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“The Truth will set you free”

21st February 2014 Sunday Mass Times:

Term 1, Week 4

P.O. Box 231, College Drive PORT MACQUARIE 2444 Ph: 02 5525 4100 Fax: 02 5525 4199

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time St. Agnes’ Port Macquarie Our Lady of Lourdes Wauchope Saturday Vigil – 6.00pm Saturday Vigil – 6.00pm and Sunday 7.30am Sunday – 7.30am, 9.00am & 5.00pm Long Flat – 9.30am 2nd & 4th Sunday st Kendall – 9.00am Mass (1 Saturday month 10.00am Mass Comboyne) Telegraph Point – Thursday Night 6.00pm Beechwood – 9.30am 1st & 3rd Sunday Lake Cathie – Sunday 8.00am Laurieton – Saturday Vigil 5.30pm, Sunday – 7.30am

What’s on Term 1, Week 5

MONDAY, 24th February (Day 1)


Year 7 Parent/Teacher Meet and Greet 4.00pm-7.00pm SAPSS Jazz Band in Performing Arts Centre 4.00pm-5.30pm Homework Hub in Library 3.15pm-4.30pm

TUESDAY, 25th February (Day 2)


Homework Hub in Library 3.15pm-5.00pm Drumline in PAC 1.05pm-1.45pm

WEDNESDAY, 26th February (Day 3)


Ancient/Modern History Excursion Information Night 6.00pm-9.00pm Senior Percussion Ensemble 1.05pm-1.45pm in Performing Arts Centre SAPSS Drumline 3.30pm-5.00pm Homework Hub in Library 3.15pm-4.30pm

THURSDAY, 27th February (Day 4)


Inaugural Mass in College Hall 9.30am – ALL WELCOME Homework Hub in Library 3.15pm-5.00pm

FRIDAY, 28th February (Day 5)


Concert Band 7.45am-8.45am in Performing Arts Centre Homework Hub in Library 3.15pm-4.00pm

DATES TO REMEMBER: Monday 3rd March Wednesday 5th March Thursday 6th March Thursday 6th March Friday 7th March Friday 7th March Thursday, 13th March Friday, 14th March Monday 10th March Monday 24th March

Year 8 ‘Fretwork’ music performance in PAC 2.00pm Diocesan Swimming at Banora Point Diocesan Swimming at Banora Point NSW All Schools Triathlon NSW All Schools Triathlon Year 7 Reflection Day Year 7 Immunisation Year 9 Boys Immunisation Year 8-12 Parent/Teacher Night A-L Year 8-12 Parent/Teacher Night M-Z

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COORDINATING PRINCIPAL’S REPORT SAPSS ADVISORY BOARD St Agnes’ Parish Secondary Schools (SAPSS) is a family of schools which strives to work together to provide students with a first class education in the Catholic tradition. Our four secondary schools, St Joseph’s Regional College, Newman Senior Technical College, MacKillop Senior College and St Paul’s High School are also committed to working in partnership with families. One of the structures we have in place to build this partnership is an Advisory Board. The Board comprises the Coordinating Principal, the four Principals as well as parent representatives from each of our four schools: Trevor Dickson, John Heagney, Rodney Smith, Chris Smith, Peta Rourke, Debra Ward, Justin Poppleton, David Frewin, Milva Wheate, Lyn Lelean and Stephanie Pepper. Justin Poppleton takes over from Greg Freeman as the Chairman in 2014. The Advisory Board meets on the third Monday of the month to discuss relevant issues. Items on the agenda for our first meeting included: • 2014 enrolments • HSC results • New Staff • Co-curricular Music • Yearbook • Welcome functions • HSC High Achievers’ Assemblies • Proposal to establish an ASPECT class in 2015 • Capital projects for 2014/15. Unlike the Primary Schools’ Parents and Friends Associations, the Advisory Board does not have a fundraising role. As the name suggests, the role of the Board is to give parental advice and feedback to Principals. With the benefit of this advice we are able to work more effectively in partnership with families enrolled in our schools. We welcome hearing from any parents who wish to add to the agenda or make a submission for consideration. Feel free to contact any of the parent representatives or the Principals. Mr Jim O’Brien Coordinating Principal

PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE YEAR 10 INFORMATION NIGHT An information night for Year 10 students and their families was held on Wednesday evening. The focus of the evening provided information to students and their parents/guardians to assist you when making critical choices that will affect the next three years of schooling. There was a specific focus on careers planning as well as an outline of the procedures that will affect the subject selection that students will make as part of their entry into senior school. Students had an opportunity to talk to the subject coordinators. In this critical year it was pleasing to see the commitment shown by students and their families attending the evening. Thank you to Leader of Pedagogy, Chris Delaney, Leaders of Careers and University Transitions Karen Bale and Leanne Tinsey also to all our Leaders of Key Learning Areas for the exception quality of information offered to our students and families.

COMMUNITY SERVICES REPRESENTATIVES ARE INDUCTED At this week’s assembly St Joseph’s Regional College inducted its Community Services Representatives. These individuals will encourage all students to get involved; they will bring to Pastoral Care classes opportunities here at school, in the local community to reach out to others. Community service is an important part of our school community. It relates to our theme ‘Witness’. There are many ways that we show we are followers of Jesus Christ. One way is to love as he loved. There are so many examples of Jesus reaching out to others in need. As Christians we are called to use our talents to make a difference. We are Jesus’ hands in the world today. That is what it means to be a witness. There are many wonderful examples of students doing just that like senior students helping at McCosker House, a Year 9 student who reads to the elderly every Thursday, volunteers at the Vinnies shop, and taking bins out for an elderly neighbour. Students will hear more about opportunities in their house meetings and through their community service representatives. So let your light shine, be a witness and reach out and love like Jesus loved. Thank you to Leader of Evangelisation and Catechesis, Ms Nora Swain and our Ministry Trainee, Stephanie Figgins for organising this event.

Congratulations to all our Community Service Representatives. INNES I01 I02 I03 I04 I05 I06 I07 I08 I09 I10

9 10 9 10 9 9 9 9 12 12

OXLEY O01 8 O02 7 O03 10 O04 O05 10 O06 9 O07 10 O08 9 O09 12 O10 12

Student Representative Georgia Hickling Kaylun Dixon Fletcher Aldous Katelyn Wall Emily Nardella Ashleigh Turner Victoria Cook Hannah Reynolds Erin Badewitz Emily Ustariz

MACQUARIE M01 M02 M03 M04 M05 M06 M07 M08 M09 M10

9 8 10 10 7 10 11 11/12

Student Representative FLINDERS Leonard Dowton F01 9 Faith Sparrow, Selena Loveday F02 8 Gus McPhail F03 Monique Mackay F04 10 Natasha Woodbury F05 Jacob Gaskill F06 10 Jack Steinmetz F07 7 Belen Monslave-Medina F08 10 Nicola Lakis Smith F09 11 Zarah Besseling, Joseph Phillips F10 11/12

Student Representative Mitchell Treeves Davy Roe Danika Ahearn-Atkinson Joelle Doust Georgia Williams Allegra Trevanion Toby Hill, Tom Jones Taylor Lo Monaco Christa Morrow Tim Nocevski, Jaimie McNulty, Katelyn Bell Student Representative Rhiannen McDean Rylee Parry Kayla Figgins Tahlia Hunter Teghan Mitchell Rayn Munro Mary Newell Jess Nickl Grace Phillip, Zac Parnell Tahnee Borg, Courtney Figgins

NEW STUDENT MORNING TEA A morning tea was held for all new students on Wednesday for students in Years 8 and 9 and Thursday for students in 10 and 11 to welcome them to our school community. The morning tea was a wonderful opportunity for new students to meet each other and to share their experiences at the College. Thank you to Kerrie Badewitz, Rhonda Worthing Jackie Howard for organising and preparing the morning tea.

INAUGURAL MASS Finally, I would like to invite you (Parents and Families) to join staff and students at our Inaugural Mass on Thursday, 27th February in our College hall at 9.30am.

