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“The Truth will set you free”


14 June 2013

Sunday 16th

P.O. Box 231, College Drive PORT MACQUARIE 2444 Ph: 02 5525 4100 02231 5525 4199 P.O.Fax: Box College Drive March February 2013

Term 2, Week 7


11th Sunday (Year C)


Ph: 02 5525 4100 What’s on Week 9 Fax: 02 5525 4199 Mass Times: St. Agnes’ Port Macquarie Term 1 2013 Our Lady of Lourdes Wauchope Saturday Vigil – 6.00pm Saturday Vigil – and Sunday 7.30am Long Flat – 9.00am 2nd & 4th Sunday “The Truth will set you free”Sunday – 7.30am, 9.00am & 6.00pm Kendall – 9.00am Mass (1st Saturday month 10.00am Mass Comboyne) Telegraph Point – Thursday Night 6.00pm Beechwood – 9.00am 1st & 3rd Lake Cathie – Sunday 8.00am Laurieton – Saturday Vigil 5.30pm, Sunday – 7.30am

What’s on Term 2, Week 8

MONDAY, 17th June (Day 6)

- Senior Basketball in Penrith Yr 8 Commercial Environment Excursion to Settlement City SAPSS Jazz Band in Performing Arts Centre 4.30pm - 6.00pm Homework Hub in Library 3.15pm - 4.30pm SAPSS Advisory Board Meeting at St Paul’s

TUESDAY, 18th June (Day 7)

- Senior Basketball in Penrith Homework Hub in Library 3.15pm - 5.00pm SAPSS Concert Band in Performing Arts Centre 4.00pm - 5.30pm Drumline in PAC 1.05pm - 1.45pm

WEDNESDAY, 19th June (Day 8)

- College Assembly Diocesan Year 7-10 Football Gala Day championships in Coffs Harbour Senior Percussion Ensemble 1.05pm-1.45pm in Performing Arts Centre Homework Hub in Library 3.15pm - 4.30pm College Disco 7.00pm-10.00pm in Hall

THURSDAY, 20th June (Day 9)

- IT Metal Excursion to Newman Senior Technical College Year 10 Nambus visit Year 12 Ancient History Oral Presentation Year 8 Retreat with Chris Doyle Homework Hub in Library 3.15pm - 5.00pm

FRIDAY, 21st June (Day 10)

- Year 9 Retreat with Chris Doyle Concert Band 7.45am - 8.45am in Performing Arts Centre Homework Hub in Library 3.15pm - 4.00pm

DATES TO REMEMBER Monday 24th – Thursday 27th June Tuesday 25th June Wednesday 26th June Friday 28th June Friday 28th June

Canberra Excursion Successful Transition Careers Information Night Senior Soiree Out of Uniform Fundraiser Day Last Day Term 2

COORDINATING PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE YOU ARE SOMEBODY Recently I listened to a podcast interview with Francis Owuse, the African born founder of ‘Kulture Break’, a charity committed to helping young people through the performing arts. He chose the name ‘Kulture Break’ because of his belief that we must change our culture if we are to become better people and make our world a better place. During this interview Francis made some excellent points which are worthy of our reflection and consideration: 

“You don’t become somebody, you are somebody” This is a fundamental belief for us as Christians. We are born ‘in the image and likeness of God’ and have great dignity, uniqueness and worth as human persons.

“Who I am is uniquely different from What I can do” What I can do depends on a combination of factors including natural skills and talents, however, each of us has great potential and can achieve amazing things.

“To achieve your potential you should surround yourself with positive people”. Essentially we attract what we are and we will mirror the people we hang around with. If you hang around with losers you become a loser.

“Positive self-talk is an important skill to develop” Francis emphasised the fact that whatever we reinforce about ourselves we become. If you see yourself as hard working, passionate, committed, thoughtful, disciplined and successful you have given yourself the chance to become that sort of person.

“Don’t blame others for your failures” The reality is that we contribute to the results we achieve. Blaming others may make us feel better but it will not help us achieve better results.

In response to the question “How do you change?” Francis made the following three points: 1. Find something you are good at and go for it; 2. Realise that you are loved; and 3. Don’t focus too much on yourself – look for how you can help others.

Personal happiness is linked to how much we help others. To become a giver we need to be grateful. We should take some time each day to reflect on the things that should be a source of our gratitude.

His two big life messages are: 1. You are loved and you are somebody; and 2. Failure is not falling down – it is not getting up again.

We must learn to deal with adversity by developing belief in self, resilience or grit and we must have persistence.

