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What are Tender Alerts?

Tender alerts are a notification service for a particular business opportunity that provides you the latest information on the opportunity. Usually tenders are floated by the central and state government, the public sector, private organizations or independent bodies. There are some portals that offer information on tenders. One can also access the mobile version of these portals if one is travelling. Another way to get these alerts is to register with the website, so that you get the notifications by email. For a given opportunity, a tender alert usually contains information such as the name of the tender issuing authority, the address of the tender authority, the details of the opportunity as well as the tender, the location of the business opportunity, the value of the tender, and details such as its opening date, due date, terms and conditions, publications in which the tender has been advertised, the type of industry, the tender number and the reference number. Tender alerts are usually an online delivery service in the form of e-mails that display business opportunities which allow a prospective supplier to bid for that particular opportunity. Nowadays this tender data is also grouped into packages by different companies in order to make this information more accessible to suppliers who may be interested in several tenders. Tenders are mainly of two types: direct and repacks. Direct tenders are generally opportunities that are directly sent from the system they were created in. For example, if a public sector organization uses a particular brand of tendering software, then this brand of tendering software offers a tender notification service to inform the user of any open tenders on that particular system. Repack tenders are generally feeds that are collated from various sources and then sent out to make sure that the supplier is able to receive as many business opportunities as possible on a day to day basis. However in this case, the information is not first hand, so sometimes there is a danger of some data getting lost in the process, or the tender may turn out to be redundant by the time the notification goes to the supplier. The system of tender alerts allows a supplier to receive alerts as per their subscribed keywords, free of cost. If you are a supplier, you can subscribe to tender alerts by logging on to the tender issuing portal and searching by keywords, or by registering your email id and requested keywords, and subscribing to alerts whenever some opportunity related to that keyword crops up. All this can be done at no extra cost. The notifications will appear on your registered mobile number and will also be sent to your email address. Tender notifications can be sent directly to a company's inbox through email. This means that companies will be able to receive live tenders, from a database so that they bid for them at the earliest. These alerts are sent almost daily and can be searched by state or country or by business

sector or industry. To know more about and to gain some insightful knowledge on Tender Alerts then please click here.

Tender alerts  

Tender alerts are a notification service for a particular business opportunity that provides you the latest information on the opportunity.

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