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Lions’ St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School - Jacksonville, FL

Third Trimester 2009 - 2010

The Class of 2010

Graduates from the class of 2010 will attend the following secondary schools: Fernando Acosta-Rua - The Bolles School Bradley Ball - St. Johns Country Day Allison Bast - Episcopal High School Bobby Bent - The Bolles School Sydney Bowers - Providence Extension Michael Corse - St. Matthew’s Catholic Hunt Cramer - The Bolles School Harry D'Agostino - Episcopal High School Lindsey Dempsey - Episcopal High School Grace Egan - Episcopal High School Neely Egan - Episcopal High School Noah Fulmer - Episcopal High School

Jonathan Griffin - Episcopal High School Kaiden Ketchum - Episcopal High School Laurel Lee - Episcopal High School Kaley Libera - Episcopal High School Kikki Madison - St. Matthew’s Catholic Thomas Magevney - Episcopal High School Woody Moore - The Bolles School Matthew Moore - Episcopal High School Ry Morales - The Bolles School Isabelle Nigro - Episcopal High School Lily Nigro - Episcopal High School Alex Oakley - Episcopal High School

Emily Quezada - Episcopal High School Evan Ray - Episcopal High School Andre Royce - Episcopal High School Teddy Sirbaugh - Episcopal High School Dinah Stephens - Episcopal High School Emily Studstill - Grace Episcopal Day School Keni Thompson - The Bolles School Mick Upchurch - Episcopal High School Anjelo Villero - Episcopal High School Thomas Wallace - Episcopal High School Zach Weller - Coronado Middle School, CA Lauren Witkovich - Episcopal High School

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A symbolic song for an important journey - graduating sixth graders and the class of 2015 (first graders) sang “He Plants Me Like a Seed” together during the Graduation Ceremony.

The following remarks were given by Missy Ketchum, Chair of the St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School Board of Trustees, at the Sixth Grade Graduation Ceremony on Friday, May 28, 2010:

Good Morning. My name is Missy Ketchum, and on behalf of the Board of Trustees of St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School, I’d like to welcome you to this graduation ceremony. I speak to you officially as the chair of the St. Mark’s Board, and I also speak to you personally as the mother of Kaiden Ketchum, one of our graduates. Because I am the mother of a graduate, I know firsthand that it has been a week of fun and celebration for our sixth graders, and it’s been a week of fullon nostalgia for the sixth grade parents. For example, right in the middle of the Sixth Grade Luncheon two days ago, Kaiden came over and handed me her last baby tooth, which had just fallen out. For me, this was just clanging with symbolism. Because this graduation, marking the end of elementary school, is a transition out of the core childhood years. And, although you graduates are thinking that what lies ahead is middle school, your parents are actually thinking farther out. We have our eye on your

adulthood, and we know, as the writer Toni Morrison said, that becoming a genuine adult, a real grown-up, is not inevitable. Your best shot at real adulthood is to have a childhood that shapes you for it. Because how you’ve been nourished at the start of your life will sustain you later on, just like the good breakfast that your parents told you to eat on the day of a big test, or big game, or big field trip. So, think of your years at St. Mark’s as a good breakfast… for life. You have had here the best education your parents could find for you, one that included a relationship with a God whose extravagant generosity instills in each of us the humility that is essential to all human learning. It’s an Episcopal school truth that your faith will make you a better lifelong learner. And so, you have had this good breakfast. Now, go see what’s for lunch.



St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School is a parish day school that instills Christian values, builds a strong academic foundation, encourages personal achievement, stimulates creative expression, and fosters a heart of giving in a nurturing environment in children age one through grade six.

2009-2010 Board of Trustees Missy M. Ketchum, Chair of the Board Cathy Hardage, Head of School The Reverend Jonathan B. Coffey Jr. Rector Nicole B. Bryan Rev. Jonathan B. Coffey Jr. Robert E. Dickson George M. Egan Susan K. Feeley Cathy Hardage Cheryl A. Hardin* Missy M. Ketchum Diane A. Madison Hugh M. Magevney III Amy T. Morales** Eugene B. Nichols Dade R. Nigro Jeffrey Preuss Lisa L. Rogers Leigh S. Scales Brian C. Sheridan Leslie P. Sirbaugh Holly H. Upchurch* Margaret B. Wetherbee Ruth E. Whitner Avery W. Williams Alison I. Witkovich *Vestry Representative **Parents’ Association Representative

Messages From the Head of School & Rector Dear St. Mark’s Families and Friends, On May 28, our community celebrated the sixth grade graduation of 36 exceptional young women and men. It is always a bittersweet time as we say goodbye to these students who had become such important leaders at our school and church. Fourteen of these students began as one or two years olds in our Early Learning Program and another fifteen entered during their pre-primary years. What a privilege it is for us to be entrusted with these lives - nurturing them spiritually and emotionally, while instilling the skills they need to become successful in life. As they “Go forth into the world, rejoicing in the power of the Spirit,” they will be taking St. Mark’s with them, well prepared for whatever lies ahead. On a personal note, my first grandchild was born on April 5, 2010. Ellie Kate Hoffman entered the world at 10:50 p.m. in Charleston, South Carolina. It was a privilege to help coach my daughter, Susan, along with her husband in the delivery room. I witnessed a miracle! What an awesome God we serve! Like most families these days, both my daughter and son-in-law will soon be returning to their work and schooling. They needed to find a place for Ellie Kate to stay, which meant I had the opportunity to experience touring child care programs from a different perspective. I have experience (and a bit of bias) in this field, so I visited each facility

knowing what St. Mark’s offers its families. I looked for active engagement of the staff with the babies; I looked for cleanliness and safety; I needed evidence the staff was leading activities with brain based research in mind; I sought personnel who were trained to recognize abuse, had been subjected to background checks, and who were trained in CPR; I asked if staff members were required to further their professional development and if their turn-over was low. It is a Ellie Kate and Susan Hoffman with the new grandmother, Cathy Hardage. very difficult decision for a parent to entrust others with their miracle! I know the attend the meetings. Please share your anxiety that parents (and grandparents) endure feedback with us! For those who missed the through this process. presentations or would like more information, the plans are available on both the school and While we found excellent care for Ellie Kate in church websites. Charleston, I now am very assured and confident in the programs and the faculty at St. Also, in looking towards the future, we have Mark’s. I couldn’t help comparing our school completed a new strategic plan to be our road to those I toured, and I am so thankful we are a map for the next five years. It reflects what it safe haven for families in Jacksonville. means to be the very best of an Episcopal school in the 21st century. Please explore this In looking forward to the future, there is much for yourself (on page 13)! excitement buzzing around our community. Several meetings were held in early June to Have a wonderful summer! unveil renderings and plans for a long In Christ’s love, anticipated capital campaign. Our goal is to physically unify the school and church campuses to further Christian growth and service. Thank you to those who were able to Cathy Hardage, Head of School


