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And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17

History Built on Tradition

Originally founded in 1957 by the School Sisters of St. Francis as St. Joseph High School, St. Joseph Catholic Academy has always been an educational leader, consistently meeting the evolving needs of the local community. In the early 1990s, responding to requests from many of the local grade schools, St. Joseph added a junior high school to its building. Supported by several parishes, this addition provided the targeted instruction, specialized learning environment, and enhanced facility that pre-adolescent students need. Around that same time, St. Joseph became an Archdiocesan school with a layperson board of trustees. St. Joseph Catholic Academy is Founded Officially opened on July 1, 2010 on two proximate campuses, SJCA is supported by ten local parishes and has grown to be the largest private school in the area. With its comprehensive focus on academic, moral, social, and spiritual development throughout a student’s entire educational journey, SJCA has strong outcomes that validate its unique educational model. SJCA has a consistent 100% graduation rate and ACT scores above state, local, and national averages. Even more importantly, every SJCA student from the youngest preschoolers to graduating seniors is committed to serving God, others, and the community.

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President/High School Principal Robert Freund

Middle School Principal

Matthew Rizzo

Preschool-Elementary Principal Kerstin Santarelli

Board of Trustees

Kyle Vitkus (’98), Chair Beth Bahr, Vice Chair Peter Speca (’84), Treasurer Teresa LaMacchia (’81), Secretary Mike Bain Fr. Todd Belardi Christine Genthner Susie Harron John Hogan (’02) Eric Kenesie (’96) Jeanne (Huck) Kessler (’77) Paul Krumrie Paul Marik Fr. Robert McDermott John Moyer (’81) Brock Portilia (’02) Fr. Roman Stikel Bruce Varick

Centered in Christ, St. Joseph Catholic Academy builds scholars, leaders, and stewards who will transform the world.

A Letter From the President Dear St. Joseph Family and Friends, I hope this edition of the Traditions finds you and your families safe and healthy. I am very pleased that SJCA has revived this alumni magazine, finding yet another way to connect with those who share our history, understand our legacy, and have a long-lasting love of St. Joseph High School and St. Joseph Catholic Academy. With over 8,000 graduates, the St. Joseph alumni network runs strong and deep. We hope that this magazine helps connect all of the St. Joseph family with our school and with each other. While long months of the CoVID-19 virus have changed education across the globe, here at SJCA, there is much to give us hope. Back in August, SJCA was one of the first schools in the area and in the Archdiocese to open and provide in-person instruction. At that time, no one could predict how the year would unfold. However, as I reflect on this past year, I could not be more proud of our faculty, staff, students, families, alumni and community for rising together during these challenging times. Here are a few of the many highlights from this unprecedented year:

Impactful Technology—Due to a long-term investment in technology, SJCA was not only able to provide meaningful virtual learning last spring when all schools were shut down, but is still providing distance learning this year to those students who cannot attend SJCA in person. Uncompromised Education—Despite the challenges presented this semester, our dedicated teachers never once compromised our students’ education. In fact, the outcomes on our recent standardized assessments show steady and improved student learning. Successful Fundraising—Even in its virtual format, the 2020 SJCA Annual Auction surpassed its budgeted goal. Likewise, Annual Fund contributions from alumni, parents and friends continue to grow. Enormous thanks to Development Director Pauline McTernan, the Auction Committee and especially to all of our generous donors for supporting us in this difficult time. High School Athletics—Adhering to stringent protocols, our SJCA high school athletes completed successful fall and winter athletic seasons, winning conference titles and competing in regional championships. Our athletes are currently preparing for a full slate of spring sports. Go, Lancers!

Weekly Masses and Ongoing Faith formation—Our teachers and pastoral staff have been innovative in finding ways to †share Deceased Board Member and* celebrate our faith. From small class Masses, to school-wide live-streaming of the Eucharist, to grade level Reconciliation, to retreats this spring, Christ remains at the center of our school.

Honoring SJCA Traditions—With creativity and intentionality, SJCA has prioritized many of the traditions that unite our school family. Class retreats, Catholic Schools Week assemblies, Trunk or Treat, the Principal’s Book Club, Family Engagement activities, Birthday Books, Class Competitions, Spirit Weeks, and National Honor Society induction, have all taken place this year, and while they may look different, these events remind us all of the bonds we share.

Proactive Decision Making—While many schools encountered uncertainty from day to day regarding in-person, hybrid or virtual instruction, relying on experts and our strong administrative team, SJCA stayed well ahead of the curve on most pandemic-related educational issues, offering daily in-person instruction from preschool through high school.

Sustaining a much-needed sense of normalcy— During days filled with uncertainty, SJCA has remained a safe, stable, consistent environment for our students. Teachers are teaching, students are learning and with many opportunities to safely interact, our students are supported socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Effective Safety Protocols—As one of the first Archdiocesan schools to create and implement its Return to School Safely Plan, SJCA led the way in keeping staff and students safe. Our CoVID-19 positivity numbers have been extremely low all year. Moreover, working closely with local health care officials, SJCA has provided CoVID-19 vaccines for all SJCA employees who wanted them. As of March 15th, over 80% of our faculty and staff have received the CoVID-19 vaccine.

Navigating this first half of the school year has been challenging, but it has also been uniquely rewarding. As we head into the last few months of the year, I want to thank you all for staying the course. Thank you for your diligence; thank you for your patience and especially, thank you for your support of SJCA. With gratitude and hope, Bob Freund

2019-2020 Financial Highlights July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Exercising fiscal prudence and wise decision-making, St. Joseph Catholic Academy is pleased to report its financial highlights from the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Through careful budgeting, strong management, and diligent financial oversight, SJCA once again had positive cash flow and met our budgetary goals for the tenth year in a row. Recognizing the sacrifices made by our school families, the investments made by our local parishes, and the generosity of our alumni and donors, SJCA is committed to being a vigilant and grateful steward of its resources. Thank you to the entire SJCA community for being a major part of this success.

Special Programs and Various Ac�vi�es 3%

Revenue Net Tuitions and Fees






Parish Assessments



Special Programs and Various Activities



Investment Return, Net






Total Revenue


(including PPP money)

(Rentals, Government Grants)

Investment Return, Net 2%

Miscellaneous (Rentals, Government Grants) 1%

Parish Assessments 5%

Net Tui�on and Fees 57%

Contribu�ons (including PPP money) 32%



Deprecia�on 9%

Payroll/Benefits/ Related Expenses



Repairs/Utilities/ Maintenance



Other Operating Expenses






Fundraising Events



Professional Services



Total Expenses


Net Assets


(Food, Meals, Publication/Postage,Supplies, Transportation, Bad Debt, Interst)

Fundraising Events 1%

Other Opera�ng Expenses (Food/Meals, Publica�on/Postage, Supplies, Transporta�on, Bad Debt, Interest) 11%

Professional Services 1%

Payroll/Benefits/ Related Expenses 66%

Repairs/U�li�es/ Maintenance 11%


Alumni Staying Connected, Giving Back and Making an Enormous Difference An Interview with SJHS Alumnae Gina (Madrigrano) Friebus ’72 and Linda Wasilevich ’72 St. Joseph High School and Catholic Academy alumni have a special connection with the school and are often our most loyal and generous supporters. For this revived edition of the Traditions, we reached out to two of our most inspiring and dedicated alumnae Gina (Madrigrano) Friebus and Linda Wasilevich, both class of ’72, who have continuously and generously given of their time, talent and treasure to help support St. Joe’s. The driving force behind the recent very successful Guardian Angel campaign, and longtime SJCA donors, Gina and Linda worked tirelessly this past year to ensure that the Annual Auction not just met but surpassed its budgeted goal. Due to the ongoing support of alumni like Linda and Gina, SJCA is able to provide the high quality, Catholic education that has been the legacy of St. Joseph for over sixty years. Spearheaded by Gina and Linda, the Guardian Angel campaign involved several SJCA alumni who encouraged classmates, alumni, donors and friends to make an unrestricted gift of $1,000 or more to the SJCA Annual Auction. Because the Guardian Angel campaign took place in this current fiscal year, all those who so graciously participated will be listed in the next annual report to be published in the fall of 2021.

We want every St. Joseph student to have the very positive experience we had at SJ, and we both truly want to pay it forward.

