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St. Luke’s Lubbock

May 2016 Visionary


Hebrews 12:15a

See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God


A note from Pastor Andy Finish the Race

Over the last few weeks we have had the joy and the opportunity to be in 20 home gatherings. The initial goal of these gatherings was to cast a vision for what God desires to do in our church through our “Finish The Race” campaign. That conversation usually took about 10 minutes, then we had the opportunity to just talk about the state of the church and the future that God has for His church family at St. Luke’s. Two clear realities came out of those meetings: 1. Our church has a deep and passionate love for Jesus; 2. We have a strong desire to see our church be used in mighty ways in the days to come.

I wanted to share with you five of the questions that were asked during these gatherings. The question most asked was “What is the church going to do with the $100,000 that we’ve been spending on principle and interest payments?” The short answer is that those funds will be further invested to help us reach, grow, and send forth fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We will be freed up to actually consider new ministries, new outreaches, and new facility improvements to reach new persons for Christ. In the first 3 months of 2017 we will bring this question to the members of the church to hear your ideas and desires. By the time the debt is paid off (Lord willing) around Thanksgiving of 2017, we will have a very clear path charted.

Researchers now say that “the average committed Christian attends church only 1.8 times per month.” E-Life has a clearly defined and strategically aligned mission of reaching lost persons. Hillside has a very intentional and well-designed structure that relevantly addresses the felt needs of its attendees. Both churches are evangelical in their beliefs, contemporary in their worship, and heavily invested in their professional worship and teaching staff. Another great and very optimistic question was “What if we pay off our debt sooner than the 18 months?” Praise God, burn the note, and the campaign will be complete. For myself personally, I would feel very free to take the funds that I had intended on giving to pay off the debt and use those in some other way to further God’s work.

The next question was a very interesting one: “Would it help our Southwest campus grow if we took the word “Methodist” off the sign?” As I understand it, the thought behind this question is that “Methodist” might have a negative connotation to some who are looking for a church and/or folks nowadays are not looking to connect themselves to anything that sniffs of that which is institutional or denominational. So there are churches in Lubbock with names such as: The Rock, The Well, The Grove, E-Life, V-Life, Church Without Religion, etc. This might be a worthwhile discussion for us, but I am Another question that was asked was “Why convinced that more important than a name are churches like E-Life and Hillside growing on the outside is a Christ-centered character so fast and we’re not?” The answer to this and identity on the inside. I love the fact that question could be a book, but let’s keep it to in some of the flattest land on the planet a a few sentences. First, St. Luke’s is growing church named “Hillside” has become one but only marginally. Worship attendance of the fasted growing churches. Whether is where we have seen a 2% decrease. The we put Methodist on the outside of our two primary culprits of this are 1. Long buildings, it is my hope that we will always time attendees no longer able to come; 2. be a church that is committed to GRACE…the Decreased frequency of worship attendance. unconditional, unmerited love of God that May 2016 Visionary St. Luke’s Lubbock 2

accepts us where we are and takes us where we need to be, a church that is committed to spiritual holiness (right relationship with God) and social holiness (right relationships with each other and the world), and a church that is committed to experiencing the power and presence of God’s Spirit in our daily lives and in our gatherings together. These commitments have always been a part of what it means to be Methodist. As Methodists we have a strong belief in the core orthodox foundations of our faith (see “The 39 Articles”), a strong belief in the primacy of Scripture, and a strong belief in God’s desire to save all of humanity. What’s interesting is that you will find one of our long-standing Wesleyan principles on the front page of the E-Life statement of faith: “In essentials unity, in non-essentials freedom, in all things charity.”

A final question that has come up in our meetings and from a few of my dear “later year” friends in Christ: “Andy, the young people and millennials have a pastor, when are we going to get a pastor for us?” My answer as I smiled back into the loving eyes of my sister in Christ, “You have two pastors. Their names are Matt Wolfington and Andy Hurst!” We may not be a perfect church, and I can’t guarantee you that you’re going to like everything we try to do. But I do guarantee you that we are going to love you, care for you, minister to you. We are going to be there for you and with you in the good times and the bad times. E. Stanley Jones said it this way: “If I belong to Christ and you belong to Christ, then we belong to each other.” We indeed are a Christ-centered FAMILY of grace!

