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Lions’ St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School - Jacksonville, FL

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Second Trimester 2009 - 2010

News from around campus

A look back at the early ‘70s

Alumni News

Daily’s Ortega River Run

Carnival Dinner & Auction

Honor Rolls and Awards

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A Message from the Chair of the Board


ne of the principles of good practice for governing boards as defined by the National Association of Episcopal Schools, is the Board of a parish-affiliated school should have regular communication with the parish’s Vestry. Fr. Jon Coffey has been instrumental in this effort. He convened the first ever meeting of the school Board, the Vestry, and the Foundation Board last spring, as well as twice yearly meetings of the school and church facilities and finance committees. Two members of the Vestry sit on the school Board, and as the school Board Chair, I attend the Vestry and Foundation meetings as an exofficio member. In addition, Cathy Hardage attends the church staff meetings each week. All of this fosters good relations between the church and the school, which is vital for our successful cohabitation on our campus. The sharing of space and resources, of staff and volunteers, makes both institutions stronger, even though there will always be areas where we have to remind ourselves of our common commitment to be the conduit through which God can move in the lives of those we serve.

In that spirit, St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School hosted its Board of Trustees and Vestry Day at the beginning of March. It was heartening to see 28 members of the governing bodies of both the church and the school at this event; it was yet another witness to the deep commitment of our respective leaders. We attended chapel and spent time in the classrooms, and in all cases, we went away impressed with the quality of teaching and the level of engagement of the students.

Rector‘s Message

3 4-8 9 11-13

Daily’s Ortega River Run




Fruit of the Spirit Awards


St. Mark’s Honor Roll


Alumni News

The lasting impression for me, though, was one of gratitude to St. Mark’s Church for giving birth to our fine school, for understanding the importance of giving young children a faithbased, character-centered context for their lives as scholars, as friends, as people of God. For all of us, this is the ultimate principle of good practice.


2009-2010 Board of Trustees

Missy Ketchum Chair of the Board of Trustees

Missy M. Ketchum, Chair of the Board Cathy Hardage, Head of School The Reverend Jonathan B. Coffey Jr. Rector





4. Board member, Nicole Bryan, strums an air guitar with Pre-K I in music. 5. Vestry member, Hank Wilson, visits the science lab.



40 Years

2.Board member, Leslie Sirbaugh, learns about computer instruction.

6. Vestry member, Hank Haynes, visits the computer lab and learns to use the mimeo board.

Head of School Message


1.Vestry member, Bill Fannin, speaks to first grade teacher, Traci Black.

3. Vestry members, Edward Doherty and Dick Pierpont, visit with second graders.


Around Campus

Board and Vestry Visit St. Mark’s Classrooms On Friday, March 5, St. Mark’s Church Vestry and the Day School’s Board of Trustees were invited to spend the morning at the school to see learning in action.

Chair’s Message

Nicole B. Bryan Rev. Jonathan B. Coffey Jr. Robert E. Dickson George M. Egan Susan K. Feeley Cathy Hardage Cheryl Hardin* Missy M. Ketchum Diane A. Madison Hugh M. Magevney III Amy T. Morales** Eugene B. Nichols Dade R. Nigro Jeffrey Preuss Lisa L. Rogers Leigh S. Scales Leslie P. Sirbaugh Brian Sheridan Holly Upchurch* Margaret B. Wetherbee Ruth E. Whitner Avery W. Williams Alison I. Witkovich *Vestry Representative **Parents’ Association Representative



Messages From the Head of School & Rector Unleashing the Superpowers Within. Clearly, the topic referred to the financial crisis and how independent schools must deal with this in a creative way. I was very proud to represent St. Mark’s at this conference, as I met and networked with 4,000 other educators from the independent school world.

genuine learning to occur. Globalism was a familiar theme as well. Learning about other peoples, cultures, and needs is most important as our world shrinks. This is being facilitated by the use of technology in the classroom. Another theme was that our children must learn skills for the 21st century workplace. Collaborative learning, group work, and working with others on projects that encourage critical thinking and real world problems must engage our students.

The most common theme, apparent in Finally, I heard often about the To learn more about these 21st every responsibility we have in our Century educational themes, visit schools to meet the needs of workshop I attended, was, all the students we accept. In of the way in which technology is changing the and click on Featured Speakers education terms, this is known face of education. There is (General Session Speakers). as “differentiation.” a revolution taking place As I told our Board of Trustees and St. because of the way we access information Mark’s Episcopal Church Vestry as they instantly. The teacher is no longer the attended the Board/Vestry Day on March 5, purveyor of the knowledge, as in years past. A quote I heard repeatedly was, “the teacher all of these wonderful things are happening in a place where children are being nurtured is not the sage on the stage, but the guide in the love of the Lord. The light of Christ is from the side.” being shone in all that we do. Other themes presented were about brainbased research and how the findings are In Christ’s love, effecting what is done in the classroom. Research is available to prove that experiential learning, project based learning, Cathy Hardage, Head of School and making connections is what causes

Cathy Hardage, Head of School, looks on as third graders Jillian G. (left) and Mandy M. work on typing their artist reports.

