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“The Truth will set you free”

23rd August 2013

Term 3, Week 6

P.O. Box 231, College Drive PORT MACQUARIE 2444 Ph: 02 5525 4100 Fax: 02 5525 4199


21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mass Times:

St. Agnes’ Port Macquarie Our Lady of Lourdes Wauchope Saturday Vigil – 6.00pm Saturday Vigil – 6.00pm and Sunday 7.30am Sunday – 7.30am, 9.00am & 6.00pm Long Flat – 9.30am 2nd & 4th Sunday Kendall – 9.00am Mass (1st Saturday month 10.00am Mass Comboyne) Telegraph Point – Thursday Night 6.00pm Beechwood – 9.30am 1st & 3rd Sunday Lake Cathie – Sunday 8.00am Laurieton – Saturday Vigil 5.30pm, Sunday – 7.30am

What’s on Term 3, Week 7 MONDAY, 26th August (Day 1)


TUESDAY, 27th August (Day 2)


WEDNESDAY, 28th August (Day 3)


THURSDAY, 29th August (Day 4)


FRIDAY, 30th August (Day 5)


Staff Briefing 8.30am New student morning tea in Library Year 11 Bago Outdoor Educational Assessment SAPSS Jazz Band in Performing Arts Centre 4.30pm-6.00pm Homework Hub in Library 3.15pm-4.30pm HSC Seminar Day Year 9 2014 Elective Information Night 6.00pm – 7.00pm Girls Vocal Group 8.30am in PAC Homework Hub in Library 3.15pm-5.00pm Drumline in PAC 1.05pm-1.45pm House Staff Meetings 8.20am-8.45am Diocesan Secondary Netball in Casino Dramarama in PAC 3.30pm Senior Percussion Ensemble 1.05pm-1.45pm in PAC Homework Hub in Library till 3.15pm-4.30pm SAPSS Drumline 3.30pm-5.00pm Diocesan Secondary Netball in Casino HSC Drama Practical Examination Marking in PAC Year 10 PASS coaching at St Joseph’s Primary School P5&6 Poetry in Action in Hall Yr 9 & 10 P5&6, Yr 7 & 8 P6 Year 11&12 Islam Guest Speaker in F5 P5&6 Homework Hub in Library 3.15pm-5.00pm WALKATHON HSC Seminar Day Schools Horse Sports at Gloucester

DATES TO REMEMBER Thursday 5th September Thursday 5th & Friday 6th September Friday 6th September Monday 9th –Wednesday 18th September Thursday 12th September

Design & Technology HSC Marking Diocesan Surfing @ Banora Point U/14 & 16 Rugby in Taree HSC Business Lecture Year 11 Examinations HSC Practical Music Marking

COORDINATING PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE THOUGHTFULNESS One of the problems facing western culture is the emphasis on ‘me’ and on ‘self’, on acquiring all we can and seeing success in terms of material possessions. In a happy and healthy community the emphasis needs to be on helping others and forming good relationships. Little acts of thoughtfulness such as the following are worth considering:             

Call an old friend just to say ‘hi’ or send them a copy of an old photograph with a note; Hold a door open for a stranger; Compliment someone on his or her appearance; Let someone know how much you miss them; Leave a thank you note for the cleaner; Recommend a good book or article to a friend or colleague; Give blood; Offer to baby-sit for a friend who just needs a break; Ask to see a manager or a chef just to say ‘thank you’; Welcome new neighbours; Ask about others’ children; Check in on an older person just to see if they’re okay; and Forgive someone when they apologise.

Jesus is the best role model when it comes to looking out for others. He cured the sick, restored sight to the blind, forgave the sinners, welcomed the children, washed the feet of his disciples and much more. The challenge is for us to find opportunities to help others and in doing so we bring joy to them and build happiness within our families, schools and communities. Mr Jim O’Brien Coordinating Principal

PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Parent Committee, CCSP NSW On behalf of the College Community I would like to congratulate Ms Jackie Howard who has been nominated by the Lismore Diocese to stand on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Parent Committee (Council of Catholic School Parents NSW/ACT). A nomination to be part of such an association is a strong recognition of Jackie’s service to St Joseph’s Regional College’s Aboriginal students. The Committee: 

allows for meaningful Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents and carers representation at state level.  provides a network and forum for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parent leaders.  discusses issues and concerns specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education at State and Federal levels and monitor state and federal policy.  develops resources for Catholic school communities to support Reconciliation, to celebrate partnership and to support the active engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities in the learning of their children. On behalf of the St Joseph’s Regional College, I wish Jackie all the very best in her nomination and thank her for the wonderful work she does as a part of our vibrant community.