A note from Pastor Matt Taking the First Step

During the past few weeks we have all listened to personal testimonies from families whose lives have been affected by the power of the Holy Spirit through our church. We have all heard a great deal about finishing the race. I think it’s important for many of us to remember that in order to finish a race you have to actually participate in the race. In order to participate in a race, you have to start in the race. To start a race really just involves taking the first step. In order to finish the race that scripture talks about, I believe that first step is faith and the steps we take our actions in Christ.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 …Faith without works is dead. James 2:20 As the body of Christ, it is always easier to be faithful when we work together in the Lord. As individuals, it is always much more difficult. When we are together we combine our power and resources. When we are alone it is only the power of the Holy Spirit within us and our home will to take that first step. When we are together it is much easier to hold each other accountable as we move along together. When we are by ourselves, and no one is watching, it’s much easier to ignore who Christ is called us to be in one works we are supposed to be doing each day. Unfortunately, we are not always together in community, but rather by ourselves working out our faith. I believe many first steps can be taken by each and everyone of us that involve prayer, the study of Scripture, volunteering in ministry, and simply asking the Lord how and where he wants you to take the first step in order to finish the race in our journey of faith together. Moving Mountains, one rock at a time, Pastor Matt

St. Luke’s Lubbock

May 2016 Visionary


Missions St. Luke’s Summer of Missions!

Mexico Mission Trip

St. Luke’s is looking for a few more congregation members to join the team going South-of-the-border to build homes with Proyecto Abrigo! The deadline has been extended until May 15th and you can apply here: Date: July 26-30th Cost: $150/person Ministry: Homebuilding for families with young children and no safe place to live We will also need partners to help us raise the financial support to build the houses. Contact Robby at 806-787-5941 or if you’re interested in going or sending!

Family Mission Trip This July, a group of young families with kids will be taking a family mission trip to teach their kids about Christian service and to serve impactfully together as families. Open to all ages! Information meeting on May 15th at 4:45 pm at SW Campus. Date: July 3rd-9th Cost: To be determined Ministry: Mission Arlington, inner-city VBS

On-the-Job Ministry Trainings New to the St. Luke’s “Growing in Grace” opportunities this year, On-the-Job Ministry Trainings are to help equip us for our jobs within our Father’s business, being Salt and Light to a world in need! These trainings are totally free and are designed to raise up “regular” church members to serve faithfully where God is calling them.

Upcoming OJT Trainings: May 22nd- “Children’s Ministry, VBS, and Sports Camp”; Central Campus Fellowship Hall; 12:30pm, Lunch will be served (PLEASE COME if you plan to help with VBS and/or Sports Camp this summer) June 26th- “Intercessory Prayer”, featuring the directors of Lubbock’s International House of Prayer; Central Campus Parlor; 2:00pm September 11th- “Sticky Faith, Discipleship within our Families”; Details TBA

Missionary Conference St. Luke’s 3rd Annual Missionary Conference will be held August 12th-14th and will feature missionaries from West Texas who are serving the LORD worldwide. Please mark this weekend on your calendar to come and enjoy worship, prayer, and inspirational testimonies of how God is on the move locally, regionally, and globally! With so many upcoming events and opportunities to get plugged in this summer, I pray that you will be able to encounter God’s heart and purposes as we serve together as a Family of Grace. May God be glorified in us and through us this summer and may we bear fruit for His Kingdom in all the lives we touch this summer! God bless St. Luke’s, Robby Wiginton, Ministry Intern


May 2016 Visionary

St. Luke’s Lubbock

Music Ministry The 2016 Choir Trip for the St. Luke’s Singers went off without a hitch. Our trip to St. Paul United Methodist Church in Abilene was wonderful. St. Paul’s welcomed us with open arms and very much appreciated our music. The children enjoyed offering music in St. Paul’s beautiful, wood paneled sanctuary, and their voices blended nicely in its spacious acoustic. Our orchestra, which we call “The Band,” did equally as well. They provided an excellent accompaniment for the choir and offered two stand-alone pieces, one as a prelude and one as a postlude. We went on three excursions on our trip. This first was to the Grace Museum, where we viewed different kinds of visual art and spent time in a children’s hands-on exhibit. Next, we went to Frontier Texas, which is a multi-media museum about the history of Texas and Abilene. The highlight of this museum was the experience in the 360 degree theater, where we all felt a part of the drama of the historic south plains. On Sunday, we visited the Abilene Zoo and enjoyed seeing a variety of God’s incredible creatures. The only downside to this was that we missed the opening of the new giraffe exhibit by a week! I would like to thank St. Luke’s and the Methodist Men once again for providing such a great opportunity for the children, musicians and the parents. This trip has proven to reach beyond its intended musical and spiritual goals, as people have said they had time to build relationships beyond a “Sunday handshake,” and families experience strong bonding moments. Thank you!