Dear St. Mark’s Families and Friends,


elcome to a peek into our world here at St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School! This issue of the Lion’s Tale is filled with examples of the various activities and academics taking place on our campus. As you read the captions and observe the photographs, I believe you will notice several themes, and I would like you to know I recently attended a conference in San Francisco for the National Association of Independent Schools, where speakers and well-known authors presented about these very same themes! The NAIS Conference, held February 24-26, was titled: Adapt, Survive, Thrive -

Home Economics


he word used in Greek New Testament for “home” or ‘household” is oikonomia, from which we get the word economy. So the word “economy” first referred to the ways and means of maintaining a household, rather than to a nation or global “economy.” This is an important reminder that the Church has much to say about economics. After all, the oldest word used for the church is the “household of God,” the economy of God. So, in this time of obsession with “the economy,” it is a right and useful thing for the Church to ask: What do we mean by worth, by wealth, by value? How much is enough, and when is it right and useful to ask if our neighbor has enough? These are theological questions, but questions that come to bear upon the economy. Our households are where “the economy” begins and ends. The ways and means of producing and distributing goods and services in our homes educates our children about what we think is of worth, how much we may need to carry on (wealth) and who gets what (justice). So, may I encourage you parents to take very seriously your role as economists in home . Teach your children where worth comes from by showing them how

to make things, how to grow things (plant a garden, no matter how small!) and how to properly distribute things. And do not neglect to show them how to engage in waste management. How we dispose of our garbage tells a great deal about what we value and how we see personal responsibility in life. As always, our actions speak far louder than our words. So, the home is where education really takes place. What happens at St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School is important, but it is an extension of the education taking place in your home, not the reverse. So, remember that you are always teaching, always instructing your children in Home Economics: what is of worth, what is wealth, and how is it to be distributed? It’s the economy!

Jonathan B. Coffey, Rector of St. Mark’s Church

Yours in Christ, (The Rev.) Jonathan B. Coffey, Rector 3

Around Campus

ELP I Fun! The one year old classes are busy interacting with friends and exploring their surroundings. Students also take part in resource classes like Spanish, library, and music. Pictured left, they sing “Ring Around the Rosey” with music teacher, Susanne Dailey. Above photo courtesy of St. Mark’s mom and photographer, Jennifer Mendoza Stanelle.

Physical Fun in ELP II According to brain and child development research, two year olds need structured physical activities to encourage the development of gross motor skills. The Early Learning Program II students enjoy fun activities such as walking a foam balance beam and jumping on bubble wrap in order to strengthen these skills. Pictured right are photos from video clips posted on the ELP II Shutterfly sites.

Orange Juice for “O” Week in Pre-Kindergarten I Pre-Kindergarten I students made their own orange juice during a week-long celebration of the letter, O. Below are some of Mrs. Haines’ students showing how it’s done . . . and how good it is!

Proudly Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Qu! Pre-Kindergarten II students married the letters “Q” and “U” in the St. Mark’s Chapel on Wednesday, February 10. Father Dave Killeen officiated the ceremony, and music was played by church organist, James Holyer (both are dads of Pre-K II students). Pre-K II students now know that Mr. and Mrs. Qu will be able to form all the great English words like quick, quiet, quiz, question, quilt, and more! 4

Around Campus

How Cool! 100 Days of School! Kindergarten classes read books about the 100th day of school, tallied up to 100, counted to 100 numerous times, brought in 100 items of something, drew pictures of themselves at age 100, saw a $100 dollar bill, and so much more! First grade created a 100 Day Museum with the help of 6th grade buddies. And, special 100 year old guests also visited the students.

First Graders Share What They Are Reading With Other Students Across the Country First graders have been busy this school year reading books and then writing their own book reviews for the Scholastic Website. They have seen their names and reviews published along with students from all over the Unites States and are very excited to be sharing their recommendations with others. Reviews are written by students in Kindergarten through 12th grade and are listed by genre and grade level.

Second graders show off their envelopes before mailing the “flat” versions of themselves to a far away destination, as part of the Flat Stanly book project done each year in Library resource.

Second graders work in groups on a fun enrichment activity in their classroom with Academic Support Center Director and teacher, Carol Rountree.

Second graders created Olympic Word Clouds in computer class using Wordle. Wordle is a tool used for generating “word clouds” from text. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. Students can tweak clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.

Third Grade Brings Artists and Their Paintings to Life St. Mark’s third graders know art history! Each student chose a famous artist to research, learning the artist's style of painting or sculpting and interesting facts about their life. Students then wrote a typed report (many were as long as three pages), constructed a timeline of the artist's life and work, re-created a piece of artwork, and dressed as the artist or a muse to present their knowledge to classmates, teachers, and family. They did an excellent job!


Around Campus

Fifth Graders Connect to History Via Skype


ifth graders are currently reading Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry, a book set in Nazi-occupied Denmark during WWII. To further enrich and personalize the student's global perspective, they Skyped with Fred Pattje, who as a child lived in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam.

