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St. Joseph Catholic Church

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Confirmation 2014

Calendar Mon., May 26th Church Office Closed Mass at 10am (no 8:15am or 5:45pm) Tues., May 27th Bingo (B) 10am Boys Scouts (Caf) 6:30pm Wed., May 28th SJAS (B) 6:30pm YAG (UR) 6:30pm MALE (A) 7pm Sun., June 1st Gourmet Club Dinner (FLC) 6:30pm

The Sowing

Bread for the Journey Fr. Richard Lombard

A man said to a counselor: “My wife and I just don’t have the same feelings for each other that we used to have. I guess I just don’t love her anymore, and she doesn’t love me. What can I do? “Love her”, the counselor replied. “I told you the feeling just isn’t there anymore.” “Love her.” “You don’t understand, the feeling of love isn’t there.” “Then love her. If the feeling isn’t there, that’s a very good reason to love her.” “But how do you love when you don’t feel the love?” “My friend, to love is a verb. Love, the feeling, is a fruit of love, the action. My advice is to love her. Serve her; sacrifice; listen to her. Empathize. Appreciate her. Affirm her. Are you willing to do that?” To quote Dostoevsky, love is “hard as hell.” Part of the explanation for its being so hard can be found in Jesus’ farewell talk in today’s Gospel. If we love, we obey the wishes of our beloved instead of our own. That applies to our relationships with other people and to the relationship between us and God. Because of God’s love for us Jesus promised to give us another Advocate. He said “another” because He, Himself was an Advocate. An advocate is a combination of intercessor, witness for the accused, defense attorney, best friend and comforter in distress. An example of this is when a child falls down and skins a knee, and turns to a parent for comfort. The injury continues to hurt but someone else has joined in feeling it. The child is no longer alone; he is being comforted.

Adults, too, have a need to be helped by someone willing to join them in the difficulties of life. The Holy Spirit – the best gift in love God can give – stands beside us, comforts us when we ask, and helps us in difficult times. Today’s excerpt from the first letter of Peter tells us that we demonstrate that the abundance of life in the Spirit has truly come to our hearts by stressing the cost of virtuous living and of a truly Christian commitment. It’s addressed to the Christian converts who were suffering for their beliefs as a minority in a pagan society. We experience a similar cost because we share the responsibility to bring God in Christ to a sometimes hostile world. Two words, “apologize” and “protest”, summarize our potential response to these readings. To apologize can mean, of course, to say we’re sorry for our behavior, but its original meaning is to speak on behalf of someone. The second word, “protest” in its original Latin form, protestificare, has a deeper and more positive meaning than it has today: that is “to give witness”, to testify on behalf of someone. In giving witness by the way we live and by the values we hold, we can protest, or testify, for Jesus’ quality of life. All of today’s readings tell us that to be an apologist out of love for Jesus befits a life transformed by the Resurrection. God Bless, Fr. Lombard

Vol. 65 No. 21

Sixth Sunday of Easter

May 25, 2014

For the Ride Home

Special Collection

Parish Contact

Deacon Bill Roche

Retired Clergy of the Diocese of Shreveport

211 Atlantic Avenue Shreveport, LA 71105 (318) 865-3581 8:30am - 4:30pm (Mon - Fri)

Why are we celebrating The Feast of the Ascension, traditionally a Thursday, on Sunday, June 1 this year? The Solemnity (highest order of Feast) of the Ascension, a holy day of obligation in the United States, always falls on a Thursday because it is observed 40 calendar days after Easter. By agreement of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Bishops have given each ecclesiastical Province permission to observe the Solemnity on the following Sunday, the Seventh Sunday of Easter, rather than on the weekday. We are in the ecclesiastical Province of New Orleans, and the New Orleans Province, along with the majority of the Provinces in the United States, have chosen to observe the Ascension on what would normally be the Seventh Sunday of Easter. The effect of this decision is that this year Catholics in the Province of New Orleans celebrate the Ascension on Sunday, June 1. It doesn’t change our obligation to attend Mass on the Solemnity of the Ascension, but it does mean that we have no obligation to attend Mass on the Thursday which falls 40 days after Easter Sunday, and the Mass readings that day are not going to be the Mass readings of the Ascension. Those will be heard at Mass on June 1. Peace, Deacon Bill

