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“The Truth will set you free”

What’s on Week 7 Term 4 2012

P.O. Box 231 College Drive PORT MACQUARIE 2444 Ph: 02 5525 4100 Fax: 02 5525 4199

SUNDAY 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Mass Times: St. Agnes’ Port Macquarie Our Lady of Lourdes Wauchope Saturday Vigil – 6.00pm Saturday Vigil – 6.00pm Sunday – 7.30am, 9.00am & 6.00pm Sunday 7.30am Telegraph Point – Thursday Night 6.00pm Beechwood – 9.00am 1st & 3rd Laurieton – Saturday Vigil 5.30pm, Sunday – 7.30am Kendall – 9.00am Mass (1st Saturday month 10.00am Mass Comboyne) Long Flat – 9.00am 2nd & 4th Sunday MONDAY, 19th November (Day 1)

- Staff Briefing 8.30am Flinders House Meeting in PC SAPSS Jazz band in Performing Arts Centre from 4.00pm – 6.00pm SAPSS Advisory Board Meeting 5.30pm

TUESDAY, 20th November (Day 2)

- Sport day for Year 7-10 Innes House Meeting in PC SAPSS Leadership Team Meeting 2.30pm Homework Hub for Seniors till 5.00pm

WEDNESDAY, 21st November (Day 3)

- Junior Percussion Ensemble 8.00am – 8.45am in PAC Senior Percussion Ensemble 1.05pm – 1.45pm in C1 Admin Team Meeting period 6 Dramarama in PAC 3.30pm

THURSDAY, 22nd November (Day 4)

- Macquarie House Meeting in morning PC Education Council Meeting 12.00pm Homework Hub for Seniors till 5.00pm

FRIDAY, 23rd November (Day 5)

- Concert Band in PAC 7.45am – 8.45am Berg Shield Cricket - Kempsey Oxley House Meeting in morning PC Pastoral Team Meeting period 4

DATES TO REMEMBER: Monday 26th November Wednesday 5th December – Monday 10th December Tuesday 11th December Wednesday 5th December – Friday 14th December Wednesday 12th December – Friday 14th December Monday 17th December Monday 17th December Thursday 20th December

Year 7 2013 iPad Information Night Year 7-10 Exams Year 7-9 Exams & Year 10 PC Day HSC Assessment Tasks Pupil Free Days – supervision available Year 10 Award Presentations Christmas Mass and Exam Feedback Lessons Year 7-9 Awards – Last day for students

COORDINATING PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE CONTEMPORARY LEARNING Over the past twelve months Catholic Schools’ Office staff, principals and teachers have worked together to develop a Contemporary Learning Framework. Teaching and learning in the 21st Century is undergoing a revolution. In this era of rapid change we have spent time developing a unifying statement of beliefs about learning in our schools. The framework expresses what we value and believe about learning. The framework has the following six elements which form the basis of powerful learning and the Contemporary Learning Framework: 1. A culture of learning that builds capacity based on: • Collaboration and communication • Critical thinking and creativity • Exploration, experimentation with and building upon knowledge • Planning and reflection 2. A learning community that: • Builds relationships and trust • Connects learners • Strengthens partnerships • Ensures inclusivity • Sets high expectations 3. Engaging and adaptive environments that are: • Safe and Secure Supportive, stimulating and challenging • Shared Respectful of diversity and difference • Energising and Flexible Connected locally and globally 4. Leadership for learning that demonstrates: • Professional practices and standards • Professional development and learning • Strong instructional leadership Explicit and articulated learning goals 5. A rich curriculum that is: • Inspiring Rigorous Flexible and negotiated • Planned and evaluated • Based on assessment of learning for learning 6. Pedagogy that is: • Purposeful, meaningful and relevant • Personalised and multimodal • Critically engaging Our core business in schools is teaching and learning and our goal is to ensure that students are engaged and empowered to learn and achieve to a high level. Our goal is to pursue excellence in teaching and learning as well as in spiritual formation, in sport, in the creative arts and in pastoral care. Mr Jim O’Brien Coordinating Principal

PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE “Whenever you did this for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40-41) Every student at St Joseph’s Regional College is encouraged to participate in a minimum of three service activities throughout the school year. These are largely done in the student’s own time, but some activities are coordinated at the College. Students are required to complete a diary which is a record of their involvement. Each year has a particular focus of their service; Year 7 Home Base, Year 8 School Base, Year 9 Neighbourhood Base, Years 10-12 Community Base. Suggested activities: • • • • • •

Year 7 Home Base Extra jobs at home Babysitting Preparing a meal Cleaning Washing the family car

Year 8 School Base • Gardening • Cleaning • Assisting teachers/office/library • Involvement in school activities Year 9 Neighbourhood Base • Help with an organisation that you may already be involved with in some way • Offer assistance to neighbours - mowing their lawn, babysitting • Involvement in Red Shield appeal, Red Cross, Ironman and other sporting events Year 10-12 Community Base • Visiting the elderly • Help in organisations – St Vincent de Paul, Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, Surf Lifesaving • Meals on Wheels • Organise fundraising – Caritas, East Timor, Catholic Mission, Vinnies group COMMUNITY SERVICE Many students at the College are very involved in several aspects of outreach to others. I would encourage all students to plan some form of community service if they have not already done so this year. The suggested activities above may be of some help to you but you are certainly not restricted to these. Making a positive contribution to the community and spending time being of assistance to others are enriching and valuable activities for all young adults. Students are asked to note their activities in the log on page 18 of their diary. CHRISTMAS HAMPERS- Another example of outreach to others As part of our support for the St Agnes’ Parish community each student is asked to contribute to a Christmas hamper at this time of the year. These hampers are distributed by the Parish to local families in need. Students are asked to bring in a range of non-perishable foods, decorations, gifts or cash.

Suggested hamper items: Christmas cake, biscuits, tinned ham, soft drink, juice, non-alcoholic wine, nuts, chips, fruit mince pies, Christmas pudding, custard, serviettes, bon bons, sweets, chocolates, placemats, candles, decorations, tinned fruit, cereals, jams, salmon, general grocery items. Please check “use by” dates to ensure foods are still fresh at Christmas. The Pastoral Care teachers are organising students so that each hamper is adequately stocked. All students are encouraged to participate and may give their donations to their PC teacher. We look forward to your generous support. All donations must be received by Monday 3rd December. DISPLAY NIGHT On Wednesday night we had our annual Display Night. The focus of this evening is on major works completed by students in Timber and Metal Technology, Graphics, Marine Studies,Visual Arts and Textiles and Design, with our Food Technology and Hospitality students preparing some beautiful food! The night also included three amazing concerts featuring performances by Drama, Music and Dance classes. This was an evening of pride and joy for parents, staff and students and I sincerely congratulate everyone involved. The standard of work produced by all students was extremely high. All staff support this wonderful night but the staff whose talents most directly supported the students were our Creative Arts and Technological and Applied Studies staff, Denise Begnell, Matthew Cato, Tanya Daley, Laura Von Holdt, Sharon Green, Donna Hamlin, Debbie Hill, Leanne Johnson, Chris Kalchbauer, Colin Mackay, Renee May, Toni Williams ,Ryan Moore, Phil Pares, Lisa Freeman, Tracy Pares, Bronwyn Shipton, Ryan Moore, Claudette Stace, Anne Twomey, Diana Walsh, Laura Small, .Ty Cooper and Richard Battiston. THE KEY TO MAKING THIS TERM SUCCESSFUL IS TO BE ORGANISED A major challenge for students in Term Four is being organised for a steady flow of assessment tasks and preparation for the exams. Students need to look ahead and set some goals and plan to be well-organised and hence work steadily through the term. Students need to decide to be the type of student who achieves their best otherwise they will end the term being disappointed knowing that they didn’t work hard and consequently attain unsatisfactory results in their End of Year Report. Procrastination can be a big problem for students. Making the decision to start working rather than talk to friends, watch television, play on the computer, chat on the internet can be very difficult. Students need to decide to spend a considerable amount of time on constructive homework and study. Below are some tips which may help students avoid procrastination and work towards being the best achiever they can be.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Find out exactly the requirements of the tasks and exams – clarify their understanding of what is required (e.g. ask their teacher, talk to their friends) Set up times and places where they can study productively Make sure their friends know when they will be studying (no phone calls, chat, emails or visits) Break the tasks into manageable bits (i.e. make a plan and tackle it bit by bit) Make a list of ‘things to do’ and tick them off as they do them Reward themselves – reach a goal and receive a reward! Have regular breaks and set achievable goals for study periods Switch tasks (i.e. do the easy bits first) Indulge in positive self-talk Be persistent – don’t give up Use the library well - students who were successful in the HSC noted this as a key factor for their study-our College library is open every day from 7 30am Believe in the old saying that ‘Practice makes perfect’. Continual practice will lead to long-term success. Be organised!!!!

