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“The Truth will set you free”


Term 2, Week 4

24 May 2013

P.O. Box 231, College Drive PORT MACQUARIE 2444 Ph: 02 5525 4100 Fax: 02 5525 4199


Trinity- Sorry Day, Journey of Healing

Mass Times:

St. Agnes’ Port Macquarie Our Lady of Lourdes Wauchope Saturday Vigil – 6.00pm Saturday Vigil – 6.00pm and Sunday 7.30am Sunday – 7.30am, 9.00am & 6.00pm Long Flat – 9.00am 2nd & 4th Sunday Kendall – 9.00am Mass (1st Saturday month 10.00am Mass Comboyne) Telegraph Point – Thursday Night 6.00pm Beechwood – 9.00am 1st & 3rd Lake Cathie – Sunday 8.00am Laurieton – Saturday Vigil 5.30pm, Sunday – 7.30am

What’s on Term 2, Week 5 MONDAY, 27th May (Day 1)


Year 11 Examinations Staff Briefing 8.30am SAPSS Jazz Band in Performing Arts Centre 4.30pm-6.00pm Homework Hub in Library till 4.30pm

TUESDAY, 28th May (Day 2)


Proclaim Staff Professional Development • Pupil Free Day ( Year 7-10 Study Day) Year 12 RSA Course

WEDNESDAY, 29th May (Day 3)


Year 11 Examinations House Staff Meetings 8.20am-8.45am Dramarama in PAC 3.30pm Senior Percussion Ensemble 1.05pm-1.45pm in PAC Homework Hub in Library till 4.30pm

THURSDAY, 30th May (Day 4)


Year 11 Examinations Visit by Kath Evans- 10.00am & 11.10am 13’s boy and 13’s girl high jump on oval at lunchtime Homework Hub in Library till 5.00pm

FRIDAY, 31st May (Day 5)


Year 11 Examinations Concert Band 7.45am-8.45am in PAC 12’s boy and 12’s girl high jump on oval at lunchtime Homework Hub in Library till 4.00pm

DATES TO REMEMBER: Tuesday 4th – Friday 7th June Thursday 6th June Tuesday 11th June

Year 7-10 Exams Year 11 Mass in PAC Athletics Carnival

Immunisation – Change of Dates Thursday 13th June - Immunisation Year 7 Friday 14th June - Immunisation Year 9 Boys only + Catch up’s

COORDINATING PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE PROCLAIM GATHERING Next Tuesday all staff from Catholic schools in the area will participate in a day organised by the Diocese designed to help us reflect on our mission as educators and further strengthen the culture of our Catholic schools. In his latest message to schools, the Director of Catholic Schools, David Condon, affirms staff and reminds them that we hold a privileged position “to assist students in learning to make quality choices in life that will lead them to what is true, beautiful and good. This privilege is best exercised through the personal witness of our lives”. The Director then goes on to remind us that this was stated clearly by Pope Paul VI when he wrote, “Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if he does listen to teachers, it is because they are witnesses”. During the day there will be input from the Director, David Condon, Bishop Jarrett, Chris Lowney, a leadership consultant from New York and Jude Hennessey, a leader from the Diocese of Wollongong. The Diocese, like our committed teachers, are reluctant to be taking time off classes. However, we know that the staff in our Catholic schools, are the key to maintaining a high quality education in the Catholic tradition. It is important, therefore, to take time to stop, reflect and plan for the future. Ultimately, the beneficiaries will be our students. Mr Jim O’Brien Coordinating Principal

PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE Year 12 Semester Awards Ceremony On Tuesday morning Year 12 gathered with families members for our Mid Semester Awards Ceremony. The assembly provided well-timed opportunity to acknowledge and affirm the great work and leadership shown by this exceptional group of students. I would like to particularly thank our Year 12 Coordinator, Ms Heidi Flanagan for not only her coordination of the assembly, but also because of her great sense of stewardship in her leadership role.

Congratulations to the following Year 12 students who received an Excellence or Application Award in their courses. Also, a special mention to our Year 12 Pastoral Care teachers: Helen Gilbert, Gary Handley, Paul Plunkett, Bronwyn Shipton, Phil Shelley, Gordon West, Debbie Hill and Sean Jennings for your dedication to our senior students.