Inaugural Mass Parents and Families are invited to our opening College liturgy Thursday, 27th February in our College hall. at 9:30 am God Bless Jim Dempsey College Principal

YEAR 7 MEET & GREET YEAR 7 PARENT-TEACHER MEET AND GREET EVENING On Monday, 24th February the College will be holding the annual Year 7 Parent-Teacher Meet and Greet Evening from 4.00pm – 7.00pm. This night provides parents the opportunity to have a five minute meeting with each of their child's teachers, as well as have a BBQ dinner with other staff and parents. Students are encouraged to attend the evening with their parents. A separate note has been sent home today outlining how to book interviews with each of your child's teachers. Cath Eichmann Assistant Principal

NEWS FROM OUR LEADER OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION YEAR 7 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION This is an exciting time for the Year 7 students as they begin their journey into high school. The first unit in RE: What it Means to Be Catholic should assist your child with settling into our college community and St Agnes’ Parish. Parents can become familiar with the program by going to our Moodle site. The textbook and Understanding Faith Resource is also available on the site. During this term we will also have a Year 7 Reflection Day and a parent /student liturgy. For some parents, it’s a great opportunity to refresh our own understanding of what it means to be Catholic and to look at our own faith commitment. We have copies available of a book called “So You’re Sending Your Child to a Catholic School” for those families who are new to catholic schools. We will have it available at the Year 7 evening. SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM We are in the process of gathering names of any students who may have missed out on receiving one of the sacraments in their primary years and would like to do so this year. We will meet these students individually or in small groups to provide instruction and preparation to receive the sacraments. Students can leave their names at the front office. Ms Nora Swain Leader of Catechesis and Evangelisation

Peer Support Programme Peer Support is constantly in operation at St Joseph’s Regional College due to the nature of the vertical structure of the Junior Pastoral Care groups. Last year, we took our Year 9 students to Newman College to look at ways we could improve Peer Support and offer these young people leadership opportunities. The students, our current Year 10 cohort looked at old programmes and rewrote them bringing a fresh outlook on Peer Support. In 2014 the programme will be ongoing throughout the year with one lesson being delivered each fortnight. The focus of the programme will be to engage all students, build communication skills, develop empathy and foster positive relationships within Pastoral Care. Each of these things promote positive mental health in young people and are seen as effective in reducing bullying. Already many of our Year 10 students have stepped up and demonstrated great leadership qualities. Their enthusiasm has also extended beyond Peer Support and there are many exciting things happening in Pastoral Care at St Joseph’s Regional College this year.

ST AGNES’ PARISH SECONDARY SCHOOLS’ YEAR BOOK The St Agnes’ Parish Secondary Schools Yearbook is a wonderful record of the year that has passed and great to have as a reference well beyond one’s school years. Families who had a son or daughter in Year 12, 2013 are asked to call at the office to collect their year book please. Students in Years 8 have already received their copy. Year books can be purchased through the College office for just $15.00.

YEARS 7, 8 and 9 IMMUNISATION DAYS North Coast Area Health Service is holding an Immunisation Day at St. Joseph’s Regional College as follows: Thursday, 13th March: Year 7 All Students 1. Gardasil (HPV) 2. Boostrix (diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis) Friday, 14th March:

Year 9 Boys only:

Gardasil (HPV) Dose 1 of 3

Years 8 Students (catch up from 2013 - Parents have been sent a letter at the end of last year, stating that their child will be given their catch up vaccines in 2014 A Parent Information Kit will be sent home with students in the coming weeks for this vaccination. The kit contains information about the vaccine and the disease that it protects against as well as a consent form. NO VACCINATIONS WILL BE ADMINISTERED TO STUDENTS WITHOUT A SIGNED CONSENT FORM, VERBAL CONSENT IS NOT SUFFICIENT Signed consent forms are to be returned to the Area Health Nurse on Immunisation Day Please do not return completed forms prior to this day. A record of vaccination will be kept by the Area Health service and a copy will be provided to the vaccinated student for their records. Please understand that if you do not have your child immunised in the Year (eg. Year 7 - 9) that is offered by North Coast Public Area Health, you can then access this vaccine at a later stage at your General Practitioner. The cost of the vaccine however will not be covered by this program. Parents/guardians who wish to withdraw their consent for any reason may do so by collecting the form from the College office. Any questions or concerns regarding the vaccinations can be addressed by calling Bernadette Williams at the Public Health Unit on 6620 7503. Chris Kalchbauer Administration Coordinator