Students asked many questions about the Nazi's and what life was like at that time. Fred enthusiastically shared many memories including some about the Nazi soldier who lived in their garage, how they had to ration sugar and butter, and how sirens and tanks could always be heard. He even told a story of how the Jewish family who lived across the street was pulled from their house, never to be seen again. Fred also fondly remembered the American and Canadian soldiers who eventually came through town to end the occupation. He imparted to the students they should learn from history, and they should trust in their Christian education to lead them down the right path in life. Fred Pattje, a longtime friend of sixth grade teacher, Alan Bartlett, moved to Canada at age 19 and is currently a City Councilor in Nanaimo, British Columbia. And of course, he answered a question about the Olympics from the perspective of a Canadian. Fifth graders have also invited members of their family to share memories with their classmates. Guests, Annette Boling, Ben C.’s grandmother, lived in Denmark (the setting of the book), and John Ropp, Mrs. Ropp's father-in-law, fought in WWII. Students will also Skype with Wilson Green, Kathryn W's grandfather, who also fought in WWII. Skype is a free program to download. It allows you to make free video phone calls (via the internet) to anyone else with Skype.

TO he Year of the Tiger

n Thursday, February 11, sixth grade students presented an Ancient Chinese Festival in the Clingman Hall Courtyard. Students dressed as royalty, played musical instruments, performed ribbon and "sword" dances, and even had a dancing dragon! This performance was in culmination of their studies of Ancient China. The sixth graders also enjoyed a Chinese New Year lunch celebration.


Around Campus

VISITING AUTHOR DAY (Above) Fifth graders, Annie Feeley and Emma Whitner, placed coin jars and flyers around campus.

Helping Hands and Hearts for Haiti In the weeks following the earthquake, St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School students have been working on ways they can help with relief efforts in Haiti. Several groups of students have gotten together to come up with creative ways of fundraising, and as of March 10, they collectively raised $1,017.45! • Fifth grade girls were the first to act and organized a neighborhood bake sale. They also placed a number of quart-size containers around campus to collect change. • Fourth grade girls organized and ran a neighborhood lemonade stand with friends. • Sixth grade girls presented a slideshow about Haiti to their peers during Chapel and encouraged sign-ups for the “Hold Hands for Haiti” event held in Orange Park. • Fourth graders organized a Valentine’s Day cookie sale called “Hearts for Haiti” by delivering heart shaped cookies for a $1 donation. When they delivered the cookies, they read a statement to the recipient about their project. • An after-school enrichment class called “BizKids” organized and ran a coffee sale for the teachers. All proceeds will be directed towards Episcopal Relief and Development,

how about Haiti. senting their slides Sixth graders pre

Special children’s author, Sneed B. Collard III, visited with students in Kindergarten - sixth grade on Tuesday, February 23. He spoke to students on a number of topics such as travel, reptiles, and how he became a writer. He encouraged children to become inspired by things in life and to write stories about those things.

SCHOOL SPELLING BEE Fifth and sixth graders spelled their way through rounds of words during the school’s Spelling Bee, held on Thursday, January 7. Congratulations to our winner, Lindsey Dempsey, who won after many head-to-head final rounds with fellow sixth grader, Kaiden K. The championship round word was - scholarship.

Fourth grad ers, Mason Burkl Megan Weller, Maggi e and, deliver ing cookies. Terry, and


ella Upchurch, and “BizKids” Sydney Squires, Isab ulty Room. Fac the in e coffe sell ris, Har Kayla

Fourth graders, Teddy Lee and Wells Madison, deliver cookies to the Administrative Office.

Fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Kelly Risdon, was the First Coast News Teacher of the Week, January 6, 2010. Mrs. Risdon was nominated by her current student, Liam Gorman, for making learning fun and for teaching her students to help others. The class was visited by First Coast News reporter, Deanna Fene', and a segment was broadcast on NBC-12 and ABC-25. If you missed the broadcast, it is posted on the First Coast News website, 7

Fathers’ Chapels


t. Mark’s students welcomed their dads, grandfathers, and special friends to the campus for Fathers’ Chapels on Wednesday, February 10. Two chapels were held that morning, one for grades 16, and another for pre-k I, II, and kindergarten.






10 1. Brad Goodwin with daughter Caroline; Phil Aguila with daughter Lauren 2. Joe Kohla with sons Will and Don 3. Chris Laine with daughter Regan 4. Don Pinaud with son Gabey 5. George Egan with daughters Grace and Neely

6. Nathan Miller with daughters Mandy and Annie 7. Juan Reyes with sons Michael and Christopher 8. John Summerlin with daughter Kathleen 9. Tom Bishop with daughter Liza and son Tommy; Barham Cook with son William 10. Mike Barker with son Jake;







Trip Stanly with son Thomas 11. Jason Nelson with daughter Emory; Ellsworth Summers with daughter Harper 12. Mark Melson with son Lucas 13. Andy Hetzel with daughter Gertrude; Nathan Rogers with daughter Garland


The Annual Fund & Booster-Thon

A Healthy FUNdraiser is Coming! St. Mark’s is trying a new and exciting way to raise funds and promote fitness.


e are grateful to have such a supportive parent, grandparent, and alumni base that is willing to help the school in so many ways. A new opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our students is the upcoming Booster-Thon Fun Run. This fundraiser will be essential to helping the school meet the operational school budget this year because in the midst of this difficult economy, our school and children have needs for supplemental funding.