s you read this you will be hearing exciting things regarding our long-awaited capital campaign to enhance and improve our campus. We have been engaged in various forms of strategic planning and site plan development for the past decade and were poised to begin in late 2008, and then we were overruled by the economy. Most of us believe that the time is good for mobilization for our campaign, to be launched probably later this fall. The Vestry (Church Board) voted at its April meeting to unanimously support the mobilization toward Phase One of this campaign. Cathy Hardage, Head of School, and I both feel that this should be an integrated campaign, reflecting the needs and priorities of both the Church and the Day School….after all, in the beginning, and in the end, WE ARE ONE! Phase One will include the closing of Oxford Avenue and the creation of a beautiful pedestrian thoroughfare with a St. Mark’s Green and better drainage and water retention and signage. In addition, Phase One will include the long-awaited building of a new Cafetorium for the Day School to replace Clingman Hall. We will expand the Chapel and also remove

Hope House (at the corner of Ionic and Ortega Blvd.) for parking. Phase Two might include several projects such as the expansion of the entranceway to the Church, a second story to the Parish Hall creating dedicated space for Sunday School, endowments for maintenance and other programs at the Day School. Both Mrs. Hardage and I are excited to be launching this adventure with you, and we look forward to the Lord guiding us as together we endeavor to do great things on this hallowed “unified campus for Christian growth and service”!

Jonathan B. Coffey, Rector of St. Mark’s Church

Faithfully Jon (The Rev.) Jonathan B. Coffey, Rector


In you are in sadness, go out for what you want. - Harry D’Agostino

Humanity likes taking the easy way by saying things we can’t do. But we must not take the easy way, we must learn to take the right way. - Kaiden

There is a place for everything and for everyone. - Laurel Lee

Whatever your religion, whatever your race, try to make the world a better place. - Mick Upchurch

Hearing the peaceful sounds of the ocean makes me find the peaceful side of life. - Kikki Madison

When darkness comes, light is near. - Emily Quezda

Happiness is like the air. It can be found anywhere and it never runs out. - Anjelo Villero

Hearing the animals in the woods is music to my ears. - Emily Studstill

Everyone has a purpose. Find it. Use it. - Bradley Ball

I strive to be a hero but I am not a hero yet. So I won’t worry about a brave quote until the time comes. - Isabelle Nigro For each thing there is a deeper level. It’s like an ocean made up of millions of drops of water. There will always be a deeper reason. - Lily Nigro

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve something when you really can. - Zach Weller

Heroes can be found everywhere. All you have to do is believe in them. - Thomas Magevney

There is no end to heaven, just a superior beginning. - Alex Oakley

Success falls into the hands of those who work for it. - Kaley Libera

The world can’t be perfect, but it can be better, and so can I. - Teddy Sirbaugh

Those who do great deeds from their hearts, and seek no reward, will get the best reward there is. - Jonathan Griffin.

I saw the wind against the leaves. The Those who swim do not drown. - Matthew Moore leaves barely holding on, never letting go until it is their time. - Allison Bast

Encouragement is the best thing a person can have. - Evan Ray

Use your mind with your heart and your heart with your mind, and happiness will come to you. - Lindsey Dempsey

A little baby comes into the world with no experience and no knowledge but they trust the ones who hold them. - Grace Egan Having nothing gives us reasons to hope for something. - Neely Egan

If you receive mercy and not give mercy, it will follow you all your life. - Thomas Wallace

We are so proud of our graduates. This class completed an amazing 641 community service hours this school year. Here are their favorite inspirational thoughts they leave behind for their peers. We wish them and their families the best!

In every tight space, there is always a little leeway. - Dinah Stephens

Serving others serves us all. Help each other, help animals, and you will help yourself. - Ry Morales

You should not get rewarded for doing what is expected. - Bobby Bent

In a world of darkness, devastation and war; He steps into the darkness and everything becomes light. - Lauren Witkovoch

We learn a lot of things in life, and often those things which we easily dismiss are the things that we need the most. - Keni Thompson

With the wind in my hair and my feet in my boots, I feel like I have left the problems of the world behind. - Woody Moore

The leader of an army is like the root of a plant. He holds the plant steady during a strong wind. - Noah Fulmer

A rainbow is like a feeling of happiness and joy that never ends. - Sydney Bowers

Many raindrops make a sea. - Hunt Cramer

The only thing holding your ability to learn is you. - Andre Royce

Life is like a huge clock, if one piece breaks or is out of order, the entire clock shuts down. - Michael Corse

Better to die trying than to not try at all. - Fernando Acosta-Rua

Around Campus

Blue Jeans for Babies The ELP students proudly sponsored Blue Jeans for Babies day again this April in support of the March of Dimes, whose mission is to give every baby an opportunity for a healthy start in life. Their participation encouraged all the students and faculty at St. Mark’s to wear blue jeans to school and to wear a sticker in awareness of the cause.

ELP Grandparents’ & Special Friends’ Day Our one and two year old students enjoyed sharing their school with their loved ones on Friday, April 16. Grandparents and special friends were invited to meet teachers, play in the classrooms, and visit a special Book Fair. Most of the students also enjoyed a special visit by the Book Fair mascot, Clifford the Big Red Dog!

Exploring Ocean Life With Pre-K I This spring, Pre-Kindergarten I students discovered many animals who make their homes in bodies of water. They explored sand, shells, starfish, seahorses, and even octopuses. Art activities included painting an octopus at the easel (hand-eye coordination activity), and making a colorful fish. In circle time, teachers used pipe cleaners to demonstrate how a seahorse uses its tail, and discussed how other ocean animals move and what they eat.

