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Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs Wine does, certainly. Cheese can, too. Even many people, for that matter. They all improve with age. But the same can’t be said for information technology. You wouldn’t be seen dead with a brick-sized mobile phone or a dial-faced desk phone, today, would you? STL Technology Solutions the only IT provider focused solely on developing integrated solutions for the cash & carry and delivered wholesale industry.

Yet, according to our recent survey, over half the operators in the wholesale industry are still trying to run a business on aging technology. Software that does not integrate. Software that doesn’t provide a comprehensive, real-time view of the organisation. Software that cannot produce the reports required for effective decisions in today’s economy.

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by offering exceptional service and quality.

Because we worked, and continue to work, in consultation with the industry, we have designed practical, innovative, integrate-able solutions that substantially exceed the specifications of competitive packages. Because STL software is based on the latest development tools, it is easier and more cost-effective to install, use and manage. It is also highly customisable so we can make it a really neat fit for your particular business. As a result, an STL solution can make picking and order processing quicker, easier and more transparent. It can tailor reports to suit your requirements. It can give you stock visibility and buying impact like never before.

Martin Jones of L&F Jones said: ‘By helping us to increase turnover, speed up order fulfilment, and view a more up-to-date picture of operations, STL offers a triple whammy that each of our customers will benefit from. And, because STL uses only the latest technology, it keeps our options open for the future. This all adds up to a smart investment.'

STL Technology Solutions is committed to meeting customer needs

That means software that can’t tell you when you’re close to running out of stock. Or how you might be able to fulfil an extraordinary order. Or collate multibranch orders for mightier buying power. Or react quickly to trends to keep your customers satisfied and loyal. But worse than this: most operators are relying on software that is based on aging technology platforms that the developers are no longer investing in. Software that is dying. Which leaves their businesses highly vulnerable. That is why STL Technology Solutions has invested over £1.6m to bring the latest technology to the cash & carry and delivered wholesale industry. First, we extensively polled the industry to find out exactly what operators need business software to do.

But, as nine of the UK’s top 30 wholesalers - such as Parfetts and Dhamecha – have discovered, STL’s solutions do more than generate stunning operational efficiencies. More strategically, STL’s powerful yet flexible reporting tools give customers the ability to collate and query cross-organisational information, to obtain the intelligence they need to explore opportunities and make competition-beating plans for the future.

Using the very latest Microsoft development tools available, STL has developed a suite of leading-edge software applications designed to address the needs of cash and carry and delivered wholesalers. We can supply modular solutions for specific areas of your business or as a full blown integrated system linking every part of the supply chain.

From merchandise management systems to RF handheld technology to point of sale, STL is solely focused on the wholesale sector. STL - THE COMPLETE SERVICE Software Hardware Installation Implementation

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And, because they are based on ‘open’ technology with a solid roadmap, STL’s solutions maximise your options for future extensions and integrations that will ensure you can follow those plans all the way through.


Then, using the very latest Microsoft tools available, we developed the most advanced merchandise management, sales order processing, contact STL to find out more on: web-ordering, picking and or visit tilling solutions available for the wholesale sector.

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Using the very latest Microsoft development tools available, STL has developed a suite of leading-edge software applications designed to add...