The Booster-Thon Fun Run is an interactive and community-based event that promotes three specific values: FITNESS, EDUCATION, and CHARACTER. You can visit for additional information and an interactive overview of this incredible program which comes highly recommended from other independent schools across Florida. Please help our school in the following ways: • Please GIVE financially and help our students acquire pledges from family, friends, and contacts. • Please COME to the Booster-Thon Fun Run on Thursday, May 6, to attend this amazing fundraising event which promotes fitness, education, and character.

St. Mark’s students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade will be challenged to collect at least ten pledges. Sponsors pledge an amount per lap that students will run. Students will run, skip, or walk for 30 minutes and average 25-35 laps with a “lap cap” of 35, the day of the run. Ten percent of the total amount raised will go directly into the teachers’ budgets for classrooms for the next school year. ALL donations are 100% tax deductible!

Help Us Reach Our Goal! The Annual Fund 2009-2010


e would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to everyone who has already donated to the 2009-2010 Annual Fund. We are closing in on our goal of $175,000!

Did you know tuition only covers 85% of what it costs to educate a child at St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School? The Annual Fund helps to fill the gap that tuition does not cover. Annual Fund participation by the St. Mark’s community is very important when we apply for grants and special funding. Holly and Michael Upchurch, 2009-2010 Annual Fund Chairs and Margaret and Putt Wetherbee, 2009-2010 Annual Fund Co-Chairs

You can ma k e y o Fund g ift or ple ur Annual dge onli ne! m

arksday “Suppo rt St. M ark’s” Every g ift in an y am greatly apprecia ount is ted!

Click on


Summer Camp

St. Mark’s Day Camps 2010

Toddler & Junior Day Camp For Students Age Two - Five Years Old (Entering Early Learning Program II through Kindergarten in the fall)

Eight One-Week Sessions: June 14 - August 6 Session 1: June 14-18 Session 2: June 21-25 Session 3: June 28-July 2 Session 4: July 6-9 (Closed July 5)*

Session 5: July 12-16 Session 6: July 19-23 (VBS Week)** Session 7: July 26-30 Session 8: August 2-6

Toddler Camp: 2 or 3 years old (by 9/1/10) Junior Camp: 4 or 5 years old (by 9/1/10) 9 AM - 12 PM - $105/Session 9 AM - 4 PM - $160/Session Campers will enjoy fun interactive activities under the supervision of our St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School faculty and teaching staff. There will be arts and crafts, themed weeks, and learning activities in age appropriate rooms and playgrounds. * Rates the week of July 6-9 are $90 for AM and $135 for full day. ** The AM session will only be available for two year olds session 6. Three year olds and up must enroll in the Church’s VBS for the morning session.

Extended Day Available Early Drop-Off: 7:30 AM - 9 AM, $25/week Late Pick-Up: 4 PM - 6 PM, $30/week

Enrichment Day Camps For Students Entering Kindergarten through Sixth Grade in the Fall

Two Weeks Only! June 21-25 & July 26-30 Led by St. Mark’s amazingly talented faculty, these enrichment camps are sure to be super educational weeks of action packed fun.

Camps Offered Include: Wild Wacky Week Sail into Summer The Mind of DaVinci Mini Master Lego Builders Soaring Into Second Freshen Up for Fourth Writer’s Workshop Kinetic Art In their Own Words Kick Off to Kindergarten Hop Into First Grade Morning Session: 9 a.m.-12 p.m., $130/week Afternoon Session: 12:30-3:30 p.m., $130/week


Some camps may have an additional supply fee to cover the cost of materials.

Enrichment Camps are offered during morning or afternoon sessions, may have grade level restrictions, and may only be offered one of the two weeks. Please see the registration form for full details and camp descriptions. Forms are available in the school office or online at

Registration forms are available in the school office or online at A non-refundable deposit of $25 per session is required at the time of registration and is applied to the session fee.

For questions about Toddler & Junior Camps, please contact Susan Wood, 388-2632 x31, or 382-5253,

For questions about Enrichment Camps, please contact Karen Lee, 388-2632 x28,

St. Mark’s Church Vacation Bible School Week - July 19-23 10

VBS is open to potty-trained three year olds through rising 4th graders. Rising 5th & 6th graders may apply to be junior counselors. The registration fee is $35 per child and includes a t-shirt. Registration is available at

40 Years 1970 - 2010 M

any things have remained the same at St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School for the past forty years. The phone number, the basic philosophy, and even birthday books. In fact, the visiting author the first year was the popular children’s writer, E.L. Konigsburg, author of From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Third graders went on field trips to learn the history of St. Augustine and Fort Caroline; Thanksgiving and Christmas performances were staged; and 6th graders participated in the safety patrol; however, that is where the differences begin to show. Only selected sixth grade BOYS were allowed to participate in the School Boy Patrol. A few years later, a service club formed which included girls, but boys were also allowed to participate. The School Handbook was 8 pages long (double spaced, one side), and it was produced on a typewriter. Classes took place wherever they could be held - church offices, Leatherbury Hall spaces, and several nearby houses. The next two pages are compiled from a scrapbook of the very first year of St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School and some other archived photos. Please read through to discover how a lot has changed in forty years, and yet many things are still the same.