Year 12 Seminars and Sunday Study Sessions This week Year 12 commenced a program of HSC Seminars with the view of moving forward in their preparation for the Higher School Certificate. I would like to particularly thank Year 12 Coordinator, Ms Heidi Flanagan, Leader of Pedagogy, Mr Chris Delaney, Leader of Curriculum, Mr Ian Lutton, Leaders of Key Learning Areas and staff for the wonderful program that has been prepared for our students. Indeed, our Year 12s should feel much supported by the College’s staff going that “extra mile” for them. I would also commend to you, Mr Lutton’s enabling Year 12 students to access the College Library on Sundays for the remainder of the term. These are all great initiatives that invariably reflect the generosity and spirit of St Joseph’s Regional College staff. Finally, last Monday our Year 9 students attended a mass and were also involved in different forms of community service. By all accounts, our students participated in the day in a manner that reflects our gospel values. Below I commend to you a letter received from Fr James our College Chaplain. Dear Jim, Nora, Helen and Frank, I would like to express my gratitude to each of you for the wonderful Year 9 Mass this morning. The sense of community and joyful prayerfulness of the students was truly inspiring. From the opening song-Because You Loved Me- which was sung by all present with great enthusiasm, the atmosphere was set for a very positive day. It was particularly moving to hear the reflections on the theme of Family that were given by the students at the end of Mass. These students are to be congratulated for what they shared with us and the manner in which it was shared. To each of you, along with Sharon, Debbie, Wendy, Jasmine and all the staff- thank you for all your efforts in making the Mass such a success! Unfortunately due to other commitments here I was not able to join Year 9 after their morning tea. From what I heard, this would have been a great experience with many various community service initiatives. For your interest, I am away Tuesday and Wednesday with a group of St Pauls/MacKillop students, however can be contacted by phone should there be anything you would like to discuss re Year 10 Mass on Thursday. Wishing you a great week, Fr James Assistant Principal Appraisal Dear Parents During Term 3 on Tuesday, 3rd September, Cath Eichmann, St Joseph’s Regional College Assistant Principal will be involved in an assistant principal appraisal process as part of her contract renewal conditions with the Catholic Schools Office. The appraisal process seeks information from a variety of people associated with the parish school. The process aims to highlight the positive aspects of the assistant principal’s performance and identify areas for further development. A timeline will be constructed to suit the needs of the parish school community. A panel consisting of a diocesan parish school principal, a fellow assistant principal and an education consultant from the Catholic Schools Office will conduct the appraisal.

The full assistant principal appraisal process involves:

 a staff survey and staff interviews  an interview with the principal  an interview with the parish priest  interviews with any parents who wish to present  a formal interview with the assistant principal by the panel  a self-appraisal report completed by the assistant principal Any parents who wish to make contact with the panel are welcome to do so by contacting Tonia Flanagan (02 6622 0422) before the appraisal date. Thank you for your support of the parish school’s leadership team. Dirk Botha Assistant Director, Lismore Catholic Schools Office

God Bless Jim Dempsey Principal

MESSAGE FROM THE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL YEAR 9 iPAD UPDATE Today, Year 9 students were given an iPad Agreement letter regarding cost and conditions of our Year 9 iPad rollout. Parents/guardians are required to read, sign and return this agreement within the next couple of weeks. If you have misplaced this letter or did not receive one, you can download a copy from our Year 9 iPad website: This site outlines in more detail our plan; it also includes tips and advice for parents and students on safe use of technology at home. This website can also be accessed through the ‘Quick Links’ section on our College website Cath Eichmann Assistant Principal

HOMEWORK HUB FOR SENIOR STUDENTS Sunday 11.00am – 3.00pm HOLD THE PRESSES Over the next three weeks the Homework Hub will be open on a Sunday from 11.00am till 3.00pm for Year 12 students to provide them with a quiet place to study. All Year 12 are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and consolidate the material presented during their Seminar Days. Normal opening hours apply for all other years. On Wednesdays, Mrs Rosenbaum, our Leader of Mathematics, is available to assist you with mathematical problems. The hours are:

Monday and Wednesday 3.15pm - 4.30pm. Tuesday and Thursday 3.15pm - 5.00pm. Friday 3.15pm - 4.00pm.