By taking on this sound advice from Francis Owuse we can change our culture for the better and, in doing so, help ourselves achieve happiness and success in life. Mr Jim O’Brien Coordinating Principal

PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE College Athletics Carnival On Tuesday we were certainly blessed with magnificent weather for our annual Athletics Carnival. My special thanks to Mr Daniel Blackman and Mr Alex Gilman for their tremendous work in organising the event. Also thank you to all staff who, in their own way, contributed to the success of the day. Congratulations to Oxley House, who this year won the Carnival. Congratulations to the students who were champions or runnerHouse in Captains up in their respective age divisions. A comprehensive report with will beOxley included next week’s Bryden Sloan-Harris & Tim Bleasdale newsletter. pictured with Mr Jim Dempsey

Letter from Sr. Celine- Principal of St Joseph’s Primary School, Cook Islands As many of our College community are aware, St Joseph’s Regional College students attended a rugby tour of New Zealand and the Cook Islands during our most recent holiday break. What many of us are not aware of, however, is the profound affect their visit to St Joseph’s Primary School had on them. As a consequence of the boys’ fundraising for the tour, Coordinator, Mr Nathan Gargiulo and supporting teachers, Mr John Rossington and Mr Darren Smith (St Paul’s High School) were able to donate $1000 to this school. As Principal, it is very humbling and reassuring to know that St Joseph’s Regional College has staff possessing not only such professional acumen, but also big hearts to match!

I refer to you a letter I recently received from Sr. Celine Simon, Principal of the school: Kia Orana Jim, Nathan, and St Joseph’s Regional Community, What a surprise! We are ever grateful for your kind donation. We are planning to use the whole amount on Numeracy kids to strengthen our numeracy skill. We haven’t got much numeracy resources. The whole school will benefit and enriched. We take this opportunity to thank you - our big brother College for your generosity. Our children had a good time with your boys. Naturally we blend together as we are Catholics and have the same name for our schools. Please if you arrive anytime to Cook Island make sure that you pay a visit to St Joseph’s School and we are happy to meet you and host you. The teachers and the students join with me to thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness. Please convey our best wishes and regards to those who visited our school. May God continue to bless you and your College. Thank you once again and God Bless. Sr. Celine Simon.

A Reminder regarding Student Report Distribution and Payment of College Accounts Firstly, I would like to thank the many families who make significant sacrifices in prioritising the payment of College Service fees and Parish Tuition fees. This is, without doubt, a strong endorsement of the work we do here at St Joseph’s Regional College in the formation of our students ‘to become the best possible people they can be’. As we approach the conclusion of Term 2 at the College, I would request continued attentiveness to keeping accounts up-to-date. In this respect, I would remind families (as per my letter at the beginning of the term) that the College is not able to distribute reports if accounts are not paid. In this respect, I am very conscious of avoiding any embarrassing moments for families, and would ask if you are in a situation where you cannot pay an account, then it is imperative that you contact me to make an alternative arrangement. God Bless Jim Dempsey Principal

“Regional’s Retro Rave!” The College’s SRC will be hosting “Regional’s Retro Rave!” This will be an awesome night to come together as a College community and work your dance moves, or simply just hang-out with friends and good music, in retro-fashion! Wednesday, 19th June (week 8) 7.00pm – 9.45pm $5.00

Date: Time: Cost:

Tickets will be available for purchase on Monday to Wednesday of week 8 from outside the canteen area. There will be no tickets on sale on the night. Bring a few extra dollars to purchase a refreshing drink and also your retro madness. In order for the night to be safe and fun for all, the gates will close at 7.20pm and won’t open again until 9.15pm. Make sure you have a lift as there will be no supervision after 10.00 pm. We would remind all prospective ravers that normal College rules apply: there is no place for drugs, alcohol or anti-social behaviour at the Regional Rave. All money raised goes towards SRC initiatives for both the college and the wider community. Excitement and enthusiasm will grow as the rave approaches so get ready! It should be an awesome night! With retro-respect, the SRC

St Agnes Youth Ministry Breakfast The St Agnes’ Youth Ministry team would like to welcome parishioners to a yummy Bacon and Egg breakfast at St Agnes’ Church. Date: Time: Cost: Hope to see you there!

Sunday, 16th June after both the 7:30am and 9.00am masses by donation

FROM THE LEADER OF CATECHESIS AND SCHOOL EVANGELISATION STREET RETREAT - DONATIONS WANTED 1. Ministry to Asylum Seekers and Refugees- Denise Laverty rsm Sister Denise Laverty is a Grafton Sister of Mercy who has worked in the Lismore Diocese for many years. Currently she is working in Brisbane and involved with The Romero Centre which was set up to welcome and support refugees. Last year at Street Retreat, the group played a soccer game with some refugees and it was noticed, that the refugees were in need of enclosed shoes. Donations of the following items will be very much appreciated.     