(Above and left) The first brochure for the school. Also included was information about tuition and fees for the first year. The registration fee was $75, which included a $15 testing fee and the first month’s tuition. 1970-1971’s monthly tuition for grades 1-6 was $60. A three, four, and five year old Kindergarten was also offered. In comparison, a gallon of gas cost 36 cents. 11

(Right) The 3rd & 4th grade classroom awaits new students on the opening day of school.

rlene Hughes,

(Above L to R) Teachers Janet Myers, Cha rst, and Kimberly aret Blume, Jane Broome, Kay Hazlehu Marg ing days prior to the Mason are pictured during pre-plann opening of the school.

(Left) There was no lunch program in 70-71, but the “Hot Dog Ladies” would provide an option for lunch once a week.

(Above) Current 6th grade teacher, Alan Bartlett, taught sixth grade during St. Mark’s second school year in 1971-72. Current parent, Childress Lee, is pictured top row, far right. Forty years ago, the 6th grade classroom was located upstairs in Leatherbury Hall, and the playground was Stockton Park. Mr. Bartlett fondly remembers the fundraiser that year was a “Wizard of Oz” theme with an amazing yellow brick road. “71-72 was a wonderful year and a fabulous way for me to start my teaching career” said Mr. Bartlett, “I’ve now taught six of these students’ children and so much enjoy when they come back to visit.”

From Records to iPods (Below) Over forty years, reading skill building methods may have stayed the same - but technology has changed! This unidentified student follows along in a book while listening to a record. Students in St. Mark’s Academic Support Center now use iPods to read along with books as part of the Read Naturally curriculum.

(Above) Hymns sung at the Opening Ceremony Chapel on September 8, 1970 included, Onward Christian Soldiers and Stand Up, Stand Up, for Jesus. The service was attended by founding Board of Trustee members, all students, and parents were asked to stay afterward for an orientation. Board members included: W.T. S. Montgomery Jr (Chairman), Kenneth Atkins, Hayes L. Basford Jr, Bruce A. Chappell, The Rev. Robert C. Clingman, Mrs. J. Ellis Crosby Jr, Barnwell R. Daley Jr, Thomas M. Donahoo, John H. Fewell Jr, Rober B. Laseter Jr. Steele R. Simcox, J. Jerry Slade, Frank J. Surface Jr, Joseph D. Week Jr, Mrs. Edward H. West, The Rev. Norman A. Lowe (Ex Officio).

The 32nd running of the Daily’s Ortega River Run took place on a very cold and gray Saturday morning, February 27. Special thanks and recognition goes to the sponsors who helped raise $53,000 for financial aid and other operating expenses at St. Mark’s!

A round of applause broke out during the awards ceremony when Michael Little of First Coast Energy (Daily’s) and Cathy Hardage announce the amount raised from the race.

(Above) St. Mark’s students running five miles anxiously await the start of the race.

1,132 runners crossed the five mile finish line, with the men’s winner finishing in 25:22. Hundreds of others participated in the one mile race. Thanks goes to all the many parent and school volunteers who worked so hard to make this event happen.

The Pre-Kindergarten II classes had 31 of their students (and their teachers and parents) run in the one mile fun run. They wore matching headbands which made the kids feel like a team and impressed many of the on-lookers. Students really enjoyed the run, and most of them actually went the entire mile with very little walking. They earned their medals and were so proud of themselves!

A very special thank you goes to Kelly Delaney, who created amazing artwork for Carnival, including this paper mache’ St. Mark’s Lion, which greeted guests as they entered, and was later auctioned off.

Thank you for raising $41,000! Carnival co-chairs, Seana McAfee and Stephanie Kohla

The Carnival-themed dinner and auction event was held on Friday, February 5, 2010, at the Garden Club of Jacksonville. Thanks to the outstanding generosity of parents, grandparents, and friends of the school, the $41,000 raised will go towards the general operating budget of the school - directly benefiting students and programming.

Cathy and Joe McQuade show off their bid paddle!

A crowd of 238 guests dined on Cajun style food catered by Biscotti’s, complete with individual King’s Cakes for dessert. This year, the silent auction featured special class artwork created by students in pre-kindergarten I through sixth grade, as well as Teacher Time offerings, with those proceeds directly going toward the school’s professional development budget. The successful live auction was again led this year by Auctioneer and St. Mark’s grandparent, Admiral Kevin Delaney. Some of the most popular items auctioned were a “pass the purse” and a surprisingly hot item - a suite for 16 to see the Harlem Globetrotters.

