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ST. JOSEPH’S REGIONAL COLLEGE 31st August 2012 What’s on Week 8 Term 3 2012

“The Truth will set you free”

P.O. Box 231 College Drive PORT MACQUARIE 2444 Ph: 02 5525 4100 Fax: 02 5525 4199

SUNDAY 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Mass Times: St. Agnes’ Port Macquarie Our Lady of Lourdes Wauchope Saturday Vigil – 6.00pm Saturday Vigil – 6.00pm Sunday – 7.30am, 9.00am & 6.00pm Sunday 7.30am Telegraph Point – Thursday Night 6.00pm Beechwood – 9.00am 1st & 3rd Laurieton – Saturday Vigil 5.30pm, Sunday – 7.30am Kendall – 9.00am Mass (1st Saturday month 10.00am Mass Comboyne) Long Flat – 9.00am 2nd & 4th Sunday MONDAY, 3rd September (Day 6)


Staff Briefing 8.30am Leadership Team Meeting Period 1 SAPSS Jazz band in Performing Arts Centre from 4.00pm – 6.00pm

TUESDAY, 4th September (Day 7)


WEDNESDAY, 5th September (Day 8)


Sport day for Year 7-10 Blood Donation Day in PAC Deadly Days SAPSS Leadership Team Meeting period 4 Homework Hub for Seniors till 5.00pm SAPSS Concert Band 4.00pm – 5.00pm Junior Percussion Ensemble 8.00am – 8.45am in PAC College Assembly Senior Percussion Ensemble 1.05pm – 1.45pm in C1 Admin Team Meeting period 6 Dramarama in PAC 3.30pm Rugby Academy Awards in PAC 5.30pm Music Showcase – Westport Club 7.00pm

THURSDAY, 6th September (Day 9)


Seniors Meeting in morning PC Grand Final PC Touch Football – Senior and Junior Homework Hub for Seniors till 5.00pm

FRIDAY, 7th September (Day 10)


Year 9 Volleyball in Hall 7.30am Concert Band in PAC 7.45am – 8.45am Year 7 – 10 Meeting in morning PC Pastoral Team Meeting period 4 Boys Volleyball training after school in hall

DATES TO REMEMBER: Wednesday 19th September Thursday 20th September Monday 10th – Thursday 20th September Monday 17th – Wednesday 19th September

Year 12 Graduation Mass 6.30pm St Agnes Church Year 12 Graduation and Major Award Presentations at 9.30am in Hall Year 11 Preliminary Exams Year 8 Camp – South West Rocks

PLEASE NOTE Statements were sent home earlier this Term and we thank those families who have settled their accounts already. A reminder to those whose accounts are still outstanding, the due date is 31st August 2012.

COORDINATING PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE FATHER’S DAY Sunday is Father’s Day and our opportunity to honour our fathers, to celebrate fatherhood and commemorate our forefathers. We are all aware of the importance of a father or father figure in the lives of both boys and girls. A male role model is especially important for boys in determining their ideals of manhood and their identity. Dr Ken Caulfield has identified the following that sons need to learn from their dads: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Help to plan their future; Example of how to live, speak and act as a male; A mentor to keep them on track and accountable; Moral and spiritual benchmarks; and Love – sons need to be shown love and need to be shown how to cultivate love and responsible action towards others.

CHILD PROTECTION WEEK September 3rd – 9th is Child Protection Week. Sadly, sexual abuse has happened in many organisations, including the Church. Perpetrators have caused great harm to victims and undermined faith and trust in adults, most of whom have only the best interests of children in mind. The past reminds us that we must remain vigilant in the future. It is the responsibility of each one of us to protect children at risk of harm from neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

HASTINGS EDUCATION FUND A group of local educators and business people established the Hastings Education Fund in 2011. It is designed to give financial support to students wishing to attend University or complete postschool courses at TAFE. Last year the Fund raised around $70,000 which was distributed to local students on the basis of need. Several of our schools’ ex-students benefited from this financial assistance. Apart from sponsorship from local firms, a raffle is their major fundraiser. There are many great prizes with the first prize two return air fare tickets from Sydney to Auckland courtesy of Emirates and two nights’ accommodation courtesy of The Langham Hotel, Auckland. There are also many other great prizes including a Childish/Photography Gift package valued at $570.00 and a number of other accommodation and restaurant vouchers. Tickets are $10.00 each or three for $20.00. These can be purchased through school offices up until Friday, 16th November. It would be great if some parents could take a book of twenty five tickets and sell them in their workplace or to friends. The draw will be on Friday, 23rd November. Mr Jim O’Brien Coordinating Principal

PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE CREATING A BULLY FREE ENVIRONMENT – THIS IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY In every enrolment interview I discuss with parents the importance of our partnership in their son/daughter’s education. I encourage parents to contact their Pastoral Care Coordinator, Pastoral Care Teacher Mrs Eichmann or myself whenever they have a concern. I would like to remind parents about this partnership as we can only work in partnership with parents if we communicate with each other. My aim is to provide the best education for your son or daughter and their wellbeing is just as important as their academic pursuits. If a parent contacts the staff we will always do our best to work with them in the situation they present. I have included some notes on bullying you may wish to reflect on. There is no mention of the cyberbullying in the following notes, which we all know occurs via Facebook and in chat rooms or via text messages. In these cases the bully can be very spiteful as they aren’t doing it in person, therefore, making these forms very nasty. Parents need to be very aware of who their sons/daughters are speaking with via these mediums. I draw your attention to our Anti-Bullying Policy which is on page 12 of the student diary as it is vital that all members of the College community are very familiar with this policy. Tips for parents: help teenagers use brains to battle bullies Sooner or later, your son or daughter may encounter a bully. How will they handle that encounter? How can you help? Bullying is when one student or a group intentionally hurts another student over and over again, and over a prolonged period. It goes beyond good-natured occasional joking or teasing. Hurt is infected through assaults that can range from words, such as name-calling or taunting, to physical aggression. And a subtler, but just as damaging form of bullying, is socially isolating a student. Parental antennae can be attuned to signs that could suggest that their sons/daughters might be having trouble with a bully. Here are just some of the signs to watch for. If your son or daughter: Comes home from school with cuts and bruises, damaged school materials, and/or clothes dirty and/or torn. Frequently loses possessions Appears afraid, or depressed, or moody Often cries before going to sleep Feels ill in the morning to avoid going to school Loses interest in school work Becomes quiet, passive, or anxious These are signs that bullying may be happening Teenagers often hesitate to reveal they are being bullied. If you suspect something is amiss, take the direct approach and act as if there’s a problem. Although teenagers typically will deny it initially, encourage them to share their feelings by assuring that you’ll help and support them in solving any problems. Don’t promise that you won’t tell. Instead, repeat your support in helping them to work out the problem.

The best strategy is to teach your son/daughter ways of avoiding encounters with a bully. Some parents worry that they’re teaching their son/daughter to be cowards, and that socking the bully will solve the problem once and for all. On the contrary, returning aggression with aggression escalates and inflames a situation. Instead, help develop strategies to solve the problem. Here are a few: Avoid the bully. Don’t be alone where the bully can pick on you. Enlist a friend to help. Bullies have a harder time picking on one person if someone friendly is around. Try not to show a reaction; bullies like reactions. Ignore the bully. Say stop! Or No! and walk away. If you suspect your son or daughter is being bullied, immediately alert the teacher so that the situation can be monitored for their safety. And keep talking with and listening to your son/daughter. Ask about school, social and other activities, other students in the class. Encourage your son/daughter to talk with you at every opportunity. The conversations may help you to identify problems. Acknowledgement: Schoolwide Prevention of Bullying, by Cori Brewster and Jennifer Railsback.

OUR SYMPATHY Our community was saddened to learn of the tragic death of Hugh Campbell, Year 6 student at St Joseph’s Primary School, Wauchope who died as a result of a farm accident on the weekend. Our sympathy and prayers go to Hugh’s parents, Greg and Keyna and his three older siblings. Please keep the staff and students of St Joseph’s Wauchope in your thoughts and prayers as they come to terms with the sudden and tragic death of Hugh. I interviewed Hugh earlier this year as he prepared for his high school education and he was a beautiful, bright young boy who loved his sport

“May the Spirit Spirit of the Lord be with you” Mrs Anne O’Brien Principal


Tasks this week. IC = in class task; HI = Hand in task


English (HI), Music (IC)


English (HI), Art (HI), Maths (IC), Textiles (HI)


English (IC), Geography (IC), Music (HI)


English (IC)


Monday: Textiles, DT, IPT, PE (IC) Thursday: SOR 2U Friday: Ind Tech



LOST PROPERTY A reminder to students who have lost a phone, jewellery (including gold rings and bracelets) or a watch this year, would you please see Mrs Williams in the office.

