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Issue 13 March-April 2011

A year in pictures…. In this issue of


we celebrate the

second anniversary of the magazine, look back at the last year at St John‘s and look forward to being Christ‘s disciples together…..

Passover Meal

Ladies’ Prayer Breakfasts

Light Party

Easter K itchen

Coffee & Chat



Supp e


ice y Serv


Holiday Club

For your diary Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) A chance to celebrate what God has been doing in the life of our church over the past year, to hear important updates, and to elect the PCC for the coming year.

Reme m



Competit as Cake m t is r h C


Wednesday 6th April 7.45pm

Editor’s Bit Running to go fishing... “Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do transform Editor, Alison Berry it to get a crown that will last forever. Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly….” 1 Corinthians 9:25-26


s every issue of transform takes shape, the final magazine is never quite what I had intended.

From the first draft content to the final version that gets printed and uploaded on to the church website, there is a divine shaping that goes on. Reading through the pages now, I see clearly a common thread of the heart of God for people, and our privilege in fishing for them. Recently, in a moment of rash enthusiasm, I signed up to take part in a 10km run at the end of May. Probably not so much rash as complete madness – I don‘t run! Don‘t like running, never have, and probably never will. In fact the last time I ran anything like a reasonable distance was in 1986 as part of the ‘Run the World’ events raising money for the famine in Ethiopia. The reason for this seeming madness is not part of a New Year ―get fit‖ resolution, or even to raise money for a worthy cause, but simply because a colleague asked me if I‘d take part in the event with her. To be fair, she‘d asked me several times and I‘d resisted all persuasion, so what changed my mind? I read Matthew 4:19: ―Come, follow me,‖ Jesus said, ―and I will send you out to fish for people.‖ I need to go fishing for people, and this colleague is one of them. If meeting her where her interests and passions lie in order to earn the right to proclaim Christ, then that‘s something I‘m going to have to embrace! Embracing fishing for people means embracing the things that make fishing (another pastime I‘ve never really under-

transform March –April 11

The Christmas

about The magazine for members of St John‘s Church in Egham. It is produced bi-monthly, with the aim of helping to connect and build our church family. Its purpose is to provide information and encouragement on church life and our family – specifically to show how God is transforming situations and people. It‘s not designed for people who don‘t yet come to St John‘s. But, if when you‘ve finished reading your copy, you‘d like to pass it on to a friend or neighbour, then that would be great too! Editorial We welcome items for inclusion or ideas for stories. Ideally these should be submitted in an MS Word document, hi - res J P G s or o t h e r e l ec t r oni c f o r m , a n d s e n t b y e m a i l t o The team transform is edited by Alison Berry, with the support of a wider team, including writers, photographers and proof-readers. Advertising We accept adverts each issue both from within the church family, and a small number of external advertisements. Acceptance of any advertising is at the discretion of the editing team, and the acceptance of an advertisement in transform magazine is not necessarily an endorsement by the editorial team of the service or product offered. Deadlines The deadline for submissions to be considered for the next edition of transform (May / June 2011) is 11th April .

stood to be honest!) successful: Passion: some fisherman get up at 3am and stay in pace in all weathers. We need to be passionate about people, passionate to share the news that Christ died for them. Savvy: more than simply knowledge; like anglers we need an intuition and awareness, and to be immersed in the culture and conditions around us. Also to know where the fish are biting - it could well not be in the same old pools we‘ve been fishing in for years. Patience: fishing needs patience in abundance. We need to be prepared to

accept that fishing for people isn‘t all about quick wins. Days, weeks, months, years – it is God‘s timing and the work of the Holy Spirit that brings people to Christ. So, in a bizarre sort of way, my running is more about fishing. Despite all my reluctance, just for now I‘m prepared to commit to not run like someone running aimlessly. I might be running breathlessly, but I can use the time to pray for my colleague that somehow this moment of madness of mine is, by the power of the Holy Spirit, a step on her journey into the kingdom of God; that she‘ll be the one running….running into new life in Christ! Page 2

