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review twenty eleven


Message from Rushanar Ali MP for Bethnal Green & Bow I have been conscious of St Margaret!s House as a charity and hub of the local community for many years. As the local Member of Parliament, and personal supporter of St Margaret!s, I am honoured to have been asked to contribute to their 2011 Annual Report. Tower Hamlets is one of the most diverse boroughs in London, and it is to St Margarets! lasting credit that this diversity is captured in the variety of user groups which it supports. The backing given by St Margaret!s to the local community will be especially invaluable in keeping those with some of the most challenging social problems from harm in the years ahead.

who we are



St Margarets House is a community based charity in Bethnal Green, East London. Our buildings include a terrace of Georgian listed properties, as well as some more modern buildings, all of which provide a diverse range of spaces to suit a variety of needs. It is home to 38 voluntary and community organisations and provide support to them, as well as running many in-house projects. We carry out a wide range of social and neighbourhood activities and events and run a popular vegan and vegetarian cafe, two community shops and a community resource centre.

New user groups at St Margarets include: Tower Hamlets Community Volunteers Service (CVS), Tower Hamlets Women!s Institute (WI), Raines Foundation School Sixth form and the Foundation of Youth for Social Enterprise. Our Interns and Volunteers Programme now supports over 65 volunteers and opportunities are expanding. The Create Place is our new arts & crafts workshop and our social media is also thriving: St Margarets & the Gallery Cafe e-news letters reach 900 people a month, we have 1122 Facebook friends and 1019 Twitter followers.

St Margarets house has been RSHUDWLRQDOO\VHOIVXIÀFLHQW for many years. Income from licence fees and cafe pays for staff and running costs and goes back into the community supporting our projects. However we now have such a lot of interesting and worth wile plans that we sincerely QHHGVXEVWDQWLDODQGÀQDQFLDO support. We need help to fund the post of Development Manager. Our shops, halls, cafe, resource centre, rooms DQGRIÀFHVDUHDOOYHU\ZHOO utilised but we lack funds to support a post to integrate and make the most of our facilities and resources.

st margarets best practice



This year we have made good progress implementing the PQASSO quality assurance programme. This commitment to quality has been the basis of a great deal of work over the last year. It began with a review and update of all our policies and procedures. Areas such as governance, operations, HR, and PR have been under the spotlight and staff have been wonderfully cooperative in working to improve performance. As a result, our processes are more focused and we are working harder to listen to our users and monitor standards in a close and consistent way.

St Margarets has published a Green Manifesto and we have made positive changes to the way we operate, not only with a shift in attitude, but by implementing practical solutions. We joined the 10:10 campaign and reduced our carbon footprint by 10% which is only the start. We are working with other groups like the Carbon Trust and Every Action Counts to seek advice on what to do and how. Although the number of bees has fallen dramatically in the UK, this isn!t the case at St Margarets: we now keep our own hive! Our heating is HQHUJ\HIĂ€FLHQWDQGZHKDYH an improved recycling centre.

St Margarets House is looking to investigate the feasibility of redeveloping, refurbishing, and greening some of its more modern buildings to boost its income generation. We have applied to Community Builders to provide funds for a feasibility study as well as to Coin St to carry out a scoping report. The focus now with our PQASSO quality assurance scheme is to ensure that methods and V\VWHPVDUHĂ€UPO\LQSODFHWR continue, and standardise, the good progress that has been made to date. We have exciting plans for developing all of our facilities and projects in the year ahead.

who we are



The Create Place is an exciting new community arts and crafts hub providing education, equipment and space to the local community. Our aim at The Create Place is to bring local artists, crafts enthusiasts, designers, makers and complete beginners together under one roof to share ideas, learn, teach and be inspired to create. We run tailor made workshops offering an exciting & varied timetable. We also stock the work of a local collective of artists and designer makers and provide promotion for their work through regular pop-up shops and craft markets.

