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St. Margaret’s House is here to work in any way we can to strengthen our local community. This year more people than ever have used our services and facilities. Despite these difficult times we are proud of what we have achieved with scarce resources and we aim to continue to increase our involvement with and impact on local issues. St. Margaret’s is an operationally self-sufficient charity. We provide office accommodation for twenty seven local and national voluntary organisations; we offer a range of venues for meetings and events; we run a popular vegetarian cafe and two community shops. These projects form the basis of our day to day activities. The income they generate also helps us to support worthwhile community initiatives. This report will tell you more

about what we do. Over the past year we have made significant improvements in communications and marketing; in events management; cafe management and project development. It is thanks to the efforts of our excellent staff team and many volunteers that we have achieved so much. We are very interested in new community, creative and social enterprise projects. If you want to do something worthwhile to alleviate the local effects of poverty and support social change; if you have a project, a potential project or just time and enthusiasm, then talk to us.

Tony Hardie

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a message from the director


st margaret’s

St Margaret’s House Settlement is an independent charity (Registered Charity No. 211321) established in order to serve both the local and wider community. We’ve evolved into a crucial centre for community activity and enterprise in Bethnal Green. We rent out office space and meeting rooms to many diverse local organisations and run three creative social enterprises including a vegetarian cafe, a creative workshop and a charity shop. We host a great many events ranging from acoustic live music nights to art house film screenings to family activity days and workshops. Whoever you are and whatever your interests, there’s something for everyone.


our aims

future plans


• To provide a wide range of social welfare initiatives and services to serve and enable the local community.

As we move into 2013, we intend to continue with cementing our good reputation for being an inclusive and diverse organisation. We will strive to provide a greater programme of services and events and now more than ever, it’s crucial that we increase our funding in order to sustain and improve our facilities. All of the funds raised by our enterprises go straight back into their running costs and into offering more events and services. If you’d like to get involved in any way then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The year of the London Games has been a year of union and celebration and this has been reflected across our projects. Local residents and those from further afield have come together to enjoy a diverse range of free and low-cost events and activities in the cafe, chapel, garden, hall and in The Create Place and our volunteer scheme has gone from strength to strength.

• To provide accommodation, encouragement and support for like minded charitable organisations. • To provide practical support and opportunity for community networking and development. • To provide equality of access and opportunity. • To help people to work together in playing a more active part within their community.

2012 overview Since January we have provided low-cost or free meeting, training and activity space to a variety of charities and organisations, all working to improve social and

economic situations in the local area. Here are some that have made good use of our spaces: • East London GSSS provide schools and their governors with a reliable, affordable service at a time when they face increasingly tough choices. • The Reader Organisation encourages people to get into reading and literature by running groups and training people to lead shared reading groups. • The Challenge is a summer programme that gives young people a chance to gain transferable skills, form new friendships and impact their

local area. • UpRising opens up the pathways to leadership for young adults from diverse backgrounds, equipping them with skills, knowledge, networks, and confidence.

2012 highlights Over the summer weekends, we opened up the garden and visitors enjoyed a variety of activities including games, face painting, live music, storytelling and traditional dance. In September we hosted a Community Celebration day held in honour of the volunteers who have helped us so much this year.


overview 2012

The Create Place is a space to start your own project, to benefit your community. With its roots in arts and crafts our aim is to widen the range of activities to be more inclusive of the diverse needs of Bethnal Green residents. We provide a platform for a range of activities and work to enable our community partners to realise their own projects, workshops and events. From regular weekly and monthly classes our timetable is peppered with exciting new ventures every month. We encourage people to ‘give it a go’ and make a positive contribution in Tower Hamlets.

2012 saw a broader range of users introduced to the Create Place with the group, Globe Bengali Mohila Samity using it as a base to teach Bangladeshi women English. As women attending the classes have become familiar with the space we have been able to engage them in wider leisure activities, involving mixing with other community groups. During the school summer holidays we launched Maggie’s Makers, a children’s arts and craft club with a nominal £2 fee, which proved so popular that places booked up in two days. Other summer activities included Creative Expressions a free series of classes exploring creative writing as a way to manage

create place 2012 highlights

stress and life’s expectations; and Creative Well-Being which explores holistic therapies in promoting mental well-being. The Create Place is used by a number of groups free of charge, who without the use of our space would struggle to continue. The University of the Third Age have made The Create Place their new home and most of their groups including Local History, Art History, Music and Poetry are run from here. Bethnal Green Transition run a monthly re-skilling knitting workshop and throughout autumn ran a series of ‘Community Dreaming’ workshops and open forums looking at dealing with climate change. Lastly, the Phoenix

