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Introduction From the Chair of Trustees St Margaret’s House caters for all sections of the community. Our primary aim is to help to meet the needs of local people by working in partnership with others to provide and support a wide range of social, educational, welfare and leisure activities. This review gives a sense of some of the work we do. This has been another very busy twelve months for St Margaret’s House, with achievements top-to-toe. I am particularly interested in the services offered by Quaker Social Action (QSA), now brought together under one roof at our newly restored & renovated house, number 17 Old Ford Road. Made of Money, Homelink and Knees Up are all QSA projects helping local people on low incomes. The Open Space, our new Neighbourhood Resource Centre, is filled with activities every day of the week. This is an important new community initiative and offers a host of new opportunities for local people. I am very pleased to see the development of our intern’s project. Many of the current Friends of St Margaret’s came here as student residents, undertaking social welfare work before the change of emphasis in the 1990s leading to the wide range of charitable activaties now to be found. St Margaret’s is a beacon of light in Bethnal Green and amply reflects the diversity of communities in Tower Hamlets. This Annual Report gives a fuller account of all that is offered above. As always I offer my sincerest thanks to our excellent staff team, to my fellow staff members and to all friends of St Margaret’s House.



Chairman: Mrs L. M. Ransom Hon.Secretary: Miss B. J. Perrott Hon.Treasurer: Dr. J. Livingstone Fr A. Green Mr. N Leickfeldt Mrs. T. Shiyanbola Mrs. R. Ismail Chaplain: Fr B.Ralph

Dr J. S. Livingstone Mr D. Ransom EMPLOYEES Director: Tony Hardie Facilities Manager: Ross Wilson. Community Development : Siobhan Watts & Zoe Tullett Administrator: Dawn Bigsby Maintenance: David Maltby Cleaners: Sheila Winkle & Avril Fregiste

GALLERY CAFE Manager: Stephen Heppell Chef: Vlad Zilkay Chef: Pawel Niedziela Staff: Oliver Knowles Miki Gallasch Camilla Bracewell Droota Mulczynska Felix Holt Gregory Lewis

SMH—Registered Charity no: 20074892/445 If you would like to become a friend of St Margarets House then visit our website at: Or email phone (020) 8980 2092, fax (020) 8983 7028, write or drop into 21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PL.

Director’s Report Generally we try to do as much as we can for as many people in as many ways as possible. This means being responsive to change, open-minded and optimistic. St Margaret’s is a little charity in Bethnal Green but I honestly can’t think of anywhere more multi-cultural and multi-ethnic in as many and as varied ways as you will find here. We support Bilan, London’s only dedicated Somali shop; the BPCA , a Bangladeshi multidisability day-centre; Ikosi ,the African Women’s Welfare Association; Quaker Social Action; The Tower Hamlets University of the 3rd Age; The Kipper and Providence Row Homeless Projects; The U-Turn Centre for Vulnerable Women; Tower Hamlets Friends and Neighbours; Tower Hamlets Activity in Retirement Centre; Globe Bengali Mohila Samity; Urban Youth; The Tower Hamlets Somali Association Network; the Wynead Clayton

“being responsive to change, openminded and optimistic” Volunteers Association; the Action Reconciliation Service for Peace; and twelve other voluntary and community groups. We have two community halls, a community resource centre, a number of meeting rooms and a vibrant vegan & vegetarian cafe. This year we have undertaken a range of restoration and development building works throughout the settlement, including the complete renovation of our community halls (funded by the BPCA), a major loft conversion project, the landscaping of our garden and the establishment of our new Community Resource Centre – The Open Space.

The Resource Centre, staffed by our development workers and interns project, is home to the U3A, the Activity in Retirement Centre, and a range of arts and crafts projects and neighbourhood groups. The whole settlement has opened up to new and exciting activities in spaces both new and old. Our cafe, now open seven days a week, has evening events such as music & comedy nights, knitting, sewing and mending evenings, clothing swaps and local fundraising events.

St Margaret’s House has gone from strength to strength. Obviously this is what I am supposed to say and I have no intention of disappointing you. Mark Rothko said that if you don’t continue to make things better they don’t simply stay the same, they get worse. We are totally committed to making things better. I am delighted to report that, building on the achievements of the past, we look forward with a clear vision to a successful future.