The Create Place has quickly established relationships with local schools and community groups including; origami workshops with children from St John!s Primary School, a bookbinding workshop with a local ESOL group and painting sessions with individuals from MENCAP. We are also running a six week programme of beginners! sewing workshops for a group of young mothers at the Mowlem Sure Start Centre in Tower Hamlets, which encourage social interaction and build the SDUWLFLSDQWVҋFRQÀGHQFHLQWKHLU sewing abilities.

The Create Place has recently drawn national press attention for its monthly series of workshops. TV!s daybreak programme visited The Create Place to interview our resident artist 5RE\Q6WHZDUGDQGÀQGRXW more about the "spectrum series! of workshops run in conjunction with the National Autistic Society. “The Create Place has a fantastic space that allows people to work alongside & learn from each other. I think it will be a great success as there is no other place like it, a space totally dedicated to arts and crafts”.

arts & crafts community



The Create Place encourages members of the local community to get involved and share their ideas and skills with each other. The day to day running of The Create Place is carried out predominantly by volunteers who are managed as part of the St Margarets House volunteer programme. We are dedicated to the creative and professional development of all of our volunteers and offer them opportunities to improve their skills where ever we can. We have established a very popular series of free drop-in sessions aimed at building new communities.

We have strong environmental ethic at The Create Place and source as much of our materials second-hand as possible. During our workshops we place an emphasis on recycling and up-cycling old and unwanted items into new usable items. We are excited about teaching members of the local community skills to repair and mend that have become forgotten in the current generation. We work closely with Ayoka Charity Boutique to recycle unsellable items and hope to launch a "re-worked! fashion label in conjunction with Ayoka in the new year.

Our intentions for The Create Place is to run a self VXVWDLQLQJQRQSURĂ€WYHQWXUH We have a diverse programme of activities which aims to be inclusive of all ages, income, abilities and ethnic groups. Higher priced workshops and bespoke parties will bring in revenue to subsidise low cost and free workshops for marginalised members of the community. We now aim to broaden the range of workVKRSVWRLQFOXGHPRUHĂ€QHDUW based subjects such as drawing and painting. Currently we are busy recruiting volunteers and workshop leaders to help us develop our programme.

follow us on: twitter: @thecreateplace facebook: thecreateplace

who we are



The Gallery Cafe is a unique Vegan and Vegetarian cafe and lives up to its name by holding quality art exhibitions We offer the community a diverse program of affordable music, poetry and craft events which are run by a mix of external promoters, volunteers, and our in-house events team. We provide a platform for local musicians and budding promoters to showcase their talents and get involved in their local music scene. It!s an airy environment with windows looking out onto a beautiful English garden. And we have a menu for all, from simple soups to scintillating specials.

The cafe is a well-etablished, lively, and successful music venue. We have a weekly open mic every Monday and free live music every Friday night as part of our "Free Fridays! community event. We are also part of Time Out!s First Thursdays initiative and open our doors late once a month for a chance to see art, culture and events after hours. We recently launched a new Vegan Gourmet Night with great success, which sees the cafe transformed into a candlelit restaurant complete with white tablecloths. Our customers also venture from afar for the vegan cupcake of the month!

“The Gallery CafĂŠ is probably the best, and most popular, RIWKHYHQXHVRQP\WRSĂ€YH vegan restaurants. A few minutes walk from Bethnal *UHHQWXEH\RXŇ‹OOĂ€QGLW nestled lovingly next to a charity settlement which both owns and masterminds it...The main aim of this haunt is to engage the community, and it does that for sureâ€? The London Insider. “The food was dreamy‌ One of the best things I!d eaten in a while actually. Its good to remember that veggie food is not all hippies and lentils.â€?




Every month we raise awareness about a different voluntary group linked with St Margarets House. We offer arts and crafts events and evenings including a busy fortnightly knitting group, a poetry night, parent and toddler groups, annual festivals including Americana and Hungumunga, and many one-off events. We are a community cafe and so keep prices reasonable and offer free events for everyone. The catering at the Gallery Cafe has been consistently good, the specials are usually excellent and the range of vegan and vegetarian food on offer is plentiful and varied.

