and Auction date set for May 4, 2013 – Chair Nikki Glynn Facilities: • With funds from generous grants and memorial gifts, the school has recently completed: o A cushioned two lane walking/running track encircling the playground and Berg Family Playfield.

o Installation of aluminum fencing along Baltic Street. Restricted gifts received during 20112012 totaled $64,000 • Henry & Lucy Gooding Endowment to be used for continuing professional development for faculty and staff. • The Jess & Brewster J. Durkee Foundation to be used for the financial assistance program, the construction of a new cushioned running track on the Berg Family Playfield along with other playfield enhancements, and for the Service Learning program. • 2011-12 marked the second of three years that St. Mark’s is benefitting from a grant from the Eunice Pitt Odom Semmes Foundation to be used for marketing.

Financial Aid: • Financial aid continues to be a priority in order to provide families with children in kindergarten through sixth grade the opportunity to attend St. Mark’s. Aid in the amount of $198,000 has been granted to 50 families who demonstrated financial need. The 64 students receiving assistance represent 26% of the population. • Non need based financial aid is provided to full time St. Mark’s Church employees in the amount of $9,300. • St. Mark’s has 14 families representing 20 students who benefit from the State of Florida Corporate Tax Credit Scholarship program. The school receives $86,700 for these families.

Respectfully Submitted, Cathy Hardage Head of School


o 50 x 80 foot basketball court with six adjustable goals in memory of Patty Gordon.

Endowment: • The School Endowment Fund of approximately $1.6 million as of December 31 will provide $81,000 for the operating budget for the 2012 – 2013 school year. This endowment is managed by the Foundation and The Community Foundation.





‡ St. Mark’s Foundation Report‡ T.R. Hainline, Foundation Chair The St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Foundation

continues to manage a general endowment which supports the Church and various special endowments for specific identified purposes. The Foundation receives gifts and bequests and assists donors in ensuring that the intent of their gifts are met, now and in the future. Pursuant to a distribution policy, the Foundation distributes funds to the Church annually. Other distributions are made when appropriate and when consistent with the donors’ intent. The Foundation is currently undergoing an effort to update and revise all of its fundamental organizational documents and policies so as to be consistent with current practices and current realities. These documents--including a Gift Acceptance Policy, Distribution Policy, and updated Investment Policy Statement--will be considered by the Trustees of the Foundation early this year (2013). Thereafter, the Trustees hope to be in a good position to educate or remind parishioners about the Foundation’s purposes and how gifts and bequests to the Foundation serve to benefit St. Mark’s Church.







$ $ $

71,006 1,146,749 -

$ $ $

87,612 264,098 2,444

















$ $

81,753 1,916,872

$ $

81,753 4,998,389


$ $ $

46,912 151,765 198,677

$ $ $

46,912 151,765 198,677




$ 10,670,788


$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

112,506 126,588 81,753 46,912 151,765 1,126,749 1,916,872 20,000 3,583,146 3,583,146

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

112,506 126,588 81,753 46,912 151,765 (823,779) 4,998,389 1,067,876 20,000 5,782,011 5,782,011


$ $ $ $

35,857 2,483,998 2,053,762 4,573,617

$ $ $ $

34,761 2,858,648 1,995,368 4,888,777




$ 10,670,788




Contact Us

The Reverend Jonathan B. Coffey, Jr. Rector The Reverend Sandra K. Moyle Associate Rector The Reverend Deborah M. Jackson Interim Associate Rector The Reverend Lila B. Brown Assisting Priest The Reverend Barnum McCarty Rector Emeritus

ext. 206 ext. 204 ext. 210


Jane Arnold, Parish Administrator ext. 202 Pixianne Beasley, Kitchen Manager ext. 209 Elizabeth Crosby, Pastoral Care Coordinator ext. 224 Leslie Fraleigh, Bookstore Manager ext. 230 Melissa Gerard, Director of Communications ext. 205 Ayana Grady, Director of Youth Ministries ext. 211 James Holyer, Director of Music ext. 218 Bashkim Hoxha, Facilities Suzana Hoxha, Housekeeping Denise Hudmon, Director of Finance ext. 217 Sergej Kovac, Director of Facilities ext. 235 Laura Magevney, Director of Christian Formation ext. 212 Mary Monroe, Assistant Director of Music Susan Morgan, Worship Coordinator ext. 207 Laura Turnage, Finance Assistant ext. 216

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St. Mark's Episcopal Church 2012 Annual Report  

A year in review of St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Day School, Foundation, "We Are One" capital campaign, and "Charting our Course" strategic...