JOPRIM NEWS Please note that JOPRIM will be CLOSED on Friday 14th September and Saturday morning 15th September 2012 as Lorraine is taking leave.

INDIGENOUS FAMILY FAITH RETREAT The Diocesan Parent Assembly, in consultation with the Indigenous Education Officer, have organised an Indigenous Family Retreat to be held at Yarrawarra Aboriginal Culture Centre, Red Rock , Corindi on October 27th and 28th ,2012. This is an invitation to a weekend of fun and socialising in the Aboriginal Catholic spirit. This can be the start of a new beginning in a busy and stressful life, and a great opportunity to strengthen and reconnect- to stop and take time out as a family. Accommodation and meals are free for all families with children enrolled in Parish Schools in the Diocese of Lismore. To register call Doreen Flanders on 0419 986 940 or contact Jackie Howard on 5525 4100 or email:

PARALYMPICS WHEELCHAIR RUGBY SCHEDULE Playing Times (AEST) on ABC TV 6th September 4.00am V Canada 6th September 11.00pm V Sweden 7th September 7.00pm V Belgium Semi Finals 1 – 8th September 11.00pm Semi Finals 2 – 9th September 11.15pm Medal Ceremony – 10th September 9.00pm Gold Medal – 9th September 11.15pm Paralympic Games Coverage 31st August – 9th September Opening Ceremony ABC 1 Thursday 30th August 5.20am Closing Ceremony ABC 1 Monday 10th September 5.20am Morning Coverage 4.00am – 8.30am Evening Coverage 6.00pm – 7.00pm ABC 1 Evening Coverage 7.00pm – 11.00pm ABC 2


Saturday 15 June 2013 Celebrating 100 years of Catholic education in Port Macquarie. Watch this space!!! FROM THE MATHS’ VAULT Find the dimensions of the rectangle that has a length 3 meters more that its width and a perimeter equal in value to its area? Answer for last week 4 students

LIBRARY NEWS PARENT LIBRARY Our College Library houses numerous titles which have been purchased or donated for use by parents. The Diocese of Lismore Catholic Schools Parent Assembly has kindly donated many of these, and this week, we present a review of one of them. Please contact Library staff if you would like to borrow this, or indeed any of the forthcoming reviewed titles. “12-16 Years : the high school child” is a DVD subtitled “a practical and fun-filled guide to managing children’s behaviour” by Dr John Irvine. Dr John Irvine is one of Australia’s most heard, seen and read child psychologists. He had his own one teacher school at the age of 18, taught in NSW schools for many years before becoming a child psychologist and was awarded the Shell Prize for Arts and the University medal during his studies at the University of New England. This particular DVD addresses common behavioural problems in adolescents in an audience setting Contact Library staff to arrange to borrow this item. CHILDRENS’ BOOK WEEK 2012 – “CHAMPIONS READ” As part of the College's Book Week celebrations, ex-Waratah Rugby Union player Peter Besseling visited the Library last Thursday to speak to students about his experiences as a reader, and as an elite sportsman. The theme for Book Week this year is "Champions Read", and so Mr Besseling was able to thrill the audience with stories of his playing career, as well as sharing his reading likes and habits throughout his life. Those attending were invited to pass around his Australian Sports Medal awarded in 2000, and his Ken Catchpole Medal for Best and Fairest in Sydney Club Rugby awarded in 1999. He made special mention of the fact that even when playing Rugby at such an elite level, he still found time to read to relax, and that this has always been an important part of his life. Afterwards, students continued to chat to Mr Besseling, and seek further information whilst enjoying a sausage sizzle lunch. LUCKY READER DRAW FOR AUGUST – NATIONAL YEAR OF READING 2012 CONTINUES… While Mr Besseling was here, he drew a name from the barrel for our Lucky Reader Draw for August – a part of our National Year of Reading 2012 Celebrations. The lucky winner... for a second time this year …. Keiran Rodgers in Year 7. Congratulations Keiran – you deserve to win as you are a busy reader.