This year has seen a massive change in the way the cafe runs, introducing biodegradable packaging, fair trade tea, coffee and sugar, and more local, seasonal and organic produce meeting with Soil Association standards. We are members of the Sustainable Restaurants Association and our free-range eggs come from city farm where the chickens are kept as pets. We have become increasingly more vegan which we see as the natural extension of vegetarianism; it!s an integral part of a cruelty-free lifestyle and makes the biggest impact on denting your carbon footprint.

We have great plans for the cafe with a whole new perspective concentrating on better food, better service and a top-notch vibe. Our next development will be to switch to using organic dairy produce. Our milk and cheddar is soon to be sourced from 6RLO$VVRFLDWLRQFHUWLĂ€HG companies which is better for everyone: the consumer, the planet, wildlife, and the animal. We are making big changes in our team to improve service, including introducing team leaders, and we are planning lots of new and interesting community events, such as a world music festival.

who we are



The University of the Third Age (U3A) is a is an organisation for people no longer in full time employment, providing educational, creative and leisure opportunities in a friendly environment. There are U3As all over the UK, which are run entirely by volunteers. The Tower Hamlets branch is based at St Margarets House and is a university in the original sense of the word - a group of people committed to OHDUQLQJ1RTXDOLÀFDWLRQVDUH needed as it is a cooperative which draws upon the skills and knowledge of their own member, provide classes for tailored to their wishes.

As well as the regular groups, some extra-ordinary activities took place last year. A Londonwide project run by Brunel University to research attitudes WRDJHLQJDVUHÁHFWHGLQ FRQWHPSRUDU\ÀFWLRQZDV enthusiastically embraced by ten U3A members. Meetings were always lively and interesting and there were even opportunities to meet some of the authors of the books they read. In the summer there was also a Consumer Rights Group led by Jane Preston who holds the position of Senior Consumer 6HUYLFHV2IÀFHUDW7RZHU Hamlets Council.

Groups are relaxed and fun, with group leaders offering their experience and knowledge in an informal way. No experience is needed to join a group – just an interest in the topic and a willingness to join in. As well as meeting to listen to jazz, discuss local history, or work on art projects, these groups arrange trips out to concerts and museums or walk out and take a tour of local places. And the social group has arranged City walks and visits to local gardens. So there are lots of opportunities from learning in a class-like setting and getting creative to going out and about in London.

u3a community



The Tower Hamlets branch of the U3A was started in 2008, and has since attracted many lively, friendly and enthusiastic local members. There are currently eight groups that meet regularly at St Margarets House, as well as visits and walks that are arranged in and around the area. The membership fee is £7.50 per year and this one-off payment entitles members to attend any of the groups. The fee is kept low due to the free hosting arrangement in place with St Margarets House which is delighted to be the host of the only U3A branch in the borough.

The University of the Third Age began in Toulouse in 1972 and was a successful summer school for retired people, ZKLFKSUHIDFHGWKHYHU\ÀUVW Université du Troisième Age. This was quickly followed by programmes in other towns close to Toulouse and the notion spread rapidly. Such was the take-up of the idea in other countries that an international body known as the International Association of Universitiés of the Third Age (AIUTA) was established in 1980. Contacts with the founder members of U3A in the UK were made in 1978 and the 8$KDVÁRXULVKHGKHUHVLQFH

Membership continues to grow steadily and we hope that more people will come forward to lead groups as the concept becomes more widely known. There are plans to organise more social events engaging all of the members and providing opportunities to mix with people across the U3A. In the coming year there will also be some evenings with guest speakers. St Margarets House will continue to support the U3A, providing space for free and administrative support and facilities, such as resource materials and helping with publicity through their website and newsletters.

who we are



Ayoka is a crucial fundraiser for the African Womens Welfare Association, a charity based at St Margarets House, which provides support to sufferers of Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia. The AWWA works to promote self-help among the suffers of Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia and their carers by getting them in touch with information, training, education, and pastoral care. They also provide and organise drop-in home and hospital visiting as well as befriending services and local activities. Having this advice and support VLJQLÀFDQWO\LPSURYHVWKH quality of the lives of suffers.