How long have you been involved at SJCA and in what capacity? GF: I am a 1972 grad of St. Joseph High School and my three siblings, Thomas A. Madrigrano ’73, Katherine (Madrigrano) Comi ’77 and Aldo J. Madrigrano ’81, are also graduates. Our parents were very involved in school as well. My dad Aldo Madrigrano was a member of the Board of Trustees, serving as President of the Board for a period of time. I have worked on each of class reunions, with our 50th coming up next year! LW: I am also a 1972 grad of St. Joseph High School. I have stayed connected to St. Joseph by working on each of our class reunions and by chairing the St. Joseph Annual Auction. In addition, my family has had three generations attend St. Joseph High School and now SJCA. My siblings, Peter Wasilevich ’74, Anne Wasilevich ’77 and Kathryn (Wasilevich) Tirabassi ’78, and I all attended SJHS. My nieces and nephews attended St. Joseph in the 90’s and 2000’s and now my great nieces and nephews attend SJCA. Having so many families attend the school is a great way to stay informed, involved and connected. Over the years, my sister-in-law Mary (Theriault) Wasilevich ’74, along with a committee led by Kathy (Schlenker) Viola ’69, continued the event that was

initiated and led by Betty Riley, then Mary (LaMacchia) Karnes ’55, and now Development Director Pauline (Capelli) McTernan ’57. My entire family is very involved in the Annual auction. We all work hard on the auction because we realize how important the auction proceeds are in helping SJCA provide current students the same great faith-based education that my siblings and I received during our time at St. Joseph High School. How did you get the idea of the Guardian Angel campaign and what does this program serve? GF: The idea of the Guardian Angel program came to fruition when Linda and I were talking about the whole pandemic issue and how different the auction would be this year. We said, “We need a Guardian Angel” and from that the process moved along. We felt we needed a lot of alumni to participate, thought about how that could happen and Linda took the idea to Pauline. LW: The Annual Benefit Auction needed to garner the same net proceeds to meet the school's budget and we were concerned about how difficult that was going to be with the changes necessary to the event due to the pandemic. We knew that the effects of the pandemic coupled with the civil unrest in Kenosha would hugely

impact the Auction, not just the actual night of the event, but also because so many of the businesses and individuals that contribute to the auction’s success were struggling as well. We felt we needed a lot of alumni to participate as Guardian Angels, contributing $1,000, without seeking or receiving anything in return— other than the wonderful feeling you get from helping such a great cause. Our hope was that many alumni would realize how much St. Joe’s had touched their lives and be willing to make sure that this same great education was provided for the students at St. Joe’s today. We tossed the Guardian Angel concept by a couple close contacts, including my brother Pete Wasilevich ’74, my sister Kathy (Wasilevich) Tirabassi ’78, who immediately committed to the cause. We thought about how we could make this plea quickly and efficiently to accomplish our goal of meeting the school’s Auction budget. Then, we took the idea to Pauline and the auction committee and it grew from there. Who are the specific people involved in the program? LW: Pauline's mantra of how great it would be if each alum gave back, even $50, is always top of mind. Keeping that in mind, Gina and I talked about how each class has to have some Guardian Angels, some alumni that would and could give back to help with the event’s net profit goal without receiving anything in return other than a great feeling knowing that their contribution has a huge impact on the education of a student, a student like themselves, fortunate to attend St. Joe's. Gina and I ran the idea passed a few other alumni and friends. Then Pauline and I talked about trying to gather and contact alumni by the class year and worked with the Development Department to collect the alumni contact information. Being on a short timeline to accomplish our goal, we decided to put together an email plea. Sr. Sylvia Leonardi ’64, Kathy (Schlenker) Viola ’69, Virginia (Gigliotti) Thompson ’69, Mary (Theriault) Wasilevich ’74 and the entire auction committee played a role in contacting alumni and getting the plea out. GF: Linda and Pauline talked about trying to gather alumni by the class year, and Linda started sending me reports that showed the alums and their email addresses. We drafted a letter asking our classmates and those in other classes for support, outlining the concept of the Guardian Angel Campaign. Sr. Sylvia Leonardi ’64, Kathy (Schlenker) Viola ’69, Mary (Theriault) Wasilevich ’74 and other members of the auction committee sent out the email that we put together and contacted various alumni. What was most surprising about this campaign? GF: Both Linda and I, and I am sure others, received heartwarming emails from individuals responding that they would help Linda and Pauline in making this year’s auction a success, even in a pandemic. Even if individuals could not send the $1000 that we were requesting, they sent other denominations to help us reach our goal.

SJHS Alumnae Gina (Madrigrano) Friebus ’72 and Linda Wasilevich ’72 LW: I was not necessarily surprised by the positive response to the campaign, but we were so touched and so thankful for all the heartwarming emails and kind notes that came along with the wonderful monetary support. I guess I was surprised at just how many alumni so quickly and so wholeheartedly were happy to give the $1,000, to help make this year’s auction a success. There were also many individuals who sent other denominations to help us reach our goal, and none of them wanted or expected to receive anything in return other than the knowledge that they were supporting a special place where they were able to experience a great education and make great friends.

The Guardian Angel Campaign raised over $88,000 to help support the school. Why do you support St. Joseph? GF and LW: There are so many reasons why we support SJ, and a Catholic education. Our families, our religion and our education have played a huge role in who we are, and St. Joe’s played a major role. St. Joseph High School prepared us for college and introduced us to so many wonderful friends. We would never have met each other if it were not for going to SJ. We want every St. Joseph student to have the very positive experience we had at SJ, and we both truly want to pay it forward. Education is such an important part of what we do with our lives, and we hope every student understands how important it is to support SJ once they have graduated.

St. Joseph Catholic Academy Financial Donors July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

SJCA is pleased to acknowledge the following donors and sponsors for their generosity and support during the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Please note that this roll of donors reflects donations, both cash and in-kind, made between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020. Therefore, any donations made to the 2020-2021 Annual Fund, the 2020 Annual Auction, the Guardian Angel Campaign, or any other fundraising event or campaign made after June 30, 2020 will be reflected in the Fall issue of Traditions. Auction night purchases are not included in this list. Thank you to all of our donors. Your generosity ensures that SJCA continues to provide the high quality Catholic education that our families expect and deserve. SJCA has made every effort to list donors and sponsors completely and accurately. Should there be an error in your listing, please accept our apologies and contact Development Director Pauline McTernan at or (262) 654-8651 (ext. 115) so that we may correct our records.

$100,000 - $699,999 Anonymous Alumna

Mr. Eugene F. Soens † William R. Johnson Family Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999

$2,500 - $4,999

Mr. Patrick & Mrs. Jane Rafferty (’68) Thiele

$25,000 - $49,999

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Madrigrano (’68)

$10,000 - $24,999

Mrs. Betsy Brown Mr. Luigi & Mrs. Katherine Madrigrano (’77) Comi Mr. William & Mrs. Gina Madrigrano (’72) Friebus Mr. & Mrs. Aldo Madrigrano (’81) Mr. Thomas A. Madrigrano (’73) UW Irene LaJeunesse Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Feuerbach Mr. & Mrs. David McKeon Mr. & Mrs. William Mills Mr. Peter & Mrs. Carol O’Day (’63) Sieber † Deceased

* Board Member

1335 Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Ambro (’82) Dr. Paul A. Capelli Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Chiappetta (’81) Class of 1969 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy P. Connolly Ms. Helen C. Finkler (’59) Mr. Neil Hamilton Jockey International, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. William R. Johnson Mr. Richard & Mrs. Jeanne Huck (’77) Kessler The Honorable Barbara Kluka (’62) Mr. G. Thomas & Mrs. Pauline Capelli (’57) McTernan Reverend Ken Metz Ms. Rita M. Petretti (’60) Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Richtfort SJCA Parent Association Mr. & Mrs. David Verbsky Ms. Linda A. Wasilevich (’72) Mr. Peter (’74) & Mrs. Mary Theriault (’74) Wasilevich

$1,000 - $2,499

Alia, DuMez & McTernan, S.C. Bane-Nelson, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Ron Barth Bear Real Estate Group Mr. Donald J. Becker Sr. Mrs. Amy Adamson Bresch (’86) Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Brothman Colerget Group LLC Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Connolly (‘64) Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Conrad ('62) Mr. & Mrs. Craig Deaton Dr. & Mrs. David J. Ficke Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Franklin Mr. James A. Fuhrer (’76) Gateway Mortgage Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Genthner Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Gierl Mr. Samuel & Mrs. Elizabeth Dorsey (’85) Girard Mr. & Mrs. Adam Glatzhofer Mr. & Mrs. James A. Gregory (’83) Grand Foundation Mr. Brian A. Guilliom (’61) Mr. & Mrs. William J. Huberty (’81) Dr. & Mrs. Rick Hutson