The Homework Hub is for people who are "getting things done"

A message from School Fees Administration, Parish Admin Centre SCHOOL FEES HAVE YOU RECEIVED YOUR SCHOOL FEE STATEMENT? We believe that communication between the Parish and families is very important, to ensure that we are aware of individual circumstances and are alerted to any possible errors with accounts. Parish Administration posted almost 2000 statements to families last week. Did you receive yours? Many families have already contacted us about their accounts. Here are some of the questions they’ve asked. I’m responsible for part of an account. Why does the statement show more than my share? Our systems do not allow for split accounts. Full fees and the building fund are charged on each account. It is then up to families who have split fee arrangements to ensure each person is paying their share. We can help by:  Ensuring the account is sent to both parties  Reconciling the account if there is a dispute between parties Do I need to pay the amount owing by 23 August 2013? Some families have chosen to pay their school fees in 3 equal instalments. For these families, their final instalment is due on 23 August 2013. If you have an agreed payment arrangement, pay via Direct Debit, Centrepay or Salary sacrifice, your fees are spread over the entire year. I am struggling financially. Is it possible to pay a reduced fee? Absolutely! Our Fee Assistance Program assesses your current income levels while taking into account your employment situation and the number of children in your family, relative to the rest of the population. This ensures that each family pays a fee that is affordable. However, you MUST get in touch with Parish Admin as soon as possible to make use of this option. Why must my account balance be NIL by the end of the year? Each year our schools budget the amount they will need to provide the best possible resources and staff to ensure your children receive the excellent education for which the St Agnes’ Parish schools are known. These fees are “topped up” by almost $ ¾ million by the Parish, to help keep school fees as low as possible for families. Any fees budgeted and not collected result in the schools having to cut their budgets by that amount each year. What happens if I don’t clear my account by the end of the year? If you think this will apply to you, PLEASE call us to discuss your situation in confidence. Unfortunately where families have not contacted us in advance, the balance remaining will be handed to our Debt Collection Agent for collection in full. How do we contact you? Ring Emma or Chrissie on 6588 7444, email us at with your request, or make an appointment to see Trudi at 49 Hay Street, Port Macquarie. John McQueen Parish Director Education

FROM THE LEADER OF CATECHESIS AND SCHOOL EVANGELISATION ST VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY- UNIVERSITY ACCOMMODATION ‘Vinnies Lodge’ is self-catering accommodation for full-time students; up to age 25 years, attending Newcastle University or TAFE. It is managed by the St Vincent DePaul society and is located at Tighes Hill. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2014 academic year. For more details please contact the Diocesan Office on 4967 6277

YOUTH HUB ‘Recharge Coffee Club’ - Sunday 25th August, from 4:30pm 5:30pm at the Youth Hub. Cafe, topic: ‘The Universe’, coffee, hot chocolate, cake and savoury food will be provided. All welcome. Energize Youth Group is on this Friday, $3 for afternoon tea and dinner. Participants can play games and join in on the craft activities run by Ellen from 4.00pm to 7.00pm. Situated at 140 Horton Street Port Macquarie. For further information please contact Michael Gilmour, Manager Port Macquarie Youth Centre on 6584 7569 or 0408 258 398 or email Public Access / Drop-in Hours Monday to Friday 3pm - 7pm Office Hours Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm Nora Swain Leader of Catechesis and School Evangelisation

St Agnes’ Parish Secondary Schools Gap Year Traineeships

Current Year 12 students at St Joseph’s Regional College, Newman Senior Technical College and MacKillop Senior College are invited to apply for the following full time Traineeship positions in 2014 in the following areas:

Teachers’ Assistant (Available at St Joseph’s Regional and St Paul’s) Creative Arts (Available at St Joseph’s Regional and St Paul’s/MacKillop) ICT (Available at St Joseph’s Regional and St Paul’s/MacKillop) Sport/PDHPE (Available at St Joseph’s Regional and St Paul’s/MacKillop) Canteen & Food Services/Hospitality (Available at St Joseph’s Regional College and Marian Hospitality Centre) Youth Ministry (Available at St Joseph’s Regional and St Paul’s/MacKillop) Co curricular Music (Available at St Paul’s/MacKillop) TAS & Marine & Aquaculture Technology (Available at St Joseph’s Regional) Administration (Available at St Paul’s) These certificate courses completed in conjunction with traineeships are national framework qualifications which give you advanced standing in relevant TAFE and University courses. Please contact the school office for a role description outlining your duties and expectations. The position is a Traineeship and you will be required to undertake a course in conjunction with your employment which will be outlined in your contract. Applications close 26th August 2013. Interviews will be conducted in week commencing 2nd September 2013. Successful applicants will be notified in writing by the end of this term. The traineeship will be completed during the four terms and applicants must be available every week of the 2014 school year. Term dates 2014: Term 1 28th January – 11th April Term 2 28th April – 27th June Term 3 14th July – 19th September Term 4 7th October – 19th December Please apply in writing to the Principal of your current school and deliver to Wendy Welsh in the College front office. Your application should include a covering letter along with your resume. Please ensure you include your area of interest and your preferred school location. Child protection requires the successful applicants to undertake employment screening.


Annual Walkathon

New Sponsors Invited: We would love to hear from any new families to our College community who would like to sponsor our annual Walkathon. The money and prizes donated are used to promote the event and goes towards purchasing new equipment and / or services for the school, this in turn benefits the students. Major sponsors will be advertised in our newsletter.

Parents, grandparents or guardians who would like to assist us on the day would not only be most welcome, but your assistance would be greatly appreciated! Please complete the form below and return to the front office. ………………………………………………………………… I/we are able to assist on Walkathon Day Friday 30th August 2013. Name: __________________________ Ph: ________________ Name: __________________________ Ph: ________________ Cook/ Set up BBQ (from 9:00-1:00pm)

Serve BBQ & drinks (from 10:30-1:30pm)

LIBRARY NEWS Celebrating Children’s Book Week This week, we celebrate the annual Children’s Book Council of Australia Children’s Book Week event. Many parents will recall their children dressing as a book character throughout Primary School in honour of the occasion. This year’s theme is “Read Across the Universe”, and we have a small display of the short-listed books in the Library. The winners and notables for 2013 are: Books for Older Readers  Seahearts by Margo Lanagan – Winner  The Ink Bridge by Neil Grant (Honour)  Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield (Honour) Books for Younger Readers  The Children of the King by Sonia Hartnett – Winner  Pennies for Hitler by Jackie French (Honour)  The tender moments of Saffron Silk by Glenda Millard (Honour) Term 3 Photography Competition Due to the popularity of the Term 1 Photography Competition #Summer, we are proud to announce we are running a competition again in term 3. The theme is #kindography, and you can view the details about the competition at We are hoping that, as before, our talented students get creative with cameras, phones, iPads etc., and give us the opportunity to showcase their work. Take a look at some of our entries to date.

Like us on FaceBook – St Joseph’s Regional College Library. Follow us on Twitter – @sjrcexchange

Karen Bale, Teacher Librarian

#Kindography "In the end, only kindness matters" - Jewel Enter our Term 3 Photography Competition The theme for our term 3 Photography Competition is #Kindography

How do I enter? Step 1. Take a photograph! You can use any device that you want - camera, phone, iPad etc. The theme of your photograph MUST reflect the theme of Kindness. It MUST contain an image of a person or persons. Step 2. Email your photograph to Your subject heading should be in the format of #kindography - your name (e.g. #kindography - John Smith). Step 3. Any person/s whose image/s appears in your photograph must complete the online permission form included in this flyer to allow their image to be uploaded to the St Joseph's Regional College Library's FaceBook page and Pinterest Board. Failure to do so will mean that we will not be able to upload your photo to our galleries.


YEAR 12 REMINDERS Early Entry Schemes Thursday, 29th August Friday, 30th August

and also EAS – Friday 6th September Friday, 13th September

Wollongong closes – online All paper applications due to school as listed:  University of Canberra  CSU  UNE  UNE – USYD Pathway USYD E12 closes online SCU STAR

Open Days Many institutions are offering their Open Days between now and the end of Term 3. You can check Open Days from the link in Moodle, however, we are fortunate in having two local events next week.  Thursday, 29th August- University of Newcastle Information Session at the Glasshouse 3.00pm – 6.00pm  Charles Sturt University at Grant Street Campus 5.00pm – 7.00pm Guests Next week, representatives from our regional universities will be present to discuss application Early Entry and scholarship issues with students, along with course information. They will be available at lunchtime in the Library on the following days:   

Monday, 26th August – University of New England Tuesday, 27th August – Southern Cross University Wednesday, 30th August – Charles Sturt University

Australian Defence Force On Thursday, 19th September, the ADF will conduct an information session for Years 10-12. Students wishing to attend this session must indicate their intention via a sign-on sheet in the Library. All students must have their diaries signed by their Period 6 , Day 9 teacher to show as they enter the session. Work Experience If your child is interested in undertaking work experience, each individual case will be considered on its merit. Students would need to discuss with us suitable dates but preferable these will be in holiday times and only under exceptional circumstances would this condition be waived. If you require further information, go to the College Moodle site and access it via students – Careers – Work Experience.