Year 9 Canberra Trip - Monday, 23rd – Thursday, 26th June 2014 Year 9 Canberra Trip 2014 is on Monday, 23rd to Thursday, 26th June which is the last week of Term 2. The excursion in addition to it's social, cultural and entertainment outcomes are an important part of our Year 9 History course as well as fulfilling Board of Studies requirements for a site study in this case the Australian War Memorial. It is expected that all Year 9 students will attend this excursion.

The cost of the excursion is $440.00, and covers accommodation, transport, meals (except for lunch on the trip down and dinner on the trip home) and all entry fees. The amount has been billed via the school accounts system. To assist with numbers please complete the attached slip and have your child return it to Mr Battiston by Monday, 17th March. Jason Warneken Leader of HSIE

CREATIVE ARTS ONSTAGE EXCURSION Last Wednesday, Year’s 10, 11 and 12 Drama students travelled down to Sydney to view the Onstage performances and Onscreen film pieces, which are comprised of the top HSC Drama works in the state. After a sluggish start to the trip leaving at 3.30am, the group arrived at the Seymour Centre in Sydney ready and excited. They first viewed all the Design projects including set, costume, and advertisement, which were then followed by watching several top HSC scripts being acted out. Lastly, students viewed the individual and group performances which were hand selected into the program. The excursion was such an enjoyable and valuable experience for the students and assisted in their learning of what is required to succeed in HSC Drama. However, the excursion couldn’t have gone ahead without the hard work of both Mrs Tobi Harris and Mrs Claudette Stace who we would like to thank for organising the whole excursion. James Dick Creative Arts Trainee Playwriting Festival The NSW Writer’s Centre is proud to announce our Playwriting Festival to be held on: Saturday, 29th March 2014 from 10.00am – 6.30pm Where: NSW Writers’ Centre, Callan Park, Balmain Road, Rozelle Cost: Full price $90 Members: $60; Conc Member: $50 Bookings: 02 9555 9757 or Claudette Stace Leader of Creative Arts

MUSIC NEWS BRAVISSIMO Last Friday, 48 Music elective students from Years 9 to 12 had the privilege of attending Bravissimo 2014 concert at the Glasshouse. A fantastic showcase of the best HSC musicians from the Mid North Coast & Tablelands regions, these 20 outstanding performers came from schools in Armidale, Coffs Harbour, Kempsey, Port Macquarie, Taree, Gloucester & Great Lakes Forster. "Awesome" "Amazing" were what was heard from a few of the audience after the concert. Congratulations especially to Madeline Farlow, Alex Small, Ashleigh Wall & Jacob Corbet who were amongst this exceptional young talent. Leanne Johnson Music Teacher

MEDICAL CONDITIONS The school will be updating its records shortly for students with medical conditions. With respect to students who may suffer from serious medical conditions, the school keeps a record in the staffroom of the student and intervention required in the event that immediate action is needed whilst at school. In respect of other medical conditions we also keep a computer record for reference as required. We would ask that parents please notify the school of the following: 1. If your son/daughter has a medical condition that you believe may require intervention at school, please provide written details to the College office at Regional College. 2. If at any time you believe that your son/daughter may have either measles or chickenpox we would ask that you contact the school as soon as possible. It is very important that the school be notified of these conditions due to the threat to other students with low immune systems. 3. If your son/daughter may suffer from anaphylactic reaction we ask you to provide written details as soon as possible.