$1,000 - $2,499 (continued) Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Istvanek Mr. & Mrs. Gregory D. Johnson (’67) Ms. Louise Juliani (’67) & Mr. Gary Oldenburg Mr. Robert & Mrs. Mary LaMacchia (’55) Karnes Kentucky Fried Chicken, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kmiec Dr. & Mrs. Bryon Kozak Mr. Kevin H. Lawler (’67) Ms. Jennifer Lebiecki Mr. & Mrs. Scott Leinenweber Ms. Mary Joy Madrigrano (’70) Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Mandli Dr. & Mrs. John C. Matteucci Jr. (’82) Ms. Erma Mattiazzi Mr. J. Michael (’84) & Mrs. Jane Missurelli (’83) McTernan Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. McTernan (’81) Mr. Peter T. Mich (’72) Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Miller Mobile One Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Montemurro (’66) North Chicago Iron Works, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Onan Mr. William & Mrs. Karolyn Schlenker (’76) O’Toole Palmen Auto Stores Dr. & Mrs. Clifton Peterson Ms. Paulette Petretti (’68) Piasecki Funeral Home Dr. & Mrs. Todd Pienkos Mr. & Mrs. Hugh P. Rafferty (’80) Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Rizzo (’59) Dr. James L. (’62) & Mrs. Geraldine Alteri (’62) Santarelli Sr. Mrs. Hazel Schend Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sesterhenn Mr. Joseph A. Shore (’73) SJCA Athletic Association SJHS Endowment Foundation Ms. Eva M. Soeka (’70) SPS Dental † Deceased

* Board Member

St. Joseph Alumni Association Mr. & Mrs. Toby R. Thomas (’80) Mr. & Mrs. Michael Thomey (’69) Mr. Larry Stenholt & Ms. Michelle Trottier (’71) Mr. & Mrs. Kyle R. Vitkus (’98)* Mr. & Mrs. John Wavro Mr. William Whyte Mr. Gerald (’60) & Mrs. Joanne Michalski (’64) Williams Wistalia Mr. Robert & Mrs. Mary Gifford (’72) Zorc

$500 - $999

Mr. & Mrs. David Angelici (’85) Mr. Joseph H. Ambro (’77) Mr. Timothy & Mrs. Mary McTernan (’88) Berry Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Borchardt Catholic Financial Life Class of 1979 Mr. & Mrs. Jed Davidson (’92) Dick's Roof Repair Service, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. George Dippel Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Dombrowski Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Duncan III Mr. & Mrs. Francis Ellingsworth Mr. William (’67) & Mrs. Patricia Falcone (’69) Evans Mr. & Mrs. Franz Feldmeier Mr. & Mrs. James S. Francois Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Francois Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Franklin Mr. & Mrs. Robert Freund* Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Patricia Bobusch (’60) Gilbert Godin Geraghty Puntillo Camilli, S.C. Dr. Daniel Guehlsdorf Mr. & Mrs. John L. Harrington Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Heller (’71) Mr. & Mrs. William J. Hendricksen (’70) Mr. Christopher & Mrs. Rebecca Pierangeli (’92) Infusino

Mr. Donald & Mrs. Linda Lukosaitis (’68) Jacobson Mr. Keith R. Johnson Mr. John Kerscher Mr. Raymond A. Knight (’85) Mr. Joe & Mrs. Haley Viola (’06) Kohut Mr. Thomas & Dr. Grace Kunst Lakeview Construction, Inc. Mr. Jared & Mrs. Samantha DeMarino (’04) Lechusz Limbach Family Chiropractic, LLC Madrigrano, Aiello & Santarelli, LLC Mr. William R. J. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. McTernan (’98) Mr. Marcus & Mrs. Dina Perrine (’97) Meinzer Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Mullen Mr. Mark (’80) & Mrs. Patricia Guido (’80) Naidicz Mr. & Mrs. Mark P. Niccolai (’71) Mr. Richard & Mrs. Mary Ann Cantwell (’65) Pedtke Mr. Richard (’76) & Mrs. Lisa Milkie (’76) Pignotti Mr. John F. Potente (’69) Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Powers Proko Funeral Home Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Ray Rite Hite Corp. Dr. James & Mrs. Mary Sebastian (’86) Santarelli Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Darrell H. Scherwinski Mr. Terry (’74) & Mrs. Susan Andrea (’77) Schlenker Mr. & Mrs. Bernard F. Schmitz School Sisters of St. Francis Mr. Kevin & Dr. Rita McGranahan (’94) Schuman Ms. Theresa A. Schwaiger (’69) Mrs. Bea Sebastian † SJCA Friends of the Performing Arts Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Speca (’84)* Mr. Patrick & Mrs. Stacy Thomas (’83) Spracklin

Why We Donate to St. Joseph Catholic Academy By Denise (Kolmos) Cassin, ’73 My husband Kevin and I are both graduates of Catholic high schools. I’m a 1973 graduate of St. Joe’s and he graduated from Salesian High School in New Rochelle, NY in 1971. While they were different schools and experiences, we agree that both had a very meaningful impact on our lives, our values, and how we view the world. In the way of background, my parents, Jesse and Josephine Kolmos, ran a small business in Kenosha and while neither of them graduated from high school, they both believed strongly in the value of a good education. They managed to send both me and my brother, Bob (’61) to St. Joe’s. After my father passed away, Kevin and I decided that we would like to do something to remember him. Given his attitude toward education, we came up with the idea of sponsoring a scholarship to St. Joe’s in his name.

Sister Madeleva Metten, English Class

We started in 2006 and have continued to increase the number of scholarships each year providing financial support to students who might not otherwise get the opportunity to go to St. Joseph Catholic Academy. Since Kevin and I do not have any children, these contributions have allowed us to have a positive impact on students. Seeing them learn and thrive is an extremely rewarding experience. St. Joseph Catholic Academy’s curriculum, global standards of excellence, and Catholic values translates to impressive results and successful, well-rounded students. As Pauline McTernan so wonderfully put it, “Every gift to the school is an investment in our children’s future. We know that our children are the one investment that we can see a return on every day.”

Donations have been made in Honor of... Mrs. Carol Lubinski (’67) Levin Mr. Thomas A. Madrigrano (’73)

Mrs. Pauline Capelli (’57)McTernan Mrs. Harriet Onan

Donations have been made in Memory of... Ms. Rose Bilotti Mrs. Mary Brault Mrs. Shirley Carney Mr. Robert Crist (’64) Mr. Peter Francois (’86) Mr. Bob Kaczmarek Mr. Terrance A. Kalberg (’68) Mr. Ronald A. Kollman (’53) Mrs. Jeanne Komarec

Mr. Richard Krieger Ms. Cindy Lichter Mr. Aldo Madrigrano Mrs. Bess Manderfeld Mr. Frank Matrise, Jr. (’84) Mrs. Stephanye Nichi Mr. Emil Passarelli Mrs. Jo Rasmussen Mrs. Mary Fulmer (’62) Rizzo

Ms. Ellen Santarelli Mr. William F. Schend Mrs. Carol Schuler Mr. Gary Sentieri (’61) Mrs. Richard W. Soens Mr. Timothy Stell (’84) Mr. Ralph Tenuta Mr. Darrell Viola (’68) Ms. Dorothy Wasilevich

$500 - $999 (Continued)

Super Sports Mr. & Mrs. Carmelo Tenuta Mr. Patrick N. Tures (’83) Mr. John (’70) & Mrs. Margaret Daum (’71) Vitkus Mr. Matthew & Mrs. Mandy Viola (’97) Weiss Mrs. Patti Worzalla Mr. Michael (’70) & Mrs. Mary Ann Bjork (’70) Zongolowicz Mr. & Mrs. Ben Zukowski

$100 - $499

A Water Tight Plumbing & Sewer A Willing Participant Mr. Kenneth M. Acerbi (’65) Mr. Raymond Acerbi (’67) Dr. & Mrs. Richard Adamson (’60) Mr. Rob Adelman Mr. Thomas (’73) & Mrs. Rosemary Serto (’72) Aiello Ms. Martha L. Aiello Aiello Family Dental Mr. & Mrs. Larry Albertson Mrs. Kelly Alfano Mr. & Mrs. David G. Alfredson Mr. & Mrs. Gino M. Alia (’88) Mr. Nathan & Mrs. Rachel Cicchini (’06) Allemand Mr. Ryan Alles Mr. & Mrs. Jan Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Johnathon R. Anderson Anderson Law Offices Ms. Ann T. Andrea (’81) Mr. & Mrs. David C. Andrea (’71) Mr. & Mrs. Richard Anton Mr. Gary Anton Anton's Greenhouse Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Antonneau Mr. & Mrs. Todd R. Antony (’84) Mr. Carl Antony (’13)