Pre-K II Students Have Green Thumbs and Green Beans Pre-Kindertgarten II students harvested food from their organic garden they worked in all school year. They had so much fun pulling carrots, picking beans, and digging up over 50 potatoes! The children squealed with delight each time they found a potato, or a worm, or a snail! It was a lot of fun, and it was wonderful to see their excitement during both the harvesting and the eating. Students ate their potatoes and carrots for snack, and so many were actually begging for more carrots to eat! 6

Around Campus Kindergarten Physics

Vlog Projects Second graders created Vlogs (video blogs) in computer class about the ocean and sea life they studied this year. Students even created interactive quizzes for viewers to take after their video.

Kindergarten students really enjoyed an introduction to physics during a science class in the spring. They had lots of fun playing with dominoes while learning about force and motion.

The John Hancock Club

Fourth Grade Watches Shuttle Atlantis Lift-Off

After mastering cursive writing, third graders excitedly became members of The John Hancock Club this spring. Students signed their names in cursive on real parchment paper to become official members. The activity is based off of the book, The John Hancock Club, by Louise Borden, which tells the story of John Hancock and of other third grade students who are learning to write in cursive.

Fourth graders enjoyed an outdoor science lesson with Ms. Bryan in Stockton Park to watch what possibly could have been the last Space Shuttle Atlantis launch. After waiting, counting down, and watching the sky, the students let out a cheer when they were able to eventually see it rising in the partly cloudy sky.

5th Grade Experiences History in Washington, D.C.

The annual trip for fifth grade to Washington, D.C. is a whirlwind week of sightseeing tours, picture taking, museums, monuments, memorials, and so much more! This year, students and chaperones enjoyed touring the White House and visiting the new museum all about the news - the Newseum! Pictured left, is a group during their tour of the Capitol Rotunda. 7

Around Campus St. Mark’s Students Perform On Broadway!

Fourth graders dance during Do Re Mi from The Sound of Music.

This spring, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders presented ON BROADWAY, a performance with popular songs from Broadway shows. Narrators introduced each selection; dancers performed routines; and all students participated in the chorus. Selections included: Give my Regards to Broadway, Do Re Mi, My Favorite Things, Spoonful of Sugar, Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious, Step in Time, For Good, I'm a Believer, Momma Mia, and We Go Together.

Sixth grade girls performed the theme song from Momma Mia.

The Trials of Peter Rabbit

Fourth grade jurors listening to testimony from a witness.

This spring, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade classes held mock trials for the fictional character, Peter Rabbit. Guided by the Academic Support Center teachers, students read Beatrix Potter’s classic tale and took part in a fun and interactive activity to learn how our judicial system works. All students participated in the trials by being on the prosecution, defense, or jury, or as a bailiff, a witness, or the defendant. The verdicts? Fourth grade’s jury was hung; fifth grade acquitted Peter Rabbit; and sixth grade found him not guilty of theft, but guilty of criminal trespassing and sentenced him to 60 days of community service planting crops for underprivileged families.

Art In the City We're proud of our students’ amazing artwork! Several galleries of student art are on display at businesses and restaurants around town! Please stop by these locations to view our art: La Cena, The Brick, Goal Post, Stephens’ Family Practice, Carithers Group, and 8 the St. Mark’s School Office.

Mini Masters Champion Congratulations to sixth grader, Teddy Sirbaugh, for his win at the St. Mark’s Mini Masters Putting Competition!

Old Fashioned Field Day Fun Students enjoyed a break from learning with technology during Field Day, a morning of oldfashioned fun! Sixth grade students refereed games such as potato sack races, line soccer, and spoon relays, for kindergarten through fifth graders.

Around Campus & Admissions Parents’ Association BBQ Bash

ADMISSIONS NEWS We are pleased to announce our Early Learning Program has already surpassed the enrollment numbers for the past school year! Summer is an exciting time in the admissions office at St. Mark’s. Student records are updated; transcripts are forwarded to feeder schools for our graduating sixth graders; and new families continue to visit our beautiful campus.

The Parents’ Association Team wrapped up another successful year of fundraising activities and special events with a BBQ Bash celebration. Successful St. Mark’s events rely on volunteer support - so volunteer this school year!

We are always looking for new families to join us! Please remember the school this summer when talking to friends, family, and neighbors. You may be eligible for a $500 tuition credit!

09-10 PAT President, Amy Morales, with 10-11 President, Gina Donahoo, and 10-11 Vice President, Jennifer Dickson.

For a limited time until Tuesday, August 24 (the first day of the 2010-2011 school year), we are offering an incentive of a $500 tuition credit to our current families who refer a new family. Here’s how:

• The family must be new to St. Mark’s. • The family should list your name on their application in the “referred by” location, or let the Director of Admission know who referred them. • The new student must enroll in prekindergarten I through sixth grade (ELP students are not eligible). • The credit will be given after the start of the school year. • The referral credit will be split if referred by more than one family.

• Parties eligible to receive the incentive are current families who were enrolled in the 0910 school year and are re-enrolled for the 1011 school year. Thank you for helping us grow! Increasing enrollment at our school not only allows us to teach more children; it also helps the school stay financially sound, allows for improvements, and keeps tuition costs down. If you have any questions, please contact Susan Kwartler, Director of Admission, (904) 3882632 x21,

Many new families attended the BBQ Bash! Welcome to Lori and Carl Kesgen (left) and Robin and William Li, who have children entering the Early Learning Program in the fall.

New Playground Equipment for The Lion’s Den & Pre-Kindergarten Thanks to part of a generous gift from The Henry & Lucy Gooding Endowment, students who stay after school at The Lion’s Den will now enjoy shaded play equipment, a painting station, a water and sand table, and a multiple-person teeter-totter! The prekindergarten playground also received new play equipment this summer courtesy of the Parents’ Association Team. Money raised over the past two years from their fundraisers made this possible.

St. Mark’s Citrus Grove Begins Two Mandarin Satsuma Orange trees were planted behind the fifth grade classrooms (along the fence line of Harvard Ave.) in hopes of beginning a citrus grove. Thank you to The Flying Dragon Citrus Nursery and Mike Barwald for delivering and planting the trees as well as educating us all on citrus trees and their cultivation in northeast Florida! The fruit on the recently planted trees will be ready to eat just before Christmas break! 9

Special Days

Making Memories Special opportunities for children are auctioned off each year during the St. Mark’s Dinner and Auction event. New this year, students enjoyed “teacher time” activities, which benefited our faculty’s Professional Development Fund. Save the date of Saturday, November 20, for the next Dinner and Auction Event. Here are just some of the special days which were celebrated this year: 1. Harry and Catherine D. “Started the School Day” for a week by leading the morning announcements. 2. Kindergartener, Jake B., spent the day shadowing Mr. Marty. 3. Hannah and Grant S. were Heads of School for a day. 4. Emilyn R. spent a day teaching music classes with Mrs. Dailey. 5. Gracie B. led the Pre-Primary Chapel one Wednesday morning. 6. Margaret, Chase, and Tom C. enjoyed Ultimate Ice Cream Sundaes with Ms. Doll and some friends. 7. Zoie S. holds the naming rights to our “street.”








