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little boy followed a man with an axe down a dusty road. The whole journey seemed curious to this little boy of five. The man stopped at a cedar tree and took several practice swings, checking the sharpness of his blade. Soon, they would arrive at a dilapidated one-story house with a large, wooden-framed front porch. The house was covered in brush and volunteer trees, reflecting its neglected condition. The man would go to work on clearing the brush and trees away from the house … and the little boy would do his best to help his father.

ended up here – before you today – on the eve of our association’s 140th anniversary?

and safety of my sheltered home. Being an idealist in an ideal world, I was enamored with his words,

Fifty-years ago, I moved to St. Louis at the age of five. Unlike the hero in my story above, I have always had a roof over my head, I have lived in a well-built home in a safe neighborhood and I attended one of the best public schools in St. Louis, just a stone’s throw from the association’s headquarters.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Like many of the families and children living in North St. Louis during the recent great recession, their story was not dissimilar. As Ecclesiastes warns us, “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.” A time to be born and a time to die. A time to tear down and a time to build. A time to be silent and a time to speak.

To me, St. Louis was a place of opportunity and wealth. The Gateway Arch keystone had just been placed, connecting the massive legs that amazingly stood on their own. A new geodesic dome, the Climatron, which embraced the concept of “Spaceship Earth,” was open for visitors. Marlin Perkins, the head of our world – famous zoo, was starring in a wildly popular TV show, “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.” And my sister and I would sit at our kitchen table doing our homework – at least, she did – listening to Jack Buck on KMOX call the strikes thrown by Bob Gibson and the stolen bases of Lou Brock. It’s funny. When you listen to the baseball game on radio, you don’t see color or race – you just hear the cheers from one of the most winningest teams in franchise history, our beloved Cardinal Nation. It was a magical time.

Many of you have asked me why am I so passionate about the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis, why do I love St. Louis so much and why was I willing to run and lose four times for office before I

Not until the appearance of Martin Luther King Jr. on our small black and white TV set, would I start to comprehend the ramifications of segregation in our country, our state and our city, from the comfort

As I learned the details of this story, I came to find out that the father and son had been living in an old, abandoned elementary school with his mother and two sisters – without a home – also neglected and abandoned by society, much like the home they were working on.


winter 2017 |

Being born in North Carolina, the great grandson of a confederate soldier who fought under Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, I marveled at American history – especially, the war between the states – and the role that St. Louis would play as a border city in a border state. As a southerner, my loving grandmother ingrained in me two lessons, which she would repeat over and over again. One was of how my weak and emaciated great grandfather made his way back home to N.C., after having served in deplorable conditions at a prison camp in Elmira, N.Y. for a year, after being captured shortly after the battle of Gettysburg. The other lesson, sadly, was African Americans were no good and that segregation was to be upheld at all costs. I loved my grandmother dearly, but that lesson stood in stark contrast to my mother’s side of the family – the well-off tobacco farmers – where African Americans occupied my great grandparent’s house right next to my grandparents. They worked in the fields with them, broke bread together and treated them with the utmost respect, even though they attended different churches and schools. It was truly a tale of two cities which, would lead me to conclude


winter 2017 |

that economic prosperity plays a key role in driving out racial disparity. Soon we will play a masterful video of the history and future of our association, reflecting back upon our trials and tribulations and opportunities over the last 140 years. I ask you to please keep one quote in mind as you watch.* “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s

by the tragedy of Ferguson, to discuss opportunity and growth. We held our post-election celebration at the beautiful Moonrise Hotel. And, most recently, we built a haunted house, raised tons of candy and volunteered at the Boys & Girls Clubs’ Boo Bash Halloween party this year. All small steps for us, which in the words of Neil Armstrong, truly were “one giant leap” for our association. Which makes me think back upon that little boy trying to keep up with the large strides his father must have taken going

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference -Robert Frost-

wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations,” as stated by President Abraham Lincoln, just 43 days before his untimely death. Just think what our world might have been like if this one human had continued to guide us toward peace. The path across the Delmar Divide is not well travelled, as Robert Frost once wrote: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” As many of the leaders in this room know, we have crossed the Delmar Divide, not once, but numerous times this year. More than 100 of our members worked with Rebuilding Together to repair the homes of three neighbors in need in Pagedale. Our Affiliate Council and so many of our members donated hundreds of backpacks filled with school supplies to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis. We visited with the Mayor of Dellwood, a neighborhood most ravished


winter 2017 |

to that abandoned home. And I think of the challenges that lay ahead. And finally, I think of the long journey St. Louis, and our association, have been on. You see that little boy was not from the Boys & Girls Club, not from North St Louis, not an African American or even from this century. That little boy is my father, here today. It was because of the partial forgiveness of his family’s debt, during the Great Depression, which allowed him, my aunts and my grandparents to have another shot at the American Dream. Who knows where I, or my father’s eleven descendants – all college educated, productive citizens – and now living the American Dream – would be today. As Beyond Housing’s Chris Krehmeyer would say, my family was the one that needed just a little help that day. In conclusion, please consider these three themes as you watch our 140th anniversary video* and imagine what we can do in the next decade: First, let us continue to give. The spirit of