Project has taken residency at The Create Place; this project supports female asylum seekers, refugees and irregular migrants. The project is set around craft but has the goal of increasing opportunity, self advocacy and visibility for migrant women. The Create Place will become a steady, reliable and safe place in which the women can make friends, talk and share experiences. Revenue has increased in the latter half of the year with the increasing popularity of hen and children’s parties. In addition, a number of funded groups have taken regular residence in The Create Place and have provided some welcomed funds; groups

include The Young Foundation, Sunny Signers and Globe Bengali Mohila Samity. Integral to The Create Place are the volunteers and community partners who make things happen. The volunteering programme at St Margaret’s House has gone from strength to strength and nowhere more than in The Create Place are volunteers rewarded for their hard work, energy, time and commitment.

The Create Place has successfully managed to bring together two distinctive and very separate community groups in our free Monday morning arts and craft session for adults. Free of charge, this group is dependent upon the skills of volunteers and kind donations of resources from the public. June saw the first of a monthly event called Maggie’s Soapbox. The evening is structured around volunteers who present for five minutes on almost any topic of their choosing. Once finished, they rejoin the audience and enjoy other talks. It is an evening of entertainment, raises some funds and has been very well received by those attending.

create place future plans

The first volunteer to take a ‘Creative Volunteering’ role in St Margaret’s House was a young father resident in Bethnal Green. He felt there was a lack of available information in the area about baby classes and has worked with us at The Create Place to start his own class up. Getting a local child care professional on board to lead the class has generated a lot of interest from parents in the area; and the process of starting this new project for Frank, who wishes to make a career change into community work, has been invaluable.

Spreading the word about what we do and the opportunities within The Create Place is vital to our success. Increasing the number of community partners and volunteers will only serve to improve and vary the projects we offer. We would also like to start a skills swap school, an evening of information exchange on a regular basis, perhaps fortnightly. Each lesson will be taught by a volunteer with expertise in that field; ideally subjects will move away from arts and crafts and be more along the lines of ‘life lessons’. For example, subjects could include, managing debt or stress; first aid; a lesson in gardening or child care.

Currently The Create Place feels somewhat separated from St Margaret’s House. Moving forward we would like to bring the workshop back underneath the St Margaret’s House umbrella. Sharing networks and resources can only improve the number, diversity and quality of projects running at The Create Place. If you or someone you know is interested in lending a hand or leading a workshop at one of our drop-ins at The Create Place then please do get in touch by e-mailing thecreateplace@



overview 2012

Ayoka continues to be a source of inexpensive and good quality clothing donated by the local community. We also promote free events, courses and activities available in the local area. Each month Ayoka features work from an up and coming local artist; the work is displayed for a month and artists have even included a few St Margaret’s House volunteers. Ayoka would not function without the dedication and support of the volunteers. They are the reason we are able to open seven days a week and are a huge part of why the shop is so well loved by local residents.

We have established community links with a number of women’s groups in the area including the Jagonari Centre and The Arbour. Currently two mornings per week are reserved to provide work experience placements for females attending ‘Women Empowered’ programmes. Around 50% of the women have continued volunteering beyond their placements and some have gone on to find employment. Some customers regularly visit specifically to talk to volunteers and enjoy their company; people who live alone and find themselves socially excluded. Seeing the volunteers regularly is a source of important social interaction and comfort to them.

