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St. Luke’s Family


Children’s Ministry We need volunteers to help in all areas of Children’s Ministries. Go to & Click Volunteer for a full list of dates and times and to sign up.

Carols & Candles Christmas Performance December 4th from 6:00 – 7:30

Kid’s LIVE!

Children’s Choirs

Sundays 4:45 – 6:00 @ Southwest Pre-K – 5th Grade

Sundays 4:00 – 4:45 @ Southwest Cherub - 3 year olds – Kinder St. Luke’s Singers – 1st – 5th Grade

Wednesday nights, 6:00 pm @ Central EPIC – 3rd – 5th Graders Grace Kids – 4 year olds – 2nd grade *Meals begin October 5th

Corn Maze

Join us for a time of fellowship and fun. October 16, 2016 from 4:00 – 6:00 pm $8/person – 4 years and under are free We will be grilling out and roasting s’mores. Meet us under the big yellow tent.

A Night in Bethlehem Christmas Journey December 11th from 5:00 – 6:30 Come as a family and discover Jesus in Bible-times Bethlehem! Families will interact with local shopkeepers and Mary and Joseph who share the Christmas story, and create unique keepsakes during this Christmas adventure.


St. Luke’s Family

St. Luke’s Lubbock

A note from Pastor Matt “Be perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect.” There is a command of Jesus that seems more troubling than helpful to most people. Every day, no matter where we “work,” we should be striving to improve and make a difference. We should work toward being more excellent, more giving, and more patient. Every day we wake up with the best of intentions, but somewhere along the way, we get derailed and perfect falls from our sight like throwing a rock of the edge of the Grand Canyon. We ask for the Lord’s forgiveness and go to bed, only to wake up the next morning to try again. Looks like the ridiculous instructions on the shampoo bottle in my shower: “Apply, scrub, rinse, repeat.” But the idea of going on to perfection is not achieving perfection every time, but rather it is attempting to achieve perfection every time. Think about a baseball player. So many times a commentator will talk about the great form the player has. They practice their sport with the same form, trying to achieve the best hit they can. The key is consistency. I remember a teacher telling me that, “Practice actually does not produce perfection.” He explained, “Perfect practice, produces perfection.” If you practice something wrongly, then the results will be wrong. In fact it might be perfectly wrong! No baseball player has ever achieved a perfect record, but they play with great joy as they practice their form to play the best they can. So should each of us as Christians with Christ as our perfect example. Even though we will never live a perfect life, just like no player will ever have a perfect career, this perfection nevertheless gives us all a fixed point at which to aim toward: Jesus. And my hope is that we will have a team of people around us who are also working toward this perfection who can encourage each other and lift up one another with encouragement and support as we walk this journey of faith together. Moving Mountains one rock at a time,


St. Luke’s Lubbock

St. Luke’s Family


40 Days of gRace Working at a nightclub, hanging out with druggies, musicians, roadies, and bartenders is probably not the ideal situation for anyone. However, that’s where God found me during the height of the Urban Cowboy craze, a Fort Worth disc jockey spinning country and rock-and-roll records between performances by the likes of Willie Nelson and Johnny Lee. But God has a way of using even the messes we create for ourselves to advance us down the road toward serving Him. And so it was with me. One night a manager called me into his office and pointed to a locked briefcase. “This needs to go to Dallas. You don’t have to worry about what’s inside. Here’s $200 gas money for your trouble.” I knew it didn’t take $200 to get to Dallas. Whatever was in that briefcase, $200 probably wouldn’t make my bail if I was stopped by police. Besides, even though I knew a lot of drugs went in and out of that club, I had always stayed far away. Satan was making sure I couldn’t just ignore the evil any longer. This was a moment when I had to decide whether I was in or out of the club scene, and all that went with it. “I don’t think so,” I said. As the words left my lips, I saw him change. We went from friends to instant enemies. “You do it or you’re fired,” he snarled. I also realized that if I refused, I ran the risk of retribution from whomever the briefcase belonged to. This decision wouldn’t just mean getting fired; it meant getting the heck out of Dodge before somebody got nervous that I might tell the authorities what I’d seen. Here’s the thing: a week earlier, a man who owned a small radio station in West Texas had stopped by the club. He’d asked me if I wanted a job. I tried not to laugh in his face. Didn’t he know I was “big time?” Suddenly, that job looked mighty sweet. I called the next morning, ate some crow, and accepted the offer. Within a few weeks, I was not only on the air, but attending church (what else was there to do?), had met the woman who would become my wife, and was befriended by a variety of Christians who took an interest in me. My mess. God’s message: What Satan intended for my harm, God used for my good.