Food for Thought: We are in the honeymoon period with our visitors from Easter and Lent. There may be visitors who are still clueless about certain aspects of our worship services, like the lady in the cartoon, who erroneously thinks she won a bingo game during worship! There may be some people think: “Can St. Luke’s be a friendly place two months in a row?” There may be some people who are ready to connect with St. Luke’s in a deeper way. Let’s personally be willing to show hospitality to our visitors, and let’s encourage each other in this important duty of the church.

-Andy C.

UPCOMING EVENTS 5/1- Children’s Choirs sing @ SW Campus 5/7- Bells- Mother’s Day Concert @ Carillon Fireside Lounge- 4:00pm 5/8- Bells Play at 8:30 and 10:45 services 5/15- Graduating Seniors Sunday - Youth Ensemble Sings 7/18-22, 24th- Summer Music Camp “The Lifesaving Station”

St. Luke’s Lubbock

May 2016 Visionary


Children’s Ministry In May, Children’s Ministry will be focusing on Contentment. Contentment is deciding to be happy with what you’ve got. MEMORY VERSE: “I have learned the secret of being content no matter what happens.” (PHILIPPIANS 4:12B, NIRV) May 8

Bible Story: Naboth’s Vineyard (1 Kings 21:1-19, 27) Bottom Line: When you focus on what you don’t have, it can make you miserable.

May 15

Bible Story: Israelites long for Egypt (Exodus 16:2-21; 17:1-7) Bottom Line: When you focus on what you used to have, you can miss what you have now.

May 22 Bible Story: The Rich Fool/Bigger Barns (Luke 12:13-21) Bottom Line: When you focus on stuff, you can miss what matters. May 29 Bible Story: Do Not Worry (Matthew 6:25-34) Bottom Line: When you focus on God, you don’t have to worry.

Vacation Bible School will be June 6th-10th at Central from 9 am - noon. Kids will spend each day spelunking through activity stations with their Cave Crews. At CaveQuest VBS, kids experience God’s Word in surprising and unforgettable ways! Each day, leaders reinforce one simple Bible truth — Jesus gives us hope, courage, direction, love, and His power. Please contact D’Lea ( if you are able to volunteer to help with VBS this year! Each of your unique spiritual gifts will be helpful in making this year’s VBS a success. Students and Voluneers can register online at

St. Luke’s Super Summer & After School Care programs are now enrolling for Summer 2016 and the 2016-2017 school year. Contact Kelcee Linnenkugel at (806)790-9664!


May 2016 Visionary

June 20th-23rd at SW from 6-8 pm. All kids ages 4-years through 5th grade are invited to join us for an exciting sports camp at the Southwest Campus. They will learn that God has a special and unique plan just for them while participating in their favorite sport of choice: archery, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, or soccer. So mark your calendar for an awesome week! For more information, please contact Tessa at

St. Luke’s Lubbock

Upcoming Events May 1 - St. Luke’s Singers and Cherub Choir at SW May 1 - Finish the Race Estimate of Giving Cards Due May 1 - Family Picnic @ SW May 4 - Graduating Senior Bios and Photos Due to church office May 7 - Ladies’ Spring Brunch @ SW May 8 - Mothers’ Day May 8 - UMW Sunday May 15 - Graduating Senior Sunday & Brunch May 15 - KidsLIVE! Family Party @ SW May 15 - Family Mission Trip Info Session @ SW, 4:45 pm May 18 - Summer (June/July/August) Newsletter Deadline May 22 - VBS/Sports Camp on the job training @ C Fellowship Hall May 27 - Family Movie Night @ SW May 30 - Church offices closed for Memorial Day

Join Pastor Matt in the Holy Grounds Café @ SW on Sunday evenings @ 5:30 pm for his Grace Group focusing on “Living the story of the Bible to become like Jesus.”

