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In general the situation on the market of Kiev apartments for rent is getting better and better. Hundreds of thousands of foreigners that come to Ukraine have managed to set up good standards on the local real estate and rent-an-apartment business in Kiev. Still, as every market is unique, the Kiev rent market has its own special features and peculiarities. The tips I am going to share in this article are from my own personal experience. I have been bringing lots of friends and business contacts to Kiev and had to face all the things that I will mention below.... (1) Usually the interior of the apartments fits the demand of the clients and their quality standards. Outside of the apartment - this is where the "tricky things" can happen! For example, make sure to ask in what district of Kiev your apartment will be located. Certain districts cost much cheaper, but the infrastructure outside of the apartment can be a cultural shock. Think twice when doing the choice. A good piece of advice is to be prepared to pay more and get an apartment that is comfortable both from inside and outside. Your way from the door to the elevator, from the elevator to the street, your neighborhood - believe me, sometimes these 2-3 minutes of time that you spend on the way from the apartment to the street can be ugly. Even super-class apartments can get into this trouble. So, make sure to ask your agent to check the neighborhood, maybe to send you photos or videos. Better pay 10% more, but stay in the apartment that is ok inside and outside. Especially if you plan to stay for a longer period of time in Kiev in this apartment. As a rule Pechersk and Podol districts in Kiev are the best in terms of infrastructure. Obolon district is more of a "bedroom part" of the city, though inside Obolon there is a very nice, luxury oasis called Obolonskie Lipki - the small riviera with golf clubs and tennis courts, VIP apartments and houses, great restaurants and amazing view of the river. Districts like Troeshchyna, Borschagovka, Vinogradar, as a rule, will not please you. In other districts of Kiev the experience can be different, but it is still considered to have Rechersk, Podol and downtown as the places with the best infrastructure. (2) Photos of the apartments are surely a must, and you will be able to see lots of them on the web sites of local apartment brokers. But a much better option that is to see the video of the apartment as well.

Unfortunately Kiev renting agents often do not know that they have "professionally tuned up" photos which make an apartment look great. They are not fake photos, they are real, but they are "tuned up" by photographers who want to make this apartment look better than it is in real life. With the video it's different. It is possible to tune up a video as well, but even this will not hide the pros and cons of the apartment. That is why video is a much better option, (3) The Ukrainians like negotiating. It's our national trait. Ukrainian and Kiev agents are ready to negotiate. Not only because this is their job. But also because the Ukrainians love to do that. Don't over push with it, but definitely give it a try. If you manage to establish a good psychological contact with the agent and ready to play the negotiations game - you will get a much better price. Especially if this is a long-term visit to Kiev. Though, don't forget that no matter how peculiar Kiev is - still you get what you pay for. This universal rule is working in Kiev as well.

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Kiev Apartments for Rent - Local Peculiarities  

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