winter 2017 |

St. Louis is one of generosity – we are already one of the most philanthropic communities in America – but much, much more is required. Let us not only give to our association, our community and to each other, but let us forgive ourselves, each other and our community for what we have or have not done. In the spirit of the prodigal son, let us welcome back home those who have been lost, abandoned or forgotten. Second, the Preamble to our Code of Ethics talks in aspirational language and one of the most powerful concepts is “the highest and best use.” While we, the REALTOR® family, may be experts on land, housing and commerce, that’s NOT what we live for. We live so that our children, our children’s children and future generations can aspire to their highest and best use – their full potential. Let us break down the so many barriers and arbitrary

boundaries that divide us so ALL of our children can prosper, live, work and play in peace together. Finally, from the heartland of America, and, as one of the founders of our National Association of REALTORS®, let St. Louis – and really all of us – go forth from this point in history and renew our commitment to the American Dream for all Americans. Let us be the homestead to nurture new ideas of home- ownership and the guarantor of prosperity for future generations. And let us be the cornerstone of a new foundation, the foundation for the American Dream, which has its roots at 4600 Labadie Ave. For now is the time to plant, the time to sow, the time to embrace, the time to speakup and, above all, the time to love.

*The 140th anniversary video Barry is referencing can be found on our own website:

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For You & Your Association


Maybe you’ve been involved in the association before, took a break for whatever reason, and now you’re ready to re-engage. Hallelujah and welcome home! I know you’ll find our leaders and staff to be helpful and encouraging – to assist you in getting plugged back into the action.

Perhaps you can relate to this quote by Rick Godwin: “One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they have to gain.”

Perhaps you’re a longtime member who has been involved for years. To you, let me say this: Thank you, thank you, thank you. And also: Please don’t ever change! Which is ironic, because this article is about change. Of course, what I mean is don’t change your commitment and dedication to your association, your industry and your peers.

This is so true. But it doesn’t have to be an all-ornothing proposition. Certainly, it’s possible to change some things, while leaving others the same. Sometimes, people and organizations make the mistake of trying to change too much all at once. I’ve found that consistent, continual progress tends to work better than unrelenting upheaval. Evolution … always. Revolution … only when necessary.

Regardless of where you are in your career arc, hopefully your association provides you with many opportunities for growth. As you grow, so does the association. And vice versa. That’s one big reason why, last year, we changed our name to St. Louis REALTORS® … to underscore the simple fact that the association is the members. And members are the association.

As the topic of change relates to you and your REALTOR® association, it can mean different things …

To me, change done right means a healthy respect for what’s old and great enthusiasm for what’s new. This past year, I’ve seen so much to be respected and admired in our organization – from both members and staff. Sandy Hancock is an awesome driver of change. So is Barry Upchurch. And our staff is resilient and absolutely dedicated to serving the membership.

hey say change is inevitable. But is it really a good thing? Lately, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought.

Personally, I’ve gone through a lot of changes over the last year or two. I consider myself lucky because most of the changes have been positive. I do believe that without new challenges, there are no new opportunities. And new opportunities help us grow.

Maybe you’re a new member at St. Louis REALTORS®. If that’s the case, welcome to the family – we’re glad you’re here and we’ll strive to make you feel welcome and be successful in your real estate career!


winter 2017 |

When you think about it, change cannot really

happen without acknowledging what came before. This concept is merely the flipside of the old saying, You won’t know where you’re going until you understand where you’ve been. We’re 140 years old, one of the founding chapters of the National Association of REALTORS®. We actually predate NAR. Our organization is the largest local association of REALTORS® in Missouri. We enjoy a growing reputation of respect because of what our past leaders have done over many decades to drive positive change for members and the communities in which we proudly serve. So, what kinds of changes are coming for you and your association this year? We have a new volunteer structure, designed for more member input and involvement. We have a new board of directors, with veteran members, returning members from the past and plenty of new blood, too. (Like last year, the 2017 board of directors has both historical knowledge and the courage to tackle new challenges head-on.) And later this year, we’ll have a brandnew website, to super-serve members with a much better online experience while tying together the richly diverse quiltwork of St. Louis with a new, neighborhood-centric focus. Yes, change is inevitable. Challenges inevitably bring change … and change leads to growth. And growth is a good thing. Particularly for St. Louis REALTORS®. It’s my belief that, along with the challenges and growth experiences we’re bound to have this year, we’ll grow together – and we’ll be better for it.


Under President Trump


rom all of us at Gershman Mortgage, we wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

As we start the New Year, a looming question is how the new Trump Administration will impact the housing market in 2017. Many believe that although President Trump has not yet signaled his plans for the housing market, his background as a real estate developer might lead to more growth and development overall. Here’s what some of the experts are saying: Home Sales In an Economic Forecasts’ article, Kiplinger reporter Rodrigo Sermeño writes, “Low mortgage rates, employment gains and slowly rising wages will continue to drive demand for housing.” Others predict a softening resulting from likely interest rate hikes, but agree that with inventory down, those that sell in 2017 will benefit from less competition. Indeed, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the Mortgage Bankers Association, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are predicting existing-home sales to reach six million and higher in 2017. They are crediting millennials with an upsurge in home buying. Economists believe that this population will keep both home and condo sales strong into 2020. In fact, Jessica Lautz, managing director of research for NAR says, “Many of those buyers have saved enough to go with something more than a condo unit or a starter home.”