SCHOOL STUDENT TRANSPORT The College is in receipt of NSW School Pupil Identification Cards which are issued to students who have reached 16 years of age and over. These cards permit students to travel at the discounted rate of fare on all CityRail trains, State Transit buses and government ferries for journeys to and from sport, evening, weekend and vacation travel. Concession cards will also be available for country and interstate rail journeys on Countrylink services. Cards are available from the College office and are valid to 31st March 2015. Students under 16 do not require a concession card.

ATTENDANCE REMINDER A reminder to all parents, notes must be in within 7 days of your child's absence or the absence will be reported on your child's report as UNEXPLAINED. Students who have more than 15 days leave in a year must have supporting documentation from a doctor or make written application to the Assistant Principal. This may also require an interview with the Principal or Assistant Principal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PARENTS / GUARDIANS EXPLANATION FOR PUPIL’S ABSENCE PUPIL’S NAME _______________________________________Year__________ PC ________ DATE(S) OF ABSENCE _________________________________________________________ REASON FOR ABSENCE ________________________________________________________ PARENT / GUARDIAN SIGNATURE ________________________________ DATE __________ *Failure to have an absence explained within 7 days of returning to school MUST, BY LAW, be recorded and reported as UNEXPLAINED ABSENCE.

Europe Study Tour, January 2015

Calling for expressions of interest Dear Parent/Student, St Joseph’s Regional College and Mackillop College are considering running a joint study tour to Europe for students (open to all Year 11 and 12 students and selected Year 10 students) and interested family members in January 2015, visiting Rome, the Bay of Naples, the Western Front and Paris. The tour visits a number of sites directly relevant to core studies in the HSC subjects of both Ancient History and Modern History. The trip would also be of interest to students with an interest in art and in practicing the use of the French language. We are intending to run this tour with Academy Travel, an Australian-based company specialising in school group tours. Working closely with staff at the school, they will develop and manage a program specifically designed for our students. The first step in getting the tour off the ground is to gauge the level of serious interest among students and their family members before we organise an information evening to provide further information and to answer questions. The details of this information evening are: Date/Time: 6.00pm on Wednesday, 26th

Venue: St Joseph’s Regional College PAC

Please read through the attached flyer, particularly the sections on cost and inclusions. If you genuinely believe you are prepared to support such a financial commitment towards your child’s education and would therefore be interested in finding out more please contact Mr Warneken. Kind regards Jason Warneken Organising Teacher, St Joseph’ Regional College


UNIVERSITY ROADSHOW Yesterday, all of Year 12 attended the University Roadshow presentation. Representatives from Southern Cross University, University of New England and Charles Sturt University gave a broadbrush view of important aspects of post-HSC life and choices. These included thinking about where you might like to study, financial concerns and opportunities, ATARs and alternative entry schemes, and the advantages of studying in regional areas. We are grateful to these three universities who each year support our students in their decisionmaking in many ways.

Personal Career Emails- Parents of Years 10, 11 and 12 will be included in our regular weekly Careers newsletter which are emailed out. Please make sure you register your preferred email address as a point of contact with the College office if you haven’t already done so. Regional Careers Website- The Careers website at offers up-to-date information for parents and students in all year groups. Moodle – Careers - Always updated with important documents for work experience and university information. Parents can access this information via your child’s login. YEAR 8, 9 And 10 – TAX FILE NUMBERS- Tax file number forms are processed by Mrs Tinsey every Friday. New forms are now available from the office. Karen Bale & Leanne Tinsey, Leaders of Careers and University Transition

LIBRARY NEWS Library Lovers’ Day 2014 Last Friday, students entered into the spirit of “Library Lovers’ Day” celebrations with great gusto. How refreshing to borrow a book based not on its cover but on a brief description of its contents. Congratulations to those who took part. Textbooks and Library Books – Overdues from 2013 – Years 8-11 We are still chasing many unreturned textbooks and Library books from 2013. Soon, we will be billing families for lost items, so please ask your child to check their emails this week to see if they have books unaccounted for. Overdue lists are sent by email to student College email accounts, please encourage your child to check this regularly.