Mr. Bill Arthurs Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ashmus B.F.R. Locksmith Mr. & Mrs. Ralph T. Bailey (’67) Mr. & Mrs. Francis V. Bailey Mr. Michael & Mrs. Lisa Moyer (’76) Bain Mr. & Mrs. Blaine Ballard Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Baril Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bastron Mr. Philip W. Bastron (’05) Mr. Mario Battellini Mr. & Mrs. Morgan Battley Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton R. Beal (’00) Mr. Terry Beasley Mrs. Barbara Wilson Beaulieu (’60) Mr. Brian P. Becker (’05) Mr. Adam (’95) & Mrs. Kristy Pillizzi (’96) Beirne Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Belmont Mr. & Mrs. William K. Bennett (’90) Mrs. Mary C. Benson Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Suzanne Glerum (’61) Bernhardt Mr. & Mrs. William T. Bernhardt (’88) Ms. Gina Binsfeld Mr. Joel D. & Mrs. Charlotte Kozak Bishop Mr. Reid Blake Mr. Chad Blomgren Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Bodven Mr. & Mrs. Kristoffer G. Boerner Mr. Gary Gonyea (’62) & Mrs. Joanne Navoiczyk Boman (’62) Reverend Edgar J. Borchardt (’68) Dr. & Mrs. Dino Bosco Mr. & Mrs. Keith Bosman Mrs. Ann Bosman-Foltz Mr. James D. Bradmon Jr. (’77) Mr. & Mrs. Mark Brandalise Mr. Thomas W. Braun (’71) Mr. Mark & Mrs. Kimberly Schlenker (’81) Broderick Mr. C. Larry & Mrs. Judyann Hackbarth (’61) Brown

Athletic Association 2019-2020 Banner Sponsors Alia DuMez & McTernan, S.C. Alpha-Beta Painting & Decorating American Family Insurance Ammando’s Collision Center Armored Sealcoating Aurora Sports Medicine Institute Barth Storage Bear Property Management Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Bristol Oaks Golf & Banquet Center Cicchini Asphalt LLC CMG - Lakeside Pediatrics Crawford & Wright Orthodontics Cove Reality Creative Designs DeRango’s Pizza Dickow-Cyzak Tile Co.

Doctors of Physical Therapy Dr. James A. Santarelli, M.D. First American Bank Freese’s Candy Shoppe Golden Oil Company Cuttormsen Recreation Center Jankowski Lawn Services Jimmy Johns Kenosha Dream Playground Kenosha Kingfish Baseball Kentucky Fried Chicken, Inc. Kozak Orthodontics Lake County Pipe & Supply LaMacchia Travel Agency Learn to Swim LLC Library Park Dental Luisa’s Restaurant Mobile One Palmen Motors

Prairie Side Ace Hardware Progressive Painting, LLC PT Pros - Sports Physical Therapy Regner Veterinary Clinic Renee E. Mura Attorneys at Law Ruffolo’s Pizza & Family Style Restaurant Santarelli-Perri-Santarelli Dental SJHS Endowment Foundation Southport Heating, Plumbing & Geothermal State Farm Ins. Super Sports Tino Hardscape Tirabassi Felland & Clark Tree Frog Service LLC WisNova Institute of Dental Specialists

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Bruno (’02) Mr. Scott A. Bruss Mr. & Mrs. Mike Burtzel Mr. & Mrs. William J. Brydges Mr. & Mrs. Michael Burke Ms. Katherine Burke (’12) Mrs. Jean Bonell Burns (’69) Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Margaret Kuffel (’91) Cairo Mr. & Mrs. Jason Callewaert Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Camosy Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Cantwell (’76) Mr. & Mrs. Laurence F. Carbone (’77) Mr. & Mrs. Craig R. Carlson (’83) Casa Capri Mr. David Castaneda (’02) Mrs. Therese Cawley Mr. & Mrs. Lance L. Cenni Ms. Althea Chambers Mr. & Mrs. David Chirbas Christopher Infusino CPA Cicchini Asphalt LLC Class of 1994 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Clausi CliftonLarsonAllen LLP Coldwell Banker Real Estate One of Wisconsin Mr. Mike Coleman Mr. & Mrs. William Collins Dr. & Mrs. James Concannon Mr. & Mrs. Fernando Conforti Mr. & Mrs. Kerry M. Connelly (’67) Mr. Andrew (’85) & Mrs. Heather Whyte (’88) Connolly Mr. & Mrs. Jack G. Conrad (’75) Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Cottone Mrs. Kathleen Crist Mr. Thomas P. Crist (’79) Mr. Brian & Mrs. Katie Landa (’93) Cummings Mr. & Mrs. George Daher Ms. Christine Zaworski (’81) Damask Mr. & Mrs. Dirk Daniels Mr. Kurt (’80) & Mrs. Renee Laprade (’80) Davenport Mr. Milton & Mrs. Jacqueline Szeliga (’68) Dean Mr. & Mrs. Adam DeBaker DeRango's Pizza Mr. & Mrs. David DeSimone (’61) Mr. Jeremy Dewitt Dickow-Cyzak Tile Co./Carpet One Digital Graffiti Donald E. Mayew, Attorney at Law, LLC Ms. Debra M. Dosemagen (’76) Ms. Karen M. Dosemagen (’63) Mr. Garry (’64) & Mrs. Gail Richio (’69) Dougvillo Ms. Margaret Dowse (’74) Mr. Michael (’98) & Mrs. Katherine Aceto (’98) Drinka Ms. Edyta Odorowska & Mr. Marcin Duleba Ms. Susan Mozinski & Mr. Zachary Dvorak Mr. Thomas M. Dzwinel (’57) Mrs. Caryn Connolly Easterling (’68) Mr. & Mrs. Richard Eaton Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Eaton (’96) † Deceased

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Mrs. Catherine Aiello (’81) Eggert Elk River Custom Rods Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Endean Jr. (’63) Mr. Jack & Mrs. Rina Rizzitano (’85) Eschbach Mr. & Mrs. Craig J. Evans (’95) Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Evans Mrs. Roberta Tatro Falak (’72) Mr. & Mrs. Alex Falbo Mrs. Betty Falcon Mrs. Janet Fani Mr. Gerald H. Fani (’82) Ms. Suzanne M. Fani (’90) Mr. Richard & Mrs. Dorothy Bougneit (’64) Feil Dr. James R. Ferwerda Ms. Florence D. Finkler (’53) Mrs. Beverly Fiorini Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery First Ms. Rebecca Tyson Fisher (’10) Flair Styling Studio MaryJane Flament Garcia Mr. & Mrs. Efren Flores Mr. Wen & Mrs. Iola Ireland (’86) Fonk For Pete's Sake Memorial Scholarship Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Brandie Schmidt (’98) Ford Mrs. John D. Fountain Jr. † Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Francois (’90) Dr. & Mrs. Terrence K. Frantal Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Fredrickson Ms. Bridget Freeman Froedtert Pleasant Prairie Hospital Mr. & Mrs. Scott F. Fuhrmann (’84) Mrs. Doris Gantzer Mr. & Mrs. William P. Ganzer † Deceased

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Mr. & Mrs. James B. Hanson (’69) Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Hantke Mr. James & Mrs. Kristin Waehner (’83) Harrington Dr. & Mrs. Andrew W. Harron* Mr. Jon & Mrs. Katherine Bower (’98) Hasselbrink Mr. & Mrs. James D. Hawkins Heartland Produce Co. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene W. Heckel Jr. Mr. Ryan Heller (’01) Mr. Andrew Heller (’04) Mr. David D. Heller (’06) Mr. Gerald A. Henderleiter (’60) Mr. & Mrs. Glen J. Hentges Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Herrmann (’69) Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Hess Mr. & Mrs. Keith Hickman Mrs. Catherine M. Higgins Mr. John P. Higgins (’70) Highway C Service, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Brian Hill Mrs. Michelle Hoffman Holy Family Catholic Bookstore Mr. David & Mrs. Linda Massie (’68) Holzinger Reverend Joseph F. Hornacek Mr. & Mrs. David Houghton Mr. & Mrs. Adam Houghton Mr. Michael & Mrs. Elizabeth Fulmer (’69) Houlihan Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Hubli Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hudock Mr. Daniel P. Istvanek (’12) Mr. Michael Istvanek (’14)

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Treasure of the Church: Pauline McTernan On March 16, 2021, our very own Pauline McTernan was honored by Catholic Charities and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee as one of the 2020-2021 recipients of the Treasures of the Church Award. Established by Archbishop Listecki, the Treasures of the Church Award recognizes individual, organization and religious orders who exemplify the true treasures of the church in their steadfast commitment and response to the poor in our midst. As the long time Development Director at St. Joseph High School and St. Joseph Catholic Academy, Pauline has dedicated herself to ensuring all students at SJCA receive the very best Catholic school education. Through her diligent fundraising efforts as well as her extensive network, Pauline raises hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to provide scholarships, financial aid, necessary supplies, equipment and ongoing support that directly impact every single student at SJCA from preschool through high school. Entering her twentieth year as the Development Director at St. Joseph, Pauline has a very long history and very deep ties to Catholic education stemming back to her own graduation in 1957. A tireless advocate for Catholic schools, Pauline has been instrumental in making Catholic education sustainable and affordable for over four decades. Her six children, her grandchildren and now her great-grandchildren are all part of the long-standing Lancer family tradition. Though the Archdiocese has recently officially acknowledged Pauline as a treasure, the SJCA community has known her true value for years. While Pauline admits that she is uncomfortable being honored in this public manner, she is certainly never one to let an opportunity go to waste. In recognition of her great distinction, Pauline is asking that those who may be inspired by her legacy and this Archdiocesan award, please consider donating to the SJCA Annual Fund in her name. The Annual fund helps SJCA continue to keep tuition affordable and the quality of education high. As always, no donation is too small. “And remember,” to quote Pauline, “it’s all for the kids.”

