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April 2013

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Discover Local, State, & Episcopal Church History

Outside of the Episcopal community, few residents know Fayetteville’s pivotal role in the establishment of the Episcopal Church in North Carolina. Founded in 1817, our parish became one of the four founding churches of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina (established in April of the same year). In joint celebration of nearly 200 years, the diocese presents History Day 2013 from 10 am to 4 pm on April 20 at St. John’s, welcoming residents from all over North Carolina to discover local, state, and Episcopal Church history. History Day, continued on page 4


Borrowed Bishops Plural?

in this issue

In an unexpected convergence of trivia, our diocesan history is neatly bookended by two "borrowed" bishops from the Diocese of Virgina! History Day 2013 spotlights the Rt. Rev. Richard Channing Moore, the "borrowed bishop" of Virginia, who was invited by a fledgling Diocese of North Carolina in 1817 to perform the Episcopal offices and expand the church in this state. Nearly 200 years later, our beginnings dovetail providentially with our present. While we traverse the two-year process for the election of our next Bishop Diocesan, our diocese has once more turned to a bishop of Virgina to guide us through the interim: our newly appointed Bishop Provisional, Bishops, continued on page 5

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Top left: The Rt. Rev. Richard Channing Moore, borrowed from Virginia, provided Episcopal oversight for the fledgling NC diocese, 1817-23. Bottom left: The Rt. Rev. Peter James Lee, XII Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia, currently serves as Bishop Provisional for the Diocese of East Carolina.

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April 2013

ST. JOHN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 302 Green St. • Fayetteville, NC 28301 910.483.7405

Founded in 1817 in Fayetteville, NC and today a worshipping community of more than 700 parishioners.

CLERGY, STAFF, & OFFICERS Rector The Rev. Robert M. Alves Sr. Warden Hal Broadfoot Jr. Jr. Warden Dohn Broadwell Jr. Clerk of Vestry Lenora Chandler Treasurer Walker Worth III Choirmaster Patrick M. O'Briant Administrator Brant Brock Communications Anthony Ramos Preschool Director Donnie Winston Sexton Donnell Simmons Sexton Lonnie Pipkin Sexton James Henderson

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SUBMISSIONS AND DEADLINES We rely on our parishioners for newsletter content. If you have news or events relevant to parish life, please contact the appropriate Vestry representative or parish office. The submission deadline for the May edition of The Epistle is April 15 . 2 THE EPISTLE

Inspiration Station


Easter is past. Christ has risen. The malt ball eggs, chocolate bunnies, and Peeps are all but a tasty memory. And the last of the jelly beans has been vacuumed up or eaten by the dog. It has been an eventful Lent for me and one that, despite all the plans I had to meet my Lenten challenge this year, took me in a very different direction. I was blessed to have the opportunity to travel across the globe to be with my husband, Greg, in his time of need. That being said, it sure wasn’t how I expected this path would take me. “Sometimes it’s necessary to go a long distance out of the way in order to come back a short distance correctly.” That’s Kate Battistelli, my sister. She sure is right. I don’t always understand God’s plan for me. Usually when I think I have a clear picture of it, well, then something out of left field appears and shakes up my reasonable idea of life and living in the Spirit: in this case, a detached retina. I thoroughly expected that life would finally become stable, a bit of normalcy for us. Well, so much for that plan. Normalcy is overrated. God clearly has a very different plan for us, and I have to make some choices. I can whine, cry, have a pity party, and sit and wait to see how this chapter unfolds. But, sitting and waiting isn’t much use. One can’t grow, or learn, or understand the bigger picture. Wait we must, but the sitting part won’t move us ahead. So it’s on to walking and waiting. Each step taken is a step in trust and faith that moves us closer to whatever the heck God has in store for our lives. Walking in the Spirit, or rather with the Spirit, is the only way to discover that. This time of isolation and separation is an opportunity to reassess what God is calling me to accomplish for Him. So I walk on and pray for clarity and understanding, not listening to the negative, but relying on trust that all will be well. This prayer is one of my favorites: it reminds me that none of us can control what occurs in this life. We can only walk through life in faith and know it’s for the best. Abundant blessings will then appear. This is another day, O Lord. I know not what it will bring forth, Compass, continued on page 4

