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of Nursing is Peg Auer’s alma mater. Supporting our mother’s nursing school is a way to honor our parents’ memory and a tribute to all they have done for their children, grandchildren and the lives of many they touched in their lifetimes. Our parents felt it was important to support causes that gave back to the community. Supporting St. Joseph’s College of Nursing helps students on the nursing path, existing nurses stay current with their skills and, most importantly, helps the people of the community that the graduates from the college will be caring for. Caring for others is the greatest way we can honor the memory of Peg and Ed Auer.” — Auer Family Foundation

Helping to take technology at the college’s clinical simulation laboratory to the next level, BristolMyers Squibb has awarded $4,813 to purchase a SimPad and other simulation accessories specific to cardiac care. SimPad Arrhythmia Trainers will work with the SimPad to allow heart sounds and functions, including variable heart rates, rhythms, abnormalities and durations of heart functions, of the SimMan to be adjusted. Projecting lifelike cardiac scenarios, this equipment can also be used for defibrillation and EKG training. “Bristol-Myers Squibb has a long history of supporting projects to promote health and wellness in the communities where our employees live and work. One way in which we fulfill our mission to help patients prevail over serious diseases is by supporting programs that help uninsured and underinsured patients obtain high-quality health care. Our support of St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center’s SimPad project will help ensure that nursing students in St. Joseph’s College of Nursing are well-prepared to handle cardiac emergencies.” — John Mosack, Executive Director of Biotechnology Manufacturing and Operations, and General Manager of Bristol-Myers Squibb’s East Syracuse facility

Residents of Syracuse’s North Side, Vishma (left), from Nepal, and Myint, from Burma, benefit from participation in the Yeshua Restoration Ministries Soccer Club.

Playing With Purpose St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center Foundation was the fiscal agent for a grant of $4,200 which was awarded to the Yeshua Restoration Ministries (YRM) Soccer Club through the “What If…” mini grant program. The “What If…” program was established by The Gifford Foundation to foster growth in neighborhoods, strengthen the capacity of community residents who are focused on making positive changes in their neighborhood, and increase community participation, awareness and partnerships. Serving children and youth living in an area significantly affected by economic decline—Syracuse’s North Side—the YRM Soccer Club places an emphasis on youth empowerment, community pride and cultural diversity toward creating a positive effect on the social, physical and psychological condition of the neighborhood and its residents. This funding has been used toward field cleanup, beautification and maintenance; fencing; soccer equipment; and summer day trips.

As the St. Joseph’s College of Nursing prepares its students to meet the demands of nursing in the 21st century, the Flora Bernice Smith Foundation is helping to equip one of the college of nursing’s classrooms with new, up-to-date educational technology. Through a recent grant award of $15,000, St. Joseph’s College of Nursing will be able to put the most efficient teaching resources at the fingertips of faculty. Equipment such as a touch panel control, microphones, amplifier, tuner, conference phone and audio mixer will allow our faculty to spend more time instructing students and developing class content.


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The spring 2013 issue of Caring Connection, a publication of St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center.

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