June 6-10 - Vacation Bible School @ Central June 20-23 - Sports Camp @ Southwest June 24 - Family Campout @ Southwest July 3-9 - Family Mission Trip - Arlington July 18-22 - Music Camp @ Central July 26-30 - Mexico Mission Trip - Proyecto Abrigo

Family Camp Out @ SW June 24th

enjoy food, fellowship and a movie on the lawn, then bring your tent and camp-out under the stars

Summer Camps Little Ceta (2nd & 3rd Grade) • June 1-3/July 13-15 — $165 One Way (6th - 8th Grade) • June 13-17 — $285 One Way (9th - 12th Grade) • June 20-24 — $288

Camps are according to the grade your child will enter in Fall 2016

One Way (4th - 6th Grade) • June 27-July 1 — $275 Whoz-We-R (4th - 6th Grade) • July 18-22 — $275

Register online at

St. Luke’s offers a $135 scholarship for all 4th - 12th grade camps and $80 scholarship for Lil’ Ceta.. Please contact the office for more information Ceta Canyon Camp Volunteers We would love to have adults who have a passion for Christ and students to attend church camp to serve as mentors. Please contact Kurtis, Tessa or D’Lea for more information.

St. Luke’s Lubbock

May 2016 Visionary


May Sun



1 All Church Picnic @ SW Children's Choirs @ SW Communion Offering - VBS Men's Retreat (Ruidoso) 8:30 AM Worship @ C 9:30 AM Sunday School 10:30 AM Worship @ SW 10:45 AM Worship @ C 3:15 PM Guitar 1 Class @ SW Room 12 4:00 PM Youth Ensemble @ SW 4:00 PM Fellowship of Friends @ C in FH Cancelled 5:30 PM Grace Night @ SW 5:30 PM Children's Minisitry Team Meeting @ SW Room 10 6:00 PM Vida Abundante Worship @ C in Fellowship Hall

2 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW 8:30 AM Monday Morning Prayer Group @ C Room 6 9:30 AM Monday Morning Prayer @ SW 9:00 am 1:30 PM Pastors' Gathering @ SW 4:30 PM Girls Scout Troup 6403 @ SW Rm 12 6:30 PM Prayer Warriors @ SW 6:30 PM ESL Classes @ C Room 13

3 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW 6:30 AM United Methodist Men @ 6:30 am in FH @ C 9:00 AM Staff Meeting 9:00 AM United Methodist Women @ C Room 34 11:00 AM UMW End of Year Luncheon in FH

4 Graduating Seniors' Bio 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ 7:30 AM Table Talk Bib House 8:00 AM Walking Throu 11:30 AM Shepherding 12:00 PM Carmichael's 6:00 PM EPIC @ C RM 6:00 PM Grace Night @ 6:00 PM Wade Cypert 6:00 PM Middle School 6:30 PM High School F Undergrounds Coffee

8 Mothers' Day UMW Sunday 8:30 AM Worship @ C 9:30 AM Sunday School 10:30 AM Worship @ SW 10:45 AM Worship @ C 3:15 PM Guitar 1 Class @ SW Room 12 4:00 PM Youth Ensemble @ SW 5:30 PM Grace Night @ SW 6:00 PM Vida Abundante Worship @ C in Fellowship Hall

9 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW 8:30 AM Monday Morning Prayer Group @ C Room 6 8:30 AM Parent Orientations/Conferences 9:30 AM Monday Morning Prayer @ SW 9:00 am 6:15 PM PS/PDO/ASC Committee @ SW Rm 12 6:30 PM Prayer Warriors @ SW 6:30 PM ESL Classes @ C Room 13

10 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW 6:30 AM United Methodist Men @ 6:30 am in FH @ C 8:30 AM Parent Orientations/Conferences 9:00 AM Staff Meeting 5:00 PM Share International Dinner

