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April 28–May 13, 2018 w w w.showhouseindy.org 2018 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 301

Decorators’ Show House and Gardens

Welcome to the St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild’s 57th Annual Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. It is our pleasure to have you join us for a tour of a unique property in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood, built by the former head of the Diamond Chain Company. We hope that you will enjoy your experience today, as your visit continues the tradition of “The Country’s Longest-Running Show House Event.” The Guild members, designers, and landscapers spend months laying the groundwork for each show house. In early February, we take possession of the property, and the work begins. This year’s 24 designers and landscapers are putting their designs into action, transforming empty rooms into masterpieces and bare outside areas into lush gardens and open-air living spaces. While respecting the heritage and style of this historic residence, our designers look to designs and trends that will also accommodate a modern-day active family. As you tour the house and grounds, please follow along in this program. The areas are listed, numbered, and described in the order in which you will see them. There is helpful information on each page, including designer information, paint color names, and names of contractors used by the designer. We hope that you will find an area or two that inspires you to go home and give one of your own rooms a new look. Of course, you can always make an appointment with one of our designers! The Guild volunteers, our dedicated designers, and our landscape professionals make this springtime tradition possible. Willingly jumping into this effort are many loyal businesses, vendors, and contractors, as well as many others who offer special services. We encourage you to look at their advertisements and logos in this program. We hope that you will visit their places of business. Without their support, the Guild would not be able to carry out a project of this scope to benefit Eskenazi Health. St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild’s mission is to raise funds for the programs and services of Eskenazi Health. It is a Level I Trauma Center, and everyone in the community benefits from its organizational skills in the event of any public disaster. The men and women of Eskenazi offer superior heath care for all, regardless of ability to pay. We are proud to support Eskenazi Health and its contribution to the entire community. As you explore the beautifully decorated rooms, remember that many of the items are available for purchase. Each room has a price list of items for sale. Landscapers may also have plantings available for purchase. Contact individual designers and landscapers for your purchases. After your tour of the house and grounds, we invite you to visit our Show House Shops and to have lunch or a snack at Maggie’s Café. Thank you for attending the 57th Annual Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. We hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to making it your yearly tradition.

Sue Roper, General Chair; Deb Bellish Gibson, President; Michelle Hipskind, Decorator Chair

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St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild

Decorators’ Show House and Gardens

History of Contributions St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild has contributed over $12 million to Eskenazi Health since 1907 YEARS



Completely furnished two new Children’s Wards and funded 20 oil paintings and 33 canvas wall murals by renowned Indiana artists in the Children’s Wards



Established and maintained the Occupational Therapy Department (OTD) (in cooperation with the Indianapolis Foundation) for adults and children.



Established Mother’s Milk Station in a laboratory to pasteurize and freeze mothers’ milk for premature infants. Funded Occupational Therapy Department (OTD) and Children’s Wards.



Painted and refurnished the Children’s Wards. Provided operating expenses and equipment for the OTD and Children’s Wards.



Established the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department (PMRD) along with funding annual operating costs.



Provided funding for renovation and equipment to Isolation Ward, Nurses’ Station, and new Nurseries. Established OT Unit; provided equipment for new Psychiatric Ward.



Established the first complete Adult Burn Unit in Indiana, a joint project with the Indianapolis Fire Department. Funded renovations, operating costs, and equipment.



Renovated/refurnished the Pediatric Wing; renovated the Special Care and Newborn Nurseries; refurbished the Labor/Delivery Units; renovated Physical Therapy (PT) Department treatment areas. Provided funding and equipment.



Funded St. Margaret’s Diagnostic Breast Center; purchased a Mammography Unit. Provided a new Out-Patient Rehabilitation Center in the OT/PT Wing. Funded Women’s Healthcare Initiatives, Urgent Care Center and LDPR rooms. Created the Senior Care Program Rehabilitation Center.



Funded the St. Margaret’s Center for Breast Health; Developed and funded the EMBRACE program, an integrated support program for women facing cancer; Purchased a Mobile Mammography Unit; Established the Haven of Hope, a support system of Eskenazi’s Trauma Center and the Fairbanks Burn Center; Provided funding for equipment and therapeutic programs.



Supported Haven of Hope and Center for Hope with forensic medical supplies, “Protecting Our Children” materials, furniture, and camera equipment to document abuse and trauma. Provided for summer group therapy at Midtown Children’s Center. Purchased golf carts to facilitate transporting patients in the hospital and across campus. Underwrote childbirth classes focusing on areas with the highest infant mortality rate. Supported Healthy Me and Stop Taking on Pounds, built raised garden beds, provided emergency co-pay assistance and durable medical equipment to senior citizens. Funded Limestone Falls. Purchased an eight-vehicle fleet including two ADA-accessible vans for use by Eskenazi Midtown Mental Health. Provided support for the Sandra Eskenazi Center for Brain Care Innovation. Recognized for the Guild’s contributions with the St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild Outpatient Pharmacy. Pledged $750,000 to the new Center for Nursing Excellence at Eskenazi Health.


Total monies raised from 1907 to present (rounded)




Eskenazi Health Patient Testimonals

Shenell Sanders – EMBRACE Shenell Sanders was 21 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. She was diagnosed at another local hospital, but was told they could not do anything for her because she did not have health insurance. That’s when she found Dr. Lida Mina, a Hematologist/Oncologist at Eskenazi Health. “She is the absolute best,” Shenell asserts. “She took good care of me.” In addition to treating her, Dr. Mina also referred Shenell to EMBRACE. Since Shenell had to quit her job as a Home Health Aide, due to her undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, she needed help to get by. EMBRACE provided her with grocery gift cards, so she could keep up her strength; a cell phone to keep in touch with Dr. Mina; basic necessities, such as deodorant and lotion; and even paid some of her utility bills, so she did not have to worry about them. Shenell says that EMBRACE means the world to her. “I don’t call them often, but every time someone from EMBRACE sees me, they ask if there’s anything I need or anything they can do for me.” With the excellent care of Dr. Mina, and the resources and support provided by EMBRACE, Shenell went into remission. She lived cancer free for four years. In November of 2015, Shenell had been having trouble breathing and walking, and suddenly could not get out of bed one day. She talked to Dr. Mina, who ordered a CAT scan. They found tumors on her lungs, brain, and bones. She was given three months to live. As of September 2016, Shenell is enjoying her work at a local daycare. She finished radiation for her brain tumors and is still taking medication to keep the growth of the tumors at bay. She is extremely grateful for all of the support EMBRACE staff members have given her over the past six years. “When people first say you have cancer, the first thing you think of is death. Don’t get me wrong, I was devastated. But, now, I don’t even focus on the cancer and I just do what Dr. Mina says and I believe God is watching over me. I know EMBRACE is there if I need any help or anything. If I had one message to other people who find out they have cancer, it would be to stay strong because you will get through it.”


Eskenazi Health Patient Testimonals

Charlee Davis – NICU On June 3, 2016, Latrice Davis came to the Eskenazi Health OB Triage Center. She was 31 weeks pregnant and experiencing some discomfort, including vision problems in her right eye. Within a half an hour after arrival, Latrice was admitted to the hospital. She had extremely high blood pressure (215/125), protein in her urine and severe anemia. Over the next few hours, staff tried a variety of strategies and medications to lower her blood pressure. Unfortunately, nothing worked and both lives were in danger. Latrice underwent an emergency C-section at 12:21 p.m. Due to her severe anemia, she had to be under general anesthesia during the procedure, so she was unable to meet her daughter. In fact, she did not get to see her until 12:25a.m. when Latrice was deemed well enough to visit the NICU. Though Charlee Davis was only 2 pounds, 14 ounces and the smallest baby in the NICU, her mother knew she was a fighter. Latrice also knew that she was going to do everything she could to help her little girl thrive. In fact, despite her own five-day stay in the hospital undergoing test after test to try to figure out why her blood pressure was out of control, Latrice spent as much time as she could in the NICU. “The nurses would tell me ‘the problem is you. Your daughter is fine. You need your rest,’ Latrice recounted. “But, I wouldn’t leave. I would be at the NICU all day. The nurses even came there to bring me my medication here!” Latrice befriended the nurses. They would check on her, encouraging her to eat and take care of herself. “That was important,” Latrice explained “Because I kept forgetting about me. I was worrying so much about her.” Luckily, Latrice’s blood pressure and anemia were able to be controlled and she was released after five days. That did not stop her from staying by Charlee’s side. Latrice made sure to have skin-to-skin contact with Charlee every day, sometimes five hours at a time. She used a loaner breast pump to ensure Charlee had the milk she needed. Within a few days, Charlee was off of the ventilator, oxygen and ultraviolet lighting. She was receiving Latrice’s milk and donor milk, some through her feeding tube and, eventually, some through bottles. Everyone, but her mother, was amazed at how quickly Charlee progressed. “She was the smallest baby, but she progressed so fast. She was so alert and so feisty,” Latrice recalled. She would work her way out of any swaddling, freeing her hands to pull out her feeding tube from her nose. Sometimes she would pull it out three times a day. The nurses tried putting mittens on her hands, but they were too big. Eventually, Latrice noticed that Charlee was doing well with the feedings and convinced the nurses to let them try bottles one day. Charlee took the bottles all day the first time they tried. “I know what she’s capable of,” Latrice said. “I would say ‘I think she’s ready for this’ and the nurses would listen to me and were willing to try it.” Latrice was grateful for her involvement in the decision-making. Charlee became a bit of a celebrity around the NICU. Even the cleaning staff would stop by to check on “Miss Charlee.” With her mother visiting every day, providing skin-to-skin contact, a calming voice and lots of love, Charlee was able to leave the hospital after 35 days. At 16 weeks, Charlee is as strong as ever and weighs in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces.



Achievement in Medicine Award Generously sponsored by the Indiana Blood Center since 2006

The AIM Award,

given annually by St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild and sponsored by the Indiana Blood Center, honors a management-level member of the Eskenazi Health team who upholds the tradition of excellence in healthcare. These two innovative, creative, and dedicated recipients were selected among many exceptional nominees from Eskenazi Health.

amy carter, ma, rd, cd, cde Amy Carter coordinates a dynamic team of registered dietitians providing clinical nutrition services and programming at Eskenazi Health. Under her direction, the team develops and offers a wide range of programs, including nationally accredited diabetes programs, hypertension groups, a healthy market concept, along with cooking and nutrition classes for families using produce from the Sky Farm at Eskenazi Health. She is fortunate to partner with many local and national organizations to host innovative programs that make nutrition education meaningful and accessible for patients and frequently shares best practices in speaking events.