Rector's Corner

Old Roots, New Shoots

The Bradford pear trees are beginning to bloom along Green Street as I write these words in late Lent. Spring and Lent are calendar seasons that help us focus our energy and attention as they lead us to observe yearly cycles and live into familiar rhythms. By the time you read these words, spring will be bursting forth and the joy of Easter will have replaced the somber, reflective season of Lent. Nature seems to join in the celebration of Easter as new life puts an exclamation point on the church’s proclamation, “He is Risen!” This year I invite each of you to join with your vestry as we intentionally discipline ourselves to follow a third calendar. We are eager to develop new cycles and rhythms in the visioning, planning and programming of our church’s various ministries. In this new calendar, April and May will be devoted to planning the entire program calendar for the 2013-14 program year. We hope that leaders will be identified for all of the events and programs by the end of May. In summer the pace of life slows, and many of us will take time for rest and recreation. Your staff and lay leaders will use this time to prepare to communicate a comprehensive calendar of events and a brief overview of next year’s programs in the August and September editions of the Epistle and on the website. This will encourage long-time members and newcomers alike to mark their calendars and plan to participate. In September and October the staff and lay leadership will focus on giving the new program year a strong beginning while encouraging people to invest in the ministry of St. John’s with their time, talent and

treasure. In November, naturally, our primary focus will turn to Thanksgiving and Christmas. After Christmas there are always a few year-end administrative details to complete. In January and February, as we pass through the final weeks of winter, the new vestry holds its annual planning retreat, followed by the Annual Parish Meeting and the Diocesan Convention. Then we observe the Fifty Days of Lent and Easter Day once again. And the cycle begins anew as we turn our focus to planning for 2014-2015. In my first sermon as your rector I spoke of honoring the traditions of the parish while helping you to discern and distill God’s vision for our future. You might say, “That sounds great, but how do we make tangible progress toward such a highminded goal?” This year we encourage you all to participate in a series of planning meetings designed to help us discern goals for the future. As we prepare for the meetings let us remember that we are not starting with an empty slate. Many have labored over decades to till the soil in every ministry at St. John’s. I offer an image for your consideration as we seek new vision for the future while honoring our tradition. When Polly and I were in Israel, we visited the Mount of Olives where Jesus prayed during Holy Week. A member of the group asked our guide if the olive trees dated back to the time of Jesus. The guide answered by saying that he did not know for sure, but he had been told that some of the root systems dated back 1500 years. He went on to say that the best olives are produced by grafting new branches onto ancient root systems. Thus, the roots were old, but the branches were new. While the spiritual roots of St. John’s are not ancient, they are old, deep, well-established, and Rector, continued on page 5 THE EPISTLE



unch Salvation Army Love

Join the St. John's Salvation Army Love Lunch contingent at 11:30 a.m. Monday, April 15. Help our local Salvation Army serve hot meals for over 100 homeless citizens. For more information, contact Mary Angelicchio or the parish office.

Faith Network for Homeless BY MELENE HATCHER

Formed in 1994, Cumberland Interfaith Hospitality Network (CIHN) partners with local churches to provide emergency shelter for homeless families. St. John's will provide shelter April 7-14. By donating our facilities, providing meals, arranging activities for children, and offering a receptive ear, we are helping these families transition out of homelessness. The Network provides services at no cost to families, but relies on volunteers to keep the program alive. Please consider giving time for homeless advocacy. Contact Melene Hatcher,, for volunteer information.

Compass, continued from page 2 But make me ready, Lord, for whatever it may be. If I am to stand up, help me to stand bravely. If I am to sit still, help me to sit quietly. If I am to lie low, help me to do it patiently. And if I am to do nothing, let me do it gallantly. Make these words more than words, And give me the Spirit of Jesus. Amen. BCP pg. 461 Whatever God’s great plan is, I know I am not alone. I have my faith, I have my church family, and I have all the blessings from a loving and forgiving God. And that is the best news of all. Persevere, sally forth, keep calm and carry on, and walk in love. No sitting allowed! 4


Worship Distinguished Professor Gives Sermon and Seminar


I gladly welcome our April 21 guest preacher and teacher: the Rev. Robert W. Prichard, Ph.D. Dr. Prichard was my history professor at Virginia Theological Seminary. He continues to serve on the VTS faculty and is also the current President of the History Society of the Episcopal Church. We are blessed to have him with us for the weekend. Dr. Prichard will speak at 9:15 a.m. on Current Trends in Theological Education. His talk will include accounts from his recent history of Virginia Theological Seminary. He will also update us on the progress being made on the construction of the Chapel for the Ages. For those unaware, the seminary chapel burned in 2010. In response, St. John’s made a grant through the Elliot Memorial Fund to help build the Chapel for the Ages. This will be the sole Adult Education offering on April 21.