Students, teachers, and even Mrs. Hardage, Head of School, participated by collecting sponsors and running in the Boosterthon Fun Run!

Thanks to parents, grandparents, teachers, and friends who supported and sponsored our students while they ran, hopped, skipped, and danced around a track on Berg Field. We raised $27,000! This exciting fundraiser encouraged students to “Stand Up” through various motivational lessons encouraging fitness, education, and character. Funds raised will help continue the excellent programs and curriculum St. Mark’s offers children.

The field was a frenzy as students raced, skipped, and conga-lined around the track with teachers marking off each lap on their t-shirts.

Students were challenged to a lap-cap of 35 laps a challenge many took very seriously!

Students in Pre-K I through sixth grade participated by collecting sponsors for laps run around a special track. The day of the Fun Run included a sports arena worthy welcome for each class as they ran through a tunnel onto Berg Field.

After a year of studying ancient civilizations, Mr. Bartlett’s sixth grade class appropriately named their team, “The Spartans,” and created a chariot for a classmate who was unable to run due to a broken leg.


Announcing - Singapore Math! Join us for an evening with our consultant, Bob Hogan, a Certified Singapore Math Trainer, on Sunday, August 15, 6 p.m., at the school. Who’s invited: Families from the entire school and other interested individuals What will be discussed: He will present an overview of the program and answer questions. This will be a way for all to see, hear, and better understand why Singapore Math stands out in its foundational preparation for young children and why we have chosen to embrace it at St. Mark's.


t. Mark’s curriculum is revisited for “quality control” yearly. Current best practices, research, standardized testing, and other assessments dictate the benchmarks we strive for. It is with this in mind, and as required by our accrediting body, we research and adopt new curriculum on a systematic cycle. For 2010-2011, we are adopting a new math curriculum. A dedicated group of faculty conducted a year-long and extensive review and research of the latest and greatest. As a result, the math adoption committee voted unanimously to adopt Singapore Math for our student’s foundation in math.

Why was this curriculum adopted? Singapore Math is fast becoming an influential voice in math education today. It meets the newest national and state math standards and is becoming noticed and used by some of the nation’s more high-performing and innovative schools. Schools whose students are already doing well in comparison to students nationwide have in a short Math familiar to time shown improved us for generations standardized scores. More importantly however, they will only be are demonstrating a true enhanced by understanding of problem better teaching solving and math thinking.

strategies and thinking skills. It will be the best of both worlds.

The math adoption process involved research of four nationally recognized math programs, presentations from all of these by consultants, and an off-site school visit. This bolstered the information gleaned from our exposure to the new national standards at both the state and national math conferences our teachers have attended in the previous two years.

Using Singapore Math, students not only learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts and eventually memorize them, but also learn structures and patterns behind the facts, so if they forget them, they are able to reconstruct them in their minds. From the early grades, children will learn how to compose and decompose numbers and manipulate them in useful ways in order to calculate mentally.

Claudia Johns, a third grade teacher and a participant on the math adoption committee, is pictured browsing a math curriculum workbook.


The math adoption committe was made up of a group of teachers in pre-kindergarten II through sixth grade, the Academic Support Center teachers, and the Assistant Head of School.

Singapore Math is about students solving problems, thinking deeply, sharing their ideas, and learning from one another. Conceptual, procedural, and factual understanding is developed through problem solving and carefully structured practice, and as a result, students learn how to think more efficiently. Math familiar to us for generations will only be enhanced by better teaching strategies and

thinking skills. It will be the best of both worlds. All St. Mark’s teachers in pre-kindergarten II through sixth grades will be trained in the methods this summer, and will begin immediately to use strategies from the program this fall. As recommended by experts in Singapore Math implementation, this curriculum will be introduced in a graduated manner, pre-kindergarten II through second grades the first year, third to be added the second year, and so forth. In the meantime, third through sixth grades will be taught with materials from another very strong program, (enVisions from Pearson), which is complementary in its approach to Singapore Math. It incorporates many of the same strategies, and it will form a strong bridge. We are excited about what is on the horizon for the school and its students, and we look forward to introducing this new math curriculum. The home connection will be an active part in the introduction and implementation this fall. - Karen Lee, Assistant Head of School


The research of the environment outside St. Mark’s, hat will the year 2015 be like? The members along with the survey results, brought forward four areas of the Strategic Planning Committee, to focus. However, there were more consisting of a group of questions than answers. Once again, the dedicated volunteers and faculty and staff, Committee called upon the St. Mark’s challenged the school and church Just Imagine 2015 community. An all day symposium with community to Just Imagine it! about 70 participants was held in early Strategic Planning December of 2009. Our consultant who The strategic planning process began in the Committee Members: had been guiding the Committee to this fall of 2009 with a community-wide survey point, Christina Drouin of the Center for asking parents, alums, selected church Nicole Bryan - Chair Strategic Planning, lead the participants members, faculty, staff, and even fifth and Cathy Hardage through the symposium to come up with sixth grade students the following Missy Ketchum a five-year vision with goals for the questions: The Rev. Dave Killeen school. • What three things does St. Mark’s do Charles Commander best? Susan Feeley The next two pages walk you through the • What three things need the most Charles Gibbs outcomes of the school’s Strategic Plan. improvement? Diane Madison They include the vision and goals that • If you could change one thing about our Lisa Rogers came out of the symposium along with school tomorrow, what would it be? Margaret Wetherbee the strategies to follow for those goals. • On what three things should we focus Bruce Ivey Also included are assumptions and over the next three to five years? Florence Calhoun strategic issues that were considered for The results of the survey provided insight Ilene Hackett the symposium based on the research. to the wants and needs of our community. Beville Anderson Nancy Bennett None of this would have been possible At the same time, the Committee learned without the hard work and dedication of Josie Bryan about the current environment outside St. the St. Mark’s community and the Mark’s beautiful campus by studying the Carol Rountree Strategic Planning Committee. A big economic, technological, social, thank you goes to the Committee for environmental, and political climates both their commitment to St. Mark’s. Thank locally and nationally. The trends and you also to Christina Drouin of the Center for Strategic research being done through the National Association of Planning. Her knowledge and dedication as our Independent Schools (NAIS) also proved to be important consultant, were invaluable. information. 13

STRATEGIC ISSUES (What strategic imperatives must we address over the next five years?)

