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Michael Vick Caught Michael Vick is a pro NFL football quarter back on the Philadelphia, Eagles, who previously played on the Atlanta, Falcons for six seasons. He played college football at Virginia tech where as a freshmen he placed 3rd in the Heisman trophy balloting. He left his sophomore year to enter the NFL league. He was drafted first overall by the Atlanta falcons in 2001 and has had a wonderful career. He then served 18 months of a 23-month

sentence in prison for involvement in an illegal dog fighting ring. In April 2007 Vick was implicated in an extensive unlawful interstate dog fighting ring that operated over a period of 5 years. In August 2007, he plead guilty to felony charges, and was definitely suspended from NFL. He was sentenced 23 months in federal prison, and began his incarnation in November 2001. By: Brittney T.

Many people had to evacuate their homes because of out of control wildfires in California. For two weeks, "The Station Fire" was blazing through out Southern California. These wildfires caused homes to be evacuated and 35,000 acres of land destroyed. Of the 400 firefighters who had gone into the fires, two firefighters lost their lives as they bravely served. We will always remember them. These increasing wildfires also had an affect the lives of kids. Kim, a 7th grader at Grace Lutheran School in Lancaster, California was affected by these fires and so were some people from her church. At the time of the interview she said that "there is ash falling from

Texting Laws Think about getting in a car accident and finding out the other person that crashed into you was discovered texting while driving. Well that is what happened with Kristy Rexrode. Kristy was texting and driving when she drove the opposite way on the highway and then ran into someone. The other driver died instantly. She was found texting her boyfriend. That is why Governor Jay Nixon signed a new law on 8-28-09 with Lt. Col. Richard Coffey State Highway Patrol to show that the government cares about the safety of teens and parents. They based their studies on a test done by Virginia Tech University. They said that when people are texting it increases the risk of getting into a crash 23 times more

the sky and smoke covering half of the sky" and "There has never been this big and impacting of a fire since she's been alive". Kim also said that she has a friend up where one of the fires were having the most impact and he had to evacuate his home. At the time of the interview only 38% of The Station Fire was contained. The fires finally burned out in midOctober and the people of California are thankful for the firefighters who served and did their best.

Photo courtesy of Dan Burk

because they are focused on their conversation rather than on the road. Another study shows that more then half of Missouri teens have texted while driving. The fine if you are texting while driving is $200. Gov. Jay Nixon joins local and state law enforcement officers in Springfield want to remind young Missourians that the state's prohibition on texting while driving is now in force. This law prohibits drivers 21 and younger from sending, reading or receiving text messages while behind the wheel. Also present for this announcement were State Representatives Charlie Norr and Sara Lampe. By: Madison H

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Cougar Newz

REVIEWS REVIEWS Coraline Have you ever seen Coraline? Since it is a Tim Burton movie, it is made out of clay and bit creepy. Since it was made of clay it was kind of hard to make it but they did a 5 star job. This movie is about a girl named Coraline. When she finds a secret door It changes her whole life. It goes into a secret room and everything changes. Her “other parents” give her anything that her heart desires. She has to get back home before her “other parents” keep

her in this secret world for the rest of her life. If she stays, her real parents would be held captive there and she would never see them again! Now it is all up to Coraline and her new friend, a black cat, to save her parents and escape the mysterious world. This movie is now on DVD. By: Emily L

Party In the USA You might have heard about Miley Cyrus’ song Party in the USA. 77% of people like this song. 33% of people do not like this song. “I don’t like the beat to it.” Some people who don’t like this song have said. “I think it has a catchy tune.” Some people who do like Party in the USA have said. This song was released on July 29 2009 by the Media Group. This song was written about coming to California and noticing how different it was from her original home in Nashville. By Sofia C

Night at the Museum II Have you ever seen the movie Night at the Museum Two- Battle of the Smithsonian? Even if you have, this is still the article for you! It is the sequel to the movie Night at Museum which came out in two thousand six. In the movie, the main characters are: Larry Daley (Ben Stiller), Amelia Earheart (Amy Adams), Ahkmenrah (Remy Malek), and Kahmunrah (Hank Azaria). This movie came out

in 2009. It is not in theatres any more, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from going to rent it at Blockbuster. This movie was rated three out of five stars. My class voted if they liked or not and everyone said yes except two people. That shows that Night at the Museum Two is a movie everyone should see. By: Emma F

The Gallagher Series The Gallagher series is all about a young spy named Cammie. She, along with all the Gallagher girls, attends the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Women. It’s a top secret spy school for girls. Cammie and her friends are constantly doing secret projects, sneaking off the school grounds and getting into trouble. In all three books Cammie finds a guy she likes. The author, Ally Carter, has written three books so far. She lives and works in the mid-west. Her latest book, Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover, came out about 2 month ago. I would definitely recommend this book for girls who love to read about action, spies and romance. By Shelby C