History Day, continued from front page The event explores the Church’s early history in North Carolina, 1817-23, under its first bishop: the Rt. Rev. Richard Channing Moore, borrowed from Virginia. It features guided tours of several historical sites in Fayetteville, exhibits from all three North Carolina dioceses, and presentations from Bruce J. Daws, Director of the Fayetteville Area Transportation & Local History Museum, and the Rev. Robert W. Prichard, Ph.D., the Arthur Lee Kinsolving Professor of Christianity in America at Virginia Theological Seminary. Among the exhibits, St. John’s will unveil a rare print that offers a unique glimpse of Fayetteville history. Anyone may download a brochure with registration details at The registration fee is $15. Online registration is available at under events.

Rector, continued from page 3 strong. Each new branch that is grafted into our community brings some of the finest new fruit to the glory of God. We need your participation, ideas, and commitment to bring forth the best in our common life. We need your help to grow into the future. Please join in the formation of our future as we prepare to seek and serve Christ in the coming year. Please consider volunteering and committing to one or more of the ministries or events that we adopt as we plan for a new year.

Faithfully, The Rev. Robert M. Alves

Junior Warden New Key Card Entry System BY DOHN BROADWELL JR

Our worship and church community space is important to all of us. To help safeguard St. John’s facilities, Vestry has approved installation of a key card system to control entry into the building. Within the next month, Gill Security will install two card readers: one at the side entrance, the other at the preschool entrance. Church personnel and parishioners will then use their issued key cards to enter yhe building. If you currently hold a key to the church, that key will still function for interior doors; there are currently no plans to rekey interior doors. Parishioners who need a key card should contact Brant Brock in the parish office. Brant will be responsible for issuing cards with guidance from your Junior Warden and Vestry.

Bishops, continued from front page the Rt. Rev. Peter James Lee, XII Bishop of Virginia, in which office he served for 24 years. Our borrowed bishops share more than an epithet, however; for both men are substantially characterized by their abilities to lead. According to the Rev. Dr. Brooks Graebner, Diocese of North Carolina Historiographer, a band of three clergy and six laymen assembled in April 1817 at Christ Church, Newbern, to organize the Episcopal Church in North Carolina. Bishop Moore received the invitation from the Newbern band to perform the Episcopal offices in this state, which he did until 1823. Graebner describes Bishop Moore as a strong, empathic spiritual leader. He was "responsible for vastly increasing the communicant strength of the church, for ordaining new clergy and for expanding the reach of the church through his visitations and his pastoral leadership. Most importantly, Bishop Moore could embrace both the evangelical and high church wings of the church (something his successor, Bishop John Stark Ravenscroft, would

prove unwilling and unable to do.)" The Rt. Rev. Lee, however, shares Bishop Moore's strength for embracing different wings of the church. In times of conflict he remains levelheaded and objective, aiming to keep as many people around the table as possible. He is regarded as a gifted Christian leader with outstanding leadership experience in the Episcopal Church. Bishop Lee has served as bishop of the Diocese of Virginia; chair of the Church Pension Fund board; trustee of Berkeley Divinity School at Yale; chair of the board of trustees for Virginia Theological Seminary; rector of Chapel of the Cross in Chapel Hill; and Interim Dean of the American Cathedral in Paris. Born in Mississippi, Bishop Lee was a law student, newspaper reporter, and military intelligence officer before he began his ministry at an urban cathedral in Jacksonville, Florida. A graduate with honors from Washington and Lee University, he earned a Master of Dvinity degree from Virginia Theological Seminary in 1967. THE EPISTLE


Christian Formation


Cursillo Weekend at Trinity

Teaching Children about Charity

Cursillo weekend - filled with worship, music, learning, and discussion - will be held April 25-28 at Trinity Center. Cursillistas (members of Cursillo) build opportunities for fellowship, spiritual development, and community action. A number of St. John's members are active in the Cursillo community and would be happy to answer any questions and sponsor you for the weekend. Sponsors provide you with an application, help you to understand what Cursillo is all about, arrange transportation back and forth from Trinity Center, and assist in connecting you up with the local Cursillo community after the weekend. We would love to share the opportunity for deepening and enriching one's relationship with Christ with any who feel called. De Colores! Contact the parish office for a list of sponsors.