10 winter 2017 |


Rising Home Prices and Those Ready to Buy And speaking of millennials, NAR expects the national median home price to increase by four percent in 2017. Millennials are ready for homeownership, and they are prepared to spend. A HousingWire report predicts that in 2017, nearly half of the millennials ready to buy homes soon plan to spend more than $500,000. How will Trump’s presidency impact housing prices? Trulia chief economist Ralph McLaughlin believes homebuyers in red states like Missouri may be more optimistic about their economic future, and thus, more likely to spend big, because of the Trump win. Kiplinger’s Sermeño believes, “price growth will continue and home values are expected to reach the pre-recession highs of 2006.” New Home Construction In the realm of construction, home builders are expected to be more cautious. Despite calls for more inventory Forisk Research predicts home builders “will continue to be more subdued.” Economists at Zillow suggest changes to immigration policy and potential immigration labor shortages will likely result in higher prices for new construction. Zillow’s Chief Economist Svenja Gudell believes buyers will absorb these costs through higher new home prices. Kiplinger’s Rodrigo Sermeño writes, “Growth in single-family construction will have to increase significantly to make a dent in the shortage of inventory and ease pressure on home prices.”

Moving Forward The new year and new administration will no doubt bring changes to the housing market, but the prospects for 2017 appear positive from this vantage point, with the surge of millennials ready for homeownership and the rise in home values. Additional News FHA announced the 2017 conforming loan limit for mortgages acquired by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be increased nationwide from $417,000 to $424,100. This is the first increase in the conforming loan limit since 2006, and was driven by nationwide housing prices exceeding their pre-recession high. The new loan limit for VA loans is $424,100; for FHA loans, it is $275,665. When it comes to buying and selling homes, Gershman Mortgage is on your team. We’re committed to working with REALTORS®, home buyers and all involved parties to ensure a positive experience for everyone. If you have any questions or if we can be of assistance, please call us at 314889-0600. We would be delighted to arrange an informational or educational seminar on a number of related topics for your REALTORS® team. Please note we will be moving to a new headquarters in Chesterfield in late February. Our phone numbers will remain the same. Our new address will be: 16253 Swingley Ridge Road, Suite 400, Chesterfield, MO 63017. Gershman Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender. NMLS #138063.

We make it easy for your clients We don’t have to tell you about the anxieties and tension your clients feel during the sale or purchase of a home. We’ve absolutely got you covered with unsurpassed security, knowledge and experience. 314-889-0600 in St. Louis 636-688-3000 in St. Charles NMLS# 138063

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In – house processing and underwriting provides ON-TIME closings We fund EVERY loan so you will NEVER wait for a wire transfer Consistently the lowest rates with easy online application No matter the type of loan – new construction, FHA, VA, Conventional, Jumbo, USDA, Reverse Mortgage – we are here to help make the process as simple and easy as possible for your clients 60 years of experience making more than 250,000 loans totaling more than $30 billion makes a difference.





issouri REALTORS® made history again on November 8, 2016 with the passage of Amendment 4, which constitutionally banned sales taxes on services from ever being implemented in the state of Missouri. While the final passage of Amendment 4 was fantastic for the protection of the real estate industry, the campaign to educate voters was a hard fought effort. In late September, reputable pollsters showed Amendment 4 with only 21 percent yes voters, 53 percent no voters and 26 percent undecided voters. On Election Day, Amendment 4 passed with an amazing 57 percent of the vote, which is a 35-point increase in just over a month! This amazing surge in public opinion can be credited to the grassroots efforts of St. Louis REALTORS® members. Our association made a splash with an Amendment 4 campaign rally in downtown Kirkwood on October 11, 2016, which was attended by more than 100 REALTOR® members and local media. The local campaign steering committee, comprised of St. Louis REALTORS® volunteers, made countless presentations to local community groups, chambers of commerce, ward political committees, neighborhood associations and real estate offices to educate voters about Amendment 4. The statewide campaign also did a

12 winter 2017 |

With 57% Of The Vote!

series of television ads explaining all the benefits of preventing sales taxes on services and thousands of “Yes On 4” yard signs were placed in the St. Louis area by enthusiastic REALTORS®. Thank you to all who helped with the Amendment 4 effort. St. Louis REALTORS® couldn’t have pulled off such an extensive campaign without the dedication of our volunteer leadership. The united voice of the REALTOR® Party has become a powerhouse in Missouri politics through the passion of our membership and the amazing success of Amendment 4. Missouri is the first state in the nation to constitutionally ban sales taxes on services, and the Missouri REALTOR® Party is becoming a role model for REALTOR® advocacy initiatives across the country. FHA Condo Owner-Occupancy Update In the summer edition of St. Louis REALTOR® Report, I reported that H.R. 3700, “The Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act,” had passed unanimously in the U.S. House of Representatives and was heading to the Senate for approval. The bill unanimously passed the Senate and was signed into law by President

Obama in August 2016. On Oct. 26, 2016, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued a mortgagee letter making changes to the Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) owner-occupancy requirement for condominiums in accordance with the requirements of H.R. 3700. Under the new provisions, FHA-approved condominium projects require at least 50 percent of the units to be owner-occupied, but will allow for the owner-occupancy requirement to be lowered down to 35 percent if: the project has replacement reserves of at least 20 percent of the budget, no more than 10 percent of the units are in arrears (more than 60 days past due) and the condo has three years of acceptable financial documents. In addition, H.R. 3700 allows for FHA to do “spot approvals,” in which an FHA loan could be used to finance individual units in a condo building that has not been certified or approved for agency financing. Look for more information from the National Association of REALTORS® as HUD issues future policies to comply with H.R. 3700. VA Specially Adapted Housing Grant Changes As of October 1, 2016, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has increased the aggregate amounts of assistance available under the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant program by 4.797

percent from FY 2016 levels, in alignment with an increase in the cost of building.

and compliance for buildings that fall under the reporting requirements.

