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St Luke’s, Bricket Wood

Prayer Booklet for Thanksgiving Day 17 October 2010

Welcome Welcome to the 2010 Thanksgiving Day Prayer Booklet. It will help you prepare for Sunday, 17 October, when we shall be giving gratefully for some of the ministries based at or supported by our church. Thanksgiving Day is what it says, a day of thankfulness to God for all that He has enabled us to do during the past year. We are asking Him to provide again for the work of St Luke’s children’s and youth work and the church’s associated missions. We look to the Lord for His faithfulness to enable us to give generously. Our target is a challenging £30,000. Funding for Rob Hagon, our Youth Worker, will take 75% of the total given, and 25% will be our gift to mission activities outside St Luke’s. In the following pages you can see the excellent and sacrificial work amongst our own children and young people, and the vital work outside St Luke’s that we support in Jesus’ Name. We may have our personal preferences among these activities, but God cares equally for them all [Philippians 4:18 and 19]. As you pray  Give thanks for the Lord’s presence and power in your own life.  Give thanks for all that the Lord has done in the church’s life, particularly in the lives of our children and young people.  Give thanks for the work of the mission organisations that we support.  Ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you in your response to the financial challenge to the church of Thanksgiving Day.  Ask the Lord for His blessing and guidance for St Luke’s in the coming year. Please use this booklet in preparation for Thanksgiving Day, and to inform your prayers for the next twelve months.

Youth and Childrens Work Junior Church This is run every Sunday morning, and we split into 3 different groups as shown below. We use crafts, games, music, stories and lots of other things whilst looking at different topics through the bible. Ground-Breakers: Age 3 – Year 1 Earth-Shakers: Year 2 – Year 6 Risk-Takers: Year 7 – Year 10 Prayer needs: • Please thank God for all the leaders and helpers involved in Junior Church, and pray that they would be blessed in and through their ministry. • Pray that every child that comes on Sunday mornings would feel part of our church family. • Pray that as a church, we can communicate and demonstrate God’s love to young people. • Pray for inspiration and fresh ideas to keep the work exciting and relevant. • Please pray for our leaders as decisions are made about how to take Junior Church forwards.

Quest This group runs on Thursdays from 5pm – 6.30pm for school years 3, 4, 5 and 6. We love to play games, do crafts and generally have lots of chances to let off some steam after a long week in school. We spend about twenty minutes focusing on stories from the bible and have a chance to think about things for ourselves. Prayer needs: • Thank God for the amazing leaders and helpers involved in running Quest. Pray that they would be encouraged and equipped in their work. • Pray that Quest will continue to be a great witness to both children and parents in Bricket Wood. • Pray that children would feel safe at Quest and that relationships can continue to be built with the leaders. • Pray for creativity for the leaders as they plan Quest, that God would inspire them with fresh and exciting ideas. • Praise God for His love and grace, and pray that He would instil this into Quest and that the group would grow in real love for one another.

The Bridge This is a group for school years 7, 8 and 9. We meet on Wednesdays from 6pm to 7.30pm to play games, do crafts and activities, and look a bit deeper at the Bible and how we should respond to what we learn from it. • Prayer needs: • Thank God for the amazing leaders at The Bridge, and for all the time given to the group. • Thank God for the great first year The Bridge has had, and pray that the group would continue to grow stronger. • Pray that God would guide the planning process and that we continue to make The Bridge an exciting place to be. • Thank God for the Big Questions course that ran last term, which was such a blessing and so well received by the members. Pray that we can build on this foundation over the coming year. • Thank God for the amazing time that 10 members of The Bridge had on the Pathfinder weekend away last Easter. Please pray that even more would want to come this year!

AdLib AdLib is our group for 14-18 year olds. We meet on Wednesdays between 8.00pm and 10.00pm for social evenings, with games, parties, activities and trips out. We also meet on a Sunday night for Bible Study between 6.30pm and 8.00pm. Prayer needs: • Thank God for our teenagers, many of whom contribute a great deal to the life of the church. • Thank God that AdLib is a place of friendship and safety, and for the support that the members offer each other. • Pray for the leaders of Adlib, that they would help our young people explore the Gospel and learn how to stand firm in a world that changes so quickly. • Thank God for His safety and provision during AdLib. Pray for God’s continued protection over our meetings. • Pray for God particularly to bless our Bible studies, that they will be great opportunities for our young people to ask questions, find answers, and grow in their faith.