Please donate here:

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Mr. & Mrs. Tighe Ittner Jack Andrea, Inc. Mr. Raymond E. Jankowski (’62) Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Jankowski Mr. & Mrs. Mark Jarzabek Mr. Robert & Mrs. Michelle Peltier (’85) Jenewein Jimmy Johns Mr. Gregory D. & Mrs. Lesli Trainer (’82) Johnson Mrs. Judith Borchardt Johnson (’71) Mr. Mark (’00) & Mrs. Jonelle Lieski (’00) Johnson Mr. Paul J. Johnson Jr. (’79) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Johnson Mr. James M. Jones (’83) Mr. Jeffrey A. Jones (’77) Mr. Jackson Jones Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Barbara (’76) Josephs Mr. & Mrs. Steven Jucius Mr. & Mrs. David W. Judeika JW Property Management, Inc. Mrs. Susan Kaeppeler Mr. & Mrs. James Kairis Mrs. Patricia Miller Kalberg (’69) Mr. Larry Kamin Mr. Peter A. Kaprelian Mr. Thomas (’85) & Mrs. Monica DelConte (’85) Karnes Mr. & Mrs. Scott Katterhagen Mr. Adam Kawa Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Kehoe (’67) Mr. Garrett Kelany Kenosha Beef International Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Kisielewski (’67) Mr. & Mrs. Frank Klein Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Klemack Mr. & Mrs. Andrzey Knapik Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kniest Mr. & Mrs. Steve Koellner Mr. Allan (’63) & Mrs. Judith Nelson (’72) Kohlmeier Mr. & Mrs. William Kolanko Mr. Rodger & Mrs. Margaret Schlater (’90) Kormylo Mr. Doug Kosch Mr. & Mrs. Michael Koslica Kozak Orthodontics Mr. & Mrs. John T. Krajnak (’89) Ms. Marianne Kratowicz Mr. William (’98) & Mrs. Jennifer Ritacca (’98) Kreuser Mr. & Mrs. Paul Krumrie Ms. Paula Kubica Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Kunicki Mr. John & Mrs. Debra Grochowski (’85) Kunz Mr. Steven & Mrs. Theresa Turees (’87) Kurth Mr. & Mrs. Marvin T. Kuypers (’55) Ms. Teresa R. LaMacchia (’81)* LaMacchia Travel Agency Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Larsen Dr. William E. Lattos Jr. (’61) Mr. & Mrs. Barry P. Lawler (’69) Mr. Chris & Mrs. Rachel Petrusky ('01) Leach Lee Plumbing Mechanical

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ReMax Newport Elite Mr. Richard A. Renzulli (’74) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Richer (’88) Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Riesselmann Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Eric Riesselmann Ms. Renee Riesselmann Riesselmann Laundries Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Riley (’76) Rivals Sports Pub and Grille Mr. Ronald S. Rizzo (’04) Mr. & Mrs. Matt Rizzo Rizzo & Diersen, S.C. Mr. & Mrs. Robin Roberts Ms. Licien Rodriguez Ms. Kathleen Triggiano & Mr. James C. Rogan Mr. & Mrs. Kyle P. Rooker Reverend Dominic Roscioli Mr. & Mrs. Michael Roscioli Mr. David Rudd Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Ruedinger Mr. & Mrs. Martin Ruffalo (’69) Mr. Sam A. Ruffolo Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Rugg Mr. & Mrs. Michael Russert Mr. & Mrs. David J. Rutkowski (’90) Mr. Dennis L. Rutkowski (’60) Mr. & Mrs. Sean W. Ryan (’85) Mr. Milan Sagorac Salem Vision Center, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Salsbury Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Santarelli Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Santarelli (’98) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Santarelli Sr. Ms. Mary K. Santarelli (’03) Mrs. Jennifer Santelli Mrs. Gemma Santelli Ms. Laura Sawyer Mr. Adam Sawyer Mrs. Mary Jo A. Scheibl Mr. David J. Schend (’76) Mr. Stephen P. Schend (’73) Ms. Ruth A. Schend (’69) Dr. & Mrs. Jeffery G. Scherer Mr. & Mrs. Paul Scherwinski Ms. Nicole Shiavi Mr. & Mrs. John M. Schlater Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L. Schlenker (’71) Mr. & Mrs. Todd L. Schlenker (’79) Mrs. Liisa Sevick (’91) Schmitz Schmitz Insurance Services Mr. & Mrs. John T. Schoenberger (’67) Mr. & Mrs. William Schrimpl Judge & Mrs. Bruce Schroeder Mr. Leo & Mrs. Mary Bobusch (’70) Schuch Mr. Ronald (’88) & Mrs. Julie Falcon (’89) Schuler Ms. Marilyn R. Schultz Mr. & Mrs. Myron E. Schulz Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Scuglik (’78) Mr. Robert (’65) & Mrs. Michelle DelConte (’70) Scuglik Mrs. Mary Selear Sentieri (’61) Mr. & Mrs. David F. Sereno (’75) Mr. Dennis (’70) & Mrs. Mary Gallo (’70) Serpe Mr. Jon & Mrs. Doreen Falcon (’92) Shaffer Mr. Dan Shanahan † Deceased

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Mr. John & Mrs. Kay Kirsch (’67) Sharp Mr. Craig & Mrs. Susan Setter (’79) Sheard Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Shierk Mr. Scot & Mrs. Kathleen Pohlman (’80) Shoemaker Mr. Kevin & Dr. Erin Siegel Mr. Jeffrey (’66) & Mrs. Sandra Orth (’67) Siemion Mr. Jose & Mrs. Lisa Caraballo (’99) Silva Mr. Peter (’71) & Mrs. Sharon Scuglik (’67) Simo Skybridge Americas, Inc. Mrs. Nancy Rose Slawson (’84) Ms. Lisa Smith Mrs. Violet Soens Mr. & Mrs. David R. Soens (’81) Mr. & Mrs. Trent Sonnicksen Mr. Dan Sorenson Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Soule (’81) Southport Periodontics, LLC Stacey Stanich Appraisal Service, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Stancato Mr. & Mrs. Horace Staples Mr. & Mrs. Tim Stare State Farm Insurance Mr. Kevin Steinmetz Mr. & Mrs. Martin Stenson Mr. Michael G. Stubbs (’67) Ms. Betsy J. Stummer (’88) Dr. James F. Stummer Dr. Keith A. Stummer (’77) Mr. Ronald J. Stummer (’96) Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Sturm Sucevich Realty & Construction LLC Mr. Liam Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sura Mr. & Mrs. Charles Swade Mrs. Gayle Viola Swanson (’66) Mr. Gregory Swartz (’69) Mr. John Sweezy Dr. Maya Evans & Mr. Christopher Swift Ms. Patsy & Maria Tallarico Mr. & Mrs. Mike Tank Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Tanke Mr. Joseph R. Tennessen (’63) Mr. Ernest Tenuta Tenuta's Deli The Coffee Pot The Lettering Machine Mr. Brian D. Thoe Mrs. Dorothy M. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. R. Wayne Thomas Mr. Dean & Mrs. Virginia Gigliotti (’69) Thompson Mr. Joseph A. Tirabassi (’86) Mr. Todd D. Tirabassi (’81) Tirabassi Felland & Clark Mr. Christopher & Mrs. Jennifer Allen-Tolliver Tom Gagliardi Electric Co., LLC Mr. Brian & Mrs. Lise Anne Laprade (’84) Tomlin Mr. Joseph G. Toniolo (’64) Torresin Builders, LLC Mr. Joseph M. Towey Trottier Agency, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tyson Mr. Jared (’01) & Mrs. Laura Gregorski (’04) Tyunaitis

Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Valeri (’67) Mr. & Mrs. John Van Hoof Van's Roofing Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Adam VanTilburg Ms. Patricia R. Ventura (’69) Mr. James A. Vidas (’62) Mr. Randy (’71) & Mrs. Katherine Hugunin (’73) Viola Mr. & Mrs. Dan J. Viola (’80) Mr. & Mrs. Dreu A. Viola (’02) Mr. Leo (’00) & Mrs. Ericka Steinmetz (’00) Viola Mr. Aaron (’95) & Mrs. Jill Wasilevich (’95) Vitkus Mr. Kevin (’01) & Mrs. Katherine Schroeder (’03) Vitkus Mr. Jon (’04) & Mrs. Angela Cicchini (’06) Vitkus Mr. Michael Wade (’66) Mr. Brad Walters Mr. Delbert (’55) & Mrs. Carol Vaughn (’55) Warosh Mr. & Mrs. John A. Warosh (’85) Ms. Anne Wasilevich (’77) Mrs. Luigina Wasilevich Mr. & Mrs. Allan Wassil Mr. & Mrs. Paul Watkins Mr. Greg Waugh Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Wedeikes (’60) Mr. Keith Weigle Mr. Alex R. Wente Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Werlinger Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Werwie Mr. Chris Wessels Mr. Larry Weycker Mr. & Mrs. Burt Wise WisNova Insitute of Dental Specialists Dr. Matthew T. Witt (’84) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Witt Mr. & Mrs. Roger C. Wojtak (’80) Mr. Kenneth & Mrs. Ann Marie Theriault (’71) Yorgensen Mr. & Mrs. Jason Yorgensen Mr. David York Mr. Michael Zacker Mr. Dan Zarletti Mr. Mike Zimmer Mr. & Mrs. Dave Zukowski Mr. Ralph J. Zumpano Jr. (’79)

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Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Aandahl Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Acerbi (’61) Actor's Craft Aiello Mid-Town Florist Mr. & Mrs. Steve Allemand Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Allen Mr. & Mrs. Troy Altergott Mr. & Mrs. Ron Althoff Ms. Scarlet Mendoza & Mr. Milton Alvarado Ms. Sara J. Ames Mr. & Mrs. Delmar F. Anderson Ms. Terri Angst Mr. Jason Atanasoff (’01) Mr. & Mrs. Frederick M. Bacher Mr. Vitoldas J. Balciunas (’83)

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Mrs. Sheila Rafferty Beck (’84) Mr. Joseph M. Becker (’76) Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Beirne Ms. Erin Beirne Mrs. Dawn Becker Bella (’79) Mrs. Cindy Benhart Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bevec Jr. Mrs. Kimberly Koker Bielewicz (’79) Ms. Yvonne M. Bilak-Krause (’73) Mr. & Mrs. Chris Bilik Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Bilotti (’82) Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Bilotto (’74) Ms. Joanna Binsfeld Ms. Stephanie Bishop Ms. Camille Bluestein Ms. Maria Bobadilla Mrs. Joyce Frederick Boivin (’62) Mrs. Christine Brisbois Ms. Tamela Broesch Ms. Laurie A. Brown Dr. & Mrs. Michael Bruno Mr. & Mrs. Dave Brydun Mr. & Mrs. Patrick D. Buss Ms. Erin Byrne Mrs. Susan Skipper Caceres (’86) Mr. & Mrs. Josh Cairo Mr. & Mrs. James G. Cairo (’67) Mrs. Julie Capelli Mr. Vincent ('00) & Mrs. Breanne Carrier ('03) Capelli Mrs. Patricia Carrier Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Castelli (’78) Mr. William E. Celeste Mr. & Mrs. William H. Chatmon Mr. James & Mrs. Amy Tirabassi (’76) Cicchini Mr. Kevin & Mrs. Ashley McTernan (’05) Ciskowski Mrs. Karen Oster Ciskowski (’73) Mr. & Mrs. Kyle J. Clark (’08) Mrs. Patricia Kloster Cooper (’82) Ms. Margaret Cope Ms. Tara Coppage Mr. Louis Cosenza Mr. & Mrs. James V. Costanzo (’76) Mr. & Mrs. Hugh E. Cox (’67) Crawford & Wright Orthodontics Mr. & Mrs. Trevor Cronin Mr. & Mrs. Amrik Crow Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert R. Deming (’63) Mr. & Mrs. Mike DeWitt Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Diaz Ms. Pam Diedrich Mr. & Mrs. Brian DiVito Mrs. Anhdao Tran & Mr. Jimmy Doan Mrs. Marcia Adamson Dost (’63) Dr. Draft Line Cleaning Mr. & Mrs. Charles Draper Mr. Carl & Mrs. Mary Beth Schend (’62) Drechsler Mr. Scott Drews Mrs. Laura Drinka Ms. Shannon Drummer Mrs. Lizbeth Contreras & Mr. Anwar Duran Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Earnest Mr. & Mrs. Morris Earnest Mr. David & Mrs. Maureen Chiappetta (’79) Engelhardt

Mr. David Bogenschutz & Dr. Carol Estill (’88) Mrs. Sandra Ewaskowitz Mr. Bill Fancher Mr. Frank Fani Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Feldspauch Ms. Nora Ferm Mr. & Mrs. Tony Feudner Fiddlehead Yarns Mr. Jason Finley Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Flasch (’69) Ms. Sugey Parra & Mr. Oscar Fonseca Mr. & Mrs. Scott Forbes Ms. Donna Foster Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Francois (’76) Mr. Paul R. Francois (’88) Mr. Peter L. Fredrickson (’84) Mr. James & Mrs. Diane DeCono (’79) French Mr. Larry & Mrs. Jean Mitchell (’57) Frie Mrs. Jill Gyurina Fulmer (’79) Mr. & Mrs. Jim Fulmer Mr. Michael (’63) & Mrs. Sue Ellen Czarnowski (’64) Gabron Mr. & Mrs. Philip S. Gagliardi (’79) Mrs. Regina Fliess Galley (’70) Ms. Elizabeth Garcia Ms. Andrea J. Gastaldi (’84) Ms. Linda L. Gehring (’64) Mr. & Mrs. Jay Getka Ms. Gina Giannini (’72) Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Gierl Ms. Graciela Gonzalez Mrs. Monica Dillmann & Mr. Gustavo Gonzalez-Siaba Mrs. Elizabeth Gebhart Graziano (’79) Ms. Shannon Green Mr. Joseph Gricar Mr. & Mrs. Todd Groblewski Mr. & Mrs. Henry L. Grubb Mr. & Mrs. Jason Grubbs Mr. Dick & Mrs. Deanna Ducharme (’61) Guenther Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Guercio Mrs. Adrinana Guerrero Mr. Randall L. Gullo (’62) Mr. Andrew Guzdek Ms. Sarah Guzdek Mrs. Joyce E. Gyurina Ms. Renee Mura & Mr. Thomas Hamm Mr. Timothy M. Hammond (’69) Mr. & Mrs. Jody Hammond Ms. Jane A. Harrington-Heide (’73) Mrs. Gail Rogan Hart (’69) Mr. Mark T. Hasenberg Mr. & Mrs. James T. Hauke (’53) Mr. & Mrs. John T. Hayes Mr. Jeffrey J. Hebert (’72) Mr. Paul Hegland Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Hejnal Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hennessey Ms. Ashleigh Henrichs Mr. & Mrs. Efren Heredia Ms. Michelle Herr Ms. Clara Higgins Mr. & Mrs. Michael Higgins (’71) Mr. Justin & Mrs. Katherine Ross-Corbett (’03) Hill Mr. Rodney & Mrs. Renee Simo-Hill Mr. Travis & Mrs. Karry Wojtak (’89) Hill

Ms. Kathleen Hook Mrs. Amy Horton Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Hubbard Ms. Rose Hubli Mrs. Diane Ridolfi Ingalsbe (’66) Mr. & Mrs. Raymond L. Irving (’84) Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Ittner Ms. Lauralee Jacobs Mr. Stephen P. Jacoby (’64) Jankowski Lawn Service, LLC Mr. Marvin & Mrs. Alison Theriault (’77) Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Jenkins Mrs. Gail Becker Jensen (’60) Mr. Eugene & Mrs. Ann Olson (’66) Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Johnson Mr. Chad A. Johnson Ms. Sophie Johnson (’18) Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Johnson Johnson Financial Group Mr. & Mrs. Dominique Jones Mr. & Mrs. Trevis Jones Josephine Chianello Berman, DDS Mr. & Mrs. Juan Carlos Juarez Mrs. Maria Naidicz Kappel (’86) Mr. Ronald (’63) & Mrs. Judith Lippert (’63) Karaway Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Karnes (’75) Mr. & Mrs. Kraig Keeter Mrs. Tracy J. Panasewicz Kelley (’95) Mr. Warren Kennedy & Mrs. Theresa Kennedy Kenosha Tire Co. Mr. & Mrs. Duane Kilby Mr. Philip E. Klein (’62) Mr. John (’64) & Mrs. Mary Ann Getschman (’64) Kleist Dr. Raymond & Mrs. Carole Capelli (’62) Knight Mr. & Mrs. William M. Koenes (’83) Mrs. Frances Kollman Mr. Kyle & Mrs. Lauren McTernan (’07) Kossack Mr. Michael D. Krempely (’62) Mr. William & Mrs. Diana Pillizzi (’69) Kreuser Ms. Lois I. Kuehn Mr. Chris & Mrs. Theresa Cicchini (’03) Lange Mrs. Linda Langenstroer Mr. & Mrs. Mark Langer Ms. Sara Langrehr Mr. Michael Larry Mrs. Deborah Rizzo (’68) Larsen Mr. Eric & Mrs. Jane Casey (’86) Larsen Ms. Janice Laufenberg Mr. & Mrs. Kurt J. Lawler (’68) Mr. Darren Lebiecki Dr. & Mrs. Jean Leconte Mr. DongMin & Mrs. Sarah Sesterhenn (’10) Lee Ms. Janet M. Lendman Mr. Joseph Leonard Mr. Dominic Lerro Ms. Mary K. Levall Library Park Dental Mr. & Mrs. Randy Lindley Ms. Jennifer Lindsay Ms. Anne M. Loewen (’78) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Loomis † Deceased