On October 18, 2016, the VA proposed changes to the Veteran’s Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI), which provides mortgage protection insurance to SAH grant recipients. The VA is proposing to allow SAH grantees to take out VMLI in amounts less than both the statutory maximum of $200,000 and the amount necessary to pay the covered mortgage indebtedness in full. The VA believes this will allow more veterans to participate in the SAH program by allowing more financial flexibility to the borrowers and their families.

Buildings used primarily for industrial manufacturing are exempt from reporting requirements, as are multi-family buildings that are not master-metered. Building owners can also apply for exemption if they meet the requirements for financial hardship or have 50 percent vacancy within one year. St. Louis REALTORS® will continue to monitor the bill and report any changes or improvements.

Public Nuisance Code Revised in City of St. Louis The City of St. Louis passed Board Bill 151 on November 4, 2016, which revised the public nuisance code to create a carve-out protection for victims of domestic violence. B.B. 151 codified that if a tenant is a victim of domestic violence or stalking and calls the police for assistance, their call will not be recorded as a public nuisance call. This change covers a gap in the public nuisance code, which specifies that if the police receive two or more calls to an address then that property is vulnerable to being defined as a public nuisance. Once the city determines that a property is a public nuisance, they will send a letter of notice to the owner asking him or her to abate the nuisance within 30 days, or else they could be summoned to a hearing with the Director of Public Safety for failing to abate a nuisance and potentially penalized with a $100-$500 fine. The fear of an administrative hearing and having their rental property added to the “problem properties list” sometimes causes landlords to pursue eviction proceedings against their tenant, whether they are at fault for the nuisance calls or not. By specifically exempting victims of domestic violence and stalking from the public nuisance code, landlords have more leniencies to work with tenants who are in this situation and help them retain stable housing. St. Louis REALTORS® testified in favor of this change to the public nuisance code at the Public Safety Committee Hearing at St. Louis Board of Aldermen, and commends Alderwoman Megan Green for sponsoring the legislation. Energy Benchmarking Coming to City of St. Louis St. Louis City is one of 10 new cities joining the City Energy Project, which is a nationwide initiative to cut climate pollution from buildings. According to the City Energy Project, if U.S. buildings were considered a nation, they would rank third in global energy consumption. By April 2018, office, multi-family residential or mixed-use buildings 50,000 square feet or above will be required to report their energy usage to the city using a free online tool developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) called Energy STAR. This simple online platform combines facts about the building and data entered from utility bills to determine an “energy score” on how efficient the building is. It also helps the building owner identify cost savings and apply for funds to upgrade the building, such as through the PACE program. The city of St. Louis received a grant to hire a staff person dedicated to education

13 winter 2017 |

“Crime Free Housing” Passes in Florissant A terrible trend for landlords and tenants alike is spreading across the nation, known as the “Crime Free Housing” program. Florissant enacted the first Crime Free Housing ordinance in the St. Louis area, which contains several burdensome requirements for real estate investors and property managers. Florissant’s ordinance states if a tenant commits a felony or class A misdemeanor in the city of Florissant, even unrelated to their rental property, the property owner’s rental license may be suspended. Several REALTOR® members and Florissant investors have already received letters of notice from the city that their licenses will be suspended if they do not vacate the property within 14 days due to their tenants’ criminal actions. Other burdensome provisions of the bill require that landlords or property managers attend an eight hour crime-free training course, add a crime-free lease addendum to their leases and that licenses can be suspended if the landlord or property manager fails to reinstate utilities within 14 days after they have been shut off for nonpayment from the tenant. St. Louis REALTORS® argued against the bill for five hours during a Florissant city council meeting and we’ve been publicly critical of Florissant’s disappointing public policy decision to the local media. The association is working to build a case against the city of Florissant regarding this draconian ordinance, along with the St. Louis Apartment Association and the Metropolitan Equal Housing and Opportunity Council. Financing for North-South Metrolink Avoids Targeting Commercial Real Estate A bill to place a proposition on the April 2017 ballot has been introduced at St. Louis City Board of Aldermen. If passed, the proposition will ask city voters to approve a one half of one percent sales tax to fund the construction of a new streetrunning Metrolink line, the construction of an MLS league soccer stadium, neighborhood and workforce development programs and police security cameras. Rumors swirled this fall that in order for the city to raise the required 40 percent match for a Federal Transit Administration grant, it would need to raise the gross receipts tax on privately owned parking garages from five percent to 20 percent. St. Louis REALTORS® had conversations with the mayor’s office and aldermen working on the bill regarding how this would affect businesses and residences in the city. Ultimately, the list of projects in need of funding grew and revenue will come from raising sales taxes on retail sales, rather than specifically targeting commercial parking garages.




