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irst and foremost, I’d like to welcome you to one of my favorite evenings of the year—where we all come together in the spirit of friendship and fellowship to celebrate our professional accomplishments of the past year. In my second year as trustee, I’m so proud of all we’ve done and I think we’ll continue to do in 2015. Landscape Architecture continues to make great strides as a profession. We’ve had a lot of wins with advocacy and other arenas, which are far too many to name here. But, there is one thing I want to specifically mention, for your consideration. As you may be aware, ASLA is embarking on an exciting renovation to ASLA’s headquarters in Washington D.C. The effort has been dubbed the “Center for Landscape Architecture,” because when complete, our headquarters will be a true center for our profession. Our headquarters in Washington DC is much more than a place for staff to facilitate the administration of our professional society. It is a symbol of our profession and greatly contributes to the standing


of our profession with elected officials, policy makers, and allied professionals. For example, the investment in ASLA’s Green Roof in 2006 has paid huge dividends in raising awareness of landscape architecture. As a local leader in landscape architecture, design or a vendor of products we use, we hope you will consider supporting the Center for Landscape Architecture. Project contributions will go to the ASLA Fund, making them charitable to the extent allowed by law. Pledges may be paid over a three year period, through December 31, 2017. You can visit www.asla.org to learn more. Please contact me at stephen.ibendahl@ thei5group.com with any questions or need additional information. Thank you for all of your support and continued commitment to everything that makes our profession important! Stephen Ibendahl, ASLA St. Louis ASLA Chapter Trustee



elcome to our annual Winter Awards Celebration! W We come together this time each year to honor not only the incredible work that our local firms and

to lead a tour for multiple local and state politicians, which served as a model of how first-hand experiences can help educate and empower policymakers to support the vital professionals have completed in the past year, but also work that we do each day. The entire summit was well the accomplishments of the chapter as a whole. We had received, and our chapter was even recognized for our a banner year in 2014, and we have our members and efforts at the national meeting in November. allied professionals to thank for that. We started the year with a strategic planning session, something that hadn’t Our online presence has also continued to grow, with been done in more than a decade. With the help of our continued development of our website and the integration friends at ASLA headquarters, we created a guiding of social media. We also have a new and improved document that sets forth the goals for our chapter and electronic newsletter (please subscribe if you don’t our profession. This document will serve as a map for the already), making our ability to spread the word about next few years as we take on a variety of campaigns; landscape architecture much more robust. from public awareness and education, to sponsorship and advocacy. Of course, none of this would be possible without the hard work of our board, our members, our Executive Director, Speaking of advocacy, We have continued to stay on top Elizabeth Graff, and our generous sponsors. 2014 was a of many issues and legislative items that seek to bolster spectacular year, and I was honored to have the chance or potentially harm our profession. Our Vice President of to be at the helm of such an important Advocacy, Susan Maag, PLA, has worked tirelessly with organization. 2015 brings exciting many chapter members to keep fighting for our professional new challenges and opportunities licenses, and to inform and educate our governing bodies that President Scott Emmelkamp about the vital roles we play in our communities. and your new executive committee are ready and able We also applied and were successful in receiving a bid to face with confidence. to host to the National ASLA Advocacy Summit in August. Our chapter and local firm HOK hosted more than 50 Thanks for a great year! landscape architects and national staff members for a weekend, as well as organizing and conducting the first Tim Slazinik, PLA, ASLA advocacy site tour of Citygarden downtown. I was excited St. Louis ASLA Past President



am very excited to be able to serve our membership as President of the St. Louis Chapter ASLA in 2015. So much has been accomplished by the chapter in the last few years. We have completed a chapter strategic plan, ramped up our advocacy efforts and improved our offerings to our much valued chapter sponsors. It is my goal to keep that excellent momentum going during my term. First, I want to recognize our Past President, Tim Slazinik, for outstanding leadership during his term. Among many other things, he was instrumental in our chapter securing our spot as host of the first ASLA National Advocacy Summit held outside of Washington, DC. Through the efforts of our chapter, the standard of excellence was set for future summits hosted by other chapters. I also want to recognize our Executive Director, Elizabeth Graff, for all of her efforts to keep the chapter going smoothly. She works tirelessly on our behalf. Finally, I want to recognize the outstanding Executive Committee of our chapter. I am pleased to have such a diverse group of passionate leaders on the EXCOM that are truly invested in representing the best interests of the membership.