Fundraisers are vital for so many people and organizations: for start-ups, for church groups, for listener-supported radio, or for preschools like ours that want to provide the best faith-based learning environment for children. But, we also want to teach our children about charity. Early on, the Preschool Board decided to turn the focus slightly on the importance of helping others. Obviously our lessons must stay simple with these little ones, but over the past few years, we have tried to organize small events to encourage giving, like our collection for Toys for Tots at Christmas time. For spring, we have decided to collect soda can tabs to benefit families in need of the services of the Ronald McDonald House of Durham, NC. We have a very challenging goal: we must collect 28,600 soda can tabs by the end of the school year. WOW. This would allow us to provide 1 night at the Ronald McDonald House for 1 family. What a wonderful gift this would be! Please help us accomplish this goal by collecting tabs at your house or office and bringing them to the Preschool or Hauser Hall where we have collection "houses" placed. We will keep you updated on our progress! And thank you for supporting our Preschool. We are so grateful.


Our Diocese Seeing the Face of God BY REV. ROBERT M. ALVES

The Upper Cape Fear Deanery's Seeing the Face of God in Each Other workshop will be held at St. John's from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. April 13. Sign in will begin at 8:30 a.m. The workshop, sponsored by the Anti-Racism Committee of the Diocese of East Carolina, is designed to raise awareness and open our eyes to the inequities in our world, thus guiding us to grow closer in community. Many who have attended in the past have called the workshop a transformative experience. I encourage all parishioners to consider attending and inviting friends. To register contact Hannah Jarman at 252.522.0885 ext. 228. Please include the following: attendee's name, parish, home/work phone, and email. Bring a bag lunch, but beverages will be provided.




The board, left, tracks the Preschool's progress while they work toward their goal of 28,600 soda can tabs. The collection boxes are pictured below the board.

Parish Family Life

$160 Double $200 Single $72 ages 5-17 (in $30

parents' room) ages 1-4 (in parents' room)

Sign up on the

bulletin board across from Hauser Hall.

June 14�16

Parish Beach Weekend Trinity Center

Cost includes two nights, meals, & activities.

Salads & Desserts by Sarah & Paige BY JEAN MOORE

Don't miss our final Guest Chef Dinner Wednesday, April 24! This month we invited Sarah Moorman and Paige Naylor to host our parish family dinner, and they have put together a winning menu around salads and desserts: chicken and pasta salad, green bean and feta cheese salad, three-bean salad, chicken strips, fresh fruit, ham biscuits, chocolate trifle, and key lime pie. For the kids, they will serve grilled cheese sandwiches and cheese quesadillas. After college, Sarah Moorman attended a certificate course at Cordon Bleu Cooking School in London. She's quick to clarify: "Of course, I don't cook anything I learned there: lots of cream sauces, rabbit, pheasant, meats, and desserts with fruit —

Contact Jean Moore for more info:

yuck!" But, what she lost in usable recipes, she gained in personal adages: "One good way to ruin a chocolate dessert is to add a raspberry coulis. Leave chocolate alone!" Paige Naylor, playfully underplaying her own cooking experience, relegated herself to the role of Sarah's assistant.

History Day Pre-game Dinner


On Wednesday, April 17 we will gather for dinner and an evening designed as a warm-up for the TriDiocesan History Day on April 20. We will begin by watching a short video on the history of the early roots of Anglicanism in North Carolina titled Harsh Ground, Holy Ground: Establishing the Episcopal Church in North Carolina. Following the video those wishing to help with the history events during the upcoming weekend will be briefed on the weekend activities. Anyone interested in helping is welcome to attend. THE EPISTLE


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The Epistle - April  

The monthly newsletter of St. John's Episcopal Curch, Fayetteville, NC

The Epistle - April  

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