Bryden Sloan-Harris

Ashleigh Wall

OUTSTANDING APPLICATION AWARD Erica Bell James Dick Stephanie Figgins Timothy McMillan

Emelye Coenraad Elenya Dixon Ashleigh Hales Jessica Mitchell Tiarna Semchyshyn

Meg Coyne Rohan Ellis Taylor Kennedy Jessica Myers Cara Thorogood

Emily-Jane Dahl Alisha Ferguson Tayla Maloney Caitlin Neville

EXCELLENCE and/or APPLICATION AWARD Antonia Ainsworth Tim Bleasdale Shakira Branch Tara Connolly Tristan Fahey Sophie Gray Zachary Horne Sherah Knight Anjelica Magbanua Samuel McGrath Andrew Newbound Brodie Savage Tarsha Tickle

James Allen Natalie Boghossian Jayden Burgess William Cook Aidhan Fahey Drew Green Ryan Hoskins Gemma Laurie Riley Mahon Jaimie McWhirter David Olsen Eamonn Shannon Malcolm Turner Timothy Williams

Melissa Attard Timothy Border Alexandra Carroll Ayden Day Madeline Farlow Keeley Hall Benjamin Hughes Benen Livermore Grace Maloney Maggie Miller Rhani Perkins Alex Small Callum Vogel Liam Wright

Samantha Bayly Brieanna Borg Kane Christian Thomas Dennis Cara Glen-Holmes Adam Hancey Kosta Kafantaris Alana Macrow-Cain Tori Marr-Harris Dane Moore Nathan Ross Lachlan Swan Maddison Weller

Thank you to Parents of St Joseph’s Regional College This week, I would like to pay tribute to parents and grandparents who contribute to the life of St Joseph’s Regional College. Your contributions to assisting in the canteen and with coaching of sporting teams are very much appreciated. In addition, particular recognition needs to be given to Mrs Peta Rourke, Parent Assembly Cluster Manager for the HastingsMacleay Region. Peta works tirelessly to bring programs such as Seasons for Growth, ThinkUKnow and Retreat Experiences to parents of our students. Thank you also to St Joseph’s Regional College Parent Assembly: Leisa Nardella and Lorna Morson who assisted on our Year 7 Information Night and were part of our celebrations on St Joseph the Worker Feast Day.

Leisa Nardella, Peta Rourke & Lorna Morson

Thank you to St Joseph’s Regional College Leadership Team Over the past two weeks members of the St Joseph’s Regional College Leadership Team conducted 210 Year 7 interviews for 2014. I wish to extend a ‘big thank you’ to Assistant Principal, Mrs Cath Eichmann, Leader of Evangelisation and Catechesis, Ms Nora Swain, Curriculum Coordinator, Mr Ian Lutton, Administration Coordinator, Mr Chris Kalchbauer and Leader of the Office, Mrs Michelle Reynolds for the giving of their time on this day. Confirmation of Enrolment Letters will be sent out to parents over the next two weeks. Thank you card received 14th May 2013 from Sr. Jan Tranter To, Jim Dempsey, staff and students of St Joseph’s Regional College, Port Macquarie. Thank you for the joy to share your St Joseph’s celebrations for the Centenary of Catholic Education founded in Port by our Sisters. It was in 1927 that the Sisters opened a school in Wauchope, so more came into St Joseph’s care. The spirit in your school has clearly grown, out of years of dedication, with staff genuinely working together and also caring for each other; ‘A community of caring and learning’. I learned that, your music students had a group in a competition at Mt Gambier which was part of Fr. Tenison Woods’ Parish; he knew well the people and land form there- sketching and studying the volcanic lakes. I’ve been keeping this card for the right occasion. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, bless you all and your students. You can be humbly and genuinely proud of them, a special greeting to your friendly School Captains. With you all in heart, in pray. Sr. Jan Tranter

Thank you card image of the land form and volcanic lakes of Mt Gambier

Finally, I commend to you a letter from Director of Catholic Schools, Mr David Condon in relation to Proclaim which is to commence for St Joseph’s Regional staff next Tuesday 28th of May. God Bless Jim Dempsey Principal


Have you got your ticket yet? Come and Celebrate at the Centenary Ball! Why not get a table together… OR if you can’t form a table, book a ticket/s, mention St Joseph’s Regional, and we’ll place you and/or your group on a table… Come and celebrate 100 years of Catholic Education in Port Macquarie. Parents and families, members of staff at our schools- past and present, and anyone associated with our schools are welcome to attend….