Like us on FaceBook – St Joseph’s Regional College Library. Follow us on Twitter – @sjrcexchange Karen Bale Teacher Librarian

HOMEWORK HUB The Library is a great place for students to complete class work and assessment tasks. All Library resources are available for use during this time. On Tuesdays, Mrs Rosenbaum, our Leader of Mathematics, is available to assist you with mathematical problems. The hours are:

Monday and Wednesday 3.15pm - 4.30pm Tuesday and Thursday 3.15pm - 5.00pm Friday 3.15pm - 4.00pm

The Homework Hub is for people who are "getting things done". Mr Ian Lutton Homework Hub Supervisor

MATHS VAULT PROBLEMS A bag contains 8 blue marbles, 4 red marbles and 3 green marbles. In a single draw, what is the probability of not drawing a green marble? Express your answer as a common fraction. Last Week’s Answer: 15 minutes

CANTEEN ROSTER VOLUNTEERS NEEDED- The College canteen is in need of some extra help. If you would like to help on any day during the week between 9.30am-1.30pm (or even just a couple of hours in the middle of the day) please phone Jo Farthing at the College Canteen on 5525 4100. Term 1, Week 4 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Marion Pallot Ann Barth Help Please Help Please Michelle Cramp

SECONDHAND UNIFORM SHOP St Joseph’s Regional College Second-hand Uniform Shop Mrs Carol Avery is available to assist you with second-hand uniform purchases on: Tuesday afternoons from 2.45pm – 3.45pm Please go to the College office where our friendly office ladies will direct you to Carol. We require donations of second hand uniforms. Items can be dropped into the front office. Small sizes are urgently needed in the following items: Girls Skirts and White Blouses, Boys Grey Shorts and White Shirts GIRLS BLUE TUNICS will no longer be part of the College uniform in 2014. If you wish to donate your blue tunics to the College we will be, in turn, donating them to a school in a developing country or an indigenous community in remote Australia.

LOST PROPERTY Students who have lost items are required to log the details on the College “Moodle” web page. Mrs Carol Avery coordinates our lost property and will endeavour to get items back to students as soon as possible. Please ensure all uniform items are clearly labelled with name and PC class, especially hats.


Camden Haven Sea Scouts are opening more sections of Scouting for the Camden Haven community. We have trained leader ready to introduce our youth into a worthwhile and challenging activity. We offer trial periods, totally free, so that families can experience the scouting movement without any upfront costs basically try before your buy! For further information contact Deidre McInherney-Nash on 6559 5224 or 0417 964225

COMMUNITY NOTICES Port Macquarie FC- registration days will be held on Saturday, 22nd Feb at Hibbard Sports Club from 10.00am – 2.00pm and Port Central Shopping Centre on Saturday, 1st March from 10.00am – 2.00pm For further information or . Port Saints Football Club- Registration days are Saturday 22nd February from 9.00am-1.00pm at John Oxley Motors on Hastings River drive and on 26th Feb between 5.00pm-6.30pm at the club house at Findlay Avenue. Registration is currently open on line through the link at For further details contact club registrar at Port City Breakers Junior Rugby League Football Club- Registration is Saturday 22nd February at Rebel Sport 11.00am to 2.00pm. Registered players will receive a club polo shirt & beach towel. Online registration and payment option is available to re-registering players. Details are available on the website or phone Gary Hogan on 0466 184 202. Port United Football Club- registration day is this Saturday 22nd February from 1.00pm-4.00pm at the Dixie Park clubhouse, Hastings River Drive. All U6 and U7 players will receive a free soccer ball and pair of shin pads. Players are also able to register for the new season online. Contact the club by email at or via inbox on facebook to PortUnited FC for more information or to receive the clubs registration package. Wauchope Junior Rugby League - will be holding their registration day on Saturday 22nd Feb 9.00am -12.00pm at Lank Bain Sporting Complex, Beechwood Rd. Wauchope. (Jnr. League grounds). Cost $100 per child (includes Wauchope JRL polo shirt) For further information contact Cassie Linards on 65 864 792 Wauchope Soccer Club online registration is now open for 2014. To register go to: or come along to Wauchope RSL Club on Saturday 22nd February: 10.00am – 2.30pm in Auditorium 2 & Thursday 27th February: 5.00pm – 7.00pm in Auditorium 2. For more information contact Tracey Eastwood on 0400 929 480. Lake Cathie Raiders Soccer Club Registration, & strip fitting days will be on Sat 22nd Feb at the Lake Cathie Bowling Club between 9.00am-1.00p.m. Online registrations are now open at For further information email included in the Registration fee for U6-U16 is a personalised playing strip and team photo. Ages U6 & U7 receive free a ball & shin guards. Port Macquarie Physical Culture All are welcome, bring a friend. Phone 6585 4224 or 0408 231 253 for details. Camden Haven Netball Club- are holding their registration days on: Saturday 22nd Feb 10.00am to 1.00pm, Thursday 27th Feb 3.00pm to 6.00pm and Saturday 1st Mar 10.00am to 1.00pm at LUSC Sportsmans Bar. Anyone wishing to sign up for coaching or managing teams please come along.

