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Design that contributes to a region’s biodiversity must support native and appropriate plant and animal species. This seemingly straightforward task is anything but simple in an urban environment. To that end, the Washington University Campus Tree Master Plan was developed to provide the Danforth Campus and its urban forest with comprehensive design strategies for forestation and forest maintenance on its grounds. As a flexible framework for changing needs, the master plan addresses contemporary environmental quality issues with solutions that satisfy the projected environmental imperatives of the future. Strategies within this master plan serve both the current landscape conditions and an evolving built environment by establishing a successional approach to tree planting that balances aesthetic and functional concerns. Unlike a traditional planting design master plan, this report is intended to be a ‘living’ document that provides design strategies for successional planting based on a set of situation types rather than specific sites. The report suggests that improving diversity within tree species on campus will ultimately reduce financial risks associated with pests and disease, and support greater landscape connectivity to Forest Park that will ultimately benefit bird and insect habitats.

St. Louis ASLA Awards 2013  

Award Winning work from our talented members.

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