Facilities Report The past year has been one of great transformation and investment at St Margaret’s House. All throughout the settlement we have seen a wealth of changes, from a complete refurbishment of our Mulberry Halls providing a dedicated space for the Bangladeshi Parents & Carers Association, to the implementation of longer opening hours and a weekly entertainment programme at The Gallery Cafe, our vegan/vegetarian community cafe. Those of you who celebrated with us at our annual Summer fete would have seen that the St Margaret’s House garden has been entirely re-landscaped. This has enabled us to use the area for several arts and music events throughout the Summer and Autumn.

At the beginning of 2009, we considered that the time was right to offer a permanent home to our burgeoning University of the Third Age programme. St Margaret’s House Open Space now proudly sits at the back of the Settlement and houses our Community Resource Centre. We have an intern initiative, our activity in retirement centre, clothing swaps, sewing classes and an ever expanding schedule of U3A classes. Keep your eye out for our monthly events leaflets available in the Gallery Cafe or from the main office or sign up to our mailing list for regular updates.

Two doors to the left of the main building sits No 17, it is the settlement’s largest space and over the course of 2009 we have undertaken major renovation of the premises. Works include: provision of extra facilities, restoration of its period features and a substantial loft conversion to give an additional large office. I’m delighted to report that Quaker Social Action moved into number 17 in August and recently had Terry Waite CBE speak at the official opening of their new home.

“Keep your eye out for our monthly events leaflets, available in the cafe or main office”

The work doesn’t stop there, we have planning permission for a new-build community resource and neighbourhood centre, with additional office and training space for voluntary and community groups. We are concerned that this development must be sustainable in the long term and in the next year we will be launching our Bethnal Green Community Conversation. This focus of this initiative is to invite comments and contributions from the neighbourhood and wider community. Fundraising for the new -build project is underway and we hope to start work in earnest 2010. Watch this space...

Message from the Mayor I am very proud to be the first Somali to be appointed Mayor in Britain, my appointment is an achievement for the whole community. It has put Tower Hamlets on the map as being one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world, a place that invests in its people to help them make their dreams become realities. My dreams of becoming a community leader were planted in me by my father, a merchantseaman, who came to the UK from Somali in the late 1930s. My father urged me to get involved in public life. I started work in the voluntary sector as a youth worker and later helped establish the London Somali Youth Club. The 1990s saw an influx of Somali people fleeing civil war and arriving in the UK, particularly Tower Hamlets. This gave me a great passion for those newly arriving in the community. To be part of all this in a unique and well respected borough is astounding. Local organisations such as St Margaret’s House have been instrumental through the years in welcoming and helping to settle strangers into the borough. St Margaret’s is an incredible organisation and one of the oldest settlements which has helped Eastenders.

“St Margarets House is one of my Charities of the Year...” St Margaret’s and the Bangladeshi Parents & Carers Association, based at the settlement, are my Charities of the Year. I visited the group when I was Deputy Mayor. They gave me a welcome which I will never forget, they moved me. I chose them from the bottom of my heart without any recommendation. Now it is my turn to inspire other individuals which I hope will pave the way for others throughout our communities to become leaders.

Gallery Café My name is Stephen Heppell and I work in the Gallery Cafe. I did work here before about four years ago and I'm delighted to be back as manager. It's great to see many of the same faces and lots of new ones! The cafe still offers delicious vegan and vegetarian food and drink in a relaxed, attractive and friendly setting but is now also holding a variety of events and is open seven days a week. It's great to work somewhere where values of community are valued. I hope to be a part of making the cafe an even better place to come while retaining it as a hub in the surrounding area. Opening Hours:

The Gallery Café takes part in Time Out’s First Thursdays. On the first Thursday of every month it opens its doors late for a chance to see amazing art, culture and events after hours.

We plan to continue displaying artworks in the café, encouraging local talent as well as hosting a great range of different artists, and taking part in the First Thursdays scheme. As well as our own music nights we have hosted events held by HungaMunga, Fence Records and Secret Showcase presents. These were all really

successful nights and we hope they will have contributed to awareness of the café as a place to meet and as a venue. We also host Clothing Swops in the Open Space on the first Thursday of the month. These were introduced by an American volunteer and although the first two were very successful the third was less so as the events team were already very busy. We have handed the clothes swop over to a lady who runs a successful small business holding swops and hope to both support her venture and increase awareness of our presence.