Students who are attending Street Retreat Zarah Besseling, Erin Badewitz, Katelin Nickl, Hamish Bell, Sam Turner and Matthew Dunne

Footy boots Running shoes Blankets Warm clothing Donations of wool

2. St Anne’s preschool Kiribati (Pacific Islands) Sister Katarina was responsible for the establishment of St. Anne’s Preschool and is still the principal. 207 pupils attend the preschool every week. The teachers are paid a low wage and this must come out of fees and donations. The teachers often have to buy chalk out of their own money. If you have any of the following at home or want to visit a $2 shop the children would really appreciate it.  Water paints  Chalk (white and colour) jumbo if possible.  Glue sticks  Pencils  Wall Charts -colours, numbers, letters, food, etc  Wall clocks  Story Books, books of songs or nursery rhymes  Blocks ( building and counting) Donations can be left at the College office, Thank you, your support is appreciated.

SEASONS FOR GROWTH FOR PARENTS- Expressions of Interest Our Diocese has been asked to participate in a pilot program for "Season's For Parents". This program is the third arm to the Seasons program and has been written to help parents learn how to support their children through divorce and separation. I am looking for a group of 8 - 10 parents to participate in the workshop. It will run over 2 weeks (1 x 2 hour session per week) 4 hours in total. This is NOT a program for parents to discuss their personal experiences, rather an opportunity for them to learn strategies and from each other in how they can help their children. For more information or to express your interest in participating in this program, please contact Peta Rourke on 0400 420 614 or by email

IGNITE Ignite is a dynamic and contemporary Catholic conference for adults, teenagers and kids. Since it began in 2001, it has grown to become the largest Catholic youth event of its kind in Australia. The Ignite experience gets bigger every year and now regularly attracts over 700 young people, ministry leaders, priests, religious and parents from across our nation and beyond. Ignite includes:  Concert-style rallies each night with dynamic keynote speakers  Mass, Reconciliation and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament  Emmanuel worship plus local artists performing daily  Stream sessions to offer a big-picture view of your chosen area  Workshops to allow you to focus on specific, practical topics This year this exciting conference is again in the September school holidays. The CSO will be organising a trip which is open to students from Years 9-12. The trip will be subsidised by the CSO to make it more affordable and accessible. At this stage the total cost to students should not exceed $100 but will likely be closer to $50. The final figure will depend on the number of students taking up the offer. This cost will help subsidize travel, accommodation and registration, which also covers most meals. To secure a place on the trip students will need to collect a form from Ms Swain and return it by Friday 21st June, as a commitment to organisation is required. Please include $50 initial payment with expressions of interest. Notes and payment to the office. We will complete registration as a group once we have an idea of numbers. Further details on the conference are below: Ignite Conference 2013: “The Call” 26th - 29th September 2013 Mueller Performing Arts Centre, Rothwell (Redcliffe, Brisbane) Full information online at

Family Retreat, 2013- Is being held at Valla Beach Tourist Resort on 22nd – 23rd June If you would like to attend or for more information please contact Peta Rourke on 0400 420 614

St Agnes’ Parish -Catholic Care of the Aged Calling all photographers… Great prizes for photos focussing on the aged in the categories of: Family, Love, Wisdom & Vitality The competition Entry and Release forms are available from the office

Nora Swain Leader of Catechesis and School Evangelisation


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SSeen niioorr SSooiirrèèee A A a n u Y a D a m a M u & v u a a u d n A ccceeellleeebbbrrra atttiiiooon n ooofff ooou urrr Y Yeeea arrr 111111 D Drrra am ma a,,, M Mu usssiiiccc & &v viiisssu ua alll a arrrtttsss SSStttu ud deeen ntttsss th W W d n d a y 6 u n Weeed dn neeesssd da ay y,,, 2226 6tthh JJJu un neee

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ART SUPPLIES NEEDED The art department is in need of the following items:  old clean  towels,  sheets,  newspapers,  plastic shopping bags,  yoghurt and icecream containers (no glass),  fabric remnants and  frames for artworks. Donations can be left at the office, Thank you. Claudette Stace Leader of Creative Arts

LIBRARY NEWS 2 Free Audiobook Downloads Each Week- May 30 - August 15, 2013 This week : Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, Go to National Cyber Security Awareness Week (20-24 May) Each week for the next few weeks, I will I include a fact sheet about a specific Cyber Security issue This week: Scams: © 2009 Australian Government Department of Broadband Communication and the Digital Economy SCAMS “I used to wonder how spammers got my email address… all those emails about weird money-making schemes and cheap designer watches… then I found out about ‘spiders’… ” - Ahmad, 17

