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Our Menu

Located at the Ramada Hotel, 102 Kenmount Road


PJ Billington’s Restaurant and Loounge 102 Kenmount Road, located at the Ramada St. John’s Breakfast Daily 7:00 to 11:00 am Weekends Available intil 3:00 pm

Daily Lunch Soup and Sandwich Specials Nightly Dinner Specials

Breakfast Dine In or Enjoy in your Room PJ’s Breakfast Skillets Veggie Bake Eggs, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and a 3-cheese blend over grilled potatoes and oven baked. 10.59

Meatlovers Skillet Eggs, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and a 3-cheese blend with a mix of ham, bacon and sausage, layered over grilled potatoes and served on a sizzling skillet. 12.59

PJ’s Old Time Breakfast Favourites Omelette Heaven

The Islander Our local classic! One fish cake, toutons and molasses, two eggs any style, bologna, served with grilled potatoes. 9.99

All of our omelettes served with grilled potatoes and thick sliced toast.

Classic Omelette

The Winner

Three farm-fresh eggs and cheese. 8.99

Two eggs any style, with your choice of ham, bacon or sausage, grilled potatoes and thick sliced toast. 7.99 Add Bacon, Ham, Sausage or Bologna 2.50

Veggie Omelette Our classic omelette prepared with mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and spinach. 9.49

PJ’s Breakfast Sandwich

Meat Lovers Omelette

Fried egg with cheese and either bacon or ham on a crustini bun, served with grilled potatoes. 5.99

Our classic omelette, prepared with ham, bacon and sausage. 9.99

Eggs Benedict

All of the above! Our classic omelette prepared with fresh vegetables and tasty meats. 10.99

Two poached eggs with Ham topped with hollandaise sauce on an English muffin and served with grilled potatoes. 9.99

Omelette Fully Loaded

Also available in egg-whites only.

Chef’s Steak and Eggs Grilled 6oz AAA Black Angus Striploin, two eggs any style, served with grilled potatoes and thick sliced toast. 12.99 Make it an 8oz 2.50

Light and Healthy Selections The New Beginning Fresh fruit bowl, yogurt and your choice of English muffin, bagel, toast or a fresh baked muffin. 7.50

Create Your Own Individual add-ons or combination options

Berry Crazy Berry Selections Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Partridge Berry, Newfoundland Mixed Barry

PJ’s Pancakes Three light and fluffy pancakes made with your choice of berries, chocolate chip or apple cinnamon 7.99

Ham, Bacon, Sausage or Bologna 2.50 Toutons with molasses (2) 3.50 Cold Cereal 2.50 Hot Cereal 2.00 Fruit Bowl 3.50 Muffin 2.00 Fish Cake (2) 4.00 Toast or Bagel 2.95 Grilled Potatoes 2.95 Bagel and Cream Cheese 3.50

French Toast Two thick slices of cinnamon-sprinkled French toast grilled to golden brown and draped with your choice of berries. 7.49 Add Bacon, Ham, Sausage or Bologna 2.50

Refreshments Amazing Smoothies Daily Lunch Soup

Mixed fruit, strawberry, raspberry, peach, mango, banana. 6.25

and Sandwich Specials and Nightly Dinner Specials

Coffee/Tea 2.00 Bottled Water 2.75 Chilled Juice 3.00 (Apple, Orange, Cranberry)

Lunch & Dinner Menu

Located at the Ramada Hotel, 102 Kenmount Road

at the Ramada Ask about our Daily Soup and Sandwich Specials for Lunch

Billington Chicken Wings Done the way you like them; dry spiced, mild, medium, hot, honey garlic or BBQ 11.50

Rings, Wings and Things Our classic combination of PJ’s chicken wings, nachos, onion rings and bruschetta 16.50


Snack Attack

PJ’s Signature Onion Rings PJ’s original thick and crispy Spanish onion rings made fresh in our kitchen with our special seasoning 7.25

Just enough to take the edge off, a comination of onion rings, nachos, garlic bread and wings 9.50

Potato Skins

Nachos A PJ’s favourite with layers of crispy tortilla chips, topped with bell and banana peppers, fresh chopped tomatoes, onions, lots of cheese and oven baked 11.25 Add Beef or Chicken 3.00

Grilled Bruschetta Baguette topped with our freshly marinated tomato and herb mixture and melted cheese 7.50