Mon- Fri 9am– 8pm (open till 9pm on first Thursday of each month open until late on Music Nights) Saturday 10am– 6pm Sunday 11am– 6pm

October saw the launch of our monthly comedy night hosted by Giacinto Palmieri. The Café continues to be a popular arts venue, and also displays visual arts. Our popularity as an exhibition space has been confirmed as we have shows fully booked for the next 13 months.

News Since gaining our drinks and entertainments licence the café has become available for hire, and has been increasingly hosting events. In September, we hosted the HungaMunga music and art festival, in partnership with the Bethnal Green

Working Men’s club. We also hosted the People’s History of the East End Event. We continue to run our own events: First Thursdays and Free Fridays where we offer Live Music and Open Mic sessions. We plan to continue to do so, following up their success in the coming year.

Every Friday the Gallery Café hosts ‘FREE FRIDAYS’. These nights offer free live music and open mic session aiming to celebrate creativity! These are normally bands, musicians and singers but we have also had poetry recitals and dancing. To facilitate more of events we have acquired a permanent drinks and entertainment licence.

We are open to ideas and encourage people to take part; we hope, through these nights to fulfil our aims to both foster creativity and be an active part of the local community.

Veganism, the natural extension of vegetarianism, is an integral part of a cruelty-free lifestyle...


After the success of our evening openings we plan to continue hosting such events and increase the number of events we hold. We want to encourage creativity in the area: art, poetry, music, dance… you name it!

We plan to continue Free Fridays and First Thursdays and hope to host more events like them. We are also looking to make new partnerships and become a real community hub in the area.

We have very much enjoyed being involved with all the summer festivals particularly Hungamunga and other local events and hope to continue to be involved in community events and projects.

Quaker Social Action We are an independent charity, governed by Quakers, but open to all. There is no religious element to our work, but our commitment to address social exclusion arises from Quaker principles of justice, simplicity, truth and peace. Our vision is a just world where people are put people first. Community is at the heart of what we do and we believe that what connects people is greater than what divides them. East London has famously provided a home for generations of immigrants and we are proud to work within such an exciting and unique community. Staff, trustees, volunteers, supporters and friends of QSA gathered together on 15th October to celebrate our move to the new premises. We were very pleased to welcome Terry Waite, humanitarian, hostage negotiator and recent Quaker, who spoke movingly of the difficulties which face those caught in the traps of social and financial exclusion. "I commend Quaker Social Action for the integrated work that they do, which is now made more possible by being under one roof", said Terry. "You could not support a more creative and better project."

‘You could not support a more creative and better project’ After much moving around of boxes and plugging in of wires, we've finally settled into our new building. Made of Money, Street Cred STEP, Homelink and Knees Up are now sharing a space with our finance, fundraising, quality and engagement and communications teams. The building, which is rented from St Margaret's House Settlement, is a beautiful space and allows us to share resources and ideas more efficiently. Our Street Cred project last



week celebrated 10 years of

through Street Cred, as well

providing business support

as marking a new era for

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the project. In the next three

women wanting to start their

months Street Cred will be

own businesses. The event

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the women it works with.


‘The people with whom we work are agents of change, not objects of charity.’

Plans for the Future St Margaret’s House Settlement was established in Bethnal Green in 1889. Currently it provides accommodation for more than 30 voluntary and community groups, supporting a wide range of needs. The proposed Neighbourhood Resource Centre would be built approximately on the ‘footprint’ of two existing buildings to the rear of the settlement. The new centre, on three stories, would serve local and wider communities in many ways including:  The ground floor will offer drop-in day-care facilities and flexible community space, as well as a home to our Community Development & Interns Project, and The Tower Hamlets University of the Third Age.

‘The new building would provide more space for community projects’ 


The first floor will provide training space for local voluntary, community and statutory groups. The top floor (and across to the adjoining building 15 Old Ford Road) will provide much needed office accommodation for voluntary and community groups.

As well as improving facilities at St Margarets, the new development will greatly enhance the appearance from in the grounds of the House. This project has planning permission and costings. Construction work would cost approximately £1.75 million. Fundraising is underway. St Margarets House is looking for support from all quarters of the community. The plans for this proposal can be found on our website. We are asking for constructive criticism of any kind, particularly with respect to green issues. Let us know what you think...