The special collection taken up at all Masses this weekend will help support the retired priests of this diocese. Please be as generous as possible, as St. Joseph Catholic Church is joining with other churches throughout the diocese in this annual collection which benefits only the sixteen retired priests who have served the people of the Diocese of Shreveport. Please use the envelope provided in your packet. Special yellow envelopes are also provided in the Gathering Space for this purpose. Your gift will be greatly appreciated by those priests who have given a lifetime of service to us in the name of Christ Jesus.

Parish Team Fr. Karl Daigle Pastor (ext. 8200)

Fr. Richard Lombard Associate Pastor (ext. 8201)

Fr. Thomas Elavunkal Parochial Vicar (ext. 8202)

Deacon Bruce Pistorius Deacon (865-3581)

Deacon Bill Roche Faith Formation & DRE (ext. 8203)

Mary Arcement Middle School Youth (ext. 8205)

Catholic Women’s League

Blake Bruchhaus Dir. Liturgy and Music (ext. 8207)

Roxanne Chumley

The ladies of St. Joseph Catholic Church, Shreveport, will host the luncheon/meeting of the C a th o lic W o me n ’s League on Tuesday, June 10, 2014. Registration will start at 9:30am and the meeting will start promptly at 10:30am. It will be held at St. Joseph Catholic Church Family Life Center. Cost of the luncheon is $6.00. This luncheon is open to all ladies of the Diocese of Shreveport. Those wishing to attend from St. Joseph must RSVP to Ruth Payne at 8681340 by June 6th.

High School Youth and Young Adults (ext. 8214)

Loralee Culbert Associate Dir. Of Liturgy & Music (ext. 8209)

Elizabeth Cruz Housekeeping

Luisa LeMoine Business Administrator (ext. 8212)

Jennie Murphy Asst. DRE, Bulletin & Web (ext. 8215)

Ka’Lani O’Shea Receptionist (ext. 3581)

Sommer Anderson - Picou Middle School Youth (ext. 8205)

Susan Prest Event & Nursery Coordinator (ext. 8213)

ACTS Picnic Attention Graduating Seniors

Cheryl Raney MDO & TADS Coordinator (ext. 3233)

Kathy Schimschock

Attention Parents and graduating high school seniors:

It’s Spring Fling Time!!!

When: Sunday, June 8 at 1pm Where: Family Life Center at St. Joseph’s Who: Anyone! We wish to recognize all What: NWLA ACTS is hosting a fun aftergraduating high school seniors at the 9:30am noon of fun and Fellowship. Bring a lunch and and 12:00noon Masses on Sunday, May ACTS will supply Drinks and Deserts. 25th. Fr. Karl Daigle will extend a special blessing to all graduating high school seniors If you have questions, please present at those Masses. The Church will host contact Liz Wilhelm a small reception in the gathering space after at: those two Masses in their honor.

Pastoral Secretary (ext. 8210)

Amy Schimschock Part-time Receptionist (ext. 2101)

Jane Snyder Outreach (ext. 8204)

Dotye Sue Stanford Family Life (ext. 8208)

Romeo Vargas Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds

Parish Leadership Diane Hudson Pastoral Council Chair

Tom Simms Finance Council Chair

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The Sowing

Pentecost Choir Festival

Janet & Jim Hollier ~

In the Gospel today, Jesus says to us: "If you love me, you will keep my commandments....Whoever loves me will be loved by my Father and I will love him and reveal myself to him". Through your gifts to Society of St. Vincent de Paul, you are bringing the love and care of Jesus to the poor. Thank you!

