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Independent publishing is a game for fools, a quite painful one at times. Most indy publishers know more of loss than the fool who panhandles the streets and sleeps in the alley, who has little desire to dream of anything better. Unlike the fool who wanders blissfully down dark alleys, only desiring a meal and a dry spot to lay his head for the night, the indy publisher dreams of success and piece of mind, the American Dream. At least this one does. And my pursuit of this grand Dream has brought myself great loss and pain. It’s not just the financial woes that the homeless fool and I suffer daily, but the torture of one’s soul that most men not dare wish upon themselves, much less invite. I left friends and family miles behind in the pursuit of this Great Dream – which has too often seemed to be more of an illusion, if not a nightmare at times – and the chance of financial security, too. And it seems that only a fool tortures himself day after day, year after year, ignoring the visible pains which make others question one’s state of mind, but not so. And like the fool, most independent publishers never think twice before they exhaust their capital and soul of all its worth before they find their head resting upon the edge of a guillotine. The indy publisher, like the fool, seldom has enough sense to beg for mercy or run like Hell before the blade removes our head from our torso. That’s what bliss does to fools, and indy publishers. For the fool it’s drifting from street to street, chasing a high and sleeping on the streets; for dreamers, it’s dreaming the dream of rock-n-roll, art, theater, etc. For me, it’s the curse of indy publishing. Maybe I’m a junkie, instead of a fool, which might make more sense. Regardless of semantics, I wrote that the American Dream had become a nightmare last July 4th. At that time, I believed that the Dream was not dead, yet a nightmare in disguise. That’s what fools, junkies, gamblers and dreamers do, believe. But even junkies and gamblers and most indy publishers finally call it quits, or they die believing. I found myself there last month, ready to quit and walk away from this madness with some part of my mind and soul intact, with a more realistic dream of being a grandfather to my new granddaughter. Independent publishing took me away from my children and family, so I questioned why loose my last chance of normality before all that’s left are my ashes, to be flushed down the toilet where I’ve spent most of my life? Yes, I was ready to say that the American Dream isn’t a nightmare anymore, it’s fucking dead! Then I woke up one morning to a phone call or two, or maybe five. It seemed like a dream of sorts, or at least what I remember a dream feeling like. Between Seattle and St. Louis The Sinner had sold a few ads, enough to bring it out of the Red for the first time in years. The line between black and white may appear to be razor thin for most folks, but in indy publishing it’s like jumping the Grand Canyon on a scooter without a parachute – and making the perfect landing. Maybe the American Dream isn’t dead, I thought. Maybe the trickle-down effect of the stimulus package had finally reached me. Shit,

maybe it was my mother’s prayers being answered by God, although I doubt God would ever bail this sinner out. I don’t know what the Hell happened these past two months, other than myself and my man in Seattle pushing sales like a junkie in need of a fix for the first time in years. And that’s what the American Dream is all about, getting off your ass and making something happen, even if it only adds up to $3 when it’s all said and spent. But I’ll take that Dream any day of the week over the nightmares of starvation. But there’s certainly something more to making the Dream a reality than chasing it like a crack whore through the streets of East St. Louis. We all need a fair chance, a level playing field to compete. And that’s where the American Dream slips out of the average American’s grasp. A fair tax system is a level playing field, regardless of what Tea Party nitwits and corporate America wants to force feed us on each of their false media outlets. Mainstream media is the first to demonize deadbeat fathers who can’t pay their child support, and our government is the first to imprison them. My question is, how often do these outlets point out the true deadbeats in this country – the true terrorist, if you will – corporate America, who weasels through tax loopholes and leases office spaces in foreign lands to avoid corporate tax? And when groups like MoveOn.Org protest banks and other corporate deadbeats, what happens in the media? These individuals are presented to be crackpots, the fringe liberals of America, instead of concerned Americans asking questions as to why they loose about 30% of their income every week while billion dollar companies waltz with politicians, paying nothing. These ideologies are fine to debate freely in America, to even protest, as MoveOn.Org did April 18th. But, if you’re an indy publisher, you’d have to be a fool to cover stories about corporate protest, because these ratbastards are all in bed with most of our representatives in Washington. And when you print shit like that, you can count on phone and internet surveillance and black SUVs to follow you around the streets while you shop secondhad stores. Even this amateur rag has been subject to such government snooping. A few years ago I received a phone call from a reliable ex-contributor who has a

Model Julielane

TAX PROTEST & AMERICAN UNREST friend in the FBI, who had warned him to put distance between him and The Sinner because we were being watched. This was also during the Bush administration after the Iraq war when Sinner contributors were heavily writing against the lies that put America in that illegal war and covering the massive protests in Seattle. It was also about the time when our government was caught infiltrating Grannies For Peace in California. Of course, that wasn’t on MSNBC or CNN, and certainly not FOX. Like I said, only a fool dreams of being an indy publisher, yet only a fool shakes his head and calls it all paranoid nonsense. That’s because most of us are fools anyway, but few of us will ever admit it. And that is another tale of fear and publishing to think of before you dare jump into these waters full of Navy Seal Team 6 trained sharks... they’ll eat you alive, as will indy publishing! Or drive you mad one trying to survive the swim...

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The Loss Of A Golden Ticket by Kristen Ivy


t’s been a few months since I last broadcasted my opinions on the pages of The Sinner (well, half a page, but who’s counting?) Much as I’d love to proclaim a new, complaint-free era of equality and sound government, and an end to all social ills... We’ve got a schoolyard brawl over the federal budget and US missiles finding their way to Libyan targets. At least there’s always something to talk about! One of the defining truths of our era is the loss of a “golden ticket”. A college degree no longer guarantees graduates a good job. Hell, it doesn’t guarantee ANY job. Unions which once allowed working-class people to maintain a middle-class standard of living have lost power in favor or corporate interests. Economic disadvantage hits even those who don’t care about politics, news, or issues. A foreclosure crisis is more real than any foreign war. This is why the growing disgruntlement against the government is so focused on monetary issues. At its beginning, the Tea Party was an almost progressive, grassroots movement. A lot of other issues have been tacked on, but the original issues that got people fired up were economic problems. That’s right, even conservatives saw something fundamentally wrong with our system. By rejecting our government’s overspending, and using grassroots protest to express their anger at a growing deficit and corrupt monetary policy, the Tea Party found a small slice of common ground with progressives. Those issues got thousands of people fired up. And on those issues, many of their allies were liberal. On every side of the political fence, the people know that these things must be fixed. Randians and progressives alike can agree that our fiscal policy is a mess. And paying taxes toward an increasingly indebted government is bad

policy all around. Our deficit is at $1.4 trillion with no sign of stopping. But while the Republicans debate which social programs to cut, they ignore a major source of expenditure: the military. Military spending accounts for an enormous amount of the federal budget. And a good chunk of that included interest on debt from previous wars. Keeping 700 military bases open across the world isn’t cheap either. Meanwhile, companies like BP are awarded huge government contracts. Tax havens for corporations allow them to save $100 billion per year. Let’s not forget the bailouts either! In times of economic downturn, people lose jobs and lose hours and lose homes. We feel these problems on a day-to-day basis, while banks and oil companies get money and contracts without paying their due. There’s nothing wrong with hard work and individualism. But priggish attitudes that demand everyone “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” harm our society. No one should be bankrupted by healthcare costs. Spending on healthcare, public works, and education improves our quality of life. Spending on submarines does not. Bailouts and tax havens for the big corporations only improve life for those who are high up the corporate ladder. Democrat, Marxist, or Tea Party member, citizens across the spectrum can agree on issues that affect our future and quality of living. Political debate must continue, as the politicians squabble over what spending to cut and who to tax. Regardless, we can’t forget our common ground. Shake hands over the fence with the Tea Partier or the Bleeding Heart liberal. We’re all getting screwed, and everyone should make their discontent heard. The people have spoken: We are tired of a system that runs on debt and forces taxpayers to pay for the government’s spendthrift ways.


Echoes of Wisconsin – Occupying A State Capitol Building


hile traveling in April I decided to take a detour to visit some friends in the Northwest. Before I knew it, I had somehow found myself involved in a four-day sit-in demonstration inside the state capitol building in Olympia, Washington. Originally, I had decided to cover the demonstrations as an independent journalist. Activists around the country had called for a national day of demonstrations in solidarity with protesters in Wisconsin. Protesters peacefully occupied the state capitol building in Madison to express their opposition to government austerity measures and union busting legislation. Several members of the Wisconsin legislature had left the state in an attempt to block the passage of their Republican governor’s conservative budget cutting legislation. My week of solidarity protests began on Monday April 4th in Seattle with a memorial gathering for Dr. Martin Luther King on the anniversary of his assassination. By Tuesday April 5th I was helping to lead approximately one hundred demonstrators in an attempt to occupy the governor’s office at the state capitol building in Olympia. We were blocked by Washington State Patrol officers before our group could enter, and the governor’s office was closed to prevent protesters from staging our sit-in. My transformation at those events from a freelance reporter into a protest organizer began on that day… On Wednesday April 6th five hundred people marched into the state capitol dome chanting, “We Want Money For Education – Not For War And Occupation!” The demonstrations had been going on all day and at least one hundred folks decided to bring their sleeping bags into the capitol dome rotunda and stage a “sleep-in” to protest Washington State budget cuts which are kicking thousands of people off of state funded programs for the poor, elderly and disabled. The Washington state government is currently giving away eight billion dollars in tax breaks to private country clubs, cosmetic surgeons, owners of private jets and major corporations. Despite this huge potential revenue source, the only response from both Democrats and Republicans in the legislature has been a crass attempt to balance the budget on the backs of the poor and working class. ( Attempts to force “austerity measures” on the poor and middle class is one of the most insidious aspects of the corporate globalization agenda currently being promoted by governments in almost every nation on the planet. The sit-in at the capitol in Olympia started officially around 5PM on April 6th when five hundred protesters

sat down in the middle of the rotunda under the capitol dome and began chanting “Who’s House? Our House!” and “This Is What Democracy Looks Like!” People started unpacking their sleeping bags and everyone began to spread them out on the floor, arranging their equipment into what looked like a group of well-organized campsites. Organizers made sure to supply the crowd with plenty of water, food, first-aid kits, etc. Whole families gathered inside the capitol dome and spread their sleeping bags out on the hard marble floors. When capitol security officers informed the protesters that the building was closing, everyone just ignored them. The Washington State Patrol had a problem trying to decide how to get everyone out of the building without resorting to physical force. The use of tear gas canisters in the “people’s house” would have made the governor look bad on TV newscasts. Scenes of police wrestling 60-year-old women out the door would be the wrong kind of publicity for government officials. Law enforcement authorities did not want to arrest families with children and disabled folks in wheel chairs. The bad publicity would have borne severe political costs for the state. Eventually government, security and police officials decided to close the building with the demonstrators still inside. The protesters were locked in all night with police and security staff. My report as a correspondent for alternative radio networks sounded like this: “I am here at the Washington State Capitol building in Olympia with demonstrators who are now occupying the building. I am broadcasting this at 5:30AM, and as I look around me I see folks with sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses camped out in the middle of the capitol dome rotunda.” I called Democracy Now!, Free Speech Radio News and every other alternative news group I could think of to report on the occupation that night. By the next day, however, I had joined with the sit-in protesters and I found myself sleeping inside the ostentatious capitol dome rotunda along with the other demonstrators. The Washington State capitol building is more of a luxurious palace than a democratic house of government. There are restricted areas where elegant antique furniture and ornate tables are reserved for use only on very special occasions when some visiting international dignitary comes to meet with the governor. We woke up beneath a crystal chandelier so large you could literally hide a small car inside it. I couldn’t help wondering how many people could have been fed, physically cared for

and educated with the millions of dollars spent on building costs and upkeep for this majestic piece of architecture. Sleeping, eating and protesting in the very center of government and corporate power can be an extremely empowering experience for anyone. For the next four days, a lot of folks who had never been politically active found themselves caught up in the center of the storm with no safe way out… Activists were able to get their mattresses and sleeping bags into the building by hiding them in backpacks. At one point police began to search people as they entered. They found one sleeping bag inside a man’s backpack. When he was confronted by State Patrol officers he said simply, “I am taking it inside the capitol building because I plan to live here in the ‘people’s house’ for a while.” When questioned further by police he stated, “I am staying here because it’s our building. The public owns this place. It’s the seat of our democracy.” Later in the evening, the mood changed abruptly. A state patrol lieutenant told us that he supported our right to express freedom of speech. He said, “Work with us and we’ll work with you.” The crowd cheered in response. Suddenly we all knew we had succeeded. The occupation would not be stopped by angry police. Cooler heads had prevailed and the sit-in participants were jubilant. Soon I was spending sleepless nights doing media outreach for the sit-in protesters. We built a web presence using the name “OccupyWA” on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. The group sent out hundreds of press releases to alternative media, Wisconsin public radio stations, and to every national and international media organization we could contact. I found myself on national news media programs discussing corporate tax loopholes and state budget cuts. I debated social programs with members of the tea party as I tried to avoid being set up for the typical irrational right-wing attacks by Fox news. During the sit-in demonstration, the protesters met with Washington State Legislature Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, Senators Mike Sells, Nick Harper, Adam Kline and Representative Bob Hasagawa. These legislators gave us their support and thanked us for taking a courageous stand against the budget cuts. No Republicans from either the house or senate bothered to acknowledge our protests or to engage us in dialogue. Governor Christine Gregoire’s Chief of Staff, Jay Manning, spoke with us after we tried to hold a demonstration inside the governor’s office.