SCAM- A promise or offer that isn’t real, that’s designed to trick you. EMAIL- Email is electronic mail. Email can be person-to-person, or via email lists. SPAM- Spam is the electronic version of junk mail. Most spam is advertising, but some is highly dodgy–like get-rich-quick schemes and other scams. Some spam even contains malware, which can then infect your computer or mobile phone. Spam can be an email,SMS or IM. SPIDER- Web spiders or web crawlers are automated programs that browse the Web to collect information (like your email addresses) or to track the sites you have visited. Usually they are controlled by spammers. PHISHING- A hoax email designed to trick you into giving personal information. PHARMING- A way of harvesting personal information where a hacker puts a code on your computer that redirects you to a fake site (like a fake bank site) when you think you are logging onto your real bank site. WARDRIVING- A person in a car with a portable computer or PDA, driving around looking for Wi-Fi wireless networks. People do this to make use of unsecured networks, usually just for free internet access (by stealing your download quota), but sometimes it’s to use the network for more serious crimes like trafficking prohibited content. SOCIAL ENGINEERING- Tricking a person into revealing sensitive information (like personal passwords or credit card details) or giving access to a computer network. BOTNET- Botnet is a jargon term for a collection of zombie computers–a string of compromised computers attached to the internet that can be used to send out spam or launch a ‘denial of service’ attack, or even an attack on critical infrastructure. A botnet will be controlled remotely, so you won’t necessarily know if your computer has been compromised and become part of a botnet.    

Activate the filter on your browser. This can stop popups and illegal content. Don’t reply to spam emails, or forward them on. Set your email program to filter junk mail–spam and emails from people you don’t know. Spam filtering software helps block spam emails that may also have links to web sites with malware, or malware in email attachments. It’s OK to click ‘unsubscribe’ if you know the email, SMS or IM comes from a legitimate business, like (for example) if it’s a newsletter or promotion where you asked to be on the mailing list. But otherwise, DON’T click ‘unsubscribe’. Clicking ‘unsubscribe’ only confirms to a spammer that your email address is a real one. NEVER click links in emails or IM if you don’t know the sender or are not expecting the message. Usually these links are just to trick you into clicking. In turn this may install infected software on your computer. Disguise your email address online, so it can still be read by people who need to know, but won’t be picked up by Web spiders.

There are plenty of dodgy sites on the Web that will try to scam you in some way, usually to give personal information or credit card details. Sometimes these sites even look dodgy, or have bad spelling mistakes. If a site looks dodgy, it probably is. Check the digital certificate to find out the true identify of a site or know if a site is authentic. Sites with digital certificates have a locked padlock on the top or bottom of the browser window. Click the locked padlock to look at the digital certificate and see if it’s valid (up-to-date and hasn’t expired). You will know a site is secured (encrypted) if the digital certificate is valid (up-to-date). If your computer becomes compromised, you should report it to SCAMwatch or Stay Smart Online (see links below).

If you use a wireless network, make sure you turn on the security and restrict your network access to named users only. You do this by enabling your WPA2 or WPA. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2) is the current standard for wireless network security. If you don’t restrict access, anyone could make use of your Wi-Fi network (and your download quota) for their own purposes, including to commit crimes or traffic illegal content. Turn your internet connection off when you are not online.

Hooking the Crooks [17 07 2008] Something’s Phishy [21 10 2008] Html Aardvarks top Zebras in Spam Stakes [01 09 2008] Scams can be reported online at Follow us on Twitter – @sjrcexchange Karen Bale Teacher Librarian

MANAGING SAFE USE OF TECHNOLOGY AT HOME It is recommended that parents exercise a degree of control over their children’s use of technology at home. Just as you set limits and expect certain standards of behaviour from your children in other aspects of their social development, the same should apply to their use of computers and other personal devices. Over the next few weeks we will offer tips and links to resources we think may be useful to ensure safe use of technology at home. TIP: At the end of the day all digital devices are turned off and kept in a common place outside bedrooms for charging. This includes parents and other siblings. For more tips and video links on managing safe use of technology at home, visit our iPad website from the Quick Links tab on the school website or copy and paste the following URL in your browser!management/cfqh


