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No Bells and Whistles, Just Sound Business Sense from STL with New Sales Order Processing System

New software always boasts an exciting array of new bells and whistles. ‘This widget!That gadget! So many digits!’ scream the adverts. Wow! But, hang on a second, what does it actually do for your bottom line? How does it improve your efficiency and reduce your business costs? Uniquely, these questions are at the top of the minds of the STL Technology Solutions’ development team before they start work on a new application. Which explains why STL is fastbecoming the IT business partner of choice for the wholesale industry. When STL started developing our latest Sales Order Processing (SOP) system we turned to our customers first, not the in-house ‘techies’, to find out what everyday users of the technology want it to do for them. ‘We didn’t want to add new features simply because they sounded impressive or were available,’ said STL’s Chief of Software, Mark Vasey. ‘Instead, we conducted extensive research and really listened to customers before actually starting any development work.’ The result is a practical, innovative and cost-effective SOP/delivered system that substantially exceeds the specifications of competitive packages.



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At the heart of the new STL SOP system is an order processing module, which integrates with STL’s Merchandise Management System (MMS), and is one of the easiest-touse systems ever developed.

STL’s SOP system offers: • The ability to receive orders into your system from a number of sources, including via STL’s ecommerce site, ‘Order Wizard’ • A quick and simple telesales application, which has been designed to be easy to learn without losing any of the essential functionality • Easy integration with third-party retail systems and websites via STL’s open order format, which optimises your investment • The opportunity for extensive promotional activities, helping you to secure customer loyalty.

There are a number of other features included in this new package which help make order processing painless. Picking is made quicker, easier and more transparent, thanks to a new, realtime wireless system which works on a wide number of hand-held devices. Document formatting is exceptionally flexible, so you can produce reports tailored to suit your requirements. Finally, the new Dashboard feature gives you an instant real-time status update on all orders, pickers and telesales, as well as a number of other

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key performance measures. Listening to customers isn’t STL’s only unique feature. For starters, we are staffed by people who have worked for years in the wholesale industry, so we really understand your business. We are also the only IT developer concentrating solely on your industry, which means we’re really focused. And, perhaps surprisingly, we’re the only developer in your sector developing fresh software using today’s technology. That means our software is easier and more costeffective to install, use and manage. It is also highly customisable so we can make it a really neat fit for your specific business. Plus, because it’s an ‘open’ technology with a solid roadmap, it maximises your options for future extensions and integrations – all of which makes it a really sound business investment. STL also offers a full suite of business and IT support services, to help you make the most of your operation. Savvy companies such as Parfetts and L&F Jones have already seized the opportunity to make the STL difference to their business. Now, doesn’t that ring your bell?

Call STL today to find out more on: 0870 240 2140, or visit:

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Sales Order Processing Advert  

STL's delivered SOP solution has been developed eliciting input from some of the UK’s leading wholesalers; the software offers a flexible sy...