In 2017, Amy was named Indiana Diabetes Educator of the Year for her work with the Eskenazi Health Diabetes Education Program. Continuing to blend food and nutrition education, she developed the curriculum for the certified Dietary Management program at Ivy Tech Community College. Amy is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, holding a degree in dietetics from Marian University, a Spanish certificate from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, and a master’s degree in adult and community education from Ball State University. She lives with her incredibly supportive husband Jeff and daughters Jenna and Ava, who keep her free time full of youth sports, music, cooking and travel.

janine m. fogel, m.d., ccfp, abfm Janine M. Fogel is the medical director of the Eskenazi Health Transgender Health & Wellness Program, providing primary care services for adult transgender patients. Dr. Fogel is a leader in transgender health care, serving on the board of directors of OutCare Health Indiana, the state’s first health resource providing extensive information on LGBT health. She is also a member of the Indiana University School of Medicine LGBTQ Health Care Committee and the World Professional Association of Transgender Heath. A biology and psychology major at the University of Toronto, Dr. Fogel also received her medical degree from the University of Toronto School of Medicine. She completed the Family Medicine Residency Training Program Fellowship with the University of Toronto/Women’s College Hospital in Toronto. She has been on the faculty of Eskenazi Health since 1996. As a family medicine practitioner, Dr. Fogel learned about the health care needs of the LGBT population after visiting California several years ago. When she returned

to Indiana, she worked with Eskenazi Health leadership to open a transgender health and wellness program. The program’s staff includes a primary care physician, surgeon, licensed practical nurse (LPN), social worker, and patient coordinator. Dr. Fogel has spoken many times on the topic of transgender health and wellness. She has cited research by the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association that shows that LGBT patients often experience barriers to appropriate health care, due to their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Dr. Fogel has been board certified by the Canadian College of Family Physicians (CCFP) and American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), and has been professionally involved in a number of organizations, including the Ontario Medical Association and the Canadian College of Family Physicians. She supervises medical students and residents and has mentored pre-medical school students in her role with the Eskenazi Health Center Primary CareCenter of Excellence in Women’s Health. 2018 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 9



St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild: A Worthy Organization for a Worthy Cause

St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild are you interested in joining st. margaret’s hospital guild? St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild is a volunteer organization comprised of dedicated women who are committed to raising funds for programs and services of Eskenazi Health. For the past 57 years, this has been accomplished by hosting the annual Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. The proceeds support some of the neediest of our neighbors. A group of dynamic women serve on various Guild committees and participate in Decorators’ Show House and Gardens assignments. Members who work together develop lifelong friendships while raising funds for Eskenazi Health. For more information about membership, please email: decoratorshowhouseinfo@gmail. com or ask any host or hostess at the Show House or in Maggie’s Café. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and share the St. Margaret’s story. st. margaret’s hospital guild, inc. mission statement St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild, Inc. is a volunteer organization committed to raising funds for the services and programs of Eskenazi Health.

was founded in 1907 by five women who formed a nonsectarian guild to provide care and support to Indianapolis’ City Hospital patients through direct service and fundraising projects. The Guild’s mission is the same today; only the name of the hospital has changed. Starting as City Hospital in 1855, the hospital has been known as Indianapolis General Hospital, Marion County General Hospital, Wishard Memorial Hospital, and today we all know it as Eskenazi Health. People often ask how the name of the Guild was chosen. St. Margaret, the daughter of ninth-century Prince Edward of Scotland, worked with the sick, the orphans, and the poor. Each year since 1962, St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild has organized the refurbishing of a classic home, opened the home for a two-week public tour, and donated the proceeds to Eskenazi Health. Since the Guild’s founding in 1907, it has raised almost $13 million for Eskenazi Health, supporting the patients and professionals at our city’s public hospital. Proceeds from the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens allow SMHG to provide equipment and special programs for patients at Eskenazi Health. With your help, the Guild has funded the Burn Unit, sponsored two mobile mammography clinics, allowed for department renovations, initiated the Mother’s Milk Bank, and provided “Protecting Our Children” materials. SMHG has provided summer group therapy at Midtown Children’s Center, underwritten childbirth classes focusing on areas of highest infant mortality, purchased golf carts to help patients navigate the hospital campus, and supported the Haven of Hope with forensic medical supplies. The Guild has helped build raised garden beds for patients’ use at the Sky Garden, supported Healthy Me for children, funded the Limestone Falls at the Commonground, and purchased an eight-vehicle fleet, including two ADA-accessible vans for use by Eskenazi Midtown Mental Health. Funds earned from the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens also provided support for the Sandra Eskenazi Center for Brain Care Innovation. Most recently, the Guild has pledged to support the Center for Nursing Excellence at Eskenazi Health. St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild is proud to be one of the pioneer volunteer groups in the City of Indianapolis. We are grateful to the designers, landscape architects, sponsors, individuals, corporations, and donors of in-kind services who make this annual event possible.


charles mayer



St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild: 2017-2018 Members

St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild Founders’ Day Luncheon

Photograph by: Anne Buskirk, annebuskirk.com

Active/Advisory Members

Lisa Albertson Kristina Anderson—Business Co-Director Judy Barack Elizabeth Baxter Judi Bounsall—Corresponding Secretary Mary Brady Kimberly Brant—Guild Treasurer Ellen Brethauer Susan Brown Irene Burt Rachael Burt Anne Buskirk-Bailey Kerry Caito Sandy Carlson Robin Coffee Barbara Cook Earlene Cook Judy Cosgrove Dixie Covert Molly Creamer Karen Cummings Cheryl Curry Pam Curtis—Functions Co-Director Jody Deford Julie DeWitt Roslyn Dick Jane Drake Sharon Butsch Freeland—Program & Printing Director Sara Freeman

Sarah Getts Deb Gibson—President Lynda Goeke—Development Co-Director Susan Graham Susan Hall Jennifer Hamilton—IT Director Mary Clare Hasbrook Cassie Hicks Joan Hilger Mary Margaret Hillenbrand Michelle Hipskind—Decorator Chair Patricia Hirsch Mary Holland Terry Holland Kathleen House Carmen Johnson Mary Johnston Jane Jones Jennifer Kelley Whitney Kinkel Lisa Knipp Sonya “Sunni” Krull Lucinda Lapp Kathleen McKinney Vanessa McTigue Kelley Merritt Amy Miller Molly Milton Susie Moore Madaline Mount Jennie Moy—DSH Treasurer Margaret Murrmann

Peggy Neal Sue Nelson Tanya Overdorf Stacy Payne Miller Karee Petruzzi—President-Elect Kristi Petruzzi—Functions Co-Director Mary Petruzzi LeAnnette Pierce—Recording Secretary Julie Qualkinbush Angela Raab Jerrilyn Ramsey Marilyn Renner Sue Roper—General Chair Aly Schroeder—Promotions Director Jane Scott Anya Seymour Connie Slater—House Management Director Lynne Smiley Denise Smith—Development Co-Director Sherrell Smith—VP Membership Terri Stauffer Helen Stehman Deborah Stoll Audrey Studley Donna Thormann Jean Trester Kiersten Tully Elizabeth Urbanski Nicole Wawok Mica Wilson—Design Co-Director Susie Zabel—Design Co-Director

Life Members in Attendence Margaret Baranowski Liz Berg Becky Brammer Jane Burgess Maureen Buskirk Colleen Colvin Rory Eckman Molly Fenneman Lori Goldsby Sally Gray Lara Knitter Dessie Partenheimer Koch Barbara Kurtz Kathy McKinzie Diane Mikiska Karen Molitoris Sharon Moore Ann Moran Jane Newcomb Pam Rappaport Joyce Reynolds Diane Silcox Beverly Sinclair Betty Sterrett Georgia Strickland Pam Stuart Anne Throop Sue Tittle


In Memoriam The 2018 Decorators’ Show House and Gardens wishes to acknowledge the memory of our Life Members who were treasured friends and served St. Margaret’s Guild for many years. Their contributions to the Guild were greatly appreciated and helped us improve lives in the community. We will remember them always.

charlotte hapak Member since 1970

mary schnute Member since 1978

robert arehart Former Show House Designer Donor: Michael Arnold



Decorators’ Show House and Gardens 2017-2018 Design Board

pictured left to right

Christina Greive, Designer; Susie Zabel, Co-Design Director; Stacy Thompson, Designer; Deb Bellish Gibson, President; Michelle Hipskind, Decorator Chair; Todd Otterman, Designer; Mica Wilson, Co-Design Director; Joan Hilger, Past Decorator Chair; Sue Roper, General Chair

Not Pictured: Josh Springer, Landscape Designer



In Appreciation of our Generous 2018 Sponsors



Wine, Stein & Design Thursday, April 19, 6–9 pm ivy tech confrerence center ballroom Presented by:

st. margaret’s hospital guild thanks these participants

singer/songwriter matt roush local designer/artist sean sheppard 2018 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 19

Thank You to our Sponsors thank you for making the 2018 decorators’ show house and gardens possible PLATINUM ($25,000 AND UP) Delta Faucet Company/Brizo Emmis Communications WIBC/93.1 and B105.7 Eskenazi Health Foundation Stuart’s Moving & Storage, Inc. The National Bank of Indianapolis

DIAMOND ($15,000–$24,999) Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation

GOLD ($10,000–$14,999) Anne M. Buskirk, Photography Barnes & Thornburg, LLP Indianapolis Monthly

SILVER ($5,000–$9,999) Benjamin Moore & Co. Hoosier Portable Restrooms McNamara Florist Nelson Alarm

BRONZE ($2,500–$4,999)

A Classic Party Rental Gibraltar Design, Inc. Deb and Jim Gibson* Indiana Design Center Jennifer and Jim Kelley* Dr. and Mrs. F. B. Stehman* In memory of: Cynthia Ann Jones Champion, sister of Marilyn Renner Jane M. Blair, mother of Susie Zabel Geneva Burt Spencer McQuigg, mother of Marianne Burt Shaw Sun King Brewery

CRYSTAL ($1,000–$2,499) Mrs. Fran Arnold** Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Broadie** Mr. and Mrs. Cleve M. Brown* Louis Bubala In memory of Jeanne Bubala Irene Burt* 20 2018 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS

Bob and Pam Curtis* Elgin WaterCare Hamilton Homes Kathleen and Larry House* Sunni Krull* Marigold Clothing Jennie and Eric Moy* Kristi and David Petruzzi* Julie and Jeff Qualkinbush* Republic National Distributing Company Robert Mondavi Winery Sue and Ralph Roper* Somerset CPAs SYNLawn Bob and Suzanne Thomas** Gary and Kim Warren**

BENEFACTOR ($500–$999)

Allisonville Nursery, Garden & Home Jeanne Bellish** Cameron Electric Sue L. Ciotti** Dr. and Mrs. Michael Coscia** Jim and Dixie Covert* Barbara Danquist** FoxGardin Family Kitchen Sarah and Dick Getts* Honeymoon / image + design, inc. Terry and Steve Holland* Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery Shirley S. Lewis** MediaFactory Meridian Street United Methodist Church Mr. Marble Care TH-Inc. Pax Verum Brewing Company St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Sean Sheppard Connie Slater* Alyson Smith** Georgia Strickland and William N. Capello, M.D.** The Kroger Co. Upland Brewing Company Wine, Stein & Design Co-Chairs