future plans

We would like to establish links with other centres in East London and provide work experience opportunities for not just women but a wider range of marginalised people. Initial links have already started with Tower Project, Hackney Mental Health team and Refugee Action. We are also in the process of starting up a monthly (possibly quarterly) link with local offices in order to collect more donations. Donations are always gratefully received at Ayoka and may be dropped off between the hours of 10-6pm Monday to Saturday and 10-4pm on Sunday. If you’d like to volunteer in the shop then drop an e-mail to volunteer@

about The Gallery Cafe is a vegetarian and vegan cafe that lives up to its name by hosting monthly art exhibitions as part of Time-Out’s First Thursdays initiative. It’s also the main venue at St. Margaret’s House for live music amongst many other events. We provide fresh, homemade food with almost every dish on the menu available as a vegan option and have built up a reputation for providing delicious and varied daily specials. The relaxed, creative atmosphere is one of the cafe’s main merits and it has lovely views of our hidden garden and free WiFi, making it a great place to come and get some work done. We strive to be as green as we possibly can be

overview 2012 with an emphasis on locally and ethically sourced produce. As one of the three social enterprises here at St. Margaret’s House, The Gallery Cafe is an important source of income for the charity. Frequented by members of resident organisations and the local community as well as those from further afield, the cafe has established itself as a vital meeting place in Bethnal Green. Lucinda Adongo (pictured below) became General Manager of the cafe this year and has worked hard to realise some important improvements and new systems in the cafe, instigating a thorough barista training programme and further developing the eco standards.

Lots of improvements have been made to the cafe over the last year whilst maintaining the unique elements that the cafe is renowned for and which bring our loyal customers back again and again. Our team of chefs have worked hard to provide a multitude of appetising options from our scrumptious vegan cakes to our curries and our inimitable vegan pizzas. This year, we’ve focussed on sourcing more local suppliers. Our bread is delivered by bicycle by the E5 Bakehouse as is our coffee from Nude Espresso; our tofu comes from Clean Bean based on Brick Lane. As part of the community, it’s important to support other local

the gallery cafe businesses, and it improves our green credentials at the same time...speaking of which, this year we’ve greatly improved the amount of recycling we do. Peelings and scraps are being used as ingredients for fruit juices and cakes and we’ll continue to uphold and further our efforts to reduce waste. We installed a brand new projector screen into the cafe in October which has allowed us to show even more films, starting with a series of music video screenings which served to brighten the cafe up through the darker months. We’re always on the lookout for new multi- media ideas that will bring something unique to St. Margaret’s House.

2012 highlights

future plans

Last February we created a special gourmet Valentine’s Day menu which saw the cafe transformed into a romantic candlelit haven. We also ran a Mexican Night which proved popular to say the least! A General Manager, Lucinda Adongo, was appointed to oversee and improve the running of the cafe. Front of house staff attended specialist training days in coffee making and winetasting. In September we took part in Urban Food Week which included the creation of a daily special in collaboration with a local producer and a mushroom growing workshop at the Create Place.

In the next year we’ll be looking to source more local food suppliers (for salad and milk in particular) to better our community links and we’ll be diversifying our menu further to offer more and more delicious vegan options. We want our volunteers to get the most out of their time with us so we’ll be offering them more opportunities to work in both the cafe and the kitchen and to develop a range of skills. We’ll continue to host an assortment of fantastic events and offer top notch vegetarian and vegan dishes.


2012 overview

2012 highlights

Events at St. Margaret’s House are crucial as a means of bringing more commerce to our enterprises as well as joining the local and wider community together through the arts. With a varied programme including live music, exhibitions, film and spoken word and utilising many of St. Margaret’s beautiful spaces, there truly is something for everyone. Our primary focus is to provide high quality events that are, in the most part, free and welcome all the family.

Taking over as Events Coordinator in February, Douglas Dare (pictured below) has worked hard to provide a varied events schedule, including first-rate music nights put on by new promoters who he’s introduced to St. Margaret’s House. This year has seen more spaces put to creative use with unamplified gigs, cinema screenings, poetry, art installations and live video recordings happening in the Chapel. We’ve hosted documentary screenings, indoor markets and gigs in the Mulberry Rooms and the garden played main stage to our Summer Series which included all day music festivals, acoustic gigs, Olympic parties and a children’s book fair.

The Sea of Bees gig in May saw 120 avid fans flock into the Cafe for the conclusion of their UK tour, it was a privilege to host such an enchanting band. East London’s most popular spoken word night, The Wordhouse, joined us twice at the start of the year with a carefully chosen selection of published poets and open mic sets that astounded and captivated audiences. May saw the Chapel Gig Series host well-established musicians such as R. M. Hubbert, Laura J Martin, Eric Cheneux and Rachel Dadd. St. Margaret’s House opened its doors for three all-day festivals this year including Bethnal Green Folk Day, the It’s All Happening Festival and the Unamplified

future plans Festival, all of which attracted a host of music lovers but also included games, poetry, art and dancing. These events welcomed people from all walks of life and truly encapsulated the vivacity of St. Margaret’s. In July, we premiered the documentary film, Best Before, to an audience of 130 in the Mulberry Rooms. The film was produced by a collection of ecoconscious SOAS students and aimed to highlight the problem of global super-market trade. The screening was accompanied by a buffet of locally sourced treats from The Gallery Cafe, specifically chosen for its connection with local suppliers and its community ethic.


