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ABERDEEN ST MARK’S CHURCH OF SCOTLAND Member of the Aberdeen City Centre Parish Grouping

Sunday 17 June 2012 Father’s Day

Welcome and Church Family News Call to Worship Leader Abba Father let me belong All to You Leader Abba Father let me belong All to You and Jesus Leader Abba Father let me belong All to You and Jesus and to the holy Spirit Amen Praise: MP 3: Abba Father, let me be (sung three times) Abba Father, let me be Yours and Yours alone. May my will for ever be Evermore Your own. Never let my heart grow cold, never let me go, Abba Father, let me be Yours and Yours alone. The Offering Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer Adam Praise: CH4 700: As man and woman we were made Noah Praise: MP 987: Here is love vast as the ocean Here is love vast as the ocean, loving kindness as the flood, when the Prince of life, our ransom, shed for us His precious blood.

Who His love will not remember; who can cease to sing His praise? He can never be forgotten throughout heaven’s eternal days. On the mount of crucifixion fountains opened deep and wide; through the floodgates of God’s mercy flowed a vast and gracious tide. Grace and love, like mighty rivers poured incessant from above; and heaven’s peace and perfect justice kissed a guilty world in love. Jacob Praise: CH4 561: Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine Reading: Psalm 103 v 1 – 14 (page 495) Moses Praise: CH4 189: Be still Reading: Matthew Ch 1 v 17 – 25 (page 789) Joseph Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession Praise: CH4 110: Glory be to God the Father Benediction

CCL Licence No 409105

Forthcoming Services Sunday 24 June

11 am Morning Worship Sunday School and YF Promotion Service Led by the Sunday School

Sunday 1 July

11 am Morning Worship Joint Grouping Service at The Kirk of St Nicholas Uniting

Sunday 8 July

11 am Morning Worship 6.30 pm OAK Evening Service Crown Terrace Methodist Church

ST MARK’S CHURCH, ABERDEEN - Sunday 17 June 2012 CHURCH FAMILY NEWS 1. Anyone who requires pastoral care should contact Ian and Marjorie Lord, Helen McKenzie or the church office. 2. The Congregational Board will meet tomorrow evening at 7.00 pm. The Kirk Session will meet after the Board meeting. Relevant papers for both meetings are available in the Deacons’ Room this morning. Please note that further papers are now also available. 3. The Guild and Men’s Club are visiting Clan on Monday 25 June at 7 pm. Please give your name to Anne Donaldson (Guild) or Ian Lord (Men’s Club) if you are attending. Please note that this visit starts at 7 pm sharp. 4. The Summer Coffee Shop is open again on Saturday 23 June. Do come along and support them. 5. Parish Grouping Holiday Club: if you have children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren of primary 3 – 7 age who would like to attend the Parish Grouping holiday Club, to be held in St Mark’s Church from 2 – 6 July, 2 pm – 4 pm (see enclosed flier) please collect a registration form from the vestibule. Completed forms should be handed to Alex McConochie by 1 July.

Order of Service for Father's Day  

Order of Service for Sunday 17 June 2012 led by Alex McConochie

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