CONTRIBUTOR ($250–$499) Charlene and Joe Barnette** Kitty Bartlett** Suzanne and Chuck Beard** Bill and Liz Berg** Judi and Phil Bounsall* Mary and Dan Brady* Stephanie and Craig Brater ** Byrne’s Grilled Pizza Chaos Catering Susie and Jim Cumming** Jill and Bill Dale** Mary Ann and Dan Fagan** Cindee and Jim Fisher** Dorthea and Phillip Genetos** Lynda Goeke* Susan and Ken Hall* Mary and Jim Holland* Mr. and Mrs. Needham S. Hurst** Barbara James** Linda and Richard Kammen** Dessie Partenheimer Koch** Lisa Lombardi** Mark M. Holeman, Inc. Vanessa and Mark McTigue* N2 Publications Linda and Donald Neel** Bill Nelson Nancy Null** Dean and Karee Petruzzi* Jim and Carol Phillips** Cathy and Jim Reed** Ruth and Jim Rodefeld** Matt Roush Dr. and Mrs. John Rufatto** Beverly Sinclair** Steve and Betty Sterrett** Jean Swisher** Dr. and Mrs. William G. Tait** WFYI Dr. and Mrs. John Williams, Jr.**

SUPPORTER ($100–$249) Lisa Albertson* Stephen and Deborah Alexander** Mike and Judy Barack* Nancy J. and David B. Behrmann** Bier Brewery Barbara Blakley** Joyce Boncosky** Claude and Jane Burgess** Rachael and Robert Burt* Kerry and Matt Caito* Mert Campbell** Mr. and Mrs. Reed Carlson* Nancy Christy** Joseph and Barbara Clark** Robin Coffee* Colleen and John Colvin** Barbara Cook* Tom and Nia Cortese**

Jim and Judy Cosgrove* Creative Converting Kevin and Jody DeFord* Julie and David DeWitt* Kaye Diener** Kay Fagin** Jill and John Failey ** Molly Fenneman** Nanci and Hank Feuer** Granite City Food & Brewery Sally and David Gray** Mark and Jennifer Hamilton* Harvest Café Coffee & Tea Bonnie Heidt** Cassie and Dennis Hicks* Joan and David Hilger* Mary Margaret Hillenbrand* Michelle and Kevin Hipskind* William and Patricia Hirsch* Jenny Holland** Karen and Bryan Jinnett** Mary E. Johnston* Alan and Ann Kimbell** Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Knapp** Ron and Renée Kniess** Lisa and Denny Knipp* Lara and Stephen Knitter** Hazel Lemen** Phyd Lentz** Jim and Pat Life** Kathleen McKinney* Kelley Merritt* Dan and Molly Milton* Karen and Bruce Molitoris** Bill and Susie Moore* Martha Moore** Susan K. Moore** Ann and Paul Moran** Mosquito Authority Pat Nash** Peggy McKinney and Squier Neal* Susan V. Nelson* Jane and Roger Newcomb** Joan and E. Scott Nichols** Tanya Stuart Overdorf* John and Jeri Ramsey* Pam and Steve Rappaport** Brad and Julie Redman** Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Renner* Bonnie Rettig** Anne Riegner** Susan and John Risk** Haskell and Sandra Ross** Jack and Carolyn M. Schaefer-Gray** Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schroeder* Sally and Larry Sebeckis** Kitty and David Stoeppelwerth** Eric and Deborah Stoll* Ann R. Strong** Audrey Studley* Lou Ann Tabor** The Fresh Market

* Denotes Active and Advisory Members of St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild ** Denotes Life Members of St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild

Ann H. Thompson Donna and John Thormann* Anne Throop** Tinder Lock and Security Solutions Jean Trester* Matt and Kiersten Tully* J. R. and Sarah Walsh** Julie Wood** Kevin and Susan Woodhouse** Kim Young** Susie and Bob Zabel*

FRIEND ($1–$99) AmazonSmile Michael Arnold In memory of Bob Arehart Kristina Anderson* Margaret and John Baranowski** Elizabeth and Art Baxter* Kim Brant* Ellen Miller Brethauer* Lydia Brunner** Anne M. Buskirk-Bailey* Mary and Fred Caito** Carmel Trophies, Awards & Gifts Earlene Cook* Lou Ann Cowie** John and Molly Creamer* Roz Dick* Mary Dickman** Jane Drake* Pat Feldmann** Michael and Sharon Butsch Freeland* Sara Freeman* Susan Graham* August and Anita Hardee Mary Clare Hasbrook* Barbara House** Jane and Mike Jones* Whitney Kinkel* Barbara Kurtz** Lulu Lapp* Drs. Matthew Lavery and Jessica Gillespie Mr. and Mrs. James McConnell** Mary McDowell** Mark and Kathy McKinzie** Sally McMath** Amy Miller* Susan C. Morton** Madaline Mount* Jean Przybyla** Patti Reasner** Patricia Sharp** Diane Silcox** Lynne Smiley* Denise Smith* Sherrell Smith* Terri Stauffer* Elizabeth Urbanski* Sarah Walsh**/Rodan & Fields Skincare Ellen and Steve Williams** Mica Wilson* 2018 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 21

A Special Thank You Thank you to the people and businesses who have made contributions this year A Classic Party Rental Kevin Schwab

Cameron Electric Rich Beckom

Acheson, Rine and France, Design & Build

Carmel Trophies, Awards & Gifts Charlie Cave II

Achievement in Medicine Award Eskenazi Selection Committee

Delta Faucet Company/Brizo Paula Warner

Allisonville Nursery, Garden & Home AmazonSmile Andretti Autosport Anne M. Buskirk Photography Fran Arnold Barnes & Thornburg LLP Eric Moy Jeff Qualkinbush Barth Electric Jim Raasch Rachael Baumgartner Benjamin Moore & Co. Jim Archer Beth Maguire Blue K Security Mike and Kathy McClary Byrne’s Grilled Pizza Matthew Caito


Design Board 2018 Deb Bellish Gibson Christina Greive Joan Hilger Michelle Hipskind Todd Otterman Sue Roper Josh Springer Stacy Thompson Mica Wilson Susie Zabel

Eskenazi Health Lisa Harris, M.D., CEO Michelle O’Keefe Eskenazi Health Foundation Ernie Vargo II, CEO Julie Rowlas, COO Ashley Sowders Kristin Hyde Everyday Paint & Wallpaper, Inc. Curt Rumer Gibraltar Design, Inc. Brittany Black Dan Burns Tony Williams Harvest Café Coffee & Tea Larry French

Eastside Voice Paula Nicewanger

First Lady Janet Holcomb and the Indiana Governor’s Residence

Elgin WaterCare Douglas Hull

Honeymoon image+design Mike and Rhonda Fasig

Emmis Communications Keith Phillips Kristin Sims Mike Botkin Indianapolis Monthly

Hoosier Portables Restrooms Inc. Jamie Hunter

Emmis Marketing Group B105.7, WIBC/93.1 FM John Long John McCurdie

Illinois Street Food Emporium Vivian Farris Indiana Blood Center Charles Miraglia, M.D. Jennifer Jones

Indiana Design Center Andrea Kleymeyer Indiana School for the Blind & Visually Impaired Indianapolis Art Center Ivy Tech Conference Center Andy Helmkamp Jones Painting William Jones Koorsen Fire and Safety Debbie and Ted Lilly MfM Marketing + Communications, Inc. Mary Foote Morris Maggie Awards Kathleen House Marigold Clothing Linda Shikany Elizabeth Shikany Mark M. Holeman, Inc. Rich Blankenship McNamara Florist Toomie Farris MediaFactory Dave Carroll Meijer Connie Castro

Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association Chelsea Marburger Meridian Street United Methodist Church Midtown Indy Michael McKillip

SYNLawn Lorraine Phillips Vavul The Kroger Co. The National Bank of Indianapolis Ann M. Merkel

Mr. Marble Care TH - Inc. Roger Wright

The Secret Ingredient Inc. Jeanne Rush Susi Eckert

Mosquito Authority Scott Langdon

Donna Thormann

N2 Publishing Caroline Mosley Brandon Powell Peggy and Squier Neal Ken Nelson Nelson Alarm David Nikrant

Tinder Lock and Security Solutions Mary Tinder Walker Information, Inc. Phil Bounsall WFYI Julie Apple

Julie and Jeff Qualkinbush St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Kristin Sims H. J. Spier Co., Inc. John David Null Stuart’s Moving and Storage, Inc. Tony Stuart Jackie Stuart

We extend a very special thank you to all our Maggies’ husbands and families who support us as we work on this worthwhile project. We would also like to thank the homeowners, who supported our mission. We apologize for any inadvertent omissions.


A History of 4140 N. Illinois Street

The Tudor Revival residence located at 4140 North Illinois Street was built in 1925 by Guy Alwyn Wainwright (1889-1956) and Jeanette Harvey Wainwright (1894-1949). At the time the recently-wed couple were building their new home, Guy Wainwright was vice president and general manager of the Diamond Chain Company. He went on to become president of the company in 1931 and chairman of the board in 1955. Incorporated in 1890 as the Indianapolis Steel Castings Company by Charles E. Test, Arthur C. Newby, Edward C. Fletcher, and Glen C. Howe, the firm’s roller chains were originally designed for bicycles, which were the latest craze in the 1880s. By the turn of the century, however, the founders’ interests had turned to automobiles. In 1905, the corporation was purchased by Guy Wainwright’s father, Lucius Morton Wainwright (1860-1931), who renamed it Diamond Chain Company and expanded its products to serve other industries. Diamond chains were used in the Wright Brothers’ first flying machine and in Henry Ford’s first automobile. Today, the company’s products serve a diverse range of manufacturing enterprises. The Wainwrights owned Diamond Chain from 1905 until 1950, when it was sold to American Steel Foundries (now known as Amsted Industries). Guy and Jeanette Wainwright owned the property for 32 years. Their three sons, William, Thomas, and Stephen, grew up in the home. The youngest, Stephen, a noted biologist and retired Duke University professor, is the only family member who is still living. The land that accompanies the residence is comprised of four building lots that were originally intended to have a home constructed on each of them. However, the Wainwrights purchased three lots adjacent to the lot on which their home was to be built, making a combined total of almost two acres. As a result of the additional land, the property extends from Illinois Street on the east to Capitol Avenue on the west. It has ingress and egress on both thoroughfares. Because the property has more footage fronting on Capitol Avenue than it does on Illinois Street, the City assigned it the address of 4139 North Capitol Avenue back in 1925. It was known by the Capitol Avenue address throughout the Wainwrights’ ownership and well into the second owners’ residency. In recent years, the address was changed to 4140 North Illinois Street, a more logical approach to the house for guests. The long driveway at the east entrance to the property ascends to the home on the hill through a


stunning wooded lot. In December of 1924, the application for the building permit described the proposed construction as a two-story residence with basement and attached garage. It was estimated that the materials and labor would cost about $50,000. That projected figure was only for the construction of the home; it did not include the cost of the purchase of the land prior to improvements. Using the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ inflation calculator, the cost to build the house in 1924 would be equivalent to more than $700,000 today. Construction of the home began early in 1925 and was completed by the end of that same year. The architectural firm the Wainwrights hired for the project was Osler and Burns. Willard Osler and Lee Burns were known for designing churches such as Trinity Episcopal, First Congregational, and Second Presbyterian, as well as for designing commercial buildings like the English Foundation, Broad Ripple Flanner and Buchanan Funeral Center, and several buildings at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Osler and Burns also designed the former Marmon house downtown that is now home to the University Club, as well as another former Marmon residence in Brendonwood. According to the city’s property tax records, the total area of the home, including the basement and attached garages, is 7,113 square feet. A considerable portion of the home’s exterior is brick, laid in the Flemish Bond style of alternating the long sides of the bricks and the short ends of the bricks. The remainder of the home’s exterior is stucco with false half-timbering. The roof is slate, and the gutters are copper. An unusual feature protruding from the east façade of the home is a rounded structure that is primarily glass, which was added a few years after the original home was built. Subtle personalized decorative touches appear around the home, such as the year “1925” carved in wood above the front door and the initials “GW” stamped in copper at the site of a scupper near the northwest corner of the house. Within a few months after Guy Wainwright’s death, the property was purchased from his estate by Richard Austin Cochran (1915-2001) and his wife, Jessie Hall Cochran (19231967). Dick was president of the A. B. Cochran Construction Company. Among the many projects his firm built over the years were the Indianapolis Day Nursery, Hendricks County Hospital, and the hangar at the Mount Comfort Airport. A. B. Cochran also constructed additions to Broad Ripple High