hink back to when you joined the association. For some of you more “experienced” agents, this might require more thought than others, but just give it a try. Amongst all the paperwork you filled out and checks you wrote, you promised to adhere to the NAR Code of Ethics. You know, those 17 articles that deal with the treatment of the public as well as your fellow REALTORS® and how to conduct your business ethically. The association also has a set of rules and regulations for Supra that is just as important and carries disciplinary action and fines if found in violation. This year, six complaints were filed citing Supra violations – and all six were referred to Professional Standards for review. Of those six complaints, five were found in violation and assessed fines. Supra Rule 1A states, “You must call for an appointment before using your Electronic Key” – unless – “No Appointment Required” or “Show at Will” appears in the MLS showing instructions and/or remarks section. Did you know that if found in violation of Supra Rule 1A, your fine could be as much as $1,000? Supra Rule 1B states, “You MUST have a sign-in sheet at showings and you MUST sign in.” Violation of this rule carries a $100 fine for the first offence, $250 for the second and, if found in violation a third time, suspension of your Electronic Key for 30 days. Loaning or sharing your key with anyone – up to a $5,000 fine, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Supra Rule 5 deals with misplaced/mishandled and/or lost house keys. “Any use of house keys not authorized by the listing agent or owner will be considered mishandling of house keys.” A first offense equals a $500 fine; a second offense will cost you $100. A third offense is harsh. You will lose your Supra privileges for no less than one year or no more than three years. These are serious violations that carry significant fines. Having a Supra key is a privilege, so please don’t take it lightly or treat these properties like they are your personal residences. Homeowners who have Supra boxes on their homes are trusting you, as the agent, to make sure that no one who should not be in their home is not in their home. How would you feel if you came home and someone was in your home dropping off a radon test or performing an inspection without your knowledge? You would feel violated. We encourage you to keep in constant communication with your client as to when inspectors and maintenance folks will be entering the home and what to expect. Your obligation is first to your client and it’s your duty and responsibility to protect and promote their interests at all times according to Article 1. In 2017, I will be conducting office visits where I will discuss, among other things, the Code of Ethics, Supra issues, best practices and changes in the upcoming CE year. I encourage your office managers to contact me at or 314-590-2305 and I’ll be happy to come to your office to educate your agents so they can be ethical, as well as productive in 2017.

The Power of Real-Time Data

You have new showings

Showing has ended at 123 Second St

With the Supra system, the eKEY® and XpressKEY™ send real-time showing notices when a showing begins and has ended. Your members can be informed about what is happening at their listings at all times. Real-time showing alerts enable agents to monitor activity at their listings, answer questions quickly, and keep home sellers informed. Supra’s real-time data means more opportunities for your members. 800-547-0252

You have showing feedback

14 winter 2017 |

Supra attempts to provide data and information as near to real-time as possible. There is no expressed or implied guarantee that the data and/or information is accurate or timely or fit for any particular purpose. © 2016 United Technologies Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


& Globalized Market



he homebuying process is charged with many variables, such as navigating clients across the Mississippi, on a small raft, after a big rain. You simply do not know what is on its way down stream to make your progress toward the closing more interesting and, perhaps, more challenging. This is particularly true when working with international clients. I love working with internationals. They are warm, optimistic, curious, big-hearted and, ultimately, great clients. They keep the trip to close more interesting. To compare, it is everything wonderful about working with firsttime homebuyers, with the added buoyancy of reaching across cultures to make new connections. International clients remind me what I love about this country … and about how our assumptions about the real estate transaction are as watery and random as a sunken log. For example, we assume that the closing table is not the best time to hear that the buyer wants a new air conditioner from the seller. The buyer, however, may care little about how the home inspection, inspection item negotiations and final walk-through are all in place at closing – so that such a conversation is unnecessary at close. To a savvy international client, negotiating an air conditioner at close may seem exactly the

15 winter 2017 |

THE HOME-BUYING PROCESS right time to bring up the issue. In fact, in many countries, closing is the only time for negotiation. Working with diverse international clients has also made me very appreciative of RPAC’s work in support of homeownership and of the high professional standards expected from the REALTOR® associations of which we are members. Because of this, my international clients feel fortunate and proud to be involved in the process of purchasing real estate in St. Louis.

St. Louis REALTORS® has been on the forefront of addressing the continued growth of internationals moving to St. Louis by hosting speaker series, such as the Big, Big World diversity event, and educational opportunities based on inclusion and diversity for its membership. As REALTORS®, we can meet the changing demographics of our market by finding ways to work effectively in an increasingly diverse community and welcoming these new neighbors who are expected to open businesses, invigorate the economy and buy houses.

In September, Sarah Fenske posted in the Riverfront Times blog, “St. Louis Shows Biggest Gain in Foreign-Born Population of 20 Largest Metros.” Fenske blogged that, according to the U.S. Census, “St. Louis notched an 8.9 percent increase in foreign-born residents from 2014 to 2015.” That was about 10,623 new residents and this number is expected to grow significantly over the next five years.

I have had the privilege of working alongside amazing St. Louis REALTORS® members in the Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG). This year, we worked to create a mission statement for IAG that will encompass the challenges of working with – and supporting – a diverse and international community. Toward this end, IAG seeks to champion a strong local community with cultural and economic opportunities for its St. Louis REALTORS® membership.

Many agencies are working together to encourage and support a diverse international community for the region. Betsy Cohen, executive director of the St. Louis Mosaic Project, is targeting a more than 20 percent increase of new international residences to this region by the year 2020.

In addition to a growing population of internationals moving into St. Louis, international investors are on the rise. Generally, these buyers have more to spend and consider the United States a safe place for property investment.