St. Jude Catholic Church will be hosting a Pentecost Choir Festival on Sunday, June 8th, at 4:00 p.m. There will be an Open House the same afternoon from 2:00-4:00. Stop in for refreshments and a tour of the new church, then stay for the choir concert. St. Jude’s choir will be joined by the choirs from St. John Berchmans Cathedral and St. Joseph Catholic Church in Shreveport. Join us for a musical celebration of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Parish Business Administrator MASS INTENTIONS Mon, May 26 - Saint Philip Neri, Priest (Acts 16:11-15; Ps 149; Jn 15:26–16:4a) 8:15 am David DeFatta (SI) 5:45 pm +Beverly Bohrer

Luisa LeMoine ~

Thank you for your generosity! May 17/18

Shortages/ Overages



Parish Support:




Tue, May 27 - Saint Augustine of Canterbury (Acts 16:22-34; Ps 138; Jn 16:5-11) 8:15 am +David Rougeau 5:45 pm +Deno Bustillo

Building Fund:




Wed, May 28 (Acts 17:15, 22–18:1; Ps 148; Jn 16:12-15) 8:15 am +Sam and Mary Farace 5:45 pm +Emma Davidson

May 10/11


Parish Support:




Building Fund:




Loan Balance: $986,447.00

Mass Schedule & Intentions

Thu, May 29 Daily 18:1-8; MassesPs(8:15am & 16:16-20) 5:45pm) at St. Joseph Catholic (Acts 98:1-4; Jn Church during Monday, October 14, 2013 8:15 am +Mr. andthe Mrs.week J. S. of Boney through Friday, October 5:45 pm Dorothy Pedro (SI)18, 2013 have been canceled due to the Diocese of Shreveport Priest Retreat in Lake Fri, May LA. 30 Charles, (Acts 18:9-18; Ps 47; Jn 16:20-23) 8:15 +George Digby Medvec DailyamMasses will resume at +Stephen St. Joseph on Saturday, andatMary Lena +Stephanie McCullough October +Peter 19, 2013 8:15am. 5:45 pm +Elois Soule Sat, Oct 19 Sat, 31 - Visitation 8:15 May am +Christy Gallegosof the Blessed Virgin Mary 5:00 +Albert (Zep pm 3:14-18a or Stentz Rom 12:9-16; Is 12; Lk 1:39-56) +DeWitt Methvin 8:15 am +Char Barnes +Ferminia Teresa Mancini+DeWitt Methvin 5:00 pm +C.P. Brocato +Frances Gibson Pena +Ed Watts +Lallah Methvin +Jimmy +Joseph Mac CushRaburn +Mercedes Colon +Lallah Methvin +Pete Papa Enora Manuel (SI) +Lanore Mee King Colon Sun, Jun+Mercedes 1 - The Ascension of the Lord +Mr.& Mrs. Maranto (Acts 1:1-11; Ps 47; Eph 1:17-23; Mt 28:16-20) +Theresa Ducharme 8:00 am +Justin Owen Mr. Lewis Provenza(SI) 9:30 am +Shirley Sharrock

12:00 pm Unger Family (SI) Sun, Oct 20 6:00 pm +Jean and Bill Looney

8:00 am +Frank Lex 9:30 am +Rita Scott Altar Flowers for May 24/25 12:00 pm Parishioners of St. Joseph Parish (SI) In honor of Joseph School graduates and alumni. 6:00 pm +Debbie St. Vaughn

Shortages/ Overages


St. Joseph Prayer List Estelle Haskinson

Carol McCann

Richard Estess Sr.

Joe S. Cush

Marguerite Swannon

Donna Lahner

Ann LeBlanc

Briley Lynn Adams

Paulette Hood

Willie Procell

Dorothy Pedro

Alicia Calantone

James Roblow

Sally Bruno

Lu Lamendola

Joan Cascio Varner

Jerald W. Jones

Bob Sibley

Judy Looney

Camille Cascio Matassa

Pat Mondello

June LeVasseur

Elizabeth Davis

Norman Zaffater, Jr.

