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Volume 1, Issue 3 Winter 2012

The Patients’ Voice

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1- Recipe of the month 2- A Cat’s 12 Days of Christmas/Patient Council open house 3- Charitable giving/Patient satisfaction survey 4- Wings to Fly 5- Coping with holiday stress

Welcome to the Patients’ Voice Newsletter “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

6- Drop-in centre grand opening 7- Ten ideas to make the holidays more jolly 7- Drop-in centre holiday hours

Recipe of the month: Crunchies Ingredients:  All – purpose flour  Grated sharp cheddar cheese  Hard margarine ( or butter) , softened  Baking powder  Salt  Cayenne pepper  Crisp rice cereal

1 ½ cups 375ml 1 ½ cups 375 ml 2/3 cup 150ml 1tsp. 5ml ½ tsp. 2ml ¼ tsp. 1ml 1 cup 250ml

Directions: Put first six ingredients into medium bowl. Mix well. Add cereal. Mix with clean washed hands, shape into 1 inch (2.5 cm) balls. Arrange in single layer on an ungreased baking sheet. Bake in 375 F (190 C) oven for about 20 minutes until lightly browned. Makes 42 appetizers. Great for a party appetizer or a great homemade snack. (Company’s Coming Most Loved Appetizers- Author: Jean Pare). Recipe provided by Stephanie Taylor.


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The Patients’ Voice A Cat's 12 Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas my human gave to me: Twelve bags of catnip! Eleven tarter Pounce treats, Ten ornaments hanging, Nine wads of Kleenex, Eight peacock feathers, Seven stolen Q-tips, Six feathered balls, Five MILK JUG RINGS! Four munchy house plants, Three running faucets, Two fuzzy mousies, And a hamster in a plastic ball!!

Patient Council Christmas Open House The Patient Council will be hosting a Christmas Open House at RMHC London in room C-148 on: Wednesday, December 19 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm All patients are welcome to attend. Come out and join us for good company, Christmas music, and light refreshments (coffee, punch, and cookies). Come out and meet your Patient Council members!

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The Patients’ Voice

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Charitable Giving The holidays can be a good time to help those in need in the community. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to make a difference in the life of someone in need. Many community agencies and/or churches have donation programs in your area. Here are some ideas: -

A gift of food to the food bank or to another location where they are collecting non-perishable food items (i.e. grocery stores or banks)


Used clothing to a clothes drive (Canadian Diabetes Association will pick up from your door)


A Christmas hamper (check your local church or inquire at the local Fire Hall)


Bringing a child a gift from a giving tree


Putting change in the Salvation Army pot


Giving the gift of your time by volunteering for a charitable foundation


Donating a blanket for the homeless to the St. Vincent de Paul Society or Goodwill


Sending in a donation to your favorite charity


Attending charitable functions that are fun and make a difference (i.e. dinner fundraisers or a silent auction) By Stephanie Taylor

Inpatient Satisfaction Survey Aligned with our commitment to patient-centered care, Regional Mental Health Care (RMHC) conducts an annual inpatient satisfaction survey. The results of the survey assist RMHC to identify areas of accomplishment and opportunities for improvement. The interviews are planned for February 2013 and will be conducted in-person by interviewers from an external organization – NRC Picker Canada. Professionally trained interviewers will invite patients to participate in the survey, explain the purpose of the survey and obtain consent from each patient prior to starting the interview. Patients will be asked questions regarding their satisfaction with the services they are receiving, their participation in treatment, their living environment, treatment outcomes and more. All information provided by patients will be kept confidential and results will be reported collectively. For more information about the survey please contact Kristen Lethbridge, Quality Measurement & Clinical Decision Support: 519-646-6000, ext. 47197;