Stay up to date with what’s happening….“Like” us at St Joseph’s Regional College Library, on FaceBook. Or Follow us on Twitter – @sjrcexchange Karen Bale - Teacher Librarian

FROM THE PARISH OFFICE ALTAR SERVERS It is time once again to call for children interested in serving on the Altar. Serving is an important Ministry in the life of the Church and one that is well respected. If you are interested in becoming a server, especially at the 6.00pm Saturday Vigil, 7.30am or 9.00am Sunday masses please call Peter on 6584 9970, or come to the Sacristy before any of these masses on the weekend and have a go. It is not hard, but it is important.

YOUTH CENTRE HELP The youth centre is approaching completion, however due to unexpected issues such as white ants and asbestos removal, the budget will not cope with all that needs to be done to complete the project. HOWEVER – WE CAN HELP We need to paint the inside of the wooden hall and some low walls inside the main complex. This can easily be arranged with a working bee of able bodied people willing to give up a few hours over a week or on a weekend. If you feel you can assist or have some spare time over the next few weeks, please call Peter on 6584 9970. Your help will be very much appreciated.

ENERGIZE YOUTH Will be getting together on Friday 31st August in the Pastoral Activities Centre from 4.00pm to 7.00pm for a games and movie night. All children aged 13 years and over are invited to come along. For more information contact Peter on 6584 9970.

ABSENCE NOTES Below you will find a proforma for a student Absence Note. This is the preferred method for parents to notify the College of their child’s absences. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PARENTS / GUARDIANS EXPLANATION FOR PUPIL’S ABSENCE PUPIL’S NAME _______________________________________Year_________ PC ________ DATE(S) OF ABSENCE ________________________________________________________ REASON FOR ABSENCE ______________________________________________________ PARENT / GUARDIAN SIGNATURE ________________________________ DATE ________ *Failure to have an absence explained within 7 days of returning to school MUST, BY LAW, be recorded and reported as UNEXPLAINED ABSENCE.

We CAN Creative Arts News CONGRATULATIONS to our Year 12 Visual Arts students on the completion of their bodies of work, soon to be submitted for HSC marking and to our Year 12 Drama students who completed their HSC performances today. Well done! “Break a Leg” to Melody Bader, Peirson McMurtrie and Jordan Crozier who are performing in the Theatre Bites showcase at the Glasshouse on Saturday night.


Next Wednesday evening, September 5th, The Westport Club will ring with the musical sounds of the St Agnes Parish Secondary Schools Concert Band and Jazz Band. These students rehearse weekly at St Joseph’s Regional College but at least half of them attend school at either MacKillop Senior College or St Paul’s High School. The two Ensembles are rehearsing for their annual tour which is heading out west this year. As well as playing at schools in Dubbo, Forbes and Gilgandra, the bands are playing at Dubbo and Katoomba RSL Clubs. The highlight of the trip will be a performance in the Jenolan Caves, which is just west of Katoomba. As well as the 40 musicians mentioned above, we will be doubly fortunate to be present at the last public performances of the year 12 Music Students from St Joseph’s Regional College and MacKillop Senior College. These students will be performing the following week for their HSC exam and will be showcasing a variety of music from singing to rock groups, and will include many soloists. As well as winning their section of the James Morrison’s “Generation in Jazz” competition in May this year, the SAPSS Jazz Band has just recently returned from performing at the Bellingen Jazz Festival. The Concert starts at 7pm in the Hastings Room upstairs at the club and will have a cost of $5.00 for adults and children free.