Community Focus

Kitchen 2010


Lesley Pocock looks through her clipboard notes to report back and to look forward!

n incredible story of God at work: a homeless person was wandering in a confused state around Egham, and was pointed in the direction of the Christmas Kitchen. With the help of the local council, we organised overnight accommodation

for this man who it transpired the next day was actually a missing person. He was subsequently reunited with his family in the West Country. 2 professional chefs took time off work to volunteer - Paul and Josh 2 local schools (The Hythe School and Magna Carta) involved in painting competitions (organised by Carol Peters). 2 amazing creative and interior designers: Sheila Wattley and Emma Evans. Open and serving our community for 3 weeks including Christmas and Boxing Days.

Lesley Pocock

10 local churches involved. Over 120 volunteers. More than last year; new people getting involved especially student volunteers. 1100 hot meals provided over the 3 weeks. More than food; we also provided hand and shoulder massage, manicures, art and craft for children, and pastoral care for those in need. Local business support - goodwill, financial support and catering...Banks Restaurant: chilli and curry; Villa Rosa: freshly cooked pizzas on Boxing Day. God’s economy at work; more money at the end of the project than at the beginning! More guests on Christmas Day and Boxing Day than last year; arranged transport as required. Unnumbered blessings; ―In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‗It is more blessed to give than to receive.‘ ‖ Acts 20:35

Now Open :


The Kitchen

‘It is God’s ultimate blessing that when we work with Him to help others, we ourselves are given an opportunity to grow in love and can come closer, not only to Him, but to our fellow man’ Christmas Kitchen volunteer

e have developed some wonderful friendships and

felt sad to close our doors on New Years Eve until Christmas next year, so, in discussion with local Church groups and support agencies we are delighted to announce that we have opened

‘The Kitchen’

once a

week, on Wednesdays from 10.00am - 2.30pm. Our aim is to provide a safe supportive café style environment for our guests. We offer light refreshments at no charge, and the opportunity to participate in crafts, board games and continuity of community activities. Those who need it also have access to support services.

transform March— April 11

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Mission Partner Focus

From Rubbish to Restoration

Church leaders and local people to see what can be done to help these workers

Chris Matthews talks about the

entail, take encouragement and inspiration as you see Ian & Simea spending their 33rd wedding anniversary in church

latest challenges facing Ian & Simea Meldrum in Olinda, Brazil

ministering to 186 rubbish collectors.


dump, while good in the long run, has had a serious impact on the workers and their families. Over 350 people have been affected by the closure, losing jobs and income as a result. Typically, Ian & Simea have been working hard to meet the immediate needs for food and other necessities. Living Waters Church has paid for 20 very large bags of basic foodstuffs which they gave to the rubbish collectors at the church pictured below. Now their efforts are turning to long term solutions - Ian & Simea are meeting with Evangelical

for the important decisions for the life of these collectors and the Evangelical Church at this time. For the youth in the community. While we were camping with a beautiful group, a young girl was killed for being involved


with me from by Thorpe Park a

As we think about discipleship and the sacrifices that being a follower of Jesus

For the 350 rubbish collectors who have lost their work since the city closed the landfill tip. We are meeting with them and with the city to try to get support for them to find new work. Pray

he decision by the local authorities in Olinda to close the rubbish


find new jobs.

In their own words, Ian & Simea ask for our prayers for the following;

Simea & Ian Meldrum

Kandy : O

Christian in the staying in Dav course my work… role is becoming cleare sure! My first week in the centres has been suc the street and their mums spend the day begg children and some training for mums who want lack of knowledge regarding hygiene and child d the Babies and Pre-school centres and one to o that are both healthy and educational. They wor space at all) and a lack of basic resources and for the chance to talk a little and be heard. Some form and bless the little I can do.

Sue Stafford


Jesus said,

fish for people.” followed him.