Ayoka Charity Boutique was RIÀFLDOO\ODXQFKHGLQ-XQH 2010 to a packed crowed spilling out onto the street. Our stock is now rotated weekly to ensure there are plenty of new items for people to browse through and to keep standards high. After a month of cleaning, scrubbing, painting, tidying and redecorating, it re-opened its doors as a fashion conscious charity shop, selling quality second hand and vintage clothing as well as books, records and cds. Since its re-launch the shop is proving to be extremely successful. Look out for our fantastic themed window displays.

Check out the vintage charity boutique “ayoka”. It opened in June as a fashion conscious charity shop selling quality second hand and vintage clothing for a good cause The stylescout.Co.Uk Ayoka emerges with great hipster potential thanks to a group of fashion conscious volunteers. Inside there!s a strong selection of vintage and high street items with a couple of designer pieces sprinkled in. Prices are between £2 and £12, and each penny spent goes to the African Woman!s Welfare Association. TimeOut

community shops community



Ayoka operates under a similar ethos to St Margarets, aiming to engage, inspire and accommodate the community and to raise awareness about charities, causes and issues. The shop provides a valuable service to local people by offering affordable clothing and books, whilst being exciting and innovative. Ayoka currently has twelve volunteers all with diverse abilities, styles and motivations who make valuable contributions. Volunteering with us is open to anyone who wants to give their time. We have a fair recruitment process and all volunteers are looked after in our volunteer scheme.

One million tonnes of clothing DUHVHQWWRODQGÀOOHDFK\HDU whilst 2.4 billion items of unworn clothing hang in the British wardrobe (DEFRA 06). Ayoka aims to raise awareness of this massive waste issue by encouraging people to recycle and buy second hand. The fact that the clothes are carefully selected and displayed to make the most of their potential encourages people to consider buying used when they previously would not have. By galvanizing the local community to recycle and reuse we hope to reduce the impact of clothes consumption on the environment.

We are hoping to start selling our vintage and rare items online in the near future as ZHOODVUDLVLQJ$\RNDҋVSURÀOH further by taking part in London Fashion Week events. Currently we!re solely reliant on donations but in the New Year we!re working with a growing collective of creative volunteers from the local community who will sell unique handcrafted items in the shop. Working in partnership with the craft workspace Back to Basics we will be redesigning unsalable clothing that is torn or stained into new one-off pieces and sold under the Ayoka Reworked label.

follow us on: twitter: @ayokaboutique facebook: www.facebook. com/ayokaboutique

who we are



The Bangladeshi Parents and Carers Association is a local, user-led programme working with young people with multiple disabilities form the Bangladeshi community. The focus is on a culturally sensitive service in education, employment support and training, outreach home and work visits, counselling, day care and recreational activities for those with disabilities. BPCA takes a person centred plan approach to allow people to organise and arrange their own lives and futures. This draws people into feeling part of their own community, fostering independence and choice.

This year we have shared the honour along with St Margarets House of being the nominated Charity of the Mayor of Tower Hamlets. This gave us the opportunity to attend occasions such as the Mayors Ball,The Night of a Thousand Stars, and visits to the Mayors Parlour: great for photo opportunities and encouraging further links with the council. A change in funding streams has led to a challenging time for the BPCA over the past year. But we are FRQĂ€GHQWWKDWZHDUHWKHEHVW provider of our kind to be found and our recent recognition by the mayor - and the press - is testament to this.

“BPCA offer a range of workshops and groups to Bangladeshi families including: literacy and numeracy, using computers, cooking, social skills, personal hygiene and safety, communication skills and work experience. As a parent I am delighted that such a group exists as it offers a chance to build the skills that so many people can take for granted. The BPCA has helped me by offering support at crucial times as well as the opportunity to work collaboratively with different creative projects�. BPCA Member

bpca community



7KLV\HDUIRUWKHĂ€UVWWLPHWKH BPCA co-hosted a summer garden party with St Margarets House. Our members gave a wonderful show in the sunshine on the lawn. There was traditional Bangladeshi songs and dances along with more modern music including hip-hop and rap solos. The food and refreshments, including curries and pakoras, were a great success and sold out early. Many thanks to all of the other groups that joined in with the fun: it was a great opportunity for local people to meet our members and for all of us to celebrate what we do and have some fun!