* Board Member

$1 - $99 (Continued)

Ms. Ledia Lopez Ms. Michele Lunde Ms. Sarah Lyons Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Jennifer Davidson (’86) Maier Mr. & Mrs. James A. Makouske (’73) Ms. Elviera I. Mancini Mr. Edmond D. Maranger (’72) Mr. James & Mrs. Mary Ellen Guido (’70) Martin Ms. Becky Mattox Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Matulis Ms. Myrtis Mayfield Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Mazzie Jr. Mrs. Jeanette McArthur Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCarville II Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. McConaghy Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. McKenney Ms. Rita McKimmy Mr. & Mrs. Ryan McNeely Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Medina Mr. & Mrs. F. David Mendlik Sister Regina Pacis Meservey, SSSF Mr. & Mrs. Tim Meuser Mr. & Mrs. Tony Miceli Mrs. Barbara DeMarco Miller (’66) Ms. Rhonda Miller Mr. Cameron Mills (’18) Mini Enterprise LLC Mrs. Margaret Jorgenson Mink (’63) Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Minton Mrs. Gina Missurelli Mrs. Theresa Cisler Modory (’67) Mr. Romualdo & Mrs. Rosanna Barbieri (’82) Molinaro Ms. Barbara K. Moll Monfils-Loewen Kenosha Monument Co., Inc. Mr. Lanny & Mrs. Elizabeth England (’76) Morrison Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Morse Mr. Dean & Mrs. Christine Breiling (’97) Moser Mr. & Mrs. John F. Moyer (’81)* Mrs. Barbara Bill Mueller (’71) Mr. Joseph Mugenga Mr. Robert (’56) & Mrs. Diane Brunner (’56) Naidicz Mr. Javier Navarro Dr. Robert & Mrs. Monica Williamson (’78) Nenad Mrs. Kathleen Thomas (’71) Nesseth New Wave Auto Appearance Center Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Nichols Mr. Robert Nommensen Mr. Luke J. Nuzzo (’19) Mrs. Ann Marion Ochsner (’86) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Oldani (’62) Mr. Thomas E. O'Neill Mrs. Maryanne Ruffolo Otter † (’62) Ms. Elizabeth M. Ouimet (’12) Paielli's Bakery, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Tom Papka Mr. & Mrs. Keith R. Parent Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Patterson Paul's Bender Center † Deceased

* Board Member

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Paupore Mr. James R. Pechous (’87) Mr. & Mrs. Ryan D. Pelke (’07) Mr. & Mrs. Leo L. Peltier Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Perez Mrs. Nancee Perry Mr. & Mrs. Larry Pesch Mrs. Marilyn J. Petersen Ms. Julie Peterson Ms. Abigail Phillips Mr. Richard E. Pierangeli (’70) Mr. Kevin J. Piery (’72) Mrs. Gina Pignotti Hackl (’01) Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Pilarek Dr. & Mrs. Frank R. Pisarik Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pitts Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David A. Pitts Mrs. Angela & Mrs. Jamie Pogue Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Principe Mr. & Mrs. John Prostko Dr. Andrew T. Przlomski (’61) Ms. Geralyn A. Pulera (’78) Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Rafferty Ms. Julie Francois Raith (’84) Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Ramczyk Ms. Sylvia Ramos Renee E. Mura, S.C. Mr. Frank & Mrs. Diane Wawiorka (’64) Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. John Ricchio Mr. Terrence (’67) & Mrs. Mary Smestad (’67) Rice Mr. Michael & Mrs. Linda Blise (’76) Rieschl Mr. James & Mrs. Sandra Singer (’60) Riese Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Ann Lichter (’56) Riesselmann Mrs. Concetta Castellano Rinaldi (’71) Mr. Thomas Rizzo Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Rizzo Mrs. Elizabeth Santana & Mr. Richard Robert-Santiago Mr. & Mrs. Angel Rodriguez Mr. Justo Rodriguez & Ms. Nicole Angel-Rodriguez Mr. & Mrs. Pedro Rodriguez Sr. Ms. Debra Rose Ms. Linda Rosenthal Mr. & Mrs. Tim Ross Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth V. Rossi Mr. & Mrs. Edward Russell Mr. & Mrs. John F. Russert Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Ryan Ms. Adriana Aguilar & Mr. Juan A. Salinas Jr. Ms. Martha Sanchez Dr. Gregory & Mrs. Joya Zamora (’95) Santarelli Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Schartz Ms. Lisa A. Schell Mr. Theodore L. Schlenker (’78) Mr. & Mrs. Richard O. Schmidt Mr. Mike Schmitz Mr. Matthew G. Scholzen (’79) Mr. & Mrs. Steve Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Schultz (’66) Mrs. Sharon Strangberg Schulz (’75) Mr. Michael & Mrs. Emilia Bilotti (’69) Scott

Mr. Donald L. Sershon (’60) Mr. Nick Settano Mr. & Mrs. John E. Setter (’84) Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. Setter Mr. & Mrs. James L. Shaffer Mrs. Roxane De Angelis Shimmin (’84) Mr. William & Mrs. Jeanne DeSimone (’66) Sieger Mr. Paul J. Simo (’67) Mrs. Stephanie Slamar Slip 56 Bar & Gallery Mr. & Mrs. Britton Sliwinski Ms. Elizabeth Solum Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Spieker (’70) St. Mark Contemporary Choir Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stader Mrs. Ann V. Stefancic Mr. Jeff Stein Ms. Mary Lillian Stell Mrs. Kristin Petrusky (’92) Stewart Mr. William Stiyer Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Stoebe Mr. & Mrs. John B. Stokman Ms. Ann M. Stokman (’87) Ms. Gayle A. Stoller Mr. & Mrs. Tom Stout Mr. & Mrs. David Strash Mr. Robert & Mrs. Geraldine Gajdos (’67) Strifling Mr. & Mrs. Larry Stritchko Mr. & Mrs. Milan Sucevich Mr. Michael & Mrs. Colleen Patrick (’71) Sullivan Sunnyside Club Mrs. Margaret Newberry (’69) Sweeney Mrs. Eileen Patterson ('65) Tarwid Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Tenuta (’98) Mrs. Lourdes J. Thielen (’63) Ms. Bonnie L. Thompson Mr. James (’56) & Mrs. Mary Davis (’56) Tirabassi Mr. & Mrs. Domenick Tirabassi Jr. Mr. Mario (’08) & Mrs. Katherine Wajrowski (’09) Tirabassi Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Tithof Mr. Tom & Mrs. Patricia Luciani (’66) Tommet Top Choice Mr. & Mrs. Charles Topping Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Torres Ms. Deborah Feest Turner (’68) Mr. & Mrs. Mark Tyunaitis Mr. George E. Urban Jr. (’64) Ms. Danielle Weber & Mr. Michael Valeri Mrs. Janet Liggert (’65) Van Kammen Mr. Timothy H. VanderWall (’64) Mr. & Mrs. Corey VanTilburg Mrs. Laura Cruz & Mr. Adrian Vazquez Mr. Robert J. (’59) & Mrs. Angela Cecchini (’61) Ventura Ms. Judith M. Vidas (’63) Mr. Joseph S. Vignieri (’76) Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Vignieri Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Villalobos Mrs. Kathy Schlenker (’69) Viola Mr. & Mrs. Richard Vite Mr. Eric & Mrs. Cara Capelli (’03) Walker

$1 - $99 (Continued)

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Wallace Ms. Sharon Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Watring Jr. (’76) Mr. Roy W. Watring Ms. Sharon Weber Mr. & Mrs. Lee Weiss Reverend Patrick J. Wendler (’78) Ms. Mary Ann West (’68) Mr. & Mrs. Steven Westphal Ms. Jessica Wewers (’14) Mr. Gary & Mrs. Diana Pofahl (’82) Wier Mr. & Mrs. Brock Williamson Mr. Nicholas Winkler Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Winski Mr. Barry (’63) & Mrs. Kathleen Heller (’63) Wojtak Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Woods Ms. Kimberly M. Young (’68) Mr. & Mrs. Jason Yurs Deacon & Mrs. James A. Zdeb Mrs. Joan Zupec