written by Mark Taylor-Canfield Photos courtesy of

Unfortunately, during the legislative session in which the Washington House of Representatives voted to approve the new state budget proposals, General Administration representatives from the Governor’s office (in charge of capitol security) refused to allow members of the public into the “public gallery” to observe the proceedings. There were no plans by protesters to disrupt any of the proceedings. As justification for being barred from entering the galleries, people were told that the public gallery was “filled to capacity”. This was a complete and utter lie on the part of General Administration representatives! In fact, there were only a handful of lobbyists and observers in the galleries. Most of the benches were completely empty! We have documented this fact which can be verified by a lobbyist for the Washington Labor Council. We find it absolutely appalling that GA staff would lie to us so blatantly and without any sense of conscience. We were betrayed by employees of our own state government! That is not what democracy looks like… The non-violent occupation continued for four long days with endless rounds of political organizing, including more noisy demonstrations, multiple sit-ins staged in another administrative building, political music performances (including a few sets of my protest songs), satirical political theater, and lots of pizzas purchased by fellow activists in Wisconsin who were supportive of our efforts. The only physical confrontation came when police officers from the Washington State Patrol made 17 arrests on Thursday April 7th during a sit-in attempt at the governor’s office by members of the SEIU labor union. Police report that one Washington State Patrol officer was assaulted and injured when the union protesters tried to force their way into the office to see Governor Christine Gregoire to demand that she stop the drastic budget cuts to social programs. On Friday April 9th a labor union rally brought an estimated 10,000 to 12,000 people to the steps of the capitol in Olympia to protest proposed Washington state budget cuts and to demonstrate solidarity with union members in Wisconsin who have been fighting the governor’s efforts to take away collective bargaining rights for public employee unions. At 8:30 PM on Saturday April 9th, the Director of General Administration at the State Capitol Building in Olympia (Joyce Turner) read a statement from Governor Christine Gregoire (Democrat) announcing that the protesters who had been occupying the building through-

out the week were being ordered to leave immediately. The implied threat was that those of us still occupying the building would be arrested. Although protesters had talked with Turner several times during the evening, she never mentioned any possibility of arrest or removal of the sit-in participants by police. Washington State Patrol officers started videotaping all of the demonstrators and their actions earlier in the evening, including taping all of the organizing meetings. The capitol rotunda soon filled up with police and it was obvious that arrests were going to be made. A contingent of Olympia police in black uniforms also entered the building and surrounded the protesters. Although the demonstrators had been there all evening, they had been given no warning about the arrests, and sit-in participants assumed they were going to be spending another peaceful night inside the state capitol. Some of the people inside the building had already set up their sleeping bags and were bedding down for the night. During this stand-off between police and demonstrators, I asked the Washington State Patrol officer in charge, Officer Arras, if he planned to have us arrested. He replied, “You will be leaving the building tonight.” We took this to mean that we would be physically forced from the state capitol and taken to jail. In spite of this assumption, none of the demonstrators left the building at that point. In effect, they had forced a showdown between police and the protesters. It was obvious to everyone at this point that they were going to remove people from the building. 35 demonstrators inside the building were forced to make a decision – vacate the premises or face arrest for trespassing. A quick meeting was held among the activists. Around 9PM Washington State Patrol officers made

their move. People who refused to leave voluntarily were forced out of the building by Washington State Patrol officers. Protesters were told to sign a “no trespass order” without the assistance of any legal counsel. We maintain that anyone who signed this order did so under duress. The “no trespass order” bans these individuals from entering the capitol building or the state capitol campus area for 60 days. It is understood that if these individuals enter the building or walk onto the state capitol property within 60 days they will be arrested and charged with criminal trespass. Most of the protesters went limp and refused to cooperate with police. They were physically carried out of the state capitol building by members of the Washington State Patrol while a large group of officers from the Olympia Police Department and a few of the capitol security staff stood by to provide support. Despite this abrupt ending to the sit-in, the governor’s order did not end the demonstrations. The Associated Press quoted demonstrators saying, “We’ll be back!” In actuality, protests have continued for more than a month at the Washington state capitol. A free speech issue remained after the sit-in was ended. Nine of the participants in the protest have been banned from the state capitol campus by the Washington State Patrol’s orders due to a Thurston County Superior Court judge’s ruling. The protesters were forced to sign so-called “no-trespass orders”. Therefore, they are not legally allowed to protest at the state capitol because they would have to face criminal trespass charges as a result. This is a violation of their First Amendment right to peacefully gather to petition the government for redress of grievances. Sit-in participants and their attorneys question the legality of forcing people to sign a document which incriminates them while under threat of immediate arrest. This is a violation of the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution.

I also question law enforcement’s position that “no one was arrested.” When police take control of a person’s body and physically move them, they are, we maintain “under arrest”. These people were not “detained” and then released. They were physically removed. According to my legal counsel, that is the very definition of “arrest” – the loss of freedom of physical movement and the physical control by police of a suspect’s body. Since no official charges were filed against any of the sit-in protesters, potential civil rights lawsuits could now be filed against the state government. Despite the many distortions which may have been reported by the corporate news media, the occupation of the state capitol building in Olympia was an act of nonviolent civil disobedience in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Henry David Thoreau and Mahatma Gandhi. The people involved in this action were willing to break the law and go to jail in order to make a bold political statement. These activists are dedicated to the task of confronting corrupt politicians and they are actively opposed to the abuse of power in government. During many of the speeches given at the sit-in, organizers admitted that much of the inspiration for the demonstrations in Olympia came not only from the protests in Wisconsin, but also from the popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc. The Olympia demonstrators recognize that we are all part of a world-wide movement for democracy and economic justice. Also, do not misjudge this sit-in as just another ineffectual symbolic uprising. Changes have been made in the political machine in Olympia largely because of the tireless efforts of activists to hold their elected representatives accountable for the devastating effects of the state budget cuts. New legislation has actually been introduced into the Washington state legislature which proposes to eliminate some of the huge tax exemptions given to corporations. These are the same loopholes that protesters were lobbying their legislators to remove during the sit-in. This proposal was, in fact, the one major demand that all of the demonstration groups agreed to support, including labor unions, community coalitions, anti-poverty organizations and civil rights groups. We should remember that before thousands of protesters became willing to march on the capitol, and before a few hundred activists decided to stage their sit-ins and demonstrations, Washington state legislators had been completely unwilling to consider the introduction of this kind of anti-corporate legislation. Many state senators and representatives were still afraid of losing substantial election campaign contributions from powerful corporate interests like Boeing and Microsoft. Previous to the demonstrations elected officials had been totally incapable of mounting a direct challenge to their corporate friends and lobbyists on this issue of the elimination of corporate tax exemptions. After much effort and some sacrifice on the part of pro-democracy activists, state representatives have finally been forced to listen to the people… In addition, one of the strengths of these protests was the populist organization style of the demonstrators. This mini-revolt in Washington state was modeled after the original populist uprisings in Egypt. There were no major unions or other organized groups exercising overall leadership. This lack of central control made it impossible for government authorities to target any particular person or group as a way of stopping the protests. The sit-in participants in Olympia were not a bunch of militant anarchists or communists or even a group of extremist members from the tea party. They were what might be termed, “regular folks” who just wanted to be heard by their elected representatives. Whenever government or law enforcement officials tried to negotiate with us during the sit-in, we would constantly repeat, “We have no leaders. We’re all in this together.”

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A M i n d I s A Te r r i b l e T h i n g To W a s t e written by Saab Lofton “We indeed must criticize and condemn immoral acts of black people, but we must do so cognizant of the circumstances into which people are born and under which they live.” – Professor Cornel West

Riley Freeman: Gangstalicious got shot! Robert “Granddad” Freeman: Again? Riley Freeman: We got to do something! Huey Freeman: I’ve got an idea: Why don’t we go to college so we don’t end up like Gangstalicious? – from an episode of The Boondocks In the blaxploitation film, The Mack (1973), a pimp visits the ghetto so he can bestow gifts upon its children, but when one child expresses a desire to follow in his footsteps, this is heard from him: “I don’t ever want to hear you saying that again. That goes for the rest of you... You can be a lawyer, you can be a doctor, you can be anything you want to be, but I don’t ever want to hear you say you want to be like me.” Unfortunately, that lesson was lost over the decades, because what dominates black culture today is the exact opposite message. Being a lawyer or a doctor is considered by all too many to be too nerdy, and as a result, there’s an endless succession of one gangstah-gangstah/ bling-bling rap video after another bombarding impressionable young minds. BET (Black Entertainment Television) is the prime suspect insofar as this goes, and I’m sure its executives would insist they’re only trying to make a profit, but there are FAR more important things in life than whether an executive can afford an MTV Cribs mansion. As Rodney Barnes, coproducer of Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks, accurately stated: “[BET] only caters to the most ignorant of what black people are.” So by CONtinuing to pander to the lowest common denominator, BET is complicit in the degradation of an already oppressed people. According to an article written by Sophie Borland of The Telegraph (UK) in August of 2007, “Black teenagers need role models to divert them from a world of gangs and criminality... Young black men are apparently being increasingly lured into trouble by rap stars, celebrities and sportsmen who glamorize the wrong sort of lifestyle... This is causing them to have low aspirations resulting in them to drop out of school and be drawn into gang-related trouble. The problem is so widespread that it could cost the UK £24 billion over the next 50 years in terms of lost taxes, criminal justice and healthcare costs. In order to curb this trend black men need to be inspired by successful businessmen, lawyers and doctors to replace the gangster role models that exist today.” Let’s be clear: This does NOT let white supremacist capitalism off the hook. In fact, the only way anyone can ever “replace the gangster role models that exist today” is with a LOT of grants for the arts, which laissez-faire


libertarian skkkum ain’t likely to approve. For instance, what OUGHT to be on BET is a game show where you can win cash and fabulous prizes by correctly answering questions about black history. The problem is finding funding for such a thing since those questions would inevitably indict the elite... Q: What did Paul Robeson accuse America of when he petitioned the United Nations on December 17th, 1951? A: Economic genocide. Q: What did J. Edgar Hoover consider to be the most dangerous thing about the Black Panther Party? A: Its Free Children’s Breakfast Program. cetera, et cetera, et cetera... So long as libertarians CONtinue to pull chickenshit excuses out of their nasty asses in order for the rich to evade taxation, I don’t want to hear a goddamn thang about how black folks supposedly need to work harder (doN’T CONfuse us with Boxer the Horse from George Orwell’s Animal Farm). We’re doing the best we can under these budget slashed circumstances! I’m NOT for Stalinistically censoring gangstah-gangstah/bling-bling (tempting as it is), but for every thug like 50 Cent, there needs to be two radical rappers like KRS One. More speech, not less; drown out bad influences with a deluge of good. That’s why I’ve spent the better part of my life trying to succeed as a storyteller so I can do my part – that’s also why it hurts so much whenever I face corporate censorship, which is more often than not ... Fictional icons like Mace Windu from Star Wars, Captain Sisko from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the Green Lantern John Stewart from DC Comics need to be given a wider audience (I don’t know about penises, but when it comes to audiences, size does matter; bigger is most definitely better)... “That’s called exposure, and with enough of it, we can change the world.” --Huey Freeman, The Boondocks I’ve been creating similar characters for years, but until I’m allowed to reach the MASSES on a regular basis, I might as well be talking to myself. Until movies are based on my stories (as opposed to bread and circuses such as Beverly Hills Chihuahua or Dude, Where’s My Car?), musicians need to hold benefit concerts for the United Negro College Fund every weekend – a mind IS a terrible thing to waste... -