Seasoned potato skins topped with bacon bits and mixed cheeses 7.50

Spinach and Artichoke Dip A creamy blend of fresh spinach and artichokes, topped with parmesan cheese, oven roasted and served with pita bread and tortilla chips 7.25

Spinach Salad

Salads Greek Salad Crisp romaine, cucumber, ripe tomatoes, red onions, kalamata olives, feta cheese, and our signature Greek dressing 7.50

PJ’s Caesar Salad Crisp romaine with homestyle croutons, grated parmesan cheese and bacon bits in our creamy dressing 7.50 w/shrimp skewer add 4.00 w/chicken skewer add 3.00

Baby spinach tossed with bacon, chopped apple, parmesan cheese, almonds and homestyle croutons in our own maple dressing 7.50

Garden Salad Fresh spring mix and fresh garden vegetables tossed with your choice of dressing 6.75

Soups and Chowder Chef ’s Daily Kettle

Baked French Onion Soup

Home-style soup prepared fresh daily 4.25

Roasted onions in a seasoned broth with croutons draped in mozzarella cheese 6.00

PJ’s Signature Harvest Seafood Chowder Thick and hearty; made with generous portions of seafood and vegetables in a creamy sauce 6.25

PJ’s Traditional Pea Soup Traditional Newfoundland salt beef, with tender split peas and garden vegetables 4.75

All Day Breakfast The Big Breakfast 3 eggs any style with bacon, ham & sausage, grilled potatoes & toast. 11.75

at the Ramada Wraps & Such All selections served with your choice of side

Louisiana Club Wrap Blackened chicken with a Dijon mayo, layered with bacon, black beans, lettuce, tomato and mixed cheese 10.50

Oriental Chicken Wrap Strips of seasoned chicken, sautéed vegetables, crispy won ton strips, wild rice and a touch of teriyaki sauce, wrapped in a flour tortilla 10.75

PJ’s Sandwiches & Burgers All sandwiches and burgers selections served with your choice of side

PJ’s Traditional Clubhouse A traditional PJ’s favourite; three slices of toast layered with turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and mayonnaise 11.75

Angus Beef Burgers Our hearty Angus Beef patty grilled to perfection and topped with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise 10.50 Add cheese or bacon 0.75

Fajita Wrap Sautéed bell peppers, mushrooms and onions, wrapped in a flour tortilla, with lettuce, tomato salsa, sour cream and cheese with Seasoned Chicken 10.50

Oven Roasted Quesadillas Grilled bell and banana peppers, tomatoes, onions and mixed cheese blend in a tortilla shell and oven roasted, served with salsa & sour cream 9.25 Add Chicken or Steak 3.00

Hot Turkey Sandwich Turkey sandwich smothered with gravy, served with peas and savoury stuffing 11.75

Tuscan Chicken Panini Served open faced, grilled chicken breast layered with cucumber, tomato and basil pesto, sprinkled with feta cheese 11.75

Portobello Bruschetta Baguette One of PJ’s favourite sandwiches! Freshly grilled portobello mushrooms, marinated tomatoes and green onions served on a toasted garlic baguette topped with fresh parmesan cheese 10.75

Striploin Steak Baguette Marinated strips of AAA Angus striploin topped with sautéed onions and mushrooms and cheese, served on a toasted french baguette 12.75

Crispy Chicken Caesar Burger A tender 5oz breaded chicken breast golden fried on a warm crustini bun, topped with romaine lettuce, parmesan, bacon bits, and a touch of caesar dressing 11.50

Gourmet Salads All gourmet salads served with a side slice of our homemade banana bread

Striploin Steak Salad Pan seared striploin strips on a bed of spinach, with pine nuts and cranberries, drizzled with red wine vinaigrette 13.75

PJ’s Chef Salad Roast chicken, grilled striploin, served over our fresh garden salad, sprinkled with mixed cheese and tossed with your choice of dressing 12.75

Maple Salmon Salad Glazed salmon served over a bed of baby spinach tossed with strawberries, mandarin orange and almonds, with a red wine vinaigrette 11.75

Scallop Salad Sautéed scallops on a bed of fresh spinach tossed with our maple dressing, sprinkled with bacon bits, sautéed red onion and parmesan cheese 11.75

at the Ramada Pastas All pasta selections served with garlic baguette. Add your choice of side salad for $3

Chicken Chardonnay A PJ’s original... pan seared chicken strips, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and a hint of roasted garlic, tossed in fettuccini noodles and a white wine cream sauce 15.50