In-Kind Donors

58 Below Ability Glass Inc. Actor's Craft Alpaca Art, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Gary Anderson Anton's Greenhouse Ashling on the Lough B.F.R. Locksmith Mr. Dan Balmes Barth Storage Bear Real Estate Group Mr. Timothy & Mrs. Mary McTernan (’88) Berry Black Pearl Tatoo Bonefish Grill Bottom's Up Beverage Group Dr. Amy Heck (’83) Bourne Breezy Hill Nursery Mr. Steven G. Brunner (’80) Mr. & Mrs. Ben Bruno (’02) Bubbles Bath Shop Burr Oaks Gift Shoppe Mr. Ken & Mrs. Nicoletta Richie (’72) Campagna Carpetland USA Carpets Plus Outlet Catholic Financial Life Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Chiappetta Shoes Chicago Bears Mr. Kevin & Mrs. Ashley McTernan (’05) Ciskowski Mr. Jonathan P. Clark (’13) Mr. & Mrs. Timothy P. Connolly Dairy Queen DeRango's Pizza Dickow-Cyzak Tile Co./Carpet One Mr. & Mrs. Brian DiVito Doctors of Pysical Therapy Ms. Karen M. Dosemagen (’63)

Mr. Daniel P. Drury Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Duncan III Mr. Kevin & Mrs. Susanna Passarelli (’79) Elrod Elsie Mae's Canning & Pies Ms. Susan Enders Equinox Mr. William (’67) & Mrs. Patricia Falcone (’69) Evans Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Evans Mrs. Betty Falcon Mrs. Janet Fani Ms. Suzanne M. Fani (’90) Mr. & Mrs. Franz Feldmeier Festival Foods Mr. & Mrs. Tony Feudner Dr. & Mrs. David J. Ficke Flair Styling Studio Flowers With Love Ms. Donna Foster Fourever Sportfishing Charters Mr. Wiliam & Mrs. Gina Madrigrano (’72) Friebus Mr. & Mrs. Federico Garcia Mr. & Mrs. Brian Garoutte Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Genthner Ms. Jena N. Gessert (’20) Mr. & Mrs. Adam Glatzhofer Godin Geraghty Puntillo Camilli, S.C. Mrs. Sue Goss Grand Appliance Grand Foundation Green Bay Packers Guttormsen Recreation Center Hafs Road Orchard Hair International Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Hantke Mr. & Mrs. John L. Harrington Dr. & Mrs. Andrew W. Harron* Herbert's Jewelers Dr. & Mrs. Brian Hill Hobnob Restaurant Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hoff Holtz Construction Holy Family Catholic Bookstore Holy Rosary Athletic Association Hometown Meats & Deli House of Gerhard Iguana Wana Infusino's South Mr. & Mrs. Rodger A. Isetts (’83) J & B Services Jack Andrea, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Mark James Jamie Angela Salon Mr. Robert & Mrs. Michelle Peltier (’85) Jenewein Mr. Keith R. Johnson Mr. Gregory & Mrs. Lesli Trainer (’82) Johnson Mr. & Mrs. William R. Johnson Jose's Blue Sombrero Just Drive - Kenosha Mrs. Victoria Kaczmarek Mrs. Susan Kaeppeler Mr. Larry Kamin Mr. Robert & Mrs. Mary LaMacchia (’55) Karnes

Kenosha Beef International Kenosha Car Spa Kenosha Conservatory of Music Kenosha Country Club Kenosha Fire Dept. Fire Prevention Kenosha Kingfish Baseball Club Kenosha Symphony Association, Inc. Kenosha Tae Kwon Do Club Kenosha Tire Co. Kessler Diamonds Mr. & Mrs. Andrzey Knapik Dr. Raymond & Mrs. Carole Capelli (’62) Knight Kohler Hospitality Company Kona Ice of Kenosha Kozak Orthodontics Mr. & Mrs. John T. Krajnak (’89) Lake Geneva Cruise Line Lake Life Catering Lakefront Brewery Le Creuset Lemon Street Gallery Sister Sylvia A. Leonardi, SSSF (’64) Mr. Mark (’71) & Mrs. Rosanne Stella (’72) Leuck Mr. & Mrs. Norman LeWand Lifesport Tennis Club of Kenosha LiftPro Lou Perrine's Gas & Groceries Lucci's Grandview Inn Luigi's Pizza Kitchen Marietta's Hair Design Studio Mario's Restaurant Bar Catering Martino's Dry Cleaners Mason's Eatery & Pub Mrs. Wendy Matrise Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Mayew Mrs. Eva McElmurry Mr. & Mrs. David McKeon Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. McTernan (’98) Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. McTernan (’81) Mr. G. Thomas & Mrs. Pauline Capelli (’57) McTernan Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Medvecz Sr. Merry Maids Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Caroline Savaglio (’80) Miceli Mr. Peter T. Mich (’72) Mr. & Mrs. John L. Miller Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club Miss Kenosha Scholarship Pageant, Inc. Nassco Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Nelson Niagara Bottling, LLC Olive Garden Mr. Jack Parise Mrs. Nancee Perry Mr. Joseph (’72) & Mrs. Christine Wirtz (’73) Pillizzi Dr. & Mrs. Frank R. Pisarik Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pitts Jr. Mr. Brian (’98) & Mrs. Jennifer Fani (’95) Portilia Progressive Painting, LLC Proko Funeral Home PRP Wines International ReMax Newport Elite † Deceased

* Board Member

Our alumni are the backbone of our fundraising efforts. While we are always grateful for the large gifts we receive, over 60% of the donations made to SJCA are one hundred dollars or less. Every single gift matters. No gift is too small and every gift is greatly appreciated. The cumulative power of each donation adds up to make a significant impact on the students at St. Joseph. Please continue to help us meet our fundraising goals and make a donation to SJCA today. -Pauline McTernan, Director of Development

In-Kind Donors (Continued) Rite Hite Corp. Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Rizzo (’59) Rocket Wash Rode's Camera Shop Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Ruedinger Mr. & Mrs. Martin A. Ruffalo (’69) Mr. & Mrs. Dan Ruffolo Mr. & Mrs. John M. Ruffolo Ms. Elizabeth K. Russert (’22) Rust-Oleum Mr. & Mrs. Sean W. Ryan (’85) S.J. Crystal’s Salute Italian Restaurant Sandy's Popper & Sandy's Popper Express Dr. James (’62) & Mrs. Geraldine Alteri (’62) Santarelli Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Santarelli Mrs. Gemma Santelli Mr. & Mrs. John F. Schmitz (’81) School Sisters of St. Francis Mr. Ronald (’88) & Mrs. Julie Falcon (’89) Schuler Mr. & Mrs. Gary Schultz Mr. Michael J. Schumacher (’68) Scoops Ice Cream and Candy † Deceased

Ms. Cassidy Sesterhenn (’15) Mr. Jon & Mrs. Doreen Falcon (’92) Shaffer Shepherd's Crook Golf Course Mrs. Stephanie Slamar Slip 56 Bar & Gallery Sports Physical Therapists Mr. Patrick & Mrs. Stacy Thomas (’83) Spracklin Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stader Starbucks Coffee Co. St. Joseph Alumni Association Mr. Todd & Mrs. Laura Misurelli (’97) Stoner Mr. Alex & Mrs. Tess McTernan (’12) Strangberg Mr. & Mrs. Milan Sucevich Suncast Corporation Sweet Impact Chocolates Swimtastic Swim School Tailboard Charters The Brat Stop, Inc. The Chancery Restaurant The Club at Strawberry Creek The Coffee Pot The Italian American Society The Ivanhoe Pub & Eatery

The Lettering Machine The Mary Lou & Arthur F. Mahone Fund The Red Oak Restaurant Theodore's Hair Design Mr. James (’78) & Mrs. Kathryn Wasilevich (’78) Tirabassi Tito's Vodka Tuscany Bistro Bar & Grill Valeri Orthodontics Mrs. Kathy Schlenker Viola (’69) Mr. John ('70) & Mrs. Margaret Daum (’71) Vitkus Ms. Anne F. Wasilevich (’77) Mrs. Luigina Wasilevich Ms. Linda A. Wasilevich (’72) Mr. & Mrs. John Wavro Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Wenta Wilderness Resort Wine Knot Bar & Bistro WisNova Insitute of Dental Specialists Mr. Barry (’63) & Mrs. Kathleen Heller (’63) Wojtak Mrs. Patti Worzalla Mrs. Karen Young Ms. Kimberly M. Young (’68) Mr. & Mrs. Jake R. Zappa (’08)

* Board Member

Class of 1973 - $143,598 Class of 1968 - $112,475 Class of 1964 - $45,657 Class of 1972 - $20,069 Class of 1981 - $16,600


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