ESSAY | A Step Or Two Back by Henry Nicolle “ONE STEP FORWARD, TWO STEPS BACK.” A sad but recurring song. The concept that if you have two strong, but evil and destructive choices and a dozen weak, but good and beneficial choices, that one should choose the lesser evil, so as to “Not throw away the choice”, is absurd. But, it is the way of our society. We reject good, embrace evil and deny our responsibility for the outflow of evil. Insanity defined. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are evil, if respect for individual Rights, Liberty and Selfdetermination are the gauges by which they are defined. Nothing is wholly evil nor wholly good, either, so if you are a Party Animal, don’t get your panties in a twist quite yet. Be polite and wait until I give you real cause to complain.



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“America - Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.” A lie and a fairy-tale suitable for re-telling at Conventions of the morally and intellectually challenged majority of America. A society founded upon Ideals and constructed with Ruthless Ambition and Bloody Violence. An argument can be made that our impassive Machiavellian rulers have brought about the world’s most impressive and successful centrally governed society and raised more souls from impoverishment than has ever before been achieved. The counter argument is easily that our success has also re-defined “Rights and Liberty” to their destruction and in the process, destroyed more lives and civilized “advance” than all of the tyrants and conquerors in sum who precede us. Select either standard and compare - we win hands down. We started out with good intentions. “That all men are created equal . . . with certain unalienable Rights, among which are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” These are the basis of our philosophy for selfgovernment as a free society of free men and women. There is no omission or de-certification of any individual within this establishment. No shadow of race, religion, color, sex, age or origin separates any one of us from the gold standard of equality at birth to a Place and a Life and the achievements possible from self-determination. This is the rule for our society and for any government we may create or tolerate. It is a rule which is inviolate, even should it bring our own destruction. Our new governments post-1776 yet exist under the implacable mandate to preserve inherent individual Rights, Liberty and Self-determination. If our institutions fail to achieve this mandate, they are invalid and deserve no respect, except of our scorn and active destruction. Our self-governing processes are failures if our Rights, Liberty and Self-Determination are to be the measure of our success. Neither Respect nor Observance of any kind can be discovered in our society today. We have re-defined “Liberty” in modern terms, “structured liberty”. We are free to do as we will, in compliance with the policies of our rulers, restrained within arbitrary bounds by our overseers. We have abandoned our inherent “Rights” and submitted to the substitute “civil rights” defined, granted and enforced by our rulers. We have no rights except those which are legislated or recognized by the judiciary. Our self-determination is boundless within the fishbowl of forced choices and limited choices between the rub-rails of policy-driven inducements of politically correct and economic doctrine. I do not understand or accept that our hypothetically Free People can be truly free, if we tolerate central control of our economy, our social structure, our individual well-being and security, our family relationships and our faith. Somehow we have abandoned the concept of the supreme value of individuality as the source and core for our society of peace, security, progress, prosperity, charity and advancement of humanity in all spheres of endeavor and possibility. Somehow we have come to accept, to believe and to advocate the theft of each individual life by the impositions of taxes, fees, licenses, regulations and codes and innumerable demands for submission and obedience to achieve a “greater good”. We accept, submit to and obey corrupted powers and condemn those who strike at the root of corruption. It is all inconceivable to me, but it cannot be denied, however earnestly I would prefer otherwise. So here we are, subjects to Powers we do not and perhaps, cannot control. We deny that we have lost control or that we ever were in control, facts to the contrary openly denied. We demand subjugation. Our future is upon us now and cannot be avoided. The time for avoidance planning has passed and our necks are in the Guillotine, our hands and feet bound and our hearts pressuring up the scarlet flood which will color our passing a pastel in the tide of change. What next?


Dirty Little Secrets THE BIG PICTURE by Joe Motor


was going to write about local government and corruption, perhaps I’ll do that next month. Instead my attention has been diverted to a new development on the national/international level. As we all know now, Osama Bin Laden has been killed, or so we are told. It is amazing the timing of this breaking news. President Barack Obama makes sure to emphasize the fact, that he authorized the attack. Now notice the timing, we were told Sunday night, May 1st. Heaven forbid, this should divert attention away from the Royal wedding. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but again notice the timing. Imagine that Osama Bin Laden could be killed at any time. But wait a second, what if he is killed when the president’s approval rating is at an all time low, and when the public is livid about gas prices, and when politicians are squirming over the issues of the economy, raising of the debt ceiling and the fact we are over 14 trillion in debt. Not to mention the economy is not bouncing back as promised. What do you want to bet the Presidents approval rating goes up, and a revived sense of patriotism. And this will be combined with a heightened alert of possible terrorist attacks, thus, the need to give up more freedom in order to be safe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those that believes there is no terrorist threat. I just think the timing was perfect, too perfect. Candidates announcing their intentions to run for the Oval Office, or hinting of a possible announcement. And what a perfect time to divert the American people’s attention away from the serious mess this country is in right now. I know a lot of people just don’t give a damn about politics and “the big picture”. Government counts on this attitude, not believing or not caring. This is how we got where we are today. Really, look at the big picture and I think you will see. This shit is scripted, planned and fed to the media. Then it is fed to us, and presented as fact, as news, as breaking news. Breaking when they want it to break. Who are THEY you ask? Do you think our leaders, are our leaders? You could say so, but who leads them? Both parties are basically the same, the powers that be, make sure both sides win (at times) to make it look like we have real leaders. Read between the lines, folks. It’s all right under our noses. Who are THEY ?? Is it the COMMITTEE OF 300? Is it THE BILDERBURG GROUP ? THE ILLUMINATI ? Who knows ?? The Fact is THEY rule us, and the world. Money talks, and the rest of us are their slaves. Ask George Carlin! No joke intended. It would seem we are on a collision course to disaster, yet no one is doing a damn thing stop this train, The little man on the street can see it. We are headed for a financial collapse. Federal Government refuses to stop growing at the expense of this collapse. Perhaps they are doing this on purpose, ya think? The script has been written. The big picture is control and it is bigger than just the federal government. It would seem, they are getting us used to the fact that we are not all that sovereign. Let’s go to war because Nato says so, or the United Nations. The UN doesn’t give two shits about our Constitution, yet recognizes dictators as legitimate leaders.

Taking a step back to the federal government, I would like to talk about this mess we are in, and how we got there. There was a time when this was really the “United States Of America”. The key word here is STATES. Our forefathers set up a system with checks and balances. And most importantly, The Constitution. States were to be run like small countries. The federal government was to do only what the Constitution allowed. Goods coming into America were taxed, and that money was used to run the federal government. There was no income tax. Federal government was small, with a small “F”. When the Fed’s wanted to build a national interstate freeway systems, they sold it as a necessity for national defense. Every thing had to be done constitutionally. But that slowly changed, to the point that they are not even challenged any more. Constitutionally, it is not the federal governments job to control or provide education, heath care, welfare. The States were to govern and take care of themselves. Why do we hand out money to over 150 countries, fight wars not involving the USA, not to mention our involvement in trade agreements, the UN, and Nato. The Constitution does not allow for any of this. The Constitution is clear on what the Feds can and cannot do. Just remember, if they are allowed to disregard any part of it, then nothing is sacred. And that is exactly where we are at right now. It is not fashionable to stick up for the Constitution. I don’t hear the President talking very much about it. Why do you think Constitutionalists are demonized? Think I’m exaggerating? The States can’t even govern marijuana without the Feds saying that they are in control. Again I will use the “C” word. This needs to be challenged CONSTITUTIONALLY. In fact, almost everything these bastards (the Feds) do, needs to be challenged. The Courts and the Constitution is the only non violent way we can fix this mess. However, that will never be allowed to be written into “the script”. Talking with some people, this seems to be a lot to wrap their heads around. It is complicated and so is the world. Maybe this is why the educational system in this country is so messed up. Again, it is scripted to be that way. Controlling forces don’t want us to be too smart, thus the dumbing down theory. After all, we need to vote their puppets into office. Colleges have made it trendy or acceptable to think a certain way. But being a progressive liberal or whatever, is not going to save you, and neither is being a right-leaning conservative. THEY want you to choose sides. Then you believe you matter, you make a difference, you play the game , you vote, you follow the script. It is all nonsense. Our forefathers were free thinkers (especially, for their time). I’m not saying they were perfect. But they fought a good fight. This mess we are in now is not what they fought and died for. The foundation this country is built on, must be chipped away. It must happen for “the powers that be ” (whoever they are) to fulfill their plan for GLOBAL DOMINATION !

Our economy thrives when creativity thrives By Jason Sibert


he light bulb, personal computer, and computer software are a result of our creativity as humans. Edison, Franklin, Jobs, and Gates are great names in the field of creativity. Historians of science tell us that the scientific outlook started in Ancient Ionia when a group of philosophers tried to remove the roles personal gods played in ordering the universe and tried to attribute the properties of the universe to natural causes. Thales was one of the earliest of these philosophers and he contributed to the fields of astronomy and geometry. Historians also tell us that the roots of science lie in technology and early tool making of early civilizations. Advances in agriculture, navigation, shipbuilding, and transportation were made by members of the artisan class like wheelwrights and shipbuilders. The early work was done by people who worked with their hands everyday. In today’s American economy I wonder if creativity is on its way out in large portions of our economy. Look at the change that Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, and chain restaurants have brought upon us. Yes, we have low costs, but we also have standardized products which have a lifespan shorter than the products of yesteryear. Most of the above mentioned companies have their products made by a poorly paid third-world workforce in countries which have very low wage and environmental standards. These giants have taken creativity from our hands and given it to the gods. I think the above mentioned practices are putting the straights on individualism and creativity in our culture. Art, like the above mentioned science, is also a product of our creativity. Although many see art as a highbrow function I feel that there’s a great deal of artistry in much of life: science, cabinetmaking, cooking, baking, journalism, child rearing, and teaching. Although I was never in sympathy with Herbert Marcuse’s radical politics, he does make some valuable points in his The Aesthetic Dimension.” Medical Marijuana Bill Fails in Illinois House By Phillip Smith Medical marijuana came up seven votes short in the Illinois House Wednesday. It needed 60 votes to pass, but only got 53. But the bill is not completely dead. After the vote, Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie), the bill’s sponsor, agreed to postpone consideration of the bill, which means that it remains alive for a possible future vote. The bill, House Bill 30, had been heavily amended by the time it failed in the House Wednesday. The initial version was straightforward: Patients with debilitating medical conditions and a doctor’s recommendation could join a state registry, designate a caregiver, grow up to six plants, and possess up to two ounces. Or they could purchase medical marijuana via stateregulated non-profit dispensaries. But in amendments, the program was turned into a pilot program that expired in three years, patients were banned from driving for 12 hours after using medical marijuana, the grow your own provision was killed, dispensary operators were banned from contributing to political campaigns, and would-be dispensary operators would have to pay a non-refundable $5,000 application fee and a $20,000 registration fee if ap-

proved. “This is not about drugs, this is not about marijuana,” Lang said about the bill “It’s about healthcare.” But Republicans in the House weren’t buying. “We have processes for making medicines legal in this country, processes for approval, and if we go through those, that will work,” said Rep. Richard Morthland (RCordova). “This bill would make marijuana more easily accessible for folks in the public, and I was afraid that it could easily be abused,” said state Rep. Adam Brown, R-Decatur. Some Republicans shed crocodile tears for patients. “My concern is the abuse and those who would be misled and have their medical marijuana taken from them by others,” said Rep. Dan Brady (R-Wilmington), as he voted to deprive patients of the opportunity to use medical marijuana. The same day, the House also killed a firearms concealed carry bill. For Illinois medical marijuana patients, however, concealed carry of their medicine is still the way to go.