Being organised means that you will not feel stressed and you can enjoy the times when you are not working feeling confident that you have a set plan and you are following it. I encourage parents to help their son / daughter with their plans and discuss organisational matters in relation to study and homework. Please remember exams start December 5th and this is for all students Year 7-11

“May the spirit of the Lord be with you” Mrs Anne O’Brien Principal


Tasks this week. IC = in class task; HI = Hand in task




Drama (HI)






Monday Advanced and Standard English (HI)

FROM THE RELIGIOUS EDUCATION COORDINATOR 1913 -2013 Celebrating 100 years of Catholic education in St Agnes’ Parish Save the Date: Saturday 15 June 2013

EXAMINATIONS Exam Timetables have been given to students this week. Copies of these can be found on the school Moodle page under Term 4 Assessments. Study Guides for all exams can also be found on this link from Friday. Students are strongly encouraged to use these study guides and the Blank Study Timetable to develop an effective study program for Weeks 7-10. Study should include summarising workbook and textbook notes as well as devising and practising exam style questions. Year 7 and 8 should be doing 1 ½ hours study per night and Year 9 and 10 2 hours would be expected. Year 11 students would be doing 2 ½ - 3 hours per night. ABSENCE FROM EXAMS Students are reminded that it is compulsory to be at school during the period of the exam block from Wednesday 5th to Tuesday 11th December where they will be completing their exams. If a student is absent on the day of the exam, the College needs to be contacted that morning via a phone call to the office before 8.45am. Upon returning to the College you need to see Mr Lutton at the Studies Coordinators’ office before morning PC so that a time can be organised for the exam to be completed. The designated student free days of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Week 10 (12th to the 14th December) will be allocated for the completion of any missed exam. Failure to complete an exam without a satisfactory reason will result in a mark of zero being awarded for that task. Ian Lutton Acting Curriculum Coordinator

ITALY STUDY TOUR 2013 Our next and final meeting is on the 3rd December at MacKillop at 7.30pm. Academy Travel will be distributing our tickets and other documents, but it is urgent that all those travelling have submitted a copy of their passports and travel insurance (if not using the one provided by Academy Travel) well before this date. Also we hope to give out the group scarf (this includes students and relatives) so if you have not already paid please give $22 to Mr Warneken ASAP. You should also receive from Academy Travel and invoice for flights between Sydney and Port Macquarie and vice versa shortly if you indicated you wanted extra flights. Thank You Mr Warneken

ST JOSEPH’S REGIONAL COLLEGE UNIFORM POOL is now OPEN in the C Block servery Winter, summer and sport uniforms now available for sale at very reasonable prices. Hours of operation: Each Monday 2.30 – 3.30pm •

Donations of any uniform items in reasonable condition will be greatly appreciated.

If you do have any uniforms you wish to donate please leave them at the College office.