Hand-carved trim over the front door with original owners’ initials and year the house was built

A three-story addition contains large windows with wonderful views of the heavily wooded front yard

School and Carmel High School and made upgrades to the Indiana Governor’s Mansion after it moved to its present location at 46th and Meridian Streets. Two years after Jessie Cochran’s 1967 death, Richard Cochran married Patricia Jameson Acheson (1919-2016). Patty was the great-great-granddaughter of Ovid Butler (1801-1881), one of the founders of, and the man for whom, Butler University was named. She was also the grandniece of author and playwright, Newton Booth Tarkington (18691946). For the remaining years of Patty’s life, which was nearly half-a-century, 4140 North Illinois Street was the site of many family gatherings and social events. After Patty passed away in December of 2016, the property was inherited jointly by the widow of her older son, John Huyler Acheson (1942-2014), and her younger son, Donald Jameson Acheson. Don purchased his brother’s half of the estate from his sister-in-law, thus making Don the sole owner. The extended Cochran family has now owned the property for 61 years. In the summer of 2017, Don and his wife, Clare Fox Acheson, graciously agreed to allow St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild to make the property its 2018 Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. There is an interesting backstory to the 93-year history of the Wainwright-Cochran House. Despite its being nearly a century old, neither it nor any of the other houses that surround it was the very first home to be built there. For more than four decades, the home of a respected pioneer family had a commanding presence on that land. In 1882, William Alexander Ketcham (1846-1921) and Flora McDonald Ketcham (1846-1938) bought 13.8 acres in Washington Township, bounded by what would later become 41st Street on the south, 42nd Street on the north, Illinois Street on the east, and Senate Avenue (now called Boulevard Place) on the west. At the time the Ketchams moved there from downtown Indianapolis, the sparsely populated area was considered out in the country. Both Mr. and Mrs. Ketcham were from families that had been among Marion County’s earliest settlers. William Ketcham’s paternal grandfather, John Ketcham (1782-1865), came to Indiana in 1811, was a colonel in the state militia, and was a founder of Indiana University. William Ketcham’s maternal grandfather, Samuel Merrill (1792-1855), came to Indiana in 1816, the year that it became the nineteenth state, and was Indiana’s first treasurer. Sam Merrill was the man who led the wagon caravan from Corydon to Indianapolis

Scupper box has the initials of the original homeowner and a fleur-de-lis soldered onto the copper

late in 1824, moving all of the state’s records, office equipment, and funds from the old capitol to the new capitol. Mrs. Ketcham’s father, David McDonald (1803-1869), settled in Bloomington in the 1820s, was a United States District Court Judge, and was the first professor of law at the Indiana University School of Law. William Ketcham himself was an officer in the Civil War, Commander in Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, and served two terms as Attorney General of Indiana. Atop the knoll between what is now the west side of the 4100 block of Illinois Street and the east side of the 4100 block of Capitol Avenue, William and Flora Ketcham built a 19-room mansion. Locals referred to the family’s property as “Ketcham Hill” and “Ketcham Woods,” which were obvious references to its physical setting. However, the family also called their house “Robinwood.” The Ketchams reared seven children there: Flora, Agnes, Jane, Lilla, Henry, Lucia, and Dorothy. They became doctors, lawyers, and teachers. Robinwood might still be standing today, had it not been destroyed by a devastating fire in the winter of 1923. For about a year after the fire, the Mapleton Civic Association, a forerunner of the Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association (BTNA), lobbied the City of Indianapolis to buy the Ketchams’ land and make it into a community park. The nearby 300-acre Fairview Park had for many years been a popular recreational location for Mapleton residents, but in 1922, Fairview Park had been purchased by Irvington-based Butler College and would soon become the new campus of Butler University. Mapleton residents were concerned about no longer having a nearby park. The City of Indianapolis and the 78-year-old, widowed Flora Ketcham could not reach an agreement, so in 1924, Mrs. Ketcham split the acreage into fourteen building lots. Fortunately, for the Wainwrights, the Cochrans, and the Achesons, four of those lots have been “home” for their families for nearly a century. Fortunately, for St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild, the Wainwright-Cochran House is “home” to the 57th Annual Decorators’ Show House and Gardens in April and May of 2018.

The history of the property and its owners was researched and written by Guild member Sharon Butsch Freeland.


House and Outdoor Plans


1 2 3 4

Grand Entry and Staircase Living Room Library Grand Entry and Staircase to Second Floor

17 18 19 20 21 22

Back Stairs and Hall Main Floor Half Bath Kitchen Dining Room Butler’s Pantry Great Room

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

A Room with a View Jack and Jill Bath Houseguest’s Homelike Haven Master Bedroom Master Bath 2nd Floor Family Space Men’s Dressing Suite 3rd Floor Stairs, Landing and Hall

21 19 20



17 1 4

9 11

2 8

ground floor



17 4

7 6 5


House and Outdoor Plans


12 13 14 15 16

3rd Floor Stairs, Landing and Hall Kitchenette 3rd Floor “Beam Me Up” Bath Guest Retreat Mickey’s Hideaway

A B C 23

Side Lower Terrace Back Upper Terrace Front Garden Woodland Hideaway








16 15


317.255.5497 | kincaidsmeatmarket.com

Lower Terrace

mark m. holeman, inc.


AREA DESCRIPTION Tucked against the east side of the house, the Lower Terrace serves both as a restful outdoor sitting room and a corridor between the driveway and upper rear terrace. Sitting in this secluded setting, one can enjoy the architectural details of the house and gaze out across the wooded front landscape. The old brick paving has been accented with new bluestone bands, and a flagstone path connects to the driveway. A collection of colorfully planted pots and surrounding mixed perennial beds provide horticultural interest.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Kittle’s Home Furnishings

ABOUT THE COMPANY For over 55 years, Mark M. Holeman, Inc. has been creating landscapes of distinction throughout central Indiana. Offering landscape design, construction and maintenance services, the firm enjoys the challenge of projects of all sizes and scopes and the satisfaction of providing the customized attention that each project deserves. Its creative and experienced design staff is proud of its lasting relationships with clients and their evolving landscapes. This represents the company’s 20th Decorators’ Show House and Gardens effort with its 2016 and 2017 gardens receiving the People’s Choice Award.


7871 Hague Road, Indianapolis, IN 46256 | (317) 849-3120 holemanlandscape.com

| dgorden@holemanlandscape.com |

Scott Lumpkin, ASLA, Mike Roth, Assoc. ASLA (front), Ron Howe, ASLA, David Gorden, ASLA



Back Upper Terrace

property pros land management, llc

AREA DESCRIPTION A timeless stone terrace with a masonry brick backdrop lends itself to a formal touch with minimal planting and colorfully planted containers. The traditionally styled, multi-tiered fountain serves as a focal point for the garden and beckons one to linger a bit longer in peaceful repose.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Kittle’s Home Furnishings

ABOUT THE COMPANY Property Pros Land Management is a full-service exterior needs company, focusing on all of your landscape design, construction, and maintenance needs. We are able to design and install patios, decks, pools, walks, fountains, fire features, water features, outdoor kitchens, and of course plantings to complete your dream garden. This is the third year that Property Pros has participated in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. Tracy Cox, Landscape Design and Sales; Josh Springer, Owner; Jeff Mull, Lead Designer/Sales

PROPERTY PROS LAND MANAGEMENT, LLC 11691 Fall Creek Road, Suite 222, Indianapolis, IN 46256 office@propertyproslm.com | propertyproslm.com



(317) 436-8529


Front Entry Garden

midwest landscape industries, inc.


AREA DESCRIPTION The front entry of your home has the highest visibility and outlines your first impression to those who visit. This unique space has a tiny footprint to a rather large home, making the overall design a true artform in making an impact. Large boxwoods outline the natural stone entry, cascading pops of color on either side with hydrangea, and lush groundcover bordering the driveway. Across the drive, Canadian Hemlock buffer the adjacent property at different heights with understory plantings providing different textures and colors throughout the season.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Musselman Landscape Solutions

ABOUT THE COMPANY Midwest Landscape Industries, Inc. employs a staff with strong values, providing exceptional service with innovative ideas that will transform your space or provide solutions to your landscape challenges. We pride ourselves with over 200 years of combined experience in the industry, including a certified Arborist, Indiana Accredited Horticulturalist, Landscape Certified Managers and Technicians, Osha 30, and the only state Green Roof Professional. This is MLI’s first year working with the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens, and we are proud to be a part of this year’s project, alongside other talented designers within the Indianapolis area.

MIDWEST LANDSCAPE INDUSTRIES, INC. 8455 Castlewood Drive, Suite I, Indianapolis, IN 46250 abossung@mli-in.com | shastings@mli-in.com


(317) 758-5722

| www.mli-in.com |

Adam N. Bossung, Stephen S. Hastings



Grand Entry and Staircase

spear-huff studios / mary kay kiefer design group, inc.

AREA DESCRIPTION The Grand Entry and Staircase welcome you into the 2018 Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. The unique architectural details, timeless craftsmanship, and historic features provide a backdrop to impressionistic art adorning the entry. The majestic leaded-glass window cascades natural light onto the staircase, illuminating a gallery of art work painted by Indiana artist Melinda Spear-Huff .

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Stone House 1039; Ceiling: Ceiling White

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Mary Kay Kiefer Design Group, Inc.; William Jones Paintings; ProSource Wholesale of Indianapolis; Indiana Lighting Center, Inc.; Designer’s Market Inc.

