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IN dependent

OUR COMMITMENT At St. John’s, we cherish our independence. Unlike private schools generally, independent schools are not subject to outside mandate. Rather, we are able to determine our own mission and values and create approaches to teaching and learning that best serve our students. This freedom enabled us to implement a highly-acclaimed STEAM Program, the deliberate integration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Independent schools have distinguished themselves through academic excellence, commitment to service, leadership development, and strong character education. We are proud to be a part of this tradition of outstanding preparation serving students from eight weeks through Eighth Grade.

our mission Grounded in the rich history of diversity and excellence in Episcopal education, St. John’s fosters every child’s full intellectual, physical, and spiritual development. A nurturing learning environment and programs built on an ideal balance of tradition and innovation encourage our students to pursue lives of service and purpose.


IN novative S

t. John’s has fully adopted STEAM

Makers lab

as a means to integrate learning across

A creative building space where students design

the spectrum of subject areas. Each

engineering projects and learn to implement

discipline is not isolated, but interrelated to

modern technology with craftsmanship. In the

deepen understanding and engagement.

Makers Space, students have an opportunity to

Students participate in inquiry-based

learn about 3D design and printing, experiment

lessons, collaborative experiences, and

with a green screen and video production,

project-based curricula focused on solving

repurpose old electronics, as well as make LED

practical problems.

lights and circuit boards... just to name a few.

Robotics Lab Beginning in the Elementary Division, students are exposed to robotics as a standard part of the St. John’s curriculum. Projects range from designing levers and gears to building robots to assist in real-world challenges, such as cleaning up after a nuclear meltdown. Using the Vex Robotics Design System, the School’s competitive robotics team learns to automate and build according to

Recognized by many leading authorities

each year’s robotics challenge.

as the most effective preparation for success in higher education and the

new Science Lab

workplace, STEAM prepares students at

Beginning in Kindergarten, science at St. John’s

St. John’s for the ever-changing demands

incorporates Project Lead The Way, a cutting edge

of our world. In addition, small class sizes

science program, into the daily science curriculum.

and low student–teacher ratios enable our

Students learn to take risks and think, using the

teachers to maximize the potential of every

engineering process of design, build, and rebuild.

student and to facilitate hands-on learning.

Middle Division students learn to think analytically and critically through classes such as medical

In September 2016, St. John’s opened a ground-breaking facility dedicated entirely to our integrated STEAM approach to learning. Some of the innovative technology in the new building includes:

engineering and medical detectives.

“St. John’s Episcopal School is one of the largest and most innovative Episcopal day schools in the country.” Reverend Dr. Daniel R. Heischman, Executive Director National Association of Episcopal Schools

“St. John’s provides the environment and tools to allow students to experiment and innovate. We take pride in allowing students to perform with limitless creativity.” Suzy Hardy, Math and Innovation Teacher 2015 Orange County Teacher of the Year Finalist 2015 & 2016 Project Tomorrow High Impact Teacher Award Finalist


IN quisitive S

t. John’s strives to inspire inquisitive minds fostering

a lifelong love of learning. From Preschool to Eighth Grade, students are engaged in programs that support the STEAM integration of concepts allowing students to explore deeply and make real-world connections to what they learn. The continuum of learning extends beyond the classroom with St. John’s educational partners: Chapman University, Applied Medical, and INK Agency. These relationships provide our students opportunities to expand their learning through field trips and contact with experts in their fields. Students have enjoyed interfacing with satellite engineers during their space unit, learning from heart surgeons leading their dissections in the science lab, and working with CEOs to learn about building a business from the ground up.


IN volved F

rom athletics to the arts and service learning to leadership, there are numerous

opportunities for our students to explore their interests and engage their passions.

Athletics • Football • Cheerleading • Lacrosse • Basketball • Volleyball • Soccer • Track and Field

Co-Curricular Activities • Speech and Debate • Robotics Team • Coding • Makers • Publications • Octothorpes (Math Team) • Student Council • Peer Assistance and Leadership • Garden Club

Service Learning • Birthday Boxes (Orangewood Children’s Home) • NEGU–Joy Jars • Local Senior Living Center Visitation • Park Clean-Ups at O’Neill Park • Gleaning in Irvine Fields • Orange County Rescue Mission • R  ancho Santa Margarita Food Pantry • Angel Tree – Families Forward • Students for Safe Water

ARTS • Visual Arts • Performing Arts • Choir • Instrumental Music • World Drumming • Advanced Drawing • Handbells • Dance • Music Together®



IN ternational S

t. John’s is a SEVIS approved school, issuing I-20s to a select number of international

students each year from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. The international student program brings a global perspective to the classroom and beyond. All international students are supported through specialized classes that are geared to building academic vocabulary and becoming more integrated into the collaborative classroom experience that is a central part of the St. John’s STEAM approach. While international students benefit from immersion into the culture, language, and the academic practices in the United States, all St. John’s students gain a unique and enriching perspective. Research has shown that students who work with others from around the world acquire new skills that allow them to think more creatively, open their minds to incorporate new ideas and information, and gain in-depth knowledge about an increasingly globalized world.

“Before I joined the St. John’s family, I thought I would not make any American friends because of the language barrier and the differences in customs. However, all of my classmates were very welcoming and accepted me easily. They helped me to join this new environment and thrive. St. John’s showed me how American students study, how American teachers teach, and how Americans live. I have learned so much here. St. John’s not only prepared me for high school, but also helped me become an independent person.” Eason Wang’s Baccalaureate Speech: Class of 2016


IN spired S

t. John’s students are inspired

to discover and develop their best selves. From their talented teachers, they are inspired to become lifelong learners, committed to academic excellence and creative expression. Our students go on to excel in top secondary schools and universities and pursue their dreams with passion and commitment. In chapel, our students are inspired to deepen their spiritual awareness. Based on the liturgy and worship of the Episcopal Church, chapel services support students from all faith traditions and those without a faith tradition to develop a sense of awe and wonder, and to reflect on the relevance in their lives of gratitude, love, forgiveness, compassion, humility, and service.

“All people of faith share a belief that the Creator has endowed each of us with a particular purpose, which means that each child is precious and indispensable. In chapel at St. John’s, we preach God’s love as a foundation for exploring God’s invitation to our students to value themselves, love their neighbors, and live into their unique destiny.” The Rev. Canon John H. Taylor, Vicar


IN vested S

t. John’s has been a cornerstone of the

Rancho Santa Margarita community since our founding in 1988. Our investment in this community stems from relationships rooted in and developed through our students and their families. As we prepare to enter our fourth decade of educating future leaders, we are proud to say that generations of families have also invested in St. John’s, choosing to send their own children to the very school where they once thrived as students. Even more notable, over 50% of our graduating class each year are “lifers,” having attended St. John’s from Preschool through Eighth Grade. Our commitment to the development of the whole child, coupled with our dedication to serve and support the entire family, cultivates a love of learning and a passion for service that is evident both on campus and in the community.

“Over the many years since we were students, the curriculum has advanced to new levels, the campus has matured, and buildings have been constructed. However, the same commitment to love and attention for every child remains. Our six kids are thriving, knowing that their school is a place of challenge and growth, provided by caring and capable teachers, in the company of great friends. The kids spend their days on the same campus, in the same plaid uniforms that we used to wear, but with new and exciting opportunities. We couldn’t be more pleased and proud.” Laura Breaux, Class of 1997; Jenny Grumet, Class of 1991; Jill Hageman, Class of 1994

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