**Tickets are also available from our College office. **

CELEBRATING 100 YEARS OF CATHOLIC EDUCATION CENTENARY BOOK This comprehensive historical document will be professionally printed and will include photos and stories of Catholic education in St Agnes’ Parish. It will include St Joseph’s Family Services and all Parish schools and will be very reasonably priced at just $20. For purchases or enquiries, please contact Parish Administration on 6588 7444 or email: Thank you for your assistance. John McQueen Director Parish Education

FROM THE RELIGIOUS EDUCATION COORDINATOR Ignite Ignite is a dynamic and contemporary Catholic conference for adults, teenagers and kids. Since it began in 2001, it has grown to become the largest Catholic youth event of its kind in Australia. The Ignite experience gets bigger every year and now regularly attracts over 700 young people, ministry leaders, priests, religious and parents from across our nation and beyond. Ignite includes: • • • • •

Concert-style rallies each night with dynamic keynote speakers Mass, Reconciliation and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Emmanuel worship plus local artists performing daily Stream sessions to offer a big-picture view of your chosen area Workshops to allow you to focus on specific, practical topics

This year this exciting conference is again in the September school holidays. The CSO will be organising a trip which is open to students from Years 9-12. The trip will be subsidised by the CSO to make it more affordable and accessible. At this stage the total cost to students should not exceed $100 but will likely be closer to $50. The final figure will depend on the number of students taking up the offer. This cost will help subsidize travel, accommodation and registration, which also covers most meals. To secure a place on the trip students will need to collect a form from Ms Swain and return it by Friday 7th June, as a commitment to organisation is required. Please include $50 initial payment with expressions of interest. Notes and payment to the office. We will complete registration as a group once we have an idea of numbers. Further details on the conference are below: Ignite Conference 2013: “The Call” 26-29 September 2013 Mueller Performing Arts Centre, Rothwell (Redcliffe, Brisbane) Full information online at

Kath Evans Kath Evans will visit our College on Thursday, 30th May. Come along to share her life-changing story.

Year 11 Mass Thursday, 6th June at 9.15am in the Performing Arts Centre Year 7 Mass Thursday, 13th June at 6:30pm St Agnes Church

Nora Swain Leader of Catechesis and School Evangelisation


YR 7-10 EXAMS Week 6, Term 2 2013 Year 7







PDHPE (1) Study FRENCH (1)

RE (1) Study/Music HSIE (1.5)

SCIENCE (1.5) Study/Music ENGLISH (1.5)







RE (Part A–1hr) lab Study RE (Part B -1hr)

Study MATHS (1.5) -(5.1 is 1hr)

Study HSIE (1.5)


HSIE (1.5)






MATHS (1.5) -(5.1 is 1hr) Study





PDHPE (I hr)




HSIE (1.5)

PDHPE (1.5)






RE (1)


MATHS (1.5)






IMPORTANT NOTES: . • There will be no sport during exams. •

Sports uniform may be worn on Tuesday as per normal.

All students are to take a novel into the exams to read once the scheduled exam time is over.