Tower Hamlets U3A The U3A Tower Hamlets have had a fantastic year. Our membership has expanded and we have plenty of new classes to get stuck into. Our Book Club has become involved with an academic research project in conjunction with Brunel University and we received funding from the council for yoga equipment, local history resources and a music system. This year we founded our own steering committee and are becoming increasingly independent. However, we greatly appreciate the administrative support and accommodation offered by St Margaret’s House who have been incredibly generous with staff, time and space. Thanks to everyone who has led and attended classes. We hope to continue to go from strength to strength in the coming year.

“I really enjoy the variety of the U3A”

Monday: Tai-Chi - Dawn Bigsby 12-1pm Classical Music - 1-2pm Philosophy—Sue Gratwick 2-3pm Tuesday: Somali Arts & Crafts - Rakhia Ismail 10-11.30am Gardeners World - Tony Hardie 1112pm Wednesday: Local History - 11-12pm Bollywood Dance—Mansu Ghandi 1-2pm Bingo! – Thursday: Jazz Appreciation Peter Sellars 10.30-12pm Book Club - Sue Ibrahim 1-

“WE ARE IN A STRONG POSITION TO REFLECT ON CHANGING SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC ATTITUDES” The Tower Hamlets U3A reading group has been temporarily hijacked by Brunel University and Mass Observation to take part in a joint project concerning how the ageing process is reflected in contemporary fiction. Currently, we are working our way through the second of ten books by wellknown writers, such as David Lodge, Jim Crace and Hanif Kureshi. During our discussions, we consider the various depictions of old

age, how truthful we find them, how they resonate with our own experiences, as well as the wider political and social situation.

Friday: Acoustic Guitar - Ross Wilson 11-12pm Digital Photography -


tin Wadman - 1-2pm.

Our reward for all this hard work will be to meet some of the clebrated writers whose books form the basis of our studies.

As third-agers, we are able to bring to the discussions our own experience of ageing and of the elderly people we have cared for over the years. We are also in a strong position to reflect on changing social and economic attitudes, being less locked in the current situation than younger people are.

Message from a U3A Member I really enjoy the contact with other artists through U3A and the classes have taught me a great deal. My goal is to improve my art. I can spend time with many friends I have met here, overall it’s the support that I have had from St Margaret’s that I am most grateful for.

U-Turn U-Turn Dorset Break We took a group of women to the sunny coast of Dorset for a week and a good time was had by all. It was a brilliant break for everyone particularly since some of the women had never been on a holiday.

Who We Are…. U-Turn is a project which was set up in Tower Hamlets to help the most vulnerable women in the area. What We Do… We have a drop-in centre that feels like home, a safe space where you can relax, watch TV, cook a meal, take a shower, or have a chat with our friendly staff, we have a counsellor and various projects throughout the year. Our centre is for all vulnerable women who may be housed, living in a hostel or sleeping on someone’s floor and may need help with housing, benefits, drugs/alcohol addiction, domestic violence or isolation. We also have laundry and shower facilities, plus a change of clothes. We encourage the women to cook their own food which is provided free of charge, and drink as much tea and coffee as they want. On Wednesdays staff cook lunch for everyone, and all are welcome.

“Helping Vulnerable Women in East London”

“It was the most fantastic break we had from London in such a long time. After suffering in the squat, not knowing when someone is going to kick off, and the boredom of being stuck in limbo in London. I said to myself even if it rains everyday I will be so happy. It only rained one of the days I think. We had a fantastic time taking walks along cliffs, sitting on the beach, having a barbecue and a fantastic roast dinner cooked by the caretaker.” Sharon

“IT WAS THE MOST FANTASTIC BREAK ...AFTER SUFFERING IN THE SQUAT NOT KNOWING WHEN SOMETHING WOULD KICK OFF!” “Ocean waves, pebble and sandy beach, the hotel within reach. Beautiful blue sky, how lucky am I. Relaxation and having fun the days flew by all of a sudden. We laughed and sang filled with excitement from the day we began. Lying on the beach feeling the heat, a well needed and appreciated treat.” Stella

Going Green In last year’s Annual Report, St Margaret’s House published it’s green manifesto. We were determined to make positive changes to the way we operate, not just a shift in attitudes but an implementing of practical solutions. We set out to become Green Achievers! In truth, 2009 has seen massive changes in the way that we work at St Margaret’s House, changes far greater than we had anticipated a year ago. Swept up in the growing national movement to put the issue of climate change at the top of the agenda, we have found ourselves becoming more involved with many local and national initiatives focused on the defining issue of our times.

