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Annual Review 2013

Message from the Director, Tony Hardie St. Margaret’s House is a completely independent, self-sufficient charity established in 1889 to serve the local community in Bethnal Green, East London, in any worthwhile fashion.

Bethnal Green is well-known for having a very diverse and vibrant community and SMH is one of the most diverse and vibrant places in Bethnal Green.

This has meant a continual changing with the times. Currently, and for some years, SMH has been the home for a wide variety of voluntary and community organisations, many of whom pay a licence fee for their office accommodation. This income, and income from our vegetarian cafe and community shops, pays for our staff and our own community projects and events.

Our aim is to bring people together, to support worthy causes, to develop useful projects and to generally make things better and more interesting as best we can. We do all this with very good intentions and genuine success.

SMH is locally rooted in every way. All of our trustees live locally or have strong local links. Our supporters are from all walks of life and from a wide range of social and ethnic backgrounds.

SMH is an organisation that aims to empower individuals. It is committed to being a learning organisation in all aspects of its work. This means everything from developing the right structures, policies, and procedures, to supporting the personal and professional development of staff, volunteers, our community partners, supporters and the community at large.

The East End is famous for its everchanging demographic: Irish, Jewish, Bangladeshi, Somali, Eastern European and so on. Housing estates that were until recently a mix of the above now also enjoy a smattering of fashionable youth from the educated classes. Integrating these newest arrivals may be our hardest task to date. Every day brings a new challenge and the SMH staff team always rise to the challenge, from our core office team to our cooks and baristas; from our shop and project workers to our handyman and cleaners. Many thanks to them all, to our trustees, our interns, volunteers and all our supporters. We have great plans for the year to come. Any support you can muster will be very gratefully received. I hope you find this report of interest and it inspires you to lend a hand.

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St. Margaret’s House Who we are

New groups


St. Margaret’s House is a unique community charity providing space, opportunities, and arts events all under one roof. Based in Bethnal Green near the Museum of Childhood, we facilitate over fifty office and meeting spaces, including a large hall, resource centre, community shops, garden and cafe.

This year, we have welcomed a number of new and diverse groups: At the beginning of the year we were joined by Unfinished Histories, a project recording the history of British Alternative Theatre, 1968 - 88, through interviews and the collecting of archive material. In April we were reunited with Community for Refugees from Vietnam who were originally based here in 1983 and at that time ran a day centre in what is now The Gallery Cafe.

For the past few years we have offered two paid internship positions, one in Communications & Marketing and one in Graphic & Web Design. Those who have seen our posters and newsletters or have interacted with us on social media sites will be familiar with the work and achievements of our hard-working and innovative interns.

More than thirty voluntary and community organisations are based here at St. Margaret’s and countless more benefit from low-cost and free hire space. Each of these small organisations benefit our home borough of Tower Hamlets in their own way and meet a diverse range of needs for the local population. We also offer a volunteering scheme, a diverse programme of free and affordable events and free creative workshops for children and adults. Whatever your interests, there’s something here for everyone.

The organisation to most recently step under the SMH umbrella is Ashoka UK. The largest network of social entrepreneurs worldwide, Ashoka work with nearly 3,000 Ashoka Fellows in 70 countries, putting their system-changing ideas into practice on a global scale.

Although it is always sad to say goodbye, it is good to know that our interns leave having gained valuable skills, which will aid them to make the next step on the path to their chosen careers. Of course we also benefit and it’s always nice to have the fresh ideas and enthusiasm of a new recruit. Interns this year have gone on to work at a diverse range of places including the Serpentine Gallery, Nelly Duff gallery, and KPMG.

Internship testimonial


Looking forward

“Working as an intern at SMH has been an extremely rewarding experience, as well as being a fantastic stepping stone in my career progression. I’ve had the chance to work on an incredible assortment of events and projects, helping to raise awareness about St. Margaret’s House and the good work that it does. As well as being a great place to work and meet people from all walks of life, it’s a lovely place to socialise too with countless interesting things going on every month. From the Maggie’s Soapbox slide-show presentation night to experimental electronic music in the cafe I’ve thoroughly enjoyed attending a variety of events, all of which strive to unite the local community. It’s a great chance for anyone hoping to pursue a career within the charity or arts sector to gain experience within a first-rate independent organisation.” Poppy Cockburn, Communications & Marketing Intern, 2013

Over recent years we have worked to improve our eco credentials and 2013 has been no exception. Whether it’s encouraging re-use by selling and taking donations of second-hand items in Ayoka, minimising food wastage in the kitchen of The Gallery Cafe, or recycling whatever we can in our offices, we continue to find ways to shrink our carbon footprint.