LIBRARY NEWS BOOK RETURN As the academic year draws to a close, it is timely to remind all students and parents that book return is an essential part of every College student’s obligations, and that losses must be paid for. Important dates for this aspect of College life are as follows: Monday 26 November – last day for student borrowing Years 7-9 Friday 7 December – all Year 10 textbooks and Library books to be returned by this day Tuesday 11 December – all Years 7-9 textbooks and Library books to be returned by this day Students will be emailed copies of their loans list each week between now and the end of the year and are urged to attend to the responsible return of all items in good time.

Stay up to date with what’s happening….“Like” us at St Joseph’s Regional College Library, on FaceBook. Or Follow us on Twitter – @sjrcexchange

Karen Bale Teacher Librarian


Help Please!


Viccy Tickle


Julie Leahy


Help Please!


Sarah Hemsley

FROM THE OFFICE If you have recently changed your email address please email your new address to WALKATHON WINNERS 2012 Major Prize – Apple Ipad Emilee Zerafa

Highest PC PC M2 Mrs Goldie

Highest money raiser in each Year group - $100 voucher to store of their choice Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10

Keiran Rodgers Gus McPhail & Mary Shelley Kaitlyn Meldrum Ashleigh Kiem

Prize winners: Northcorp Accountants - $30 Itunes Gift Card – Jan Acuna Northcorp Accountants - $30 Itunes Gift Card – Marissa McKinnon Northcorp Accountants - $30 Itunes Gift Card – Page Blewden-Witchard Northcorp Accountants - $30 Itunes Gift Card – Jack Bailey Hydro Photographics $100 Canvas portrait gift card – Alexandra Avery $20 Bunnings Gift Voucher – Shannon Bell $10 Bunnings Gift Voucher – Abbey Stevens $15 British Lolly Shop Voucher – Jacinta McAvoy $10 Canteen Voucher – Dakota Surrey $10 Canteen Voucher – Brianna Love $10 Canteen Voucher – Joshua Love $10 Canteen Voucher – Jarvis Lulham $10 Canteen Voucher – Matthew Cramp

A big thank you to all our sponsors who donated prizes and/or monetary support. Unfortunately there are some students who have monies outstanding for walkathon. Could you please pay these monies to the office as soon as possible.

CAREERS ALERT All Year 11 and 12 parents are encouraged to ensure that they have subscribed to their free service as all careers information is distributed this way. Follow the link below and follow the prompts to sign up. MOODLE – CAREERS Always updated with important documents for work experience and university information. Parents can access this information via your child’s login. YEAR 8, 9 and 10 – TAX FILE NUMBERS Tax file number forms are processed by Mrs Tinsey every Friday. New forms are now available from the office. UPCOMING EVENTS BOS results for HSC candidates – Breakfast at College 19th December 20th December

ATAR results for HSC candidates – tea/coffee and advice in College Library from 11.00am (parents and students welcome)

UNI CONNECT A forum to connect regional secondary students with university students across Australia. How to find us: Search Facebook Pages for Uni Connect and ‘like’ the page to start asking questions. How to use the page: • If you have a broad question write it directly onto the wall and someone will get back to you •

If you have a specific question about a university or degree go to the not titled “Meet the Uni Connect Team’ which is pinned to the top of the wall and search for someone currently studying at the university or doing the degree you are interested in, then write the question on the wall starting off with the name of the Uni Connect Team Member you are addressing the question to.

Keep an eye on the notes section for university tips, interview tips, application tips, FAQ and more.

CAREER TOOLS We hope you are now successfully receiving our newsletters via Career Tools. Please open any links contained in the emails in Adobe Reader. Any feedback would be appreciated. If you have a child in Year 10, 11 or 12 and you didn’t receive a careers email please contact Michelle in the office to update your details. You can visit our website at

ST JOSEPH’S PRIMARY – BAGO FAMILY-A-FAIR St Joseph’s Primary School Port Macquarie invites you to The Bago Family-A-Fair at Bago Vineyard Sunday 18th November 2012 10.00am – 2.00pm Cost: $5.00 per person or maximum $15.00 per car Loads of activities for the whole family! For further information phone: St Joseph’s Primary 6583 3848 or Bago Vineyards 6585 7099