Our country’s first federally legal marijuana plant. Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (

Up to the Renaissance, creativity in Western culture was seen as a form of divine inspiration. “The radical qualities of art, that is to say, its indictment of an established reality and its invocation of the beautiful image of liberation of art transcends its social determination an emancipates itself from a given dimension of the universe of discourse and behavior while preserving its overwhelming presence,” Marcuse said. In other words, art brings us into a different more liberating world. And if you feel most endeavors of life represent a type of art, as I do, then you have to agree that the centralized corporate environment is in the business of destroying freedom. But there are still nodes of freedom in our city’s downtowns: bistros, custom made cabinet stores, small recycling companies, boutique manufactures, small, local grocery stores, farmers markets, and art galleries. What is the purpose of this essay? Support art of all forms in your life, support creativity, and originality. Celestial map from the 17th century, by the Dutch cartographer Frederik de Wit


10 -

“The name Butcher Holler sounds slightley sinister but it’s really the little town of Butcher Hollow, KY that Loretta Lynn grew up and sings about.”

written by Chuck Foster

UNMASKED ers, like upcoming shows or CD releases? We’re recording a new album at Saw Horse Studios the weekend of May 7th and hope to have it out in a couple of months. It’s gonna be fun to record the songs we have now and get to writing some new stuff. If you had to pick one, what is your favorite song to perform on stage, and why? I personally like “Devil’s Way” and “Sins Of The Past”, for obvious reasons... Peeping Tom’s Blues. It’s a song Butch wrote that has a cool blues shuffle during the verses and has a catchy hook on the chorus. I play real meat and potatoes on it ala Cliff Williams of AC/DC who is one of my favorite bass players. With that said, what has been your favorite/wildest show; and worst? And what made each so? Any shows at The Crack Fox and the Way Out Club have been good times. No worst shows yet. The worst is yet to come! What about your top 5 local bands. Jamey: TOK, The Un-mutuals, The Trip Daddys, The Bottle Rockets What’s your take on the local Rockabilly scene? I’m not sure what to think because I don’t go out to

Gluttony. Especially pancakes. How do you unwind, get away from music and production? Chilling on the couch and jamming to my iPod on shuffle. Reading comics and zombie books. What do you believe to be the biggest misconception about being in a Rockabilly band? I’m not sure because were not a rockabilly band. We’re fans of rockabilly but we play twangy rock-n-roll. We do have that hillbilly beat that runs through some of our songs that’s also in a lot of rockabilly music. We dig playing with rockabilly bands because they’re always fun shows. Any plans for a Holler and Trip Daddy’s show or a reunion gig? We played with the Trip Daddys at Off Broadway recently for an “Al Swacker presents” show and had good fun. I’m sure we’ll play another show sometime down the road. Do you have any plans to tour? If so, when/where? If not, where would you like to tour, and why? No plans to tour but I’m sure there will be some “weekend warrior”outings to some surrounding cities at some point. Any last thoughts to share with our readers? Go see Butcher Holler! Last, how can someone find more about the band/ merch/shows? For music, photos, and shows go to


n this day of mass-produced musical garbage for corporate radio, MTV and American Idol, too often bands create “hip” names for themselves that hardly resemble the actual music they create, an illusion of real song writing and musicianship to trick the ignorant masses. Butcher Holler is not one of those bands. The music Jamey, Butch and J.T. produce is a mirror image of who they say they are, a well produced reverberation that will put you on your feet shoutin’, dancin’ and a hollerin’ amongst friends and strangers. And while the band’s name may produce visions of a horror-billy sound, the actual name originates from the little town of Butcher Hollow, Kentucky that Loretta Lynn grew up in and often sings about. But there’s a lot more about this local favorite that many fans don’t know, and why The Sinner hunted down bass guitarist/vocalist Jamey to unmask this rogue band here for you readers. Now, please enjoy, Butcher Holler, Unmasked! Hey Jamey, tell me a bit about the band’s history, how it came to be? I’d been jamming with J.T. and looking for members to form some kinda of a 70’s era outlaw country band for awhile. About a year ago Butch called me and said he was looking to do something that was in the same ballpark and we went from there. The band’s kinda evolved into more of a rock-n-roll direction since then.

This one’s a must question. How did you guys come up with the name/concept of Butcher Holler? We had a big long list of names, printed them out and wittled it down to Butcher Holler because we thought it sounded cool. We also came up with a list of names off of a random-band-name-generator online and some of them were pretty cool. The name Butcher Holler sounds slightly sinister but it’s really the little town of Butcher Hollow, KY that Loretta Lynn grew up and sings about. One thing that I have noticed over the past year of seeing you guys live is that the band seems to have grown a lot, musically and on stage. Can you give me the details? Lots of rehearsals and building up a solid set of originals and throwing in some fun covers by bands like Merle Haggard, Motorhead, The Bottlerockets, Waylon Jennings and other bands we dig. Figuring out which songs work and which don’t takes some time. We are in the midst of learning a bunch of truck driving and honkey-tonk classics for some “Butcher Holler’s Truckstop Tuesday” gigs we’re gonna do around town this summer and fall.

the bars as much as I used to but recently I’ve been trying to get out and hear some new music. Bands like Miss Jubilee & The Humdingers and The Bible Belt Sinners seem to be carrying the rockabilly torch just fine. Other bands like Pokey LaFarge, The Rum Drum Ramblers, and Brown Bottle Fever, although not rockabilly, are playing there own style at messing around with traditional American sounds. Everett Dean put on a good traditional rockabilly show but he moved to Branson to make some dough.

What about any new news to share with our read-

What sin are each of you most guilty of?


So you’ve scored tickets to the big rock concert coming to the arena or hot rock club in your town. Tickets cost a pretty penny for the major rock shows these days, so you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck and get the most awesome, most gnarly rock concert experience you can achieve. After all, you only live once… so without further ado, here are the top things to do at a rock concert, according to me—a highly trained rock concert professional and enthusiast—Paul Diamond Blow.

Mon, May 9 - Metal Monday w/Baal Beryth, Black Liquid Funeral, Altar of Abomination

1) Get wasted before the show: You spent $100 dollars for the ticket to the big rock show, so the first thing to do before you enter the arena or club is to get thoroughly wasted on booze and drugs. This way you can ensure that you don’t actually remember the concert, but you will know you had an awesome time based on the size of your hangover the next day and the quality of the vomit on your bathroom floor. Later you can brag to all your friends, “I was so wasted, brah, I don’t remember the show! It was awesome!” To make sure you don’t sober up during the concert, buy some eight dollar PBR beers at the beer garden and take some tokes off the pipe the stoners are passing around. Just hope that’s not PCP in those pipes!

Fri, May 13 - Sovereign Records Showcase The Hollywood Farmer, The Union Stewards, The Downstrokes,The Springboards

2) Hoist your girl friend on your shoulders: Here’s a real rock concert standard: if you are attending a rock concert with your girl friend make sure that at some point in the night you hoist your girl up on your shoulders. It doesn’t matter that the 20 people standing directly behind you can no longer see the show; at least they have a nice view of your girl friend’s behind, and they won’t mind because they will understand that you are just “living the dream” and they will love you for it. It is also most awesome if—while hoisted on your shoulders—your girl friend follows rule number three… 3) Flash your breasts: We all know that part of a true rock concert experience is having drunk women flash their breasts. This is a fact of life. If you are female—and you are drunk or brave enough—flash your breasts at the band (who probably can’t see you at all due to the stage lighting) so that the rest of us in the crowd can gawk at your sweaty melons. Flashing your breasts at a rock concert will prove to your friends what a true rebel and wild woman you really are. 5) Get in the mosh pit and kick ass: Getting in the mosh pit is mandatory if you are one of those thick neck, muscular jock types with tribal tattoos and buzz cut hair styles. You know who you are. The objective of moshing is to have a good time kicking the asses of the poor schmoes who are in the mosh pit, or any poor schmoe who is standing anywhere near the mosh pit. It is actually legal in twelve states to murder someone as long as it is done in a mosh pit. Throw some elbows, knock some skinny girls over, kick some ass. It doesn’t matter what kind of concert this is, you can even mosh at a smooth jazz concert because it’s not about the music, man, it’s about the moshing and the mayhem. It is also mandatory—if you are the thick neck, buzz cut, tribal tattooed type—to take off your shirt while moshing so that everyone around can see your sweaty, steroid-enhanced body. Ugh. 6) Take a dive off the stage: If you are able to make your way to the front of the stage, make sure you get your buns on stage for an authentic, genuine stage dive. Stage diving is an awesome way to display your individualism to the crowd and show your friends what a rowdy rebel you really are. Stage diving is also an awesome way to break bones—maybe your own bones, maybe someone else’s. It’s best to only stage dive when there are actually people in front of the stage; do not do this at a concert where there is no crowd. It hurts like holy heck to dive six feet off the stage onto a concrete floor. Then again, you are probably so trashed and wasted you will not feel any pain until later, so rock on with your bad self and take a dive! 7) Crowd surf: If you are lucky, after your stage dive into the crowd, the crowd will “surf” you all the way to the back of the arena on a human wave, hopefully dropping you off near the restrooms where you can puke your guts out, since you are probably wasted on booze and drugs. Crowd surfing can be a spiritual experience, as you totally let go and trust the crowd of total strangers to pass your body through the arena. Just don’t get mad if you get groped along the way, and don’t be surprised to find at the end of the ride that your wallet is gone, your shoes are gone, your socks are gone…


Sat, May 14 - Bloody F Mess (Peoria, IL ), The Hollowboddys (Medford Or), Kids on Fire May 16 - Metal Monday w/Helles, If I Were A Gladiator, Evangelist, Echoreason Thu, May 19 - Last American Badass, Omega Moo, Fonzarelli, Regional Faction Fri, May 20 - Shakin' Micheal J, The Whorewoods, Burn Burn Burn Sat, May 21 - Sigourney Reverb, The Correspondents, Blintz Krieg Mon, May 23 - Metal Monday w/Thou Shall Kill, Sacrament Ov Impurity, Tatarus Thu, May 26 - The Underwater Tiger, Giant Killer Robots, The Flight Academy Fri, May 27 - Hammerlock (SF), Plaster, Deadly Light, Neon Wilderness Sat, May 28 - Sin Driver, Hobo Nephews(MN), Shamewreck May 30 - Metal Monday w/Tenspeed Warlock, Shadow of the Torturer, Cake 'n' Bowls Thu, June 2 - Plague Ships, Sacrament Ov Impurity, Enshrined Fri, June 3 - Skelator, Split Heaven (Mexico), Spellcaster, Year of the Serpant

• • • • • There you go… now you all know what to do at the next big rock concert in order to have a guaranteed awesome time and a true rock concert experience. Bear in mind, I take no responsibility for any hearing loss, broken bones, hangovers, ER trips, or empty wallets if you followed my guidelines. Rock on, dudes!

Thu, May 12 - The Chopps, Ichi Bichi, Grunion

Sat, June 4 - Power Skeleton, Ballard Train Wreck, The Of Paul Stanley gives this article two thumbs up.