Donna Cacurak

Michael Miller

Susan McNeill

Penny Beck

Louise Campbell

Andrea Vogt

John Restovich

Donna Howard

Bobbie Sue Gullo

Maddox Sasser

Enora Manuel

Val Fernandez

Haley Hooker

Tina Feldt

Stuti Jahawar

Mary Van Tassel

Fluvia Horellana

Ed Sanders

Sonja Burnett

Evelyn Gremillion

David DeFatta

Gabriel Cantu*

Elizabeth Cook

Matthew Nettleton*

Matthew Wimple*

Eugene Cazedessus IV*

Zachary Bass*

Vince Shoeniger*

Zach Wentz*

If you or a loved one are in the hospital, and would like a visit from a priest, please contact the Church Office. Names periodically rotate off of the prayer list—usually every 3 months. * Denotes Military Serving Overseas

Vol. 65 No. 21

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Deacon Appreciation

May 25, 2014

Vacation Bible School Jennie Murphy ~

Deacon Bruce Pistorius and I would like to express our gratitude for you, the people of St. Joseph Catholic Church. Our nine years of ordained ministry have been a blessing for both of us in ways that are difficult to express. We have both been welcomed to service in the parish in a variety of ways. We both have been nurtured in our ministry as well as in our spiritual development by you: by your example, by the work you do, and by your willingness to accept Deacon Bruce and myself into your lives. We can never adequately express the gratitude and love we feel for the many ways that you have been kind and generous to us, not just this past weekend, but every weekend, and every day during the past nine years. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the ministerial team. It is an honor and privilege!

Deacons Bill Roche & Bruce Pistorius

KofC Upcoming Events!

Registration for VBS 2014 has started! Registration forms may be found in the Gathering Space or on the Church website: Dates: Monday, July 7 thru Friday, July 11th Times: 8:30am to 12:00noon Ages: 4 years old to 5th grade Theme: Wilderness Escape! Volunteers needed! Adult and Middle School/High School volunteers welcome! Registration fee waived for those parents who volunteer for VBS! Contact Jennie Murphy for more details by calling 841-8215 or by emailing!

Knights of Columbus Council #3407 Schedule of upcoming events:

Family Life Ministry

Thursday, June 5, 7:30 pm, business meeting; Rosary at 7:15pm. Thursday, June 19, 6:00 pm; Social. Saturday, June 21, 2:00 pm, Cook-Out (hamburgers) at Holy Angels. For more information about the Knights of Columbus Broadmoor Council #3407, please contact the St. Joseph Church Office at 865-3581.

Outreach Ministry Jane Snyder ~

VETERANS TRANSITIONAL HOUSING The weekend of June 1, Beyond JustFaith will be collecting for Veterans in the VOA Transitional Housing Facility which the parishioners of St Joseph helped renovate 5 years ago. They need help restocking the pantry for their kitchen where 56 men and women eat daily. Or any non-perishable items for their pantry Cake mixes Coffee Sweeteners Creamer Foam Cups

Catsup Mustard Foil Clear Plastic Napkins

Brownie Mix Rice Oatmeal Macaroni & Cheese Spaghetti Sauce

Please consider adding a few of these items to your shopping list and bring them to Mass on June 1. Many thanks for your generosity to these men and women who have given so much to our country.

Dotye Sue Stanford ~

FAMILIES AND THE GOSPEL May 25, 2014 John 14:15-21 Today Jesus is preparing his disciples for his departure. Family Life is a series of departures. As we mature and grow older we constantly transition from the familiar to the new unknown. Jesus promised, “I will not leave you orphaned.” He has kept his promise. He is present in the flesh of all who love, support and encourage us. Look around! Jesus continues to reveal himself each day in our family and friends. Let’s Play BINGO! Tuesday, May 27, 10 am – 12 Noon. in the Family Life Center Room B. There will be light snacks and drinks offered. For more information, please call Dotye Sue 841-8208. St. Joseph Adult Singles SJAS will meet Wednesday, May 28, 6:30-9 pm in the Family Life Center Room B. Come for the movie and supper. (Please bring $7 for supper.) Baptism Seminar Our next Seminar will be Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 6:30-8:30 pm in the Family Life Center Side Room. Both parents and Godparents are expected to attend, whether the baptism is in another church or by another priest. It is best to come to a Seminar at least 3 months before the birth of your child. Please call Dotye Sue to register and for a short interview before the seminar at 841-8208.