Careers Weekly Email Newsletter All Year 11 and 12 students, parents and relevant Year 10 will receive each week a newsletter detailing all careers information that we receive. We hope some of the websites and information will be relevant to you and your son or daughter. Please contact us if you require further information or delete if nothing is relevant. If you are not receiving these emails please check with the college office that your contact details are up-to-date. All careers information is broadcast through this method, so please keep details updated. Regional Careers Website Our new Regional College Careers website at offers up-to-date information for parents and students in all year groups. Moodle – Careers Always updated with important documents for work experience and university information. Parents can access this information via your child’s login. YEAR 8, 9 And 10 – TAX FILE NUMBERS Tax file number forms are processed by Mrs Tinsey every Friday. New forms are now available from the office. Karen Bale & Leanne Tinsey Leaders of Careers and University Transition

ENGLISH NEWS Poetry in Action On Thursday, 29th August the performance poetry company Poetry in Action will be visiting the College. The company will be presenting a range of their programs to Years 7-10 English students. The program is outlined below:  Years 9 & 10 (period 5) Home Grown Poems  Years 7 & 8 (period 6) Poetry at Play Students will be billed to cover the $10.00 cost per participant.

YEAR 8 – SOUTH WEST ROCKS CAMP 16th – 18th September In week 10 of this term, all Year 8 students will travel to South West Rocks for a 3 day camping experience (Mon 16th - Wed 18th Sept). This is an important part of the Year 8 PDHPE Outdoor Recreation program. During class time, students will participate in lessons and activities that will prepare them for this excursion. The cost of the camp will be $85 which will cover transport to and from South West Rocks, camping fees, snorkelling and common equipment for cooking, cleaning and shelter etc. Students will need to provide their own tents, food and sleeping equipment for the camp with lunch being provided on the Wednesday. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the college office.

MATHS VAULT PROBLEMS When a maths class is split into groups of four, there are two students left. When split into groups of 5, there is one left. There are 15 girls in the class and a smaller number of boys. How many boys are there in the class? Last Week’s Answer: The purple block is on the bottom


Messages from Catholic Schools Parent Assembly Supporting Families Dear Parents and Carers, We have some families in our school community that are currently facing some significantly challenging medical hardships. We are trying to support these families through these difficult times by providing meals to help ease the burden. Donations of meals ie: casseroles etc would be warmly received and greatly appreciated. These care packages will be delivered to our families regularly to provide continued support and let them know they are in our thoughts. If you could find some time to help, please label your meals with ingredients and deliver them to the school office. A big thankyou to the parents who have already contributed to this need. Your generosity was accepted with great appreciation and smiles ď Š Thanking you in advance for your support. Peta Rourke Parent Assembly Cluster Organiser, Catholic Services Office Lismore

CANTEEN ROSTER VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The College canteen is in need of some extra help. If you would like to help on any day during the week between 9.30am-1.30pm (or even just a couple of hours in the middle of the day) please phone Emma Daley at the College Canteen on 5525 4100. Term 3, Week 7 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Marion Pallot Helen Anderson Vicci Tickle Stephanie McKinnon Michelle Cramp

UNIFORMS UNIFORM SHOP The College second hand uniform shop is open every Monday from 2.45pm – 3.45pm. Please go to office for directions. Thank you to the many families who have so kindly donated unwanted uniforms. We are in very short supplies of tracksuit pants; and would appreciate if you have any unwanted items. We are still collecting the girls’ summer aqua tunic dress to send to an overseas school. Donations are very much appreciated

ATTENDANCE REMINDER A reminder to all parents, notes must be in within 7 days of your child's absence or the absence will be reported on your child's report as UNEXPLAINED. Students who have more than 15 days leave in a year must have supporting documentation from a doctor or make written application to the Assistant Principal. This may also require an interview with the Principal or Assistant Principal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PARENTS / GUARDIANS EXPLANATION FOR PUPIL’S ABSENCE PUPIL’S NAME _______________________________________Year__________ PC ________ DATE(S) OF ABSENCE _________________________________________________________ REASON FOR ABSENCE ________________________________________________________ PARENT / GUARDIAN SIGNATURE ________________________________ DATE __________ *Failure to have an absence explained within 7 days of returning to school MUST, BY LAW, be recorded and reported as UNEXPLAINED ABSENCE.