Absence from an exam requires a phone call to the front office by 8.30am on the morning of the exam and students must see Mr Lutton prior to PC on the day of their return to organise catch up exams. These catch ups will take place throughout Weeks 6 & Week 7. Failure to follow these procedures may result in loss of marks

STUDY PREPARATION With exams starting in ONE week’s time and this week being the time to start preparing for these exams, here are a few tips on how to prepare: •

Take responsibility for yourself - Recognise that in order to succeed you need to make decisions about your priorities, your time, and your resources

Organise a clear, clutter free study place - Have all your study guides ready, organise your study notes, don’t waste time each time you study trying to finds things

Put first things first - Follow up on the priorities you have set for yourself, and don't let others, or other interests especially Facebook, distract you from your goals

Discover your key productivity periods and places - Morning, afternoon, or evening? Find spaces where you can be the most focused and productive. Prioritise these for your most difficult study challenges

Consider yourself in a win-win situation - When you contribute your best to a class, you, your fellow students, and even your teacher will benefit. Your grade can then be one additional check on your performance

Look for better solutions to problems - For example, if you don't understand the course material, don't just re-read it. Try something else! Ask your teacher, talk to friends, form a small study group

Look to continually challenge yourself

STUDY TIPS English • • • • • • • • • •

Work on further refining the draft pieces of writing you have been working on in class. Focus on improving your language use and checking for spelling, punctuation and expression. When editing persuasive writing pieces or essays, check the following: Structure (introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion) PEEL paragraph construction (point/ explain/ examples/ link to topic sentence or thesis) Connective language (e.g. ‘To begin with’, ‘Furthermore’, ‘On the other hand’, ‘In contrast’) Practise writing your extended responses under exam conditions (i.e. no notes, time limit) at least 2 times. For short answer questions: Use your study guide to remind yourself of the language terms you need to be familiar with Practise writing down at least 5 examples of each term Improve your confidence by reading magazine and/or newspaper articles and, a) identifying the language features used, b) explaining the effects of these language features

Mathematics • • • •

Review the formative tasks issued on each topic Go through their Mathematics Rule book/Theory Book and attempt all given examples Do last year’s Task Complete the selected Chapter Reviews on each assessed topic from the textbook

History and Geography • Revise notes using the study guide to ensure you have covered all areas • Complete the revision booklet and see your teacher if you don’t understand a question • Get someone to ask you questions from the revision booklet • Using the study guide make up your own questions and write out the answer • Practice all key skills that you know will be in the exam PE • Make summary notes of your workbook or notability (yr7). • Re-attempt all quizzes and class activities on Moodle. • Hand in practice questions to your teacher. • Remove all distractions (food, phone, Facebook, music) • Use the homework hub.

NATIONAL SORRY DAY - SUNDAY 26 MAY 2013 National Sorry Day is on Sunday, 26th May 2013. There will be a Reconciliation Walk from Town Beach (Skate Park end) to the Glasshouse Regional Gallery. At 9.30am we will gather on the grassed area near the Skate Park and walk down the Break Wall to the Glasshouse Regional Gallery where morning tea will be waiting and two Aboriginal Art Exhibitions: Bungaree the First Australian and Stranded - Warwick Thornton will be officially opened. The walk is to commemorate the Stolen Generations and to celebrate the start of National Reconciliation Week 2013. Participants are asked to wear either a black or white shirt to show commitment to the progression of Reconciliation. Please register at Wet weather plan: If it is raining the walk leg of the event will be cancelled. Participants are asked to attend the Glasshouse Regional Gallery at 10.00am, where morning tea will be awaiting your arrival followed by the Official speeches and the opening of the two Aboriginal Art Exhibitions. There is also an Art competition for Primary and High School students. Draw or paint a picture that shows what you think of when you imagine a fair and happy life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our community. Entries will be on exhibition in the Glasshouse for the community to select the winners who will have their art work featured in the Aboriginal Reconciliation Strategy 2013 2017. Entries close 21st May 2013.

Yr 9 Canberra Excursion: 24th - 27th June 2013 Term 2, Week 9 The cost of the excursion is $390, and covers accommodation, transport, meals (except for lunch on the trip down and dinner on the trip home) and all entry fees. The amount has been billed to your school account. Any outstanding balances are required to be paid by Monday, 10th June 2013 * The deposit is a binding non-refundable commitment to attend the camp. If you are unable to meet this cost, please contact Mr Warneken or Mr Johnston as soon as possible. No student should miss out because of financial difficulties. As this excursion is an integral part of the HSIE curriculum and an important community building exercise, it would be extremely advantageous for your child to attend. If you have any queries or concerns regarding this excursion, please do not hesitate to contact either Mr Warneken or Mr Johnston at the College. Mr. Jason Warneken Leader of HSIE