DONATIONS The Art department would greatly appreciate donations of old clean towels, magazines, newspapers and old bed sheets for student projects. CANTEEN ROSTER Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

HELP PLEASE?? Kim Galloway HELP PLEASE?? Julie Davis-Chaplin Stephanie Pepper

CAREERS ALERT All Year 11 and 12 parents are encouraged to ensure that they have subscribed to their free service as all careers information is distributed this way. Follow the link below and follow the prompts to sign up. MOODLE – CAREERS Always updated with important documents for work experience and university information. Parents can access this information via your child’s login. YEAR 8, 9 and 10 – TAX FILE NUMBERS Tax file number forms are processed by Mrs Tinsey every Friday. New forms are now available from the office. UPCOMING EVENTS ACU and UTS Early Entry Schemes due. 21st September 28th September On-time applications to UAC & VTAC close th 30 September On-time applications to QTAC close 23rd October Senior Schools Day at Southern Cross University UNI CONNECT A forum to connect regional secondary students with university students across Australia. How to find us: Search Facebook Pages for Uni Connect and ‘like’ the page to start asking questions. How to use the page: • If you have a broad question write it directly onto the wall and someone will get back to you •

If you have a specific question about a university or degree go to the not titled “Meet the Uni Connect Team’ which is pinned to the top of the wall and search for someone currently studying at the university or doing the degree you are interested in, then write the question on the wall starting off with the name of the Uni Connect Team Member you are addressing the question to.

Keep an eye on the notes section for university tips, interview tips, application tips, FAQ and more.

CAREER TOOLS We are trialling a new Careers communication system called Career Tools. We have sent out some group emails recently and ask that you are patient as we learn to operate this new system. Please open any links contained in the emails in Adobe Reader. Any feedback would be appreciated. If you have a child in Year 10 or 12 and you didn’t receive a careers email please contact Michelle in the office to update your details. SOUTHERN CROSS UNIVERSITY SENIOR SCHOOL’S DAY On October 23rd, Year 11 students will have the opportunity to attend Senior School’s Day at Southern Cross University (Coffs Harbour Campus). This is a day where students can access a lot of information regarding transitioning from school to University, costs, living away from home, along with course specific information. More information about this day to follow shortly

ROTARY ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION Selected Year 8 English students were once again invited to participate in the 2012 Rotary Essay Writing Competition. The competition required students to investigate an issue of international significance and to present their findings in a form and medium of their choosing. Congratulations to Jennifer Miller who received the bronze award for her compelling promotional video on Eradicating Poverty; to Mary Shelley who received the silver award for her thoughtful essay on the issue of landmines; and to Lauren Bartie who received the gold award for her extensive and detailed research into the issue of Australia’s refugee policy. A special thankyou to Mr Darren Smith and Miss Amy Chaloner for judging this year’s entries. Ms Brigitte Rieger English coordinator


Tickets available from the College office: $5 single or $10 family

NIPPERS REGISTRATION DATES PMSLSC (Flynn’s Beach) is holding registration and proficiency swim days at Port Macquarie Town Pool at 10am – 1pm on Sat 8th and 15th Sept 2012. All children age 5yrs and up are welcome to join us this season to have a fun and rewarding experience while also learning new skills, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making great new friends. For more information visit our website

PORT MACQUARIE JUNIOR CRICKET CLUB REGISTRATIONS 1st September Sportspower 10.00am -1.00pm 8th September McDonalds Settlement City 10,00am – 1.00pm Online registration now open Email Mobile 0439 803 957 GIRLS ONLY CRICKET SKILLS. Every Wednesday 3.45 -5.00 pm at Wayne Richards park. Come along with your friends for some fun cricket sessions. High quality NSW breaker female coach. Enquiries 0439 803 957 PORT MACQUARIE LITTLE ATHLETICS Little Athletics gives children the opportunity to learn new skills and coordination through friendly competition in a range of athletics events. Children born prior to 30 September 2009 can join Little Athletics. All athletes are encouraged to do their personal best (PB) each week and the emphasis is on improving across the season, rather than winning. Returning to Little Athletics? - Registration and training sessions will be held for the next four weeks. New to Little Athletics? - Come and try before registering. You will need to bring proof of age for your child with you to register. We are at Stuarts Park (basketball stadium end) on: Friday 31 August - 5.15 pm Friday 7 September - 5.15 pm Friday 14 September - 5.15 pm Friday 21 September - 5.15 pm (final day for registrations) Athletes that missed the presentation day can also collect medals and attendance sheets from last season. For more information ring 0418 293 894 or Google Port Macquarie Little Athletics.


Annual Walkathon

New Sponsors Invited: We would love to hear from any new families to our school community who would like to sponsor our annual Walkathon. The money and prizes donated are used to promote the event and goes towards purchasing new equipment and / or services for the school, this in turn benefits the students. Major sponsors will be advertised in our newsletter.