11 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ 7:30 AM Table Talk Bib House 8:00 AM Walking Throu 9:15 AM Children's Chu 12:00 PM Carmichael's 6:00 PM EPIC @ C RM 6:00 PM Grace Night @ 6:00 PM Orchestra Pra 6:00 PM Wade Cypert 6:00 PM Middle School 6:00 PM End of Semes SW 6:30 PM High School F Undergrounds Coffee

15 Graduating Senior Day 8:30 AM Worship @ C 9:00 AM Graduating Seniors' Brunch @ C in FH 9:30 AM Sunday School 10:30 AM Worship @ SW 10:45 AM Worship @ C 2:00 PM Kids Live Family Party @ SW 3:15 PM Guitar 1 Class @ SW Room 12 4:45 PM Family Mission Trip Meeting @ SW 5:30 PM Grace Night @ SW 6:00 PM Vida Abundante Worship @ C in Fellowship Hall 7:00 PM Sunday Night Youth-ResonateOverton

16 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW 8:30 AM Monday Morning Prayer Group @ C Room 6 9:15 AM PS Storm Drills 9:30 AM Monday Morning Prayer @ SW 9:00 am 4:30 PM Girls Scout Troup 6403 @ SW Rm 12 6:30 PM Prayer Warriors @ SW 6:30 PM ESL Classes @ C Room 13

17 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW 6:30 AM United Methodist Men @ 6:30 am in FH @ C 9:00 AM Staff Meeting 9:15 AM PS Storm Drills 5:30 PM Finance Committee @ C 5:30 Rm 7

18 Newsletter Deadline 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ 7:30 AM Table Talk Bib House 8:00 AM Walking Throu 12:00 PM Carmichael's 6:00 PM EPIC @ C RM 6:00 PM Grace Night @ 6:00 PM Orchestra Pra 6:00 PM Wade Cypert 6:00 PM Middle School 6:30 PM High School F Undergrounds Coffee

22 8:30 AM Worship @ C 9:30 AM Sunday School 10:30 AM Worship @ SW 10:45 AM Worship @ C 12:30 PM VBS/Sports Camp Leader Training @ C in FH 3:15 PM Guitar 1 Class @ SW Room 12 5:00 PM The Gathering-Youth @ SW 5:00-7:00 pm 5:30 PM Grace Night @ SW 6:00 PM Vida Abundante Worship @ C in Fellowship Hall

23 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW 8:30 AM Monday Morning Prayer Group @ C Room 6 9:30 AM Monday Morning Prayer @ SW 9:00 am 6:30 PM Prayer Warriors @ SW 6:30 PM ESL Classes @ C Room 13

24 Ameripride Delivery @ SW 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW 6:30 AM United Methodist Men @ 6:30 am in FH @ C 9:00 AM Staff Meeting 9:00 AM Kindergarten Diploma Presentation 5:30 PM Parish Wellness Committee @ C Rm 7

25 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ 7:30 AM Table Talk Bib House 8:00 AM Walking Throu 11:00 AM Newsletter V Central 12:00 PM Carmichael's 6:00 PM EPIC @ C RM 6:00 PM Grace Night @ 6:00 PM Orchestra Pra 6:00 PM Middle School 6:30 PM High School F Undergrounds Coffee

29 8:30 AM Worship @ C 9:30 AM Sunday School 10:30 AM Worship @ SW 10:45 AM Worship @ C 5:00 PM The Gathering-Youth @ SW 5:00-7:00 pm 6:00 PM Vida Abundante Worship @ C in Fellowship Hall

30 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW Memorial Day - Offices Closed 8:30 AM Monday Morning Prayer Group @ C Room 6 9:30 AM Monday Morning Prayer @ SW 9:00 am 6:30 PM Prayer Warriors @ SW

31 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW 6:30 AM United Methodist Men @ 6:30 am in FH @ C 9:00 AM Staff Meeting


May 2016 Visionary


St. Luke’s Lubbock




@ SW ble Study Andy C

ugh the Bible @ SW urch in Sanctuary s Group Room 7 @ C M 29 @ Central in FH actice @ C 6:00 pm T-Ball Practice @ SW l Fight Club @ C ster Banquet (RU) @



6 Women's Spring Brunch @ SW

7 Women's Spring Brunch @ SW 9:00 AM Hispanic Women's Retreat @ C in Fellowship Hall 10:00 AM Praise Band Rehearsal @ Central