Mr Frank Johnston Leader of Oxley

MATHS VAULT PROBLEMS Amanda scored 72%, 86%, 94% and 88% on the first four mathematics tests this semester. What is the maximum test average with which Amanda can end the semester after she takes the fifth test? Last Week’s Answer: A packet of cakes is $3.20


A An n IIn nv viitta attiioon n T T a n d h Tooo a atttttteeen nd d ttth heee SSSttt JJJooossseeep p h R g n a C g ph h’’’sss R Reeeg giiiooon na alll C Cooolllllleeeg geee C r e a t i v e A r t s D e p a r t m e n C Crreea attiiv vee A Arrttss D Deep pa arrttm meen nttt

SSeen niioorr SSooiirrèèee A A b a n u Y a D a m a M u & v u a a u d n A ccceeellleeeb brrra atttiiiooon n ooofff ooou urrr Y Yeeea arrr 111111 D Drrra am ma a,,, M Mu usssiiiccc & &v viiisssu ua alll a arrrtttsss SSStttu ud deeen ntttsss th W W d n d a y 6 u n Weeed dn neeesssd da ay y,,, 2226 6tthh JJJu un neee

C C a n a p w b v d a 0 0 p m w h x h b n a n d Ca an na ap pééésss w wiiillllll b beee ssseeerrrv veeed da attt 555...0 00 0p pm mw wiiittth h eeex xh hiiib biiitttiiiooon na an nd d P e r f o r m a n c e t o b e g i n a t 6 . 0 0 p m P e r f o r m a n c e t o b e g i n a t 6 . 0 0 p m Performance to begin at 6.00pm P P a R V P C g 4 0 0 Pllleeea assseee R RSSSV VP P tttooo C Cooolllllleeeg geee oooffffffiiiccceee--- 555555222555 4 41110 00 0 th b b y M n d a y 0 u n by yM Mooon nd da ay y,,, 1110 0tthh JJJu un neee

Congratulations to Rylee Parry Rylee Parry a Year 7 student, last Friday and Saturday competed at the Taree Speech and Drama Eisteddfod. Rylee competed in 11 events and won 8 first places including dramatic monologue, humorous recitation, bible reading and mime, 2 seconds and 1 highly commended. Rylee’s efforts were rewarded, by her being announced as the Junior Champion and Most Outstanding Competitor in all age classifications, outside the local area of Taree. Claudette Stace Leader of Creative Arts

MANAGING SAFE USE OF TECHNOLOGY AT HOME It is recommended that parents exercise a degree of control over their children’s use of technology at home. Just as you set limits and expect certain standards of behaviour from your children in other aspects of their social development, the same should apply to their use of computers and other personal devices. Over the next few weeks we will offer tips and links to resources we think may be useful to ensure safe use of technology at home. Tip 1: Keep computers and televisions out of bedrooms. You want to know what your child is doing when connected to the world. For more tips and video links on managing safe use of technology at home, visit our iPad website from the Quick Links tab on the school website or copy and paste the following URL in your browser!management/cfqh

LIBRARY NEWS Author visit Last week, some Year 10 English classes and a Year 11 Standard English class were fortunate in being able to attend presentations by renowned author and lecturer Richard Harland. He presented in full Steampunk regalia, and two lucky students, Josie Pepper and Miller Shore won copies of his latest book Song of the Slums.