We have a number of plans for the coming year. Something we have already started working towards is an updated website. With a focus on accessibility and ease of navigation, we are in the initial stages of design and look forward to unveiling the improved site next year.

Having carried out an eco-audit on our premises in 2011, expert consultants 3 Acorns came back to review our progress. The review shows that we have made some substantial improvements in our practices including a switch to 100% recycled paper; a 50% reduction in paper use in our office; a 56% reduction in water consumption across the settlement and a rise in our recycling rate from 18% to 40%.

Other new ventures include regular collections for the Tower Hamlets Foodbank. We plan to collect dry goods from our very own Gallery Cafe, as well as the organisations based at St. Margaret’s and local residents. The food collected will be donated to the Tower Hamlets Foodbank on a monthly basis for people living below the poverty line in the borough.

The Gallery Cafe Introduction

Food and drink

Suppliers and sustainability

Sandwiched between the tranquil SMH garden and the bustling Old Ford Road, The Gallery Cafe is a unique place to eat and relax. With a focus on community and sustainability, it offers its patrons a delicious selection of vegan and vegetarian food, an exciting programme of free and low-cost arts events and monthly art exhibitions from up-and-coming artists.

We have made lots of changes to The Gallery Cafe this year, as well as keeping the elements which bring customers back again and again. We have continued to provide high quality homemade vegetarian and vegan food, and have three daily changing specials.

We feel that, as a part of the community, it’s important to support other local businesses and have been concentrating on sourcing more local suppliers this year. Our bread is delivered by bicycle, and comes from a local artisan baker. Our tofu is made on Brick Lane; and, we have started stocking real ales that are brewed just a few minutes’ walk away. This year we have also moved to a new artisan coffee supplier, Allpress Coffee, whose beans are roasted fresh every day on Redchurch Street.

As one of the social enterprises run by St. Margaret’s House, all profit generated by The Gallery Cafe goes back into the charity. So by dining with us, our clientele have the opportunity to fund a valuable local resource and help support the community. Serving our user groups and the local population is at the core of everything we do and the cafe aims to raise consciousness of the many charities and community groups that are based in our buildings.

The kitchen team work hard to provide a range of tasty options such as delicious vegan cakes, curries and of course, our unique vegan pizzas. Our chefs come from all over the world; their melting pot of skills means we can always offer exciting new dishes. This year our front of house staff have had the opportunity to attend specialist training sessions on both coffee and wine.

In order to further improve ourselves ecologically-speaking we have switched to using organic milk and have also started to sell an ethically responsible brand of tea. In addition to this, we have substantially increased the amount of recycling we are doing. Our takeaway packaging is provided by London Biopackaging, who make recycled

and compostable food and drink containers. We feel that by offering such a varied and interesting vegan and vegetarian menu, we are raising awareness of an integral part of a cruelty-free and more eco-friendly lifestyle. Looking forward, we are currently in talks with local vegetable producers, with a view to improving our links with the community and further reducing our carbon footprint. We are continuing to work on our eco-credentials in general, with better solutions for waste, even more recycling and staff training. As always, we are open to suggestions from anyone who wants to get involved, so please do get in touch with your ideas. thegallerycafe@stmargaretshouse.


Future plans

In 2013 we have hosted some very successful music events and all-day festivals, bringing people from far and wide. We’ve had the opportunity to make a feature of our renowned curries alongside a healthy portion of laughter via the introduction of a monthly Scrumptious Comedy & Curry night. This year St. Margaret’s House was lucky enough to host Britain’s first ever vegan beer festival, the London Vegan Beerfest. This event saw a huge turnout, with the cafe providing a highly popular vegan BBQ.