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Sports MLB Playoffs First things first. The cardinals have clinched a spot in the playoff. And more than 15 games over 500. And the have the best record in the NL. Almost in the post season the cardinals look for there 11 World Series ring. With some of there new cardinals of Matt Holliday, Julio Lugo, and a competitor for the rookie of the year Colby Rasmus and with John Smoltz with one of the best post season ERA. Now a past CY Young award Chris Carpenter with second place with an ERA of 2.45 and with 16 wins. And with Adam Wainwright who has the most wins in the NL with 18 and an ERA of 2.59.Who is looking for his first

CY Young award witch he’s probably going to get it. And now a two time MVP 8

time ALL STAR Albert Puljols. Leading in Home Runs with 47 and second in RBI’s and AVG. With one more grand slam Albert can beat Ernie Banks for most grand slams in a season. And probably his 3 MVP coming with those stats. He’s the best player in all of baseball now. By: Garret T

Little League World Series The Little League World Series is A International baseball tournament that is broadcasted on ESPN and ABC. It is a tournament with 11-13 year olds that play In Williamsport. There are 16 teams in the Little League World Series. There was also a girl in the Little League World Series name Katie Reyes. She played for Vancouver, Canada. She was the first girl to get a hit since 2004. Not only did she get the 1st hit since 2004, she also won the game against Germany. In the semi finals was southwest vs. West. In the International

semi finals it was Asia-Pacific vs. Mexico. In the Semi finals game for the United States West won 12 to 2 against Southwest. In the International Semi Finals Asia-Pacific won 9 to 4 against “She was the Mexico. In the finals a late homerun by Luke first girl to get Ramirez put West up late. The final of that a hit since game was 6 to 3 West. By: Jared H


Let’s Go Blues The St. Louis Blues have a lot of young people. Like T.J Oshie. He has 14 goals, 25 assists, and 39 points. Cam Janssen 1goal,

3 assists and 4 points. He is an enforcer, which means he loves to fight. Brad Boyes has 3 points 2 goals and 1 assists. David Perron has 15 goals, 35 assists, and 50 points. Keith Tkauchuk has 25 goals, 24 assists, and 49 points. Chris Mason is a goalie and has 27 wins 21 loss and 7 over time losses. The St. Louis Blues home record is 23 and 13. There away record is 18 and 18, but as of this year, home ice has not been a

welcoming stop for our Blues! There coaches name is Andy Murray. Mr. Murray has coached 30 years and has been with the Blues since 2006. The other coaches are Ray Bennet is the assistant coach. Brad Shaw is the other assistant coach. Scott Masters is the video coach. Nelson Ayotte is the strength and conditioning coach. By: Sam K

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Cougar Newz

School News New Halls Have you heard the buzz about the new hallway? Have you taken a look down it? There are SMART boards in the 1st grade rooms and cool paint colors on the walls. There are also fun new cabinets. Now you are asking when all this happened? This happened when all of us where sleeping in or taking a vacation. Why this happened? It happened because the hallway

needed a makeover and it really made an improvement. There were a ton of volunteers that helped out with this project. Mr. Jacklin said he helped out a little bit by moving the cabinets from the teacher work room to different classroom. He said he thinks the hallway is great, it was like an “Extreme Classroom Makeover.” A lot of the staff and parents helped out with this project. Nick Adams said he helped out with painting some classrooms. He said he thinks the hallway turned out nice. He was one f the students to help with this hallway. Mr. Peregoy helped out with painting, car-

pet squares and Cutting counter tops. Most students like this hallway. But what do you think? By: Taylor R

New Teacher Miss. Pfotenhauer, one of the new 1st grade teachers here at St. John, sat down for a recent interview. We learned a lot about her such as she likes to play sports not so much watch them. She likes all kinds of different sports especially swimming. This year is going to be her sixth year teaching. She has taught at other schools in Yakima, Washington and Lincoln, Nebraska. At those schools she taught Pre School. After teaching here for only a couple of months, she said that she knows her way around the school pretty well. When she was in school her favorite subject was math. Miss Pfotenhaur loves

the SMART boards and did not have them at here old school so she is still learning about them. Her and her class get a good laugh from it occasionally. She also loves her room and location and all the students she gets to teach within it. She likes food from different countries all over the world.

Miss. Pfotenhaur was born in Saudi Arabia. She likes plants, and loves to cook. She also has lots of fun with her students, loves to read, and has a cat. Miss Pfotenhaur also loves the outdoors. When she was a kid she wanted to be a vet but she loves kids so she decided to be a teacher. She likes to use puppets in her classroom. Miss Pfotenhaur likes technology because it helps her get stuff done faster, and allows her to do stuff she could not do without it. By: Nicholas A

What’s the Best? I went down to the 1st grade and kindergarten hallway to interview them about their year. I asked the kindergarteners what they liked best about Mrs. Weiss… Rachel said “I like that she lets us draw art”. Hannah said “she is really nice”. Payton said “he likes that she set up a paint set”. I also asked them what their favorite thing about this year so far… They all liked making clay octopuses. I also interviewed the 1st graders. I asked them if

they like the new smart boards they all said that they love drawing on it. I also asked them what they like about 1st grade they said… they like recess, planting seeds and making them grow, making a book and doing activities on the smart boards. I think they are having a good year so far. By Madeline K

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