Fri, June 10 - The Screening Starts, Yamamoto, Moon Zoggy (San Diego) -


here are few perks to indy publishing, but when you get the chance to chat with bands like Die Wasted it makes the most challenging days seem worth all the trouble. In case you’re not familiar with this Glam/Punk band yet, I highly suggest you do so before Armageddon takes each of our sleazy nights from us, leaving us all wasteland fugitives, only to die wasted. And while Fate rages against us, eating away at our own demise, I had a few questions for Die Wasted’s front man, War Machine Roger. And it went something like this: Hey War Machine, can you give me the band’s history, in a nutshell? We started playing out in 2009. I was on guitar and vocals, Sex Jon played drums, and we always had a revolving door of bassists. We put out the Wasteland Fugitives 7” ourselves, which sold out quickly thanks to distribution in countries like Italy and Japan. Shortly after, we recorded a song for a Bubblegum Slut compilation and signed a deal with Texas-based label, Muerte Negra Discos. Since then, One Night Jared has settled into the bass position, we’ve continued playing the local and Midwest circuits, and the “Sleazy Nights till Armageddon” cassette was finally released late last year. With so many genres out there today, how would you classify Die Wasted? The music is definitely rooted in sleaze and glam, only injected with a lot more energy and attitude. Of course, since it’s also played by crusty biker metal-punks, it’s still crude enough for the kids of the underground to call their own.


Tell me about the show coming up on the 25th at The Way Out, and what attendees can expect? Diemonds from Toronto are coming down to promote their new album, The Bad Pack. They play a real high-octane brand of hard rock and have one of the best female singers around in Priya Panda. They’ll be bringing along Wildstreet from New York City, who’ve been making a name for themselves within the new crop of American glam bands. Add us to the mix and, if nothing else, you’ll at least have one hell of an afterparty. Sounds like the show to catch, any other news to share, CD releases, tours, merch before we split? We have a new 7” coming out this month on Muerte Negra Discos. It’s called Party to the Hells and will be extremely limited. As for upcoming shows, I wouldn’t count on seeing us play St. Louis too often after the 25th. It’s been sort of like a black hole for us here. However, cities like Kansas City, Detroit, Atlanta, and Austin can expect us very soon. We always have new shirts, patches, pins, stickers, etc. coming out, so just contact us or the label ( to find out what’s available. Last man, where can readers find more about the band? Recently, the website we’ve been updating most often is Facebook (, but that seems to change a lot these days. You can always check the official site ( and hopefully we’ll at least have a link to something current.


14 -

Raising Hell With Guitar Doug

Guns Of Nevada Guns of Nevada was only formed in 2007, yet is essentially a household name in the rock clubs. They get plenty of radio play, are regular guest on shows like KISW’s Loud and Local, play everywhere from the local clubs like Slims Last Chance, to The Gorge, along side legends like Joe Cocker and Tom Petty. The band’s music has been produced by people like Jack Endino, featured on CMT’s The Chopper Challenge, and used in three independent films. Pretty nice credentials for any Seattle band, obviously. Bass player Ted Walker describes the band’s sound as “Social Distortion Meets up with Johnny Cash at the bottom of a bottle of Crown Royal.” The band is about to go into the studio in June and has some major announcements having to do with some high profile gigs coming up this summer and fall. When asked the direction of the new album Ted said “due west”. Guns of Nevada has plenty of news for you readers, including the announcement of a show with Soul Asylum at The King Kat Theatre. One announcement, which came trickling down the news feeds of Facebook in April, was the departure of long time guitarist, Disco, whose real name is Donny Lemmon. He has left to join The Hardcount, a band that he has been moonlighting in on bass for over a year. That band was pictured in last month’s Sinner, and after seeing them live at The Hard Rock, I will say, they are impressive live. The Hardcount sounds totally different than Guns of Nevada and I would be lying if I didn’t admit I am a fan of both bands. The official announcement came on Donny Lemmon’s Facebook page:“After 3 1/2 years of playing in Guns of Nevada, recording 2 CDs and countless live shows with the original line up, I have left the band to pursue new adventures in r-n-r, much like Doug and Adam. Best wishes to Gavin, Ted and John, regardless of what the band name is.” The amazing thing you find, covering a band where a member has just left, is just how raw nerves are and how much you feel you are covering a divorce case, rather than a rock group. Every possible emotion you could think of, I have dealt with, talking with these band members. I joked with bassist Ted Walker, that writing this story was like trying to cover KISS back in the 70s right after Ace and Peter left the band, or were fired, depending on what version of the story you believe. To this day, I don’t know if Donny left the band, or was asked to leave. Donny’s sound is such a big part of Guns Of Nevada, Ted told me, “It’s going to be a totally different band now.” He is also quick to go on record that there are no “hard feelings” and they are all still friends, but it’s clear emotions are still running high and the interview below is sort of a public therapy session, designed to clear the air and let the confused fans know what is going on. Guns of Nevada is not going anywhere and will actually become a stronger and probably better band, from what I have learned in doing this story. The only thing standing in the way of that, is the band fully believing it, themselves. They are close, but I wouldn’t be honest as a writer, if I didn’t say that I sensed some apprehension within this group. Let’s read what Earle Thunders and Ted Walker have to say Tell us about the change in your guitar department. Earle – It wasn’t completely unexpected. Our guitarist, Disco has been playing bass in another band for the last year or so, and since bass was his first instrument and first love, it kind of ballooned from there. They started playing more and more and scheduling shows, and with two working bands, it got to be too much. Something had to give. How did Billy Blaak come on board and what can you tell us about him? Earle – Billy had an ad in another local magazine, I happened to run across. I liked what I read, so I contacted him. It turned out that he’d heard of our band and already knew what we were

“Social Distortion Meets up with Johnny Cash at the bottom of a bottle of Crown Royal.”

about. We had him out for a rehearsal and he showed up with some funky-ass Gretsch guitar that looked like a Cadillac, a Vox AC30 amp and a cabinet that was covered in some kind of faux leopard spotted fur. He almost didn’t even have to play after seeing that! He played three of our songs and we liked what we heard. The rest is happening now. Tell us about this big show announcement. Ted – Well we’ll be opening for Soul Asylum on June 18th at The King Cat Theater. It’s their first show in Seattle in years and we’re looking forward to debuting some new songs that night in front of 1,500 people. They’re such a great band and Tommy Stinson of The Replacements will be with them on bass. Should be a killer show. How did you end up joining Guns? Ted – Funny story, actually. In addition to playing live around town,

I was an independent booker/promoter and booked the original Guns of Nevada a few times. When their good friends Bullitt County were looking for a bass player, Earle recommended me. While in Bullitt County we played some shows with Guns and I got to hang with Earle more and we just clicked. So when it was announced that Guns was looking for a new bass player, I contacted them and met over many beers with Earle and Disco. By the time the check came I was in the band and never did actually audition. Then, John came in at our first rehearsal together and it was ON. The guy blew me away, and hands down, is my favorite drummer I’ve ever played with. Next thing I knew, we were booked solid. What do you think fans will think of the new sound of Guns? Earle – I think that folks are going to be as happy with things as we are. I don’t want to compare, because you can’t really do that. If people like the sound of our album and the direction we’ve been going in the last couple of years since our first album, they’ll be happy with the changes happening now. I think Billy is going to be bringing things to the table that Disco couldn’t. Not to take anything away from Disco because he’s a very inventive guy and came up with some of those signature riffs in our songs. They’re just two different players How did you come up with the name of this band and what does it mean, exactly? Earle – The name Guns of Nevada was chosen because we wanted to conjure up visions of spaghetti westerns, the aesthetic of that genre of film. Nevada has a certain romantic appeal to it and guns just sounded like it fit. Also, we wanted to be a tad ambiguous; we wanted people to not really have any pre-conceived notions on how we sounded by the name. We could be a punk/ metal/emo/country/trance band and the name would still fit. Or more importantly, not fit Yea, and you have a song like where have all the outlaws gone. It’s that all part of the image, or real? Earle – That song is real, at least to me. I’m talking about rockand-roll outlaws. All the real bad asses are gone now. Lemmy is the exception but man they’re disappearing fast! I notice you mentioned the Ramones in that song, as well. What other rock outlaws came to mind when you put that song together? Earle – Joe strummer, Johnny Cash, Bon Scott, Sam Kinison, Waylon! What about today? Can you name any outlaws? Earle – I’d say David Allen Coe, for sure. Maybe he is too country. It seems like they’re all gone What about locally? Who are some of the rockers in Seattle you would consider Outlaws and why? Earle – I love the Hard Money Saints, Shivering Denizens and Gunn and the Damage Done, they do things a little differently. They don’t really care if you like it or not. I like that. Of course, they are all genuine folks too, which are always worthy of celebrating in this biz I love Jamie Nova. I’ve done a couple of acoustic shows with her and she is a bad-ass. What projects and announcements do you have for the fans? Earle – We have an all-ages show at the Mirkwood in Arlington with the Spittin Cobras on May 21st. We have a big show in the works in June but its not confirmed yet so I don’t think I ought to announce it yet. You can find our stuff at CD-Baby, iTunes, Digstation. We just put out our 2nd CD, Church of Bloody Mary, late last year and we’ll be working on a 4 song demo over the summer.

The Sinful Girls Of DB’s Sp




Photo taken by Christy Germaine friday april 22nd at Tony V’s Garage

Saturday June 25th Gabe And Greg’s Birthday Bash with Poorsport; Mind Candy; Can’t Complain Hosted By Sir Mark Bruback @ The 2Bit Saloon 4818 17Th Ave Nw, Ballard 21+, 9Pm, $5 Band websites: and

Metal Mondays @ The 2 Bit Saloon

Seattle, WA

The Northwest has a strong thriving metal scene unlike any other in the world. There are literally hundreds of bands in Washington alone and the talent and intensity are unmatched by any other genre. Most of these bands stay out of the public eye for the most part, some are perfectly happy remaining underground with their close die-hard fans and some just haven't been given the attention they deserve. In a world of greedy promoters and venues that force bands to sell tickets, it's nice to have a place that pays the bands fairly and treats them with the respect they deserve. So what's the point in all this? Well Metal Mondays at the 2 Bit Saloon of course! Every Monday you can see 3-4 of the best Northwest metal bands for only $5! So extend that weekend one extra day, you deserve it! Come check out Metal Mondays At the 2 Bit Saloon and prepare to bang your head!

18 -

Al Swacker Presents

April 29th, 2011 @ The Crack Fox

The Hail Mary’s Giants In The Sky When Al Swacker throws a show, you can expect it to be a lunch box full of sinful treats, and his show at Crack Fox on April 29th was no exception. We arrived in time to catch the end of Giants In The Sky’s set, an up-and-coming rock act that is sure to mature into one of STL’s must-see bands, especially with the vocals of Rilee Declue at the helm of this four piece creation. And with TOK and The Hail Marys following, you know your lunch box was full!

Colorado Bob’s

Liz and Jenn April 30th

Ultimate Fighting @ DB’s Sports Bar Luckily Jenn didn’t leave DB’s with an egg-sized knot on her head on April 30th when the bar hosted its first UFC bout, like Mark Hominick did. And if you were there, you know that fight was almost as brutal as the one above!

The Airliner’s

April 16th

When you leave The Silver Ballroom looking for some live music on a Friday night, I highly suggest heading down MOFO Road to Colorado Bob’s, as was suggested to us by Doc, owner of The Silver Ballroom. Let me just say that one of STL’s hottest bands performs their every other Friday night, The Quaaludes! But you’ll have to stop in to see which one! And say Hi to Bob while you’re there!

We’re A Happy Family

The Airliner’s April 24th


Nasty Cat Bath

There’s a few things that Lemmon’s is guaranteed to give you: One of the best Chicago-style pizzas in STL, and some of the most solid rockn-roll dishes around! And this was certainly the case on Sunday, April 24th when we caught The Airliner’s, a phenomenal two-piece act worthy of taking on The White Stripes; Nasty Cat Bath, a sultry group of little kitties who sound as sexy as their name; Rhythm Dragons, a group of madmen on and off stage, even more so when in the crowd: and, We’re A Happy Family, the Ramone’s cover act that is certain to Sedate you with each classic tune!