Beautiful decorations by St. Mark’s mom, Sims Wachholz.

St. Mark’s parents, Amy and Joe Barrow, browse the silent auction room.

St. Mark’s parents, Jeff and Nicole Bryan and Caroline and Gene Nichols.

St. Mark’s moms, Brooks Moore, Laura Ropp (also a 5th grade teacher), and Carol Killeen.


he Fruits of the Spirit Character Education Program was authored and developed by our Head of School, Cathy Hardage. It is now being used in a number of schools in Florida and Texas. This program is ideally suited for an Episcopal school.

Each of the nine fruits is assigned to a month of the school year. During Wednesday chapels, homilies about the fruits are presented to the students to complement the instruction in Christian education classes, and students receive awards. Some awards are voted on by the students, and some are chosen by the faculty. By the end of the year, every student will receive an award.

Student Nominated - Self-Control Brantley S. Kaleb N. Abby D. Amelia D. Katie C. Connor Y. Caroline W. Isabella U. Hana C. Collin B. Lindsey D. Neely E.

Teacher Nominated - Self-Control


Lily B. Matt C. Jane D. Margaret G. Lauren H. Ross K. Kaiden K. Matthew M. Lily N. Chris S. William U.h Megan W. Conner Y. Kiara R.

Student Nominated - Gentleness Reed H. CalvinW . Isabel S. Eleanor W. Bianca S. Maddie H. Frannie W. Marlo M. Megan W. Tyler S. Bella N. Fernando A.

Teacher Nominated - Gentleness Bella N. Emily Q. Kathryn W. Coulter H. Mary Blake Z.n Mason B. Maggie T. Katie T. Cole N. Lauren A. Andrew M. Jillian G. Kaylah B.

Charlotte S. Tommy K. Lauryn B. Blayne G. Sydney B. Woody M. Braden W. Matthew M. Kate F. Katie O.e

Student Nominated - Kindness Tommy B. Tommy K. Lauryn B. Don K. Margaret G. Keadle R. Wells M. Maggie T. Kathryn W. Elijah S. Neely E. EvanR .

Teacher Nominated - Kindness Aidan G. Jack A. Matthew C. Mitchell D. West T. Jack S. Klare B. Keadle R. Maddie H. Margaret C. Regan L. Will K. Pepper V.r

Katherine B. Nancy Grace H. Liza B. Ashton H. Andreas K. Annie F. Lilly M. Fernando A. Keni T. Noah F. Harry D. Emily S.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School - Honor Roll High Honors represents all As

Honors represents all As and Bs

Classes used for Honor Roll calculations include: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science FOURTH GRADE HIGH HONORS - 2nd Trimester Katherine B. Phelps M. Emilyn R. Maggie T. Megan W. Caroline W. FOURTH GRADE HONORS - 2nd Trimester Will B. Andrey K. Toby C. Sasha K. Jane D. Teddy L. Emmy F. Wells M. Blayne G. Matthew M. Liam G. Marlo M. Reid Gr. Ethan R. Kayla Ha. Hannah S. Stanton H. Katie T. Nancy Grace H. Isabella U.

FIFTH GRADE HIGH HONORS - 2nd Trimester SIXTH GRADE HIGH HONORS - 2nd Trimester Woody M. Phoebe C. Bradley B. Camp S. Bella N. Annie F. Allison B. Dawson S. Alex O.y Ashton H. Hunt C. ElijahS . Evan . Andreas K. Lindsey D. Sydney S. Teddy S. Sam M. Neely E. Stan Keni T. Lilly M. Grace E. Emma W. Anjelo V. Peyton P. Kaiden K. Kathryn W. Lauren W. Annie P. Kaley L. Matthew M. FIFTH GRADE HONORS - 2nd Trimester Jack B. Jeffrey P. SIXTH GRADE HONORS - 2nd Trimester Carrigan B. Kiara R. Bobby B. Lily N. Cameron B. Tyler S. Sydney B. Andre R. Collin B. Charlotte S. Jonathan G. Dinah S. Ben C. Christopher S. Laurel L. Mick U. Hana C. Calla T. Thomas M.y ZachW.r David D. Chase T. Ry M. Matthew D. Amanda T. Coulter H. Frannie W. Talal M. Jack W.

To qualify for the Duke University Talent Identification Program, a student must score a 95% or above on a standardized achievement test in one of the following subtests: mathematics, reading comprehension, or writing.

We are very proud to announce the following students who qualified: (L to R) Swimmers, Megan Weller (fourth grade), Annie Feeley (fifth grade), and Katherine Baker (fourth grade).