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Saint Joseph School 1210 Anniston Ave. Phone: ~ 865-3585

Nia Mitchell Principal

Kevin Nolten School Operations Admin.

Our vision is to provide a religious and academic education that prepares students to become responsible members of family, Church and community.

SJS 8th Grade Trip It is hard to believe that the 2013/2014 school year has drawn to a close! First and foremost, we pray that everyone has a safe and restful summer. As we reflect on the past year, we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge the prayers and support from students, families and parishioners. We are diligently preparing for an even better 2014/2015 school year! Many blessings!

Summer Hours The school office will be closed beginning June 2-13. We will begin Summer hours (Mon-Thurs 8-12) on June 16 through July 25. We will resume normal hours on July 28.

2014/2015 Employment Opportunities! St. Joseph Catholic School seeks qualified applicants for the following positions for the 2014/2015 academic year: 1) 3rd Grade English / Language Arts Teacher (Certification Required) 2) 4th Grade Math Teacher (Certification Required) 3) Middle School History Teacher (Certification Required) 4) 8th Grade ELA Teacher (Part-Time) (Certification Required) To apply, log on to the school website ( and click the “employment” link.

The Sowing

Faith Formation Deacon Bill Roche ~ Jennie Murphy ~

PSR (Parish School of Religion) The PSR schedule has not yet been established for the 2014-2015 school year. We are tentatively planning to begin classes on Sunday, August 17. Registration for the 2014-2015 school year will begin in early August. CONFIRMATION Bishop Duca shared a very relevant message with the 61 young men and women who were confirmed last Sunday here at St. Joseph. Bishop Duca also spoke to the parents, family members, and sponsors about the importance of growing in our faith throughout our lifetimes. Thank you, Bishop Duca, for taking the time to make Confirmation a truly memorable day! RCIA The RCIA series of sessions has ended after a very good year. The St. Joseph Catholic Church community has been blessed once again by the arrival of a group of individuals who choose to continue their faith journey here with us. The Neophytes, those who are new to the Catholic Church, are now on their own. It is up to us, the rest of the community of believers, to help them assimilate into the life of the parish. Please reach out to them wherever and whenever you can. Continue to pray for them and their families. A new series of RCIA sessions will begin on Tuesday evening, August 19, at 6:45 pm in the Family Life Center. As a first step in the process of RCIA, I would like to meet with everyone individually who is interested in being a part of the next series of RCIA sessions. This is not an obligation, but it is a good way to get acquainted and to explain the process. Please call the church office at 865-3581, or my direct line, 841-8203, so that we can set up a time to meet that is mutually convenient. Please allow 30 – 40 minutes for that meeting.

High School Ensemble Workshop Loralee Culbert ~

The National Association of Pastoral Musicians Shreveport Chapter presents High School Youth Ensemble Workshop. Dates are July 30th, 31st and August 1st from 10:00am to 3:00pm at St. Jude Catholic Church - 4700 Palmetto Rd, Benton, Louisiana 71106. Experienced musicians are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Focus will be on gaining practical skills for playing and leading music for liturgy. The cost is 75.00. This includes lunches and tee-shirt. Registration forms are in the St. Joseph Church Office or on the Church website ( and are due by Tuesday, July 1st. Checks are to be made payable to: Shreveport NPM Chapter and sent with registration to St. Joseph Catholic Church, attention Loralee Culbert, 211 Atlantic Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71105.

May 25, 2014 E-Sowing  
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