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September 2010

For the students...By the students St. John Lutheran School

2010 Coed Soccer Season Underway By Emma M. The 7th and 8th grade coed socLuckily this game doesn't count cer team had their first game on as a season game so they still Tuesday September 14th, the have a chance at getting into the game was played against St. finals. The game ended 3-2. Charles Zion bobThen on Monday, Septemcats.. Although, they lost the ber, 20th the coed soccer team game 3-2 they had an amazing had their second game against s e c o n d h a l f . Zion. This game was a season They started off expecting a game and it was held at Lutheran win but they soon realized that high in St. Charles. This time the they shouldn't have been so sure cougars were ready to play. St. of themselves. In the first half Johns won 3-1. In the first half alone Zion scored three goals the cougars scored two early in and St. Johns scored none. Endthe game. Then Half time came ing the first half 3-0. The couand Mr. Osbourn (Coed soccer gars started the second half off coach.) was very pleased. In the poor. Then Mr. Peregoy came and gave them a second half Zion and St. Johns both scored one. pep talk. Little did they Know it worked. St. Ending the game 3-1 with the cougars wining Johns scored two goals in the second half. their first season game.

The Race for the Triple Crown Carlos Gonzalas of the Colorado Rockies, and Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds, are in a race for the elusive baseball Triple Crown (who can get the highest Batting average, most home runs, and the most R.B.I.'s). People say that Gonzalas has an unfair advantage because of the

humidified baseballs controversy. Sadly Albert Pujols is a long shot because his batting average has dropped fast in the last few weeks. Why this is this such a big deal. The Triple Crown is not achieved every year. In fact, it hasn't been received since 1960, that means it

has been 43 years since the last triple crown was announced. (That's almost the same age as your parents.) This year's Triple Crown is going to be interesting. Lets see who wins. Keep up to date. By: Ashley Y.

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Charity:Water Article reprinted with permission from <> with extra commentary in bold by Jazzie.

Us, Americans The United States is one of the wealthiest country's in the world. An average American uses 150 gallons of water daily. Some in other country's struggle to find 5 gallons. And those 5 gallons of water is usually filled with diseases like, Salmonella typhi, Hepatitis A, Schistosoma, Cholera vibrios, and Ecoli. So next time you start whining because you are thirsty remember those who walk 3 hours just to get a little water that is filled with diseases. But yet, they're still grateful.

are preventable. The UN predicts that one tenth of the global disease burden can be prevented simply by improv-

Women and Children In Africa alone, people spend 40 billion hours every year just walking for water. Women and children usually bear the burden of water collection, walking miles to the nearest source, which is unprotected and likely to make them sick. Time spent walking and resulting diseases keep them from school, work and taking care of their families.

Along their long walk, they're subHealth and Sanitation jected to a greater risk of harassment. Hauling cans of water for long Unsafe water and lack of basic distances takes a toll on the spine sanitation cause 80% of diseases and many women experience back and kill more people every year pain early in life. than all forms of violence, in-

cluding war. Children are espe- With safe wacially vulnerable, as their bod- ter nearby, women are ies aren't strong enough to fight free to pursue diarrhea, dysentery and other new opportuniillnesses. ties and im90% of the 42,000 deaths that prove their occur every week from unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions are to children under five years old. Many of these diseases

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Thanks to all who took the survey. You are a huge part of making this happen, but the most interesting part is seeing the results. This week 79 people responded, which is over 50% of the 5th thru 8th graders surveyed. The first question asked people’s preference between Taio Cruz’s ―Dynamite‖ and Katy Perry’s ―California Gurls‖. Forty-four people chose Dynamite and 36 people chose California Gurls. St. John students are consistent with currant ratings. On’s Hot 100 Dynamite ranks 6th this week while California Gurls ranks 17th. This may be because Dynamite is a newer song. The next question was about the movies Ramona and Beezus vs. The Karate Kid. The Karate Kid won hands down 57 to 21. It was surprising the Karate Kid won by so much because it was a remake. Plus, Ramona and Beezus was a new movie based on the book by the popular author Beverly Clearly. Ramona and Beezus may have gotten fewer votes because it seemed like more of a girl movie. People also voted on which they liked watching more: Cardinals baseball games or Mizzou football games. St. John obviously has more Cardinals fans. More students chose watching Cardinals games vs. Mizzou football – 56 to 27. This could be ex-

pected because it is baseball season and the Cardinals WERE doing well. Plus you hear about Albert Pujols and the Cardinals all the time.

wearing Fruit Loop-made bracelets.

When people voted on whether they liked watching Minute to Win It or America’s Got Talent, there was a clear winner. America’s The results of the Silly band quesGot Talent received 61 votes, to tion should be a surprise to no only 17 for Minute to Win It. This one. Silly bands had 48 votes and past week was the finale of Amerfriend ship bracelets only had 29. ica’s Got Talent, which could have Every time people see someone affected the vote. One cool thing wearing silly bands they just ask, about Minute to Win It though, is ―What silly bands do you have you can see every contest they do on?‖ Some people also really get online as well, so you can try them into making friend ship bracelets at home. though. It just depends on the kind of person you are. Even Hershey’s vs. Dove chocolates though silly bands are really ―in‖ could be a difficult choice for peotoday, maybe tomorrow we’ll be ple who are chocolate lovers. A surprise to some, Hershey’s won 58 to 21 over Dove. While Dove focuses on it’s ―promises‖ and a true indulgence, Hershey’s has been around a lot longer and has so many different types of chocolate – regular kisses, candy bars, carmel kisses, peppermint flavored, Oreo flavored, and more. Then again people love getting Dove chocolates because they look forward to a fun note inside. Either way, both chocolates are amazing.


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Newspaper Elective Class at St. John Lutheran School. 1st Edition, 2010-2011 School year.

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