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LinCS Workshop 14th June 2013 Migrating from Sky Drive Options •

Maintain managed - migrate to Office 365

Maintain managed – migrate to Google Drive

Relinquish management – migrate to O365

Relinquish management – migrate to Google Drive

Managed Office 365 •

Files are available locally SKydrive Sync and download before 30 th August !!

3 Sept – main enabled and available to students

18 Sept – Skydrive Pro enabled and available to Students

18 Sept – restoration process, drag and drop files across

Managed Google Drive – Less problems - proactive •

30 August – accounts locked with password nown by school

3 Sept – mail enabled and available

No restoration needed

Unmanaged – Sky Drive - most risky •

30 August – Sky drive accounts no longer managed by BCE

3 Sept – mail enabled and available to students

18 Sept – Skydrive Pro enabled and available

29 Jan – Skydrive Pro deployed and files reloaded, drag and drop

Unmanaged – Google - risky •

30 August – sky drive no longer BCE managed

3 Sept – mail enabled and available

Jan 29 – google drive deployed files drag and drop

Internet Explorer 10 and the Portal •

Run in compatibility mode for Eminernva and catholic domain

Put Portal in “trusted site” and “local internet site” and into “local intranet zone” in “compatibility settings” deploy to all desktops

Internet options, secutiry, local intranet sites, turn off automatically detect, add portal

Internet Explorer 9 and the Portal • in “compatibility settings” deploy to all desktops

Global Navigation bar (top of Portal strip) •

Deploy weekly newsletter here via Sharepoint Blog – compose offline (sock – permissions which don’t inherit)

Archives all old communications

ICLT Services sock (own separate portal) o

Service history of all warranty jobs


Laptop data, who has each laptop


Search box








Service request

Site Settings – look and feel - page layout – to turn other types of sites on – press ok Export to spreadsheet a list and import back in Create a view before you add web part to then display that view Html form webpart for a search box – connect to other things on the page – configure connection – choose field to search – a separate connection to each field you want to search How do you add list to column on right ? IE Common Fixes are not on left

App store for programs (Staff and Student 1:1), links to a library and zip files of exes go in library – hidden (not displayed in quick launch) •

Go to link in library

Copy shortcut

Go to new item in list and add link to “Download” box

Global Navigation (black bar) Current Navigation (left bar controlled form within site) How do you create drop down menu with items from ICLT Services #176DB8 banner background Accent 1 & 2 Sort through docs in Shared docs

Lincs workshop 14th june 2013  
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