MATTHEW 4:19-20

in drug trafficking near the church. The farm, which needs to urgently reform its installations and buy equipment to make it suitable for retreats and training with these needy families. We need

Go go go go go

to take groups of collectors to receive training for further work.

Hannah Cross is also one of St John‘s Missi Brazil. Her varied work is providing hope and tr

For our son Timothy. He suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and does not accept treatment. We are suffering too,

and we know he could have a better life.


recent highlight has been the amaz camp thanks to the greatness of our well worth it! Camp: 14 Americans, n the only British person around to teach them lish breakfast - what a responsibility!! As camp running all the camp activities, English lessons everyone to them on BRITISH time. ―Go, go week‘s catchphrase. Luckily the American tea

capable, making my job a lot easier! I was also teaching the beginner class; I used video clips and music to make the lessons ve est camper was 13 years old and the oldest challenge preparing a programme to suit ever were twice daily had a simple evangelistic people who do things we shouldn‘t, this cau between us and God, which is why Jesus ca to pay our way, so that we can have an inti

tionship with God. During the week we heard story - he‘s an ex drug trafficker who bec Christian in prison and we saw about 10 come to know Christ for the first time and an cate or consecrate their lives. Page 4


Updates from around the globe

One Month On

Sue Stafford on life in Sri Lanka and her work with the children in Kandy

hout the challenges of the past few weeks I have had a sense of God‘s help and presence. He has been

e in all the details and practicalities of being here in Sri Lanka: From travelling…the day I came home y a tuc tuc (electric three wheeler taxi)….not only did I have to barter about the price but it felt like a ride at as the driver swerved around the traffic and potholes. It was amazing that the driver who picked me up is a

e same church as my hosts and knew them well. I thanked God for that! To accommodation…..I am vid and Manel‘s house. Incredibly this is Kamani Hewagama‘s (from St John‘s) first cousin! And of er and people feel I have come at just the right time in the development of the project...God‘s timing I am ch an eye opener and I spent the first days fighting back tears. Many of the children are literally living on ging there. Other parents do poorly paid work like street cleaning. The project is offering day care to the t to develop skills to earn a living. The staff are committed, dedicated and open to learning but there is a development. I can offer much but I want to be sensitive and respectful of the culture. The two priorities of work we have identified are staff training for one counselling (with a translator) for the two centres caring for the older children. I am trying to help them set up routines and activities for the children rk with a much higher ratio of staff to children than would be allowed in the UK and even then they are limited by the physical environment (no outside equipment. The way I am used to working at home is a luxury that is not poss ible here. All the young people I have talked with so far are just thirsty e of them have incredibly sad stories yet often have such positive attitudes. Please pray God will lead me in how best organise my work and will trans-

Peter, Tania & Samuel Holloway’s Swiss update


eft their nets


ooooo Hannah!

ion Partners working though Latin Link in Recife, ransformation to vulnerable children.

zing week spent at MCB‘s (Bible-Centred Ministries‘) r God! The months of planning were nearly 100 Brazilians and me. I was about cricket, cream teas and Engp co-ordinator I was responsible for s, games, gymkhana and for getting o, go, go goooooooooo!!!!!‖ was the am were very well prepared and very

d lots of games and quizzes, ery interactive. The young67 and so it was quite a ryone. The talks which message: we are uses a division ame to earth, imate rela-

Felipe‘s came a campers nother 25 rededi-

HR Director at Medair. Since then we have travelled to and from Switzerland 7 times, sold our house in the UK, rented another up a mountain in Switzerland and become residents, left over 30 years of employment at British Airways and now need a 4 wheel drive to get home through the snow. It‘s been quite a year, but at every step all four of us (Hannah too!) have known God‘s guiding hand helping us along the way. Day to day life requires a lot more effort than living in the UK, as nothing is familiar and we are still getting accustomed to the Swiss way of life. Living in a flat and sharing a washing machine are the norm here so it's a bit like being students again! Samuel is settling into his new school well and so are we! We‘re at night-school trying to learn French so we can talk to our neighbours. Some things don‘t change however, as Peter is still relying on food parcels from the UK of English tea and home made marmalade! There is a lot going on at Medair at the moment. God has blessed the work tremendously and it has tripled in size over the last few years, now reaching 3 million people with water, sanitation, health or shelter. The teams are inspired by their faith to reach vulnerable people in the most troubled places across the globe, often suffering hardship, illness and danger in order to serve. It‘s a real inspiration to work alongside such peo-

