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EASTER is just around the corner . . . hard to believe I know! It doesn’t seem five minutes since we were celebrating that other great Christian festival, Christmas, knee deep in snow. Now there is a real hint of spring in the air: the sun is shining, new green shoots are appearing, the days are lengthening and the temperature is rising. One of the greatest needs of every person on the planet is to know they are loved, that their lives count for something. And one of the greatest gifts of Easter is to celebrate the love God has shown to each one of us in the Person of Jesus Christ. One of the most well-known verses in the whole Bible tells us that

‘God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life ’ (from the Gospel of John, chapter 3, verse 16.)

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you’ve done. The love of Jesus is for you. His death on the cross and return to life three days later brings forgiveness for the past, hope for the future, and a whole new meaning to life in the here-and-now. This is what the Easter story is really about – God’s unconditional love for every one of us. It really has nothing to do with chocolate eggs or Easter bunnies. Why not come and join us at church over the Easter weekend * to find out more about this amazing love.? You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! *For details of Easter services at St Margaret’s the back page of this edition of In Touch Building bridges between church and community



Building bridges between church and community


A week of activities for the over 55’s. Come along and join in the Fun at the Parish Centre, St Margaret’s Church, Burnage Lane from 10.00am to 3.30pm each day. Watch out for Further details at Love Burnage Day on 19th June 2010.

Building bridges between church and community

For several months St Margaret's Church has been in negotiation with the Elections Officer at Manchester Town Hall, the local Councillors and Green End Primary School regarding the venue for the Burnage Ward Polling Station. We are pleased to report that all of these bodies are in agreement that the venue for all future elections should be moved from Green End Primary School to St Margaret's Parish Centre situated at the rear of the church. There are a number of reasons for this move, primarily so that the school can remain open on election day ensuring that children can continue to be taught and parents will not need to make alternative arrangements. St Margaret's Church is pleased to be able to offer our premises as an alternative venue and we trust that the readers of this edition of In Touch will help to circulate the news of this change in order to ensure that voters attend the correct venue on election day. Your Polling Cards will also confirm this change of venue when they are issued.


Christians in Burnage from the different traditions, meet for a series of Lent Studies and a Good Friday Walk. We choose a different route to walk in the parish each year. This year our walk starts at 12 noon on Good Friday from Christ Church United Reform Church on Burnage Lane. We shall walk north up Burnage Lane and turn right into Crossley Road. At the traffic lights we shall turn right again and walk down Errwood Road and turn right yet again into Avon Road until we meet Burnage Lane, Here we shall turn right into Burnage Lane returning to Christ Church (on our right!). We shall walk in silence carrying the CTIB banner and a cross. The walk ends with a short service to remember and reflect the death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

but Cameroon has a diverse economy in which women are major players. In industries from bananas and coffee to oil and aluminium, women are involved and also in the caring roles for those with HIV, leprosy, malaria and malnutrition. This year, women there have planned the International Women’s Day of Prayer. Here’s how Burnage women took part :

Parrswood Church attended the Women’s World Day of Prayer Service. St Margaret’s Lay Reader, Pam Corps, led the service and Caroline Throup gave the address – Caroline will be joining us as our new curate in June. Twelve ladies from the churches from the Burnage churches each read a short piece about the various jobs the women of Cameroon do and how they praise God whilst doing them. Alan Wilkinson, our organist, helped to keep us in tune.

On Friday evening, 5th March, 43 people from St The service lasted just an hour and we ended the Margaret’s, St Bernard’s, Christ Church and evening with tea, biscuits and plenty of chat!.