Any parent / grandparent or guardian who would like to assist us on the day would not only be most welcome, but your assistance would be greatly appreciated! Please complete the form below and return to the front office. I/we are able to assist on Walkathon Day Friday 14th September 2012. __________________________ Ph: _____________ __________________________ Ph: _____________ Cook/ Set up BBQ (from 9:00-1:00pm)

Serve BBQ & drinks (from 10:30-1:30pm)




REGIONAL COLLEGE SPORTS WRAP CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS FUTSAL REPORT Girls: Regional girls put in an impressive performance in the recent FUTSAL Champion of Champions challenge. They opened their account with a tenacious win over Wauchope 20. In their second game they were up against the highly fancied Maclean team. The girls worked hard for one another however were eventually overrun 5-1. Coffs Harbour was the next challenge. With some fast end to end play, the Regional girls came home victorious 2-1. Next up was another strong team from Bellingen. The girls played hard and showed some real team spirit. The game was played at breakneck speed and eventuated in a 2 all draw. The final game of the day was against the very talented and well renown team Kellyville, who boast numerous national players. By this stage some fatigue had set in and Kellyville took full advantage with the girls going down 9-0. It must be noted that the Regional team was one of the youngest in the event and all team members stepped up to the challenge. Some amazing efforts were put in by Cara Holmes, Kacia Goodsell, and Maddie Caughlin in particular. A special mention must also go to Francis Amman who provided some of the days highlights with exceptional anticipation in the goals. Well done girls Boys: Having come from a heavy fortnight of Trial HSC exams, our Regional boys arrived looking to decompress. The day opened against Eastport high and numerous opportunities were created however went uncapitalised. With scores locked at 1 all, a late flurry of possession to Eastport saw them runout victors 3-1. Arch rivals Camden Haven High were next. Regional shot to an early lead however went to sleep on the defensive and CH pounced. This game was played at a frenetic pace and CH's small men reveled in the conditions with Regional going down 4-2. Regional were on tired legs and faced a pumped up Coffs Harbour High. With blood in the water, Coffs punished simple errors and were victorious 7-1. By game 4 the Regional boys broke the shackles and went back to their roots, playing for fun. It showed in their game with the boys defeating Wingham High 3-1 in what was to be their best performance of the day. Regional were to face off with Bellingen in the final game of the day. The match was an entertaining one, with the teams going blow for blow. Scores were 3 all with barely a minute on the clock before Bellingen snuck home a match clinching goal to run out winners 4-3. Throughout the day the boys showed tremendous sportsmanship and can hold their heads high. Mr Jeremy Buckley & Mrs Alex Glen-Holmes Futsal Coaches



REGIONAL COLLEGE SPORTS WRAP SPORT ELECTIVES Following is a list of sports available for Term 4 electives. The sport selection program will open at 6am on Tuesday week eight (Term 3) and close on Friday week eight (Term 3) at 9:00am. Changes can be made in week 9 only. This Term it will be first in best dressed - students only need to make one selection. Please discuss your selections with parents and friends before Tuesday week 8. If you already do contract sport please choose that elective - otherwise please ask Mr. Cannon Sport Academy Basketball Beach Walking Contract Sport Dive Towers/Slide Fishing Indoor Games Learn to Golf Learn to Surf Mixed Martial Arts School Sport Rock Climbing/Laser Skirmish Ten Pin Bowling Skating Surfing Yoga

Venue Port Stadium Various n/a Wauchope Pool Various Hall Port Driving Range Flynn's Beach Jindalee Rd Oval & Courts

Number Cost/week 15 $25 Total 20 $3 n/a n/a 50 $7 20 $4 35 No Cost 20 $7 16 $12 20 $8 50 Nil

Centre of Gravity



Wave Bowl Port Skate Park Flynn's Beach School

35 15 16 20

$7 Total $30 Nil $5

U/15 & U/19 NORTHERN NSW CRICKET TRIAL Boys interested in trialing for the Northern NSWCCC U/15 and U/19 Cricket Teams in Coffs Harbour on Wednesday the 24th October - please register (parents will need to do this) at the link on the school sports website.

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