The focus for the coming months is to really take advantage of the excellent seasonal produce that Britain has to offer, and to theme our specials accordingly. We can look forward to some hearty winter stews packed with wholesome root vegetables.

We are also proud to have this year achieved a five-star food hygiene rating with the whole team working hard to maintain the high standards of food, service and cleanliness. We are very pleased to have been featured in several publications this year, including ‘The Wellbeing Guide to London’ and the 7th edition of ‘Vegetarian London.’

For our staff, we are hoping to provide further training in customer service, food and beverages and to establish a set kitchen training programme. We are also currently looking at how we can best integrate and support volunteers in the cafe and hope to welcome some new faces soon. There are plans afoot to start offering private functions in other spaces around the St. Margaret’s House premises and we are excited to announce that next summer we are hoping to host our first wedding receptions.

Events About

2013 Overview

2013 Highlights

Our events are a crucial means of bringing more commerce to our enterprises, as well as joining the local and wider community together through the arts. With a varied programme including live music, exhibitions, film and spoken word, there truly is something for everyone.

Our Events Manager, Douglas Dare has worked hard for a second year to provide a varied events schedule. 2013 has seen a great boom in spoken word events with the venue now cited as ‘fast becoming the place for spoken word in East London’.

This year has seen a sold out acoustic music series in the chapel hosted by Indigo Earth, the introduction of brand new science-themed spoken word night, The Litmus Test, and the continuing growth of Scrumptious Comedy and Curry, to name but a few.

This year we’ve continued to put all our spaces to creative use with unamplified gigs, cinema screenings, poetry, art installations and performance art in the chapel and resource centre. We’ve hosted documentary screenings and gigs in the Mulberry Rooms and the garden accommodated the main stage at the first London Vegan Beer Festival.

We’re particularly proud to have hosted many charity fundraising events, where proceeds have gone to good causes such as Christian Aid Foundation, Emergency UK and The Sophie Lancaster Trust.

Our primary focus is to provide high quality events that are, in the most part, free and welcome to all the family. There is an average of around 20 events per month, which far exceeds the number offered by other local venues. Many events are monthly and some, such as Chapel Cinema, run every week. Events listings can be found on our blog (thegallerycafe.wordpress. com), in out monthly newsletters and on our outside board.

In order to maximise inclusivity, promoters are encouraged to offer free or low cost entry to their events. When hosting well-known musicians that require a higher entry fee we ask that Tower Hamlets residents receive a 50% discount.

Particular highlights include comedian /writer Robin Ince’s performance at The Litmus Test in January, Dixe Wills’ Tiny Islands book launch in May and the first London Vegan Beer Festival in July. The end of the year saw our friends ‘Folkroom Records’ return with another sold out Christmas Folk Extravaganza!

Future plans 2014 promises to be another jampacked year with many of our exciting events continuing in to the New Year. Early in the year we’ll be taking full advantage of the darker nights and begin film and documentary screenings in the cafe. As always, all our screenings will be free of charge. We plan to continue growing the regular nights and hope to work with promoters to bring a variety of content that further enriches the monthly programme. We are already looking forward to the summer, when we plan to host the second Vegan Beer Fest and, of course, host another great SMH annual garden party. We’re very excited to be making improvements to how we make our events information available. Currently our listings are on Facebook, Twitter, our Wordpress site and the current SMH site. We are now working

Selection of 2013 events on a new website that will incorporate a specially designed interactive calendar. The events page will display the coming seven days, with each date hyperlinking to further information. Users will also be given the opportunity to see what is coming further ahead by navigating the full annual calendar. We’re always looking to diversify our programme and to maximise our appeal and will be aiming to include a wider array of music genres in our 2014 programme. If you’ve wanted to put on an event, but never had the space or opportunity, then do get in touch and we’ll see if we can help your idea come to fruition. For our full events listings visit: whatson.