Green Achievers I’m proud to announce that St Margaret’s House has recently signed up to the 10:10 campaign, pledging to reduce our carbon emissions by at least 10% by the end of 2010. The last year has also seen us working with other organisations like the Carbon Trust and Every Action Counts, seeking advice on what to do and how to do it. Our Mulberry Rooms have

recently been renovated and the boiler and heating systems replaced with the recommended energy saving alternatives and the ceiling has been lowered for extra efficiency. Also, No 17 has just been the subject of a loft conversion and all materials were chosen in accordance with our green agenda and in-line with expert advice. We have recently added bicycle racks at the back of the Settle-

ment so users can lock their bikes securely. Fundraising is underway for an expansion of St Margaret’s House Settlement. We plan to start work in earnest in 2010 and the new-build gives us an exciting opportunity to look with fresh eyes at what we want our community buildings to deliver.

Vegan & Vegetarian diet cuts carbon footprints! In the new year we will launch the Bethnal Green Community Consultation. We plan to host workshops and local discussion groups, to start a neighbourhood conversation about how we can make the development of St Margaret’s House as eco-conscious as possible and deliver tailored neighbourhood solutions. Please sign up to our mailing list to be notified when the workshops start, I encourage everyone to get involved. Also, you can receive handy tips on energy saving from the new section on our website.

Internship Programme Siobham Watts - Intern 2009/ Events Manager Siobhan Watts I am responsible for organising and promoting the events at St Margarets House and The Gallery Cafe, as well as building the profile of the cafe as an music and arts hub for the community. In the last six months we have been developing a brand new programme of community and arts events at St Margarets House and The Gallery Cafe. We now run a number of regular events, such as our weekly open mic and songwriters showcase,

free live music every Friday, and monthly clothing swaps. We are also delighted to have a number of other promoters host their events with us. Mrs Bears host a monthly World War II themed Make Do & Mend evening, as well as fortnightly sewing classes. Up and coming Shoreditch promoters The Secret Showcase Presents run a monthly live music night, and the arts collective Hunga Munga host their yearly festival at the cafe, with future plans to launch

a monthly arts and music event with us. We have many more exciting events planned for the New Year and are continually looking to improve and develop our provisions for the arts in the community.

Zoe Tullett Intern/ Development Officer This year we have begun developing our new resource centre, the Open Space. This is a really great ongoing project and has begun with the introduction of a new ICT suite, towards which the Worshipful Company of Butchers made a donation of £400. Our new training room in the Open Space has proved popular and is used by a number of groups regularly. We have strengthened our ties with the U3A and continue to support their work, particularly through the Open Space where they are now based. The new year will see a fundraising drive towards the further development of the Open Space as we have ambitious plans for it, made in consultation with our users. We have also looked into improving the cafÊ’s carbon footprint and use of Fair Trade products and hope to make practical use of this work.

Website News Our Website is now up and running. Browse to find the latest news and events. It is updated weekly to provide current information about The Gallery Cafe, St Margaret’s facilities, with a dedicated section to the U3A—that has updated classes and times. The website also has social and historical information about St Margaret’s Settlement and the diverse local area.

Visit: There are many benefits to making St. Margaret’s House Settlement your home:  A two minute walk from Bethnal Green tube on the central line so it's quick and easy to get into central London  At the hub of a community and neighbours with several other community organisations  A friendly cafe on the premises  Grade 2 listed Georgian building with real character  Just across form the well-kept museum gardens  We offer very reasonable rent

Contact Us St. Maragaret's House Settlement 21 Old Ford Road Bethnal Green E2 9PL Tel: 020 8980 2092 Email: Fax: 8981

020 9944

We currently have a seperate property with 6 large offices and a listed exterior and interior. Whether you are a large operation or a one-man-band, we may well have the office space to suit you. We also have space to rent for one off events, conferences and meetings, for which we can also offer catering, and ongoing events like drop in classes for community groups.

Administrator’s Report

The Aims of St Margaret’s House St Margaret’s House Settlement has a long tradition of working with the people of Bethnal Green and the wider community. Our main aim is to engage with and empower local groups and individuals by the provision of facilities and services. St Margaret’s House aims to: provide a wide range of social welfare initiatives and services to serve and enable the local community. provide accommodation, encouragement and support for likeminded charitable organisations. provide practical support and opportunity for community networking and development. provide equality of access and opportunity. help people to work together in playing a more active part within their community.