Strategic Issue 1: Offering cutting edge academics while retaining a focus on Christian values and a nurturing environment

Strategic Issue 2: Ensuring St. Mark's has highly qualified faculty and staff

Strategic Issue 3: Having the financial resources to meet our strategic goals and to remain fiscally secure

Strategic Issue 4: Sustaining the current enrollment and growing to the desired capacity

ASSUMPTIONS (What do we think will be true about the future in order to accomplish our plan?) • Differentiated instruction will be expected in order to meet the


Excellence in Teaching and Learning St. Mark’s is a quality school recognized for its nurturing, Christian environment and high standards. In 2015, St. Mark’s will be a recognized leader in teaching and learning, balancing tradition with innovation to exemplify the best of what it means to be an Episcopal school in the 21st century.

Strategic Agenda Over the next five years, we will: • Inspire and equip our children to become curious

ever broadening range of student learning styles and needs.

• 21st Century skills must be explicitly taught to prepare our students

for higher education and to secure a productive place in the workforce.

• Professional learning communities will enable educators to collaborate and share best practices.

• Raising leadership within a school community will continue to be

the best means of ensuring its long-term success.

• The intended capital campaign will become a reality and will

generate enough money to accomplish the three strategic goals.

• Campus infrastructure changes will create changes in staffing needs and maintenance expenses.

• The character-building, Christ-centered mission of St. Mark’s will have increasing relevance as the world becomes more fast-paced, complicated, and fractured.

• Individuals will increasingly need to be able to cope effectively with rapid change, complexity (social, political, economic, etc.) and technological sophistication.

• Global awareness, expanded community, and international

involvement in learning, both face-to-face and online, will be essential.

• American society and northeast Florida will become increasingly

multicultural in population make-up and global in outlook.

• The school age population of nearby zip codes will increase, bringing new families to St. Mark’s, while zip codes 32210 and 32205 will remain constant or decrease.

• Brain research will continue to reveal new ways of learning and teaching, requiring innovation, flexibility, and adaptation. 14

and resilient lifelong learners and servant leaders. Cultivate young scholars who impact their communities through their intellectual development, academic preparedness and independent thinking. Establish a reputation of excellence among all of St. Mark’s existing cutting-edge academic programs. Implement and embrace a holistic approach to research-based curriculum. Build the capacity of faculty to become leaders by incorporating the most current educational research and technology into the classroom. Establish St. Mark’s as a global classroom fostering worldwide relationships, broadening transcultural understanding and enhancing learning. Attract, develop and retain effective faculty and administrators through competitive compensation and innovative professional development. Excel at creating an environment that balances mind, body, and spirit in the tradition of Episcopal school education. Enhance St. Mark’s as a safe, nurturing environment where Christian values and character development are learned and lived through community action both locally and globally.



Excellence in Stewardship

Excellence in Reputation and Relationships

St. Mark’s has a tradition of strong financial stewardship. In 2015, St. Mark’s will have a financially sustainable future with a physical plant that accommodates its exemplary educational programming.

Strategic Agenda Over the next five years, we will: • Develop and implement a comprehensive development plan. • Build a campus-wide culture of philanthropy. • Attract investments in a mission-driven endowment. • Build a physical plant that enables St. Mark’s to accomplish its academic, service, and resource program goals along with ensuring a unified campus with the church. • Become a “green” campus. • Develop and implement a five-year strategic financial plan.

St. Mark’s is known and appreciated as a neighborhood school. In 2015, St. Mark’s will extend its impact locally and globally to serve a broader range of families from a wider geographic area.

Strategic Agenda Over the next five years, we will: • Position St. Mark’s as the leader in early childhood and elementary education in Northeast Florida through a marketing communications program. • Become known for excellence in providing for students a Christian foundation in the Episcopal tradition. • Attract a surplus of qualified applicants by expanding St. Mark’s reach beyond its traditional demographic and geographic markets. • Develop and implement a five-year enrollment management plan. • Enhance current and develop new external partnerships that foster local and global citizenship, enhanced learning opportunities, and referral sources for future students. • Develop new ways to encourage passionate and broad parent participation. • Develop, implement and fund a five-year strategic marketing plan.


St. Mark’s first through sixth graders surprised faculty and staff at the end of the school year by presenting them with Fruit of the Spirit Awards. Pictured above are the faculty and staff the students nominated to receive the fruit of Joy! They were all presented with a booklet which included personalized notes and drawings by students.


he Fruits of the Spirit Character Education Program was authored and developed by our Head of School, Cathy Hardage. It is now being used in a number of schools in Florida and Texas. This program is ideally suited for an Episcopal school. Each of the nine fruits is assigned to a month of the school year. During Wednesday chapels, homilies about the fruits are presented to the students to complement the instruction in Christian education classes, and students receive awards. Some awards are voted on by the students, and some are chosen by the faculty. By the end of the year, every student will receive an award.

Student Nominated - JOY Somerset A. Cole N. Mary Blake Z. Chloe S. Connor M.

Sam W. Kayla H. Kelly T. Sydney S. Jeffrey P.

Teacher Nominated - JOY


Bruce J. Sadie C. Sam B. Caden M. Grant S. Grayson Y. Chloe S. John William T. Sam W. Leah B. Andrey K. Hannah S. Ry M. Alex O. Kaley L. Grace E. Caroline G. Bryce B.

Keller V. Chase C. John Wright S. Gary L. Ben K. Connor M. Parker S. Libby D. Toby C. Cameron B. Marcela C. Matthew D. Talal M. Zach W. Jonathan G. Mick U. Stuart M. Leslie Q.

Student Nominated - Faithfulness Katherine B. Liam G. Coulter H. Peyton P. Bobby B. Dinah S.

Matthew G. Sam B. Ben M. Katie B. Jack H. Anastasia U.

Teacher Nominated - Faithfulness Don K. Gabriel H. Calvin W. Anna D. Mandy M. Mills A. Christina A. Christopher C.