COMMUNITY NOTICES DRUM ATTACK- Weekend Drumming Boot Camp for school aged drummers is being held on Friday, 27th Friday – Sunday, 29th September. For further details please contact Mandy on 0431 234 201 or email

Eichmann, Riley

15 Girls

50.10s 1.55m 12.23s 25.75s 24.56m 16.85m 3.01.92s 6.09.75s 16.29s 34.90s 2.41m 5.70m 10.77m 12.43s 25.36s 57.86s 50.10s 27.24m 5.33.48s 50.10s 5.32m SR 1.35m 10.40m 14.71s 4.14m 2.25.35s 26.08s 50.10s 33.65m 5.49m 32.15m 2.19.72s 4.31.32s

Gardiner, Jessica Hall, Keely Hickling, Katie

13 Girls 17+ Girls 16 Girls

Jackson, Cassandra Age Champion – AWD Junior Girls

Junior Girls AWD

Langley, Naomi Age Champion – 13 Yrs Girls

13 Girls

LoMonaco, Taylor

15 Girls

Macrow-Cain, Alana

17+ Girls

McIntosh, Claire 3rd in Age Champion Race

Junior Girls AWD

McNamara, Sinead Morson, Hannah

15 Girls 14 Girls

Rogers, Jess Smith, Lily Sonter, Brielle

14 Girls 12 Girls 13 Girls

Time/Distance 1.09.02s 56.08s 14.23s 29.47s 1.07.88s 57.09s 18.55m 1.42m 4.19m 4.30m 31.85s 57.09s 4.23m 15.16m 1.32m

Staunton, Gabrielle Trottman, Kirra

14 Girls 15 Girls

Weaver, Jessica

16 Girls

Wright, Eleanor Age Champion – 16 Yrs Girls

16 Girls

Boys Results Name




Bessling, Kaes

15 Boys

Bibby, Jaiden

16 Boys

Bowdon, Will Byrne, Dominic Cooper, Lewis-Bane

13 Boys 12 Boys 12 Boys

Fensling, Jhye (3rd AWD Junior Boys Age Champion Race)

Junior Boys AWD

Gilder, Nathan

15 Boys

4th Int 4x100m Relay High Jump 3rd 100m 4th 200m 3rd Javelin 3rd Javelin 3rd 800m 3rd 1500m 2nd 100m 2nd 200m 2nd Long Jump 2nd Shot Put 2nd Discus 3rd 100m 4th 200m 2nd 400m Q 4th Int 4x100m Relay 3rd Javelin 4th 1500m 4th Int 4x100m Relay 1st Long Jump Q 3rd High Jump 4th Shot Put 4th 100m 3rd Long Jump 1st 800m Q 4th 200m 4th Int 4x100m Relay 2nd Javelin 2nd Long Jump 4th Javelin 4th 800m 2nd 1500m Event 2nd 400m Q 2nd Int 4x100m Relay 1st 100m Q 1st 200m Q 1st 400m Q 1st Jun 4x100m Relay Q 4th Discus 1st High Jump Q 1st long Jump Q 4th Long Jump 3rd 200m 1st Jun 4x100m Relay Q 4th Long Jump 4th Discus 3rd High Jump