According to NAR’s Profile of Home Buying Activity of International Clients, published in July 2016, approximately 209,000 properties were estimated to have been sold to foreign buyers, making up four percent of total existing home sales. With the sales dollar volume spent by foreign buyers increasing, it’s important St. Louis REALTORS® members understand that working with a diverse international market can be more complex than dealing with domestic buyers. We should understand the differences that both connect and challenge us in this process. This past November, St Louis REALTORS® presented for the first time a new designation called the Certified International Property Designation (CIPS). “Bringing the CIPS designation to our members has been a goal of mine for quite some time,” said Karen Dunn, director of professional development. “I am so proud and encouraged to see our members take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to expand their business reach.” The course was elevated by the instructing skills of Richard Miranda – 2016 CIPS Global Instructor of The Year! If you missed this past November CIPS course, look for its return April 10-14, 2017. The CIPS designation is presented for members who wish to develop their international real estate business. The intensive coursework provides a solid framework of knowledge, research, networking opportunities and tools to globalize business and tap into the diversity of international clients. It is far better than a “raft” to help us navigate the water when working toward closing international transactions in an increasingly diverse and globalized market. Source:

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2017 | 16 winter ©2016©2016 RE/MAX, RE/MAX, LLC. Each LLC.RE/MAX® Each RE/MAX® office office is independently is independently ownedowned and operated. and operated. 16_132870 16_132870


Commercial Update



t. Louis Commercial REALTORS® have already to hit the ground running in 2017! We have some very specific goals this year that, once achieved, will deliver increased value to our members.

Education – On the Missouri side, you’ve most likely met our CE requirements. We are very excited we have qualified courses towards our Illinois licensing renewal. Two courses are approved and two more are coming before the Illinois managing broker’s renewal cycle. Dates will be out shortly. New Lease Form – Our Forms Committee has been hard at work with designs, revisions and updates to a “somewhat universal” lease document. Our goal is to release for review/use by the end of Q1. Broadcast E-Mail – We recently contracted with MARIS to develop a standalone broker to broker broadcast e-mail system. This solution will allow members to communicate “haves” and “needs” within the commercial brokerage community. Our goal is to roll out the program in early Q2. With many new and innovative projects underway, our commercial board will continue to keep membership informed on all progress. We wish all members a great 2017 and hope to see you at the many upcoming events.


Members For Supporting Installation!

17 winter 2017 |



ou might know Vivian McBride and Carolyn Mantia. Vivian is a practicing attorney with a focus on real estate law and estate planning. In 2012 she opened the Legacy Law Firm, LLC. She also instructs CE classes and workshops for St. Louis REALTORS®. Carolyn’s career in real estate spans over 15 years, since begining in 2002. She has worked both on a team and independently as a REALTOR®. Carolyn’s achievements include being a managing broker of a large franchise in St. Louis for many years. In 2013 she took a leap of faith when she opened Clarity Street Realty. Vivian and Carolyn met in 2009 while attending a committee meeting for the Women’s Council of REALTORS® in the boardroom at St. Louis REALTORS® – little did they know where that first meeting would lead them. Over time, the friendship grew as their interactions continued through various committees, events, board positions with St. Louis REALTORS® and the Women’s Council of REALTORS®. As Carolyn was preparing to advance into the role of president of WCR, she began to worry whether or not she should “come out” to the executive committee as a lesbian. She had never openly discussed being gay and did not want this to be an issue or change the solid relationships she

18 winter 2017 |


had made. Carolyn did feel, however, that those who stood behind her should know and so she opened up about her personal life. The group to which she confided included many of the current or past leadership of WCR and St. Louis REALTORS®. They could not have been more supportive. They quickly dispelled her fears of rejection. One member stated that it was a non-issue. “Over the years we have found the same open acceptance at St. Louis REALTORS®. The leadership and staff of the association have always accepted us as a couple,” said Vivian. “However, not everyone feels that way. In our experience, there is still discrimination and bias toward the LGBT ommunity. We’ve been told that we are ‘too gay’ and ‘it is ok to be gay, just keep it private.’ ” “When we began looking for a place to hold our ceremony and reception, we wanted a place that was meaningful and had a significant impact on our relationship, some place that was “safe” – place that felt like home. “When the first conversation came up about getting married at St. Louis REALTORS®, it was partially in jest. But as we both pondered the possibilities we realized it was the PERFECT place! It was the place

we met, the place where our relationship grew, the place where we met many dear friends and the place where the staff and membership accepted us as two people in love. It will always be a special place for us. There had never been a wedding held in the meeting rooms, so we weren’t sure this was possible. We were thrilled when we got the word that they approved us holding our wedding there,” recounts Carolyn. Today, Carolyn and Vivian are partnered in both love and business. They are the owners of Clarity Street Realty, an

been shown. “Clarity to us simply means – know who you are, know what you want and we’ll help you get there,” said Carolyn. Carolyn and Vivian have demonstrated immense loyalty to St. Louis REALTORS® through their volunteer work on various committees, major donor status with RPAC and supporting events that raise money for RPAC and the REALTOR® Housing Assistance Foundation (RHAF). “We want to thank our dear friends in the Women’s Council of REALTORS®

When we began looking for a place to hold our ceremony and reception we wanted a place that was meaningful and had a significant impact ... a place that felt like home.

independent real estate company with 20 licensees. Carolyn brings to the table years of real estate experience and training. Vivian adds her legal and title background to the mix. Together they care about giving back to the community the same acceptance and love they have

and to the staff and leadership at St. Louis REALTORS® for the encouragement and love they have shown us through the years. We’re proud to be members of such a progressive and supportive organization as St. Louis REALTORS®,” added Carolyn.