Vision Vision is our group for 18-30(ish) year olds. It is a place for those in Bricket Wood to meet for fellowship and also something for those at university to come back to during the holidays. Vision offers various activities including bible study and prayer meetings, as well as more informal ‘food and a chat’ type gatherings. Prayer needs: • Please pray that Vision would continue to meet the needs of its members. • Thank God that it is a group which helps university students continue to feel part of the church when they return during holidays. • Please pray that the leaders would be blessed and encouraged by the group. • Pray for God’s guidance for the group, particularly as materials are chosen and study plans developed. • Thank God that young adults in this group are keen to meet to continue growing their faith.

Youth Mission Fund St Luke's has designated a fund to encourage mission activity among our young people. The money would be a grant to assist in travel, accommodation or other expenses involved in short-term service or a 'taster' visit, abroad or in the UK. Typically we would expect this to take place after leaving school or during a long vacation. Give thanks for the great time Chris Brassett and his family had on the ReBuild mission, building houses for poor families in Mexico. Please pray for our young people, that they may be guided and inspired to consider whether God is leading them to take up this opportunity to be actively involved in mission, with all the opportunities that would bring.

St Luke’s Mission Support Bible Students Fellowship of Bangladesh (BSFB) BSFB is a member movement of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). Its mission is to lead students to a personal faith in Christ, and to lead them on in their walk with the Lord. Please pray for: • students and student leaders; and for Peter Mazumder, General Secretary, and other Staff Workers; • Bible study groups and cell groups, courses and camps, throughout the year; • the annual student and graduate camp, 12-17 Oct, at Chandraghona near the border with Myanmar, with about 300 attending; this will be a great opportunity for worship, studying the word of God, and discipling students; • various permissions for starting to build a new discipleship training centre – ‘Living Waters’ – on the land God has so graciously given; • former students in positions of responsibility in national life, such as the Revd Sunil Mankhin, a bishop in the Church of Bangladesh. (More info: please contact or visit

Bigogwe Trust Bigogwe is located in north-west Rwanda. St Luke’s supports both the Parish and the Health Centre, which serves a population of about 200,000 people living in the area. Continue to give thanks for  the building extension to be used as an operating theatre for Caesarean Sections;  money raised for the autoclave and basic theatre equipment;  St Luke’s funding for the roof, floors and ceilings of the Pastor’s house.

Bigogwe Trust (cont) Please pray for official permission for the full midwifery service, with the required modification of the building; and for • patients and staff; the midwifery services, including Caesarean Sections; and care for people with HIV/AIDS; • James Derrick's next visit from 28th Oct to 13th Nov; • the Pastor, and the Church’s preaching of the Gospel of love and reconciliation. (For more information, contact James Derrick or visit

CPAS – growing leaders, growing churches CPAS is an Anglican evangelical mission agency helping churches reach out to men, women and children with the good news of Jesus Christ. Our current strategy is to develop leaders through a range of dynamic tools, training and resources. Please pray for CPAS’ ministries which include: • Making Mission Possible: a programme of events, Oct 2010 to Feb 2011, throughout the 43 English dioceses – all designed to equip lay and ordained leaders for mission. • helping patronage parishes, like St Luke's, seek incumbents who have a heart for the Gospel, and who are committed to seeing people come to and grow in faith in Christ. • Ventures and Falcon Camps for children and young people. • Growing Leaders – Youth Edition: encouraging teenagers to grow in Christ-like leadership, and equipping them to lead in their schools, communities, families and churches. • the Arrow Leadership Programme to help full-time leaders to be led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus. (For more information visit or email