Jack B. Jack W. Anjelo V. Ben C. Emilyn R. Kayla H. Will B. Dinah S.

Brantley S. Brooke G. Darielle C. Danny K. Chase T. Emma W. Hunt C.

Other Fruit Nominations:

Berkeley W.(Gentleness) Hannah M. (Gentleness) Camp S.(Gentleness) Ben M. (Love) Logan M. (Love)

David D. (Love) Eleanor W.(Peace) Carrigan B.(Peace) Kaleb N. (Kindness) Sam M.(Kindness)

Student Nominated - Patience Catherine D. McKenna L. Keller V. Lucas T. Bond M. Kate R.

Blayne G. Emilyn R. Emma W. Amanda T. Sydney B. Emily Q.

Teacher Nominated - Patience Zoie S. Alston R. Alicia G. Joseph S. Rhett D. Chance L. Colin S. Lilly W. Ethan R. Marlo M. Jeffrey P. Emma W. Calla T.

Kikki M. Harry D. Thomas W. Michael C. Caden M. Teddy L. John T. Stanton H. Anna D. Annie P. Andrew M.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School - Honor Roll High Honors represents all As

Honors represents all As and Bs

Classes for Honor Roll calculations include: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science FOURTH GRADE HIGH HONORS - 3rd Trimester Will B. Emilyn R. Jane D. Hannah S. Kayla H. Maggie T. Phelps M. Caroline W. Marlo M. FOURTH GRADE HONORS - 3rd Trimester Katherine B. Sasha K. Liza B. Teddy . Mason B. Matthew M. Toby C. Katie T. Emmy F. Chance T. Blayne G. Kelly T. Liam G. Isabelle U. Reid G. Megan W. Stanton H. Nancy Grace H. Andrey K.

GRADUATION AWARDS Lindsey Dempsey, Grace Egan, Neely Egan, Kaley Libera, Matthew Moore, Evan Ray RECOGNITION OF HIGH HONORS Given for straight As during the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade years.

FIFTH GRADE HIGH HONORS - 3rd Trimester SIXTH GRADE HIGH HONORS - 3rd Trimester Dawson S. Annie F. Bradley B. Woody M. Elijah . Ashton H. Allison B. Matthew M. Sydney S. Andreas K. Sydney B. Bella N. Kathryn W. Lilly M. Hunt C. Alex O. Emma W. Peyton P. Lindsey D. Evan R. Phoebe C. Annie P. Grace E. Teddy S. Neely E. Dinah S. Kaiden K. Keni Th. FIFTH GRADE HONORS - 3rd Trimester Kaley L. Anjelo V. Carrigan Blanchard Camp Shelor Thomas M. Lauren W. Cameron Blanchard Tyler Schlegel Collin Brown Charlotte Steilberg Hana Cox Christopher Stephens SIXTH GRADE HONORS - 3rd Trimester David Dickson Calla Taylor Ry M. Bobby B. Coulter Higby Chase Tennant Lily N. Harry D. Talal Mahmoudi Amanda Thompson Andre R. Noah F. Sam Middlekauff Stan Van Pelt Mick U. Jonathan G. Jeffrey Preuss Frannie Wetherbee Zach .er Laurel L. Kiara Royce Jack Whelan

Matthew Moore

Lauren Witkovich

HEAD OF SCHOOL ST. MARK’S AWARD AWARD Given for progress and Given for excellence excellence in setting goals, in scholarship and application to tasks, academic outstanding academic achievement during achievement, and development the fourth, fifth, and of talents during the fourth, fifth, sixth grade years. and sixth grade years.

Lindsey Dempsey

Dinah Stephens

RECTOR’S AWARD Given for portrayal of exemplary Christian qualities through the Fruit of the Spirit, loving concern for the welfare of others, and outstanding citizenship during the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade years.

BOARD OF REGENTS’ MERIT AWARD Given for superior scholarship, exemplary leadership, and Christian ideals during the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade years.

Congratulations to Our 2009-2010 Recipient of the Nancy N. Wood Excellence in Education Award: Mrs. Kelly Risdon

Goodbye Mrs. Tompkins; We’ll Miss You! Our much beloved faculty member, Diane Tompkins, “My greatest hope is that I have impressed upon the has retired after 18 years of teaching at St. Mark’s. over 660 students I have taught, the desire to learn, She has been a member of the St. Mark’s community and that learning is exciting,” said Diane. for 26 years as both a parent and as a faculty member, and has watched her students grow up and bring their own children back. “When I visited Diane’s classroom, her gentle and joyful spirit was always evident with the children. Her students loved her, and she loved them. I have been so impressed with her knowledge and understanding of children as they learn and grow, and wish her many blessings,” said Cathy Hardage. Diane Tompkins is retiring after 32 years of teaching and plans to spend time in Atlanta with daughter, Kathryn Tompkins Edgecombe ‘88, and her three grandchildren (see page 18 for a picture of her newest grandchild). She taught kindergarten and second grade while at St. Mark’s.

Diane’s kindergarten class during her first year teaching at St. Mark’s in 92-93.

In 2001, the Board established this award to recognize and reward teachers or staff members who consistently and unselfishly go above and beyond normal expectations of time, energy, and devotion in working with students. Named in honor of the retirement of past Headmistress, Nancy N. Wood, the award is presented annually to a faculty or staff member who personifies quality in their teaching and in their influence on student learning. Faculty and staff nominate peers for the award. Kelly Risdon currently teaches fourth grade at St. Mark’s. She graduated from Stetson University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and is certified to teach elementary K-6 and pre-primary education. She has taught at St. Mark’s for seven years and previously taught in Palm Beach County Public Schools for four years.


St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School


lumni Notes

Kathryn Tompkins Edgecombe and her husband, Jason, welcomed a daughter, Madelyn Anna, on May 9, 2010. Madelyn joins her big brothers, Jay (5 1/2), and Mills (3). The Edgecombes live in Atlanta where Kathryn works part-time for The Coca-Cola Company. They are excited to have their Nana (Diane Tompkins) as their new Nanny.

1989 Lee Wedekind of Smith, Hulsey and Busey, was named to The Jacksonville Business Journal’s listing of “Top 40 Under 40” professionals.

1990 Carrie Inman, an Avondale real estate agent and jewelry entrepreneur, chaired the 2010 Women On The Move Luncheon, May 5 at the Garden Club of Jacksonville. The event raised funds to support MS research and programs in northeast Florida.