We have funded a radical renovation of the Mulberry Rooms centre where we are EDVHGZKLFKZLOOEHQHĂ€W6W Margarets as a whole. The funds will bring the space up to modern user and energy conservation standards. With a lowered false ceiling, an enerJ\HIĂ€FLHQWNLWFKHQFRQYHFWRU boilers, and environmentally friendly construction materials, we have created a warmer and more cost-effective environment for our users. The Mulberry Rooms are also used for a wide range of local neighbourhood activities including meetings, exercise classes and social events.

We are a resourceful community of men, women, young people and children in Tower Hamlets. Many of us here are Asian and we are facing the realities of our concerns particularly about health, housing, employment, education and realities of our experiences, our knowledge and our determination to look forward to the future. We are aware that we still have a long way to go, but we are proud to say that despite the odds, we have continued to make important strides in supporting the multi- cultural community in the Tower Hamlets area and other neighbouring boroughs.

who we are



Our shared aim at St Margarets House is to engage and empower local groups and people by providing space and support for them. Our intern and volunteer team have diverse abilities, styles and motivations all of which make a valuable contribution. When volunteers begin their time with us they are given an induction which is tailored to each individual. We take into account their experience, skills and knowledge to place them in roles that they will feel comfortable in. We make clear the importance of their role within St Margarets and how it impacts on the community.

This November we launched “I began my journey at St a new Internship Programme Margarets as a volunteer in the at St Margaret!s House. We Gallery Cafe, it was an exciting have recruited four new interns time and I learnt a range of to our Development Team on new skills that have helped a part-time basis: each intern PHGHYHORSP\FRQÀGHQFH works between one to two I am now part of the interns days a week. The interns work scheme working both in the closely with the development 6W0DUJDUHWVRIÀFHDQGLQ team and are heavily involved the cafe. The thing I like most in the day-to-day running of about my job is that no two all our events, our charity days are alike, there are so boutique and our new commu- many things to do and if you nity arts hub Back to Basics. work hard and carve out your They provide much needed own niche at St Margarets it support to our busy team and can be the most rewarding gain valuable work experience experience. I don!t think there along the way. We now have is a more diverse place you an interns and volunteers could possibly work and I am  handbook to support this. delighted to be a part of it.”

interns community



St Margarets is a unique charitable organisation and the people who volunteer with us become part of an organisation which has a long history of working with the people of Bethnal Green and the wider community. Volunteering with us is open to anyone who wants to give their time. We ensure that it is as easy as possible for anyone in the local community to volunteer and have developed a wide range of opportunities while also offering something that is special and different. It!s a great chance to give something back while developing new skills and meeting people.

Volunteers at St Margarets play a vital role in sustaining our green ethos. Collectively they work on developing a functional green strategy as well as ensuring that the cafe and building recycling schemes run smoothly. The interns and volunteers in both shops have made great progress promoting the idea of up-cycling and "make, do, and mend!. They constantly look for new uses for items and actively encourage the people of Bethnal Green to re-think their retail strategies, enabling them to gain the skills necessary to reuse and recycle their damaged or dated items.

We hope to be able to expand our internship programme in the New Year, providing valuable opportunities to young students and graduates in events management, marketing (particularly with QHZPHGLD UHWDLODQGRIĂ€FH administration. There have been plenty of opportunities in the past year where internships and volunteers have become permanent paid members of St Margarets staff and we hope that this will continue. :HLQWHQGWRIXQGUDLVHVSHFLĂ€cally to support the intern programme and improve our high-standard intern and volunteer management scheme.