Folklore; Maggie’s Mic; Chapel Cinema; First Thursday; Eyes & Ears; Pancake Day; Feminist Spoken Word; Café Cinema; Anti-Slam; Live & Acoustic; Book Club; Indigo Wednesdays; Mide Unplugged; The Rosie Taylor Project; Scrumptious Comedy & Curry; The Litmus Test; Maggie’s Soapbox; Efterklang Film; Emergency UK Charity Fundraiser; Non Classical Workshop; War Matters Documentary; Creative Writing Night; St. Patrick’s Day; Apples & Snakes; Human Writes; Francesca Fabris Gig; Tabarnak!; Rainer Scheurenbrand Gig; Bitter Suite; Fallingham Fair Gig; Sunday Film Club; Bethnal Green Transitions; Twin Prop Plane; Upset The Rhythm Gig; Live & Acoustic; Resonance Live; Stephanie Phillips Poetry; Kevin Pearce Gig; Mary Erskine; Langdon Olgar; Music and Words; Tiny Islands Book Launch; 69 presents; Red Army Fiction; Ornamental Decay; Boishakhi Mela Festival.

Ayoka Who we are

Overview 2013

Future plans

Ayoka is a charity boutique based at number 23, just next door to St. Margaret’s House and continues to be a source of inexpensive and good quality clothing for the local community. We also promote free events, courses and activities available in the local area. Ayoka features work from up-and-coming local artists; the work is displayed for around three months and artists have even included a few St Margaret’s House volunteers.

Ayoka has gone from strength to strength this year and we are very proud of our successes. A number of our volunteers have celebrated oneyear anniversaries and the shop is always brimming with great quality clothing, vintage goods, music and more.

The popularity of Ayoka this year has gone through the roof and we are struggling to keep our stock topped up with donations. We are in the process of linking with local offices to increase the number of donations we receive. If you have some good quality clothes and household goods to donate or work in an office that might like to get involved, please get in touch by calling 020 3022 5612.

Ayoka would not function without the dedication and support of the volunteers. They are the reason we are able to open seven days a week and are a huge part of why the shop is so well loved by local residents. Our volunteers vary from pupils to the retired and come from all over the globe. In 2013 we have seen volunteers from Brazil to Italy, India to the USA, amongst plenty of Tower Hamlets residents as well.

We have established community links with a number of women’s groups in the area, including the Jagonari Centre and The Arbour. Currently two shifts per week are reserved to provide work experience placements for females attending ‘Women Empowered’ programmes. Around 50% of the women have continued volunteering beyond their placements and some have gone on to find employment. A number of shifts are reserved for volunteers with extra support needs. Supported by the Community Development Manager, they are able to carry out their volunteering tasks with independence.

The Create Place Who we are

2013 Overview

The Create Place is a space to start your own project to benefit your community. With its roots in arts and crafts, we have widened the range of activities to be more inclusive of the diverse needs of Bethnal Green residents. We provide a platform for a range of activities and work to enable our community partners to realise their own projects, workshops and events. As well as regular weekly classes, our timetable is peppered with exciting new ventures every month. We encourage people to ‘give it a go’ and make a positive contribution in Tower Hamlets.

Throughout the year The Create Place has offered a host of free activities to local residents, led by creative and talented volunteers. Every Monday morning we run a free craft drop-in session for adults; it is an opportunity to share expertise, learn how to sew, knit and make patchwork. Our free drop-in jewellery making and beading class on Thursday mornings is also proving popular. Globe Bengali Mohila Shamity have continued to run free ESOL classes for Bengali women and have plans to start a Bengali craft class soon.

The space is managed by the Community Development Manager and the activities offered are delivered by our talented volunteers. Workshops and classes are free of charge, donation based or very low cost in order to be as inclusive as possible.

The Create Place is used by a number of groups free of charge, who without the use of our space would struggle to continue. The University of the Third Age are one such example and have made The Create Place their home. Most of their groups, including Local History, Art History, Music, German, and Poetry are run from here. Another example is the East London Creative

Business Women’s Network, whose monthly meetings help women to grow their business ideas and make new contacts. We have a number of regular paying users who deserve a mention as they help to keep The Create Place bustling. Jessie Chorley runs ‘Altered Objects’ workshops, where up-scaling and giving new life to old objects ensures everyone leaves with something unique. ‘We Make Books’ is led by Lina and Manuel who teach participants all stages of the book-making process, from folding to stitching, spine lining to covering, their learners all leave the workshop with a beautiful, handmade hardback book. ‘Miss Millinery’ teaches her attendees how to make hats and headpieces at her bespoke parties. Finally, Nils Delman runs popular life drawing classes every Tuesday evening. Sessions are relaxed and beginners are always welcome.