Crosslinks Crosslinks is an international mission agency with its roots in the Bible and its principal sphere of operation in the Anglican Church worldwide. Our prime focus is making Christ known through the proclamation and teaching of God’s Word in the power of the Holy Spirit. We work in 22 countries and have two fundamental priorities: frontline evangelism and the training of trainers. Gad and Liz Numadi, with their children Corban and Lael went to work in Lome, Togo in January 2010. Gad is working with the church to train leaders of children’s ministry; he has run his first workshop to train children’s workers, and training will continue to Dec. Liz has been working with the OM Mercy ship, and has started to visit a local youth detention centre and to spend time with the young people; she has set up a parents’ and children’s group once a month for children with disabilities. Please pray  for Gad and Liz and the children as they continue to settle in to life in Togo;  for Gad as he continues to make contact with church leaders, and as he works out his priorities in his work;  for Liz as she learns the local language, Ewe; and builds relationships with the youth at the detention centre and with the parents and children who come to the group, showing God’s love, and having opportunities to talk about Jesus. Bethanie and Andrew Walker are studying to prepare for training church leaders in Argentina. After a course at All Nations Christian College, Ware, they will spend 2011 learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, and then two years’ studying Theology in Santiago, Chile. Please pray • as they raise the money they need in order to go overseas, and as they build partnerships with churches and individuals;   • as they study the En Route cross-cultural course at All Nations College from Sept - Dec 2010, and that it will be a good time of preparation and of learning;   • as they prepare to leave England early in 2011, that they will rely on God for all things and know His peace in their hearts. (For more information visit )

UCCF – the Christian Unions Please continue to pray for evangelism, discipling and faithbuilding among students. Pray especially for Sarah Dawkins, the new Staff Worker for Hatfield, Bedford and Luton. (For more info please visit

Frontiers – with love and respect, inviting all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus. Thank the Lord for miracles of healing experienced by Muslims after prayer in the name of Jesus. May they come to know Him as Saviour and Lord as well. Please pray for • people from a Muslim background who have chosen to follow Jesus; may they be given courage, wisdom and boldness in sharing their faith, remain steadfast in persecution, and may others see that the joy of the Lord is their strength; • Christian overseas workers caught up in civil unrest or political persecution ― may the Lord give His presence to sustain them in traumatic times, and guide when they are forced to leave the people and “home” they love; • the Lord to inspire more Christians to go and share Jesus with Muslims who've never heard about Him; • Rachel and others in the Frontiers International Office: may the Lord guide them as they provide accountability, training and pastoral care for those called to witness overseas. (More information can be found at )

Light of Hope, East London, South Africa. John and Mary Windo work with Light of Hope, a faith-based organisation set up by Christian Centre Downtown, to transform the lives of people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. [Isaiah 61:1-3] Thank God for: • LoH’s expanding impact in disadvantaged communities through Home Based Care, Educare, Kids Club, Operation Christmas and Healing ministry. • His amazing provision, especially for the new weekly Duncan Village Kids Club for +/- 200 vulnerable children [6 -13years]. • the new crèche sponsorship programme, and gift-aid facility. Please pray that God will • develop, equip, empower and protect the carers, teachers, volunteers …., in some very challenging situations; • continue to expand our facilities for the crèche and Kids Club; and provide the necessary resources and skills to erect the proposed new building and surrounding play area. (For more info see or contact John and Mary Windo)

Masifunde Together, East London, S Africa MAT IT is a Computer College serving impoverished communities, and led by Baxolise Siseko Dlali (known as JR). Praise God for the differences training is making for individuals and families. Please pray for • JR’s oversight, leadership, vision, enthusiasm and faith; • more tutors, more office staff, and increased local funding; • recent students training new students, free and one-to-one; • accreditation by the South African Qualifications Authority; • new premises/a vehicle, so that more students can attend; • that students will come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour and grow spiritually, as well as being equipped with work skills which could provide a family income. Please pray for Darryl and Nicky, Marius and Kim and their families, and their witness to the wider families in Durban. Pray that Co3 Technologies will have the necessary staff to grow and flourish, and shine the light of Christ in the business environment. (For more info contact: or