Library and Information Week 2013 This week is Library and Information Week, and the theme for 2013 was “Share Your Story”. We asked some staff and students to share what their relationship with our Library constituted, and here is a sample of their responses. - A warm, friendly place to escape to and sometimes do some work - A quiet place to be with myself - I love being in a quiet, caring environment, surrounded by books - Use your librarians – they are your BEST resources - Seniors Day on Wednesday – I love the quiet, and the hot chocolate! - The Library Tweets are always good to find out what’s happening - It is always a pleasure to go to the Library because you know you will get quality assistance and a friendly smile. Our Library rocks! E-Book Launch This week and last, I have attempted to see all Year 7 English classes to launch our new E-Book collection. Students were shown how to set up their iPad to access our e-book collection, and then how to borrow, return, and so on. If you would like a set of instructions emailed to you, please contact me on, and I will email you the necessary information. This is an exciting new initiative, and our e-collection will be added to regularly. 2 Free Audiobook Downloads Each Week - May 30 - August 15, 2013 Teens and other readers of Young Adult Literature will have the opportunity to listen to bestselling titles and required reading classics this winter. Each week from May 30 - August 15 2013, SYNC will offer two free audiobook downloads. The audiobook pairings will include a popular young adult (YA) title and a classic that connects with the YA title's theme and is likely to show up on a student's summer reading lists. For example, Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Boys (Scholastic Audiobooks), the first book in a bestselling series about a group of teenagers search for the supernatural ley lines, will be paired with the Latino classic of magical realism, Rudolfo Anaya's Bless Me, Ultima (Recorded Books). To find out when you can download titles to listen to on the run this summer, visit While there, register to get email updates during the promotion period. And you will need to visit to download Overdrive Media Console, the medium for listening to these audiobooks. Happy listening! The first two SYNC Titles are: May 30 - June 5, 2013 Of Poseidon by Anna Banks, read by Rebecca Gibel (AudioGO) The Tempest by William Shakespeare, read by a Full Cast (AudioGO)

NATIONAL CYBER SECURITY AWARENESS WEEK (20-24 MAY) Each week for the next few weeks, I will I include a fact sheet about a specific Cyber Security issue. This week: Ownership Who owns all the stuff on the web? Online content is owned by people, usually the people who make it. If you upload your photos, videos or soundtracks that you’ve recorded for other people to view and share, you are still the owner of your content. The same goes for everyone else’s content, including music, movies and TV shows. That’s why musicians and artists are entitled to ask people to pay for their creative work—besides, how else are they supposed to make a living? Think about it! What happens when I share my stuff? If you upload your photos, videos or soundtracks that you’ve recorded for other people to view and share, you are still the owner of your content. However, it’s worth checking the ‘terms and conditions’ of any site you use for sharing, because you might have given that site permission to make use of your material. Is it OK to use someone else’s work? A great thing about the digital world is that it’s so easy to share content, and reuse it for projects, or in mashups. But remember, the person (or people) who created the original work- the image, clip or song - are the owners of that work. It’s not OK to use someone else’s work without permission, even if you credit the person who made it or who owns it. You do need to have their permission. However, you will probably not be breaking copyright law if you use material for research or study, so long as your use is fair. What about music, movies and TV shows? Usually content on the web belongs to (is owned by) the people who make it. This includes music, movies and TV shows. This is the reason that musicians and artists are entitled to ask people to pay for their creative work. How else are they supposed to make a living? What is piracy? The web makes it easy to access, copy and share work, even if the work is protected by copyright. This act of unauthorised copying of a work, whether or not it is marked ‘copyright’ or ‘©’ is called piracy, and it may be illegal. A lot of pirated content is shared around on P2P or file-sharing networks. If you download pirated content, know that you are breaking the law. What is Creative Commons? Creative Commons is a system that allows authors, artists, scientists, musicians and others to mark their work with the freedoms they want it to carry—a way of saying what people may and may not do with their work. For example, an artist or musician may be happy for you to reuse their work in a mashup just for fun and to show your friends, but not if you are then planning to sell the remix to make money for yourself. What about content on file-sharing networks? If you use a P2P or file-sharing network, think about what you are sharing. Most P2P sharing is of copyrighted files (music and movies). Know that you are breaking the law if you download copyrighted content without getting permission from the owner to use it, or without paying for it. What about copying stuff for school work? The web makes it pretty easy to copy someone else’s work and call it your own. Doing this is called ‘plagiarism’, which is cheating and wrong, at school, in the workplace, and even between friends. If you are making use of someone else’s work, it’s important that you reference the source — say where it comes from (the web address) and if possible who created it (the name of the author or organisation). And remember that many schools run software that can detect if students have copied someone else’s work. You also need to be careful how you use information you find online. Lots of the information on the web is out of date, biased, or simply not true. Where can I find out more about ownership and copying? You can find out more about ownership and copying Find out more at Follow us on Twitter – @sjrcexchange Karen Bale Teacher Librarian