They make my job as President a lot easier. Some of the more exciting activities planned for 2015 include a tour and sketch crawl at Bellefontaine Cemetery and a behind the scenes tour of the CityArchRiver Project. We are in discussions with the Washington University MLA program about establishing a professional advisory committee to help guide the program. We have also been reaching out to our allied professional organizations with a goal of building relationships. I want to challenge each of you to “Get the Word Out” about landscape architecture. Our profession is consistently being challenged regarding the necessity of our licensing, the value of our services and the positive impact that we have on projects. So what can we do? We can “Get the Word Out.” Tell your clients, tell your legislators, tell your family, tell the PTO president…If we don’t….who will? So let’s have some fun this year and “Get the Word Out!” Scott Emmelkamp, ASLA St. Louis ASLA Chapter President




hank you for attending our annual celebration! The St. Louis and Prairie Gateway Chapters of ASLA combined efforts to meet with Representatives on February 6 in Jefferson City for Advocacy Day 2015. ASLA members walked our Capitol’s hallways to distribute information and talk with Representatives about the positive economic, social and environmental impact landscape architecture has in our State. Most Representatives had some knowledge and understanding of our profession, so visibility and perception about landscape architecture is experiencing positive change in the state. In August, the St. Louis chapter hosted the national Advocacy Summit, which brought in advocacy leaders from all over the country to discuss action plans. It was an honor to host this landmark event. This year also saw the passage of Missouri Senate Bill 809, a significant step in acknowledging the professional nature of our work, and the continuing safety of our landscape architecture licensure. I’m so proud of all we’ve accomplished in the last few years. In September/October we’ll be leveraging all the exciting activity at the St. Louis Archgrounds, working closely with CityArchRiver and other allied professionals to spread the word about the important design and planning work we do. We are so grateful to our sponsors, members and volunteers who make these exciting things happen! Susan Maag, ASLA Vice President of Advocacy


harmonious proportions ~

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convenience download CAD drawings at

L O N G S H A D OW . C O M

L O N G S H A D O W速


Design: Greenhaven Landscapes, Inc., Lake Bluff, Illinois Photography: Hannah Goering Photography, Waukegan, Illinois

Scott Emmelkamp President Planning Design Studio

Tim Slazinik Past President HOK

Felipe DeNar vaez President Elect SWT Design

Laura Barrett VP Of Student Outreach SWT Design

Carolyn Gaidis VP Of Events Washington University

Matthew Snelling VP Of Development Forum Studio

Gabriel Presley Secretary Arcturis

Laurel Harrington Member at Large Christner

E채ren Hummel Member at Large Bellefontaine Cemetery

Stephen Ibendahl Trustee The i5Group

Todd Teuscher Treasurer Parsons Brinckerhoff

Aaron Defenbaugh VP Of Public Awareness Jacobs

Susan Maag VP Of Advocacy SLM Consulting

Laura Schatzman Member at Large Planning Design Studio

Elizabeth Graff Executive Director St. Louis ASLA


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Park Lane





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Designed by frog design

Judy Metzger, Site Source LLC Greater St. Louis 816.444.4376 314.974.7441 cell judym@landscapeforms.com

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Berliner Seilfabrik and BCI Burke Play Equipment ICON Shelters and Artful Solutions in Steel • Custom Canopies Shade Systems Safety Surfacing and Site Amenities

The Civic Stewardship Award is a proactive award given by the St. Louis Chapter to recognize an individual or organization that has raised awareness or shown stewardship of the natural or built environment.




arthDance Farms is a 501c3 non-profit 14-acre organic urban farm in Ferguson, Missouri, started by Molly Rockamann in 2008. Molly started EarthDance as a means of preserving the historic Mueller Farm while connecting more people to the land through community food production. In 2009 EarthDance started the part-time training program for beginner farmers. In 2010 they expanded the program with over 30 apprentices and almost doubled its farming acreage. In 2011, EarthDance expanded its acreage in production and offered public CSA shares for the first time. In 2012 the St. Louis Open Space Council provided financial support so EarthDance could purchase the

farm and establish a conservation easement. In 2013-2014, a master plan was completed with the assistance of volunteer professionals including architects, engineers and landscape architects. Two hoop houses were installed recently to assist with year round production. EarthDance Farms mission/vision represents the definition of stewardship: The careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care. Their actions are having positive impacts on the environment by doing organic farming in an urban setting and creating a positive culture in a community facing many challenges.




haw Nature Reserve, part of the Missouri Botanical Gardens family of attractions, is located on the Meramec River and about six miles south of the Missouri River, in the region known as the Ozark Border. This region encompasses some 13 percent of the state of Missouri and divides the rolling prairie lands of northern Missouri, that were formed by glaciers, from the Ozark Plateau (formed by uplift and erosion). Scott Woodbury, a horticulturalist for the reserve, has consistently shown determination in his efforts over many years to develop programs to reach and connect the public, design professionals, developers, public agencies and private landowners with native plants. His passion leads him to inform all who will listen about the benefits that native plants can provide for public and environmental health, beauty and stormwater quality and quantity control. As Scott said in one posting about native plants: Gardening with native plants may soon become the norm rather than the exception in Missouri. The benefits of native landscaping are fueling a gardening movement that says “no” to pesticides and fertilizers and “yes” to biodiversity and creating more sustainable landscapes. Novice and professional gardeners are turning to native landscaping to manage storm water, reduce maintenance and promote plant and wildlife conservation.