2013 Highlights

Mental health issues

Future plans

Maggie’s Makers is our children’s arts and crafts club which runs after school and during the holiday periods. These clubs continue to be popular and much of that is down to the engaging and creative workshops thought up and run by Vicky Willmott, our children’s workshop leader.

‘Creating Wellbeing’ is a monthly workshop which supports people experiencing emotional struggles and common mental health problems to take part in holistic therapies and craft activities. The sessions are facilitated and are sometimes joined by a psychologist to guide discussion. Attendees are welcome to share their experiences, but can choose just to listen. This session is donationbased and run by a group of volunteers. ‘The Way I Make It’ is an introductory arts and craft workshop for people who have a sibling with mental health issues. It is an opportunity for adults to develop ways of using their creativity to deal with issues surrounding mental health problems in the family. The session provides a sharing space where people can discuss ideas and work on creative projects as a way of forming a resilience to deal with their sibling’s mental health issues. This session is free of charge and is run by Martha Orbach.

Spreading the word about what we do and the opportunities within The Create Place is vital to our success. Increasing the number of community partners and volunteers will only serve to improve and vary the projects we offer. We would like to extend the reach of Maggie’s Makers to other nearby primary schools and to create more opportunities for creative volunteers to get involved.

This year it has also been our pleasure to host The Phoenix Project, who have made our workshop their home. With a goal of increasing opportunities, self-advocacy and visibility for migrant women, the project is a rare but much-needed opportunity for the women to make friends, have time to talk, share, and be creative in a welcoming and safe place. The project is run by passionate and inspiring people. Some of the women attending the group have even gone on to become St. Margaret’s House volunteers.

Our free activities run alongside private hire and hen parties, which help to finance all the free and discounted space we offer. If you or someone you know is interested in leading a workshop or having a party at The Create Place then please do get in touch by e-mailing thecreateplace@stmargaretshouse. or calling 020 3022 5612.

Volunteering Volunteering at St. Margaret’s House

2013 Overview

2013 Highlights

Volunteers continue to be an integral part of some important achievements at St. Margaret’s House. That is, to engage and inspire both individuals and community groups to achieve their own goals. Occasionally volunteers have even gone on to become paid members of staff at St. Margaret’s House. We have volunteering opportunities to help run Ayoka charity boutique and in The Create Place our volunteers lead or assist in workshops from crafting and beading for adults to puppetry and printing for children. Our opportunities are flexible and volunteers can get involved for a one off workshop or once a week for years!

Our volunteering programme has received a lot of attention this year to ensure we are providing volunteers with the best opportunities possible. A standardised and fair method of screening volunteers is used, and a comprehensive and easy to read volunteer handbook has been created to support the induction process. Every new volunteer is given a tour of St. Margaret’s House, an induction from the Community Development Manager and on-thejob training. All those who have volunteered for no less than ten weeks are eligible for a reference.

In 2013 a high percentage of our volunteers who left, did so after finding employment. We are proud of our involvement in supporting these individuals to gain the confidence needed to go on and find paid work, particularly in such a sparse job market.

People volunteer for so many different reasons and as a result we take a personalised approach to the recruitment and on-going support of volunteers. Unusually, the purpose of many of our voluntary opportunities is primarily to give the individual a platform to achieve their own goals, as well as helping us engage with the community.

Five of our volunteers have celebrated one year volunteering anniversaries and many more are working towards it. The number of volunteers we have is at the highest that it’s been in a long time and our good volunteer retention is a positive indicator that volunteers find their time to be engaging and rewarding.

The programme has gone from strength to strength and is diverse in demographic in all aspects. We are always looking for more people to get involved; so, if you can spare some time or have an idea for a workshop or class please get in touch.

The free craft sessions run in The Create Place are volunteer led and have grown tremendously in popularity throughout the year. This is down to the unfaltering dedication, personality and energy of our volunteers, who are commended for their engagement of Tower Hamlets residents.