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Fine Artist Melinda Spear-Huff loves painting custom art projects for clients. Since 1997, Spear-Huff Studio has been creating murals, specialty finishes on walls and furniture, and fine art on canvas. This year Melinda has painted Indianapolis Landmarks, including the signature painting, “Monument Circle in Spring.” Spear-Huff Studios: Fine Art + Murals + Specialty Finishes + Custom Paintings


325 S. Main Street, Sheridan, IN 46069 | (317) 946-0684 melindaspearhuff.com | facebook: Spear-Huff Studio





Living Room

mw harris


AREA DESCRIPTION The Bones: The existing room retained its original details, including millwork, floors, and mantle. The proportions of the room are grand but comfortable. The Concept: A current, collected, and timeless interior that mixes new furnishings with classics and antiques, while respecting the space’s original historic details. The Inspiration: The drapery fabric. This contemporary Asian print is a perfect fit for this Tudor Revival home. The Envelope: A warm neutral wall color and rug provide a perfect base to the original woodwork and floor. The Furnishings: A wool sofa is grouped with chrome mohair chairs, a contemporary barrel chair in an asymmetrical stripe, bamboo chairs, and the homeowner’s piano. A circular coffee table unites the grouping and is one of four strong circular elements followed by a large chandelier, a table and an ottoman. A collection of art and antiques add personality.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Wall: Grant Beige HC-83

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Trade Resource; Kravet; Form + Function; Joseph’s Oriental Rug Imports; Ferguson; Designer’s Market Inc.; DEW Designs; Clark’s White Glove Delivery

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS MW Harris not only provides interior design work, but also focuses on residential architecture. This work includes new residential design, additions, and renovations. The philosophy is to approach every project’s design with inspiration, innovation, and integrity of materials to produce a current and timeless end result.

MW HARRIS 6225 Spring Mill Road, Indianapolis, IN 46260


(317) 250-3921

| matt@mwharris.net | mwharris.net

Matt Harris



design works


AREA DESCRIPTION This room is dramatic, with its curved windows overlooking the front yard of the home. The French style desk (once owned by Booth Tarkington) is showcased in the middle of the windows. A pair of transitional chairs face the front yard, making this an ideal place to lounge or read a good book. The bookcases flanking the room house a large collection of antique books owned by the homeowner. The large-scale zebra print fabric on the wing chair is a great backdrop to this wonderful room.


Benjamin Moore—Alaskan Skies 972

A & D Design, Leslie Agan; Benjamin Moore & Co.; Capel Rugs; Designer’s Market Inc.; Surroundings

ABOUT THE DESIGNER This makes Todd’s 20th year in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. His work has been published not only locally but nationally, as well. His accolades for Key Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and ASID Awards are many. His design style is classic, whether it be contemporary, transitional, or traditional. Design Works is a complete, full-service studio.

DESIGN WORKS 324 E. Walnut Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202 Instagram: designworks

| (317) 514-8259 | dezignwrks@aol.com |

Todd Otterman, Allied Member ASID



Grand Entry and Staircase

mary kay kiefer design group, inc. / spear-huff studios


AREA DESCRIPTION The elegant entrance sets the tone of a warm and inviting family home. Classic accents and gorgeous allwool banded carpeting pave the path to view custom artwork and unique contemporary lighting, enhanced with Edison bulbs. The stately entrance with its romantic trending ceiling color offers an updated look, while sharing time with a bygone yet cherished antique mirror that at one time graced the walls of the former Indianapolis Claypool Hotel. The interior design speaks traditional style in a very 21st-century voice. Enjoy!

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Stone House 1039; Ceiling: Florida Keys Blue 2050-40 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Melinda Spear-Huff, artist; Indiana Lighting Center, Inc.; ProSource Wholesale of Indianapolis; William Jones Painting; Charles Mayer & Company; Kittle’s Home Furnishings; Designer’s Market Inc.

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Mary Kay Kiefer Design Group, Inc. has been turning clients’ visions into reality for over 35 years, from Indiana to Florida. Mary Kay Kiefer Design is a full-service firm that works from concept to completion on small or large projects and is available for consultation. Mary Kay travels often to design shows and markets to secure specialty items for clients. The firm has won many prestigious design honors and ASID Excellence in Design awards. Mary Kay has been featured by the International Design Times magazine as one of the “10 Designers to Watch” in the millennium. Mary Kay is a member of the NFIB Leadership Council.


| kieferdesigngroupinc@yahoo.com | kieferdesigngroup.com

Mary Kay Kiefer, RID Allied Member ASID 2018 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 41









A Room with a View

thomas & jayne interior design


AREA DESCRIPTION The exaggerated bay windows are reminiscent of the bow of a ship and afford stunning views from inside the house. We were inspired to create a stateroom of our own by mixing warm woods, polished metals, and glass with neutral textured fabrics. We’ve framed this view with energetic “hot spice” fabric drapery—with this color echoing throughout the room. Natural gemstone treasures combine with elegant compositions by nationally acclaimed artist Rita Spalding. Whimsy is introduced with a collection of patchwork pillows from the Ugly Pillow Company. The modern furnishings in neutral tones complement the traditional elements of the home and create an inviting and restful retreat.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Smokey Taupe 983; Accent Color: Hot Spice 2011-30

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Rita Spalding Fine Art; Day Furs; Clark’s White Glove Delivery; The Ugly Pillow Company; Lafayette Window Fashions; Silver Crow Studios

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS Tom Korecki brings more than 20 years of experience to Show House. After designing interiors for a prominent local homebuilder, he launched his own firm with sister, Jayne Reed. Jerald Faulstich joined the firm following a long career as a Wall Street banker. His passion for historic architecture and skill in furniture restoration and interior design are welcome additions to the firm. Thomas & Jayne Interior Design is a full-service design firm that specializes in creating inspired family-friendly interiors from traditional to modern, serving clients with busy lifestyles and a keen appreciation for homes that are both artful and functional. This is their tenth year with the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens.

THOMAS & JAYNE INTERIOR DESIGN 200 S. Rangeline Road, Suite 221-A, Carmel, IN 46032 thomasjayne.com

| (317) 695-4519 | tom@thomasjayne.com | Jerald Faulstich, Tom Korecki 2018 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 43

Jack and Jill Bath

elissa decker interior design


AREA DESCRIPTION The Jack and Jill bath was updated a few years ago with timeless details like the Carrara marble wainscoting. Working with existing elements, the design inspiration for this room came from the whimsical Cole & Son Butterflies and Dragonflies Wallpaper. The matte black Brizo fixtures and accessories were chosen because of their classic look yet modern finish, using hues of green, black, and gold to blend the old with the new, such as the Lucite cabinet hardware. The custom roman shade opens to the original windows which display the beautiful view of the wooded front yard.

BRIZO The exclusive Jason Wu for Brizo™ Bath Collection of faucets, showers and accessories in the Matte Black finish combines the aesthetic sense of a renowned fashion designer with Brizo product design and innovation.

DELTA The WaterSense®-labeled Delta® Turner® toilet conserves water without sacrificing performance and reduces potential leak points with the SmartFit® tank-to-bowl connection.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Accent: Medici Malachite 600; Accent: Baby Seal Black 2119-30; Trim: Dove White PM-19 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Cole & Son Wallpaper and JF Fabrics from The Trade Resource; Custom shower curtain and roman shade by Theresa Johnson; Wallpaper installation by Donna Helm; Ferguson; Brizo

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Elissa Decker Interior Design is a full-service residential and multi-family design firm. As owner, Elissa Decker holds a degree in Interior Design with more than nine years of professional experience. Whether a new build or renovation, the firm manages all phases of design, from concept through completion. Specialties include: kitchen and bath design, space planning, furnishings, cabinetry, window treatments, art, and accessories. Elissa has assisted in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens in the past with another firm and is honored to be participating for her first year under her own firm.

ELISSA DECKER INTERIOR DESIGN 12811 E. New Market Street, Carmel, IN 46032 elissadecker.com

| (317) 698-5134 | elissa@elissadecker.com | Elissa Decker 2018 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 45


Houseguest’s Homelike Haven diane hallquist interior design

AREA DESCRIPTION By removing a wall, two small bedrooms became one, taking this area back to the home’s original floor plan when the house was built. The fresh green and white color scheme has made an inviting room for any guest who comes to stay. Inspiration for the room began with the embroidered sham fabric and grew into a “happy” space with the floral of the desk and introducing the pink accent.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Trim and Ceiling: White Dove PM-19; Walls: Palace Green CW

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Everyday Paint & Wallpaper Inc.; Adam Pattee, Only One Painting; Joseph’s Oriental Rug Imports; Clark’s White Glove Delivery; Shelby Upholstering & Interiors; Duralee; Lee Jofa; Fabricut Inc.; Stroheim; Fairfield Chair Company

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Diane Hallquist has a loyal following for the simple reason that her inspiration begins with the needs and imaginings of each client. From this client-centered starting point, Diane creates timeless, yet current, interior spaces designed for living. Her design studio is adjacent to the retail shop, The Blue Door, in bustling Broad Ripple Village. The Blue Door is the go-to place for unique gifts and home accessories. Diane’s designs have captured numerous awards during the 35 times she has participated in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. She’s always happy to help raise funds for such a great cause.


6426 N College Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46220


| (317) 257-9339 |


Master Bedroom

compass design, llc


AREA DESCRIPTION The Master Bedroom is meant to be a retreat to escape the stresses of each day. The position of the bed facing the original French doors overlooking the balcony was purposeful, to wake up each morning to the beauty of the outdoors. The walls were kept light and the original paneling detail in a crisp white to keep the space fresh. The pops of black, sea-glass, and persimmon give the space some warmth. The soft wood tones of the nightstands and dresser contrast with the dark wood floors. The washed linen bedding, custom velvet bed, and soft rug underfoot add depth and texture. The overall concept was a relaxing space that felt well-traveled and sophisticated.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Collingwood OC-28; Trim: White Dove PM-19 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Bernhardt; Circa Lighting; Epic Electric; Holder Mattress; Home ReVisions; KBD Custom Drapery; Patty Paris-Owens; Restoration Hardware; Voris Upholstery; Wendy Franklin; Joseph’s Oriental Rug Imports; William Jones Painting; ProSource Wholesale of Indianapolis; Creative Flooring

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS As owner of Compass Design, with a B.S. in Interior Design and 17 years of professional experience, Stacy Thompson uses her expertise in design to create innovative interior spaces. Compass Design, LLC, is a dedicated and hardworking firm, specializing in residential and small commercial. Home ReVisions, a business partner, collaborated on this project. Owner Susie Bibler has 15 years of experience in the design field. Associate Designer Jessica Gallagher has over 3 years of experience working with our firm and has participated in the past three Show Houses. This will mark the 13th year of participation in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens.


Stutz Business Center | 212 W. 10th Street, Suite B400, Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Studio: (317) 865-1544 Mobile: (317) 417-0770 | compassdesignservices@yahoo.com | compassdesignservices.com


Jessica Gallagher, Allied ASID; Susie Bibler; Stacy Thompson, Allied ASID, RID #00358, Principal Designer



Master Bath

hoskins interior design

AREA DESCRIPTION The original master bathroom in this home required improvements to the layout and a dramatic update to the finishes in the space. Additional storage was created with the custom built-in linen closet and the addition of a second sink at the custom vanity. The master bath finishes were upgraded, using a beautiful natural stone marble complemented by polished chrome plumbing fixtures.