Working Working together together toto serve to serve the the Greater Greater St. Louis St. Louis Area Area Working together serve the Greater St. Louis Area Wishing Wishing you ayou happy a happy and prosperous and prosperous 2017 2017 Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2017 from all from of all us us of at us Pillar at Pillar To To Post. To Post. from all of at Pillar Post. TheThe Chad The Borah Chad Team Borah Team Chad Borah Team 314-645-7871 314-645-7871 314-645-7871

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YPN Young Professionals Network


am too old for YPN,” is so often the refrain from fellow REALTORS® in St. Louis. I find it interesting that those same agents are always professional and like networking, but they focus on the 33 percent youth criteria. The good news for all those age-focused agents is that with 2017 marking the 140th anniversary of St. Louis REALTORS®, we should all feel a little younger! Too often agents think the YPN members only communicate in 140 character tweets. Speaking for myself, and the 2017 YPN board, 2017 will be a year we reflect, as often as possible, on the 140 years of characterbuilding influence and expertise our association provides. Additionally, we will try to reflect on how we can honor and exemplify the best of that 140 years of knowledge and leadership, so that those we serve this year and in future years are

20 winter 2017 |


left with a better association tomorrow than we were given today. What does it matter how old you are? This industry is unique because there are so many new agents, of all ages, working alongside agents in the industry with decades of experience. Did you know that some agents in the business for 30 years are only 45? For better or worse, a newly licensed agent can be working one side of a deal with an agent of 30 years’ experience working the other. One reason the process is more often better than worse is the fact both agents belong to an organization like the St. Louis REALTORS®. “This is a unique industry. We are all, as agents, both competitors and colleagues at the same time,” said Brad Allen several years ago at a 30-under-30 panel. This is a phrase I use probably too often at the YPN meetings. This is however a phrase I think is

at the heart of how an association can not only last 140 years, but thrive over 140 years. If we are to succeed, we must all contribute in some way to strategically set aside time, energy, information and expertise to support our overall REALTOR® community. I am in no way qualified to comment on the entirety of the last 140 years. In fact, I should keep my opinions to the last three to four years, tops. As outgoing chair of the YPN committee, and newly designated member of the 2017 St. Louis REALTORS® board of directors, I truly feel that the outgoing and incoming leadership team at St. Louis REALTORS® has honored the past 140 years tremendously. The energy and genuine interest in community support for both the association and the surrounding St. Louis community is flowing over. I am quite confident 2017 is going to be a great year!



An Extraordinary Experiance

n 2016, we reached out to our members and you responded with larger and more diverse participation.

Affiliate Council, Urban Affairs and Broker Forum. These groups provide value to our members, while supporting St. Louis REALTORS® efforts.

You supported our Economic Forecast Breakfast, Xplode Lab, Tech Edge, Big, Big World and our Inclusion Advisory Group-sponsored events. We invited associations from across the state and you were part of 400 REALTORS® attending the first Inman-Style Xplode Conference in Missouri.

And finally, you helped Missouri REALTORS® pass the first state constitutional amendment prohibiting sales tax on services. Through your participation, St. Louis REALTORS® had the largest rally in our state. You distributed 5,500 signs and generated thousands of social media posts.

You supported RPAC. For the first time in memory, St. Louis REALTORS® achieved all four major RPAC goals, with more than 2,200 members participating.

So, our future is bright. We are working on a new website, announcing our new Ombudsman Program and have opened up committee participation to more members.

You supported our education programs with over 10,000 agents attending 167 classes. Together we are working to raise the knowledge and professionalism of our members.

We have an outstanding staff, led by our CEO John Gormley. Each staff member is a professional with their own area of expertise, working together as a team to provide value for you.

You also supported our new Community Engagement Committee. More than 100 St. Louis REALTORS® helped rehab three homes in Pagedale. Your contributions allowed the REALTOR® Housing Assistance Fund to provide $20,000 to make this effort possible.

Our leadership is extraordinary. Your board of directors is forward thinking. They are willing to make the tough decisions and then follow through. Barry Upchurch, our 2017 President, is a visionary leader with boundless energy. He helped me in so many ways. Barry’s strength in community outreach will allow us to partner with other organizations to make a positive impact in St. Louis. He will continue to push us forward to achieve more.

Our public relations team created a monthly Housing Report and video. This was the basis for dozens of interviews, articles and press releases that put St. Louis REALTORS® front and center as “the voice for real estate in Greater St. Louis.” Your support magnified our effort through posting and sharing on social media. We worked together to expand our reach by enhancing our relationship with WCR, CIREB, YPN, VAREP, our commercial REALTORS®, our

I was very lucky to have been given this opportunity to lead our association. The opportunity to work with this staff and these leaders on behalf of our members. It was an extraordinary experience … one for which I will be forever grateful.

Gina Gina Fitzmaurice Fitzmaurice BRAN BC RH A NMCAHN M AG AE NR AG E R NMLS N#M: L5S8#0: 851 8 0 8 1 direct: direct: 816.718.5537 816.718.5537 | fax:| 816.656.3812 fax: 816.656.3812

545 Columbia 545 Columbia Dr., Lawrence, Dr., Lawrence, KS 66049 KS 66049

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change change your your life.* life.* Our Unique Our Unique 6-7-1 6-7-1 process process eliminates eliminates unnecessary unnecessary stressstress allowing allowing Real Real Estate Estate Agents Agents and Loan and Loan Officers Officers to increase to increase productivity productivity and create and create clients clients for life. for life.

