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GREETINGS CHAPTER MEMBERS AND GUESTS! As your current president, I am energized about the great work we plan to undertake t h i s y e a r a s a c h a p t e r . I ’d l i k e t o s t a r t b y thanking Past President Andrew Kilmer for his outstanding service as president, and the successful organization of the Central S t a t e s C o n f e r e n c e l a s t y e a r, i n a d d i t i o n t o his many other efforts. This new year brings the opportunity to position the chapter to better serve our members’ interests. The Executive Committee will be participating in a weekend-long strategic planning session with ASLA National in order to create a l o n g t e r m s t r a t e g i c p l a n f o r o u r c h a p t e r. This is a first for us, and I look forward to this intensely collaborative process and

St. Louis ASLA Awards 2013  

Award Winning work from our talented members.

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