Stir-Fry Selections Thai Chicken Stir Fry Tender strips of chicken sautéed with fresh bell peppers, broccoli, red onions and mushrooms, stir fried in a spicy Thai sauce served over wild rice 12.50

The Billington Home-Style Lasagna A savoury delight! Lasagna noodles layered between our rich meat sauce and feta cheese, topped with a mixed cheese and oven baked 12.75

Teriyaki Steak Stir Fry

Chicken Parmesan

Grilled striploin strips sautéed with fresh bell peppers, broccoli, red onions and mushrooms, stir fried in our special Teriyaki sauce and served over wild rice 13.50

Another PJ’s favourite! Breaded chicken breast topped with mixed cheese and tangy tomato sauce, oven baked and served over fettuccini noodles 14.50

PJ’s Signature Ocean Pearl Fettuccini


A blend of sautéed scallops, shrimp and mussels, prepared in a roasted pepper and tomato cream sauce 15.75

All seafood selections served with seasonal vegetables and your choice of side

Mediterranean Salmon A fresh salmon filet, oven-roasted and dressed with sun-dried tomato, spinach and feta cheese 17.50

Fisherman’s Platter Pan fried cod, grilled seasoned salmon, sautéed jumbo shrimp, fresh scallops and steamed mussels drizzled with a butter cream sauce 21.75

Cod Au Gratin Flaked cod layered in a cream sauce, sprinkled with a blend of cheeses and even baked, a traditional favourite! 12.75

Cedar Plank Salmon An 80z salmon filet slow roasted on a cedar plank 17.50

Pan Fried Cod Traditional Newfoundland dish, a pan fried 6oz cod filet served with golden brown scrunchions 13.50

Grilled Seafood Skewers Two skewers of shrimp, scallops, salmon and cod glazed with lemon butter sauce 15.50

Flatbread Pizzas Our fresh homestyle pizza prepared in a variety of delicious ways


PJ’s Traditional Fish and Chips

Pepperoni and Cheese 7.50

Quidi Vidi Beer-battered fresh cod, deep fried until golden brown, served with green peas and homestyle chips 11.50

Buffalo Chicken Seasoned chicken, bell peppers and onions, buffalo sauce and mixed cheeses 7.75

The Canadian Pepperoni, bacon, mozza, green peppers, and mushrooms 7.75

Greek Warrior Sun dried tomatoes, spinach and feta cheese 7.75 Add side salad 3.00 Extra topping 0.75

at the Ramada PJ’s Signature Sizzlers Tantalize your taste buds and appetite with one of our sizzling sizzlers, served with PJ’s stuffed baked potato

Surf and Turf

Mixed Grill

An 8oz striploin, skewers of sautéed shrimp and baconwrapped scallops, served with corn on the cob and grilled bell peppers 28.25

An 8oz striploin, pork tenderloin and one chicken kabob, served with corn on the cob and grilled bell peppers 26.25

Surf and Turf for Two A 12oz striploin, 6oz cedar plank salmon filet, with skewers of sautéed shrimp and baconwrapped scallops, served with corn on the cob and grilled bell peppers 39.75

Mixed Grill for Two A 12oz striploin, pork tenderloin and two bacon wrapped chicken filets, served with corn on the cob and grilled bell peppers 39.75

PJ suggests the

AAA Angus Steak

Hardy’s Nottage

PJ’s flavourful steaks are cut in-house and flame-broiled to perfection. Served with seasonal vegetables and your choice of potato, wild rice or side salad.

Hill Cabernet Shiraz to complement your AAA Angus Steak



8oz 25.75 Bacon wrapped Add 2.00

8oz 18.75 12oz 23.75

Add Ons Skewers of Bacon Wrapped Scallops 7.50 Skewer of Sautéed Garlic Shrimp 7.00 Stuffed Baked Potato 2.50

Chicken and Ribs All selections served with seasonal vegetables and your choice of potato or side salad

Ribs and Wings Our mouth watering baby back ribs prepared in honey garlic or BBQ sauce, and chicken wings any way you like them Half Rack 20.75 Full Rack add 6.00

PJ’s Baby Back Ribs Our mouth watering baby back ribs prepared with BBQ or honey garlic sauce Full Rack 20.75 Half Rack 14.75

Chicken Kabobs Two skewers of marinated chicken with grilled bell peppers, red onions and tzatziki sauce on the side 14.75

PJ Billington's Full Menu