Families and Friends November 2018

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Small light. Big difference.

Sunday, December 2 6:30 p.m. Skalny Courtyard

Each year, St. John’s Foundation brings family and friends together for a night of reflection to honor loved ones. By making a donation of $5 to illuminate a light at St. John’s, you will provide special amenities for our residents. In 2017, nearly $6,000 was raised to help provide elders with holiday gifts, new clothes, sneakers, visits to the beauty shop, and so much more. To make a contribution, visit stjohnsliving.org/donate or call 585-760-1291.

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Families Friends

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Notice to Residents and Responsible Parties Upon admission, a photo and video consent and authorization form was signed by the resident or a responsible party. If at any time you wish to withdraw consent and authority, contact your neighborhood social worker. If you had chosen to opt-out of the St. John’s Directory, this will automatically withdraw your consent for photos and videos of the resident.