POSTPONED On behalf of Fr Daniel Redhead of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Wauchope expresses his sincere apologies for the postponement of The Young Adult Mass to Sunday, 23rd March. Further information will be available in the coming weeks.




TERM 1 Week 5

Mon 24th Feb Tues 25th Feb

Hastings Zone Primary Winter Sports Trials – Oval closing date NSW All Schools Triathlon – Penrith

Week 6

Mon 3rd Mar Tues 4th Mar Tues 4th Mar Wed 5th Mar Wed 5th Mar Wed 5th Mar Thur 6th Mar Thur 6th Mar Fri 7th Mar

NSWCCC tennis selection trial - Parramatta NSWCCC baseball selection trial - Sydney Diocesan open & U/16 girls hockey trials - Grafton Ash Wednesday Diocesan Swimming Travel Day NSW All Schools Triathlon Day 1 - Penrith Diocesan Swimming Carnival - Banora point NSW All Schools Triathlon Day 2 - Penrith Yr 7 Reflection Day - No Sport

Week 7

Mon 10th Mar Thurs 13th Mar

Northern CCC Golf Selection Trials – Tuncurry 12s,13s,14s,16s & O Hastings 9s RL - Port Mac

Week 8

Mon - Fri

Yr 10 Retreat

Mon 17th Mar Tues 18th Mar Wed 19th Mar

Diocesan winter sport trials travel day - Lismore Dio winter sport trials (soccer, league, union, AFL) NSWCCC Hockey selection trial closing date

Week 9

Mon 24th Mar Mon 24th Mar Fri 28th Mar

NSWCCC Hockey selection trial - Newcastle Yr 10 PE & English assessment day Opens Country Cup rugby league gala day

Week 10

Tues 1st Apr Thurs 3rd Apr

SJRC Cross Country 14s & 16s Rugby 7s gala day - Coffs Harbour

Week 11

Wed 9th Apr

NSWCCC Northern RL trials – Smithtown

Term 2

Week 1

Mon 28th Apr Tues 29th Apr

Pupil Free Day NSWCCC Swimming & Diving - Homebush

2014 Sport Permission Notes – Permission notes should now been completed for all students. This is particularly important for students in Years 9 and 10 who are leaving the College grounds for sporting activities. Failure in completing this form will result in your child remaining at the College and participating in school sport only. If you have not filled in the form yet, please click the link below or go to the front page of the school sport website. The same form can be used for all year levels. If you have more than one child at the school please click the "submit another choice" at the end of the process to enter your second child’s information.

SJRC Diocesan Swimming Squad The St Joseph’s Regional Swimming Squad to attend the Diocesan Carnival at Banora Point on 6th March 2014 has been announced. For a full list of names and events that students have qualified for can be found on the College Sport website (link below) For all the latest Sports news, click the link below

St Joseph's Regional College T1, Wk4 21st Feb 2014  

Weekly newsletter

St Joseph's Regional College T1, Wk4 21st Feb 2014  

Weekly newsletter