* While it*isWhile Movement it is Movement Mortgage’s Mortgage’s goal to provide goal tounderwriting provide underwriting results within results sixwithin hours six of hours of receivingreceiving an application, an application, process loans process in seven loans in days, seven anddays, closeand in one close day, in one extenuating day, extenuating circumstances circumstances may cause may delays cause outside delaysof outside this window. of this Gina window. Fitzmaurice: Gina Fitzmaurice: MO-239-MLO, MO-239-MLO, KS-LO.0025681, KS-LO.0025681, IL-031.0040992 IL-031.0040992 | Paul Sinnett: | PaulMO-3347-MLO Sinnett: MO-3347-MLO | Movement | Movement Mortgage, Mortgage, LLC LLC supports supports Equal Housing EqualOpportunity. Housing Opportunity. NMLS ID#NMLS 39179ID# ( 39179 ( | 877| 877314-1499.314-1499. Movement Movement Mortgage, Mortgage, LLC is licensed LLC is by licensed “Illinois byResidential “Illinois Residential MortgageMortgage Licensee”Licensee” # MB.6760898, # MB.6760898, MO # 16-2096, MO # 16-2096, and “Kansas and Licensed “Kansas Licensed MortgageMortgage Company” Company” # SL.0026458. # SL.0026458. Interest rates Interest andrates products and products are subject areto subject change towithout change notice without and notice may and or may maynot or be may not be available available at the time at of theloan timecommitment of loan commitment or lock-in.orBorrowers lock-in. Borrowers must qualify mustatqualify closingatfor closing for


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all benefits. all benefits. “Movement “Movement Mortgage” Mortgage” is a registered is a registered trademark trademark of the Movement of the Movement Mortgage, Mortgage, LLC, a Delaware LLC, a Delaware limited liability limitedcompany. liability company. 8024 Calvin 8024 Hall Calvin Road, Hall Indian Road, Land, Indian SC Land, 29707.SC 29707.

PID 3887-C PID 3887-C | Exp. July | Exp. 2016 July 2016

Market Trends Report

St. Louis School Districts St. Louis City New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales




268 87 $132,00 $164,028 255

267 74 $126,00 $149,924 322

258 88 $138,450 $161,108 238

28 75 $125,000 $136,001 31

26 44 $127,500 $144,315 27

28 25 $145,000 $141,871 29

15 69 $88,000 $88082 11

11 75 $110,000 $109,100 19

7 56 $118,309 $107,210 11

15 25 $139,500 $236,646 12

11 75 $160,000 $191,688 15

7 56 $181,250 $207,493 14

7 87 $461,500 $535,423 22

19 39 $672,500 $860,885 23

17 74 $403,000 $700,571 21

78 70 $60,000 $63,880 65

72 75 $69,000 $65,655 57

Affton School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Bayless School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Brentwood School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Clayton School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

65 83 $53,500 $59,069 55

Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

11 79 $134,950 $211,870 18

8 63 $132,500 $165,515 13

14 35 $138,000 $151,400 11

80 74 $154,000 $169,241 93

87 65 $163,000 $189,533 109

79 50 $179,500 $195,279 81

33 62 $25,950 $34,568 25

43 55 $41,450 $61,732 23

19 73 $36,880 $66,412 20

130 81 $241,000 $302,028 194

112 44 $244,000 $325,880 159

112 57 $274,500 $328,862 143

47 74 $122,000 $122,578 50

48 50 $148,000 $190,643 63

48 50 $154,000 $182,730 59

Mehlville School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Normandy School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Parkway School District

New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Pattonville School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales




11 92 $52,150 $63,414 11

13 52 $80,450 $85,117 10

10 30 $50,788 $63,959 8

93 90 $67,000 $90,082 130

125 80 $91,500 $101,217 114

113 76 $99,950 $116,173 135

12 86 $8,000 $24,432 11

22 60 $10,000 $13,470 10

14 49 $13,500 $24,639 8

39 52 $257,750 $320,737 48

24 44 $275,900 $385,231 51

47 53 $305,000 $401,340 63

20 65 $525,000 $651,151 38

23 74 $720,000 $861,632 41

29 80 $618,750 $798,332 24

34 53 $164,250 $216,690 50

40 40 $200,000 $250,387 82

34 53 $239,000 $296,532 38

Hazelwood School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Jennings School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Kirkwood School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Ladue School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Lindbergh School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Rockwood School District

Ferguson-Florissant School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Hancock Place School District

New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

78 74 $285,000 $318,677 123

103 67 $325,000 $361,890 153

89 76 $318,600 $332,610 104

20 64 $261,000 $264,529 34

25 66 $261,750 $260,615 44

33 48 $99,250 $203,902 32

22 44 $190,750 $264,529 71

33 88 $237,000 $260,615 81

39 34 $227,500 $203,902 85

32 78 $62,250 $64,053 42

37 63 $45,900 $55,010 45

48 53 $68,950 $70,009 44

38 93 $23,000 $32,211 27

31 106 $21,250 $25,043 20

33 62 $20,250 $27,870 25

10 198 $202,500 $202,500 2

9 68 $147,500 $145,300 8

6 60 $150,600 $161,473 11

University City School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Webster Groves School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Ritenour School District

New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Riverview Gardens School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales

Valley Park School District New Listings Avg. Days on Market Median Sale Price Avg. Sale Price Number of Sales



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