Bear Mills


St. Luke’s Family

St. Luke’s Lubbock

Grace GROUPS 3:15 – 4:00 Guitar 1 Class @ Southwest Room 12 4:00 - 4:45 St. Luke’s Singers & Cherub Choir 4:00-5:30 Marriage Class 4:45 – 5:30 Youth Choir 4:45 – 6:00 Kid’s Live 5:00 – 7:00 Student Grace 4:00 – 6:00 Sunday Adult Grace Groups

Upcoming events All Church Men’s Retreat September 30- October 2nd October

Leader Apprectain Dinner @ 6:00pm @ Central Belize Mission Trip Informational Meeting @ 3:00pm. SW Grace Night Dinners starts @ Central, 5:15PM Belize Informational Meeting @ 8:00pm, Central Family Night @ Corn Maize St. Luke’s Singer’s and Cherub Sing @ Central


All Saints Celebration St. Luke’s Singer’s and Cherub Sing @ SW All Church Thanksgiving Lunch @ S Tree Trimming @ Both Campuses

St. Luke’s Lubbock

St. Luke’s Family


Music Ministry I hope your fall semester has started off well. I am sure we are all looking forward to the wonderful, mild weather that is characteristic of Lubbock in the fall. The mild weather has gradually been replacing the heat of August, and it will be a delight when it arrives in full. Speaking about being full, our church has a lot to offer for those who want to serve God and become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. First, there is always room for more in the music ministry. October is the month when we invite Seasonal Singers to join the choir. A Seasonal Singer is one who sings with the choir at special events. The commitment is to rehearse with the choir from October until the end of November and to perform in Carols and Candles on December 4th. We rehearse Christmas music at the beginning of Wednesday rehearsals; from 7:00 until 7:40. Don’t miss the opportunity of being a Seasonal Singer. You’ll be showered with appreciation by the choir and enjoy singing Christmas music. You are also welcome to inquire about our other ensembles: Bellchoir, Orchestra, Praise Band, Guitar Class. Carols and Candles is on Sunday, December 4th at 6:00pm in the Central Campus sanctuary. Please mark your calendars and consider bringing a guest to the performance. Our presentations are always entertaining, uplifting and thought provoking. While celebrating Christmas, we share the gospel and provide good opportunities for follow up discussion. It is great to end the evening at one of the many coffee shops in town and talk about the content of the show. I’ll talk more about the theme in the next newsletter. As the leader of the Central Campus Hospitality Team, it has been brought to my attention that we are in need of ushers and greeters at both the 8:30 service and 10:45 service (especially the 8:30 service). One vital aspect of church growth is to show effective hospitality to visitors, and the most important ingredient is people. Visitors will slip though the cracks of poor hospitality if there aren’t enough greeters or ushers. Also, the prime time for hospitality is the first 10 minutes after the service, when visitors have experienced worship and have formulated questions. We tend to dart off to Sunday School or to lunch and leave visitors in the wake. Please consider being an usher, greeter and/or information desk worker. We will have training sessions very soon so you can be equipped with great tools for effective hospitality If you are looking to serve in the music ministry in a non-musical way, please consider being in the Technical Crew. We have several openings in both services at the Central Campus. It is important to fill each spot in order to have a reliable rotation that keeps the services running smoothly. You can be on the Sound Crew (which operates the soundboard) or the Media Crew (which operates the slideshow). While these are vital jobs during worship, they are not difficult and we will make sure that you are fully trained. Look at the chart for openings. Finally, as our church strives to live its mission of developing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, please consider being a promoter church activities. While we make every effort to reach people with various forms of media, the best advertisement comes from word of mouth and personal testimony. If we want our church to grow numerically and spiritually, we all need to encourage each other to get plugged in somewhere at St. Luke’s. What caused the early church to grow? Was it the spirit working through one follower of Jesus or the spirit working through many followers of Jesus? Let’s encourage each other to get plugged in and to inform visitors of all that St. Luke’s has to offer.


St. Luke’s Family

St. Luke’s Lubbock

8:30 Service Media Sound Fred Wagner ???? Dale Wiginon

10:45 Service Media Sound

Sam Kennedy


Leslie Garrison

Andrew Kennedy Mike McMurry

Bryce Yancey

Leslie Garrison


Elaina Thomas

Darren Jones


Areas to Serve and Grow Choirs, Orchestra, String Ensemble, Bells, Band, Sound Crew, Media Crew, Librarians, Guitar Class, Drama Fall Semester in the Music Ministry: 12/4- Carols and Candles Performance- 6:00 @ the Central Campus Sanctuary 12/15- BellChoir Christmas Concert @ McKenzie House 12/ 17- St. Luke’s Singers Christmas Caroling/Lunch/Movie 12/17- Radio Show- 6:00 @ Central Campus Fellowship Hall

Appreciation Notes

Dear Andy, Our daughters let this morning, Darla lives in Houstn and Sherrie in Florida. It has sure made it easier for them to be here at this time. We appreciate all you have done. You have done so much to help us. I will miss Max but I know he is at peace now. St. Lukes has been wonderful to us, too. Thank you, Andy for everything.