CAREERS Congratulations to Erin Badewitz Erin is a Year 11 student, who has been successful in her application for a Rural High Schools Medicine Career Workshop to be held at the University of New South Wales in the July school holidays; Coordinated by the Rural Clinical School, Medicine at UNSW. The workshop is funded by UNSW and includes accommodation, travel and meals. Only thirty students across NSW have been selected to attend the workshop. It involves a series of lectures, visits to hospitals, museum and laboratory visits, hands on experiences, forums and social activities. Well done and we look forward to Erin's feedback from this experience next term.

WORK EXPERIENCE If your child is interested in undertaking work experience, each individual case will be considered on its merit. Students would need to discuss with us suitable dates but preferable these will be in holiday times and only under exceptional circumstances would this condition be waived. If you require further information, go to the College Moodle site and access it via students – Careers – Work Experience. CAREERS WEEKLY EMAIL NEWSLETTER All Year 10, 11 and 12 students and parents will receive each week a newsletter detailing all careers information that we receive. We hope some of the websites and information will be relevant to you and your son or daughter. Please contact us if you require further information or delete if nothing is relevant. If you are not receiving these emails please check with the college office that your contact details are up-to-date. All of our careers information is broadcast through this method so it is vital that details are current. REGIONAL CAREERS WEBSITE Our new Regional College Careers website at offers up-to-date information for parents and students in all year groups. MOODLE – CAREERS Always updated with important documents for work experience and university information. Parents can access this information via your child’s login. YEAR 8, 9 and 10 – TAX FILE NUMBERS Tax file number forms are processed by Mrs Tinsey every Friday. New forms are now available from the office. Karen Bale & Leanne Tinsey

Leaders of Careers and University Transition

2013 MID COAST CAREERS MARKET The MID COAST CAREERS MARKET is a fun and interactive, hands-on Expo for Years 9 to 12. Students are able to discuss their career options with local businesses, industry representatives and training providers and receive up-tothe-minute, relevant information. Talking to people who already work in their field of interest enables young people to learn about training and study pathways first-hand. They can find out what types of positions are available, how to get them and which growth areas can provide sustainable employment. Students also have the opportunity to interact with support services with the capabilities to foster and guide them in their quest for their chosen career. All exhibitors attending are encouraged to present highly interactive and entertaining displays to attract students to ‘get involved’ and contribute to the fun and energetic atmosphere. If you have a student in the family aged 15 or over please encourage them to attend and find out what career options are available to them! We also welcome local businesses, interested in connecting with students to let them know about career pathways, training options and occupations in your business or industry. Registration is free – just contact Michelle Fisher at Mid Coast Connect on 0448 877 953 for more information. Mid Coast Careers Market, Port Macquarie Race Club, Tuesday 28 May 2013 10.00 am to 2.00 pm FREE ADMISSION

WOOLWORTHS EARN & LEARN PROGRAM The Woolworths Earn & Learn program is back! This community program enables schools and early learning centres throughout Australia to earn educational resources simply through the school community shopping at Woolworths. From now until Sunday 9th June 2013, when you shop at Woolworths you will be given a Woolworths Earn & Learn Point. There’ll be one Woolworths Earn & Learn Point for every $10 spent, excluding cigarettes, liquor and gift cards. Completed sticker cards can be dropped into the box in the office. The Woolworths Earn & Learn program offers products to suit students of all ages. Schools and early learning centres can choose resources based on their unique needs, across every educational category possible, including mathematics and English resources, science equipment, arts & crafts materials, sports gear and more.

CANTEEN ROSTER VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The College canteen needs some extra help. If you would like to help on any day during the week between 9.30 -1.30pm (or even just a couple of hours in the middle of the day) please phone Emma Daley at the College Canteen on 5525 4100. Term 2, Week 4 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Marion Pallot Pupil Free Day Lisa Carter Stephanie McKinnon Karen Walsh

UNIFORMS UNIFORM SHOP The College second hand uniform shop is open every Monday from 2.45pm – 3.45pm. Please go to office for directions.

