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Valentines Day, the universal celebration of love, is around the corner and so is the eternal dilemma of what to gift and what not to gift? As soon as February dawns, markets get flooded with mushy Valentines Day gifts to lure starryeyed shoppers. Heart shaped candy boxes, cupid figurines, chocolate boxes wrapped in red ribbons and cuddly soft-toys can be spotted in every store. So much so, that the real relevance of the day is being diluted under the effect of growing commercialization. People indulge in meaningless shopping without giving adequate thought to what they are buying and for whom. Facts about Valentines Day It is important to understand the evolution of Valentines Day over the years and the real relevance of Valentine gifts, before beginning the hunt for memorable gifts for your loved ones. Valentines Day, February 14, is named after a Christian martyr, named Valentine. According to Saint Valentine's biography, the priest was also a doctor and treated patients even if they could not pay him. During a ban on marriages of Roman soldiers by the Emperor Claudius II, Saint Valentine secretly helped arrange marriages. He was martyred for practicing Christianity. On the evening before Valentine was to be martyred, he passed a love note to his jailer's daughter that read, "From your Valentine", and hence the day got associated with love and romance. Initially, the day was marked by mutual exchange of love notes in the form of "Valentines". During 19th century, greeting cards replaced handwritten notes and in the second half of the 20th century, the practice of exchanging cards was extended to all kinds of mushy gifts such as roses and chocolates. Of late, the Valentine's Day has become an occasion for gifting jewelry. Market research substantiates that, Valentine's Day greetings and gifts are usually exchanged by couples in love, followed by children, grandchildren and parents. However, you can also send valentine wishes and gifts to your friends, neighbors, teachers and even your latest crush. Valentines Day Gifts that Make Someone Feel Special While deciding on a Valentine gift for a loved one, always remember that it is the thought that counts and not the price tag. Think of gifts ideas that are unique, personalized as per the recipient's preferences and would bring a smile to the recipients face. Look beyond the heart shaped candy boxes and cupids. Consider adding romantic poetry dedicated to the person, a romantic getaway for two or a hand written love note to your basket of gifts. Keep in mind the recipient's tastes when shopping for a gift. If you are considering gifting

jewelry, you could buy trendy silver, kundan, costume, Victorian, Indian and fashion jewelry. Otherwise, an elegant stole, a chic handbag or a breathtaking painting could also steal your lover's heart. In case you cannot be physically present to give the gifts, you can shop for gifts online on shopping sites and then have them delivered sharp on February 14. The World Wide Web is loaded with sites that offer delivery of valentine gifts, but make sure you select your site carefully to avoid disappointment later. Hope you choose your Valentine gifts judiciously and have a great Valentines Day.

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==== ==== Please visit the following link for Great Valentines day Gift Ideas: ==== ====

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