Arboreal Architects commited to creating beautiful and sustainable buildings & landscapes in and around East London. Web: Tel: 020 8980 5066 Asian Health Agency provides health & social care services to people with disabilities & substantial health needs. email: web: Action Reconcilation Service for Peace Christian voluntary organisation programme working with people who suffered during the Nazi regime accomplished through a long-term and a short-term volunteer programme Tel: 020 8880 7526 web: email: Activity in Retirement Centre is an independent charity working for and on behalf of poor and isolated Bethnal Green residents who are retired from work through age, ill health or disability. Tel: 0208 980 2092

The African Women!s Welfare Association supports people living with Sickle-cell and Thalassaemia. Tel: 07908 495 529 email: Back to Basics Somali Art and Education runs a planned programme of arts that tackles issues of social exclusion. Tel: 020 8981 6312 email: Bangladeshi Parents and Carers Association is a care centre for young Bangladeshi people with disabilities and supports their familes. Tel: 020 8880 7036 email: web: British Stammering Assocation

The largest organisation of its type in the world and the only national charity for children and adults who stammer. It provides specialist resources for parents, teachers, employers and people who stammer. Tel: 0208 983 1003 email: website:

Climate Rush was inspired by the suffragettes and aims to bring an end to the practices that are causing climate change through protest & demonstration. Web: email: Celestial Church is an African church founded in Nigeria in 1947. Everyone is welcome. email: shiyanbo@btconnect. com Tel: 020 8981 9603 Common Ground is a community mediation and FRQĂ LFWUHVROXWLRQFKDULW\ which offer a range of projects, resources and opportunities for the peaceful resolution of FRQĂ LFW7HO ZHEZZZĂ€QGFRPPRQJURXQG Continyou is a community learning charity which encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to take an interest in learning. Tel: 020 8709 9900 email: website:

user groups The Create Place aim is to bring local aritsits, crafts enthusiasts, designers, makers and complete beginners together under one roof to share ideas, learn, teach and be inspired web: www.thecreateplace. Tel: 020 8980 2092 East End Focus is a partnership between the Kipper Project & Providence Row Housing Association that provides out-reach housing advice and resettlement to vulenerable youths 16-25 in Tower Hamlets. Tel: 020 8709 9890 email: East End Womens Institute welcomes all women to share, learn and enjoy good company. email: eastendwi@hotmail. Tel: 07834714765 English for Action We are a grassroots education charity working with ESOL learners across London to change our city for the better. Web: Tel: 07789 006248

English Secondary Students Association ESSA is the representative body for secondary school students in England. It is run by students for students, on democratic lines, with an elected council of school students making all the strategic decisions for the organisations. Tel: 020 8981 5104 email: The Ethnographic AudioVisual Archive transfers computer and audio visual skills with appropriate technology to community groups and schools. Tel: 0208 980 2092

Globe Bengali Mogila Samity is a resource centre where Bengali women can meet informally and enjoy educational, recreational and leisure activities. Tel: 020 8983 3527 email: Information Welfare & Legal Advisory Services support and promote the welfare of ethnic minorities through contact with the DSS. web: charities/1001435 Tel: 07981949968

Foundation for Youth for Social Enterprise mission is to increase the impact of young social entrepreneurs. website:

Inspire Vision was setup in 2010 to support local people to improve their quality of life, supporting personal and professional development by empowering our clients to realise their life goals.. web:

FDE Architects are part of Design Europe Architects. Supervised the building of the CafĂŠ conservatory extension web: email: studio@fdearcitects. Tel: 0208 983 1400

In Time PicturesÀOPSURGXFtion company where all work is centred on the international community of East London. email: Tel: 020 8981 4419

In Time PicturesÀOPFRPSDQ\ where all work is centred on the international community of East London. email: Tel: 020 8981 4419 Kipper Project Kipper supports over 50 young people in the Tower Hamlets who need help to make the transition to independence. provides housing and support for vulnerable young people in East London. Tel: 020 8980 1401 email: web: The London School of Arts Services is an initiative which emerged from a working group of key artists and education bodies in 2003, advising London Schools and teachers on working with the arts. MK Social Care provides services to support children, young people and their families & carers email: mumtaz@mksocialcare. org Tel: 07534 098 850