2013 promises to be another jam packed year with many exciting events already in the pipe-line. January will see the first in a series of monthly events that will take full advantage of the café’s new tech equipment; an open mic style night featuring music, talks and short films on the cafe’s big screen. Each month the night will follow a different theme, the first covering the subject of ‘science’. We’re also very excited to have multi- disciplinary platform, Pop-Up Circus, back next year taking the reins in February with a month-long exhibition of live experimental music, performance art and opening and closing parties. We’ll be putting the new café cinema screen to good use,

kicking off with a programme of music video screenings on Monday evenings whilst our Chapel cinema screenings will continue to run throughout the year. We’re always looking to diversify our programme and to maximise our appeal so we’ll particularly be looking into including a wider array of genres in our live music 2013 programme and to focus on hosting more comedy and spoken word events. If you’ve wanted to put on an event but never had the space or opportunity, then do get in touch and we’ll see if we can make your idea come to fruition. For our full events listings visit www.thegallerycafe.wordpress. com/whatson.


about Volunteers have been an integral part of some important achievements at St. Margaret’s House. That is, to engage and inspire both individuals and community groups to achieve their own goals.

what opportunities are available. A standardised and fair method of screening volunteers is now used and a comprehensive and easy to read volunteer handbook has been made and is given out at induction. Every new volunteer is given a tour of St. Margaret’s House, an induction from the Community Coordinator and on-the-job training. All those We have paid a lot of attention who have volunteered for no less to the volunteers programme than ten weeks are eligible for a in 2012, seeking to improve reference. the ways in which potential Rewarding the volunteers volunteers are recruited, inducted is very important to us and and supported throughout their we have recognised their time with us. Improvements dedication with free trips to the include a volunteer pack of theatre, Paralympics and held information for potential a Community Celebration in volunteers to gain an insight into the cafe and garden to thank

2012 overview

our volunteers and community partners. We provided free food, music, entertainment and stalls for volunteers and their friends and families. In The Create Place the majority of volunteers are looking to make a career in arts and crafts. Supporting them individually, we have been able to offer some paid tutoring at parties. In addition, upon completing 30 hours of volunteering they are eligible to use The Create Place free of charge to run their own class or workshop. People volunteer for so many different reasons and the personal approach taken in their recruitment and ongoing support helps our volunteers to achieve their individual goals.

2012 highlights

future plans

September saw fifteen young people from The Challenge summer programme in and about St. Margaret’s House. They spent one day volunteering and the second day raising money for SMH. They also held a sponsored fashion show in the hall where all of the clothes were second hand and came from our very own charity shop, Ayoka. These young people were specifically grouped together as they have a shared passion for photography; therefore in addition to the fashion show they have also printed and framed their own photographs which will be for sale in Ayoka throughout September.

Once the procedure for recruiting, inducting and training volunteers is well practised we would like to open up a ‘Bank of Volunteers’. This concept will allow any organisation residing in St Margaret’s House to make use of our volunteers and will also give the volunteers a much broader opportunity of experiences. For example, the BPCA could use volunteers to lead one-off arts and craft activities or the BSA may be able to offer some office experience. We currently are unable to provide (non-role related) training for volunteers. We do instead find free trainings and courses in the borough and inform our volunteers of the

opportunities. In the future it would be wonderful to be able to provide in-house training, especially accredited training, although this is unlikely to happen in the near future it is a long term goal that we are happy to head towards for the time being. If you would like to volunteer for St. Margaret’s House in any capacity then please e-mail volunteer@stmargaretshouse.



Over recent years we have worked to improve our eco credentials and 2012 has been no exception. Whether it’s encouraging re-use by selling and taking donations of secondhand items in Ayoka, minimising food wastage in the kitchen of the Gallery Cafe or recycling whatever we can in our offices, we continue to find ways to keep our carbon footprint small and are always aiming to shrink it further.