Leslie Brinton married Jeffrey Bicksler June 5 in Good Shepherd Episcopal Church. She graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia and is employed by KPMG LLP as an advisory associate. Caroline Brinton Graham ‘96, was the matron of honor. Following a trip to Petit St. Vincent, the couple will live in Atlanta.

1999 Claire Pulignano was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa at the University of Florida. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Elementary Education, a Minor in Business, and is in the process of earning a Masters Degree in Elementary Education. Stephen Ferry was married on April 24, 2010.



Michelle Risley is a junior at Vanderbilt University and is currently studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is pictured feeding a tiger during a visit to Zoo Lujan.

Danielle Risley will attend the University of Florida with a scholarship to dive on UF's Swimming & Diving Team. She was the Regional Champion at the FHSAA Regional Meet in October 2009, and placed 3rd at the FHSAA Class 1A State Championship Meet. She has been diving since the 7th grade at Bolles and has been named to the All First Coast Swimming & Diving Team each year, 05-09, and was named All-America in 08-09 and 09-10, and is rated in the top 1% of all high school divers.

Caroline Augustus is finishing her junior year studying in Florence, Italy. She graduated from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (2007) and is currently a student at Skidmore College double majoring in Music (Voice) and Italian Studies. Caroline has spent the last three summers in Italy studying intensive Italian language and Italian culture and politics as well as a month working on a vineyard in Tuscany. This summer, she will be interning in the music industry in Nashville, TN.

2003 Kate Augustus is completing her freshman year majoring in Elementary Education at Elon University in North Carolina after graduating from St. Johns Country Day School. She spent her January semester student teaching in the Burlington public schools. Last year, she was inspired by shadowing Drew Haramis and other teachers at St. Mark’s.

2004 Lee Haramis was named the 2010 Episcopal High School Prom King. James MacRae, a senior at Bolles, placed 4th in the regional track and field meet in the 3200meter run.

2005 William Leeser, the coxswain on the Bolles Boys Varsity 4+, placed first overall at the Florida Scholastic Rowing Association State Championship, claiming Youth and Scholastic State Titles. He also was on a team which earned 3rd place in Chemistry at the 21st Science, Mathematics and Engineering Day at JU. Robert Cassidy, a junior at Bolles, placed third in State in the Heavyweight Class totaling 675 pounds (375-bench, 300 clean & jerk). Michal Hyde was inducted into the Phoenix Society, an arts honor society at The Bolles School, on May 6, 2010.

2006 Ralston Brooke, a Sophomore at Bolles, was inducted into the Spanish National Honor Society. He was also recognized for being in the 10% of his class for 09-10. John Jonas, won the 2010 Timuquana Country Club Golf Championship.


Hunter Geddes, a Freshman at Bolles, helped the Boys Tennis Team win the District 3-2A Title, playing at No. 4 singles.

Fifteen alumni participated in Episcopal High School's production of Fiddler on the Roof in April. Several were main characters or in the ensemble, and many others were staff, in the orchestra, or assisted with props, costumes, and make-up. • Prescott Braude, '04: Perchik • Jaime Revollo, '04: Lazar Wolfe • Jack Stephens, '08: Yussel (Fyedka understudy) • Drake Skinner, '04: Viktor • Lee Haramis, '04: Jacob • Collin Walker, '09: Benjamin • Darby Dame, '06: Box Office, Villager • Chip Morgan, '09: Villager • Hodson Wood, '09: Villager • Maddie Dunkle, '06: Villager, Props • Andrew Chafin, '04: Percussion • Lindsay Libera, '08: Dance Ensemble • Jake Cantin, '08: Technical Production Crew (Left to right) Drake Skinner, Prescott Braude, and • Anne Reilly Morgan, '04: Costume Captain Lee Haramis after a performance. • Jessie Drew Hawkins, '04: Make-Up Captain

Episcopal Middle Head of School, Quarter 3 Emory Babcock Chadwick Feeley Elizabeth Smithwick Ally Taylor Megan Dempsey Sarah Irving Emily Leeser Lindsay Libera Quinn Pattillo

Episcopal Middle Head of School, Quarter 4 Emory Babcock Chadwick Feeley Elizabeth Smithwick Ally Taylor Megan Dempsey Sarah Irving Emily Leeser Lindsay Libera Quinn Pattillo

Episcopal Middle Honor Roll, Quarter 3 Shelby Gregory Everett Hale Quinn Magevney Collin Walker Hayden Brose Jake Cantin Ross Clements Jack McGee Lucy Paul Emily Risdon Alex Shapiro Jack Stephens Tanner Wallace

Episcopal Middle Honor Roll, Quarter 2 Everett Hale Quinn Magevney Shelby Gregory Collin Walker Hayden Brose Jake Cantin Thomas Chafin Ross Clements Jack McGee Lucy Paul Emily Risdon Alex Shapiro Jack Stephens Tanner Wallace

Episcopal High Head of School, Quarter 3 Phoebe Stephens Tanner Thornton Caitlin Dempsey Kat Jones Katie Ladd Chandler Bennett Jennifer Ferry Marlena Nigro Deanna Thornton

Episcopal High Head of School, Quarter 4 Phoebe Stephens Tanner Thornton Caitlin Dempsey Kat Jones Katie Ladd Chandler Bennett Jennifer Ferry Marlena Nigro Deanna Thornton

Episcopal High Honor Roll, Quarter 3 Maddie Barker Ivey Gordon Cole Graham David Harris Ashley Pilcher Morgan Ray Alexandra Royce Emily Sirbaugh Betty Ann Graham Paige Hulsey Mary Dudley Lee James Plyler Emily Smithwick Claire Skinner Mac Anderson Prescott Braude Andrew Chafin Mac Crotzer Anne Reiley Morgan Jaime Revollo Drake Skinner

Episcopal High Honor Roll, Quarter 4 Maddie Barker Ivey Gordon Cole Graham David Harris Ashley Pilcher Morgan Ray Alexandra Royce Emily Sirbaugh Betty Ann Graham Paige Hulsey Mary Dudley Lee James Plyler Emily Smithwick Claire Skinner Mac Anderson Prescott Braude Andrew Chafin Mac Crotzer Anne Reiley Morgan Jaime Revollo Drake Skinner

Episcopal Middle School Sports Awards: Baseball: Michael Burgstiner received the Celeste Hampton Distinguished Character Award, Quinn Pattillo was named MVP Basketball: Shelby Gregory received the Celeste Hampton Distinguished Character Award

