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As the air traffic grows, the competition among airlines has increased multifold. Flight operators face a tough challenge from air ticket booking portals and travel agencies. If the air tickets are directly sold by the airlines they will make better profits than what they do in the current situation. In the process of ticket booking airlines have to share a considerable amount of their money with the online portals, advertisers and travel agents. As a result some airlines allow only online bookings and e-tickets. Advertisers generate good web traffic. They direct user to a particular flight operator's online ticket engine. It works like affiliate marketing system of profit-sharing. Search engine marketing has made the competition even greater. All of this has worked in favour of a consumer. Online booking systems are simple to use and make a booking. Along with ease of booking, there are things like greater transparency and immediate confirmation of deals that helps a user. Finding a good deal online is much easier as it enables a user to make comparisons and do the basic research. To book flight online here are some tips: Effective use of Search Engines: Search engines are great enablers for internet world. Online searching is fastly turning into a gateway to internet. As a result, some people even prefer to use searching as a browser and type a word into a search box than the browser address bar. As you book flight online, basic research can be done by searching for good air ticket deals. It is important to use the right keyword using a search engine. There are search websites which are specific to the air ticket booking. These could be lead to more specific results as compared to general web searching. Some websites also offer last-minute deals and online auctions. At times, they provide the best deals. Go direct to Airline Websites: This is also a good way to make a booking. Airlines provide information and guidance on their websites to help a user. This information is best as its authentic. Making comparison may not be facilitated by some sites, but the information can be compared manually. Booking directly is beneficial for airlines as they do not have to share the profit with other agencies. It is the best way to book air ticket if you are short of time as airlines may provide you additional benefits for direct booking. Emails and Blogs: There are blogs specific to airlines and agencies which online booking facility. It is good to subscribe to those blogs for regular updates on different offers. If you subscribe to newsletters of airlines and travel websites, it can be very useful as they provide detailed information on the aviation business. Online magazines also offer good advice on market trends and updates.

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==== ==== Compare and Save on Air Ticket booking using the following link: ==== ====

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