Rhythem Dragons

text and photos by RJB

Friday May 6th Benefit Show For Sensible Washington And Dirty Dave’s Birthday Bash * Rat City Ruckus * 13 Knots * Spinalcracker * Dj Alphamullet @ Darrell’s Tavern 18041 Aurora Ave N (Shoreline) 21+, 9Pm, $5 Saturday May 7th * Three Legged Dog * Can’t Complain * Go Fight Win! * Dies Drear @ The 2Bit Saloon 4818 17Th Ave Nw, Ballard 21+, 9Pm, $5

With record bar sales, a packed house, a bloody slamming mosh pit and some of the sexiest dead girls writhing to the dark rock-and-roll music filled with tales of horror, it was no doubt that the Psychobilly Brawl, held this year at Club Motor, was a spine chilling and raging success! By the time Graveyard Shift hit the stage, the crowd was thoroughly worked into a bloody,

Sunday May 8th * Infected (Kentucky) * The Greengoes + Guest @ Tony V’s Garage 1712 Hewitt Ave, Everett 21+, 9Pm, $5

sweaty and bruised, chaotic mess of enjoyment! The Über sexy and stunning dead girls of the Boudoir Bellas, teased the crowd into a sexual frenzy... The things I saw from the audience members in front of the stage was tantalizingly shocking! Now this is what a great show is suppose to be about! My words of advice to you readers?... Don’t miss the next Seattle Psychobilly Brawl... And THANK YOU, Club Motor!!!!


Friday May 13th “Freaky Friday Punk Vs. Billy Showcase” * Hard Money Saints * The Greengoes * Hot Roddin’ Romeos + Guest @ Darrell’s Tavern 18041 Aurora Ave N (Shoreline) 21+, 9Pm, $5 Stepout Entertainment Presents: Saturday May 21st Poorsport’s CD Release With: * Arthur (Mxpx) * Random Orbits * Can’t Complain @ El Corazon 109 Eastlake Ave E All Ages/ Bar With Id, Doors @ 7Pm/ Show At 7:30Pm, $10 Advance Or $12 @ Door

Sunday May 29th * The Sawyer Family (OR Psychobilly) * Viva Le Vox (Florida) * James Hunnicutt + Guests @ Motor 1950 1St Ave S (Sodo) All Ages/ Bar With Id, 8Pm, $8 Saturday June 4th “Ska Rocksteady Showcase” * Georgetown Orbits * Natalie Wouldn’t Friday June 17th “Bluegrass/ Folk Showcase” * Rats In The Grass * Whiskey Tooth + Guest @ Darrell’s Tavern 18041 Aurora Ave N (Shoreline) 21+, 9Pm, $5 Sunday June 19th * Trigger Affect (Montreal) * Vast Void * Bad Habit + Guest @ The 2Bit Saloon 4818 17Th Ave Nw, Ballard 21+, 9Pm, $5 Friday June 24th Japan Red Cross Benefit Show And Thom Bone’s Birthday * Rat City Ruckus * 9 Lb Beaver * Mr. Plow * The Uninvited @ Motor 1950 1St Ave S (Sodo) All Ages/ Bar With Id, 8Pm, $10 Saturday June 25th “Gabe And Greg’s Birthday Bash” * Poorsport * Mind Candy * Can’t Complain + Guest Hosted By Sir Mark Bruback @ The 2Bit Saloon 4818 17Th Ave Nw, Ballard 21+, 9Pm, $5 -

A Wild Ride: “Infliction Addiction”

Tattoo Artist and Motorcycle Display at 2720 Cherokee text by Emily Eufinger - photos by Dan Costello

A St Louis

pril 2, there came a rumble from deep within the heart of this city; a guttural growl echoing past buildings of glass and steel, lacerating the air and slaughtering the quiet. The primal roar barreled past lighted shops and homes where life inside flashed by at a standstill. Low, loud, menacing … the bellows converged at 2720 Cherokee for the “Infliction Addiction” Tattoo Artist and Motorcycle Display. Presented by The Biking Life magazine, a portion of the proceeds went to benefit Canines in Crisis. Out front, an endless row of choppers shimmered beneath the streetlights, engines snarling constantly as riders came and went. The thunderous howl pierced to the heart and made bones vibrate. A thin cloud of smoke veiled the entrance to the bar. Inside, silver skulls and iron crosses glowed radiant atop midnight black table cloths. The first floor featured several unique local vendors, including jewelry from Road Rash Designs. Bottles clinked together in celebration as old friends greeted each other; dark leather stretched over tattooed flesh and thick black boot soles tread the floors. A glimmering row of custom bikes lined the front of the stage, silent stallions anxious for release. Upstairs, more of these quelled beasts perched atop gleaming hardwood floors, tires aching for the asphalt. The music grew louder, red and blue lights reflected off cocktail glasses and V-twin engines, and more drinks were consumed as the night wore on. Bold and brilliant art lined the walls: skulls and roses of paint, gears and grills intricately executed in pencil. The show brought together works from several local artists, including Tim Bodish (Pencil Point Productions), Dave Mann, Travis Parmeley (Under the Gun Tattoo Studio), Bobbie Jo Brock (Cutthroat Tattoo Lounge), Bob Roberts (Spotlight Tattoo), and more. When the music stopped and the lights went out, the savage growl spidered away from its epicenter, blazing past creatures hidden in shadow, past bare branches clawing at the sky, past extinguishing streetlights. Beneath the sentinel moon, the night faded once again into silence. That feral rumble diminished, though only for the moment. Its ferocity continues to beat strong within the hearts of those who wrangle and ride, until the pounding grows so intense that the beasts must be freed once again.


CHRIS GOMEZ PHOTOGRAPHY interview by Chuck Foster


“My work is like a strong cocktail, mixed with lots of exotic ingredients and imagination to give you something cool, sexy, funny, and without the hangover!” Model: Monique

Model: Kimberly


efore Chris Gomez left Seattle for Viva-Las Vegas last month he made a post online that asked if anyone wanted to work with him on the way to Vegas, fill up his tank, and get ready to shoot like mad! Luckily he struck gold with model Erika Rivera, who helped him capture some of the most sinful drive-bye treasures along the way. And when he returned from Sin City, The Sinner was there to discuss his scandalous photo trip and all else that is Chris Gomez photography. When asked to put Chris Gomez’s work into perspective, he laughs, loudly. He’s been shooting digital images since 2004, but went to college with aspirations of breaking into the film and television industry which has been a fascination of his since he was a child. “But things don’t always go according to plan.” he adds. The story of him becoming a photographer is basically one of the “right place at the right time and becoming who you’re really supposed to be.” Backtracking, he said that while in college he used one of the school’s digital cams to go shoot a Subhumans concert at a local dive club. During that concert he was approached by someone who was involved with promoting bands and writing for music magazines, generally being an integral part of the punk scene that he “soo loved.” This stranger took him under his wing which led to him shooting for Big Wheel and Punk Rock Confidential. And before Chris knew it, he was shooting and touring with legendary punk bands and musicians like DEVO, JOAN JETT, BIZZY BONE, BAD BRAINS, BUZZCOCKS, TURBONEGRO, DUANE PETERS, and EDDIE and the HOTRODS. Chris says that getting published was “thrilling and very frightening at the same time.” When all this fell in his lap he still viewed himself as an amateur photographer with very little skills behind the camera, yet there he was getting published every month. Looking back at this era, he believes that his “saving grace” was the fact that he was skilled with the computer through college and knew Photoshop very well. His father was a graphic designer and always fueled his interest in digital imaging. This opportunity took his art to the next level. As his head spun faster than the flash of his camera, he discovered that one of the magazines he was working for was looking for fresh ideas. At the time he was dating a woman who modeled for a clothing company and the idea that he could put together fashion articles for them and add something women would be interested in struck a chord with the mag, sending him down a new path. Shooting fashion and women became his life. Model: Erika Chris remembers being fresh out of college, not making any money, but working for a magazine. Those were exciting times but also challenging. For him, It was a “make or break moment.” He then made a promise to himself, to devote 6 months of his life to working on these fashion articles for free. That if nothing came out of it, he would quit and focus on all the multimedia skills he had learned in college and look for a “real” job. And before that deadline could expire, by the 6th month, one of the fashion companies asked him to shoot their new line. He was thrilled, and felt like he had made the right decision and was on the right path. And this path of gambling fate has led him here, to the front cover of The Sinner – and what a sinful cover it is! So, I asked Chris about it, how it came to be. “Amelia Dinmore kicks ass!”, he says, out of the gate. “She’s an amazingly talented hair and makeup artist turned model.” The two have worked together on a few projects in the past where she was his main hair and makeup artist before they actually started shooting together. Beyond that, he says that she has an amazing heart, a hilarious sense of humor, and is just one of the most humblest folks he’s ever met. It was inevitable that the two became buds. And he says that shooting with her is a blast because there’s no pressure, wildly fun results, and just looking at her makes his imagination soar. The shot was taken at the Route 66 Rendezvous in downtown San Bernardino. Chris mentioned that it was an impromptu shoot, that Amelia dresses like this on a regular basis and does hair for a living, so he didn’t need to give her any styling tips. He admits that he had never been to this particular car show/cruise, so he didn’t know exactly what he was going to be shooting besides the combo that never goes wrong: hot woman + hot car. The Route 66 website mentioned having a neon car contest, so this became his No.1 priority. Before attending Chris thought the neon would look rad against Amelia’s hair, and the two just happened to luck out and shoot with the winner of the contest. He remembers the smoke and neon looked intense. “Don’t ask me what kind of car it is I’m still not sure. I’m proud to say the only Photoshop in this image is just some dodging and burning, and a lil’ juiced up vibrancy on the colors.” And there you have it, Chris Gomez’s venture from Sin City back to Seattle and the cover of The Sinner. I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as I did. To view more of Chris’ work, I suggest checking him out at,,, and I promise it to be nothing less than a trip through the desert to Sin City, only with out the bats and weird cops haunting you... -

The Sinful Photography of David M. Bailey

Model: Sarah McNiven For the month of May I wanted to give you sinners a sneak peek at our July cover artist, David M. Bailey. Of course, the B& images don’t do his vivid work justice, so check him out online....

Model: Aly Hellcat



Shannon Whaley T

he lovely Shannon Whaley of Seattle’s Two Bit Saloon was actually born and raised in Texas, another transplant of the great Northwest. And as a Southern Belle she loves to laugh and make people smile. She carries a frame of 37-26-36, but says that her ankles are a perfect 10! Her ideal night out is a girls night in, but says that she never has a bad night out since she’s down for pretty much anything. Shannon loves local music, and she’s quite passionate about it. She’s even sporting a Dragstrip Riot hat in the photos above. And her favorite bands are All Bets On Death, Dragstrip Riot (obviously), The Shivering Denzizens, Zero Down and The Spittin’ Cobras. When asked to describe herself, she simply says, “I’m Awesome!” Of course that’s surrounded with sarcasm. And she says to come by and get to know her at The 2 Bit Saloon, she’s sure to make you crack a smile or two. And now, I give you the seven deadly sins of Shannon Whaley...


If you encounter me before coffee you will feel the wrath of Shannon.





My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard, and damn right it’s better than yours!


I’m greedy for honest people.


Yes, Please.

Betty Johansen.

24 -


Andi Norwic

Ben Lemons of ThunderRoads Photography


ndi Norwic doesn’t know how she ended up modeling here and there. Basically, it started when she was working in a coyote-ugly type bar where she met a good handful of photographers, the old “right place, right time” motto since she wasn’t looking for the opportunities. Andi carries her 38-28-40 curves well at 5’ 9”, laughing that it’s her winter weight – then asking,”Besides, who wants to F*CK a gal that has the body of a boy? Give me curves any day.” She’s married now but still enjoys getting out for a good meal and a happening pub/bar/club where she can dance till her feet hurt. Andi’s passionate about graphic design. The size of the project really not matter, she adds, “I just gotta create something...get my creative juices all over! LOL” With that said, please enjoy the seven deadly sins of Andi Norwic...