St. Luke’s Lubbock

St. Luke’s Family



St. Luke’s Family

St. Luke’s Lubbock

St. Luke’s Lubbock

St. Luke’s Family



St. Luke’s Family

St. Luke’s Lubbock

St. Luke’s Lubbock

St. Luke’s Family


Ragamuffin Students Students are most often dealt with in church congregations as the subculture in need of schooling to “fall in line,” while simultaneously being expected to carry the life-blood of the same, dull, declining congregation. It is true that students need Godly and Holy Spirit-led training in “the way they should go,” for otherwise there would be no future of the Church. However, it strikes me as interesting that this group of people, delineated only by age mind you, have on their already heavily-laden shoulders the expectations of the church to invigorate life where there is often little, yet are scolded for doing so in a manner outside the norm. Cleverness aside, this really is a serious problem. The majority of people aware of the history of Jesus’ Church would agree that perhaps the worst thing to happen to God’s people was the adoption of Christianity as Rome’s official religion by Constantine. Beforehand, the very thing giving Christianity life was the threat of death which forced them to rely first on the Holy Spirit, and second on each and every fellow believer. Without either of these, Christianity would have easily been stamped out not but a few decades after Jesus’ ascension. This is precisely why Paul wrote so often of the paramount significance of the individual in the church body, who is so important BECAUSE OF their uniqueness rather than in spite of it. What we often find in our churches today is a fear of the individual and their uniqueness, especially that which is very difficult to understand -something I find as ironic since Jesus in the Pharisee-led Israel is the complete embodiment of uniqueness and difficult to understand...have you read the crowds reaction to his parables??? This fear of the unique or complex is found most abundantly in congregations’ attitudes toward teenagers. As I get older it becomes more obvious to me that I am slowly losing the creativity, passion, and boldness that so often epitomized my younger years, so FOR THIS VERY REASON I see the incomparable value and gift that is the youth of our church congregations. Yes, they are oftentimes emotionally-driven; yes they make many mistakes in their pursuit of truth and purpose -don’t pretend you didn’t or don’t still- and yes, they OFTEN look before they leap, having little foundation for the choices they make or “truths” they adhere to. But without the creativity, passion, and boldness God has graciously given us in the form of young people, I and hundreds or even thousands of experts, statisticians, and any with eyes to see can tell you church -at least as we know it- will die a slow, sad demise. I have started a series of articles entitled “The Eyes of the Church.” These blogs will address things young people have been gifted by the Holy Spirit to see, where most of us over the age of 25 have begun to or long ago forgot. They will also challenge us to involve and intentionally seek out young people to partake in the discerning & visioning of where our church family is headed. I cannot encourage you enough, do not skip over these because they may be convicting; they convict me too. Do not take lightly what you read, it IS a wound bleeding out the organized Church. Seriously consider what you would do differently if you believed and pursued change in the areas we discuss. What if EVERY SINGLE member of Christ’s Body is of ultimate importance to its survival? What if the Holy Spirit has purposefully empowered younger members with vision for the present and the gallantry to try it? What if they have the “eyes to see” and God gave us “ears to hear,” all the while relying on our trust in the Holy Spirit’s sovereignty to unify us in the process? Consider yourself challenged. ;-) CHECK OUT OUR BLOG WITH ARTICLES ALL ABOUT STUDENTS, HOW THEY SEE THE WORLD, & THEIR ROLE IN THE CHURCH **


St. Luke’s Family

St. Luke’s Lubbock

Special Events - Fall Retreat It is close enough to call if fall and that means one thing: FALL RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!! Our annual Ragamuffin Fall Retreat is consistently one of our students’ favorite and most beneficial events of the year. With students’ lives getting aggressively busier & more stressful, we take this opportunity to get away to the mountains

& DO NOTHING! The benefits of Fall Retreat for your student include: 1.Getting much needed rest from the world’s demands & influence 2.Experiencing Jesus in new ways vital to spiritual growth 3.Creating a closer sense of community with a weekend trip together Don’t miss out on another huge opportunity to connect with a God & community that radically love you -sign up for Fall Retreat TODAY! When: October 14-16 (We leave 5:00-6:00pm Friday & return around 4:00pm Sunday) Where: Sacramento Methodist Assembly, NM Cost: $75/student (scholarships available) Sign up @

Financial Update Actual August $84,792 $92,690 ($7,898)

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Actual YTD $769,101 $802,488 ($33,387)


Expense, $802,488


AUGUST 2016 Amount Paid Remaining Building Debt



Deficit, ($33,387)

Deficit ($7898)

Expense, $92,690

Income, $84,792

Income, $769,101



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October 2016 Visionary  
October 2016 Visionary