FROM THE MATHS’ VAULT MIDNIGHT If it were two hours later, it would be half as long until midnight as it would be if it were an hour later. What time is it now? Answer for last week

OPENING OF PORT MACQUARIE YOUTH HUB Our new Youth Hub in Horton Street, will be open next Monday 19th November from 3pm to 7pm and during these hours from Monday to Friday each week. All are welcome . Lots of fun for all. Pool table, table tennis, play station, Nintendo, Xbox, exercise room. We have a coffee shop, homework area and soon to have music and band facilities. First visit free then to become a member of the HUB a $5 joining fee applies. Fully supervised at all times. YOUTH aged 16 and over and encouraged to volunteer. Come along from next Monday an Join the HUB.

ABSENCE NOTES Below you will find a proforma for a student Absence Note. This is the preferred method for parents to notify the College of their child’s absences. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PARENTS / GUARDIANS EXPLANATION FOR PUPIL’S ABSENCE PUPIL’S NAME _______________________________________Year__________ PC ________ DATE(S) OF ABSENCE _________________________________________________________ REASON FOR ABSENCE ________________________________________________________ PARENT / GUARDIAN SIGNATURE ________________________________ DATE _________ *Failure to have an absence explained within 7 days of returning to school MUST, BY LAW, be recorded and reported as UNEXPLAINED ABSENCE.



ST JOESPH’S REGIONAL COLLEGE SPORTS WRAP Week 7 22nd Nov - Diocesan SLS - Woolgoolga (not entered) Week 8 26th Nov - Diocesan Golf – Casino

SAM BURRIDGE – OUTSTANDING CYCLING SUCCESS Last weekend Sam Burridge (Year 10) travelled to Byron Bay to compete in the 100 km Byron Rainbow Road Cycling Challenge. Starting with 125 other riders including adults, Sam won the event in extremely demanding weather conditions with a great time of 3 hours and 6 minutes, finishing 7 minutes in front of the second placed rider. Sam has been riding with the Port Macquarie Cycling Club for 18 months now and is showing tremendous potential for the future.

SPORTING INTERSCHOOLS – MICHELLE INGRAM Michelle Ingram represented the college on Friday at Walcha. Results for 14years: 1st rider 1st handler 3rd hack 2nd pairs 5th barrels 2nd sack race 2nd bends Michelle had a great weekend meeting new friends.



ST JOSEPH’S REGIONAL COLLEGE SPORTS WRAP CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS AUSTRALIAN SCHOOL FUTSAL TITLES Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday our open girls Futsal team travelled to Beenleigh in Queensland to compete in the Australasian Futsal Titles. This is a school based event and to qualify the team had to compete in local and regional tournaments.

The girls started strongly defeating Sarina (QLD) 7 - 2 on Friday afternoon. The remaining matches in their pool were going to be tough and they took a heavy loss to Albany Creek (QLD) 16 nil on Saturday. The team remained positive under Coach Mrs Alex Glen-Holmes and narrowly lost to Maclean (NSW) 5 - 3 in their next match. In their final game they played Pioneer High (QLD) going down in the narrowest of margins 7 - 6.

Team members: Cara Glen-Holmes, Kacia Goodsell, Taylor Kennnedy, Marni Kennedy, Madi Caughlin, Lisa Fraser, Ella Monkley and Ashleigh Keim. The girls look forward to playing in next years competition as all but one of them will still be here at the school. We are looking into further community competition the team can play in to gain more match time together.

A big thank you to our parents who transported and helped coach the girls in Queensland - Mrs Alex Glen-Holmes, Mrs Rachel Caughlan and Mrs Carolyn Monkley.

ROWING REGATTA Good luck to the following students who are participating in the rowing regatta this Sunday at Wauchope. Brooke Le Page Zach Bell-Allen Phoebe Le Page Jarvis Lulham Mary Shelley Naomi Langley Lochlan Hughes Bryce Gardiner Kirra Trotman Lewis McKechnie

St Joseph's Regional College Newsletter 16th November 2012  

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