12 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW 9:15 AM Children's Church in Sanctuary 6:30 PM Women's Study-McDaniel @ SW RM 11 6:30 PM ESL Classes @ C Room 13

13 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW

14 10:00 AM Praise Band Rehearsal @ Central

19 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW 6:30 PM Trustees Meeting @ C 6:30 pm Room 7 6:30 PM Women's Study-McDaniel @ SW RM 11 6:30 PM ESL Classes @ C Room 13

20 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW

21 8:30 AM Tina Thompson Emmaus Team Mtg in FH 10:00 AM Praise Band Rehearsal @ Central

26 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW 6:30 PM Women's Study-McDaniel @ SW RM 11 6:30 PM ESL Classes @ C Room 13

27 LISD, LCISD, FISD Last Day of Classes 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW 8:00 PM Family Movie Night @ SW

28 1:00 AM Molly Orosco Grad Party 10:00 AM Praise Band Rehearsal @ Central

5 o due to Church Office 5:15 AM P31 Fitness @ SW @ SW 6:00 PM Women's Brunch @ SW ble Study Andy C 6:30 PM Women's Study-McDaniel @ SW RM 11 ugh the Bible @ SW 6:30 PM ESL Classes @ C Room 13 g Luncheon @ C in FH s Group Room 7 @ C M 29 @ Central in FH T-Ball Practice @ SW l Fight Club @ C Fight Club @

Fight Club @

@ SW ble Study Andy C

ugh the Bible @ SW s Group Room 7 @ C M 29 @ Central in FH actice @ C 6:00 pm T-Ball Practice @ SW l Fight Club @ C Fight Club @

@ SW ble Study Andy C

ugh the Bible @ SW Volunteers Room 7

s Group Room 7 @ C M 29 @ Central in FH actice @ C 6:00 pm l Fight Club @ C Fight Club @

St. Luke’s Lubbock

May 2016 Visionary


Ragamuffin Students The Jungle Book of Life

I recently had the opportunity to experience the brave undertaking by some daring filmmakers to turn our lovable, sweet, Disney Classic Movie, The Jungle Book into a live action version -as live action as a movie full of computer generated imagery (CGI) can be...though incredible CGI I must say. And while my wife hates daytime movies, and I admittedly disliked the cartoon -no plot, little character thanks- this movie was not only masterfully made, but deeply intriguing and impactful. No spoiler alerts here, for there will be no spoilers, but whether it was a mother’s genuine love for her adopted son from another species, or the challenges of true friendship that got to me, this movie had my tear ducts screaming for a less “macho” avatar. I didn’t cry but MAN! did I get close! However, the most profound take home for me was not a lesson in bravery, or friendship, or doing what’s right, or even one of love. I left the theater that afternoon quoting a chant declared with a uniform conviction from the wolves in this movie. Male and female, young and old, runt and alpha male, every wolf stood by a sacred code that ended with this simple, life-changing phrase: “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” I know most of us “old-heads,” as we called it in my college Christian fraternity, probably know it better as “all for one and one for all,” but there was a special chord struck within me at this evolved phrasing. In our Western-minded culture, we have learned to place great emphasis on the individual: “YOU can be anything YOU want to be.” “YOU can do it.” “YOU can do anything YOU set your mind to.” The problem with mantras like these -aside from my wife taking it too seriously and thinking she could become a butterfly- is they take away the basic truth that while we are uniquely gifted and valuable, we are only tiny parts of God’s vast and wondrous work, and therefore valuable only to the degree that we are part of His body. At 27 I often find myself impersonating the Lone Ranger, thinking and acting as if I can do it all on my own; while in a large demographic of churches I see a great sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves, but a failure to exude the belief that each and every member of the body -male and female, young and old, runt and alpha- are equally vital for the Body of Christ to survive and thrive in this world. This code was a sobering reality to me that both dispositions are equally missing the mark, and that the Lord has blessings in store for us that go beyond the individual OR the collective; it requires both simultaneously. So I guess the Lord not only speaks through babes’ mouths and donkeys’ butts, He also uses computer-generated wolves to remind me of this: “Y’all need me...and I need y’all” In the name and care of Jesus, Kurtis


