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Thanks a Billion, St. Louis! 2012 USA MORTGAGE TOP LOAN OFFICERS USA Mortgage A better way to buy a home™

“Thank you to all of our loan officers for a third straight $1 billion year and for making USA Mortgage the #1 mortgage lender in the St. Louis metropolitan area”. Doug Schukar, President / CEO DAS Acquisition Company/USA Mortgage

Ken Rosenthal NMLS: 237670 MO: 789-MLO

Tom Sinak NMLS: 240288 MO: 1028-MLO

Shawn Kerley NMLS: 237623 MO: 504-MLO

Ron Mueller NMLS: 237720 MO: 1225-MLO

Doug Davis NMLS: 237652 MO: 745-MLO

Jim Uxa NMLS: 271127 MO: 493-MLO

Mark Cooper NMLS: 238015 MO: 420-MLO

Sean Zalmanoff NMLS: 239823 MO: 70-MLO

Stephanie Shipley NMLS: 237697 MO: 290-MLO

Amy Wulf NMLS: 237662 MO: 251-MLO

Jerry Mayo NMLS: 225653 MO: 432-MLO

Tom Rosenthal NMLS: 232684 MO: 835-MLO

Matt Hansard NMLS: 227823 MO: 664-MLO

Larry Lentin NMLS: 230005 MO: 1356-MLO

12140 Woodcrest Executive Dr. • Suite 150 St. louis, MO 63141 • Company NMLS 227262 • Missouri Residential Mortgage Licensee

ADivision of DAS Acquisition Company, LLC.

Craig Altman NMLS: 234699 MO: 98-MLO

SLAR Realtor Report | July 2013  
SLAR Realtor Report | July 2013