St. Mark’s Junior Olympians! Three of St. Mark’s students recently participated in The Florida Junior Olympics Swim Meet. This meet represents the top ranked swimmers in the state, age 14 and under, who earned qualifying times. The Florida Junior Olympics Swim Meet ranks as one of the hardest meets to qualify for in the country for this age group. This year’s meet was held in Clearwater, Florida on February 18-21. Katherine Baker earned 7th place in the state for her 100 yard Breaststroke, and both Annie Feeley and Megan Weller swam personal bests. Annie qualified for the 50 yard Backstroke, 100 yard Freestyle, and two team relays. Megan qualified for the 50 yard Backstroke, 50 yard Breaststroke, and two team relays. Katherine qualified for the 50 yard Breaststroke, 100 yard Breaststroke, 100 Individual Medley, 200 Individual Medley, 50 yard Butterfly, 100 yard Butterfly, and 100 Freestyle. Annie swims for the Episcopal AmberJax, and Katherine and Megan swim for the St. John’s Country Day Spartans. These two clubs are part of Florida Swimming, which represents 14,000 swimmers in the state, and is under USA Swimming, which is the governing body for Olympic Swimming. Any child that makes a qualifying time has put hundreds of hours in the pool. The average practice is 2,500 yards.

4th Graders (09-10 School Year) Will B. Jane D. Liam G. Stanton H. Phelps M. Emilyn R. Hannah S. Chance T. John T. Megan W. Caroline W.

5th Graders (09-10 School Year) Phoebe C.* David D.* Annie F.* Coulter H. Andreas K. Lilly M. Annie P.* Camp S.* Dawson S. Elijah S.* Sydney S. Amanda T. Stan V. Emma W.*

*The above 5th graders also qualified for the Duke TIP in 2008-2009. 17

St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School

lumni Notes 1983



Heather Kate Bedell was named director of Clay County’s Office of Fourth Circuit Public Defender Matt Shirk.

Lee Haramis, a senior at Episcopal, played in the 21st annual North-South Shrine Bowl on Saturday, January 30, 2010, at Mandarin High School. The game is put on by the Morocco Shrine Center, and proceeds benefit the Shriners’ Hospitals for Children.

Barbara Bent, a sophomore at Bolles, received the Stockholm Water Prize at the Regional Science and Engineering Fair held on February 22-23 at UNF.

1991 & 1992

Chandler Bennett, Jennifer Ferry, and Deanna Thornton, all seniors at Episcopal High School, were inducted into the Cum Laude Society. Founded in 1906, the Cum Laude Society is dedicated to honoring scholastic achievement in secondary schools.

2005 Alex Mahoney, a junior at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, was the Assistant Sound Technician for Douglas Anderson’s Extravaganza variety show, which took place at the Times Union Center for the Performing Arts.

2005 Rob Holland ('91) and Austin Rogers Holland (’92) had a baby girl, Lillian Brooks Holland, on Sept. 30, 2009. Like Lilly’s St. Mark’s Onesie? Let us know when someone has a baby and we’ll be happy to send them one! (904)388-2632


Jessica Shay Henrikson and her husband, Alan, welcomed a son, Cooper Thomas Henrikson, at 2:31 a.m. on Sunday, December 27 in Charlotte, N.C. He weighed in at 8 lbs., 4 oz., and was 21 inches long.

Debra, Parker (current 4th grader at St. Mark’s), and Davis Skinner at Christ School. Other proud family members include brother, Drake (St. Mark’s class of 04) who is a Senior at Episcopal High and will attend Sewanee in the fall, and proud Dad, Allen.

Darby Dame was selected to be a Youth Delegate at the Annual Diocesan Convention on January 29-30, 2010 at Camp Weed - representing the First Coast West Region. Elizabeth Givens and Kayla Henrichsen, both sophomores at Bolles, will spend their spring break teaching and tutoring orphans, completing construction projects, and other volunteer services at Monte Cristi and Jaibon, Dominican Republic.

2007 Alexandra Royce a freshman at Episcopal, had a letter to the editor published in the Times Union on Friday, March 12, titled, “Like Ancient Rome?”

2008 Jack Stephens, an eighth grader at Episcopal, organized a bake sale to raise $600 for The Bridge of Northeast Florida to purchase Thanksgiving turkeys.

Davis Skinner, a junior at Christ School in Ashville, NC, was honored as a Wetmore Scholar in a surprise ceremony on February 12, 2010. The Wetmore Scholars Society was established in honor of Fr. and Mrs. Thomas Wetmore, the founders of the school. Following the vision of the founders, boys who are elected to the society must exhibit strong scholarship, a commitment to the betterment of the school community, high personal integrity, physical rigor, and active interest in personal spiritual development. A student is eligible for this prestigious award if he exhibits the previously listed qualities and has upheld a GPA of 3.33 for eight consecutive quarters. Davis will receive free academic books for 2010-2011.