May 2016 Visionary

COMING UP May 1st Church Picnic Worship following No Sunday Gathering May 8th Mother’s Day No Sunday Gathering May 15th Senior Sunday If you or someone you know is graduating from High School in May, we want to celebrate you! Please send a few photos and a short bio, including passions and future plans, to

Also, if you and your family would like to join us for a brunch honoring our seniors @ 9:30am in Central Fellowship Hall, please RSVP with the number attending. May 15th Resonate Lubbock-wide student worship experience 7:00-8:30pm @ Overton Hotel Ballroom No Sunday Gathering May 27th Movie Night 8:00pm @ Southwest No Sunday Gathering the 29th Vacation Bible School Central Campus June 6-10 Sports Camp Southwest Campus June 20-23 Family Campout Southwest Campus June 24

St. Luke’s Lubbock

e se us/(Deficit)

$95,642 $102,058 ($6,417)

$296,754 $311,862 ($15,108)

Financial Update Debt Free Current Building Debt Original Building Debt

Expense, $311,862

BUILDING DEBT REDUCTION MARCH 2016 Debt Free Current Building Debt Original Building Debt

0 391,750 2,000,000



Original Building Debt Current Building Debt Debt Free

Deficit, ($8,691)

Deficit, ($12,753)

Expense, $102,058

Income, $95,642

Income, $296,754


0 391,750 2,000,000


391,750 0

Actual March $95,642 $102,058 ($6,417)

Income Expense Surplus/(Deficit)

Actual YTD $296,754 2,000,000 $311,862 ($15,108)


Current Buildin

Announcements Expense, $311,862

Income, $296,754

Staff Anniversary


May 2016 Visionary

Deficit, ($8,691)

Deficit, ($12,753)

We are thrilled to have Mrs. Jiou move into this new position. As always, we appreciate your prayerful support of the preschool/kindergarten program. Placing our trust in God’s hands, The St. Luke’s Preschool Committee

391,750 0

Tessa Armes (5 years)

Expense, $102,058

Mrs. Jiou has the abilities, the skills, and the heart to fill this position. She has been on staff at St. Luke’s Preschool for fourteen years and has gained the respect and admiration of both her peers and preschool parents. Mrs. Jiou’s warm smile and bubbly personality make her a hit with the children.

Debt Free


Income, $95,642

St. Luke’s Preschool and Kindergarten welcomes a new director. Keri Jiou, currently the preschool music teacher, has accepted the position of preschool director beginning May 1st. Because of family obligations, Mrs. K, our previous director, made the difficult decision to resign.

St. Luke’s Lubbock

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Appreciation Notes Paul’s Project - Grace Campus Update

There are no words to express how thankful we are for your partnership in ministering to the homeless in our community. We have quickly realized that individuals are often willing to bring used clothing or something tangible, which is wonderful… because they are experiencing the joy of giving. However, financial support is absolutely critical! Thanks to you we are able to continue doing what God has called us to do. Words simply can’t express how thankful we are for you and your heart for Outreach & Missions. Your financial support has played a part in so many things that have happened over the last 7 months. Thanks to your support, we have been able to provide adequate shelter and provisions for individuals (other than our residents in tents) that have nowhere else to go during inclement weather. We have 95 residents in our tents, which is all the spots we have available. However, thanks to your financial support we were able to keep our barn open and provide adequate nightly shelter/supplies for other homeless individuals when the weather was below freezing. This was one of our number one priorities when we first took over Tent City due to the winter weather that was fast approaching. We knew the large number of individuals that would be depending on our assistance. I love that God had placed that on our hearts as such a huge priority, because we had NO idea how many lives would be impacted just through that one act. Other than the Salvation Army, we are the only other option in the city for our homeless population on cold nights. Due to the stipulations placed on the Salvation Army from federal funding, they must abide by stringent guidelines to keep from losing their funding (ex. people must have ID, etc). Thanks to hearts like yours, we have been able to steer clear of federal grants so that we can minister in a more flexible way. There have been many evenings when we have over 50 extra individuals in our barn. Individuals that had to leave WPS, homeless that were unable to return to Salvation Army, individuals that were released from the hospitals here in Lubbock with nowhere to go, young girls that were moving from room to room at local motels, homeless individuals that people in the community dropped off, prostitutes that had been beaten up, guys that attended our classes in jail and were released, young couples on the streets that were pregnant… the list goes on and on! In fact, as I was listing all of those different situations, I could see every one of their faces. Wounded people with tender stories… all different, all precious in the eyes of our Lord! There are so many beautiful stories that have come out of this season (we’ve had our fair share of crazy stories too… LOL!) If we hadn’t of had financial support, we wouldn’t have been able to come alongside these individuals and help in their critical time of need. It’s hard for people to verbally receive the love of Jesus, when they haven’t visually seen the love of Jesus. Thank you for helping us have the means to make that happen! Another big thing that has happened in our ministry is that I have stepped down from my previous job at Aldersgate. This has allowed us to minister more effectively to the population that God has entrusted us with. I am now working full-time at Grace Campus. I had always viewed missionaries as people that “went overseas”, etc… However, God has made it very clear to me that this is the mission field that He has called me to and it’s right here in the community that I have grown up in and love. We have only had Grace Campus for 7 months and are a very young ministry. However, God has done HUGE things over that short period of time and so much of that is due to your support of this ministry! Here are some of the things that come to mind: • Holes sealed up in barn and insulation installed. • Porta-potties rented to provide for extra individuals on campus for emergency shelter. • Able to provide 3 heaters and fuel to provide heat for barn. • Windows installed in barn providing more accountability. • 1st Security Phase accomplished: Cameras installed in barn area with ability to view on our mobile devices. • Camera purchased to take pictures of every individual/car that comes through gates of Grace Campus. • Sea Crate delivered to property for storage of supplies and goods. • Wall built to separate women’s restroom from laundry room. • Updates to holes in tents. • Able to fix holes in fence to secure residents.