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Building bridges between church and community

Saturday, 19th June 2010, 2 to 5pm St Margaret’s Church, Burnage Lane Lots of fun activities, games & special features for all the family including a giant climbing wall, community art project display, barbecue, cream teas, brass band and lots more beside! It will not cost you a penny – it’s all free courtesy of the church community Following the highly successful family fun day events of the past two years, we are once again planning a similar event in June this year. Local schools and other community groups have been invited to participate in a community art project, the finished product of which will be on display during the day. Denton Brass Band have been invited back to entertain us, and it is also hoped that one of the local schools will provide their steel band. Last year, as a result of the generosity of church members and a Manchester City Council CASH grant, the whole event was laid on for free. This year we are aiming to do the same and not charge for anything. We just want people to come along and enjoy a good day out for all the family. After all, God’s love – although not without cost – is unconditional and freely available to all. We hope you will come along and join in the fun!

This question was asked recently and I suppose the answer is “yes” or “no”. Maunday Thursday, the day before Good Friday, Jesus had a last supper with his disciples. Many of them thought Jesus was going to lead an insurrection against the Roman rulers. They were discussing which of them would be among the leaders. Jesus took water and a towel and washed each of the disciple’s feet. (This was a job for a slave or the very lowest servant.) Here their leader did it. The clear lesson was that they were to serve one another. Jesus also gave them a new commandment:. they were to love one another as he had loved them. (St John’s Gospel ch 13 v 36). So back to the question: yes, the bishops and clergy are cleaning shoes for charity - that is love as shown by Jesus and no, they are not doing it for money – but you could give to Tear Fund of you are lucky enough to get your shoes polished.! Building bridges between church and community


On the last weekend in January we went to ball in the grounds. For tea, there was lots Langdale with the church congregation of of tasty food and loads of nice puddings! St. Margaret’s, staying in dormitories at the YHA. We had some pizza and garlic bread when we arrived, then we explored the house; no one had thought about going to bed yet! Saturday was definitely the most exhausting day. It all started when we went down stairs for cereal and a delicious cooked breakfast. There were three walks, from strenuous to easy, or you could do your own thing. I went on a walk with my friends, singing Manchester City and United anthems. We walked along by the lake and could see lots of mountains.

The fire alarm went off twice while we were there, when someone burned the toast !I had to go outside in my pyjamas!! On the Sunday morning we had a short service, then tidied up and went home. We all We had lunch (which we packed earlier) enjoyed our time at Langdale. and a play. After this we went to the tea shop, then we headed back and played foot- Account and photography by James , age 10.

You may remember reading in the last edition of In Touch of two St Margaret church members, James and Jenny, going to train to become missionaries with their young family. The training is in Wales and now that’s drawing to a close they are going on a short visit to Australia to meet people and see how they can get involved with Aboriginal communities.


“Life is continuing to be busy here in Llanelli. We have just had the annual conference for the organisation we are with and James was leading all the music in the worship! Following that now is two weeks of Linguistics which promises to be very intense (so that we can begin to understand the Aboriginal languages!). “In April we are travelling out to Brisbane, first to see friends then a 12 hour drive to Cunnamulla (that’s Aboriginal for “long stretch of water”), in Queensland. We will be spending the next 9 days with another British family who live there doing various things and getting a feel for the town. We hope the trip will give us some direction for the future after we finish training and more of a time-scale as to when we might move out there more permanently.” Building bridges between church and community

Building bridges between church and community


United Reform Church 7pm Good Friday 10.15am 6.3am at Marple Ridge Car Park 10.30am and 6.30pm United Reform Church 10.30am


Meditation Services 7.30-8pm ,: an agape meal 7.30- 9pm Ring rector to book 432 7009 Young People’s Activities 10.30-12 noon “At the foot of the cross” Service 2-3pm Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion 8.30am All age worship 10.30am

Burnage Lane Mass :8pm Stations of the Cross: The Lord’s Passion, :3pm , The Easter Vigil: 8pm Holy Mass: 10am

Burnage Lane Reflection on the Cross 10.30am Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion 9.30am All-age Family Communion 10,30am Easter Praise 6.30 pm Kingsburn Hall, Burnage Lane 10.30am

Got a problem? Like someone to talk to? In spiritual help or advice? For pastoral help and support, telephone our Helpline and someone will get back to you 8

Building bridges between church and community

In Touch Easter 2010  
In Touch Easter 2010  

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