I’m greedy when it comes to my heart. I grew up without money so having it or other material things, it doesn’t impress me. It’s what you can’t buy that is given, that I find the most wanted and desired.


I’m a woman. It’s a tool we utilize on a daily basis. I don’t think that we mean to all of the time, it’s just an innate ability. A lot of times, I have to make sure that my irrational side is calm. So far, my husband has been the only one to tame this shrew. LOL. Some have tried and all have failed up until now. But he’s a stubborn Scotsman, so I think he’s up for the challenge.


This describes my physical activity. I have been so busy with graphic design and photographic projects, I have had my ass in front of the computer for hours on end. I can’t wait for the weather to turn nice and call to me once again....please, oh please!! LOL


I’m a very proud person. I have come a long way in my life. I have worked hard, taken the hard-knocks classes and have come out on top. Why should we not be proud of accomplishments that we have made? I look at these “religious centers” (aka churches) and

most are boastful in their pride for god, their words spewing like froth off of a cheap beer. My pride comes honestly! lol


Oh yes, I am one for the act of gluttony. I love to cook. I love to feed the masses, over feed. Food is love. Food is a passion. It is like foreplay to me, or better yet, a potion or spell you cast upon someone.....that “someone” at times is myself, but hey, it’s not like we can’t pleasure ourselves every once in a while, right?


OOoo I try not to be envious of others, but utilize them as motivation to attain what it is that I so badly want (most of the time it’s some big ass DSLR or new post editing product for photographs and graphic design).


I have learned through life experiences that lust isn’t a bad or dirty thing, as what some would make it out to be. In fact it’s a very attractive and magnetic part of life. I feel sorry for those that view lust as a bad thing. They obviously have not accepted and masted the art of it. EMBRACE THE LUST. It’s a true gift that everyone possesses! I myself am like Beavis. I have innuendos for everything and pretty much are immature with them as well (Grandma’s Chicken Salad).... but it’s all in fun. What’s life without a little spice?

Skin Deep with Stu Photography by LB Photography (


et me start by Saying that the purpose of this monthly column is to offer information and a personal view on matters involving body piercing and modification and is in no way meant to put myself above any other artist in the industry. Secondly, if you have a horror story and choose to share it with us, DO NOT give the name of the artist involved as I will just omit it anyway. There are many artists in the St. Louis and surrounding areas that deserve nothing but the utmost respect from myself and supporters of our shared profession. If you have a question about piercing/modification, a story, or just a desire to better understand the culture and would like that answered, please send them to: Dear Stu, I saw you perform a few months ago with your suspension crew and was super impressed. You guys were a lot of fun to watch and it really made me think about doing a suspension myself. I was wondering what the process is for getting yourself ready for something like that and also how do you know when you are ready. – Sincerely, Jessica First, thanks so much for the support. We have a large scene about to explode in this city and there are many great artists working to make sure that St. Louis is placed on the map not only as a place where you can get an amazing tattoo but as a place that you can receive quality body modification and ritualistic aid. Believe me in the next few years you will be seeing more of what we do and all of us will need the support of our community now more than ever as we seek to expand the minds of this great city. So thank you once again for wanting to get active. Keep up the great work. Now on to your question… Suspension is certainly not something you just jump into, at least not in my opinion. For me I require a face to face consultation, unless of course you are from another state. In that case we would most likely talk multiple times by phone, and a minimum of one month mental/physical preparation prior to agreeing to anything. The steps given in preparation are quite simple really, we talk about breathing, diet, living habits and pain acceptance along with discussing the many different thoughts/ emotions you may encounter while suspending and how to deal with them. Please note: just because we cover all of the bases that I just mentioned, it still does not mean that you will get in. This is not meant to discourage but, instead, a way for me to screen and get a feel for my cliental before the act takes place. If I don’t feel comfortable suspending you, or for whatever reason feel

you are not ready, I simply will not suspend you. This is how I do my best to assure positive experiences and the safety of the participants. I WORK HARD TO NOT DECLINE BUT SOMETIMES THERE IS NO CHOICE. As for knowing when your ready it’s just kind of something you come across in your own mind. You see the act clearly in your head and you watch yourself achieve your goal over and over again as if you have already done it a hundred times before. The drive to go through with your decision shoots through the roof and you feel unstoppable until the moment you are faced with the hooks. A light fear and doubt will shadow your mind but you allow the negativity to pass and soon you confront the rig. This is the time where the real decision is made. You may feel afraid, you may distrust the rig or even the artists assisting you, but it is in this instance that you must remind yourself why you are in the position in the first place and why you selected the artists that you did. That brings me to one part I feel you left out “SELCTING YOUR PRACTITIONAR”. Suspensions are very personal and every artist handles them a little differently with only really a diagram of safety rules and regulations to protect their clients connecting their styles. You must remember that even if you are not doing this for a spiritual reason, or perhaps don’t even believe in anything of that nature, there is still a certain feeling that you are going for and it is important to select an artist/crew who fits best into your image of the experience. Just make sure you do your research and trust the situation fully. I wish you luck in your journey and hope that you will continue assisting our community in building itself. We are, after all, empowered by our supporters. Many Thanks, Stu

All questions will be answered by email or by a request for you to call me directly and may be in the next issue of the St. Louis Sinner! Thanks for reading! Stu ( - -

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ell my middle-aged Taurus, Spring is officially here, even if the sweet air has yet to only shower you with ill-feelings and that cool rain that just won’t leave. I can offer little guidance for the annoying rain, other than the purchase of a new umbrella and to keep that winter coat out of storage. Your ill-feelings, though, I may be able to help shed a little warmth on, or at least a little direction to keep the rain from being your only misery. Where did it all go wrong, so, so wrong? I know that’s what you ask yourself late at night when the companionship ads flood the idiot box, your boob-tube. You think about your childhood, how a somewhat typical middle-class kid, raised by a middle-class family, could feel so disturbed. You remember no abuse, physically, or sexually. Not even your family’s membership to a Seventh Day Adventist church explains the issues you harbor so close to heart. Family and friends question whether it was the nineteen years you spent in the military, flying helicopters in such disastrous missions as Somalia, that fucked you up. You saw some strange stuff, did some strange things, but that’s not what haunts your soul late at night. That reasoning just allows them to sleep better at night while you’re up pacing the floor, longing for a mission. Not a military mission, a personal one. I know it doesn’t help when your family spins tales of how better off you would have been if you had only kept your prison guard job at the Washington State Department of Corrections. There might be less nightmares today if you had, but those horrors are only the redness of this pimple. It’s the whitehead that’s about to burst that keeps you up and pacing. So you’re not married, have no prospects, haven’t had in a long time. Come to think about it, have you ever? I think not. Nothing weird about that, nothing to label you crazy over. Lots of people drift through society alone, never taking another’s hand in marriage. BUT this does bother you, as do the ads that run late at night asking for you to call, only to take hard-earned dollars from your pocket. It’s not the money that hurts though, it’s those damned giggles that hiss through the receiver every time you become comfortable with the girls. That’s what’s driving you crazy. Let me help you out, my desperate Taurus. Throw that television in the dumpster, to hell with recycling. Blow off some steam. Then yank that phone out of the wall, and then flush your cell phone down the toilet. If you need to call 911, scream or crawl to a neighbors door and ask for help, the old fashioned way. Then start asking a girl out once a week. Now, not gals you work with, because they already think your a bit nuts. Find a stranger, in a coffee shop or the library, and just be yourself. Whatever you decide, be sure not to follow your cock to the red-light district of Spokane. NO. Don’t go there. You’ll hear the giggles, the laughter. The hatred will rise and you’ll find yourself pulling that .25 calibre Raven out of your glove box and shooting some poor crack-head prostitute in the head. Maybe more than once, maybe thirteen of them. That’s what happened to another local Taurus, Robert Lee Yates, The Spokane Serial Killer. So, if you think you feel ill when the rain lands on your balding head this month, imagine how ill you’ll feel sitting on death row... I promise that’s no place for a bull like you.

Disclaimer: For all you crazy, fucking weirdos out there, this horrorscope is for entertainment purposes only. It does not in any shape or form depict any real characters or situations in your near future. So please don’t kill anyone. Killings bad, MmmKay?

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The Devil Made Them Do It

written by Matthew Gorman


VER THE YEARS, many captured killers have denied responsibility for their brutal crimes by claiming to be operating under the undue influence of some outside force, a notion harkening back to an age when crazed and violent persons were thought to be possessed by evil spirits. Often the accused will claim to have committed the murder or murders under the dominant sway of some demon or even of The Devil himself. This was the case in such high profile trials as that of Nightstalker, Richard Ramirez and the infamous BTK killer, Dennis Rader, as well as several others. These “satanic killers”, as they have been dubbed by former F.B.I. profiler, Kenneth Lanning, often feel they are not to blame for their crimes as their wills have been entirely subverted by the incontrovertible orders or influence of some infernal agent. But no murder case brought before the courts has been more rife with such alleged Satanic influence than that of German “vampire” Satanists, Daniel and Manuela Ruda, a gothic couple who claimed that the grisly murder they carried out was, in fact, ordered by Satan and that they were powerless against his machinations. In short, they both claim that the Devil made them do it. German-born Manuela Ruda claimed that the Devil first contacted her at age 14 during a visit to Britain. As a result, she fell into the gothic scene in England and became fascinated with Devil worship. After returning home to her small town of Witten, Germany, Manuela was soon overcome by wanderlust again. At the age of 16 she journeyed to the Scottish Highlands where she ended up working in a hotel. Manuela explained to the court how she enjoyed the emptiness of the landscape, the ancient cemeteries, and the lingering gloom brought about by the low-laying clouds. After the hotel season was over, Manuela went to live in a cave on The Isle of Skye with a strange 62-year-old man named Tom Woolridge (a.k.a Tom Leppard). Tom was tattooed from head to foot with leopard-print markings and his eccentric personality and lifestyle seemed to fuel

Manuela’s thirst for the bizarre. After Scotland, Manuela returned to London where she worked in a gothic club in Islington (North London) and became involved with a group of friends interested in vampirism and Satanism. This contingent of gothic youths would attend “bite parties” (where human blood was imbibed from the necks of willing donors) and practice satanic rituals. Manuela claimed that she and her ghoulish friends would also sleep atop graves at night (hey, aren’t vampires suppose to sleep during the day?), and she claimed that she even allowed herself to be buried alive just to see how it felt. After this time in London, Manuela considered herself to have been “initiated” and believed that she was now a vampire. After returning to Germany she actually had her canine teeth removed and surgically replaced with the fangs of an animal to complete her vampiric transition. Manuela met fellow German Daniel Ruda through a personal advertisement posted in the back of the magazine Metal-Hammer. The ad read: “Raven-black vampire seeks Princess of Darkness who hates everyone and everything.” Upon meeting, the two quickly bonded and they were soon inseparable. The couple traveled together to England and Scotland during the late 90s but eventually made their home in the industrial city of Bochum, Germany. Their apartment was decorated with cemetery lights and broken headstones (likely stolen from local graveyards), as well as a large collection of axes, knives, and machetes. The couple also kept a satanic altar complete with human skulls (possibly stolen from the numerous graves that the sinister couple had admittedly disinterred) and a satin-lined, oak coffin adorned with an inverted crucifix in which Manuela sometimes slept. In 2001, Daniel Ruda was about to lose his job selling auto parts when he allegedly had a dream in which he claimed that The Devil had told him to marry Manuela on June 6th (6/6), which he did, and then to find for the pair a sacrificial victim. The plan was to claim a victim and then for both he and Manuela to commit suicide so that they could go to Hell to live with Satan. The murderous part of this plan would be realized one month after the couple’s marriage (as per the alleged dream’s instructions) in July of 2001 when the two would murder Daniel’s coworker, 33-year-old Frank Hackerts (named as Frank Haagen in some accounts) in cold blood. Hackert was invited to the Rudas’ apartment unaware of the fate that awaited him. Upon Hackerts’ arrival, Manuela Ruda claimed that “strange beings” were present. “We were not alone,” she explained to the court, “There was