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Appreciation Notes • Fenced in area on side of barn to secure wood and supplies. • Acquired tables and chairs for residents to be able to eat meals “family style”. • Lockers purchased for residents in order to provide “peace of mind” concerning valuables. • Various classes taking place AA, NA, Anger Management, Steps to Move from poverty, etc…. (still working on acquiring a classroom). • Working closely with the sheriff’s department and new police HOT team. • Approved and trained for HMIS. This will allow us to work better with groups to meet the needs of our homeless. • Partnerships with TONS of agencies and groups in town in order to best meet the needs of our residents. • Witnessing numerous residents moving into housing due to employment, acquiring financial assistance, or mended relationships. • Numerous individuals acquiring the medication needed. • Presenting at various schools, businesses and churches about Homelessness. • Various groups come on board to provide evening meals. Our calendar is almost full each month now…woohoo! • Numerous schools, businesses and organizations visit Grace Campus to raise awareness about the Homeless in our community. Some of our dreams and things that are on the horizon: • Building Tiny Houses. We will still keep the tents that we currently have. However rather than acquiring more 6-man army tents (that are costly), we will begin building “Tiny Houses” as an incentive for individuals that have become employed and are showing initiative to move out of the cycle of homelessness. We actually had our first one built by a previously homeless individual that is currently a senior at Texas Tech. • Other Security Phases. Cameras needed to cover the tent area and in the office. • Classrooms on east side of barn. • New office area that allows volunteers and staff to meet privately with individuals and has security cameras installed for safety. • Kitchen area. Thank you for supporting us… Thank you for ministering with us… Thank you for believing in us! Blessings, Jerri Ann

Dear All, Thank you for all the prayers and telephone calls all of you are so great! You are very special to us. Love, Eddie & Pat Parker Dear St. Luke’s Family -

Dear St. Luke’s UMC,

What a wonderful Easter Surprise I had when receiving the lovely Lilies. I am sure it was better than any Easter egg found!

What a delightful surprise I had when I was told I had an Easter Lily delivered to me from St. Luke’s.

How I do miss my family at St. Luke’s, the flowers are lovely and I do appreciate it. I do miss all of you at St. Luke’s! Thanks & My love, Pat Bryant

St. Luke’s Lubbock

It is a beautiful lily with such a special meaning at Easter time. It was made even more special to know that, even though I am no longer able to attend services regularly, I am still remembered at my church home. I love St. Luke’s, having been a member since Jim and I moved here in 1989. Thank you for remembering me in such a special way during this special time of year. You are very dear to me. With sincere appreciation, Betty Jennings

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