DELTA A refreshing take on traditional design, the WaterSense®-labeled Delta® Cassidy™ bath faucets with French curve handles and coordinating accessories are shown in Chrome finish. The shower features a MultiChoice® Integrated Shower Diverter—a simpler solution for custom shower installations and upgrades—and H2Okinetic® shower heads to create the feeling of more water without using more. The WaterSense-labeled Delta Turner® toilet reduces potential leak points with the exclusive SmartFit® tank-to-bowl connection.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Metallic Silver 2132-60; Trim: White Dove PM-19 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Plumbing fixtures donated by Delta Faucet; Custom cabinetry by Wood Shapes Unlimited, New Palestine, IN; Tile by The Tile Shop; Countertops and tile installation by Mayan Art Marble & Granite


Kathy Hoskins, Allied ASID, Haley M. Carter, Madelyn Fry, Terri Meadows

Each of us at Hoskins Interior Design has the honor of doing what we love for a living. The joy we provide to our clients by creating remarkable spaces for them is why we have been in business for over 19 years. Our goal for each of our projects is to provide a lovely and functional space that exceeds expectations. We discover that necessary element that brings the whole style together, bringing balance and cohesion to a space. Replicating a look is never the intent. Creating a space that could only belong to that client is behind every one of our designs.

HOSKINS INTERIOR DESIGN 1057 E. 54th Street, Suite G, Indianapolis, IN 46220


| (317) 253-8986 |


2nd Floor Family Space

whetstone & associates interior design


AREA DESCRIPTION This space is perfect for an evening wind down or a cozy Sunday afternoon. The bright accents of color are unexpected, but a fun welcome to all who enter.

BRIZO The Artesso® Kitchen Collection by Brizo® in the Brilliance® Polished Nickel finish offers a refined take on the industrial aesthetic. With a nod to early-1900s traditionalism, the Brizo Rook® collection drawer hardware complements the design.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Intense White OC-51; Trim and cabinets (excluding beams and stained wood): Hazy Skies OC-48

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Designer’s Market Inc.; Joseph’s Oriental Rug Imports; Osborne & Little; Pinnacle Painting, Inc.; A & D Design, Leslie Agan; Mayan Art Marble & Granite; Furniture Fix

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS Deanna Whetstone has been creating works in the Indianapolis area since 1996. Her clients are always the driving force behind each project. Matching needs with solid design is the foundation of her method to completing beautiful spaces. Breaking rules and being unexpected is her favorite part.

WHETSTONE & ASSOCIATES INTERIOR DESIGN 26 E. Main Street, Brownsburg, IN 46112

| (317) 852-7041 | whetstonedesign@msn.com

Deanna Whetstone



Men’s Dressing Suite hoskins interior design

AREA DESCRIPTION We created a space that gives the homeowner a private dressing area, which provides much-needed additional clothing storage. The warm, rich, cherry wood cabinets contribute to the masculine feel of the space, while adding architectural interest. The half bath was designed to be more masculine, showcasing a dark dramatic paint color and rich brass tones. The vanity was created using an existing chest from the homeowners. A pocket door was added to the design to save space.

BRIZO The simple, yet intricate design of the Litze™ Bath Collection by Brizo® in the Brilliance® Luxe Gold™ finish is a stunning way to bring refined style to the bath. Meticulously crafted accessories, including Litze drawer pulls, personalize the space.

DELTA With the exclusive Delta® SmartFit® tank-to-bowl connection, the Turner® toilet reduces potential leak points. This WaterSense®-labeled toilet conserves water without sacrificing performance.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Flint AF-560

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Custom cabinetry by Wood Shapes Unlimited, New Palestine, IN; Plumbing donated by Delta/Brizo; Original artwork by Blice Edwards; JD Naraine artwork loaned by Coats-Wright Art and Design Gallery; Floor tile by The Tile Shop; Wall tile donated by Daltile Distributors; Window Treatments by Abda Custom Window Fashions; Paint by K.O. Quality Finish Paint; Countertops and tile insallation by Mayan Art Marble & Granite


Kathy Hoskins, Allied ASID, Haley M. Carter, Madelyn Fry, Terri Meadows

Each of us at Hoskins Interior Design has the honor of doing what we love for a living. The joy we provide to our clients by creating remarkable spaces for them is why we have been in business for over 19 years. Our goal for each of our projects is to provide a lovely and functional space that exceeds expectations. We discover that necessary element that brings the whole style together, bringing balance and cohesion to a space. Replicating a look is never the intent. Creating a space that could only belong to that client is behind every one of our designs.

HOSKINS INTERIOR DESIGN 1057 E. 54th Street, Suite G, Indianapolis, IN 46220


| (317) 253-8986 |


3rd Floor Stairs, Landing & Hall alison noel custom interiors


AREA DESCRIPTION This area started out as a dark, cramped space lacking originality. I wanted to highlight the height of the 3rd floor by drawing the eye up toward the dramatic black ceiling, gold pendant lights, and contrasting ivory walls. I also wanted to incorporate an antique Turkish runner and vintage artwork as a nod to the time period in which this gorgeous home was built. The black and white photography displayed in the 3rd floor hallway was taken during a recent trip to Antelope Canyon in Arizona. By combining antiques with contemporary decor in a sophisticated color palette, this space has transformed into an elegant, glamorous area.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Elephant Tusk OC-8; Ceiling (2nd Floor): Ceiling White; Ceiling (3rd Floor): Universal Black 2118-10

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Trade Connection; Barth Electric Company, Inc.; Painting by Susan Hinds; Specialty Wallcovering

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Alison Noel Custom Interiors is a full-service design firm specializing in creating custom residential interiors. I love mixing colors, patterns, styles and textures to create a curated home. I believe we should all be able to live in our dream home, and the process to get there should be as exciting and uncomplicated as possible. Whether it’s painting, rendering an interior, photography, or Interior Design, I am passionate about exploring new styles and testing the bounds of my creativity with each new project.

ALISON NOEL CUSTOM INTERIORS 13802 Plantree Drive, Carmel, IN 46033 alisonnoelinteriors.com

| (219) 617-6358 | alison@alisonnoelinteriors.com | Alison Baldea 2018 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 51



rosalind brinn pope interior design


AREA DESCRIPTION The third-floor kitchen is a perfect spot to grab a morning cup of coffee or an evening nightcap. Working with the existing cabinetry and architecture, the room was painted a soft neutral color. Vibrant hues of aqua and raspberry are added with stripe and Provençal print fabrics, while the china and accessories are in crisp, clean, creamy whites. This quaint room is inviting to family and guest alike.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls and Ceiling: Sail Cloth PM-21; Trim: White Dove PM-19

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Fine Painting, Inc.; Benjamin Moore & Co.; Jeff Pettigrew, Art Installer

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Rosalind Brinn Pope, ASID, offers a complete interior design service from concept to completion. Rosalind listens to her clients’ design wishes and needs to create a home that is truly their own. Her Classic design style, experience, and attention to all the detail are what Rosalind is known for. Her studio is located in the Indiana Design Center, where she has access to fine fabric, furniture, and all the finishes you need for your next project.


Indiana Design Center | 200 S. Rangeline Road, Suite 321, Carmel, IN 46032 (317) 475-1906 | popeinteriors@yahoo.com | popeinteriors.com



3rd Floor “Beam Me Up” Bath bob mead interiors, inc.

AREA DESCRIPTION This very small bathroom was added to the attic space a number of years ago. Nothing seems to fit, but it is functional. My job was to make the best of a difficult situation. I replaced a small, picture-framed medicine cabinet with a larger one that has a full sheet of mirror. Installing a new Delta toilet and faucet, along with many accessories from Delta’s “Tesla” collection, blends beautifully with Indiana Lighting Center’s “Tessa” light fixture. This room now functions at its full capacity and is able to service two bedrooms.

DELTA With smooth, elegant lines, the Tesla® Bath Collection faucet and coordinating accessories create a soft, contemporary look in the space. The In2ition® Two-in-One Shower with H2Okinetic® Technology delivers a warmer, drenching spray wherever you want it. The WaterSense®-labeled Delta Turner® dual-flush toilet offers two flush options to conserve water without sacrificing performance.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Woodlawn Blue HC-147; Woodwork: White Dove PM-19

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Benjamin Moore & Co.; Delta Faucet; Hangs & Things; Indiana Lighting Center, Inc.; Silk Mountain Creations

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Bob Mead is celebrating the 35th anniversary of his design firm. More importantly, he is proudly celebrating his 37th year of participation in St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild’s Decorators Show House and Gardens. His passion has been to help raise funds for various projects for Eskenazi Health while showing his creative design ideas. As a full-service design firm, Bob can assist you with all of your design needs.


3123 Washington Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46205-2932


| (317) 925-0693 | bobmeadint@aol.com

Guest Retreat db interiors, llc


AREA DESCRIPTION A vintage velvet grey daybed adds texture to this bedroom, with layers of bedding and accent pillows to welcome any guest. The vertical window treatments with greys, blacks, and light silver create an illusion of height with the changing ceiling/wall slopes in this small space. The accent chair in faux alligator leather and glass side table are simple yet glamorous. The bedroom is a transitional space on the edge of sophistication.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Gray Huskie Regal Matte 1473 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Designer’s Market Inc.; Electrical Enterprises, Inc.; Professional Plastering & Drywall; Everyday Paint & Wallpaper, Inc.; Benjamin Moore & Co.; Joseph’s Oriental Rug Imports; Andrea Sacro Window Treatments; Crown Drapery Installations; Corporate Fine Art Group

ABOUT THE DESIGNER db interiors is a full-service residential and small commercial design firm that includes all phases of interior design—schematic, design documents, construction documents, interiors, kitchen and bath design, furnishings, cabinetry, fixtures, window treatments, and accessories. As the owner of db interiors, Diana Bryant holds a degree in interior design with more than 20 years of professional experience from conceptual design to completion. This year marks Diana’s tenth year to participate in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. Diana’s portfolio includes publications, nationally and locally. Diana’s work on the Decorators’ Show House in past years has earned her honors with the Key Award, ASID Awards, Maggie’s Award, and People’s Choice Awards.

db interiors, llc 4320 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 462080 dbinteriorsusa@gmail.com | dbinteriorsusa.com

| (317) 410-0085 |

Diana Bryant, Allied ASID, AKBD, RID #00169 2018 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 55


Mickey’s Hideaway ethan allen

AREA DESCRIPTION Mickey’s Hideaway is the delightful hideout of every child, young and old! The area highlights several pieces from the whimsical yet sophisticated Ethan Allen/Disney collection, enchanting guests of every age. The Dream Time bed takes center stage, flanked by two Shadow Cabinets featuring Mickey and his favorite gal-pal Minnie. Other favorites in the room are the two Character Chests, tucked under the dormers, which feature Mickey taking the first selfie alongside his faithful friend Pluto! Mickey’s favorite colors of red, yellow, and blue provide pops of color in the room against the black and white furniture.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls and Ceiling: White Opulence OC-69; Trim: White Dove PM-19; Accent Wall: Dark Royal Blue 2065-20

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Thank you to Dorina Rogers of Timeless Designs; Barth Electric; Benjamin Moore & Co.; and a very special thank you to Becky Bryant of The Painted Daisy, for her “magical” painting.

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS All of the designers at Ethan Allen are proud that, for 86 years, Ethan Allen has been providing quality custom furnishings for the home. Nearly 70% of what we sell is manufactured in our North American workshops by skilled artisans who are all Ethan Allen employees. This year, Ethan Allen is represented by the design team of Mark Pfotenhauer and Susie Clase, who are honored to be participating in our fifth Decorators’ Show House and Gardens and to be part of the St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild’s continued and valuable contributions to Eskenazi Health.