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The Patients’ Voice

Wings to Fly If I had wings to fly I’d soar Above the clouds Above the trees And mountains high I’d glide in sunlight Far above The lakes and oceans Down below Such freedom Would come over me I’d feel the wind Beneath my wings Carry me To valleys near And distant shores I’d sail the winds Away from cares Of mortal life To reach a place I’ve never been To change My thoughts Of who I am If I had wings to fly By M. Laplante

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The Patients’ Voice

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Coping with Holiday Stress Do you feel stressed during the holidays? If so you are not alone. The holidays are a busy time, with high expectations, social pressures, and financial expenses. It can be helpful to focus on your values, what the holiday means to you, and traditions that are important to you and your family. Here are some hints to help you enjoy the holidays: Gift-Giving - Set a budget and stick to it - Remember that you can’t buy love with bigger, better gifts - Avoid peak shopping times or shop online - It is okay to be realistic with children about what they can’t have - Some families draw names so each person only has to buy one gift Get-Togethers - Remember the purpose; spending time with people you care about - Pace yourself – don’t try to do too much - Give yourself time to rest and recover in between events - If you are the host, your home and the meal do not have to be perfect - Consider having a pot luck where everyone brings something to eat - Make food ahead and freeze and use disposable dishes Time Management - Set priorities – choose what you want to do - Learn to say “No” – you don’t have to do everything - Don’t overschedule yourself Self-Care - Get enough sleep, food, exercise but avoid over-eating - Plan time for you every day - Take breaks when you need to – try relaxation exercises - Be aware of how you are feeling – your feelings are OK Signs of Trouble - Feeling alone, especially if you have lost someone - Feeling overwhelmed - Physical symptoms like headaches or trouble sleeping How to Feel Better - If coping with loss, try something new or different - Spend time with others – if you are lonely try reaching out to others (i.e. Help at a food bank or visit a nursing home) - If spiritual, attend a religious ceremony - Let your support people know what will help you - Enjoy decorations or holiday lights (i.e. Victoria Park) - Seek professional help if needed - Plan something for after the holiday to avoid “let down” By Christine Boyd



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The Patients’ Voice

Patient Drop-in Centre Grand Opening!

The Drop-in Centre will be hosting its grand opening on January 23, 2013- all staff and patients are welcome to attend! Please come join us from 2-4 pm, to celebrate this wonderful, vibrant space. Light refreshments will be served.

Date: Wednesday January 23, 2013 Location: P-Wing, RMHC London Time: 2:00-4:00 pm We hope to see you there!

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The Patients’ Voice

Ideas to help Make the Holidays More Jolly

1. Remember it’s the thought that counts when giving gifts- some friends would much rather have an e-mail or a card than an expensive gift 2. Pre-plan your holiday budget so you can ensure you are not over-spending on gifts 3. Read a good book, take some holiday photos or drink some hot chocolate to unwind 4. Try not to shop at the last minute and plan ahead of time 5. Be aware of any food allergies or dietary restrictions when attending holiday mealtimes. It is ok to indulge over the holiday season but don’t jeopardize your health. Be aware of what food ingredients and/or sugar content may be in the foods you are eating 6. Hot chocolate, soup, chili or stew can make a cold day feel warm 7. Not everyone on the planet needs a holiday card from you- try to do the best you can, but remember a radio greeting, a phone call or even an e-mail can help 8. If you can’t get a tree, try to find or make some holiday drawings or decorations to glitter up your living space 9. You can party-plan, bake and shop, but you still can’t “control the universe” so chaos may happen- have a plan on how to de-stress if things get stressful 10. Most of all have a happy holiday even if not all your family and friends could be there to celebrate with you, “hold them in your heart” By: Stephanie Taylor

Drop-in Centre Holiday Hours The drop-in centre will be closed on the following dates during the Holiday Season: Monday December 17, 2012 Monday December 24, 2012 Wednesday December 26, 2012 Monday December 31, 2012 Wednesday January 2, 2013

Patient Council Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 3 Winter 2012  
Patient Council Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 3 Winter 2012  

The Patients' Voice