2012 overview Having carried out an eco-audit on our premises in 2011, expert consultants 3 Acorns were back

this year to review our progress. The review shows that we have made some substantial improvements in our practices including a switch to 100% recycled paper; a 50% reduction in paper use in our office; a 56% reduction in water consumption across the settlement; a rise in our recycling rate from 18% to 40%. In Ayoka, we continue to encourage re-use by selling second hand clothes and brica-brac, sending anything that is too worn out to Rontex Rag Merchants who transport anything useable to developing countries and recycle the rest. In The Gallery Cafe, we have built further on our already rigorous

green regime by reducing the amount of food miles and by sourcing more local suppliers; using more suppliers who deliver their goods by low-carbon means such as bicycle; planting a herb garden; using scraps and peelings for juices and cakes; using more organic and biodegradable products e.g. Clipper and Teapigs teas; passing on old furniture and equipment through the website Freecycle.

future plans Going into 2013, we expect to progress further with reducing our carbon footprint and work to find more local suppliers.


2012 overview

Bangladeshi Parents and Carers Association (BPCA) were formed in 1998 and is a voluntary organisation working with people with multiple disabilities. It is a family led project which provides day care facilities for high dependency users. The focus is on a culturally sensitive service in education, employment support and training, outreach home and work visits, counselling, day care and recreational activities for those with disabilities. BPCA takes a person centred plan approach to allow people to organise and arrange their own lives and futures. This draws people into feeling part of their own community, fostering independence and choice.

Last year was a time of expansion for the BPCA. After the Greenhill Centre in Newham closed down the BPCA took on new service users and consequently a whole new section at St. Margaret’s House in the Mulberry Rooms. Being close to the Central Line made it easy for new users to make the transition and join the others who travel from across the borough. Regular service users are now reaching around 52 with 26 staff, volunteers and apprentices. This year the BPCA launched a new apprenticeship scheme in partnership with Abis Resources based in Bow, providing several level 2&3 Health and Social Care students with a yearlong contract.

bpca 2012 highlights

2012 saw the BPCA run an assortment of day trips for users which included visits to museums, shopping at Surrey Quays and a trip across the Thames in the Emirates cable car. The Eid celebration this year was a great success with approximately 150 people filling the hall and garden and food served up in three rounds.

future plans The BPCA is a worthwhile organisation that provides its service users with options and social welfare. Sadly, this year the group will be taking a 26% cut in council funding which has left its future hanging in the balance. By supporting St. Margaret’s House you can help us to aid groups like the BPCA through this difficult financial period.


about The U3A is a self help organisation for people with time on their hands providing educational, creative and leisure opportunities. It is a learning co-operative which draws on the knowledge and experience of its members to organise and provide interest groups in accordance with the wishes of our membership. The teachers learn and the learners teach.

where attendees learn to play the ukulele or guitar, an occasional poetry group that meets to discuss and write poems and a monthly lunch group that is eating its way around the world by visiting different restaurants each time. The U3A has provided us with the opportunity to meet new people at the same time as discovering new interests and activities.

2012 overview

2012 highlights

This past year has seen all of our groups well attended and we have been able to add three more activities since January. We now have a music group

Over the summer, the tai chi group moved to open air sessions in Victoria Park whilst the art group shared an afternoon with young people with learning

difficulties. The art appreciation group made visits to the National Gallery and the book group read an assortment of books with each member bringing something different to the table.

future plans Proposals have been made to start three more groups including a bridge club, a board game club, and a creative writing group. All members have been invited to sign up to these new ventures. If anyone is interested in joining us then please contact us by emailing u3atowerhamlets@ or by phoning Jil Cove (chair) on 020 7247 4283.


about Tower Hamlets Friends & Neighbours is an independent charity providing a wide range of befriending services for isolated and vulnerable people, particularly the elderly. In 201112 we supported 440 people, regularly visiting around 300 in their own homes.

2012 overview As well as the companionship, emotional and practical support provided through the home visits, we also provided: • assistance with financial and housing issues to over 100 clients • support with social care issues for an average of 20 clients per month • information and signposting to other agencies, including help in making contact with those organisations where required • over 200 instances of direct advocacy support and over 50 instances of support to selfadvocate • assistance to more than 100

future plans clients to access and benefit from health care • the chance for clients to participate in consultations about local health and social care provision • activities for more than 160 clients at home and out, including group and oneto-one outings, events and reflexology, seated exercise.