ETHAN ALLEN Mark Pfotenhauer and Susie Clase

4025 E. 82nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46250 ethanallen.com


| (317) 842-8101 | susie.clase@ethanallen.com |

Back Stairs & Hall mary johnston studio


AREA DESCRIPTION This area would have originally been the servants’ access to the kitchen and the second-floor family bedrooms. The door is where deliveries were likely made to the kitchen staff.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Elephant Tusk OC-8.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Indiana Lighting Center, Inc.

ABOUT THE DESIGNER I am a contemporary landscape and abstract painter. Working exclusively in oils, I create works that are colorful, yet peaceful and serene. Artwork is created on canvas, linen, and wood panels, and sizes are from small to really large pieces. Custom work is available. During the course of the year, I travel to a number of art shows and sell works through multiple galleries across the US. I also work with art consultants and designers to create the perfect work for a client’s setting. Recent awards include multiple purchase awards at Art Comes Alive, Cincinnati & Best Booth Design at Art Expo, NYC.

MARY JOHNSTON STUDIO 27 E. Main Street #300, Carmel, IN 46032 maryjohnstonstudio.com


(317) 730-7221

| mjohnstonart@gmail.com | Mary Johnston 2018 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 57


Main Floor Half Bath misch bobrick design, llc

AREA DESCRIPTION To complement the homeowners’ vanity cabinet, we worked with them to select a soft ivory marble with warm grey veining for the floor and walls. The large rectangular stones are topped with a dramatic wall color to fulfill our clients’ wishes for an elegant powder room with style. A refined framed mirror and accessories complete the room.

BRIZO The Rook® Bath Collection in Polished Chrome finish is a modern interpretation of a stately aesthetic.

DELTA Featuring the exclusive SmartFit® tank-tobowl connection to reduce potential leak points, the WaterSense®-labeled Delta® Turner® toilet conserves water without sacrificing performance.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Kingsport Gray HC-86

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Designer’s Market Inc.; A to Z Construction; The Tile Shop


Allan Misch, Allied ASID Reed Bobrick, RID, Allied ASID

Constance Vinson, Allied Member ASID, President Elect ASID Indiana


MischBobrick is an award winning interior design company based in Indianapolis, with clients throughout Indiana and across the country. With a combined 40 years of interior design experience, Allan Misch, Reed Bobrick, and Constance Vinson are committed to bringing your vision to life in ways you never could have imagined. Whether your taste runs to classic antiques or cutting-edge technology, MischBobrick can help you create the space you’ve always wanted. We take on projects from conceptual drawings through construction to furnishing and decorating.


3952 E. 79th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240 | (317) 430-1835 info@mischbobrick.com | mischbobrick.com



acheson, rines and france, design & build / mary kay kiefer design group, inc.


AREA DESCRIPTION Steadfast in preserving the stateliness and architectural elements of the English Tudor style, this area features solid oak floors, a newly constructed coffered ceiling, and the sophistication of inset kitchen cabinetry. Together these elements create a spacious, well-equipped kitchen where today’s family can gather to prepare a meal and share the events of the day. Natural granite and travertine countertops and backsplash, warm taupe colors with accents of luxurious gold hardware, and pops of color complete the look. Keeping the family’s lifestyle in mind, homeowners Don and Clare Acheson were instrumental as the core team required to complete this task.

BRIZO The Litze™ Kitchen Collection by Brizo® melds a clean, contemporary sensibility with a crafted style. With SmartTouch® Technology on the pull-down faucet, the water can be activated with a simple touch, bringing a new level of convenience to the kitchen. The Euro deck-mount pot filler provides twice the flow rate of standard kitchen faucets, making it easy to fill large cooking vessels quickly. The faucets and coordinating Litze accessories, including rotating double robe hooks, mini towel bars and drawer hardware, are shown in the Brilliance® Luxe Gold™ finish.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Hot Spring Stones AC-31; Trim: White Dove OC-17 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Flooring and Cabinetry by ProSource Wholesale of Indianapolis; Kitchen Design by Rob MacDougall; Delta Faucet Company; Mayan Art Marble & Granite; Charles Mayer & Company; Indiana Lighting Center, Inc.; NuSash of Indianapolis; Williams Concrete; Delaney Window Fashions LLC; Camden Stained Glass; The Tile Shop; Only One Painting; Appliances by Goedeker’s

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS Don Acheson and Mary Kay Kiefer collaborated for the first time on the design and completion of the kitchen and butler’s pantry. Specializing in design, restoration, and construction, Acheson, Rines and France, Design & Build, with their team of talented craftsmen, paired with the expertise of Mary Kay Kiefer Design Group, to create a stunning “new” kitchen in this 1925 home. Mary Kay has been a leader in the interior design industry for decades and has been recognized with countless awards and honors. The collaboration of Acheson and Kiefer proved to be an enjoyable venture and a great success.


1140 E. 46th Street, Warehouse D, Indianapolis, IN 46205 | (317) 253-5050 | achesonassociates.com MARY KAY KIEFER DESIGN GROUP, INC . (317) 441-9247 | kieferdesigngroupinc@yahoo.com | kieferdesigngroup.com

Donald Acheson

Mary Kay Kiefer, RID Allied Member ASID


2017 Show House Awards 2017 MAGGIE’S AWARD RECIPIENTS The Maggie’s Award is given each year to a designer who rises above and beyond the call of duty. The recipient exemplifies the heart of our project by generously sharing his or her time, resources, and spirit with Guild members and other designers. The Guild membership votes on this award just before the Show House opens, and the award is presented at the Key Party. St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild member Kathleen House sponsors this award.


Homes by Horvath, Steve Horvath Constance Vinson Interiors, Constance Vinson


Guests of the Show House vote on this award. Each ticket stub carries a voting form for favorite interior and landscape areas. Guests make their selections at the end of their tour, and all votes are tabulated at the close of the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. Winners are posted on www.showhouseindy.org shortly after the Show House closes.

INTERIOR DESIGN 1ST PLACE Master Bathroom & Closet, db interiors llc, Diana Bryant 2ND PLACE Kurt’s Cradle, Cornerstone Interiors, Julie Boutilier, Monica Due, and Kailyn Baker LANDSCAPE DESIGN 1ST PLACE Koi Pond, Mark M. Holeman, Inc., David Gorden, Scott Lumpkin, Mike Roth, and Ron Howe 2ND PLACE Entrance Allée, Property Pros Land Management LLC, Josh Springer and Jeff Mull

Designer Sale SEE IT? LOVE IT? BUY IT! Each room has a price list of items for sale. Contact individual designers for your purchases.


Dining Room

polish interior and art design


AREA DESCRIPTION Inspired by the homeowners’ vintage table and chairs, the dining room fuses styles to create a unique design scheme. Warm wood tones and textures are accentuated by natural light, while the neutral paint palette highlights the ornate millwork. Traditional furnishings, energetic textiles, and unconventional lighting are combined to create an ambiance that invites you to forgo your dinner reservations and dine in with family and friends.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Oxford White CC-30; Beams, Doors and Ceiling: Blackberry 2119-20

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Ferguson; Frost Upholstery; Northside Glass; Revelation; Designer’s Market Inc.; Custom Floors; Euflorice Events; Walker Construction Associates Inc.; Kelly’s Quality Painting Inc.; Uttermost; Tremain Tile, Marble & Granite

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS Polish Interior and Art Design is a full-service design firm that is client-centric, lighthearted and personable. Diverse backgrounds, including design, construction, art, and business brought the coowners, Courtney Walker-Pope and Christina Greive, together in 2014 to create a unique company. Their designs are focused on creating spaces through an inclusive process that yields the ultimate design experience. Collaboration is key in transforming their client’s inspiration into a design vision that incorporates functionality, sensibility, and creativity.

POLISH INTERIOR AND ART DESIGN 1060 N. Capitol Avenue, Suite E230, Indianapolis, IN 46204 christina@polishinteriors.com | polishinteriors.com

| (812) 630-7272 |

Courtney Walker-Pope, Allied ASID, Christina Greive, M.A. 2018 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 61


Butler’s Pantry

acheson, rines and france, design & build / mary kay kiefer design group, inc.


AREA DESCRIPTION Acheson’s vision for the butler’s pantry and kitchen was to both honor the history of the home while bowing (a little) to the changes in technology over the past century. Having shared many family holidays and events through the years, Don and Clare wish to maintain these areas as the “heart” of the home in the years ahead. The butler’s pantry is highlighted by the glass and stone backsplash complementing the original cabinets with newer, warmer paint colors (neutrals and taupes). Strict coordination with the kitchen’s design theme was an integral part of the overall scheme. Adherence to the historical theme was aided by inclusion of accessories provided by the wonderful Charles Mayer & Co. (est. 1840). Can you find the whimsical dragon in the room?

BRIZO Shown in the Brilliance® Luxe Gold™ finish, the design of the Litze™ bar faucet with square spout and coordinating drawer hardware was inspired by the revival of the arts and crafts movement. Textured knurling on the faucet handle provides functional benefits while celebrating the beauty of craftsmanship.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Hot Spring Stones AC-31; Cabinets: Kingsport Gray HC-86; Trim: White Dove OC-17

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Delaney Window Fashions LLC; The Empty Vase; Next Level Solutions, Inc.; Hi 5 Installations; Kittle’s Home Furnishings; William Jones Painting; Indiana Lighting Center, Inc; Trans-Plants; Eckert & Ross Fine Art; Charles Mayer & Company; F. Schumacher; ProSource Wholesale of Indianapolis; Melinda Spear-Huff; Camden Stained Glass; Mayan Art Marble & Granite

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Mary Kay has been turning clients’ visions into reality for over 35 years from Indiana to Florida. Mary Kay Kiefer Design is a full service firm that works from concept to completion on small or large projects and is available for consultation. Mary Kay travels often to design shows and markets to secure specialty items for clients. The firm has won many prestigious design honors and ASID Excellence in Design awards. Mary Kay has been featured by the International Design Times magazine as one of the “10 Designers to Watch” in the millennium. Mary Kay is a member of the NFIB Leadership Council.


1140 E. 46th Street, Warehouse D, Indianapolis, IN 46205 | (317) 253-5050 | achesonassociates.com MARY KAY KIEFER DESIGN GROUP, INC . (317) 441-9247 | kieferdesigngroupinc@yahoo.com | kieferdesigngroup.com

Donald Acheson

Mary Kay Kiefer, RID Allied Member ASID


The Menu at Maggie’s Café CHICKEN SALAD


Your choice of a fresh croissant or bed of field greens. Served with chips and fresh fruit.

Choose from hot tomato basil or cold vichyssoise. Served with chips and fresh fruit.


Turkey, Monterey Jack, lettuce and tomato with house mustard sauce. Served with chips and fresh fruit.


A meat and a vegetarian option will be available each day. Served with chips, side of field greens and fresh fruit.

SOUP & HALF SANDWICH Your choice of half chicken salad on croissant or half turkey wrap and soup. Served with chips and fresh fruit.