Episcopal Middle School Head of School, Quarter 2 Emory Babcock Chadwick Feeley Everett Hale Quinn Magevney Elizabeth Smithwick Ally Taylor Sarah Irving Emily Leeser Lindsay Libera Episcopal Middle School Honor Roll, Quarter 2 Shelby Gregory Gracie Hamilton Autumn Morrell Collin Walker Talbot White Hodson Wood Hayden Brose Michael Burgstiner Thomas Chafin Ross Clements Megan Dempsey Genevieve Henderson Catherine Lee Emily Leeser Quinn Pattillo Lucy Paul Emily Risdon Alex Shapiro Jack Stephens Tanner Wallace Episcopal Upper School Head of School, Quarter 2 Tanner Thornton Caitlin Dempsey Emily Smithwick Katie Ladd Chandler Bennett Jennifer Ferry Episcopal Upper School Honor Roll, Quarter 2 Maddie Barker Ivey Gordon Cole Graham David Harris Caroline Oakley Ashley Pilcher Alexandra Royce Anna Shelor Emily Sirbaugh Phoebe Stephens Betty Ann Graham Paige Hulsey Kat Jones Mary Dudley Lee Claire Skinner Mac Anderson Andrew Chafin Lee Haramis Anne Reiley Morgan Marlena Nigro Jaime Revollo Deanna Thornton

The Bolles School - Middle First Honors, Quarter 2 Arch Brooke Boone Givens Matthew Pentaleri Bender Middlekauff

CONGRATULATIONS! National Merit Finalists Episcopal senior, Chandler Bennett, and Stanton College Prep senior, Kevin Cold, were named National Merit Scholarship Finalists in February. They are among the top 15,000 high school seniors in the Country!

The Bolles School - Middle Second Honors, Quarter 2 Carlton Higby Anna Grace Montford George Whitner Brooke Robertson Hunter Walker The Bolles School - Upper First Honors, Quarter 2 Michael Pentaleri Barbara Bent Ralston Brooke Willie MacDade Will Robertson Curry Clements Julia Howell Robert Middlekauff The Bolles School - Upper Second Honors, Quarter 2 Sarah Bates Abigail Brantley Kayla Henrichsen Carlton Middlekauff William Leeser William Pilcher Franklin Varn James MacRae

Two St. Mark’s Alumni completed the Joe Berg Seminar in Humanities. Congratulations to Andrew Chafin and Deanna Thornton, both seniors at Episcopal. The Joe Berg Seminars of Jacksonville is a prestigious academic seminar

series. Membership extends from the middle of the Sophomore year to the middle of the Senior year. Speakers are college professors and professionals from our community who want to share their fields with outstanding high schools students. In the fall of their Sophomore year, potential Joe Berg participants are nominated by their high school teachers and guidance counselors based upon their GPA and demonstrated interest in enrichment. These nominees sit for a rigorous examination in either the sciences or humanities. The Seminars admit about 50 students from roughly fifteen public and private Jacksonville high schools.

Alumni at Bolles Middle School had their poetry published in the 2009 Pine Tree Poetry Collection, a national publication. Congratulations to Brooke Robertson, Kari Culler, and Alex Tyre. Alumni Excelled at the Latin Forum held at Bolles on January 30, 2010: William Pilcher: 5th in Advanced Reading Comprehension, Poetry; 4th in Advanced Greek Derivatives; Abby Brantley: 2nd in Mythology II; 3rd in Greek Derivatives II; Kayla Henrichsen: 2nd in Advanced Mythology; 2nd in Maps; Carlton Middlekauff: 4th Phrases, Mottoes I; William Leeser: 2nd in Advanced Greek Derivatives; 4th in Advanced Certamen; Carlton Higby: 4th in Pentathlon Several St. Mark’s Alumni named 2009 Florida Times-Union All-First Coast teams for fall sports: Boys Golf First Team: August Jonas; Honorable Mention: John Jonas; Boys Swimming and Diving Honorable Mention, Alex Tyre; Girls Swimming and Diving First Team, Danielle Risley; Boys Cross Country Second Team, James MacRae

Alumni active in Bolles Student Council: Curry Clements has been elected as the Student Council Vice-President. William Leeser and Willie MacDade have been elected as representatives for their classes.

We proudly announce the following alumni have been inducted into the National Honor Society: The Bolles School Curry Clements, Michal Hyde, William Leeser, William Pilcher Episcopal High School Caitlin Dempsey, Emily Smithwick Episcopal Middle School (National Junior Honor Society) Thomas Chafin, Ross Clements, Megan Dempsey, Ivey Gordon, Sarah Irving, Emily Leeser, Lindsay Libera, Quinn Pattillo, Ashley Pilcher, Jack Stephens Cheerleaders win Sun Jam Event: St. Mark’s alumni and Bolles freshmen Sarah Bates and Margaret Willetts were part of the Grand Championship winning Bolles Varsity Cheerleading squad at a competition in January. Margaret is also on the Upper School Hip Hop Dance Team which earned third place in the nation at a competition in February.

The Episcopal Middle School boys soccer team beat Bolles 1-0, capturing the IMSC title in an exciting double-overtime victory. The team ended their season with a perfect record of 15-0, (the first undefeated season in school history). Congratulations to the Coach, David Bast (Young Life Leader, St. Mark’s dad, and husband to EDP Director, Angela Bast) and the St. Mark’s Alumni class of 2008 on the team: Quinn Pattillo, Jack Stephens, Thomas Chafin, Jack McGee, Jake Cantin, and Ross Clements.

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