Hannah Cross (right)) March-April 11


t's almost a year to the day that Peter received a phone call, whilst standing in Madame Tussauds with Samuel, asking him if he would consider taking on the role of

ple. We have found a very welcoming church with a great youth group for Samuel and as you can see from the photo there are some amazing walks in the Alps! Page 5

Roll on Summer!

Spring Harvest Holidays


ou may have heard of, or even been to the Spring Harvest main events that run over the Easter holidays in Minehead and Skegness. But did you know that there‘s another side to Spring Harvest? Le Pas Opton is a beautiful fourstar holiday park set in the stunning Vendée region of Western France. Le Pas Opton is a place set aside for God's purposes. A place covered in prayer. A place to stop, take stock and allow God to speak to you. A place for an inspirational

holiday. God is at the heart of what happens, but the main priority is to have a great holiday! There's optional Bible study, worship, activities for kids & teens - with Christian content. Several families from St John‘s have been and loved it! The site is open from mid May to the end of September; there are special toddler weeks and an adult only house -party in September. If you‘d like to know more, have a look at the website:

Friendliness, safety and charm: we love the simplicity, serenity and space. The flume in the pool is pretty great too!

Dan (far left) and Jazzy (far right) Sudworth at Le Pas Option in 2010

Egham & Hythe “Your Local Independent Funeral Directors” Serving Egham Hythe, Egham, Staines, Wraysbury, Englefield Green & surrounding areas PRIVATE CHAPELS OF REST & MONUMENTAL MASONS 92-93 High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9HF Tel : 01784 479310 (24 hour service)

transform March–April 11

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Students on a Mission

Klubbing with a difference….. John Hermes talks to transform about a planned trip to Mostar, Bosnia


ark Francis and I are planning to lead a two-week student mission trip to Bosnia to support the work of Novi Most. We‘re planning to take at least one team of students in the last two weeks of July, but if the demand is there, we will happily take two!! Novi Most is a Christian charitable organisation which works with young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina to help them overcome the effects of the past, to equip them to enter their futures with hope and confidence, and to empower them to become instruments of transformation in their communities. These young people live with the legacy of horror: over 100,000 people died in a four year war that pitched neighbour against neighbour and friend against friend in a tragedy that resulted in mass evictions, rape camps, massacres and horrendous human suffering. Between 1992 and 1993, after Bosnia and Herzegovina declared independence from Yugoslavia, the town was subject to an 18 month siege. Apart from the huge cost of lives, historic parts of the town, including the famous Mostar Bridge, were destroyed. Walk the streets of Mostar now and you‘ll see building work - old buildings are being renovated and new constructions are shooting up. Building is a sign of life and of progress - the bridge is now restored to its former glory - but for the people of the city that straddles the Neretva River, their emotional restoration, if it can ever truly be achieved, will take a lot longer.

Novi Most is committed to helping the people of Mostar build lives with purpose. It is investing in individuals to bring lasting change in the community, which is why Novi Most works with young people all year round, not just during school holidays. Klub Novi Most is an established youth club John Hermes in Mostar in 2007 which provides a place and a programme that challenges and motivates the young people to think differently about their future, and it is here that the St John‘s student team will work alongside the long-term team. Both Mark and I have been to Bosnia before, with my own first trip actually being to Novi Most on the St John‘s Student Mission back in 2007. The country is beautiful, the people are lovely (especially the kids!) so we are very excited about going to Bosnia again, and would definitely recommend it to anyone! Short-term overseas missions are a brilliant way of using some of our holiday time to glorify God and really grow in our faith. There‘s just something very special about serving God in an unfamiliar place where you have to rely fully on Him, and you always end up not just being a blessing but getting hugely blessed yourself!