ATTENDANCE REMINDER A reminder to all parents, notes must be in within 7 days of your child's absence or the absence will be reported on your child's report as UNEXPLAINED. Students who have more than 15 days leave in a year must have supporting documentation from a doctor or make written application to the Assistant Principal. This may also require an interview with the Principal or Assistant Principal. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PARENTS / GUARDIANS EXPLANATION FOR PUPIL’S ABSENCE PUPIL’S NAME _______________________________________Year__________ PC ________ DATE(S) OF ABSENCE _________________________________________________________ REASON FOR ABSENCE ________________________________________________________ PARENT / GUARDIAN SIGNATURE ________________________________ DATE __________ *Failure to have an absence explained within 7 days of returning to school MUST, BY LAW, be recorded and reported as UNEXPLAINED ABSENCE.

BOYS EDUCATION CAMPING TRIP A group of 16 boys and six male staff braved the cold weather and headed to Upper Rollands Plains for our annual camping trip last weekend. The boys were involved in setting up their own tents, preparing their meals, volunteering to assist in landcare activities, the feeding of stock, witnessing working dogs ply their trade, fishing, kayaking and swimming in the beautiful, but chilly Wilson River. All boys were cooperative and well behaved throughout the weekend, which was pleasing. A special thank you to the male members of staff: Dave Lewis, Gary Handley, Damien Kelly, John Rossington, Col Mackay and Ryan Moore who gave up their weekend to help make this trip a reality. Also, thank you to Mr Jim Dempsey and Fr James for your visit over the weekend.

13's Country Cup Rugby League St Joseph's Regional College, 13's boys Rugby League recently competed in the Country Cup in Port Macquarie. The boys played and won their games against St Columba, Camden Haven High and Wauchope High, progressing to the final. In the final they faced St Paul's High School whom they comprehensively defeated 18 to 0. The St Joseph's Regional College team were the standout team of the competition and did not concede a single try all day. Furthermore, one of their players, Harry Hanley, was selected as ‘Best Player on the Day’. The boys will now progress to the next level on the 12th of June in Coffs Harbour and we wish them all the best.

Harry Hanley Best Player of the day





Week 5

Tue 28th May Thurs 30th May Fri 31st May

Proclaim Lismore 2013 - Pupil Free Day 13s High Jump - Oval 12s High Jump – Oval

Week 6

Mon 3rd June Tue – Fri Tue 4th June Wed 5th June

Open Boys Triple Jump Yr 7-10 Exams Dio Southern Open Soccer - Kempsey CCC Touch - Penrith (Dio Teams)

Week 7

Mon 10th June Tue 11th June Thur 13th June Fri 14th June

Queens Birthday SJRC Athletics Carnival Open Soccer - North v South Final CCC Cross Country - Eastern Creek

Week 8

Mon 17th & Tue 18th June CCC Basketball Open Finals Wed 19th June 7-10 Soccer Gala Day - Coffs Harbour Fri 21st June Primary Zone Athletics Carnival @ SJRC

Week 9

Mon – Thurs Tue 25th June Fri 28th June

Yr 9 Canberra Excursion Waratah Cup Rugby Union - Coffs Harbour Last day of Term 2

YEAR 9 & 10 ELECTIVE SPORT A reminder to parents that, all elective sport fees for Term 2 must be paid before choosing a Term 3 sport. Students with outstanding sporting fees will be assigned to school sports only. There is no cost for participating in school sport.

COCHRANE CUP RUGBY LEAGUE REPORT On Monday 20th May the St Joseph’s Regional College under 14s Rugby League team participated in a Round Robin competition at St Paul’s High School, Port Macquarie. The boys played two games on the day, one against St Paul’s, Port Macquarie, the other against St Paul’s, Kempsey. Despite playing with a depleted squad due to illness and injury, the boys tried hard, but were simply out played by both opposing teams on the day. There were some solid performers in the Regional College team. They included Brayden Stubbs, Jackson Partridge, Fletcher Aldous and Wil Pritchard. Mr Dave Lewis under 14 Coach

St Joseph's Regional College Newsletter 24th May 2013  

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