a presence there, a powerful force.” Manuela then went on to describe the attack on Hackert instigated by her husband, Daniel Ruda: “We were sitting on the couch the whole time, then my husband stood up,” she said. “He had terrible, glowing eyes and hit out with the hammer. Frank stood up and said something, or wanted to say something. The knife was glowing and a voice told me: ‘Stab him in the heart.’ He then sank. I saw a light flickering around him. That was the sign that his soul was going down. We said a satanic prayer. We were then exhausted, and alone, wanted to die ourselves. But the visitation was too short. We could no longer kill ourselves.” The brevity of the actual murder in Manuela’s account, however, was uncorroborated by the physical evidence. In reality, Hackerts likely suffered several blows to the face with Daniel Ruda’s hammer, was stabbed (likely by both of the Rudas) 66 times, and was left with a pentagram carved into his torso and a scalpel protruding from his body. The couple then drained Hackerts’ blood into a bowl and drank it as well as putting out numerous cigarettes on his back. Following the murder, the Rudas had sex in Manuela’s coffin and left Hackerts’ corpse to decompose next to it for a week before their apprehension. During the week following the killing, Manuela Ruda claims that the couple tried unsuccessfully several times to end their own lives. Some accounts state the two were arrested at their apartment while other reports insist that the two were apprehended at a gas station with a newly purchased chainsaw. The couple had made a list of more victims that they had planned to murder with the chainsaw so as not to meet Satan “empty-handed” they explained. One report claims that the list – comprised of around fifteen names – was actually written in Hackerts’ blood on a wall of the couple’s apartment, although this particular detail is unsubstantiated by any other report. Whatever the case, the two were arrested and subsequently charged with murder. During their trial, the Rudas remained unrepentant and made a mockery of the court proceedings by rolling their eyes, sticking out their tongues, and making a barrage of lewd gestures and comments. Manuela Ruda told the court that she had signed over her soul to Satan two-and-a-half years prior, and said that she felt that neither she nor her husband were guilty of murder as they were under the control of The Devil. Not surprisingly, Daniel Ruda concurred, telling the court, “If I kill a person with my car and half his bloody head is left on my bumpers, it is not the car that goes to jail. It is the driver who is evil. I have nothing to repent, because I did nothing." Psychiatric experts informed the court that they believed the couple to be suffering from "severe narcissistic personality disturbances". Because of this, the prosecutors, themselves, did

not push for the life sentences typically handed down in such circumstances. Even they were convinced that the two defendants truly believed themselves to be under the influence of the Devil at the time of the murder. The Judge, one Arnjo Kerstingtombroke, however, did not agree. He told the courtroom: "This case was not about Satanism but about a crime committed by two people with severe disorders. Nothing mystical or cult-like happened here; just simple, base murder." B u t in light of the aforementioned testimony from psychiatric professionals, the judge grudgingly mitigated the couples’ sentences all the same. 26-year-old Daniel Ruda and 23-year-old Manuela Ruda were sentenced to 15 and 13 years respectively in a maximumsecurity psychiatric ward. It is quite possible, however, that the two might not be released upon the conclusion of their individual sentences depending upon the opinions of the psychiatric staff at such time. Daniel Ruda’s lawyer, Hans Reinhardt, later admitted that he felt that the story of satanic possession was simply a ruse, and that his client had committed the brutal murder in order to become famous. Reinhardt said he believed this to be true due to comments that Daniel Ruda had made to him at one point to that very effect. Well, there you have it, the sordid tale of Daniel and Manuela Ruda, a couple of dorkish, vampire-wannabes who still refuse to accept the blame for something they insist The Devil made them do. And if you actually think for one minute that these two fucking idiots are cool in any way, shape, or form, then you are a sad, sack of shit that should probably be beaten to death with a hammer. Ciao!


This, I Shamelessly Tell You Addressing the topic of Seattle’s ‘whiteness’ and the matter of why Seattle does need a hero by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid The other article I’d written (under the influence of one of my many respiratory ailments, that have plagued me while Seattle’s doing it’s ‘I can’t make up my mind if it’s Winter or Spring’ dance) about the sorry situation of drug dealers having taken over my building and the neighborhood got eaten by my computer. A last effect of the Mercury retrograde situation that’s now been alleviated with Mercury, that winged messenger having gone direct about three weeks ago. Cause for celebration, as is the news I received last night (via two of Seattle’s finest) that the drug dealing chicks in my building are being thrown into the street. Now, if only the troublemaking jackasses that blight my visits to my local Trader Joes (who are part of the ongoing drug traffic on Capitol Hill) would meet with a Clint Eastwoodtype cop who’d send them packing, I’d be totally jolly. Ah well, I’m patient, and who knows, the manager of that store might grow a pair and boot those morally bankrupt ass kissers to the curb someday soon. We can only hope. Yes, Tina, we do need a hero in Seattle. But the two shiny new, smiling cops that greeted me upon my return from errands the other day did not look anything like Emma Peel or Mad Max or Charles Bronson or Cat Woman. They did make my evening by saying the words I’ve longed to hear: ‘oh, those folks are getting evicted’, to my inquiry about why they were at my door (they were waiting for a phone call, I guess about said druggie chicks), and my reply that I wondered if they were there about some of the infamous drug activity that’s gone on for weeks. I celebrated by chowing down on some pierogis and spam, washed down by sparkling water enhanced by some of this new Mio stuff in fake strawberry, and watched three back-to-back episodes of Dr. Who on BBC America. Good times. I’ll take my heroes (and heroines) in whatever form they come. The other matter that’s been circling my brain, while I continue to fight the ‘dreaded crud’ that is this year’s eternal respiratory ailment, is the news that Seattle is the 6th whitest city in the U.S. Of course, very little has been mentioned about this little nugget, Seattle being the p.c. town it is (and one with a very small, and nearly invisible – except for certain beat down scrubby types – Black population), no one seems to want to touch this volatile topic. So, here’s my take on the news, since I’m a very vocal Black woman from Houston, and not at all p.c. It sucks to be Black in Seattle, or it mostly does. I’ve had people stop in their tracks, literally, upon finding out that the voice they hear on the phone (hey, I can talk the talk as well as any college grad, because I am one) matches a nappy-headed, dreadlocked, curvy Black woman. I’ve also had folks tell me to ‘go back where I came from’, because I look like I’m from Africa; Somalia to be exact, and folks here can’t separate in their minds Black folks from America from Africans (or so it seems sometimes). I’ve also been called ‘nigger’ more times than I’ve been called that in Houston, where I grew up, which shocked the heck out of me, since I always thought the Northwest was more progressive than it actually is. It also took forever to find my partner, a lovely Japanese man, who shares my political/spiritual and kinky sexual beliefs. Folks do not treat Black women kindly in Seattle, if they notice us at all. Black men trash me for the way I hold my head up and ignore their pitiful attempts at flirting, and white women (especially skinny, blond ones) look at me like I had crap covering my entire body and did not deserve to live. White men either leer at me, or (since Obama’s election), glare at me like all the bad in the world is my fault, or they simply ignore me completely. Still, I’d rather live in a town where my sweetie and I can walk holding hands (even when he’s dressed as ‘she’), and shop for our kink gear just blocks from where I live. True, all the plants really keep my allergies flaring, nearly year ‘round, and folks here still act like it’s a personal affront if you speak to them, and people try to run over me (even with my cane, since my knee’s not well yet, after my sports injury last year) because everyone’s wired to something and very often unaware of the ‘real world’ around them. Oh yes, and there is that prevailing drug element that I run into that I’d like to see a Punisher character take on, or just SPD to do better at taking care of more efficiently, but occasionally I get to rattle my neighbors nerves with fits of giggling late at night after some spontaneous spanking of my slave/sweetie. So, it’s not all bad these days and the chicks upstairs are getting kicked out, finally, making me a very happy camper for right now. This, I shamelessly tell you.

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Think Outside The Cage with Kendra Holliday of The Beautiful Kind

What Should Be in My BDSM Toolkit? Dear Kendra, I’m a BDSM beginner. I like spanking my girlfriend, and she loves it, too! I was wondering what tools you would suggest we get if we want to branch out a little and explore new ways to be kinky in the bedroom. ~ Newbie Dear Newbie, Bondage in Aisle 5 - Hardware Stores Seen in a Whole New Light. It’s so funny – now that I’m into BDSM, the most innocent places spark sexually interesting ideas. We’re talking hardware stores, garden stores, pet stores… I used to have to be dragged into these places for sink parts and dog food, and now I like ducking into the rope aisle to see what colors or textures they have in stock. I’ll whiz past the rawhide chews to see what kind of dog collars will fit a human-size neck. (“Does this come with a matching leash?”) Garden shops have hemp rope for binding trees – now come on, trees aren’t going anywhere, let’s put that rope to better use! The Shopping List In addition to your hands and mouth, here are some suggestions for your BDSM bag of tricks, one for every day of the week: 1. Ropes – Practice your reverse prayer, chest harness, and hog tie techniques with a variety of ropes – nylon, hemp, cotton. Rough, smooth, thick, silky, it’s fun to experiment and find out which works best for you. Not only can you restrain someone with rope, but you can fashion it into something as sexy as lingerie – highlight various parts of the body and turn it into an art form. Fun tip: Apply a vibrator to a taut length of rope and feel the vibration spread… Where you can find it: hardware, garden, army surplus store, online. Or steal it from the local boy scout troop. 2. Handcuffs - Metal cuffs are edgier and more painful, and lend an extra air of humiliation to your play session. It’s especially intense when they tighten up as you’re having sex, it’s like being bitten. I also like the smell of them - the oiled metal is hot. Where you can find it: sex store, gun store, your friendly neighborhood police officer. 3. Clothes pins - Clothes pins should be renamed “nipple clamps.” I mean, who uses them for hanging clothes these days? The inexpensive wooden clamps can be arranged in nice little rows along the curve of the torso or along the shoulder blades to make “angel wings.” Where you can find it: grocery store, laundry aisle of retailer store, your old-fashioned neighbors clothesline. 4. Wartenberg Wheel – My girlfriend introduced this one to me (she has a bit of a medical equipment fetish). I LOVE this thing. It’s a stainless steel metal wheel on a handle with sharp pins radiating from the wheel. It rotates as it is rolled across the flesh, lighting nerves on fire. She likes holding me down and running it along my back, my front… she likes making me shriek and squirm.

North St Louis Mandina’s 1319 St Louis Ave

South City Lemmon’s 5800 Gravois

Where you can find it: ebay, online BDSM store, neurologist’s office. 5. Flogger – A flogger is great because you can use it as the sweetest little tickle toy, or raise up some serious red welts by putting some muscle into it as you lay into your loved one. Flogs are usually made of leather or rubber. Where you can find it: online BDSM store, make your own.

Dutch Town Friendly’s 3503 Roger Pl

Downtown Crack Fox 1114 Olive St

South County Steel & Ink Studio 3561 Ritz Center

Soulard Shanti Tavern 825 Allen DB’s Sportsbar 1615 S Broadway

MOFO The Silver Ballroom 4701 Mofo Rd at Itaska

6. Butt plug – The butt is often the least explored body part, and that is putting tons of sensitive nerve endings to waste. Wearing a butt plug during sex can completely change the dynamics of an otherwise normal and pleasurable coupling. It can add a whole new level of intensity and vulnerability. And guess what – they aren’t just for the bedroom. You’d be surprised how many people are walking around in grocery stores wearing one. Turns a boring trip to the store for some sugar and cereal into something kinky and fun. Where you can find it: sex store, online, your mom’s bedside table (wouldn’t it be fun if it were true?) Got a sex, relationship, BDSM or fetish related question? Ask your local sexpert, Kendra Holliday, Writer & Editor of The Beautiful Kind, and Co-Founder of Sex Positive St. Louis.

St Louis Sinner May 2011  

St Louis Sinner featuring the art of Chris Gomez

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