OETP creating a learning environment that is accessible to young people in an area of considerable social and economic disadvantage web: email: Tel: 07791 603 594

Renaissance Foundation To advance the education of young people through the provision of educational service using new media. web: Tel: 0208 983 3807

Over-Eaters Anon meets to discuss their daily issues and pass on helpful solutions to encourage each other and feel better. web: Tel: 020 7729 5371

6SLWDOĂ€HOGV0DUNHW7UDLQLQJ Initiative is a training for employment trust, to enable local people to gain new job opportunities. Tel: 0208 980 2092

Positive Steps is a self-help group that aims to create an awareness of resettled people on low income and work for a better future. email: Tel: Quaker Social Action founded in 1867 as a philanthropic responce to the appalling poverty in East London. Now work to enable local people to tackle social, economic and environmentalinjustice.Tel: 0208 983 9199 email:

Second University House Trust aims to relieve the need, hardship and distress amongst the inhabitants of TowerHamlets. Tel: 020 8980 2092 Speak Network connects young adults and students to campaign & pray about issues of global injustice. SPEAK is a Network not an Organisation we seek to allow people to get involved at all levels of planning and decision making email: sarah.h.speak@gmail. com web:

user groups Soldiers! Sailors! & Airmens Families Association Forces Help provides welfare assistance for servicemen, ex-servicemen and their families. Tel: 020 7247 4184 email: ssafa@towerhamlets21. web: Tam Tam Tales Trust is an educational charity made up of performers who specialise in developing the language skills of the EAL under sevens. Tel: 020 8981 4419 email: Tower Hamlets Friends and Neighbours is a voluntary organisation caring and supporting older people by befriending and visiting their homes. Tel: 020 8983 7979 email: Tower Hamlets Somali Organisation & Network promotes intest in the Somali community in London and encourages and develops Somali enterprise in East London. email:

Tower Hamlets Community Volunteers Service (CVS) Serving the needs of all voluntary & faith organisations. Tel: 020 3286 3630 email: Tower Hamlets Wheelers are a local cycling campaign group who offer advice and maintainance workshops. web: Tel: 07903 018 970 University of the Third Age is an organisation for people no longer in employment, providing educational, creative and leisure opportunities in a friendly environment.There are U3As all over the UK. web: www.u3atowerhamlets. Tel:020 8980 2092 Urban Youth is a community project working with young people aged 9-19 providing positive activities in work settings. Tel: 0208 981 2474 web: Email:

The U-Turn Project works on the streets with women of all ages who are homeless, drugusers sex workers and have low self-worth. Tel: 020 8983 1553 web: Warsame Training promote the interests of the Somali community to develop enterprise. Tel: 020 8983 9770 email: Winant Clayton Volunteers is an exchange volunteer programme between the UK & USA. email: Tel: 020 8983 3932 web: uk Winterland is a professional beauty & fashion photographer. Web: Tel: 0203 222 6002 Wise Owls supports the needs of the over 45! with job search. web: Tel: 0208 983 9716 email:

news This year we have made great progress with reaching out to the community though new media. We have an exciting website containing up-to-date news and information about life at St Margarets. We also have a large following on our facebook and twitter accounts for St Margarets, The Gallery Cafe, The Create Place, Ayoka & The U3A which are abuzz with creative and exciting events. Our St Margarets Home page gives details of the facilities we have to offer and details of how to hire rooms or work spaces. Visit us at:

website future The website is a good place to show the world what an interesting and unique place St Margarets House is, to share our progress on the development of the buildings and to sustain links with the community. We plan to continue our expansion of the social networking sites and use them to promote upcoming events at the Create Place, Cafe, Ayoka and home at St Margarets. To do this successfully we need some funding support to employ a development manager to work with our interns and volunteers to move this forward and ensure our continued success. email: 21 Old Ford Road Bethnal Green London E2 9PL Phone: 020 8980 2092 Fax: 020 8983 7028

registered charity number: 20074892/445

St. Margaret's House Annual Review 2011  
St. Margaret's House Annual Review 2011