2012 highlights We arranged several outings and special ALFIE club events this year, including ‘Tea and Tiaras’, a party in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

We have also just produced a new report about befriending, ‘More than just Tea and a Chat’, and we aim to raise awareness of how important befriending is as a preventive service and everything it can encompass when provided the way we do. It also highlights the challenges befriending faces in these difficult times. For more information about Tower Hamlets Friends & Neighbours, please see our website:

ACTION RECONCILIATION SERVICE FOR PEACE (ARSP): ARSP is a voluntary organisation founded in Germany in 1958 by Christians seeking to confront the era of National Socialism in German history. Room 4, 21 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 8880 7526 Email: Website: ARBOREAL ARCHITECTS: Arboreal is an innovative, Royal Institute of British Architects chartered practice. Room 16, 21 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 8980 5066 Email: harry@arborealarchitecture. com Web: ASHOKA envisions to make Everyone A Changemaker™ world: a world that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges. Ashoka UK, 17 Old Ford Road, E2 9PJ Tel: 020 8980 9416 Email:

clothing as well as books, records and cds. 23 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 8980 2092 Email: uk Website: ayokacharityboutique@ BANGLADESHI PARENTS & CARERS’ ASSOCIATION (BPCA): The charity provisides day care and the provision of training, advice and assistance to the parents and carers of disabled people. The Mulberry Rooms, 21 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 8880 7036 Email: Website: BODYWISE YOGA & NATURAL HEALTH CENTRE: A community focused not-for-profit company limited by guarantee dedicated to providing quality and affordable classes. 21 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 07584 664 762 Website:

ASIAN HEALTH AGENCY: ASIAN The Asian Health Agency, HEALTH established in 1994, is a nonAGENCY profit charity and a leading independent sector agency.

BRITISH STAMMERING ASSOCIATION: BSA is the UK’s gateway to information about stammering and the help available for it.

Room 7, 21 Old Ford, E2 9PL Tel: 020 8981 2146 Email: Website:

Room 1, 15 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 8983 1003 Email: Website:

AYOKA: ‘Ayoka Charity Boutique’ is a fashion conscious charity shop, selling quality second hand and vintage

LONDON CITY STEPS: We recruit people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and then train and employ them as walking tour guides.


Room 6, 15 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 8980 5868 Website: E-mail: COMMON GROUND: Common Ground is a community mediation and conflict resolution charity. Room 8, 15 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 7702 8305 Email: uk Web: THE CREATE PLACE: Our aim is simple: to bring local artists, craft enthusiasts, designers, makers and complete beginners together under one roof. 29 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 0208 980 2092 Email: thecreateplace@ Website: DIRECT2LONDON: A dedicated team of experts with the exclusive aim of supporting young European professionals to achieve their goal of gaining sustainable employment in London.

user groups

ENGLISH FOR ACTION: Provides free, communitybased English courses for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) in London.

TOMORROW’S PEOPLE: We connect jobseekers, employers and government programmes in order to make sure local labour markets work efficiently.

Room 11, 21 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 07789 006248 E-mail: Website:

15 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 3405 3360 Email: smarsh@tomorrows-people. Web:

Form Design Europe Architects: An architect company that has resided at St Margaret’s House since before the charity exsisted. Room 2, 15 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 8983 1400 Email: Website: THE GALLERY CAFÉ: As part of the St Margaret’s House charity the cafe offers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan food.

Room 15, 21 Old Ford Rd, E2 9PL Tel: 020 8980 8998 Email:

21 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 8980 2092 Email: thegallerycafe@ Web:

EAST END WOMEN’S INSTITUTE (EEWI): East End WI welcomes all women to share, learn and enjoy good company. They meet on the third Tuesday of the month, 7.30pm for an 8pm start, at St Margaret’s House.

GLOBE BENGALI MOHILA SAMITY: Bengali women can meet on an informal basis, enjoying educational, recreational and leisure activities.