harmonious proportions ~

symmetry ~

clarity ~

repose ~

beauty ~

simplicity ~

sustainability ~

convenience download CAD drawings at

L O N G S H A D OW . C O M


速 A D OW Photography: Hannah Goering Photography, Waukegan, Illinois

Design: Greenhaven Landscapes, Inc., Lake Bluff, Illinois


Scharetg Pictures US Patent D710,625 S; other patents pending.

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The Landscape Architecture program at Washington University in St. Louis has a close working relationship with our chapter. We’re proud to include student work in our awards program. Congratulations to our winners!


Pruitt-Igoe used to be a public housing project in the 1950s-1970s, and later was demolished due to high rates of crime and severe vandalism. Now it has become an abandoned and inaccessible forest in North St. Louis. The intention for this project was to transform the existing site into an art-themed park, in order to serve the public school students and public housing residents close to this area. Specific proposals include building artistic infrastructure and landform transformations.


Pipeline :: Ji Yuting


Release: Room for the Mississippi River :: Siting Huo Located amid the confluence of the three significant navigable rivers: the Illinois, the Mississippi, and the Missouri, Alton is situated within one of the most important geographic locations in the United States. The bluffs and floodplains have historically provided a unique ecosystem for around 330 species of migratory birds to nest, rest and feed as they make their way up and down the Mississippi Flyway. New Constructions of a marina, sports field, botanical garden and bird watching tower will re-energize the downtown and riverfront district. The reserved wetland on the east riverfront serves as an extension of the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary and provides habitat for wildlife.

Designed by EMBT Arquitectes Manufactured by Escofet Judy Metzger, Site Source LLC Greater St. Louis 816.444.4376 | 314.974.7441 cell judym@landscapeforms.com


Judy Metzger Greater St. Louis 816.444.4376 | 314.974.7441 cell judym@landscapeforms.com

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Engineers estimate that the Gateway Arch could still be standing in 300 years. Without careful planning, that may not be the case for the National Park grounds and urban spaces surrounding it. The CityArchRiver (CAR) Operations + Maintenance (O+M) Cost Analysis is the launching point for the consistent and flexible care needed to preserve the integrity of Dan Kiley’s original design intentions for the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial grounds, and to ensure the long-term visibility of the CAR 2015 project renovations. More importantly, the Cost Analysis is the first step in the long journey to keep the CAR project relevant to city residents and visitors who activate downtown St. Louis, attracting more than $350 million and 4,400 permanent job that experts estimate may come to the region.


CityArchRiver O+M Cost Analysis :: SWT Design

The St. Vincent Greenway Trail Alignment Study is all about making connections. At the most basic level, the study aims to find the best route for connecting to existing legs of the St. Vincent Greenway. When completed, the St. Vincent Greenway will form a key north-south pathway at the heart of the River Ring, the greenway network that will one day connect the entire St. Louis region with over 600 miles of greenway trails. The process by which the project team engaged the site and its residents through a philosophy of “AskAlign-Act� in an effort to craft a greenway plan that would be fully embraced by the community it will serve.


St. Vincent Greenway :: Forum Studio, Inc.

Beacon Hill Bench



Chris Moon, Landscape Designer

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St. Johns Plaza :: SWT Design The plaza’s design offers flexibility in its programming; movie nights, presentations and galas are all potential uses for the western end of the space. More passive, intimate activities such as meditation, reading, gathering and relaxing are most suitable at the eastern end. Both focal points of the plaza are connected by a ribbon of cascading water and a Missouri limestone wall. Within the wall are inlays of words such as “Dignity” and “Justice” - words that echo McAuley’s journey in life and the mission of Mercy today. This half-acre plaza is built entirely on structure.


Hong Kong Tamar Government Complex :: HOK The Tamar Redevelopment Project presented an opportunity to create truly unique public open space for the citizens of Hong Kong. As part of the Tamar Redevelopment Project, the design team was responsible for developing the Central Master Plan which is located in the redevelopment zone and within Hong Kong’s CBD. The Hong Kong Tamar (Government Complex) site occupies a preeminent location at the center of the Central Waterfront and functions as the anchor for a bold new open space system which reconnects the city with Victoria Harbor centered around a series of clear and socially relevant design principles.

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2014 ASLA Awards Booklet  

The St. Louis Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects' Annual Awards event booklet.

2014 ASLA Awards Booklet  

The St. Louis Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects' Annual Awards event booklet.

Profile for stlasla