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Emergency care at UnityPoint Health hospitals

Michael Meyer near one of his favorite fishing spots along the Mississippi River in Guttenberg.

Meyer was placed on several medications to control his cholesterol and high blood pressure. He also reduced his caffeine and salt intake and started exercising. Despite all of these steps, his shortness of breath persisted and he noted some chest pain, so he had a second cath procedure with Dr. Khan to open the blockage in the left coronary artery two months later.

Lifestyle changes “Michael has a completely normal functioning heart now,” said Dr. Khan. “When we look at his echocardiogram we can’t tell he has ever had a heart attack. There is no damage to his heart, which is great news. He has made significant changes in his life. Part of my job as a cardiologist is to encourage and coach patients on adopting a healthier lifestyle. This is ultimately how we can overcome this disease. Not by putting

stents in but by making better choices. Michael is doing this.” “I am walking more and watching what I eat,” said Meyer. “Dr. Khan is great. I am grateful for his care and for everyone at Finley and Guttenberg Hospitals. I had really great care at both hospitals. All of the nurses were super friendly. I am thankful to be alive and fishing once again with my wife, Janie.” “Education is so important when it comes to understanding heart attacks,” said Dr. Khan. “People need to recognize the early warning signs and if they are experiencing any of these symptoms to make a great choice like Michael did and get to a hospital.” “They saved my life,” said Meyer. “Now I know what a heart attack feels like and if I experience one again – I know to go to the ER right away.”

Go to a UnityPoint Health hospital ER immediately if you experience signs of a heart attack. Call 911, if you or someone you know has any of these heart attack signs or symptoms: • Discomfort, pressure, squeezing in the chest or pain

• Upper body discomfort • Shortness of breath • Sweating

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Health Beat Winter 2015  

Published by UnityPoint Health Cedar Rapids

Health Beat Winter 2015  

Published by UnityPoint Health Cedar Rapids

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