Hamilton, Pat Marshall, Bailey Palmer, Logan

14 Boys 13 Boys 14 Boys

Reynolds, Brock

13 Boys

Roe, Davy

12 Boys

Rogers, Cody Ross Nathan Stewart, Jarrod

14 Boys 17+ Boys 15 Boys

Wade, Eli Wright, Liam

16 Boys 17+ Boys

Girls Results Name Burke, Ebony

Age 15 Girls

Burke, Melinda Age Champion 12 Yrs Girls

Caughlan, Maddison Clark, Mackenzie Cosgayon, Cody Cross, Jessie Davis, Jade

12 Girls

17+ Girls 12 Girls 13 Girls 16 Girls 13 Girls

School Records Broken Name   Logan Palmer   Taylor LoMonaco  

3rd 100m 2nd Int 4x100m Relay 2nd Discus 2nd Sen 4x100m Relay 2nd 100m Q 2nd Sen 4x100m Relay 2nd High Jump 1st 100m Q 1st 200m Q 2nd Long Jump 3rd Shot Put 1st Discus Q 1st 100m Q 4th 200m 1st Jun 4x100m Relay Q 1st Javelin Q 3rd Long Jump 1st Discus Q 1st Javelin Q 2nd Sen 4x100m Relay 1st High Jump Q 3rd Long Jump 4th Triple Jump 3rd 100m 3rd 200m 3rd Long Jump 2nd Shot Put 2nd Discus 2nd Long Jump 4th 100m 3rd 200m 3rd 400m 2nd Int 4x100m Relay 3rd High Jump 3rd 1500m 3rd 100m 1st Jun 4x100m Relay Q 2nd Int 4x100m Relay 4th 800m 3rd 1500m 2nd Discus 4th Javelin 1st Shot Put Q 1st 100m Q 1st 200m Q 1st 400m Q 2nd Sen 4x100m Relay

New Record  5.32m   29.30m  

14.19s 56.08s 16.22m 57.35s 13.93s 57.35s 1.45m 18.82s 39.87s 1.84m 4.09m 9.02m 14.20s 30.75s 57.09s 17.60m 4.17m 29.30s SR 23.70m 57.35s 1.40m 4.57m 9.44m 19.70s 46.45s 1.76m 4.23m 6.80m 4.57m 14.16s 29.20s 1.08.11s 56.08s 1.33m 6.27.83s 14.36s 57.09s 56.08s 2.54.76s 6.15.72s 22.77m 19.85m 9.44m 13.88s 28.04s 1.04.83s 57.35s

Old Record  5.31m J. Johnston 1987  25.35m K.McClintock 2002 

SPORT TERM 3 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9

Week 10

Thurs 29th Aug Fri 30th Aug Fri 6th Sept Yr 11 Exams Tues 10th Sept Fri 13th Sept Yr 11 Exams Mon 16th - Wed 18th Sept Tue 17th Sept Fri 20th Sept


Diocesan Netball Casino WALKATHON Diocesan Surfing - Banora Point "Tents Up" day Yr 8 during sport CCC Athletics – Homebush Year 8 Camp - Trial Bay Coast to Country Cup Rugby Union Final - Forster Last day of term 3

2013 Diocesan Athletics Report Last Friday, 16th of August SJRC Athletics Squad travelled to Coffs Harbour to compete at the Diocesan Athletics Carnival. Coffs Harbour turned on a perfect day for us. The students were all very keen to show their talents on the track and in the field. Any student who placed first in their event (1st and 2nd in the 100m, 200m & 400m) qualified for the NSWCCC Carnival to be held at Homebush in Sydney on the 13th September. Students who placed in the top 4 in their events are listed on the previous page. Congratulations to all squad members as we took out second in the overall points tally Thank you to the staff who travelled with the team: Mr Alex Gillman, Mr Michael Morson, Mrs Leanne Tinsey and Mrs Janine Handley. Mr Michael Cannon Athletics Coach St. Joseph’s Regional College Rowing News Last Sunday, 18th August, four students from St Joseph’s Regional College participated for the first time in a 26 kilometre Three Rivers marathon. Bryce Gardner teamed up with Mary Shelley and Lilly Howard with Stacey Coombes in double sculls to complete the course from Telegraph Point to Port Macquarie Rowing Club in less than two hours. It was a great achievement for the students to navigate down a river with bends, sand bars and fallen trees from the recent floods. I give them ten out of ten for their effort well done. Ron Batt the National Coach Education and Development Officer of Rowing Australia will be visiting our club on Saturday, 31st August. The visit is to observe our rowing program in operation. We are asking as many students as possible to be at Rocks Ferry in Wauchope. Even if you are not a rower, turn up and try our newest sport. Alan McCartney, Head Rowing Coach WALKATHON- Mini Marathon - For those students who wish to run the Walkathon in our mini-marathon, are asked to complete the entry form which can be found on our College website or follow the link is below. hUME5ZUkpoamlMTXc6MQ#gid=0

St Joseph's Regional College T3, Wk6 230813  

Weekly Newsletter

St Joseph's Regional College T3, Wk6 230813  

Weekly Newsletter