Volunteer treats


Future plans

We love nothing more than to say thank you to our volunteers for all their dedication and hard work. Every year we hold a Community Day in St Margaret’s House garden with food, music and stalls and volunteers are encouraged to bring their family and friends to share the day. We have held a number of trips throughout 2013, from a big trip to London Zoo to cupcake decorating in The Create Place and a garden tour at the Geffrye Museum.

We have worked hard this year to adapt our volunteering opportunities to be as inclusive as possible. Working together with a variety of support groups we are now able to offer volunteering opportunities to vulnerable women in an environment that fosters increased self-esteem and confidence.

A long-term goal for our volunteer programme is to open a ‘Bank of Volunteers’ that runs throughout St. Margaret’s House. This concept will allow any organisation residing in St. Margaret’s House to make use of our volunteers and will also give the volunteers a much broader opportunity of experience.

This year we have expanded the number of supported volunteering opportunities to individuals with extra support needs. Working alongside the Community Development Manager, our supported volunteers are encouraged to work independently and to take on responsibilities that challenge them and increase their confidence.

We currently are unable to provide (non-role related) training for volunteers. We do instead find free trainings and courses in the borough and inform our volunteers of these opportunities. One of our goals is to provide in-house professional training to assist volunteers achieve their potential and to provide extra knowledge and skills to push forward in their career or personal life.

In this annual review we would like to say a special thank you to all of our current volunteers, including Amanda, Brenda, Margriet, Vicky and Miranda in The Create Place. In Ayoka: Barbara, Shahina, Tessa, Georgie, Isabella, Carolina, Isabel, Drita, Hussein, Alexei, Nkoli, Annalea, Farhana, Nigel, Joe, Runom, Nusret, Peter, Richard, Linda, Athena, Nambi, Mariam, Lara, Laura and Fatima.

Feedback from volunteers calls for more flexible volunteering opportunities and this is something we have listened to.

If you can spare some time to get involved please get in touch by emailing or calling 020 3022 5612.

User Groups Action for Reconciliation Service for Peace are committed to working

Bodywise & Natural Health Centre

East End WI welcomes all women to

toward reconciliation and peace, as well as fighting racism, discrimination and social exclusion. 020 8880 7526

is a community focused, not-forprofit organisation dedicated to providing quality and affordable therapies and classes. 07584 664 762

share, learn and enjoy good company. 07796 1037780

Arboreal Architecture LTD. design

British Stammering Association

buildings to connect us to the natural world rather than separate us from it. They are one of only a handful of certified Passivhaus architects in the UK. 020 8980 5066

is the UK’s gateway to information about stammering and the help available for it. 020 8983 1003

Ashoka UK is the largest network

mediation and conflict resolution charity. 020 7702 8305

of social entrepreneurs worldwide, providing start-up financing and professional support services. 020 8980 9416

Ayoka is a fashion conscious charity shop, selling quality second hand and vintage clothing as well as books, records, and CDs. 020 8980 9734

Bangladeshi Parents & Carers’ Association (BPCA) provide day

Common Ground is a community

CRV East aims to educate, support and provide facilities for Vietnamese refugees currently living in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. 0207 538 4986

The Create Place host craft drop-

ins, after school clubs and provide low cost room hire for charities and community organisations. care and the provision of training, advice and assistance to the parents 0208 980 2092 thecreateplace and carers of disabled people. 020 8880 7036

English for Action provides free, community-based English courses for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) in London. 07789 006248

FDE Architects specialise in health buildings, office refurbishments, schools, libraries and housing. 020 8983 1400

Fresh Water Theatre Company is one of the most respected and established drama-in-education companies in the UK, delivering interactive and educational shows to schools, museums and libraries across the country. 0844 800 2870

The Gallery Cafe provide a vegan and vegetarian menu, low-cost and free events and monthly art exhibitions. 020 8980 2092 thegallerycafe

Globe Bengali Mohila Shamity

SPEAK is a network connecting

Unfinished Histories is a project

enable Bengali women to meet on an informal basis, enjoying educational, recreational and leisure activities. 020 8983 3527

together young adults and students to campaign and pray about issues of global injustice. 0208 981 9441

recording the history of British Alternative Theatre, 1968-88, through interviews and the collecting of archive material.