E-mail: Tel: 07796 1037780 Website:

Room 12, 15 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 8983 3527 Email:

TOWER HAMLETS COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICES (THCVS): Aims to enable voluntary, community and faith organisations to develop a thriving voluntary sector in our Borough. 15a Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 3286 3630 Email: Website: TOWER HAMLETS FRIENDS & NEIGHBOURS: Voluntary organisation that has been caring and supporting those older people who need help. Penley Room, 21 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 8983 7979 E-mail: TOWER HAMLETS WHEELERS: Encouraging more people to cycle; improve conditions for cyclists; to raise the profile of cycling in the East End. Email: wheelers@ Website: www.towerhamletswheelers.

THE U-TURN PROJECT: The U-Turn is a new initiative, which works on the streets with women of all ages in Tower Hamlets and Newham. Room 3, 21 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 8983 1553 Email: Website:

UNIVERSITY OF THE THIRD AGE (U3A): U3A is a self help organisation for people with time on their hands providing educational, creative and leisure opportunities. Email: Tel: 020 8980 2092 Web: WINANT CLAYTON VOLUNTEERS: Run a crosscultural voluntary exchange programme between the UK and USA to undertake similar work. Room 5, 21 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 8983 3934 Email: Web: WINTERLAND: A professional photographer, Seb Winter has worked as a freelance beauty and fashion photographer since 2001. Room 7, 15 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL Tel: 020 3222 6002 Email: Website:

with thanks to

members of the council

Chairman Linda Ransom Hon Secretary Barbara Perrott Hon Treasurer Norbert Lieckfeldt Fr Alan Green Theresa Shiyanbola Rakhia Ismail Fr Brian Ralph Dr John Livingstone Shamimara Choudrey Custodial Trustees Dr John Livingstone David Ransom

employees Director Tony Hardie Charity Administrator Rose Randles Community Coordinator Terri Calbraith Events Coordinator Douglas Dare Graphic Designer Annika Lyons Communications Poppy Cockburn

cafe staff Cafe Manager Lucinda Adongo Head Chef Inacio Gomez Team Leaders David Girvin

Chefs Naomi Bird Jozsef Toth Adrian Smith Vladimir Zilkay Miro Zilkay Simona Casadei Senior Staff Nicholas Bates Front of House Jason Canagesbey Sade Lawson-Merrifield Paul Frankl Kitchen Porters Jack Naylor Leila Gherabli Volunteers We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has volunteered for St. Margaret’s House over the past year, generously donating their time and enthusiasm to support us. Without their help, we would not be able to function as we do. If you would like to volunteer with us then please get in touch at volunteer@stmargaretshouse.

As this year draws to a close, we’d especially like to thank long-time volunteer, Bob Dawson, who is retiring from his role as resident art curator after four years of both curating and hanging the cafe artworks. We wish him all the best for the future.

with special thanks to Maintenance Contractor Krzysztof Pieróg Financial Advisor Ravi Patel


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volunteer As well as our volunteering opportunities in The Gallery Cafe, Ayoka and The Create Place, many of the organisations based at St Margaret’s also offer opportunities to volunteer. Visit our Volunteers Page for more information.

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donate Here at St. Margaret’s House we rely on the generous support

from others in order to continue with our good work. Next year we’ll be looking to further develop ourselves as a kinetic, multicultural community hub with a broad programme of arts events and affordable office space to rent. If you’d like to help then please do get in touch.

room hire We offer a range of rooms and space for community, charity and grassroots organisations in our Grade 2 listed Georgian premises. For full details of room details and fees visit www.

contact us St. Margaret’s House Settlement 21 Old Ford Road Bethnal Green E2 9PL

Telephone Main Office: 020 8980 2092 The Create Place: 020 3022 5612 Ayoka:020 89809734 Fax

Main Office: 020 8981 9944

Email (for general enquiries and room bookings) (for events proposals and enquiries) (for enquiries about The Create Place) (for volunteering opportunities in the cafe, shops or office)

HOW TO GET TO ST MARGARET’S HOUSE 21 Old Ford Road, E2 9LP Train: From Bethnal Green Underground (Central Line) take the Museum of Childhood exit. Proceed along the Museum frontage to the first corner which is Old Ford Road. Turn right into Old Ford Road and No 21 is on the other side of the road, just past York Hall Baths. Buses: 8 - 106 - 254 - 309 - 388 - D3 - D6 to Bethnal Green. Car: There is limited parking in Victoria Park Square, Approach Road and other surrounding roads.



St. Margaret's House Annual Review 2012  
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