Alumni from the class of 2004 were invited back to St. Mark’s in May to celebrate their high school graduation. We proudly announce the St. Mark’s Class of 2004 will attend the following universities and colleges: Mac Anderson – Florida State University Carolyn Alexander – Tallahassee Community College Audrey Banks - Undecided Chandler Bennett – Georgetown University Leighton Bowers – Florida State University Prescott Braude – Florida State University Rich Brooke – Auburn University Jamison Bundy - Undecided Andrew Chafin – Florida State University Mac Crotzer – Florida State University Margaret D’Antignac - Undecided Alexandra Doling-Small – University of North Florida Jennifer Ferry – Samford University Clayton Fraleigh – Florida State University

Mollie Gillis - Undecided Lee Haramis – University of South Carolina Elizabeth Ann Hardage - Undecided Jessie Drew Hawkins – Savannah College of Art and Design Alex Johnson - Undecided August Jonas – Mercersburg Academy, U.S. Naval Academy James MacRae – University of Virginia Bart Martens – Florida State University Carl McFarland – Appalachian State University Robert Middlekauff – University of the South Anne Reiley Morgan – Loyola University John William Morris – Hampden Sydney College William Myers – United States Military Academy at West Point Lena Nigro – Florida State University

Caroline Plyler - Undecided Jaime Revollo – New College of Florida Hunter Rhyne - Undecided Danielle Risley – University of Florida Mallie Sanford - Undecided Amanda Schroeder - Undecided Caroline Skinner – Auburn University Drake Skinner – University of the South Eleanor Spruill - Undecided Deanna Thornton – University of Florida Reid Williams - Undecided Kevin Cold - University of Florida Honors School

The following students in the Class of 2004 received these scholarships, awards, and honors: Chandler Bennett: Joseph A Hauber Foreign Language Award, National Merit Finalist, Presidential Academic Award, Named a Trustee Scholar at Boston University, Named a Dean's Honor Scholar at Tulane University, Named a Chancellor’s Alumni Scholar at Louisiana State University, Awarded a Naval ROTC Scholarship (to be used at Georgetown University) Anne Reiley Morgan: Monique Grand Scholarship Award Jaime Revollo: National Merit Letter of Commendation

Bolles - Middle First Honors, Q 3 Arch Brooke Carlton Higby Matthew Pentaleri Bender Middlekauff Brooke Robertson Bolles - Middle 2nd Honors, Q 3 Davis Conolly Kylie Geddes Boone Givens Anna Grace Montford Caitlyn Risley Hunter Walker Bolles - Upper First Honors, Q 3 Abigail Brantley Michael Pentaleri Ralston Brooke Kayla Henrichsen Curry Clements Julia Howell Fanklin Varn Robert Middlekauff Bolles - Upper 2nd Honors, Q 3 Sarah Bates Alex Tyre Barbara Bent Willie MacDade Will Robertson Carlton Middlekauff William Leeser John Peter Price Margaret D’Antignac James MacRae

Bolles - Middle First Honors, Q 4 Arch Brooke Boone Givens Carlton Higby Matthew Pentaleri Bender Middlekauff Bolles - Middle 2nd Honors, Q 4 Davis Conolly Caitlyn Risley Brooke Robertson Hunter Walker Bolles - Upper First Honors, Q 4 Michael Pentaleri Barbara Bent Ralston Brooke Kayla Henrichsen Carlton Middlekauff Curry Clements Julia Howell William Leeser Franklin Varn Robert Middlekauff Bolles - Upper 2nd Honors, Q 4 Sarah Bates Abigail Brantley Alex Tyre Willie MacDade Will Robertson Michal Hyde John Peter Price James MacRae Danielle Risley

Mac Crotzer: Presidential Academic Award Jennifer Ferry: Presidential Academic Award, Partial scholarship Deanna Thornton: Presidential Academic Award Drake Skinner: Class speaker at Episcopal Graduation Danielle Risley: Athletic Scholarship for Diving at UF William Myers: Appointment to the Unites States Military Academy at West Point August Jonas: US Naval Academy Foundations Scholarship

Episcopal Middle School 2010 Awards: Top 4 Score, Florida Mathematics League: Elizabeth Smithwick Best Female All-Around Athlete: Susannah Anderson Best Male All-Around Athlete: Quinn Pattillo Male Peter Ober Sportsmanship: Jack Stephens Outstanding Boy: Jack Stephens Mary of Bethany Bible Award: Jack Stephens Students Receiving a Certificate of Excellence in: Computer Science, Comp. 1: Everett Hale, Ally Taylor, Collin Walker Computer Science, Tech. 1: Emory Babcock Computer Science, Tech. 2: Lindsay Libera English 7: Everett Hale, Ally Taylor English 8: Sarah Irving Fine Arts, Theatre 7: Autumn Morrell American History to 1877: Lindsay Libera World Geography: Elizabeth Smithwick, Ally Taylor Algebra 1: Lindsay Libera Math, Pre-Algebra: Everett Hale, Ally Taylor Fitness 8: Quinn Pattillo, Jack Stephens Earth & Space Science: Elizabeth Smithwick Honors Physical Science: Sarah Irving Physical Science: Lindsay Libera Bolles Bartram Campus 2010 Awards Day: Arch Brooke: Pre-Algebra, Top 10% of class Bender Middlekauff: Drawing and Painting Brooke Robertson: Physical Education

Should You Be Listed?

We are proud to announce St. Mark’s has the highest percentage of alumni to qualify for Duke TIP out of all the local independent schools! 59% of the class of 2009 achieved this high academic honor. Eighteen alumni qualified for the 7th Grade Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP). To qualify, students must score at the 95th percentile or above on the national norms of a standard achievement, aptitude, or mental ability test. Episcopal High School Emory Babcock, Chadwick Feeley, Shelby Gregory, Everett Hale, Quinn Magevney, Bailey Ray, Elizabeth Smithwick, Ally Taylor, Gabriel Taylor, Riley Tennant, Collin Walker, Talbot White, Hodson Wood The Bolles School Arch Brooke, Davis Conolly, Carlton Higby, Matthew Pentaleri, George Whitner Corrections: Joseph D. Weed Jr, was a founding Board Member at St. Mark’s in 1970. Prescott Braude made the Episcopal High Honor Roll for the 2nd Quarter of 09-10.

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Cathy Hardage

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