Maggie’s own signature recipes including: Maggie Bars, Brownies

food and beverages provided by: SYNLawn | Illinois St. Food Emporium | Elgin WaterCare | Harvest Café Coffee & Tea

Visit the



Show House Shops — LO C AT E D O N T H E G RO U N D S —

Twisted Sisters

3937 E. 82nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46240 (317) 841-7177 www.twistedindy.com

Be The Boutique

5607 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, IN 46220 (317) 257-3826 www.betheboutique.com

St. Margaret’s Flower Shop


Great Room

kittle’s design studio


AREA DESCRIPTION What could be more pertinent in today’s lifestyle than a “great” room? The newly created space, which was originally a garage, is now the heart of family living. Once the original screened-in porch became the formal dining room, I knew my goal was to create that transition to the outdoors and lose the formality of the home. French doors were added, and these doors are now the looking glass to the outdoors. Sitting in this room and enjoying the placement of the bay window opposite the French doors brings a breath of freshness to a very historic home. The family who lives here will continue to enjoy being together and appreciating the changing scenery of their view through the “Looking Glass.”

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Ceiling and Walls: White Dove OC-17; Trim: White Dove PM-19 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Studley Moving & Storage; David Studley, Artist; Silver Crow Studios; The Empty Vase; Designer’s Market Inc.; Pinnacle Painting; Acheson, Rines and France, Design & Build; Mayan Art Marble& Granite

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Audrey Studley brings years of experience and an extremely multi-faceted energy to Kittle’s Studio by capitalizing on the exposure she has had while residing and working with clients from the east coast to the west coast. Her background in music and theater expands the interpretation of any space to a level that has its own rhythm. its own harmony, and its own texture. Past works were published in Tucson Lifestyle where she lived from 1990 to 1998. She was most recently published in Indianapolis Monthly that showcased an extensive remodel, an area that she is continuing to develop as well as lake/ocean front homes.

KITTLE’S DESIGN STUDIO 8600 Allisonville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46250

| (317) 849-5300 Ext. 1586 |


Audrey Studley


Restoration – Polishing – Maintenance Make Old Floors, Walls, and Countertops...LOOK NEW!

Marble • Granite • Terrazzo • Concrete Metal • Tile & Grout • Cleaning & Sealing 20 Year Member of Marble Institute of America Indianapolis’ First & Oldest Restoration Professional Established in 1988 Saint Margaret’s Decorators’ Show House Participant since 1992 Endorsed by: Cathedral Marble & Granite, Tremain Tile, Marble & Granite, Ostuni Tile

Call 317-485-4810 or Visit MrMarbleCare.com office@mrmarblecare.com


Woodland Hideaway

chatham home


AREA DESCRIPTION The children’s playhouse in the back garden provided the designers of Chatham Home with the perfect opportunity to create a whimsical woodland hideaway. The wall mural sets the tone for the overall theme of the space, with colorful flowers and forest creatures roaming between the trees. An exotic live edge wood table serves as the centerpiece of the tiny house and is surrounded by handmade toadstools, which are ideal to perch on for teatime on the “grass” shag rug. Exterior paint was chosen to brighten up the playhouse, and create a welcoming atmosphere for play.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Exterior Siding: Forest Valley Green 634; Exterior Shutters and Accents: Willow Grove 636; Exterior and Interior Trim: White Dove PM-19; Door: Vegetable Patch 062

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Allisonville Nursery, Garden and Home; Mural painted by Linette’s Painting and Fine Art; All furnishings provided by Chatham Home

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS Hope Harsin and her mom, Faith Felder, are the ladies of Chatham Home, a home furnishings showroom and design firm specializing in one-of-a-kind reclaimed and handcrafted solid wood furniture, home accessories, and unique gifts. You can find them downtown in an old industrial building just off Mass Ave. This is Hope and Faith’s sixth year participating in the St. Margaret’s Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. Their first year, they were honored to take home both the Key Award and People’s Choice Award.


517 E. Walnut Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202 | (317) 917-8550 faith@chathamhomeindy.com | chathamhomeindy.com

| hope@chathamhomeindy.com | Faith Felder and Hope Harsin 2018 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 67

Decorators’ Show House and Gardens: 1962-2018

1962 5019 N. Meridian Street

1963 3444 Washington Boulevard

1964 5545 N. Meridian Street

1965 4411 N. Meridian Street

1966 4747 N. Meridian Street

1967 4375 N. Meridian Street

1968 3456 Central Avenue

1969 3445 N. Pennsylvania Street

1970 5001 N. Meridian Street

1971 4050 Washington Boulevard

1972 4356 N. Meridian Street

1973 4207 N. Pennsylvania Street

1974 5111 N. Meridian Street

1975 4343 N. Meridian Street

1976 4950 N. Meridian Street

1977 4137 N. Meridian Street

1978 4145 Washington Boulevard

1979 4122 N. Meridian Street

1980 4160 Washington Boulevard

1981 4164 Washington Boulevard


1982 4268 Washington Boulevard

1983 4127 N. Meridian Street

1984 4224 Washington Boulevard

1985 4270 N. Meridian Street The Historic Booth Tarkington House

1986 5019 N. Meridian Street

1986 5105 N. Meridian Street

1987 5110 N. Meridian Street

1987 5140 N. Meridian Street

1988 5330 N. Meridian Street

1989 5801 Sunset Lane

1990 3200 Cold Springs Road

1991 3200 Cold Springs Road

The Wheeler-Stokely Mansion

The Allison Mansion

1992 8140 Spring Mill Road

1993 4333 Sylvan Road

1994 4801 N. Meridian Street

1995 4356 N. Meridian Street

1996 4145 Washington Boulevard

1996 4163 Washington Boulevard

1997 4050 Washington Boulevard

The Mansion at Alverna Estates

1995 4366 N. Meridian Street


1997 4053 N. Pennsylvania Street

1998 5840 Lawton Loop

1998 5866 Lawton Loop

1998 5875 Lawton Loop

1999 4567 Cold Spring Road

2000 2902 N. Meridian Street

2000 2960 N. Meridian Street

2001 3200 Cold Spring Road

The Fortune Estate

The Levey Mansion

The Fairbanks Mansion

The Wheeler-Stokely Mansion

2002 3641 Washington Boulevard

2003 4127 N. Meridian Street

2003 4130 N. Meridian Street

2004 5555 Washington Boulevard

2004 5540 Central Avenue

2005 5425 N. Meridian Street

2006 1143 W. 116th Street, Carmel

2007 4201 Washington Boulevard

2008 4266 Pennsylvania Street

2009 1388 Queens Way, Carmel

2010 4270 N. Meridian Street

Le Chateau Renaissance

2011 4310 N. Meridian Street

The Historic Booth Tarkington House

2012 5 E. 71st Street

2013 3050 N. Meridian Street Historic Schnull-Rauch House


2014 5235 N. Meridian Street

2015 4038 N. Pennsylvania Street

2015 4044 N. Pennsylvania Street

2016 5260 N. Meridian Street

2017 4401 N. Illinois Street

2018 4140 N. Illinois Street

St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild is often asked, “how is a home selected to be a show house?”

The process of selecting a home to be transformed into the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens begins almost two years prior to the opening of the house for public tours. Ideas for potential Show Houses come from interested homeowners, real estate agents, surveys of desired neighborhoods, and other contacts in the community. To be selected, a home must be spacious enough to accommodate multiple design areas, have front and back staircases, a central entrance hall, a substantial garage or carriage house area, a sizeable lawn, outdoor area to accommodate landscapers’ designs and be of sufficient interest and character to attract the public. Decorators’ Show House and Gardens is most successful when it can exhibit examples of many designers’ creativity, both interior and exterior, while keeping the overall impression of the house that of a coordinated and integrated design scheme. The event is not a custom decorating service for homeowners. Designers are given freedom

of expression in their areas, although there are guidelines for reasonable adaptations to color schemes and themes that flow from room to room. The Guild each year creates a Design Board made up of selected designers and Guild chair persons. This Board oversees area selection and design proposals from designers on the design of their areas. Being a Decorators’ Show House and Gardens homeowner is an exciting and rewarding experience. It is most gratifying to be part of the longest, continuously running Show House in the country and raise funds for an excellent cause—Eskenazi Health. If you are open to new design ideas and current design trends, if you are comfortable making decisions, and if you are flexible and can adapt to change, then please give consideration to becoming a future Decorators’ Show House homeowner. Please contact the St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild at www.showhouseindy.org.


Decorators’ Show House and Gardens 2018 advertisers index

design firms

A Classic Party Rental...................................................14

Acheson, Rines and France, Design & Build ..59, 63

Anne M. Buskirk Photograghy....................................12

Alison Noel Custom Interiors ................................ 51

Architectural Antiques .................................................10 B105.7..............................................................................38 Barnes & Thornburg LLP .............................................8 Blakley’s Flooring .........................................................C4 Brizo ................................................................................18 Charles Mayer & Company.. ........................................12 Dale & Eke, P.C. ............................................................42 Delta Faucet Company .................................................44 Diamond Capital Management ...................................4 Donaldson’s Chocolates ................................................52 Emmis Communications .............................................34 Eskenazi Health Foundation ........................................2 Griffon Decorative Fabrics, Inc. ..................................52 Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery ..................................62 Howald Heating & Air Conditioning .........................62 Indiana Design Center ..................................................66 Joseph’s Oriental Rug Imports .....................................16 Kittle’s Design Studio ....................................................33 Marigold Clothing .........................................................10 McNamara Flowers ......................................................52 MKNA (Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Assoc.) ...42 Mr. Marble Care TH-Inc ..............................................66 Nelson Alarm .................................................................40 Petrov Frame Atelier .....................................................10 Ping’s Tree Service .........................................................66 Rosalind Brinn Pope Interior Design .........................62 Stuart’s Moving and Storage, Inc. ................................C2 The National Bank of Indianapolis ............................30 The Secret Ingredient....................................................C3 The Shops at 56th & Illinois .........................................28


Bob Mead Interiors, Inc. ......................................... 54 Chatham Home ........................................................ 67 Compass Design, LLC ............................................. 47 db interiors, llc .......................................................... 55 Design Works ........................................................... 39 Diane Hallquist Interior Design ............................ 46 Elissa Decker Interior Design ................................ 45 Ethan Allen ............................................................... 56 Hoskins Interior Design ...................................48, 50 Kittle’s Design Studio .............................................. 65 Mark M. Holeman, Inc. ........................................... 31 Mary Johnston Studio ............................................. 57 Mary Kay Kiefer Design Group, Inc. .. 36, 41, 59, 63 Midwest Landscape Industries, Inc. ...................... 35 Misch Bobrick Design, LLC .................................... 58 MW Harris ................................................................ 37 Polish Interior and Art Design ............................... 61 Property Pros Land Management, LLC ................ 32 Rosalind Brinn Pope Interior Design .................... 53 Spear-Huff Studios .............................................36, 41 Thomas & Jayne Interior Design............................ 43 Whetstone & Associates Interior Design .............. 49

Profile for St. Margaret's Hospital Guild

2018 Decorators' Show House and Gardens Program  

2018 Decorators' Show House and Gardens Program  


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