DISCOVER ENGINEERING This is a free forum for all students in Years 9, 10, 11 & 12 who are interested in Engineering as a career. On Tuesday, 18th June from 5.30pm come along to the Reclaimed Water Treatment Plant, Ocean Drive, Port Macquarie Registrar by phoning Engineers Australia on 4926 4440 WORK EXPERIENCE If your child is interested in undertaking work experience, each individual case will be considered on its merit. Students would need to discuss with us suitable dates but preferable these will be in holiday times and only under exceptional circumstances would this condition be waived. If you require further information, go to the College Moodle site and access it via students – Careers – Work Experience. CAREERS WEEKLY EMAIL NEWSLETTER All Year 10, 11 and 12 students and parents will receive each week a newsletter detailing all careers information that we receive. We hope some of the websites and information will be relevant to you and your son or daughter. Please contact us if you require further information or delete if nothing is relevant. If you are not receiving these emails please check with the college office that your contact details are up-to-date. All of our careers information is broadcast through this method so it is vital that details are current. REGIONAL CAREERS WEBSITE Our new Regional College Careers website at offers up-to-date information for parents and students in all year groups. MOODLE – CAREERS Always updated with important documents for work experience and university information. Parents can access this information via your child’s login. YEAR 8, 9 and 10 – TAX FILE NUMBERS Tax file number forms are processed by Mrs Tinsey every Friday. New forms are now available from the office. Karen Bale & Leanne Tinsey Leaders of Careers and University Transition

HOMEWORK HUB The Library is a great place for students to complete class work and assessment tasks. All Library’s resources are available for use during this time. On Wednesdays, Mrs Rosenbaum, our Leader of Mathematics, is available to assist you with mathematical problems. The hours are:

Monday and Wednesday 3.15pm - 4.30pm. Tuesday and Thursday 3.15pm - 5.00pm. Friday 3.15pm - 4.00pm.

The Homework Hub is for people who are "getting things done". Mrs Narelle Mathews Homework Hub Supervisor

MATHS VAULT PROBLEMS When the 4 × 4 grid shown is filled in completely with numbers, the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 appear exactly once in each row and each column. What is the value of a + b + d + e in the completed grid?

Last Week’s Answers:

(a) 30 (b) 30 (c) 30

Joprim Uniform Shop Winter Hours Joprim Uniform Shop will be closed from Tuesday, 2nd – Saturday, 6th July and will re-open on Tuesday, 9th July, when winter opening hours will apply. Tuesday – Friday: 12:30pm – 4:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am – 12:00

CANTEEN ROSTER VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The College canteen needs some extra help. If you would like to help on any day during the week between 9.30am-1.30pm (or even just a couple of hours in the middle of the day) please phone Emma Daley at the College Canteen on 5525 4100. Term 2, Week 7 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Deb Quilligan Help Please Pat Shirt Irene Dowton / Marion Pallot Michelle Cramp

UNIFORMS UNIFORM SHOP The College second hand uniform shop is open every Monday from 2.45pm – 3.45pm. Please go to office for directions. Thank you to the many families who have so kindly donated unwanted uniforms. We are still collecting the girls’ summer aqua tunic dress to send to an overseas school. Donations are very much appreciated

NAMBUS VISIT – Year Ten On Thursday, 20th June Year Ten will take a tour of the Nambus. They will listen to Vietnam veterans and also view photos and items from the Vietnam War era. This supports our Year Ten History unitAustralia & the Vietnam War era. The cost is $5.00 and will be billed to your child’s account.

ATTENDANCE REMINDER A reminder to all parents, notes must be in within 7 days of your child's absence or the absence will be reported on your child's report as UNEXPLAINED. Students who have more than 15 days leave in a year must have supporting documentation from a doctor or make written application to the Assistant Principal. This may also require an interview with the Principal or Assistant Principal. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PARENTS / GUARDIANS EXPLANATION FOR PUPIL’S ABSENCE PUPIL’S NAME _______________________________________Year__________ PC ________ DATE(S) OF ABSENCE _________________________________________________________ REASON FOR ABSENCE ________________________________________________________ PARENT / GUARDIAN SIGNATURE ________________________________ DATE __________ *Failure to have an absence explained within 7 days of returning to school MUST, BY LAW, be recorded and reported as UNEXPLAINED ABSENCE.


TERM 2 Week 8

Week 9



Mon 17th & Tue 18th June Wed 19th June Fri 21st June

CCC Basketball Open Finals 7-10 Soccer Gala Day - Coffs Harbour Primary Zone Athletics Carnival @ SJRC

Mon – Thurs Tue 25th June Fri 28th June

Year 9 Canberra Excursion Waratah Cup Rugby Union - Coffs Harbour Last day of Term 2

SJRC Athletics Carnival- A comprehensive report will be available in next week’s newsletter.