Tomorrow’s People run the Think

University of the Third Age (U3A):

Forward project, which builds stable relationships with young people in order to guide them towards education, training and employment. 020 3405 3360

is a place where over-fifties who are not in full-time employment can learn from each other’s interests, enthusiasm, experience and knowledge. 020 3659 5678

London City Steps recruit people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and then train and employ them as walking tour guides. 020 8980 5868

London City Psychotherapy is Eleanor Rockell; an experienced, qualified and registered therapist working to enable people to enhance their lives and to live more fully. londoncity-psychotherapy

The Monkey House is a multi-faceted design company specialising in publishing, editorial, events and exhibitions.

Quaker Social Action (QSA)‘s innovative and clearly focused projects work to enable local people to tackle deep-rooted social, economic and environmental injustice. 020 8983 5030

Reality Shift Counselling is Stephen Davy, an accredited counsellor and psychotherapist providing counselling for anxiety, depression and longer-term psychotherapy.

Tower Hamlets Council for Voluntary Service (THCVS) aims to enable

Why does my partner? is a self-help

voluntary, community, and faith organisations to develop a thriving voluntary sector in our borough. 020 3286 3630

support group for adults trying to understand the challenges of their autistic spectrum/non-spectrum relationship.

Tower Hamlets Friends and Neighbours provide a befriending

Winant Clayton Volunteers run a

service to elderly people who are isolated and vulnerable, many of whom are suffering from ill-health or dementia. 020 8983 7979

Tower Hamlets Wheelers encourage more people to cycle, taking action to improve conditions for cyclists and raising the profile of cycling in the East End. wheelers@towerhamletswheelers.

cross-cultural voluntary exchange programme between the UK and USA to undertake community work. 020 8983 3934

Winterland LTD. provide professional fashion and beauty photography services, as well as offering their services at affordable rates to some of the charities based here at St. Margaret’s House. 020 3222 6002

With Thanks Members of the council

Team leaders

Chairman Linda Ransom Hon Secretary Barbara Perrott Hon Treasurer Norbert Lieckfeldt Fr. Alan Green Theresa Shiyanbola Rakhia Ismail Fr. Brian Ralph Dr. John Livingstone Shamimara Chowdhury Custodial Trustees Dr. John Livingstone David Ransom

Scott Ellis Trystan Kent

Employees Director Tony Hardie Finance Manager Jose Gama Office Manager Rose Randles Community Coordinator Terri Calbraith Events Manager Douglas Dare Graphic Design Magda Thorburn Reuben Alghali Communications Rosanna Haas

Cafe staff Cafe Manager Lucinda Adongo Head Chef Naomi Bird


Simona Casadei Jonathan Finnigan Marta Zientek Jade Stokley Ayla Dhyani AJ Tear

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has volunteered for St. Margaret’s House over the past year, generously donating their time and enthusiasm to support us. Without their help, we would not be able to function as we do. If you would like to volunteer with us then please get in touch at

Senior staff

With special thanks to


Kate Porteous

Front of house Abigail Moss Jeremy Keegan

Kitchen porters Jack Naylor Tom Curtis

Maintenance Contractor Krzysztof Pieróg

Contact Us St. Margaret’s House Settlement 21 Old Ford Road Bethnal Green E2 9PL


Main Office 020 8980 2092 The Create Place 020 3022 5612 Ayoka 020 8980 9734

Email for general enquiries and room bookings for events proposals and enquiries for enquiries about The Create Place for volunteering opportunities in the cafe, shops or office

How to get to St. Margaret’s House 21 Old Ford Road, E2 9LP Train: - From Bethnal Green Underground (Central Line) take the Museum of Childhood exit. - Proceed along the Museum frontage to the first corner which is Old Ford Road. - Turn right into Old Ford Road and No 21 is on the other side of the road, just past York Hall Baths. Buses: 8 - 106 - 254 - 309 - 388 - D3 - D6 to Bethnal Green. Car: There is limited parking in Victoria Park Square, Approach Road and other surrounding roads.


V&A CHILDHOOD MUSEUM Email: 21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green London, E2 9PL Phone: 020 8980 2092

St. Margaret's House Annual Review 2013  
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