Mission Direct Mission Direct makes overseas mission possible by enabling selffunded volunteers, young or old, skilled or unskilled, to make a difference in some of the poorest countries of the world. During two-week trips to work on small indigenous projects, they focus not only on sharing faith but also on bringing practical help [James 2:14-17]. St Luke’s continues its generous support for the ‘Open Hands’ project, which provides simple homes for families from the many slums surrounding Curitiba, southern Brazil. Apart from construction work, opportunities abound to be involved helping families ― children’s activities, distributing aid, drug rehab .… • Please pray for Keith and Vron, returning to Brazil in late Sept: for strength, wisdom and safety in leading the teams. • Pray for the Santos family whose vision started the project and who carry the responsibility, with local churches, of training and pastoring 60+ adults and children, occupying 12 of the 14 completed houses. Many of these people lack simple life skills, and some have been traumatised by the effects of crime, and drug and alcohol abuse: please intercede. (For more info contact Keith and Vron Stevens/

Prison Fellowship ― ‘seeing lives transformed’ Prison Fellowship as Christian volunteers, through prayer, practical care and values-based programmes, seek to restore all those affected by crime — by visiting, befriending, giving practical help and assisting with chapel services and discussion groups; please pray for them. Pray for • prisoners who are newly arrived in gaol, perhaps very scared; being bullied or abused, or who are bullies/abusers; sick (nearly 80% have some degree of mental illness); trying to overcome addictions; and preparing for release. • prison staff, prisoners’ families, and victims of crime; • St Luke’s involvement with the Angel Tree Programme providing Christmas presents for children of prisoners at Bovingdon Prison: that prisoners, their children and wider family may experience the love of Jesus through these gifts; • Sycamore Tree (Luke 19:1-10), which helps prisoners take responsibility for the wrongs they have done, and leads on to learning about forgiveness, restoration and Jesus. • Alpha courses in prisons worldwide. (More information can be found at /

Tearfund Tearfund is a Christian relief and development agency working through local church partners in over 50 countries worldwide, to release people from material and spiritual poverty. Please pray for: • the country of Pakistan in the aftermath of the worst floods in living memory, and for the people affected by this disaster who are trying to rebuild their lives with Tearfund’s support; • water and sanitation work ― unclean water and poor sanitation are the world’s biggest killers of children ― and the achievement of Tearfund’s goal that by 2015, 3 million people will have improved access to a toilet and safe water; • the Sahel region of West Africa where successive years of inadequate rains have ruined harvests, and for Tearfund partners who are making a life-giving impact; • campaigning, by challenging the policies and practices that keep billions of people in poverty; • the modelling of good trading practice through ‘Created’, formerly Tearcraft. (More info can be found at

‘the2:67project’ the 2:67 project has been set up to encourage, equip and enable youth and children’s work in the St. Albans area. God has blessed the work. Give Him thanks for • His guidance and provision for exciting ministry; • establishing the ‘More?’ cafés in The Merchant coffee house; • enabling training mornings for youth and children’s workers and their volunteers; • close links with STEP, and for the shared office space; • involvement in other ministries inside and outside the church; • new relationships with churches in St Albans and beyond; • new links within the local council, and great conversations with secular youthworkers • the many young people who have received God’s blessing. Please pray for • clear guidance for Mike Palin and the trustees as the project expands; and Anita Grey as Minutes Secretary; • continued financial support so that the work may continue; • more young people to be challenged to walk closer to God. (Visit or contact

United Mission to Nepal UMN is a co-operative effort, between the people of Nepal and many Christian organisations from 18 countries, which serves the people of Nepal in the Name and Spirit of Christ. St Luke’s supports UMN work in the Doti District – a very poor area in the far west – which assists Nepali-run organisations helping families and communities increase their own ability to overcome poverty and oppression. Please pray for • the team’s work in the needy areas of education, income generation, crop production and health; • a new child-centred community development programme; • relationships with the community and partner organisations; • Shashi Ghalan, who leads the team in Doti; she has a new baby, and now lives much nearer to her husband and family. (For more information visit:

Unlock Unlock works in Christian mission in traditional urban communities, by sharing unique and appropriate ways of exploring faith, to meet their particular needs and unlock their real life stories. Give thanks for  the establishment of a new Unlock Project in Bristol;  the impact of Unlock Birmingham, Sheffield and Liverpool;  the development of new Unlock resources;  positive responses from people using Unlock’s resources;  Christian conversions, and personal growth and transformation in the lives of people in Unlock small groups. Please pray for • Unlock field workers – Steve, Debbie, and Andy; • the National Office staff, Dawn, Trish and Lois; • possible Unlock Projects in Leicester and Manchester; • the 2011 London Walk planning team; and for many walkers, and significant sponsorship and donations; • significant income: (at least £25,000 from the 2010 Walk), and at least an increase of £25,000 from Trusts/grants; • increased interest and support from churches. (For more info contact Barbara Funnell or visit

Urban Saints Urban Saints’ Dream: “To release a movement of radical young people, committed to taking the good news of Jesus Christ to every generation.” Please pray • that young people and children throughout the country will commit to follow Christ wholeheartedly; • that new Urban Saints youth and children’s groups would open in areas with little or no Christian outreach; • for the launch and spiritual effectiveness of our new youth and children’s discipleship programme called Mimic; • for greater levels of prayer and financial support, and greater local and national awareness of the Urban Saints movement; • for an increase in healing and miracles seen throughout the movement, and a greater expectancy amongst young people to see these signs and wonders occur; • for Paul Windo in his role as Media Coordinator. (For more information please visit

Watford New Hope Trust Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, and bring the homeless poor into your house? Isaiah 58:7

Watford New Hope Trust provides for homeless people, in and around Watford, a range of welfare and accommodation services in the name, and with the love of Christ, seeking to bring new hope and opportunity to rebuild damaged lives. We work in professional partnership with relevant voluntary and statutory agencies, and offer opportunities to volunteers bringing a range of different skills. Please pray for – • service users in all their needs, that they might regain the will to move back into the community; • staff and volunteers, especially those working directly with service users, that they may show the love of Christ; • the continuing review of the range of services and beds available, giving thanks for all the Trust is able to do; • resources to continue partnership, working with church and community through difficult economic times. (For more info phone 01923 227132 or visit

Watford Schools Trust works in primary schools in Watford, supporting Christian Religious Education and class teachers, by taking lessons and assemblies. The Trust's mission statement is: 'To give every schoolchild a clear understanding of the Christian faith.' Please pray • giving thanks and interceding for lunch-time clubs, PHSE lessons, befriending, team building sessions, plus RE lessons and assemblies; • for the Christmas/Easter/Harvest programmes, that in the short time spent with the children, they will receive a significant part of the Christian message; • for financial support, in the light of the current economic climate, and of unprecedented opportunities in schools. Pray for pupils and teachers at MPL and other local schools; children who have just started school; and those in year 6 at MPL, who receive from St Luke's through WST a copy of It's your Move, to help them and their parents for the move to secondary school. (More information can be found at

Wirral Youth for Christ ‘taking good news relevantly to every young person in Wirral’. We believe that young people are precious to God, and that they can have a massively positive effect on their communities, schools, churches and places of work. We are committed to bringing hope to young people in Wirral in partnership with the local Church through education, mentoring, and proclamational evangelism. Please pray: • that God will grant great wisdom and anointing as the team takes the good news to unreached young people, and that it will have a life changing impact; • that many young people will come to know that their true identity is that of a child of God, and seek intimacy with Him; • for open doors into schools, with a Holy Spirit-inspired relevant message; and for the team – Sarah Hockley, Zoe Abernethy, Rob Pitts, Martin Dickson and many volunteers; • for opportunities to help teenagers in churches talk through issues of sexuality, teenage pregnancy and abortion ― with the YFC team rather than seeking secular advice. (For more information please visit

* * * * * Please pray for St Luke’s church leaders in their responsibility for youth and children’s work and mission, and also across the whole breadth of church life — Vicar: Rev Mike Rajkovic Youth Worker: Rob Hagon Church Wardens: Sue Reuter and James Derrick PCC members: Veronica Brown, Jennie Collins, Barbara Funnell, Jon Griffiths, Lesley Kerr, Andy Lewis, Alex Martin, Hazel Partington, Paul Quarterman, Sarah Reuter, Roger Stacey, David Veness, Richard Wilkins

* * * * * Please use this booklet throughout the year; please also use the monthly St Luke’s Prayer Diary. In addition, you could use the Annual Report, Church Address List, and website

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