Working at St Margaret’s House, as I have been for the past 4 years, is always interesting. When I reflect on the year, there have been many changes – new groups using the facilities, whether as tenants or visitors, new and developing projects (the U3A, the charity shops and the Resource Centre) and, of course, all of the innovative activity in our community café, to name but a few. The striking feature of the year, as indeed every year I’ve worked here, is the amount of change. I suspect that this is a feature of most community organisations. We are here to serve. Of course, the main feature of our landscape here in East London is the constantly changing demographic. The East End has always been home to many cultures and the fortunes of those that live here are often less than privileged. Whilst huge sums of money are being exchanged in the development of the 2012 Olympics, the lives of the local residents remain much the same. And so St Margaret’s House continues to serve. The need for affordable facilities is as great as ever, and we pride ourselves on offering equal access to all. You will see in this Annual Report the great diversity of people and groups with whom we work. A flexible approach is essential and, as I am always told by my boss, unless there is a good reason to say no, then say yes! However, it is important to provide not just services, but good quality services. Given the amount of variability in day to day events here it is important to stay focused and our trustees have voted unanimously to introduce formal quality assurance standards. So, as the year draws to a close, that’s what I have been doing! The PQASSO standard involves taking a hard look at how we operate and ensures that the interests of all those involved at St Margarets House are reflected in our plans. In particular, it ensures that our users come first. St Margarets House is looking forward to serving the local community – better than ever!

St Margaret’s User Groups User Groups based at St Margaret’s House ACTION RECONCILATION SERVICE FOR PEACE is a voluntary organisation founded in Germany in 1958 by Christians seeking to confront the era of National Socialism in German history. The mission of ARSP is to volunteer in countries affected by World War II and to work with the peoples who suffered during the Nazi regime. ARSP’s mission is accomplished through a long-term and a short-term volunteer programme. The programme comprises about 300 youths each year, who volunteer for two or three weeks in summer work camps, at memorial sites, and in social service programmes. Tel: 020 8880 7526 Email: THE AFRICAN WOMEN’S WELFARE ASSOCIATION is an advice and information centre for people living with Sickle-cell and Thalassaemia conditions and their carers. Its objective is to raise the level of awareness of Sickle-cell and Thalassaemia in the community and amongst professionals, while simultaneously promoting self-help amongst sufferers and their carers. In 2001, the AWWA took over the premises at 23 Old Ford Road and now have a “Charity Shop” which caters to those who are in need and training opportunities for individuals looking for work experience. Tel: 07908495279 Email: BACK TO BASICS SOMALI ART REFUGEE ORGANISATION is a London wide based organization established in 1998 in response to children’s and adults’ art workshops and individual consultation with Somali mothers on the needs of Somali youth and women in London. Back to Basics aims to provide for the Somali women, mothers and youth who are at a disadvantage, with a planned programme of Arts and Crafts that will allow them to tackle issues of social exclusion and educational needs and also will allow them to be more involved in more activities within their communities. Tel: 020 8981 6312 Email: BANGLADESHI PARENTS AND CARERS ASSOCIATION There are a growing number of Bangladeshi young people with disabilities that need advice, support, information and advocacy support due to lack of knowledge and awareness. Often the language barrier results in loss of benefits, entitlements, access and opportunities to services and provisions offered by the statutory, private and voluntary sector. BPCA will continue to actively work to raise awareness of the rights and entitlements of disabled Bangladeshi people in Tower Hamlets and are able to help them play a full role in society as equal citizens. Bangladeshi children and young people with learning disabilities still find themselves amongst the most marginalised groups of people in the community. As a result both young and older people with physical disabilities and learning disabilities are often socially and financially impoverished, vulnerable and living in, but rarely part of, the community. Only a small number of young people with learning disabilities have been able to access some form of supported employment and the number is even smaller from those of ethnic minority backgrounds. Tel: 020 8880 7036 Email: THE BRITISH STAMMERING ASSOCIATION is the largest organisation of its type in the world. As the UK's gateway to information about stammering and the help available for it, BSA responds to more than 3000 enquiries from the public each year. It provides specialist resources for parents, health professionals, teachers, employers and people who stammer. There is a specialist directory of speech and language therapy services, contacts for self-help groups and posters and other promotional materials available. These are complemented by an extensive mail order service of books, tapes and videos. BSA has strong community links throughout the UK with more than 1600 members. Tel: 020 8983 1003 Email: CELESTIAL CHURCH The Celestial Church is an African church founded in Nigeria in 1947. Everyone is welcome for health, healing and empowerment. Come one and come all. We are open some evenings and during the weekend at St Margarets House. Tel: 020 8981-9603 Email:

CONTINYOU is an exciting new community learning charity which was formed by the merger of CEDC (the Community Education Development Centre established in outwardbound holidays, parachuting, trips to theme parks and picnics. The Kipper Project runs weekly group-work sessions at St Margarets House for young people who have recently moved on from 1980 and based in Coventry) and Education Extra (based at St Margarets House since 1995). Through innovative learning programmes the charity aims to build strong healthy communities, supportive families and confident individuals. ContinYou provides a range of exciting programmes that encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to take an interest in learning. Tel: 020 8709 9900 Email: Website: EAST END FOCUS A partnership project between the Kipper Project and Providence Row Housing Association that provides outreach housing advice and resettlement support to vulnerable young people aged between 16-25, in the boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Newham and Waltham Forest. East End Focus is a response to identified needs and gaps within existing systems; the service users have the benefit of the expertise and networks of two well-established organisations. Tel: 020 8709 9890 Email: ENGLISH SECONDARY STUDENTS ASSOCIATION An organisation run by and for young people aged 11-19. It enables them to gain the skills and confidence they need to speak out about educational issues and make a positive contribution to the educational services affecting them. Tel: 020 8981 5104 Email: THE ETHNOGRAPHIC AUDIO-VISUAL ARCHIVE Founded in 1990 and registered as a UK charity in September 1992. EAVA has evolved over the years becoming a development support communications organisation, transferring computer and audio visual skills with appropriate technology to community groups, schools and aid agencies. They are working mainly in the fields of health and education while also recording elements of traditional culture. GLOBE BENGALI MOHILA SAMITY This group is a Resource Centre where Bengali women can meet on an informal basis, enjoying educational, recreational and leisure activities such as learning English and Mother Tongue Bengali, cultural orientation courses and social gatherings. Tel: 020 8983 3527 Email: INFORMATION WELFARE & LEGAL ADVISORY SERVICES Support and promote the welfare of ethnic minorities through contact and /or correspondence with DSS, Local Authorities, etc. Services include providing information/leaflets about local services, GPs, Health Care Centres and issues relating to debt; dealing with homelessness, housing nomination and referrals to Housing Associations; providing conciliation procedures in the event of marriage breakdown; assisting women who have suffered from domestic violence; providing a centre for counselling, training, literacy, numeracy, job search skills and interview techniques. INVOLVEMENT CONSORTIUM We are an umbrella organisation for Tower Hamlet’s voluntary, faith and community BME organisations funded by Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust (NHS). The Consortium arises from a commitment to dismantle the barriers to effective engagement between the BME and statutory sectors. Tel: 020 8880 7111 Email: KIPPER PROJECT Provides housing and support services for vulnerable young single people in East London. Kipper’s clients include young homeless people, Asian and Somali women fleeing domestic violence, young people leaving Local Authority Care, Asian women with mental health support needs, mothers with young babies and exoffenders. We house over fifty young people each year in a range of shared houses and self-contained flats. Our aim with all our clients is not just to provide them with housing for a year or two, but to empower them and help them develop their ability to live independently. Through charitable fundraising we are able to pay for the books and travel costs of all our young people who are studying and for such things as driving lessons, cloths for interviews and help with the costs of furnishing their flats when they move on from Kipper. We also organise activities such as om Kipper into independent accommodation. Tel: 020 8980 1401 Email: Website:

LIGHTHOUSE LITHUANIAN SCHOOL A group of Lithuanian children learning to read and write English as well as socialize in a happy atmosphere play group, alongside fun activities. LONSAS (The London Schools Arts Service) is an initiative which has emerged from a Working Group of key arts and education bodies set up in the spring of 2003. The Working Group explored the need for and potential format of a “one-stop-shop” approach to advising London schools and teachers on working with the arts and cultural sectors. OVER-EATERS ANON We get together every Wednesday evening at St Margarets House to discuss our daily issues and pass on helpful solutions to encourage each other and feel better. All are welcome. POSITIVE STEPS Positive Steps developed from two previous House initiatives (Homelink and Providence Row Project) supporting previously homeless and recently housed local people. The Project is a self-help group that aims to create an awareness of resettled people on low income and work together in seeking goals for a better future. Tel: 020 7916 4186 QUAKER SOCIAL ACTION Quaker Social Action was founded in 1867 as a philanthropic response to the appalling poverty in east London at the time. Now, 141 years later, our 5 innovative and clearly focused projects work to enable local people to tackle deep-rooted social, economic and environmental injustice. Email: Tel: 020 8983 9199 SECOND UNIVERSITY HOUSE TRUST The objective of this Trust is the relief of need, hardship and distress amongst the inhabitants of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. This Trust has been in existence since 1984 and has close links to the Repton Boys Club in Bethnal Green. Email: TAM TAM TALES TRUST Tam Tam Tales is an educational charity made up of performers, multi-media producers and theatreworkshop leaders who specialise in developing the language skills of the under-sevens, especially those who speak English as an alternative language. Since April 2002, they have been in action throughout East and North-East London, creating multi-language DVDs and VHSs for children, staging performances of folktales from around the world, running bi-lingual storytelling workshops for parents, providing INSET days and demonstration classes for schools, and recording stories in many languages for school use. Tel: 020 8981 4419 Email: TOWER HAMLETS FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS Since 1947 this voluntary organisation has been caring and supporting those older people who need help and support. They have a dedicated group of staff and a growing number of volunteers. Their aim is to befriend and help older people, very often frail and housebound, by regularly visiting them at home and carrying out the sorts of things a ‘good neighbour' would do - helping with filling up forms, doing simple odd jobs which need doing and going with the person to their GP or to a hospital appointment. They also provide outings in our mini-bus - these running from mid-May to mid-September each year. Tel: 020 8983 7979 Email: SOLDIERS', SAILORS' & AIRMEN'S FAMILIES ASSOCIATION - FORCES HELP SSAFA-FH provides welfare assistance for servicemen, ex-servicemen and their families. Tel: 020 7247 4184 Email: Website: SPITALFIELDS MARKET TRAINING INITIATIVE A Training for Employment Trust. The Trust came into being as the result of a substantial community planning gain specifically allocated for training to enable local people to take advantage of new job opportunities. The Trust works for and on behalf of a community. URBAN YOUTH Urban Youth is a youth community project working with young people aged 9 -19 who live in Tower Hamlets and the surrounding areas. Urban Youth provides positive activities both in 1-2-1 and group work settings. Tel: 07903 797 433 Email:

THE U-TURN PROJECT U-Turn works on the streets with women of all ages in Tower Hamlets and Newham. The project works with women who are homeless, drug users. A large percentage of the women have extreme health problems. Many are victims of domestic violence or have grown up in a family where they have witnessed domestic violence and become traumatised. They have very low self-worth and feel trapped and unable to make choices. Tel: 020 8983 1553 Email: WARSAME TRAINING Our objectives are; to promote the interests of Somali Community in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets enabling mutual support, advocacy at policy level and organisational capacity building. To encourage and develop Somali enterprises in East London. To encourage Somalis to actively participate in the Somali and wider community. Email: Tel: 020 8983-9770 WINANT CLAYTON VOLUNTEER ASSOCIATION WCVA was founded by the Reverend ‘Tubby’ Clayton. For over 50 years Winant Clayton has run a cross-cultural voluntary exchange programme between the UK and USA. Each summer they send a group of up to 20 volunteers to the East Coast of the USA to volunteer in local grass-roots community projects. Simultaneously, a group of Americans will travel here to undertake similar work. Tel: 020 8983 3934 Email: WISE OWLS Wise Owls was the first organisation to champion the needs of the over 45s in relation to online employment and job searching. We promote diversity to businesses throughout the capital and we are now a leading research organisation generating high-quality information for both employers and employees whilst always assisting older people who want to work get back into meaningful employment. Tel: 020 8983 9716 Email:

Special Thanks St Margaret’s House would like to thank the following organisations for their support: Connecting Communities London Borough of Tower Hamlets St Hugh’s College Oxford Second University House Trust

ST MARGARETS HOUSE SETTLEMENT Please visit our new website to keep up to date with latest news and events: email: 15 - 23 & 29 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PL Tel: 020 8980 2092 Fax: 020 8983 7028

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St. Margaret's House Annual Review 2009  
St. Margaret's House Annual Review 2009