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ABERDEEN ST MARK’S CHURCH OF SCOTLAND Member of the Aberdeen City Centre Parish Grouping

Sunday 14 April 2013 LIVING FOR CHRIST IN TODAY’S WORLD Restored and Finding Peace

“God forgave my sins in Jesus’ name.”

Welcome and News Gathering words Call to worship Praise: CH4 533: Will you come and follow me (The offering will be carried to the Lord’s Table during this praise) Prayers of approach and dedication

Entering Peace Gospel Reading: John Ch 21 v 15 – 19 (page 895) Picture Reflection on Peace Prayer for peace and the Lord’s Prayer Praise: Journey of Life The journey of life may be easy, may be hard, there'll be dangers on the way; with Christ at my side I'll do battle as I ride 'gainst the foe that would lead me astray. Will you ride, ride, ride with the King of kings, will you follow my leader true; will you shout hosanna to the lowly Son of God, who died for me and you? My burden is light and a song is in my heart, as I travel on life's way; for Christ is my Lord and he's given me his word, that by my side he'll stay.

When doubts arise and when tears are in my eyes, when all seems lost to me, with Christ as my guide I can smile whate'er betide, for he my strength will be. I'll follow my leader wherever he may go, for Jesus is my friend; he'll lead me on to the place where he has gone, when I come to my journey's end. Valerie Collison (b. 1933)

Poem on Peace The Choral Group sing “Longing for Light” Reading: Acts Ch 9 v 2 – 9 (page 905) Reflection on Peace Praise: CH4 153: Great is thy faithfulness Prayers of thanksgiving Praise: CH4 540: I heard the voice of Jesus say Prayers for the World Praise: CH4 154: O Lord my God! Benediction

CCL Licence No 409105 Scottish Charity No SCO15451

Forthcoming Services

Sunday 14 April

6.30 pm OAK Evening Service Crown Terrace Methodist Church

Preacher: Rev Diane Hobson Sunday 21 April

11 am Morning Worship Eastertide “Gifts from God”

Sunday 28 April

11 am Morning Worship Eastertide “First for God”

Sunday 5 May

11 am Morning Worship Eastertide “Sharing 4 U” Tea/coffee in the Hall after the service

ST MARK’S CHURCH FAMILY NEWS Sunday 14 April 2013 1. Aberdeen St Mark’s Church has been cited to be represented at a Meeting of the Presbytery of Aberdeen on Tuesday 16 April 2013 at 7 pm in Holburn West Church. All Congregations have been cited to attend this meeting. (For your information only.) 2. The Scottish Country Dancers will meet on Wednesday 17 April at 7.30 pm. 3. Articles for the Spring edition of the Magazine need to be given to Alex McConochie by Sunday 28 April at the latest. 4. The Aberdeen City Centre Parish Grouping Prayer Circle will meet in St Mark’s Meeting Room on Wednesday 17 April at 2.30 pm. All are welcome. 5. The St Mark’s Players: tickets are now on sale for the plays which will be performed on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 May at 7.30 pm - priced at just £6.00 including a Farmhouse Tea at the interval. 6. Go Walkies at Beach Esplanade: please support Paula Garden and Yorik as they raise money for the Guide Dogs this afternoon at 2 pm. If you want to walk along with others and exercise, meet at Fittie end of the Beach Esplanade. You don’t need a dog to do the walk but if you do have a four-legged friend bring him/her along. Sponsorship forms are available this morning. 7. Any Intimations for the Pew Leaflet must be given to the office, by email or in writing, by Wednesday of each week. 8. The Church Office and the OAK Café will be closed on Monday 22 April for the local holiday.

Order of Service 14 April 2013  
Order of Service 14 April 2013  

Order of Service for the Second Sunday of Eastertide 14 April 2013