The Mostar Bridge : completed in 1556, destroyed in 1993 and rebuilt in 2004

St John’s student team at Klub in 2007

Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado God‘s thoughts are not our thoughts, nor are they even like ours. We aren‘t even in the same neighbourhood. We‘re thinking: ―Preserve the body‖. He‘s thinking: ―Save the soul‖. We dream of a pay rise. He dreams of raising the dead. We avoid pain and seek peace. God uses pain to bring peace. ―I‘m going to live before I die‖ we resolve. ―Die, so you can live‖ He instructs. We love what rusts. He loves what endures. We rejoice at our successes. He rejoices at our confessions. We show our children the Nike star with the million dollar smile and say ―Be like Mike‖. God points to the crucified carpenter with bloody lips and torn side and says ―Be like Christ‖.

transform March-April 11

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House of Prayer Focus Prayer : Time to Get on Board!


rayer is integral to the Christian life, both personal and corporate. At St John‘s, we believe that we cannot accomplish anything worthwhile, unless we pray and involve God in all we do.

Giving Prayer “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions, with all kinds of prayers and requests.‖ Ephesians 6:18 We are encouraged to pray each day on our own, lifting our hearts to God, bringing our own needs before Him but it can also be helpful to pray with others. There are various opportunities to do both in the life of our church: The prayer diary, which can be found on our weekly news sheet, gives us a chance to pray in our own time and place. Consider joining the group who fast and pray one day a week in order to listen to God and deepen their relationship with him. Knees and Buns meet in the Caddey on a Saturday mornings 910 o‘clock to pray for St John‘s and our building project, Building for the Future. Followed by drinks and pastries! There is also an opportunity to pray as a whole church at First Priority. We meet in church on the second Tuesday of each month. We begin with worship and the prayer time follows a theme.

Margaret Stevens reminds us of our call to pray in the Spirit on all occasions… Intercessory prayer takes place during our church services on a Sunday morning. One of the members of our congregation prepares and leads this time. In addition, we have special prayer events including Advent and Easter Prayer Stations around the church.

Receiving prayer ―…and pray for each other, that you may be healed.‖ James 5:16 It is a huge privilege to pray for one another. There is a dedicated team of people who oversee this area of ministry: Prayer ministry teams are available after the 9.15 and 11am Sunday services, for those who would like prayer. Our Ladies Prayer Breakfast, which meets bi-monthly, provides a place for friendship, teaching and prayer. Small groups (Life groups and Breakthrough groups) also offer prayer within a secure environment. On the evening of Monday 7th February, the first Prayer Event, Getting on Board, was held in church. Almost 60 people attended, taking part in worship, having the opportunity to think about God‘s gift of prayer to us and exploring more of the way we use this gift here at St John‘s in our different prayer ministries. There was a time to listen to God and respond to what we had seen and heard and then a time to pray together. Encouragingly, over 20 people responded, indicating they wished to be more involved in the prayer life of the church. Some training events are planned as a follow up and initiatives to help encourage personal prayer are in the pipeline. Watch this space!

Baby Miriam


any congratulations to Andrew and Chrissy on the wonderful arrival of baby Miriam Ada

Audsley on 10th December. "We would like to say a massive thank you to our family at St John’s. We have been so blessed by everyone's love and support, especially the amazing meals provided as part of the Baby Meals Ministry. This was a real practical support as we adapted to our new lives as a family of three." (Andrew & Chrissy) If you would like to join the team of people ready and willing to provide baby meals, or if you have a new arrival expected soon and would like some meals, then please do contact Heidi Blake via the Church Office.

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